Let's all remember the first time mRNA jabs were used was in cancer patients. They were a spectacular failure. They accelerated tumor growth. Surprised?

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Ex-SIL; retired military, took shots and every booster. 46 years old. Biopsies of spleen, liver, colon. Yep, lymphoma. Very healthy lifestyle since quit drinking 10 years ago. Weight lifter, healthy eater, fresh eggs, vegetables and fruits. Will now be dead bc of the “vaccine”. Still doesn’t believe it is the shot. He is navy! In Virginia! And they still push it! The military is killing our young men and women! Our medicines made in China! Corrupt FDA! No oversight! China putting hydrogels in all our injectables! Hydrogels=plastic that continues to grow! Sudden deaths! Plastic is growing in humanity. Only matter time before unvaccinated are suddenly dying!

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my motto now...STAY AWAY FROM "HUMANITY "!

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Mine too

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Jul 27, 2023·edited Jul 27, 2023

Hi all,

I do remember reading an article a while back about the Turkish German bloke Dr Sahin, from husband-and-wife-team-small-business-entity called BioNTech - who went from a garage meth cooker type of chemist worth a fat USD zero to a Pablo Escobar type USD 15BN fortune in less than two years - after Pfizer hooked up with him and created the international USA, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand et al mRNA trafficking oligarchy.

Sahin was playing around in his garage biolab for years with mRNA as a cancer drug.

Well this was about as successful as using Colombian 100% pure cocaine to cure manic depression - not that people still don't try it - but Sahin could get nowhere with his anti-cancer Turkish delight.

Enter stage left Pfizer, under the silent auspices of the fabulous altruistic US govt, and overnight Sahin repurposed his useless cancer mRNA cook-up and then became the rock star Uber drug dealer that he now is.

I wish I could do the same repurposing with my urine and faeces, but some of us have to work for a living every day.

All the same, I did have great joy in Court this morning by convincing a female High Court judge to allow my client's hate speech case to go trial - this where my middle class female client was called a "fucking bitch" for an extended period of time by a very rich bloke at her office who also happened to sexually assault her (that is a separate criminal case that the State Prosecutor is handling).

So yeah Sahin you bastid, you can keep your USD 15BN fortune and your deadly cook-up and feel jack shit, and I will live in the real world and try help others for a reasonable fee.

Over and out.


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Wonder what that would look like age-stratified? Since a good few elderly had already been wiped-out by the virus, or more likely the, er, 'treatment' given; one would expect less cancer cases since age has always, up to now anyway, been the greatest predictor.

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Very good point.

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I feel horrible for all the duped souls who injected themselves and their kids but if they had of used critical thinking skills God gave them, they would not be in the boat they're in today.

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start feeling bad for yourself. It barely matters anymore if you got the shot or not.. It was an attack on all of humanity.

I don't feel bad for the people that took the shot anymore than anyone else. We tried to tell them. but they were arrogant asses.

Because of their stupidity, we are ALL suffering now. Wake up.. more

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Don't worry, I keep my blood clean, Im 71 and in great health, I plan on staying that way. I believe if you have the money to stay healthy, you will because it isn't cheap to do the things needed to be done to stay clean. I pray for the duped, they called me crazy but Im not the one dying in the ICU, they are.

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not quite getting it, huh? have any children? do you ever breath the air, or eat any food from a grocery store? Ever read Dr. Ana Mihalcea ?

They are attacking all of us now. The unvaccinated blood looks almost identical to vaccinated blood. If you are doing nothing to fight back.. including all those stupid preppers... then you are being duped.

"Staying clean" and only defending or only not taking shots is a losing strategy,

I pray for justice to rid humanity of the criminals and stronger justice systems.

We must fight back. prepping and defense and running away is no longer a viable strategy.

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I don't believe those numbers from the ACS or they were manipulated. why the year ranges? Likely, the number of cancer rates EXPLODED in 2021 and 2022 due to the jabs when compared to 2019.

It was much higher than 11% in my opinion. I doubt those numbers are real.

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Agree.. to many of the people I know have turbo cancers . Or reactivated cancers , or are already dead . Within a month span 5 people I know has brain cancer : all dead now

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Jul 27, 2023·edited Jul 27, 2023

The jabs produce the same, or very similar, effects to the effects of SARS-CoV-2 after the prodrome ("COVID-19"). SARS-CoV-2 is an oncogenic virus. "COVID-19" is not the disease. It's just the prodrome. After "COVID-19" is over, and many people never know they've had it, the Spike Protein, in addition to being carcinogenic, acts as a cancer promoter. The jabs add to, and most likely, boost this effect but infection alone, and transfection alone, appear sufficient to cause cancer.

