The most terrifying discussion I have heard yet is the discussion on CHD website today by Dr. Bhakhdi regarding the injection of mRNA into the blood. It appears that it will migrate to all the cells in your body and even to future children. It may be the most hellish concoction in the history of humanity. Many people took the kill shot because it was free. Or because they got an ice cream cone. The difference between a human and a rat is that the white coats don't have to feed ice cream to the rat.

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Canada's Justin T. Castro and Chelsea Webb Hubble wants to bring back mandates in Canada and vaccines for toddlers here.

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(Where, oh where, what Gulag-Big Pharma-Bullshalelandia have our supposedly professional journalists-- hey, those of you with supposedly valuable degrees from NYU, Columbia, Northwestern U et al-- gone off to?)



DrDave'sHeadSpace, Oct 6, 2022



DR. DAVE MARQUIS: Hey everybody, Dr. Dave Marquis here and I have a message that I wanted to share with you relative to spike and kids. And you know what I mean when I say that.

The concept of rolling out a procedure to be used broadly on kids after only being studied on a handful of mice, doesn't really add up in terms of risk to benefit ratios in my mind because we don't know anything as to how it's going to work in kids other than, we can look back over the last two years and see how its worked out for everybody else. And that hasn't been so great, matter of fact, it's been the opposite of great.

We're seeing some really horrific results, whether it be myocarditis, whether it be brain fog, whether it be Guillen Barré where the nervous system's getting attacked. In the female population menstrual disorders are up over 8,000 percent. How did that happen?

The list just goes on and on as to the things that people are dealing with secondary to what we have embraced collectively, maybe not embraced, maybe that's not the right term, but been subjected to and many people unwillingly received just so that they could keep their job or stay in school or whatever the reason was, some family pressuring.

No one should make a health care decision for themselves or their children in that frame of mind. We should never go into a decision process that can have lifelong negative impact under fear.

We need to make these choices knowingly and have all of the data out in front of us so that we can review that and analyze the actual risk to benefit. And we shouldn't be using mice that were studied for a couple of months at best and imply that that is going to be useful information extrapolated out to all of our kids broadly. That's criminal!

So I'm fired up about this because I don't want to be treating people that don't have to be sick. And people need to hear that. And I need your help. Because I'm one person, I'm one doctor. I see it on a daily basis, I hear about it through my patients, from their loved ones. And I'm seeing a tidal wave of illness on the horizon if we don't stand up collectively and make a change.

So I'm reaching out to you through this medium asking for your help, to please research these things. Don't allow media bias to guide you or to blind you. Do your own research so that you can understand what I understand.

And if you come to a different conclusion please let me know so that I can analyze that. But I've been living in these trenches now for over two years, I'm seeing this on a daily basis. The literature is only becoming more and more supportive of what I initially thought, and that's more than concerning.

So I hope you get the sense of the seriousness of what I'm trying to share with you. We don't have time to allow for our kids to be the test subjects. And it creates a lot of unknown things and some things known because we've had the opportunity to see over the last two years. I don't like either end of that scale and I don't think you would either if you actually looked at the data and saw the patients suffering.

So please take the time to research. I hope this puts a fire under you so that you take action on that. We have to make a difference, we need to be proactive and talk to our medical providers, we need to talk to our politicians locally, state-wide, nationally. We need to make our voices heard. And then band together so that our numbers grow and people will see that, hey, you know what, there is a whole population that has awakened to how wrong this is. I want to be in that camp and I want to support them.

We need you. Please join us. Have a great day.



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One more time: When do the arrests begin? When will the monsters responsible for this, be held to account, and appropriately punished for what they've done?

IE: "Publicly executed".

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I’m unvaccinated. I lost my faith in doctors after suffering worsening neurological problems caused by having an mri with Gadolinium contrast. The pain was horrendous.

Of course the neurologist said he’d never heard of Gadolinium causing any problems…despite an article, at the time, in the daily newspaper on the very subject of Gadolinium. On researching it myself I found lawsuits being filed because of side effects caused by Gadolinium!

Gadolinium is a big no no! to me as are gabapentinoids and many other big pharma products!!

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Imagine, as a parent, how badly you will feel now for supporting an experimental injection. These are all heartbreaking cases and imagine the many more that don't get published. Imagine all the parents and young people in denial of what this frankenstein injection has done. Imagine ................

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We are stranded on an island that is sinking and no one to save “the people “ from drowning

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This "health system" has been weaponized.. PERIOD

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