They lied about it staying at the injection site, they lied about it breaking down in the cell and of course they lied about this.

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IF Convid had killed at the 90th percentile, across a wide range of ages and health factors, I could see rushing a potential cure to market. But, of course, that never happened, this was an entirely contrived and man made episode, that had been scripted for decades.

During an extensive and typical series of clinical trials, we would not be answering these critical questions in real time, on human subjects, coerced, and gaslit in to ruinous decisions.

Went to the gym this morning, in the winter I go every day. I see denatured souls all around me, especially with the New Year's resolutioners, who will soon go back to their life of masks, jabs and junk food. Even in my affluent neighborhood and rather pricey club, some of these people do not have the bounce in their step they had in early 2020. Their cognitive functions are impaired. many realize there is nothing to fear, but they are masked up anyway. I overhear conversations that are a bit more hushed, as the few who made it jab 4, brag to some other besotted fool how "lucky" they are Drumpf and Bourla saved them.

It's maddening. I fear very few things. Large herds of buffalo, and screaming in to the vacuum of space.

Starting a Pureblood livestream, and finally exiting the last vestiges of Corporate Amerika. I have mentioned the Kalifornia HQ of my company finally allowed me to enter in September/October of 2022. In the few years I have worked there, have seen numerous obituaries of otherwise young execs and staff. But, Blackrock and ESG/Diversity/Gay Pride parades are all HR hawks.

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Like days of Noah

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will the next generation that is born to people who had the shot DNA altered to their DNA? what will that mean. who knows and playing God is never good.

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This is what I tried to tell people, but you know, THE FLU WULL KILL MEEEEE!

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I’m pretty sure that I saw this last year.

This was the original Swedish study that revealed the possibility of mRNA from the shots changing human DNA.

I haven’t seen anything new (unless this is it, but all the dates are from last year).

Does anyone know if the study was ever followed up on?

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Big pharma, the FDA, CDC, AMA and numerous fake medical experts told every lie in the book about these mRNA gene altering injections. For over two years they have never stated exactly what these poisons do the body.

We don't know what they are made of, their true purpose, the longer term effects, and a thousands other unanswered questions. These murderers essentially warp-speeded many to their deaths and into severe debilitating conditions.

They have already been working on CRSPR technology where they want to alter DNA several years before mRNA injections hit the scene. So, for sure they alter your genes in some way. Do you think these sh*theads will ever come clean and tell us how?

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DNA we were born with and now has been changed with or without vaccines.

Studies on identical twins (born with identical DNA) have proven that the environment, diet, lifestyle etc. play a role in altering our DNA. Mutation in our genome happen all the time...

The question remains: What does it mean when our DNA is changed or altered?

Only up to 15% of cancers can be attributed to genetics. This means that at least 85% of cancers do not have underlining genetic causes. We should stop paying attention to what Big Pharma sponsored propaganda "science" and lies has been spreading as scientific evidence and begin eat less, but real food, and burn the food more by getting our of the house...

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From Moderna's annual 10K reports: MRNA is considered gene therapy by the FDA.

Then the company tries to explain how their gene therapy is totally different from those that can reverse transcribe into human cells. Nice.

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Does Trump really still claim he saved 100 million lives?

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Jan 19, 2023·edited Jan 19, 2023

HAH! Just ask the DOD/China as they probably know all the answers and are keeping it secret.

That’s why most studies are coming from other countries vs the CDC etc as they already know what they did to us.

Why don’t we hear about the locked up Uighers anymore ??!! Because they were probably the first covid test rabbits over the years!!!!

Probably how the virus may of escaped to begin with years ago.

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The governments lied about everything I’m from Canada and this country is a joke now it’s not Canada any more kids are passing away Trudeau is a criminal a puppet of the WEF they all are world wide but just wait until people lose it all the evidence is there and yet they still push the poison jab all citizens of the world must come together to defeat there agenda forget about race or religion let’s just come together and defeat them The governments did to do the jabs at the same time surely we the people can do one better and defeat them and then get them all in jail as the great Doctor Paul Alexander has said many times

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The lobbies drain the pockets of families, impose death policies encouraged by their shameless politicians by reducing third world states, health, education, safety, industry, inflation, energy, forced immigration of men of military age,

Censorship, propaganda, corruption of judges, impunity, time is serious

Christian exemption, exemption of faith and many apocalyptic revelations


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We must learn from this medical murder.

Think critically about anything coming from politicians, big Pharma, big Tech.

We must use our brains and our hearts to combat this corruption.

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Thank you for reiterating this important information into the collective body of research. Keeping a probability perspective helps to connect more dots and ask more questions.

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Thanks Paul and shared.

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