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These types of substacks can be confusing.

What needs to be conveyed is that the covid scam was a pre planned event by the obama administration in coordination with birx, fauci and other criminals. It's all documented. The easing of funding for G.O.F. research by obama just before leaving office, the weakening of informed consent and much more. I could post hundreds of write ups and documents to prove what I'm saying.

Trump's involvement with ows was to get a vaccine out as soon as possible to limit the length of the lockdowns. The most important issues that never get mentioned are that Trump never mandated the vaccine, biden did. And what biden did was criminal and in violation of the constitution, especially after pfizer and the fda were ordered to release documentation about the adverse vaccine effects. between Dec 15, 2020 and Feb 28, 2021, pfizer knew that there were 10's of thousands injured by the vaccine and that there were 1,291 known side effects. They also knew that at the time the report was issued that there were 1,223 post vaccine deaths. We need to focus on the scum they tried to force the vaccine on every American after learning about all of this.


Page 30: 1,291 adverse side effects in alphabetical order. Partial list

Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia;Autoimmune heparin-induced thrombocytopenia;Autoimmune hepatitis;Autoimmune hyperlipidaemia;Autoimmune

hypothyroidism;Autoimmune inner ear disease;Autoimmune lung disease;Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome;Autoimmune myocarditis;Autoimmune

myositis;Autoimmune nephritis;Autoimmune neuropathy;Autoimmune neutropenia;Autoimmune

pancreatitis;Autoimmune pancytopenia;Autoimmune pericarditis;Autoimmune

retinopathy;Autoimmune thyroid disorder;Autoimmune thyroiditis;Autoimmune

uveitis;Autoinflammation with infantile enterocolitis;Autoinflammatory disease;Automatism epileptic;Autonomic nervous system imbalance;Autonomic

seizure;Axial spondyloarthritis;Axillary vein thrombosis;Axonal and demyelinating

polyneuropathy;Axonal neuropathy;

There are 9 pages of side effects in small print.

Page 6: Cumulatively, from December 15, 2020 through 28 February 2021, there was a total of 42,086 case reports (25,379

medically confirmed and 16,707 non-medically confirmed) containing 158,893 events. Most

cases (34,762) were received from United States (13,739), United Kingdom (13,404) Italy

(2,578), Germany (1913), France (1506), Portugal (866) and Spain (756); the remaining

7,324 were distributed among 56 other countries.

Also, 25,957 of the events were classified as “Nervous system disorders.”

Page 7: Not recovered at the time of report 11361 - Fatal 1223.

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Quite right. Trump didn't commission a death jab. He was reliant on Pence and HHS to deliver a safe and effective product. Instead he was told that the jab prevents acquisition and transmission, stays at the injection site in the deltoid, is not dispersed throughout the body to major organ systems and the placenta and is not passed on to the foetus or through the breast milk and it does not persist in the body and is cleared from the body within a few days.

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Trump is also now saying he will warp speed any future “vaccines” for future pandemics. WTF is his problem? He seriously needs to course correct on the whole vaccine initiative. 🤷‍♀️

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Every politician on the planet could claim the same thing.

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How many are there that are not still claiming the jabs are safe and effective. A few in the US like Ron deSantis who loudly sang the praises of masks, lockdowns and jabs and pushed to get jabs into as many arms as possible have changed their tune but most are still standing by the jabs like Dolly Parton standing by her man.

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Addressing AwakeNotWoke. The Czech study is pure bunk and submitted to a pure bunk Journal. I am sure Dr. Paul will shred the study to pieces. These studies are to obfuscate the actual facts that the jabbed are dropping like flies and it’s being massively covered up. When speaking with front line workers Nursing home populations are still being decimated. Heart attacks are through the roof, all in the jabbed. The last six people that died in my own circle of friends were all jabbed and died of heart failure or getting a super infection taking them out in a week. If the Lancet lied, New England Journal of Medicine lied then some shit rag in the Czech Republic will have zero reason not to be the same. Pack of liars and profiteering whores.

