Paul starts talking at the 24 minute point.

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Mt Rushmore? He'll have to wait behind Carter, Bush 2, the clinton's (both of them), Obama, and joey. Not sure the mountain is that big.

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"You behave insane and lunatic too." Love it!!!

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Dr. Alexander, is Trump safe from harm after his 3 - 5 mRNA-LNP gene injection clot shots plus repetitive exposure to acute life stressors?

Being in an older age bracket he may not have to be concerned about myocarditis or SADS.

However, his repetitive clot shots are likely to have depleted his IgG3 and triggered a class switch to IgG4, assoiated with autoimmune disorders and cancer progression.

I have observed many cases of politicians become ill with turbocancers and then dying within months to a year after being hounded in this way, and that was before the clot shots.

Biden and Pence and the others who appear to be behind this persecution appear to be attempting to hound Trump into an early grave.

They would know that no man or woman has full voluntary and conscious control over their release of stress hormones such as cortisol and norepinethrine and that this type of hounding can lead to adverse immunological changes that are unhealthy.

It is good that Trump is angry and defiant because that is a positive prognostic indicator.

However, please encourage him to consult an oncologist such as Dr Makis and an endocrinologist so that he can take additional steps to protect his health from this onslaught of crooked prosecutors and judges with which he must now contend.

He needs to be kept alive so that he can round up all of the crooked prosecutors and judges, along with RINOs and Dems, as well as public health bureaucrats and pharm,a who advocated for jabs and have them tried and dealt with for treason.

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Does TRUMP even ever once, talk about the real problem? It seems that Trump lives in la-la land at mar-a-lago, a fairy-tale boy, for a flock of fairy-tale sheep who want to be like him; But they will never be like him, cuz you have to be BORN with a silver spoon in your arse to be like Trump;


Wow U don't have a fucking clue do you?

1.) They always win, have so since 6AD

2.) They do this all over the earth consistently this is why our alt-MSM say's 'all wars are banker war'

3.) They bring up regions, and sell-out, then destroy them and re-purchase to buy-low, then build up again and sell high; This is how they have stayed in power since 12AD Zio-Nazi-ZOG;

Given you don't even know the who the enemy is, how in the fuck are you going to cancel GOYIM debt?

The proper way to look at USA today is that Buffet wrote $2.2 Quadrillion (million trillion ) derivative insurance on $50 Trillion USD of world assets, now that's about 500x, just like "GLD" they sell 100x-500x more GOLD then they have in storage; Well the USA/EU retirement system bought these assets and on the books they are "INSURED", well not real insurance, FAUX insured;

Now here is the problem, if economy of West collapses ( its happening ) then buffet has to pay out on claims 50x of world assets of course in a fire-sale those assets go to zero;

The only way out for ZOG elite in the West is to MURDER all insurance claimants, ergo the clot-shot an feminization of goyim-men; Woke-Cuck's white males are easy kills for brown&black men. Then ZOG will have the blacks&browns kill each other; Then rinse & repeat.

If all the pensioners are murdered, and then there is nobody to make insurance claims then ZOG buffet's of the West are 'made good'.

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