You say "Israel has a right to self defense." Does it also have a right to completely destroy Gaza and all of the innocent civilians? Bombing hospitals, and every other possible building including homes, churches, etc. Does it have a right to starve the people, and to have initially contained the population in an open air prison, which is no different than a concentration camp for 2 million people, and all the previous events of "mowing the lawn." Please remember, the people living in Gaza were not allowed to leave and others were not allowed enter. Your bias is showing, and so is your sense of justice.

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Paul doesn't give a shit either way.

It's just a story.

Covid is so yesterday.

Get your whisky.


People die, cruelly.

Who cares.

Just as long as it's not me.

Take sides.

Go to a March.

Wave the flag.

Fuck the Jews.

Fuck the Arabs.

Death to scum Hamas.

Death to Israel ZOG.

Who cares really.

As long as I'm safe.

The soon to be Covid injection dead will be billions...apparently.

Aren't you entertained?

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Often I think 'paul' is a bot, I agree he doesn't care, there is no more money in milking 'covid-idiots' the GOV won, like SPAN-FLU they killed 500K in USA 50M worldwide and 'memory holed', now COVID-19 will be memory-holded,, and the leaders of alt-covid MSM limited-hangout like this OP will simply change the subject, but Palestine is an endless story that will never go away.


IMHO having traveled the entire earth, all Arabs & Persians are GOOD-PEOPLE, loving of their familys and just want peace; All this BULLSHIT about religion is financed by Saudi-Arabia via the Mosque to incite the young-men to become martyr's so long as the saudi-boys don't die, just everybody else in region; Romans called it "Divide&Conquer", CIA/MOSSAD just calls is business.

I think that all of christian, islam, and judeo are pretty much fabricated post Abraham 4,000 year old BULLSHIT CULT crap, post 15AD all of christianity (BIBLE) has come out of London via their printing press pushing the 'word' along the way ZOG ( Rothschild, as 15AD they formed in London again created the modern religions )

Again most people in MENA region just want to 'live', like they say in Mexico "So close to the USA, so far from God", everybody in MENA knows "So close to Israel/Saudi, so far from God"


In all my travels the only nut-cases I have ever met are the fanatical muslim which are rare, most caring normal MENA men don't push their shit, they're gentle & kind, and giving, but can fight if they must; Especially "Persians" they're some of the most intelligent people on earth, in many ways remind me of the Russians math&physics people I have met; No wonder Iran is making the 'best drones' on earth

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Oct 25, 2023·edited Oct 25, 2023


You're an interesting person with strong opinions who refuses to stand down - I respect that quality. 

As an aside, I was in court yesterday and did the "uncollegial" thing of asking the Judge to remove my opponent lawyer from the case on account of a serious breach of ethics because said lady lawyer consulted with me and my client many years ago about the very same subject matter as the current case, and she therefore has inside information that she cannot un-see or un-hear that she has already used and will continue to use for her client's benefit. The judge has postponed the case for a formal investigation into her conduct. Let's just say all collegiality with her is now over and there's no more love in the room. Fuck her. Not that I'd want to.

Back to the main plot of my comment and your reply - who do you think finished off the Persians?

How could such an empire simply come to such a grinding halt and vanish into nothingness? 

There's an Iranian comedian whom I enjoy just from a light diversionary entertainment value perspective - he lives in London - he had a cameo role in Ridley Scott's "Gladiator".

Here's a short clip from one of his shows:


I couldn't find South Africa on your list of how many people will soon be dead.

Any scoop on that perhaps?

Best to you.


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Yes. Just like we had to fire bomb Germany and nuke two Japanese cities to eliminate the Nazis and Imperial Japan who wanted to conquer the world.. Islam is the actual problem and is worse than both of them and must be destroyed.

BTW, no Muslim country will accept any of the Palestinians in Gaza. Why is that?

War is hell.

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Other countries are not obligated to solve Israel’s problem for Israel. And taking in millions of refugees in not trivial economically or politically.

Islam is not much of a problem compared to Zionist infiltration and control of US Foreign Policy and media.

“Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined... They are the gravest threat to our national security.”