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As Fenton and Neil noted, and as the Czech researchers themselves acknowledge, " ... they show that observational data is so biased it cannot be used to support any claim by the authorities that the Covid-19 vaccines were proven effective or safe." It's an important study that is yet another nail in the coffin of the safe and effective narrative. Dr. Paul as an epidemiologist is well aware of the Health Vaccinne Effect bias. It's a major methodological flaw in research purporting to show that the jabs are safe and effective and, contrary to what you say, I doubt that he is going to shred that to pieces.

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Thanks for your summary.

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Thank you for that concise clarification and summary. Much appreciated.

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You're welcome.

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Fenton, considered one of the world's top statisticians, and Neil hypothesize that there is also an "Unhealthy Vaccinee Effect" (UVE). They note:

"We believe that there are likely numerous selection biases lurking in observational data - the cheap trick is not the only one. These other biases are perhaps operating at different times, in different cohorts to different degrees. Some age groups might be biased by HVE whilst other, more vulnerable age groups, might be contain both UVE and miscategorisation biases, interacting together. There is also the known issue with the UK data whereby the proportion of unvaccinated was being underestimated by the authorities, leading to systemic overestimation of mortality in the unvaccinated and underestimation in the vaccinated.

This mechanism of UVE and miscategorisation, operating together, would involve a higher mortality rate in the vaccinated, either because they were naturally moribund or suffered a higher mortality due to an unsafe vaccine, but by the simple act of recategorization this increased mortality burden could easily be transferred into the unvaccinated cohort, making the vaccinated cohort look relatively healthier and the vaccines look effective and safe."

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Mis-categorization is still happening to this day. Many nurses are coming forward and blowing the whistle. There is a series of FOIA requests that came in totalling 4500 pages recently and after analysis Police communications have shown fraud, extortion, and full blown criminality that existed in management and top brass at this police force during COVID. I will be interviewing the forensic data analyst that was given specific FOIA requests by the rank and file beat cops that were honest. Should become a huge explosive report.

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More forced vax. No thank you

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Whilst these malfeasancents are all "umming and aarring" over these not so new technologies let's not lose focus of the fact THAT THEY ALL LIED about "covid" from the very beginning and are continuing to lie about it too.

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Once again, Malone did NOT invent “mRNA technology.”

The use of mRNA together with cell transfection reagents was standard practice in molecular biology labs and used to express exogenous proteins in a variety of cell types in culture. I used it frequently both in my doctorate (in Drosophila S2 cells) and in my post-doctoral fellowship in a neurobio/pharm/phys lab (in a couple of immortal human cell lines).

What Malone did was to attempt to use these already existing procedures and cell transfection reagents en vivo in a therapeutic manner to offset either the lack of gene products due to defective genes or to counter the harmful effects of defective gene products translated from mutated genes. The concept was sound but the successful application was foiled by the inability to target only specific subsets of cells and to do it in a way that the production of the gene products could be regulated by the inherent feedback mechanisms of those cells.

To see why this was a problem, think of insulin. Insulin is produced by a subset of pancreatic cells in response to a complex system of signaling that, among other things, detects the need of insulin, that initiates the copying of insulin mRNA from the genes for insulin in the genomic DNA, that transports that mRNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm, that runs off, using the ribosomes, just enough insulin protein to get the job done, and then shuts down the process.

But using cell transfection reagents to introduce the insulin mRNA result in the indiscriminate introduction of the insulin mRNA into ANY CELLS THEY BUMP INTO. Thus, the ribosomes in cells completely outside the insulin production regulatory system will produce and export insulin. They will keep producing insulin until the mRNA is finally degraded. In the meantime the insulin will bind to insulin receptors on ALL the cells that express them and cause blood glucose receptors to be activated and internalize blood glucose. Since it’s basically mass action, the unregulated production of insulin in excess of temporary, fluctuating need will have exactly the same effect as too large a shot of insulin on diabetics--which can range from torpor to coma to death.

What Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson, and AstraZeneca did was to select the three cell transfection reagents/procedures out of seven that were the easiest to use in a population-wide basis and used them to introduce, in an indiscriminate manner, the mRNA of viral genes.

