I just went to a funeral a week ago for someone who died from a brain aneurysm. My cousin suffered a stem cell stroke the same week. Otherwise, healthy individuals. Sad thing is, the majority of people cannot see the connection.

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Dr. Robert Malone,

Mr. Steve Kirsch,

Dear Steve,

There Are Bodies Dropping To The Left Of You, And Bodies Dropping To The Right Of You, And You, And People Like You, Approach It Like It’s Some Kind Of Faculty Lounge Debate. And When I Say You - I Am Including Robert.

Astonishing Is What It Is.

You And He Are Still Trying To Explain To Others What You Don’t Yet Understand.

Which Brings Us To Malone, Our Beloved Robert. Robert’s Odyssey Is A Trilogy Really:

1. Lies My Government Told Me.

2. Lies I Believed.

3. Lies I Told Others.

None Of Which I Need To Read. Or Will. Until Maybe This Is All Over. And By Then I Doubt I Will Want To.

But I Have Today. And Have It I Will:

Myself, And Others Like Me, Are Stuck In The Boat With You. We Are Having To Do All Of The Rowing. While You Write Notes In Your Journal, Or Wave To The Other Boats. Preoccupied By The Lack Of Accommodations And A Concern For Who Sits Where. While Musing To Yourselves, And Yourselves Alone I Assure You, What Some Dead Fucker Said 1500 Years Ago.

I Will Tell You Boys This:

If You Fuckers Don’t Learn How To Fight. Or At Least How To Hit Clean And Stand Back, No One Is Going To Care What You Have To Say Ten Years From Now.

Doubt Me?

Look How Few Care Now.

I Will Keep Rowing. That’s What Guys Like Us Do. You Know Us When You See Us. But I Am Going To Keep Hitting You Upside The Head With My Oar Until We Get There.

And Bob, Stop Trying To Sue For Peace. Or To Figure Out How To Call Ahead And Announce Your Arrival. Do The Work. Not The Explaining.

We Are Going To Shore. Where We Will Join The Others. Many Who You Do Not Know. But You Will Know Them When You See Them Because They Smell Like Me. They Don’t Talk Like Me, I Have To Talk Like You. I Have To Talk Idiot For You To Understand.

Don’t Look At Me. Look Ahead. We Are Going To Shore. You Are Going To Shore. It’s Where The Fight Is.

I Love You.

But God Damnit Your Going To Learn How To Do This.

I Promised Your Mothers I’d Look Out For You.

For Fuck’s Sake.

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We have had enough of the loaded gun of big pharma pointed at our heads to take a product or else. Section 7 of the Canadian Charter explicitly states we have the right to deny a medical treatment and choose a reasonable medical one, We have plenty of proven vitamins and minerals that do the trick including homeopathic We are tired of them insulting our intelligence into pointing a loaded gun of big pharma product with consequences to coerce bully and threaten to take this product. Paxlavoid incriminates them further. After 2 or 3 doses they pushed an anti viral after already taking a vaccine for a virus.

Blind deaf and dumb police government doctors unions and companies. Stop pointing a loaded gun at Canadians with a product that clearly doesn't work as you need paxlavoid if you have symptoms they say after 2 or 3 shots already taken and has serious side effects including death from these vaccines. Your clearly blind deaf and dumb if you can't figure it out, You have violated Section 7 of the Charter of Rights with a loaded gun of job losses or certain freedoms if someone chose a different medical treatment. A treatment that includes natural immunity through natural infection and use of other well researched products and the data supports this. The data supported this before mandates done. Denial of health exemptions another clear violation of the Charter and Medical Act including medical ethics. Truly criminal in nature.

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Myocarditis wasn't a thing during 2020 covid sickness. It became an issue after the vaccines came out and data from Britain proves it.

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Exactly, no sudden deaths before the vax/gene mod therapy. Covid is just a name for the pathogens they kept releasing on the world to keep their plot going and fuel the narratives to justify it all. Sadly so many still can't see the truth, and never will be able to.

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My daughter in law’s father had a brain bleed after getting 4 shots. Fortunately he is ok so far, but she can’t see the connection with the shots. It’s bizarre.

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Stop the shots.

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Apr 26, 2023·edited Apr 26, 2023

It is one of a thousand possible side effects from these wretched mRNA poisons. So many just sitting back and condoning these premeditated murders, for that is what all these horrible deaths really are.