— Admiral Bobby Ray Inman 

Former Deputy Director of the CIA

Who controls politics & foreign policy in the United States and how do they do it? 


Cenk Uygar on Ehud Olmert, W Bush

Mark Bruzonsky


MJ Rosenberg


Stephanie Schriock


Glenn Greenwald


General Wesley Clark


French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas


Gonzalo Lira on Vicki Nuland


We are all Palestinians…


Lawrence Wilkerson on the dread lobby


On Jacob Schiff’s support for the Communist takeover of Russia


“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no hhplace in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.” 

—Ovadia Yosef, former chief sephardic rabbi

USS Liberty attack


Ernie Gallo:


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Islam is not much of a problem? You really believe that? If so, you're a Muslim or an ignorant fool.

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No. They’re not. Certainly not compared to the brain-eating Cordyceps infection that is raging in Uncle Sam’s mind as we write. Look at the links I posted above.

Remove the CIA and the Mossad, and there goes “radical Islam.” Remove the CIA and Mossad, there goes 9/11 and a bunch of nation-destruction done because Israel wanted the US to destroy countries with the backbone and idealism to resist and oppose Israel’s land-theft and domination plans. Remove Israel and there goes the attack on the USS Liberty. Remove the Israel lobby and there goes US hostility towards Iran. If we could relocate Israel to Quaoar, the world would be a more peaceful place and there would then be a tiny chance the US could avoid bankruptcy.

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Obviously you believe the great lie that "Islam means peace." If they could, they would chop off your infidel head in an instant.

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You know there is a Jewish community in Iran? Jewish people walk around in Gaza?

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ZOG ordered JAPAN to be bombed, the NAGASAKI site was the largest Christian church in all of ASIA, and the bomb was dropped dead over that church;

The japs had already given up, the bombs were dropped because ZOG wanted everybody on earth to know their satanic power

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Actually, it was a Catholic church which does not necessarily mean "Christian" and the bomb was dropped about 500M away.

At the time the nuclear bomb was dropped, Japan had not given despite heavy fire-bombing of many cities. Japan's response was to defend the homeland down to the last Japanese person and, besides recalling as much of their army as they could, they were also were training their women, older children and old adults to fight to the death for the Emperor, even if most of the defenders only had sharpened bamboo spears. If you look, you can even find videos of the training drills.

Operation Downfall, the invasion of Japan, estimated that between 400,000 - 800,000 American lives would be lost in the invasion. The estimates of Japanese lives lost were 5-10 million. Instead of that carnage, Truman decided to nuke Japan into surrendering. At the time, after testing 3 atomic bombs in the NM desert, the US only had enough enriched uranium for 3 more atomic bombs..

Japan did not surrender after Hiroshima. Kokura was the primary target for nuke #2. Nagasaki was the alternate target. The two atomic bombs were of two different constructions. After seeing which one worked better the US would build nuke #3. If Japan still hadn't surrendered, Tokyo was to be the target for #3.

BTW, before dropping the two nukes, the US dropped numerous leaflets on the targets telling the civilians to get out of the city.

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Give it up the largest church in all of ASIA that had a "CROSS" as its symbol, I will concur that Catholics are not 'christ', but all bible bullshit is written by London post 15AD and is all satanic cult shit, the point is that ZOG wanted to send a signal that 'christian' in ASIA was to be associated with DEATH;

Never again was a large Christian Church ever built in ASIA, that I have seen, this church destroyed in Nagasaki was quite old and revered, and some it still remains.

Like the 'Dome" (dead Target overhead #1) in Hiroshima, some of it still remains, it too was a 'peace symbol' created by Japan, and the ZOG destroyed it to tell the world that there would be no PEACE on EARTH

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Give it UP, been there researched it and KNOW it well the BOMB was dropped "DEAD CENTER" on the LARGEST CHRISTIAN CHURCH in ALL of ASIA at the Time.

SATAN ZOG was running the US-GOV and called for that target.

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delusional... that's what JDS does to one's brain

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ZOG - Zionist Occupied Governments: First & Foremost ZIONISM is NOT Judaism, all of the Jews in Israel see "ZIONISM" as a satanic cult, only in USA is "Zionism" or christian-zionism sold as something safe for children.