So it wasn’t Malone that made that possible. Both Malone and the companies of Covid Inc made use of now decades old cell transfection reagents to do two different things for two different purposes. Whether in cell culture or en vivo, cell transfection reagents do EXACTLY the same thing: they introduce a cargo of exogenous mRNA indiscriminately into any cell they bump into.

In cell culture using an immortal cell line, there are no immunological consequences because monocultures of immortal cells have no immune systems.

But Malone had tried to use the preexisting technique to introduce needed genes for therapeutic purposes and ran into problems caused by indiscriminate transfection of multiple cell types in multiple organ systems, doing so in a way that escaped inherent regulatory processes for the production of the proteins encoded in the mRNA.

Pfizer and the other companies ignored all this and used cell transfection reagents to introduce viral genes in an unregulated and indiscriminate manner to multiple cell types in multiple organ systems. BUT, since they were viral genes, the internal sensors of those cells detected the simultaneous presence of viral mRNA and viral protein. This was the minimum necessary condition required for those cells to trigger the innate immune system to launch widespread innate immune inflammatory attacks on the tissues hosting those cells in multiple organ systems to KILL those cells. Thus, what the companies of Covid Inc did was to create the equivalent of a one gene artificial and indiscriminate viral infection.

There was PLENTY of information in the literature to tell them this was a very bad idea, but they did it anyway.

Malone didn’t make them do it.

Malone didn’t create the techniques to do it.

You may as well blame the deaths of intravenous drug users on users of exogenously produced human insulin because both use hypodermic needles LONG in use before the production of exogenous human insulin ever existed.

To suggest the contrary with respect to Malone’s use of the preexisting techniques of cell transfection probably amounts to libel. Regardless of that, it’s still intellectually fraudulent and morally lame.

I’m telling you this from the standpoint of someone who knows exactly what these products are, how they came to be by modifying the use of long-preexisting techniques that I and uncountable molecular biologists around the world have used successfully for decades and without posing any harm to human health.

To argue in a manner so egregiously contrary to fact as you have been doing for polemical purposes only confuses the issues and, in the eyes of those who DO know that history, undercuts your arguments, and makes you look either like you don’t know what you’re talking about or like you just don’t care about the consequences--remarkably similar to Covid Inc.

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This is the Bomb!

At last - an informed opinion. Doubtless the best comment on thread will get buried in surrounding red/blue b.s....

"unregulated and indiscriminate manner to multiple cell types in multiple organ systems." please see my link above here to the video of PIETER CULLIS telling the audience "we have no control over where it goes!"

it is NOT an exaggeration - or hyperbole - to calls these freaks 'MADMEN IN WHITE COATS' - THEY ARE GIVEN CARTE BLANC(and tons of taxpayer munknee)to screw around with stuff they don't understand... and then thanks to Byah-Dole act they patent the frankenstein and set up companies to grab GAVI and GUBBERNMENT dough.

I really hope 'some folks' will read your comment. I'm not holding my breath tho!

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Thanks! They knew all along. And AstraZeneca’s comment proved they knew. AstraZeneca claimed their cell transfection technique using a chimp adenovirus would be safer than the others because their replication-disabled virus relied on a viral coat protein to enter only a select group of cells expressing a specific cell surface receptor.

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C'mon now. Malone is pretty jumpy about 'criticism' because he's got a lot to hide. Like that his claim on the technology is pretty sketchy to begin with. So much b.s. has been spewed on substack of late - about 'patents' and 'primary research' with regards to the mRna thing that the forest is in danger of getting lost for the sleaze(one of your own commenters here invented a COMPLETELY BOGUS story about TURDEAU AND HIS (STEP)FATHER'S FOUNDATION being 'owners' of the tech which was sold to China @2021. DYOD... wrong company, wrong product. As much as I'd have loved to see BLACKFACE exposed(again)...

he Canadian connection is much more interesting - and convoluted. The patents for the mRna delivery system - aka the thing that Pfizer-BioDeath actually used for their death jab - was made at UoBritish Columbia, patented first to the institution and then - via Pieter Cullis et al, spun off into an endless iteration of private start ups which had some institutional investment from GATES types, but mostly held out the pot to BIG HARMA in Bytown(Ottawa)... with which they pursued a path to "siccess" - sort of.

