Let’s connect the dots! Wuhan bio lab Ground Zero! Bio labs in Ukraine! Bio labs at Fort Detrick and other US locations that are kept secret! You don’t think this was a DOD/CIA bio warfare exercise in preparation for World War III?

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I wonder how many "bio labs" there are in the world that receive at least some funding from the U.S. government. My guess: A lot more than most people would guess.

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Five minutes after I made the above post, a friend and subscriber sent me a link about another bio-lab our tax dollars are funding in South Sudan. That one just got captured by rebels and new documents show all the grants it was getting from Fauci et al.


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Try Fort Collins’s Colorado

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This is all created by the city of london where the central banks are and the bank of international settlements who is the bank of the central banks and answers to noone. They have stolen our money (pensions, taxes, etc) and this is a coverup for that and the fact that their whole monetary system is failing because of their greed and forced power/control. And, they want to get rid of as many of us as possible and to control the rest of us. It's a very complex system of nefarious monsters.

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Don't bother the Joey, he is having an ice cream cone before his nap.

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Paul and all,

Deaf, dumb and blind EVERYWHERE is right!

In America…NO matter how much information (Truth) has been put out, The People never react to that information appropriately!

No amount of facts/evidence/Truth is “actionable” in today’s lazy America!

I DARE YOU today if you still have critical thinking brain cells left to heavily ponder this piece…



Mother/Grandmother of 7 and counting

P.S. Good Luck pondering!

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So true...

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As Bannon said today, why do we have U.S. deadly pathogen biolabs in Sudan, one of the most violent, insecure places on earth?

"Duhhh....what could possibly go wrong?"

(Overheard at Biden NSC pathogen biolab security planning session)


The above sarcastic remark is satire. But I am not a comedian and I do not play one on TV.

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Your comment sounds more like common sense questions, for the critical thinker, rather than satire.


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Many thanks, Rhonda.

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Zelensky: Hello Xi....I need help. Everyone says fight on but I am now desperate.

Xi: Hello Zelensky...if you come to China you will be safe. If you go to USA you may be dead in a month. So, you decide.. Accept a ceasefire and talk.

Zelensky: Ok, Ok...send your Team and make it quick.

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Apr 26, 2023·edited Apr 26, 2023

The American elite and the government it owns have been pure evil for decades. They are NOT OUR AMERICA!

We can not fight them head-on. (Biden has warned us that he will use nuclear bombs to defeat us!)

We must outflank them, just as the Afghan farmers (and the Vietnamese farmers before them) did to the U.S. military.

Every night, night after night, one Patriot executes one Mortal Enemy.

Never Forget!

Never Forgive!


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US Nuclear Submarines have been visiting South Korea for years. Whether they dock or anchor in the harbor is the difference.

Ports have to be certified by the USN before a nuclear powered ship can docked. I think it has to do with certain accommodations, agreements, and plans that have to be in place with the host country. A submarine anchors-out when they visit a place where there are no authorized nuclear berths. That means the stay "hot," or keep the reactor running while anchored. Remaining hot and anchoring requires more people to stay onboard to support power plant and navigation operations than if they are allowed to berth next to the pier - doesn't bode well if the port call is for liberty/R&R. They also need a small boat or ferry to transport people and supplies to and from the ship which can also be a pain.

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Comment deleted
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Cholera is one of the conditions that can happen to people when they are exposed to food and water that is highly contaminated with human and animal waste that may include decomposing bodies and not a infectious particles, viruses (which do not exist) or bacteria, and cannot be passed from person to person. Remove the source of contamination and provide clean water and food, treat the infected and the outbreak goes away.

The biolab narratives along with gain of function and lab leak narratives are lies to keep the fear narrative going, and the illusion that we are continually in danger from all of these fake infectious particles that only big pharma can keep us safe from with an ever increasing stream of highly toxic chemical and soft metal formulations they falsely call vaccines.

If you really want to know what is really making us ill and killing us you only need to look closely at the activities of the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Get rid of most of them and highly regulate what is left and we will be much safer.

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