Where do 'zionists' come from?? Well they come from ashkeNAZI of "London", coined in late 1700's, but marketed by Hertzl in 1880's by Rothschild bank (london)

ashkeNAZI were a satanic cannibal tribe in Khazaria in 5AD now called UKRAINE they called themselves "NAZIS" for short

In 12AD the Vatican ordered them to convert to JUDAISM to be the bankers of the Vatican to fund the 'crusade wars' in MENA, oddly here we are today, 900 years later and the same sodomites are running the same wars in the same places; They got kicked out of Khazaria by Russians in 13AD and moved to "CIty of London", and the rest is history.

HITLERS mother was an "ashkeNAZI" so called "EURO-JEW" who are not real-jews because the POPE cannot convert somebody to Judaism, only a Rabbi after long training;

All of Israel & MENA-JEWS see ashkeNAZI as "FAUX JEWS"

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“America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the worlds biggest welfare state that we will create and control… This is what we do to the countries that we hate. We destroy them slowly.”

—— Benjamin Netanyahu 1990

"Hamas was created by Israel to defeat arafat" - Netanyahu 1980's

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War is hell and Israel richly deserves to experience exactly what it has been dishing out for decades.

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We “had to do neither”. Look up what senior US military leaders had to say about nuking those Japanese cities. They did not think it was necessary and they did not approve.

Dresden was a CIVILIAN target. The firebombing of Dresden was a horrendous war-crime. Since it was not a military target, it was also a war-crime.

BTW, try sometime to find out who started bombing raids on civilian targets.

You are an example of someone caught up in the current wave of anti-Islamic mass-hysteria. The whole reason the US had this massively consolidated, corporate mass-media is precisely to tell WHOPPER LIES, with zero chance any large media source will pop the WHOPPER LIES, like pimples and those spoil the intended effect of turning hundreds of millions of Americans into vengeful, murderous idiots through the synchronized lying they watch on TV.

See cartoon:


There was a time, not very long ago, when the US had leaders that were not all under complete control by Israel. One such leader was former NSA Director Gen. William Odom. He was opposed to US antagonism and hostility towards Iran. He noted average Iranians like Americans more than most of the folks in Sunni Arabs states. And he noted we could be superb business partners.

Mearsheimer & Walt wrote a book titled Israel and US Foreign Policy. They document how Israel sabotaged every opportunity for reconciliation between the US and Iran. Why? Because Iran helps Israel’s victims defend themselves from land-theft, domination and all the murderous things Israel does in pursuit of regional hegemony.

Trouble is, this cost US companies ENORMOUS sums in lost opportunities. Iran offered a big US petro company interest in the South Pars gas field: one of the largest gas fields on the planet. By sabotaging that deal, the US lost profits, each year, sufficient to replace the amount of money Israel extorts for US taxpayers every year!

But Israel could care less how much their plans to strangle and destroy neighboring states costs the US. Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, they do not care how many innocent people die, they do not care how many are maimed, orphaned, widowed or displaced. The only thing they care about is dominating everyone and every thing on the planet.

Central banking is weapon more powerful than nukes for control of nations. Borrow a copy of Herzl’s diary and started reading around page 60.

How scary are Iranians? How eager are they to murder us pale Anglos and ‘muricans? This video captures the horrors of traveling alone through Muslim Iran.


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I often use that as an argument of running from a 'civil war' early

Take Germany 1933 Kristalnacht, intelligent jews left they saw the light

DUmb fuckers who ignored the 'tell' stuck around, by 1938 nobody on earth would accept 'jew refugees' why was that? Cuz every country on earth had their fill's and quotas filled

Now some moron could have argued look at 'X' they bad they will not accept the Jew, ...

Same now all the ARAB country's have their fill of 'refugees', so nobody can accept anymore, this is all by design, like the sanctions the ZOG has ensured that no country in MENA can feed refugees, why accept millions of people if they can't be fed???