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A lot of that is probably jab related, but don't forget that 5G started rollout in the U.S. in earnest in 2019. Between the towers, and the 5G phones, people are getting bombarded with more radiation. I bought an EMF tester and went around my house to see where levels might be high for where I sit and stand. [Standing 18 inches from the microwave registered too high.] I picked up some EMF block cloth to shield around my desk since router and laptops were putting out too much too.

So increase in cancers probably due to jabs, 5G, and whatever garbage they are putting more and more into food.

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Elementary, and it is likely that glyphosate poison is a main culprit in food, and thanks to biofuels, the air and no doubt water.

Earthing, while not directly protecting against the non-ionising radiation, can help repair dna damage caused by the microwaves. Will also directly protect against low-frequency emfs such as from power lines in the house:


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The Spike Protein, from any source, not only inexorably leads to AIDS in those who have been exposed to it. The Spike Protein also leads to cancer. Walter M Chesnut who co-published with the late Nobel laureate, Luc Montagnier, is on the case:

The Spike Protein and the “Two-Hit Hypothesis” of Cancer Causation. The Spike Protein’s Suppression of p53 and BRAC May Mimic a Second Hit


The Spike Protein, The Warburg Effect and Carcinogenesis

A Molecular Preset for Inducing Cancer


Repetitive Exposures to DNA Reactive/Genotoxic Substances Can Induce/Promote/Progress Cancer. The Spike Protein as “Transmissible Cancer”


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try Dr Tom Cowan...all this "spike protein " and "ace 2 sites" are lies...

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The spike protein is known to attack vital organs and wreck havoc.

Phizer lied when they said the spike protein stays in the muscle at point of injection. Within a few hours, it is thruout the body.

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The spike protein is known to attack vital organs and wreck havoc.

Phizer lied when they said the spike protein stays in the muscle at point of injection. Within a few hours, it is thruout the body.

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Keep telling yourself that Victoria.

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All by design. Depopulation.

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Again, estimates. Are we becoming too reliant on computer-generated likely outcomes? Let's deal in accurate data, at least. There are a million possible consequences/results with any scenario. Facts matter.

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This data might be more convincing to my vaccine loving family and friends if it compared increase in cancer after lock downs ended. ( I know the response will be "yes, many people couldn't get access to diagnosis and treatment during lockdowns.")

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Are you telling me the Vaccine Giants have been given the green light to blowup mankind with a dirty filthy toxin by design to impose the fastest cancer growth ever seen.. who is letting these scum murder without consequences?... because guilt by association carries the same death penalties.

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Now try presenting correctly age-adjusted data.

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Because Covid, Inc hasn’t had a chance yet to alter the primary data as their comrades in climate hysteria have done for so long?

But probably for this reason:

your immune system not only takes out intruders, it also helps to take out cells that have lost their cellular identity, that have become unresponsive to the feedback and control systems that regulate their activity to match the physiological needs of the body.

If they escape the apoptotic mechanism of programmed cell death, then they just do nothing but feed and replicate. That’s the source of a neoplasm. If they aren’t spotted and taken out by the innate immune system, from acorn neoplasms big cancer oaks grow.

People may think that since everyone is not getting cancer all the time that the conditions that leads to it are rare.

This is not so.

There is ALWAYS something going wrong. There is always a huge turnover of cells (something like two trillion a day in the bone marrow which is a main site of the hematopoietic stem cells that produce all the blood cells and innate immune cells and others that help in wound repair and tissue regeneration in various organs). And the more rapid the turnover of cells, the greater the chance that something will go wrong. Here is where there is the greatest turnover of cells and cell growth: epithelial cells, the locations of the hematopoietic cells, metabolically very active organs, growth and development from fertilization to adulthood, wound repair, and tissue repair following damage from inflammation.

So the fact that more people are not getting cancer is not evidence of the rarity of those events but, rather, a testament to the efficiency of the innate immune system at keeping things whacked back on a daily basis.

So now the question is how the use of viral RNA products could be related to a sudden increase in cancer cases.

Some have said that in the viral vector used by Moderna and/or Johnson&Johnson, there are a couple of human genes in addition to the C19 spike gene. One of those human genes is for a protein involved in tumor suppression.

