Katakyn Jetalina who was just hired by the CDC to find out who are dying. She posts on Substack she is thrilled that the cdc is looking in that direction.

She then goes on to explain her findings.

Over 65 die from covid more than others due to underlying comorbidies. But now that more young people are jabbed the older people aren’t dying as much

The more vaccination and boosters you have the safer you are from catching or dying from covid and the variants

I stopped reading at that point

So given her joy over cdc telling everyone to get the kill shots is what most unaware people hear and will follow their recommendations. This was on Substack. I unsubscribed at that point but still was surprised at the ignorance and propaganda will be the death of millions if not billions in the following years.

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Importance: Vaccinations are paramount to halt the COVID-19 pandemic, and safety data are essential to determine the risk-benefit ratio of each COVID-19 vaccine."

Wouldn't it be better to get and analyse safety data and to determine and publicise the risk-benefit ratio of the so-called vaccines BEFORE rather than after forcing them on the public including kids?

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All this for a disease that has a +99% survival rate.

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Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. All they have done is infiltrated. Surprised it took them so long, but what’s new?

The real COVID19 science reporting in substack.com thus far and in many other places has been trustworthy and proves over and over what real science debate/discussions should be and should have been throughout this criminal debacle in public discourse worldwide!

I will only remember her name so as to not subscribe.

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" Conflict of interest statement

Conflict of Interest Disclosures: Dr Thiesson reported receiving grants from Lundbeck Foundation during the conduct of the study. Dr Palmu reported receiving grants from Sanofi Inc, Pfizer Inc, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals SA outside the submitted work. Dr Hviid reported receiving grants from The Lundbeck Foundation during the conduct of the study. "

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Confirms that as far as thrombocytopenia and thrombosis are concerned, the risk is significantly greater following injection of the viral vector DNA-based AZ compared to the mRNA products. This is probably due to activation of platelets by the adenovirus itself, used as the vehicle to deliver the DNA., in addition to inflammation caused by the toxic spike protein. They still play down the absolute risk though.

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