Demand justice to the full extent of the law or they will do it again, with impunity. In fact, every thing Gates says indicates it will be soon.

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I hope I live long enough to see the butchers of the "killing fields", formally known as hospitals are dragged out into the streets to torn to pieces by the relatives of their victims. No one should get a pass for murdering helpless elderly people who come for help and instead get euthanized by soulless monsters in white lab coats. We will not forget. We will not forgive.

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Hospice killed my parents with morphine.🥲 I guess Jimmy Carter is getting some.😔

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The problem is that Pfizer and Moderna have deep pockets and even the highest court in the land is full of Dems and RINOs like Roberts, Kavanaugh and Amy Commie Barrett who are to the left of Chairman Mao. Only Alito and Thomas would be out of place at a suburban branch meeting of the Communist Party USA. Look at the far left Obama judge in the E. Jean Carroll case against Trump who is clearly out to get him. Most of these judges are so dumb that they took the clot shot and believe in it.

These judges are as bad as the health bureaucrats and will need to be impeached and replaced before there is any chance of covidiots being held to account.

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Well yeah...reality check and back to the real world.

A case to watch in a real courtroom, not an hypothetical one that has summary execution orders and Russian style bullet to the head and billing the estate late with cost of a single round, is a case coming out of Texas involving whistle-blower Brooke Jackson who shopped Pfizer's trial site for being a death camp run by kindergarten children.

Listen up again:

1. The judge now has to decide whether or not to dismiss the case.

2. Pfizer lawyers are arguing for dismissal saying the master agreement with the wonderful caring, loving and altruistic US Federal government says they get off Scott free for all negligent acts.

3. Jackson's lawyers are arguing standard of care in drug trials applies.

4. If the claim is not dismissed then the matter will head for trial with discovery and depositions and live witness evidence and a real living court case, not a theoretical one.

5. If the claim is dismissed then all the usual voices will scream blue murder, holocaust and culling billions of innocent souls.

Watch this space.

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This are the messes/Treason WE get by allowing global maniacal psychopaths to take over our government who harm ALL global humanity!

I am VERY concerned about the answers to these questions…

Without UNITY of people and strategic planning with serious leaders can anything that matters be successful?

Where is America’s ONE UNITED Freedom Movement/TEAM with strategic actions that matter to STOP ALL TREASON…bioweapons events, military psychological media censorship, ruined schools at all levels, open borders, election fraud, etc?

Fact…No Treason can be stopped unless you stop ALL of it! How?

Where are the strategic planning meetings to stop ALL Treason?

How can we help any other country without cleaning out America of the ALL the Treason?

Keep an eye on Lex Greene pieces as he has a serious background…



Mother/Grandmother Lion (of 6 and still counting)

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Based on COINSOG's 35 years of research, our courts, for the most part, are full of treasonous co-conspirators and you expect them to prosecute anyone other than the low hanging fruit while the Fasci hide behind sovereign immunity and the corporate vail? If the government controlled Judges allow this, it opens themselves up to both impeachment and prosecution. Only the Citizen controlled "unorganized" militias, as they are called in the Statutes can legally do this, setting up military tribunals to indict, arrest and prosecute.

Few Citizens have the intestinal fortitude to join and participate in conducting such activities and as such our future is getting bleaker by the minute. The 16 largest bank in the country, SVB Financial Group, owner of Silicone Valley Bank, was just taken over by regulators and layoffs begin in mass. Every single recession in my lifetime has been progressively worse, and many suggest this will be no different, as Government Officials and Federal Reserve Bankers continue to lie to the American people about almost everything, while they continue to literally steal $trillions from the majority within the civilian population. Moderna has never brought any other product to the market, yet they now have a slew of Billionaire shareholders, as we see deaths and injuries continue to mount up with attempts to cover them up by the Fasci and their MSM minions. They have stole $trillions and we can get it back from them. Not only can we get our money back, Congresses must pay up for stopping the insurrection that has been going on within the merger of State and Corporate powers as the unlawfully abrogate the Constitution allowing for the continuation for the various usurpations of rights and the theft of our property and wealth. They have devised over 125 different taxes and regulatory fees in which to do this, so don't tell us we're wrong and they have been willing to sell these dangerous vaccines at the taxpayers expense, making $billions. As Frank Zappa stated, "politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex" and the sale of vaccines to the military is part of their scam. Its time to stop them>>>>>

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Dear Paul,

Keep up the good work exposing the evil fraud of the plandemic. Minor point in the accuracy of describing MIDAZOLAM - it is a benzodiazepine which is an anxiolytic and muscle relaxant (it is not a paralytic). It is so evil that our elderly may have been put to death and then their family lied to.