Of course the ZOG goal here is that EVERYBODY DIES


My parents were raised on an Israeli kibbutz, I'm a black-jew by pidgeon-holing, they ended up in USA post WW2,

What I find strange that NONE of you argue here is that ALL the "JEWS" who were killed by Netanyahu's "HAMAS" were kibbutz jews, communal un-armed jews who just farm, and live like "AMISH",

The real war in ISRAEL, civil war today is that MENA-JEWS, 'real jews' versus the euro-jews the "ashkeNAZI' (UKRAINE/ZOG/DC/NYC/LONDON); Euro-Jews in Israel are a minority, but have all the power, just like in USA where ZOG owns wash-dc since 1871.

The euro-jews in ISRAEL have fucked&fucked and fucked the MENA-JEWS for decades and now they will not take it anymore, as a distraction Netanyahu had his boys "HAMAS" kill a few 1,000 KIBBUTZ communalist, no loss nobody cares about poor gypsy jews; But it does give the Israel GOV breathing room, & time;

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In WW2, The USA levelled SIXTY (60) Japanese cities with Incendiary bombs.

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In 2023 the US-GOV using microwave transmitters on airplanes 3 miles high burn all of Lahaina Hawaii to a crisp, the day before they dumped "Aluminum Powder", which mixed with the beach-sand in the air "siicon-oxide" to form the most powerful known thermite.

Once the over head planes ignited the aluminum, that ignited the thermite, they burnt LAHAINA at 4500F leaving nothing

The bombs on TOKYO known as "Fire-Bombs did exactly the same thing" nothing was left but 'dust'

Fire-Bombing is an old trick when you want ALL the human remains to become dust that blows away into the wind;


Again USA US-GOV per SE was NOT running WW2, it was ZOG SATAN, they brought HITLER to power, and they have OWNED the USA WASH-DC since 1871, so using WW2 as pretext they destroyed 'christianity' in ASIA by sending a signal to anybody that anybody near a "Christian Church" will die, and also they wanted the world to know of the immense power that ZOG now had in 1945 over the earth;

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Bite the Bullet, Swallow the Pill: Take the "P-ALEX" Challenge today ...

Now we take a break, to hear a word from our Sponsor the "Iittle man" per blade runner, if your not cop, your little people


Ha. It's happening right in our faces now and nobody's going to stop it. That's because this is a WEAK GENERATION of men, raised by Silents, Boomers, and now, Gen X. We spent our youth workin' hard at our first jobs tossing rocks and buildin' ****, rockin' out with our cocks out to Zep, Priest, and Slayer, and generally, not givin' a **** about all that political ******** that the old men engaged in.

Now we've got an entire swatch of generations -- from 20 to 65 -- that is 65, 75% pussified, and has virtually no ability to work with other people to accomplish anything. (Gotta' make money on your own, you know. Build your own fortress, protect your own, everybody else is on their own, man.)

Totally helpless in the face of what's now occurring, and what's to come. We lack the social skills and solidarity (ooh, commie word) to work together to defend ourselves. We want to sit on our porch like Clint Eastwood with a shotgun across our lap in our rocking chair. It's such a comical vision, but we absorbed it, and it's been in the bones of American men for at least 50 years.

Go ahead and downvote. You know I'm right. All of us here will go off to work today, make our shekels, watch some sports, maybe some politics, and in about 16 hours, go to bed with absolutely nothing accomplished except our own enrichment and our own defense. Which means **** when up against the army of mutants that's been assembled since the 60s against us, and which -- because it owns the Zoomer generation -- has the older folks in a very precarious situation.

You're going to ask me, "well, what are you doing?" which is precisely the wrong question. The question is, what do you see yourself doing to change the direction of things, because you need to survive, not me. You need to worry about yourself. And you haven't been, not if you've only been worrying about yourself, ironically enough.

Soon they'll just show up to your house and take it. Zog cops will taze you and charge you with raycism hate crime and your kids will be taken from you and turned out like bacha bazi boys, as is already happening in the public schools WE pay for with OUR LABOR.

Stop working. Stop participating. Slow it down. Don't do work for your enemies. Somebody with five SUVs in their 1/2 mile driveway needs their turlet fixed? "Oh, so sorry. I see by the FEC database that you've donated $12,000 to DNC candidates in the past year. Swim in your ****."

