Dr Paul - healthy, young pro football player just collapsed on the field during Monday nite Football - cardiac arrest - CPR administered on field - we’ve been seeing this for over a year and a half in European arena. I am so pissed about the vile NFL mandating these damn jabs.

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What's important about this is that it's in the WSJ.

That's a win!

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Some journalists are waking up. I am amazed that this article even appeared in WSJ. This newspaper is late on this issue. I will count that late awakening a blessing. May wake up a few of WSJ readers that they had been had with the "safe and effective" injectable product. We had unsubscribed from WSJ few years ago after many years of reading it. Maybe in five years this newspaper will have an article about "died suddenly" events and all cause mortality since the release of the jab. I will not hold my breath.

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Yes, you have. And thank you for being one of the first to state that these shots should be stopped. Some others only warn about safety and negative efficacy, granted multiple times, but haven't taken the official stance to say STOP or HALT giving these to the general public, like you and GVB have. If others did, we would be able to more easily convince others of their harms and stop the mandates.

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I hope the WSJ and all commercial media who refused to cover the truth, who still never mention geoengineering or the numerous other subjects that their audiences are totally clueless about, I hope these media outlets render themselves irrelevant because liars must not be coddled.

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The urinal propagandist are just gas lighters of the highest order...always a day late and many dollars short. The only real journalist is Kim strassel.

I know many old guys that swear by it....idiots

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Pumping people full of completely untested substances is never a good idea unless you are the medical terrorist group known as big pharma. This is because they value profits over life.

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I’m curious whether this fueling if the variants is a risk to all, or just the jabbed? Are the unvaxxed safe or are we all at risk?

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Jan 3, 2023·edited Jan 3, 2023

I have the screenshots of the 12/31/2022 Chinese post on Twitter.

The mainstream media will ignore Dr. Li-Meng Yan.

I don't believe the Biden administration will STOP all travel into the USA.

I hope you will understand this translated post below, Dr. Alexander.


Monday, January 2, 2023

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, an independent Hong Kong virologist & CCP whistleblower now living in America, is on the Eric Bolling show on Newsmax tonight, stating that 250 million Chinese people are currently infected with a new covid virus pneumonia (worse than the original Wuhan virus) that is killing 10,000 people per day in China and they are not being tested for covid.

Chinese Twitter post from 12/31/2022, which Dr. Li-Meng Yan replied to.

Luther Program on Dec. 31, 2022

"The CCP is modifying the receptor of ACE2 in order to bypass the existing antibodies in the human body and make the vaccines ineffective. The specifics cannot be said in too much detail, and the source of intelligence must be protected. The CCP is developing variants of the new crown in a more covert way and does not care about sacrificing scientists (Zhou Yusen, Shi Zengli), because someone will replace them. At present, the United States is paying attention to a pair of mentors and apprentices."

(translated from Chinese to English by Google)

I shared the 12/31/2022 Chinese translated Twitter post to Truth Social and copied President Donald Trump.

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