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Another piece out this am by Lex Greene…writer with a serious background!


P.S. Judges 7…GIDEON’s ARMY!

Are YOU looking for that army yet?

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No one will be punished if Soros courts are used.

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My mum died, age 87, on Easter Sunday in 2021. My sister and I had successfully kept her in her own home until the very last day of her life. My sister and I each had two colds in 2020. Both of us knew not to get ourselves tested for COVID, so I can only hope that one of our colds was our first exposure to SARS-CoV-2, and that it elicited natural immunity. I've had no colds since 2020, and I have not been masking, so I'm fairly confident that I have robust immunity against this coronavirus.

So, there we all were, in a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom home, with two adult children experiencing two colds apiece that year, and we were successfully able to keep mum healthy (well, as healthy as she could be in her frail, elderly state and with all of her pre-existing medical conditions, which included a very serious, chronic lung disease, bronchiectasis). It wasn't all that difficult: the person with the cold stayed well clear of mum, and we diligently wiped down all surfaces (door handles, taps, benchtops, toilet seat lid, flusher on the toilet, etc.) with disinfectant wipes. The colds ran their course and on we all went.

Mum died in the palliative care ward of our local hospital after spending one awful day in the emergency department. That day was made extra awful because we were not allowed to visit her until she had been declared terminal and moved to the Pall Care ward. By that point, she was heavily sedated and barely recognised us. There were no active cases of COVID in our region at the time; it was simply a state-wide prohibition on hospital visitors, courtesy of our state Health Minister. We were living in the Hermit Kingdom of Palaszczuk, the state formerly known as Queensland before our Premier decided to lock out the rest of Australia and quixotically lock us all down within the state.

So, while mum is just one elderly person who died during "COVID," taking care of her at home made me realise what a gigantic con job it was to make us believe that our elderly population was so very vulnerable. Yes, mum was vulnerable; even a mild cold could have done her in, so we were careful. But with no special measures beyond what we would ordinarily do when one has a cold, we kept her going until she died of something else entirely the following year.

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It almost seems that our medical community implemented a systematic approach to killing people. If someone became infected, they gave them a paralytic to put them out and keep them from resisting. They put them on their stomachs and put an intubator in them. And then they watched as they died. From what I heard from a covid nurse in early 2020, pretty much all of them died when they received this treatment (or non-treatment). No wonder my step-father would not go to the hospital as he was dying at home in his mid-80s. He was a WW2 vet that was shot in combat in Germany in 1945 and he wasn't scared of much. Although he died in 2012, well before covid, he absolutely feared the hospital's approach to "caring for him". He always said that once you are "in their hospital", you can no longer get out of it and he was unwilling to take that chance.

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Courts won't do what they should. example Julian Assange.

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It makes me sick, in Australia old veterans with gold cards are targeted as it's seen as easy money to the surgeons. My Granddad was given an unnecessary surgery to remove skin cancer off his scalp, his whole scalp was removed. This surgeon didn't even order an MRI to check if the cancer had spread through out his brain, which would of cost $500. So Granddad had to suffer constant bacterial infections for 18 months before he passed.

I don't know how people like that can live with themselves.

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Midazolam/morphine combo or individually are not paralytics. They both undoubtedly cause CNS and respiratory depression, but drugs like succinylcholine and vecuronium are paralytics to be used only when patient is either intubated and being placed on a ventilator. Your messages are too powerful to allow derision by the orthodoxy based on incorrect information. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks for all you do!

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I lean toward your position, BUT, these graphs cannot show a causative direction. We don't know if more midazolam use caused more deaths or they were both caused by more serious infections.

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