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Oct 24, 2023·edited Oct 24, 2023

Worth Repeating this one OVER&OVER until it sinks in that All of Palestine will be destroyed and the USA people are just Palestinians; That Israel (CIA/MOSSAD) I call "ZOG" created HAMAS to destroy Arafat peace plan and dual-state in region ( mission accomplished); That 40% of all weapons to UKRaine from 2016 util now under TRUMP&BIDEN were diverted to the CIA-MOSSAD/ISIS/HAMAS 'head-choppers' to create complete destruction of the MENA region.


“America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the worlds biggest welfare state that we will create and control… This is what we do to the countries that we hate. We destroy them slowly.”

—— Benjamin Netanyahu 1990

"Hamas was created by Israel to defeat arafat" - Netanyahu 1980's

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Quit defending Israel - you're destroying all credibility you had over Covid. Israel is the perpetrator and prison keeper and genocidal terrorist - end of story!

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and after Islam does that they can capture and make you one of their sex slaves - although they don't like fat women so they'll just chop your head off.

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compared to the Islamic genocide, murdering, and butchering that has been going on for ~1500 years? You might want to learn some history so you don;t sound so ignorant.

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Great advice - you should follow it yourself - and then you may somewhat less ignorant and beholden by Zionist liesl

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“America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the worlds biggest welfare state that we will create and control… This is what we do to the countries that we hate. We destroy them slowly.”

—— Benjamin Netanyahu 1990

"Hamas was created by Israel to defeat arafat" - Netanyahu 1980's

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Again, the SAME people are funding BOTH "sides." And the SAME people are running the ops on both sides. Until you understand and accept this, you'll be caught up in, and trying to sell, MORE WAR.

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No stand down order, no breaches of the fence. No breaches of the fence, no dead Israeli citizens. No dead Israeli citizens, no justification for yet another murderous rampage.

Ergo, Israel willfully sacrificed a thousand people so that they could FALSELY CLAIM their slaughter of Palestinians is done in self-defense.

If Hamas was created by Israel, consider the possibility Hamas was created to misrepresent Gazans, and to act in ways that give Israel the pretenses to destroy and plunder Gaza.

Is there evidence Israel has done such things? Yes, plenty. Books on Israeli terrorism: these books establish the pattern.

Rise & Kill First

Ronen Bergman

Israels Sacred Terrorism

Livia Rokach

Hidden History of Zionism

Ralph Schoenman

Ben Gurion's Scandals: How the Haganah & the Mossad Eliminated Jews

Naeim Giladi

State of Terror

Thom Suarez

The IDF's fence was more instrumented, monitored and patrolled than probably any other concentration camp anywhere, ever. FIFTEEN breeches, explosives, trucks driving through... On every other day, if a dog touched the fence snipers would be alerted and jeeps dispatched.

The IDF stood down for seven hours. Israeli's who served that duty, securing the concentration camp barrier, are objecting and concluding there must have been a stand down order:


No stand down order, no breaches of the fence. No breaches of the fence, no dead Israeli citizens. No dead Israeli citizens, no justification for yet another murderous rampage.

Consider a previous example of remarkable timing.

Netanyahu threatens France because they were considering recognition of Palestinian statehood.


Then, look at the tsunami of terrorism that began in France immediately after his threat:


Ronen Bergman’s book Rise & Kill First documents Israeli covert control over nominally Arab or Lebanese Terrorist groups in Lebanon. Bergman claims these groups were committing so many terrorists acts that they were a large fraction of planetary terrorism.

And Ostrovsky, in By Way of Deception, claims Israel was running the terrorist group that hijacked the Achille Lauro and killed Leon Klinghoffer.

With this as background, and with knowledge of Israel’s creation of and support for Hamas, is there a chance Israel pulled the strings on this Hamas attack? After all, wasn’t Israel always doing these remote control, false-flag, terrorist operations for political gain, to discredit Israel’s victims, to turn those victims into (apparent but not real) aggressors and thereby give Israel pretense to commit more massacres and more ethnic cleansings and more unrestrained violence all the while pretending to be victims?