At first that looks like an obvious possibility, but those viral vectors are constructed of various elements that work toward producing mRNA from the inserted gene of interest. There are promoter sites for the protein subunits of the mRNA synthase to bind before transcription can begin and sites after the inserted gene that will cause those subunits to drop off and terminate transcription.

If those particular human genes are being used for either of those functions and are either upstream or downstream of the restriction sites for the spike protein gene to be inserted, then they are not going to be replicated as mRNA.

And such a focus looks right past the single most obvious candidates: the primary mechanism of action of ALL the viral RNA products and the spike protein.

First, all viral RNA products have the same primary mechanism of action.

They all invade healthy cells like viruses.

They all dump viral genes inside like viruses.

They all are deliberately designed to hijack, just like viruses, the protein synthesis machinery of the cells to produce viral proteins, in their case huge amounts of just one viral protein.

They all are designed so that the cellular cytosolic sensors that detect viral mRNA and viral protein from viruses will detect THEIR viral mRNA and the viral protein translated from it and alert the innate immune system.

They are designed such that the inevitable result will be the innate immune system launching innate immune inflammatory attacks against those cells to kill them wherever they are located.

The result of the viral RNA products:

A sudden alert from cells in multiple organ systems that viral replication is in process; a high alert to the innate immune system, made much, much higher because it is widespread and because it is in multiple organ systems.

Innate immune inflammatory attacks against product-compromised cells in multiple organs, leading to inflammatory damage to those organs.

The release into the extracellular fluid compartment of huge numbers of the identical viral protein.

The effects of this:

Each protein encountered by the innate immune system is registered as an encounter with a virus.

The greater the number of encounters, the greater the innate immune response. The greater the volume within which these encounters occur, the greater the innate immune response. The greater the number of organ systems involved, the greater the innate immune response. And once any of those proteins make it through the lymphatic system draining the extracellular fluid compartment and are dumped into the arterial system through a duct near the heart, then the greater the innate immune response to what appears to be the condition of viremia.

Since the spike protein can embed itself in cell membranes, several things will happen.

In the originating cell, the spike proteins can cause the formation of giant multinucleated cells. This is pathological and, aside from what such cells may do on their own, they are subject to innate immune inflammatory attack.

Any spike proteins that happen to embed themselves in the membranes of other cells or that bind to the ACE2 receptors in that class of cells can be detected by the innate immune system and result in innate immune inflammatory attacks to kill all THOSE cells as virally-compromised.

If anyone is unfortunate enough to have specific antibodies against the spike protein because of an earlier encounter with the C19 virus, against which he is now protected, after which he should NEVER have been subjected to a viral RNA product, the consequence for him will be to have all those spike protein embedded cells lighted up with antibodies that will call in innate immune inflammatory attacks to kill them all. Because they were actually virally-compromised? No, because the viral RNA products made them appear to be virally compromised.

So the innate immune system is overwhelmed with what appears to be massive, multisystemic viral infections.

Whatever there is of a fixed quantity of innate immune system players must now be spread across a far greater number of challenges.

But can’t the body just whip up some more? Sure, but it takes time.

Meanwhile, while it’s occupied on what appears to be the immediate viral threat, other things slip by. Neoplasms don’t get whacked and start to grow larger. Other disease pathogens, simply because it’s a numbers game, will escape notice and get a foothold and then add to the increasingly huge burden of work to be handled on still limited innate immune resources.

Furthermore, since there is increased cell proliferation in areas of wound repair following innate immune inflammatory attack, that increases the likelihood of cells going awry, especially in tissues that are already highly metabolically active with a high replication rate.

So the inherent nature of the viral RNA products causes inflammatory attacks on product-compromised cells, it leads to inflammatory attacks on spike protein-embedded cells, it leads to innate immune response to clean up and dispose of both single spike proteins as well as all the debris from the innate immune inflammatory attacks, it causes the innate immune system to have less resources available for its everyday functions to knock off other pathogens and to kill neoplasms before they can turn into life-threatening tumors, AND because of all the inflammatory damage and increases cell replication for wound repair it increases the likelihood of neoplastic events.

But Covid Inc excuses all that by saying, “Yeah, but you have antibodies.”

Sure, that’s what you promised. But you gave so much more.

If I had gotten C19, I most likely wouldn’t have noticed. And if I did, it mostly likely would have been barely noticeable. And if it was more than that, I most likely would have recovered with no ill effects and robust adaptive immune protection. And if my adaptive immune system was shot then, maybe, I could have ended up among the 0.015 average infection fatality rate.

But with your products, I get seriously whacked every single time and in a compounded fashion.

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