So, that's another one. Old friend, Rich, colon cancer. Had it cut out. Half his colon gone.

Amber, mother's old friend, terminally ill with some rare stomach disease.

Shane, brother's friend, riddled with cancer, might make it to Easter.

Mike's cousin died from bowel cancer two weeks ago.

Mother had a thrombosis a day after the second AstraZeneca injection.

Neighbour two doors up went blind.

Another neighbour lost her colleague to heart attack 20 mins after injection.

Then, friends of friends, heart, stroke, etc.

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The cancers that result from the covid vaxxes are incubating and brewing now. All the preclinical research regarding how fenbendazole eradicates cancer is consistent with its effects in practice. Learn how to protect yourself and loved ones from cancer with fenbendazole, a safe, inexpensive, off patent, otc drug. So far it saved two people (make that THREE) close to me. Read the detailed Case Reports https://fenbendazole.substack.com its all free.

Breast, colon, prostate, glioma, lung, it doesn’t seem to matter, fenbendazole seems to eradicate them all. Case Reports in the queue are melanoma, ovarian, breast, myeloma, bladder are the next five.

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All that money to Cancer Research too. That's another shoe to drop for the masses, Big Charity.

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They’ve been conning and ripping people off for over 100 years with “cancer research”

In that time, with all that money raised and collected, all they gave you is chemotherapy and radiation?

Not cures or safe treatments, but deadly money making procedures to make them rich at your expense.

It’s a crime.

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Just another racket.

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FYI pretty well the whole ball of wax...CUT POISON BURN - CANCER TRUTH DOCUMENTARY

39:41 PureBloodFreeMan

Cut Poison Burn: Directed by Wayne Chesler. 

The Film tells the grim tale of the half century War on Cancer 

and focuses on the character of Thomas Navarro.

 In 1999, the four year old boy was diagnosed with brain cancer and thrust into the system of Surgery, Chemo and Radiation and not allowed to be treated with a proven method by Texas Doctor Stanislaw Burzynski.


Big Pharma and Cancer - Dr. Leonard Coldwell - Classic Must See




The Truth About Cancer 1/9 - The True History of Chemo & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly


The Root Cause


Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore


Dr. Lorraine Day - Diseases Don't Just Happen


Cut Poison Burn


THRIVE - What on earth will it take?


What's eating you? - Parasites


How to Survive Cancer and the Truth About AIDS - Dr. Lorraine Day - Audio


Death By Medicine - Exposing the Errors & Terrors of Big Pharma


The Marketing Of Madness - The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging


War On Health - Exposing The FDA - Gary Null - Documentary


The Monsanto Story - Andy Radford - Documentary


Nutricide Criminalizing Natural Health Vitamins and Herbs


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Yep, Dr Burzynskis work was finally released, forcibly of course. They (government) really went after gim too. But not Dr. Gerson, his is still birried at the library of congress.

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I have wondered, since what you state is true about cancers incubating now, if it would be advisable to use fenben as somewhat of a preventative and if so, what would be the protocol? I have it on hand 'just in case'.

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Don’t know as there are many moving parts with respect to prevention. Risk factors, unknown time course of fenbendazole eradicating cancer, dosage etc. With those caveats, a 222 mg daily dose is effective in eradicating most active cancers…don’t know the exact time course…was the cancer killed immediately and the tumors take time to be absorbed? Don’t know. Having said that, my wife and I, with no glaring risk factors, take 222 mg fenbendazole for 3 consecutive days once every 3 months as ‘preventive for cancer’.

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I thank you for your response.

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Interesting, where do you get it?

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I finally got the printouts to my friend Bob who had been clear of prostrate cancer for years and after the shot is being treated for bladder cancer. Thanks for the information on your substack. He seemed receptive to the information.

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Thats a tough one, took my Dad.

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Some are spontaneous super cancers, takes them quick.

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A friend who got it to travel just finished treatment. Trip canceled for chemo and radiation. The doctor said he’d never seen a tumor grow in the bladder like that. Another friend just finished treatment for bladder cancer as well. He only had the first dose. He had been clear of prostrate cancer over a decade.