If you own and control enough media, you can easily deceive the western world and have them clamoring, as after 9/11, for brutal vengeance against countries actually innocent of the accusations. And if there is no hell, they will get cleanly away with it because brainwashed people think they are acting justly and righteously when they are actually murdering innocents while serving masterful liars.

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Everybody is on record the past 40 years stating that fact

HAMAS was created by MOSSAD to destroy Arafat from the inside of Palestine

Most telling now is that past ten years under Trump ( & now Biden) 40% of all weapons sent to UKRAINE have landed in MOSSAD-CIA ISIS-type hands all over MENA and are now being deployed to destroy all of MENA

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Now could be a good time for you to hang out in Trinidad with the family on vacation for awhile Dr. Alexander. NYS is a bit close to DC and you wouldn't want to disappear under a radioactive tsunami. Maybe learn to speak Russian, Mandarin or Korean and come back later with a hazmat suit and a geiger counter when the US glows less dimly in the dark.

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Deagel Report shows Trinidad and all those islands to have massive culling by 2025

The best bet for p-alex is mexico ( or anywhere in asia, the pivot to asia [clinton 1990's] ensures only the west to be culled )


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That's a scary substack.

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Trinidad and Tobago 1,220,000 1,044,320 -14.4 27,130 21,325 -21.4 71 56 -21.1 20,300 16,041 -0.2

Target for TRINIDAD is 15% reduction in HUMAN population, anything over 5% is a too dangerous place to be;

IMHO safest places to be are places that see a net positive increase in population; Namely most of ASIA&AFRICA;

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Oct 25, 2023·edited Oct 25, 2023

They always tell their plans in advance, if you get caught in any of these country's today going forward, you only have your fucking SELF to blame.

They have been posting these metrics since the 1950's, they being the Rockefeller Foundation, who owns most of what I call "ZOG", in the 1880's it was called "BIG-OIL", by 1910 it owned the earth, post WW1 UK gave "House of Saud" the Saudi oil-fields making them the richest people on earth, but they were always on a short leash ran by Israel-Balfour-agreement UK London, and SAUDI too is a ZOG CULT; Everybody in Israel today knows that ZIONISM is a "Satanic Cult", only in USA is it sold as "Christian ZIonism" and its only sold to children, or adults with child-like minds.

They don't lie year-2-year the numbers change, back in the 1990's the USA figures were a 90% drop in population, today about 75%, but IMHO I still think it will be 90%. Telling is that also UK population will be culled, makes sense for the elite to turn all of UK into a private park, and kill all the poor urban residents;

The USA IMHO will be turned into the worlds largest whore-house, like Las-Vegas, but everywhere, surviving white women will be held in prisons all over the USA and be fucked by ASIA(china)&ARAB (saudi) tourists.


This is link is a report I did a few years ago on the PLAN, everything to date is going along exactly as planned.

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Thanks for the link

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Good to see you back! You've been missed!

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Yep, I was gone for a few weeks, make a point of not posting shit while traveling

Actually probably good that I was blacked-out from 'news' oct 6 -> oct 21, the Palestine thing would have just made me reactionary, so it gave me a pause to think about the stuff for a few weeks before posting on the topic;

Been involved in pro-palestine meetings at Synagogues for years, well years ago (1980's); Know their game and bullshit all too well; Always personal attacks and never address the suffering of the Palestine people;

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WW3 Began in 2019 when C19 was released upon the world. When there was no response from US Military it was clear that C19 and resulting mRNA JABS were inside traitor jobs. Nearly 4 years in and WW3 is not even acknowledged as being in process. The Middle East conflict will be WW4 Wake the fuck up America. Take The USA back from Globalist traitors.

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Full report on HOW&WHY TRUMP unleashed COV-19 on the world


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Pure crap.

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Can you expand more, show us your bot-sense contextual algo??


Just like now, Israel who created "HAMAS" tells us that its ok for Israel to kill all the Palestine people, because if they don't go to the Sinai-Desert to die, then they're terrorists

The problem of course is that "HAMAS" is Israel, and that the KILLERS are Paid Mercenarys from INDIA that are now doing all the killing for Israel


Like the simple concept that "CHINA spent $1 Trillion USD in Israel infrastructure the past ten years to build the silk-road terminus at Haifa-Port" not even of this has ever been mentioned in western MSM, but well known in Israel MSM.