Here's Cullis talking about his 'lipid-nanoparticles' baby https://rumble.com/v3sr5rp-pieter-cullis-oct-2022-there-is-no-way-to-control-where-the-mrna-lnps-go-...html

The guys' pretty sharp... so many perps gonna walk the plank... but he won't be one of em!

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Yes Trump would! Absolutely so, and here’s why I believe he will.

Has anyone in congress done a damn thing to get the border closed? No! Why? IMO, Congress is part of Americas downfall!

As disastrous as it seems, and it is absolutely disastrous, America is being overrun, overrun, overrun! Again I ask why?

Something else, someone else, something larger than and more powerful than, the most powerful country on earth, which is being systematically destroyed, has taken power away from who “We The People” believe to be in control!

Recently I learned, starting with the USDA, each and every federal agency are now being used to “register voters”! Yup, that’s what I said, Americas federal government is now in the business of registering voter’s! AYFKM? No, I’m not kidding anyone!

The functionality of the US federal government is not to register voters, it’s against the constitution, it’s against the law, it’s against our electoral process, but heck why stop at the border right?

There is something and a whole lot of someone’s, non elected officials working from within on a myriad of illegal procedures and not a single congressional individual is stopping them!

So to get back to your question about Trump and his support of the “New and Improved” mRNA “Bioweapon Injection”, I have to say “yes he will”!

The forces are greater and more powerful and more effective than any “one liner” Trump or anyone else can say to convince Americans to line up for this “New and Improved” death shot to the heart, shot!

As always, I pray I’m wrong! The fact remains, connecting the dots of how, when and why, is becoming increasingly clear and more important, these so called dots as I reference, are a mere reflection of everything we are watching play out. Some are not so clear but nonetheless, connectable!

May God Bless America and The Entire World!


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Totally agree and believe it is a highly likely scenario regardless of who is in power; "new and improved" is obviously an attempt to make us forget the deliberate evil perpetrated in the past in the name of "science"; this is part of the "mistakes were made" excuse that somehow is supposed to make up for the countless injuries and deaths suffered world-wide; it is another manipulative scam to control our minds in preparation for the upcoming Presidential election which will involve the familiar Deep State and Globalist cabals in control; same strategy the WHO is using in trying the convince the nations of the world that we need a global health "treaty" and One Health plan which seeks to control ALL LIFE on earth as we know it.

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Exactly Tony. Also mRNA technology failed 20+ years ago and hasn’t been proven to be safe and effective at all. The inflammatory response is a major hurdle. Which is why this technology never succeeded to market.

So all of a sudden we’re supposed to believe they fixed it? How despicable and insulting!

Sadly, many people will line up, roll up and once again they’ll be playing Russian roulette with life!

Thank you Tony for your input.


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No its not safe I dont care what Malone says do the proper test come back 5 to 10 years from now all you asses did was make it so more harmful strains are present

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ALL the money for testing……..

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My question to you is this….. If Trump continues to sing the praises of the experimental gene injection, and also endorses an experimental mRNA injection for cancer, will you continue to lick the bootstraps of Trump, or will you admit that he’s part of the Deep State?

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spend 100 years doing petri dish research, rodent research, proper animal testing, ...

They've been doing that for the last 40 years, and everything that went near it died.

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New researcg reviewed by Fenton and Neil analysed the all-cause mortality (ACM) of 2.2 million people vaccinated and unvaccinated against Covid-19 and found that ACM was consistently much lower in the freshly vaccinated groups. The unjabbed drop like flies compared to the jabbed. However, they found this pattern even outside of ‘pandemic’ waves (cold & flu season) and they concluded that this was explainable by the Healthy Vaccinee Effect. The jabbed are healthier people compared to the unjabbed and this, not the jabs, is why the jabbed die less than the unjabbed.

Does the healthy vaccinee bias rule them all? Association of COVID-19 vaccination status and all-cause mortality from an analysis of data from 2.2 million individual health records


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