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Apr 26, 2023·edited Apr 26, 2023

They pointed a loaded gun of big pharma at pregnant females and told them to take it or else. Many lost their jobs and maternity leave benefits. A product never tested on pregnant females. A very limited test on animals but not mrna and the results were bad and they knew in Feb 2021 it was causing pregnancy loss. In one case a born at baby at 24 weeks they couldn't care to find out what happened. They knew and did not care. They held a loaded gun at pregnant females and refused to deliver babies in some places when the pregnant female chose not to get the vaccine.

How many disgraceful unions allowed this loaded gun of big pharma to be used by firing pregnant woman who refused to take these big pharma vaccines. The government fired pregnant females who refused the shot.

Let's tell it like it is.

The Courts failed pregnant females. The courts allowed the pointing of gun of big pharma to be used in many cases against pregnant females with no studies on safety whatsoever. The courts upheld criminal activity. Body assault by coercion . The court for the polio vaccine that killed children and gave polio to many was found liable for calling it safe. Many fools use the polio vaccine to justify covid vaccine mandates but do not research and lose the argument they made . Laughable.

Canada Health covered up the evidence in April 2021. Thry knew. The paxlavoid product incriminates them further in Section 7 Charter violations. Common sense says pregnant females dont take a fast tracked vaccine with no studies on pregnant females but they already knew of the harms. Criminal negligence at its finest. Deaths of babies is criminal negligence. The loaded gun of big pharma product with consequences for refusal aimed at pregnant females is so criminal and unethical and medical act breaches that anyone who forced it on a pregnant female or fired them for refusal is the lowest of the low.

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Paul and all,

Why the focus on death and destruction, instead of LIFE and saving lives AND actionable solutions to answer ALL the mountains of provable evidence/facts???

No matter how much real information has been put out there to the The People…The people NEVER react to that information appropriately. No amount of information is "actionable" in today's LAZY America!

I DARE YOU today if you still have critical thinking brain cells left to heavily ponder this piece…



Mother/Grandmother of 7 and counting

P.S. Good luck pondering!

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In Canada they have pointed a loaded gun of Big Pharma product ar our heads and threatened take it or else. They did the "or else" by firing and banning Canadians on airplanes and trains. By enforcing vaccine passports and children died who were forced to take them to play sports. They have massive Charter of Rights breaches virging on criminal.

They have outed criminality and continued it with paxlavoid and insult our intelligence as paxlavoid is an anti viral so you need it after 2 or 3 doses of a vaccine for a virus.

The big pharma loaded gun at our heads to force compliance then gaslight it wasn't forced. Blind deaf and dumb people.

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Thank you for your comment!

Blind, deaf and dumb EVERYWHERE is right!

In America…NO matter how much information (Truth) has been put out, The People never react to that information appropriately!

No amount of facts/evidence/Truth is “actionable” in today’s lazy America!

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Sorry I missed this. It's painful disturbing hideous stuff

And since this post we still have major TV conglomerate networks (btw - all brought to you by Pfizer) claiming against federal laws that it's ok censoring viable presidential candidate as conspiracy theorist for speaking truth, Dan Rather and so many others parroting similar 💩

Doc, I (WE The People) are so grateful for the work you do. Dr. McCullough's recent stacks are screaming medical facts too that these injections are killing millions of innocent people. Blind eyes, deaf ears abound to elephants in the room history repeating itself... again

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Anyone notice the timing on these deaths? All are within a couple of months of one another.

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The deaths are going to escalate & escalate, however people have become so dumbed down/stupid they’re not going to believe that the “approved vaccine’s” are the cause. How can people still believe these Government “official’s” or ANYTHING they say? It boggles the mind. People who still wear masks OUTSIDE are BRAIN DEAD, in fact wearing masks at all is senseless & pure stupidity. Speaking with these numbskulls is akin to speaking with a uneducated 7 YO child.

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It's all very strange, in Chicago workers are compensated for the lost wages due to mandates but somewhere else a mother can't get the transplant because she's not vaccinated.

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Last week young female college senior found dead in her dorm bed. Mass Maritime. Until proven otherwise this is a vaxx related death in my mind. Of course no autopsy will be done, and this will be left alone by the local press. Official cause is a "pre-existing" condition. Yes, Massachusetts required all college students to be jabbed. That's the pre-existing condition. Another young person who died suddenly. Where does this end? Who can bring some accountability to these tyrants who mandated this? Anyone?

Thank you to Dr Paul and the other warriors. You give us all hope.

Pray for these evildoers to be held accountable.

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JOE had a brain aneurysm years ago. He literally doesn't have all his brains. Can you tell?

I believe Al is keeping JOE barely functioning. I'm sure there are other medical procedures

to add to the list.

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