So, that's another one. Old friend, Rich, colon cancer. Had it cut out. Half his colon gone.

Amber, mother's old friend, terminally ill with some rare stomach disease.

Shane, brother's friend, riddled with cancer, might make it to Easter.

Mike's cousin died from bowel cancer two weeks ago.

Mother had a thrombosis a day after the second AstraZeneca injection.

Neighbour two doors up went blind.

Another neighbour lost her colleague to heart attack 20 mins after injection.

Then, friends of friends, heart, stroke, etc.

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I see today there is more desperate behavior from the covid cultists posting all the wonderful things they can still do after surviving the shots... This is protectionism at its core...they know they should be worried and must live in a chronic state of anxiety. As a person who said NO to the jabs, my concern now is the fact that soon we may have a real labor shortage due to death and disability... We will all be effected by this and while I am not the type to "prep", I now wonder if we should at a minimum buy a ton of bottled water in case some of the labor shortages start effecting public works???

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Then be prepared to get the same argument in the Brooke Jackson Qui Tam false claims act case. Not saying to not pursue them (big pharma) just that it is only the first step. The bigger problem is the extra constitutional framework that Mr Azar pulled this whole mess into March 2020.

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Hope for justice!

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We should be dragging the true culprits of this fake pandemic and resulting deadly mRNA injections...the DOD, HHS and BARDA into full view and into the courts. The bb brothers, bourla and bancel, are only henchmen paid off to do the dirty work of the government.

Comforting to know that your government wants you dead or perhaps keep alive to be transhumanized according to billy g demands.

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