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Same reports for Shane. Very aggressive cancers. But, he doesn't help himself either. Still smokes. Still drinks. A lot. Refuses to go on an ultra low carb diet and intermittent fasting.

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These are tragic stories. In 2020, similar ones and far more happened when everyone was non-jabbed except for trial participants in select areas. While infectees suffered, your side was chanting: ♫ "It's a flu, it's a cold, it's a hoax." ♫ After rollout, you all added: ♫ "Only the COVID jabbed are harmed." ♫

I've been following the stories of various cancer sufferers diagnosed since the first year of this nightmare. Oncologists have been saying they've never seen these situations before. I think they've been misdiagnosing and mistreating blood clots and/or autoimmune responses as cancer. So far, none of them have made any sense.

Studies show this toxic agent, created by scientists, causes autoantibodies and immune dysfunction. The former attacks healthy tissue while the latter interferes with doing its primary role of searching for and destroying abnormal cells and invaders. The weird part is everyone has not been experiencing the same issues as you've seen.

Our bodies are self-healing. Almost everyone has forgotten this. If restored to the correct state, the body will repair what it can with very little to no help from the conscious mind. Only ~1% will take the time; the vast majority will give up and find out how bad the medical system is.

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So your recommendation is if one comes down with a Cancer (of anything) diagnosis, to just go on with life and your body will figure it out ??

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I did. I consider my life BC (Before Cancer) and AC (After Cancer) when it comes to medicine and doctors. Before I got cancer 13 years ago (Bladder and Kidney) I used to think doctors could do no wrong. Now I think just the opposite. In fact when it comes to treating most disease, modern medicine/doctors are a failure. If I would have taken the medical route for cancer I would be dead by now. Instead I did my own research (a ton of it) and found that healing cancer comes from faith in God, eating right (organic Plant based diet), exercise and removing as many toxins from your life as possible.

I am 61 years old, take no pharmaceuticals and feel like I'm thirty. I have not been to a doctor in 9 years and have no plans to go in the future. How do doctors make patients? By keeping them on pharmaceuticals for whatever disease them may have and seeing them over and over again. There is no money telling patients to eat right, exercise and remove toxins from your life. But that is exactly what people need to hear as Hippocrates said thousands of years ago "Let food be thy medicine".

One of the books I've read was "Never be sick again" by Raymond Francis. It it he said "There is only one disease: cellular malfunction. There are only two causes of cellular malfunction: deficiency and toxicity. Therefore, there are only two causes of disease: Either cells are getting too little of what they need or too much of something they don't need. The common denominators of all cellular malfunctions are deficiency and toxicity." I am proof that this is true as I changed my life when it comes to eating and removing toxins out of my life. Doctors make cellular malfunction worse by prescribing drugs to mask a symptom and not addressing the root cause of the disease. Again, they need reoccurring patients to make a living.

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Probably nutrition and alternative medicine based. Wholefoods Keto diet, no glucose in blood and so on.

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this ol mechanic had a meathead reversal after being ko'd by RhArt & curing it by going vegan 40yrs ago...but now y'all can read why ...

robynchuter.substack.com /p/ketogenic-diets-part-6-the-gut-microbiome

Ketogenic diets: Part 6 - The gut microbiome

Robyn Chuter

Previously in this series, I’ve discussed the origins of the ketogenic diet and the biological role of ketone bodies (Part 1), whether living in a state of ketosis is normal and natural (Part 2), whether ketogenic diets are effective for weight loss (Part 3) and insulin resistance and diabetes (Part 4), and whether ketogenic diets can cure cancer (Part 5). Now, let’s examine the impact of the high fat, low carbohydrate diet-style on the gut microbiome, and the health implications of long-term ketogenic diets.

First, a short primer on the human gut and microbiome. ..

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I think of Keto (<20g nett carbs/day) as an emergency treatment for late stage Type II diabetes, then transitioning to LCHF loaded with low GI cruciferous veg.

It's how I'm typing this to you today. Nearly croaked in 2018 after 15 years of uncontrolled blood glucose, Metformin and insulin wouldn't touch it.

Hba1c hadn't been below 100mmol/mol in ten years. Dropped it from 106 to 45 in a month, Keto, no Metformin or insulin.

