We use Tolazine in veterinary medicine to reverse sedation with Rompun (Xylazine) . I’m wondering why it’s not being used in humans . Or is this like the “horse paste “ thing again ??

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It wouldn't surprise me. ("'...the 'horse paste' thing...."')

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Paul and all,

All the evidence and visible effects of Treason everywhere is important in growing the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION.

The next step has to be UNITY of ALL awake persons in a real Freedom Movement with real strategic planners who know how to address ALL the Treason!

No one, I repeat NO ONE in political power today will ever do the right things until they FEAR the people!

There is nothing for them to fear until we UNITE against them!

Lex Greene, important writer with a serious resume writing about the necessity of unity…



P.S. My gloves came off 15 years ago, working with the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER group. I highly suggest if you want to unite with people actually working real solutions…contact Lex Greene!

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Long day , sorry again - yohimbine to reverse Xylazine

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And somehow the state governments cannot find any chemicals to carry out death sentences.... fentanyl and xylazine seem to be safe and effective!

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One small grain of carfentanil is a lot more deadly than 100 grains of fentanyl. I attended a narcotics class, and the recent trend at drug parties is that people deliberately overdosing on fentanyl and use Narcan to bring them back. The Mexican cartels are sending tons of fentanyl and carfentanil to the USA now that our southern border is open thanks to Biden, Democrats, and RINOS.

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Why do I get the feeling this was covertly premeditated . . .

Clean cut deaths no accountability. Fresh organs from young bodies.

Seems that lately the organ donation shop is in full bloom.

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This will come in handy when this finishes playing out:

The Everything Crisis

Posted on March 13, 2023



Even the most cursory glance at economic and financial history will reveal a litany of bubbles and booms, crashes and crises. We’ve seen numerous instances of speculative manias, real estate bubbles, market collapses and banking crises. Even the dot-com bubble of 1995-2000 wasn’t really ‘a first’, since there’s at least one previous instance – the Railway Mania of the 1840s – of the public being blinded to reality by the glittering allure of the latest vogue in technology.

You’d be wrong, though, if you concluded that “there’s nothing new under the Sun” about what we’re experiencing now. The coming crunch – for which the best shorthand term might be ‘the everything crisis’ – sets new precedents in at least two ways.

First, it’s unusual for all of the various forms of financial crises to happen at the same time. Even the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2008-09 wasn’t an ‘everything crisis’. Now, though, it’s quite possible that we’re experiencing the start of a combined stock, property, banking, financial, economic and technological crisis, with ‘everything happening at once’.

Second, all previous crises have occurred at times when secular (non-cyclical) economic growth remained feasible. This enabled us to ‘grow out of’ these crises, much as youngsters ‘grow out of’ childhood ailments.

No such possibility now exists.

The true story of modern economic and financial history involves, on the one hand, the ending and reversal of centuries of economic expansion and, on the other, an absolute refusal to come to terms with this reality.

What follows is an attempt to tell that story as briefly as possible.


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