So tired of hearing from friends, I have covid again! They do not want to hear or learn, NO, YOU HAVE A VARIANT BECAUSE YOU WERE STUPID ENOUGH TO TAKE THE SHOTS! They just look at you blankly, but it is Covid, no it is a variant that your body is making and will continue to make and spew out BECAUSE YOU TOOK THE SHOTS. IT IS YOUR BODY THAT HAS THE POISON SETTING THESE ILLNESSES UP, AND IT IS YOUR BODY BEING HURT BY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM SHUTTING DOWN BECAUSE YOU TOOK THE SHOTS!

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Covid done? Shirley, you jest!

Wife has an important job for a huge international entity with almost 200,000 employees. Since the scamdemic she works from home but goes to the office two days a week.

She recently came home from work. Proceeds to tell me that in the morning the office mgr told the employees her 15yr old daughter has Covid.

So out of an abundance of caution she deliberately stayed in her office and teleconferenced with her employees in the office so as not to transfer the dreaded virus.

Finally she had to emerge in the afternoon whereupon my wife’s fully vaxxed boss told the manager she should wear a mask. So she did.

My wife is watching her Master Degreed office mates whom she’s worked with for over 25 years go full Covid retard. Again.

My wife rightly wondered why anyone tests for Covid anymore? And didn’t think there were any masks available anywhere at her office.

But here we are. Happening 2/22/2024!

And I live in the Midwest. So don’t even try to convince me the people are awakening to the bs. It’s just simmering under the surface waiting for a trigger. COVID’s psychology of manipulation is only just beginning.

Listen to The Who’s 1971 hit We Won’t Get Fooled Again. It’s pop prophesy!

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Check out JJ Couey....he spoke a few months back at the NCI....... he explains the fraud of COVID...... https://rumble.com/v2kzyiq-jjcouey-dr.-jj-couey-phd-testifies-at-the-nci-national-citizens-inquiry-res.html

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My pockets have NEVER been open to Covid grifters. I have supported The Highwire for years and yes bought a Wellness Kit which is worth every penny. We need to make sure this government overreach NEVER happens again. If we put Covid to bed before accountability it will happen again.

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The tsunami has landed, these folk are seated above the wreckage and gloating about their view. We need scrutinisers that dig not ‘expert’ gatekeepers that steer the cameras away from the ocean of inconvenient truths.

If you have an appetite for truth, I’ve three articles you may find interesting.

We breathe air not oxygen is my first.

I’ve a new take on blood and lung physiology and the nature of air and water.

And you will find out why colds and flu are seasonal.


A demonstration of oxygen becoming nitrogen.


How does salt restriction lead to heart dis-ease and fear based reactionary thinking? Is my third.

This connects chronic dehydration with the adrenals.

And you’ll find out why women are overly represented in Dementia wards.


I hope you will read and ponder.

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Coofid 1984 is far from over lol. I’m in the bluest of areas and people are still walking around alone outside wearing masks, sunglasses and gloves. I want to scream! I have friends that have every BOOst and will do whatever their DR tells them to do. Every pharmacy is still broadcasting over the loudspeakers to get your jabs as it’s FLu season! I watched a movie last night on Roku channel and every commercial was a phIZEeeer ad! Last week I took my daughter to an early movie. The theatre was practically empty. At the end of our aisle comes a mother and her teenage daughter in black masks. The daughter wore it until she decided to eat her chips and soda, then she put it back on when she was done. This will never end as too many have been indoctrinated. Oh and just read “The Indoctrinated Mind” which sums it all up nicely. A book I will purchase as proof of the mass psychosis and worldwide evil guberment indoctrination :(

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I’m confused Paul. Aren’t you part of a group raking in millions selling pandemic preparedness kits because of a pandemic that never existed?😉

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Sadly, that’s largely been my experience. My best friend literally said the same thing. “Think of how sick I’d be without the vaccine…”

Yeah, think of it.

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Still waiting for someone to isolate and purify this pesky illusive disease. Otherwise, it was just the annual flu before the unnecessary jabs started.

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https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2024/02/putting-vaccines-in-lettuce-tomatoes-what-could-possibly-go-wrong/ Video discussing, not stopping it, but regulating it. As one said pharma, are they going to move it to the pharmacy. How the hell in the first place it got there. This is ignorance of governments pushing agendas. TN house bill HB1894 Just look a scramble of 1984, how ironic. Regulating vaccines in lettuce and tomatoes so people will know how much to eat or not to eat to be vaccinated. No wonder they are and continue to harm our Dr's and nurse's, are they going to be needed? Sick of Pharma everywhere you look or watching. Nothing but drug pushers. Still looking for Malone's video with again his wife in attendance with him discussing the vaccination of lettuce years ago. It is out there. He needs to be called out. If his wife is near him when he speaks, ever notice how her lips move with his.

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Germ theory and viruses are done.

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COVID is not done

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