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It's this spike protein, isn't it?

I didn't see any serious illness in friends and family until after the injections. Some of them straight after injection.

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All kinds of stuff, I'm seeing a lot pf kidney stones, etc and most of my family os having vision problems noe, macular degenerstion. Vision loss, etc. I tried to tell them.

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I guess it's what happens when someone dicks around with people's DNA.

Never did sound healthy.

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I see today there is more desperate behavior from the covid cultists posting all the wonderful things they can still do after surviving the shots... This is protectionism at its core...they know they should be worried and must live in a chronic state of anxiety. As a person who said NO to the jabs, my concern now is the fact that soon we may have a real labor shortage due to death and disability... We will all be effected by this and while I am not the type to "prep", I now wonder if we should at a minimum buy a ton of bottled water in case some of the labor shortages start effecting public works???

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If you haven't prepped yet, you're too late. If you wait to prep when the crisis hits, you're too late. It will effect all services soon. That's the goal. Soon cities all over the US will look like haiti.

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Then be prepared to get the same argument in the Brooke Jackson Qui Tam false claims act case. Not saying to not pursue them (big pharma) just that it is only the first step. The bigger problem is the extra constitutional framework that Mr Azar pulled this whole mess into March 2020.

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Again, one has to be familiar with the defacto legal framework and the proof is in the response to Brooke's case.


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Hope for justice!

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We should be dragging the true culprits of this fake pandemic and resulting deadly mRNA injections...the DOD, HHS and BARDA into full view and into the courts. The bb brothers, bourla and bancel, are only henchmen paid off to do the dirty work of the government.

Comforting to know that your government wants you dead or perhaps keep alive to be transhumanized according to billy g demands.

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Comment deleted
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Sounds like you're in the group which needs to personally experience this poison before believing non-jabbed infectees have been injured and killed by it since the beginning.

Do you remember Dr. Zelenko? In 2018, he was diagnosed with pulmonary artery sarcoma. After surgery which included removing one lung, the cancer went into full remission. In July 2020 following several months of treating infectees in-person who suffered with your alleged seasonal flu, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening rare cancer of the heart that also spread to his hip. Emergency surgery and radiation led to remission. In Aug 2021 after being shed on with more of your so-called flu, he announced recurrence of this cancer and started treatment. In April 2022 after being shed on with more of your so-called flu, he reported it spread to his remaining lung and may have spread to his left hip and lower back. A couple months later, he died post-surgery.

A lot of non-jabbed have been sickened, injured, and killed since the beginning. In the past two years, a bunch have been members of your delusional club. This toxic agent creates autoantibodies and immune dysfunction which you all keep calling "natural immunity."

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By delusional club you mean those who believe there was never a novel COVID virus? And that it’s just been the seasonal flu all along and nothing more? Because I believe - like you - that this is a novel virus or syndrome. It has symptoms that are not associated with the typical flu - loss of/severe distortion of taste and smell. That is not the flu. And being a healthcare worker I saw that once this virus hit, there was an uptick in certain surgeries, such as gall bladder removals, about 3-6 months after the virus arrived here. My concern is that the spike protein from the virus acts more like a slow burn, exploiting weaknesses in our immune systems, causing diseases to manifest many months later. I do believe that our bodies do eventually break down the spike protein and eliminate it from our bodies, but for those who have preexisting health problems (known or unknown) the damage may have already been done by the time the spike leaves their systems. This would explain the extreme suppression of ivermectin/HCQ which act to quickly break down and eliminate the spike protein before it can do any significant harm. I have 2 unjabbed friends who developed rare cancers approximately 10 months following COVID infection. Another unjabbed friend developed precancerous tumors on her thyroid within 10 months of infection. So I think it’s wrong to dismiss this COVID virus as a benign, seasonal cold or flu until more study is done. The length of time between infection and disease is long enough to establish plausible deniability that it is the COVID virus that is causing new diseases in the unjabbed, covid-recovered. The jab is just the covid virus on steroids and its turning our bodies into spike protein factories, which is just causing more immediate damage and disease. The jab just seems to be a way to speed up the death process.

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