In USA morons hoot & holler about Israel getting a few billion from USA to buy weapons from USA, but not a peep that China gives Israel a Trillion USD 'strings free', this is the kind of mental disconnect that people have, when 90% of what you think you know, you don't know;

Like the argument "IRAN" is HAMAS, well how can that be when HAMAS is/was crated by ISRAEL,

The Hezbollah hate HAMAS and rightly so, you can argue that Hezbollah gets something from Iran, maybe advice; But HAMAS gets 100% of all from MOSSAD&CIA ( THey say that 40% of weapons to Ukraine since 2017 have ended up in CIA-MOSSAD hands and given to the regional insane killers )


Any ways the problem with the 'rational' people making insane choices about which side to be on, is that 99% of what they know on the ground is divorced from reality;

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WW3 began when USA went off the 'gold standard' since then they have been attacking every country that goes off the pedo/petro dollar standard; That be 1972,

Yes, COV-19 was a direct NUKE dropped on RUSSIA&IRAN&CHINA in 2019 by CIA pompeo sold to TRUMP;

The only effect of COVID is that TRUMP with the $12 Trillion USD COVID funds, was to give a billion USD to 3-4 leaders of every country on earth to dance the COVID dance, an that worked for a while, but today, those 'leaders' are bugged-out, or looking for a new candy-man.

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Well said Fred!

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https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2023/10/24/watch-a-left-wing-activists-anti-israeli-argument-get-wrecked-in-less-than-five-minutes-n2630248?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=6b5bd2405b08a6a59e628d1e66a2cc5c25ff68c2dc75e798100e7dc213940c24&recip=28963401. Really worth listening to this 5 minute conversation this Arab- Israeli had with the brainless girl in the "support hamas" club. All of these false beliefs have the potential to destroy our world. I'm glad that young man is trying to set at least 1 person straight but it doesn't do much for the angry mobs

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Iran is Hezbollah's main supporter but only nominally so, to Hamas. Qatar is the main funder of Hamas, through the Muslim Brotherhood. Stop regurgitating Bibi's , and Dementia Joe's, BS, please.

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SAUDI is the main funder of all Islam Radical bullshit

Qatar & UAE and all the other minor oil states are bit players

SAUDI is the 'banker of terror' that works closely with ISRAEL, CHINA is also involved as in the past ten years they have invested a Trillion USD into Israel-Infrastructure for their 'silk-road' ports to HAIFA-PORT and it would be terrible if somebody destroyed all that wealth spent by CHINA&SAUDI in Israel

The recent destruction of LAHAINA-MAUI was same-same SAME-SAME Saudi money to turn MAUI into a super port in the pacific like Israel is today to the Atlantic Ocean;


Given Israel created "HAMAS" and Israels terrorism funding comes out of Saudi, it would be better said that Saudi funds Hamas

Lastly, don't forget that since 2016 TRUMP->BIDEN 40% of all weapons to UKRAINE have ended up on the hands of MENA CIA/MOSSAD terrorist groups, and now all of MENA to be destroyed, well the women&children to be incinerated.

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if this occurs IRAN should be vaporized off the face of this earth-

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IRAN has nothing to do with HAMAS its a CIA-MOSSAD infant bastard.

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Someday long after "Isra-hell" is destroyed people will ask how in the fuck did this dick-less country rule the earth so fucking long and keep the Arab men at bay???

My guess is that very soon the Arabs and the Persians will tramp over Israel and stomp it to the ground

Sure the ships offshore of the USA will bomb something, and most sore will be CHINA having lost Trillions of USD investments in the last ten years in ISRAEL infrastructure "Soon to be destroyed"

The thing is when it gets out that CHINA&SAUDI made and Created the Fucking "Isra-Hell" they too will go down, even if it means permanent terrorism along the entire silk-road cooridor FOREVER

What were all these dumb fuckers thinking?

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Easy they were sold a bag of Jew-Buck fiat, soon to be worthless;

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