OK, Paul, we've got it: Malone and buddies are all bad. Trump is good (deluded, but you and your buddies can fix that). But when are you going to stop riding the same damn pony and tell your readers, who, quite rightly value your intelligence and courage, that the source of all of the killing and destruction is the country club of Unelected Nobodies, also known as the Death Machine, also known as the UN and tell them to support with all their might and keyboard strength the Disengaging Entirely From the UN Debacle Act of 2030 (HR 6645/S 3428) now before the US Congress?

NOT doing so is, no matter how articulate you are, merely whimpering that there are bad people out there who want to hurt us.

Mobilizing the public support to get us the Hell out of the organization designed to kill most and us and enslave the rest of us using the science that they bought and paid for over more than a century is essential.

Where are you on that?

When was the last time you either set up an effective way for people to do that or sent them to visit https://PreventGenocide2030.org so they could do it there and then tell their friends how important doing so is.

WHO is a pimple on the UN's ass, Paul. They have back up plan after back up plan, the latest and worst to date of which is the Pact for the Future, slated to be signed on September 23, 2024. It makes Agenda 2030, the Great Reset and all the rest of it look like absolutely nothing compared to its brutal totality.

So, where are you on that? Why are you NOT talking about this? Why are you NOT excising the primary, instead of lancing the superficial boils, Paul? You are too good a doctor, too smart and too aware of what is going on to ignore this.

I urge you, no, I beg you, to use the trust that your readers have placed in you to help them actually solve the problem at its deadly root.

Yes, there are forces behind the UN Death Machine, but we cannot reach them. We CAN Disengage Entirely From the UN Debacle and we need to do that NOW. Please help.

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<<Garder votre sang froide>> as the French say, English version, cool heads! If we don’t all pull the freedom cart the same way NOW, they win, we die. Other details thrash out later. I prefer not doing their dirty work for them. I agree with Rima and Brian O’Shea. Dr. Alexander you have so much of value for the freedom movement, please listen to Dr. Laibow and Brian.

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I can't wait for Dr. Alexander's answer...

"WHO is a pimple on the UN's ass" -- I was under impression that the WHO gives orders to the UN - was I wrong?

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Yes, Grazyna, you are. The WHO, like FAO, UNESCO, UNICED, WTO and so on are independent corporations which serve the interests of the UN, implementing its programs.

Since it has a substantial budget, and has been in the business of doing horrific damage for a long time, it has gained a good deal of importance, but it is a subsidiary arm of the beast, none the less.

Getting out of WHO will, in fact, do nothing at all, since we are still facing the UN programs called "Agenda 2030" and "The Digital [Vaccine] Passport" and the upcoming, almost incomprehensibly tyrannical Pact for the Future.

That link again is https://PreventGenocide2030.org.

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It's a priceless clarification, thank you; also James Roguski should add UN to his action Screw the WHO.

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Firefox warning after clicking on link... "Possible security risk looking up this domain" Should I ignore it?

BRAVE notification 'This server could not prove that it is preventgenocide2030.org.; its security certificate is from *.secureserversites.net. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection." Ough..

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Nope. Censorship by any other name....

We have a valid SSL certificate and it is a clean site. Just ignore them. Clearly, they are trying to stop people from getting there.

Gosh! I wonder why?

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I fully agree with the following: "Every single person who pushed the death shot, shilled, all, medical doctors, scientists, professors, all, must at some point be accountable. In proper legal forums. People died on account of them. Their positions and words."

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I compare what they did to the german death camps during ww2 & you know what happened to them. Hanging is to good for them, I suggest that a firing squad is a much better option or we could always do what one roman emperor did, he had a woman's legs, arms, eyes, tongue removed & then he had her deafened, she was then used as a sex object up until her death.

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Awful, but understandable. But let's first have the judges decide for us. Hope it will be soon, too.

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All these people that pushed this experiment on humanity and now on our livestock should be punished as they are complicit in murder and torture injuries of millions In my opinion

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Search "React19" for proof of your true accusations that none can belittle.

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I thought I would share some vintage Malone with all of you!!

Scientific Kabuki Theatre!!

Clip section one is


who👉 Certain vaccines for a specific person? | Risk-benefit ratio

Clip section two is


In terms of specific vaccines.

In Hawaï he told the kids that COVID 19 changes your DNA and that the gene therapy shots absolutely did not.

This guy is a master of word salad.

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You’re wrong, Paul.

Malone “invented” nothing of the sort; he pioneered a particular application of the already existing technique of using different cell transfection reagents or protocols (now up to about 7) to transfect cells with exogenous genes.

His application was the in vivo use of transfected exogenous, same species genes to temporarily offset or silence the expression of proteins (translated from defective genes) that led to disease states.

How do I know?

Because I myself, starting in the 1990s, used several of these reagents/protocols (electroporation, precipitated nanoparticles for transient transfections, and different lipid-based reagents for creating stable transfections) in my doctoral research in molecular neurobiology to transfect into bacteria or monocultures of immortal human or Drosophila cell lines a variety of gene constructs of my own design, whether involving the deletion or insertion of one or more bases within the wild type gene or the creation of chimeric gene constructs, including the creation of trans-genes in which the gene of interest is fused with a gene for any of several fluorescent proteins in order to track the expression, trafficking, and interaction of a particular protein of interest with others within a living cell.

But Malone’s particular use in vivo of an extremely valuable tool in molecular biology research failed for exactly the same reasons that Covid Inc’s application of the same technique failed:

1. It was indiscriminate and could not be targeted,

2. It led to the expression of proteins in a manner that escaped endogenous feedback control mechanisms that limit the expression of the protein to physiologically meaningful quantities (a few important examples being the production of insulin or leptin or neurotransmitters or acetylcholinesterase).

But in Covid Inc’s case, it led to something far, far worse: using the technique to infect healthy human cells in vivo with VIRAL DISEASE GENES, the farthest thing in the world from the concept of the therapeutic use of human genes, it resulted in the indiscriminate and unregulated production in multiple organ systems of large quantities of physiologically-useless but biologically-active viral proteins that, whether inside the product-compromised cell or outside of it, necessarily and unavoidably triggered different types of innate immune response, including innate immune inflammatory attacks in those organ systems to kill the product-compromised cells, leading to damage of those organ systems and resulting in dysfunction or death.

But in the meantime, you give all appearances of having been opportunistically buying into a false history of molecular biology in order to advance a particular narrative for polemical purposes.

I have been watching your particular evolution of that narrative for some time now and have been commenting on it here throughout that period of time.

Given your background, you should have known decades ago (as the scientists of Covid Inc should have known) all about what I’ve described above.

Either you have not, which is troublesome.

Or you have known but abandoned it for what you now apparently perceive to be a more advantageous narrative, which is seriously disturbing for exactly the same reason that Covid Inc’s misrepresentation of the general history of the technique of cell transfection and their particular use of it (the functional equivalent of an indiscriminate one gene artificial virus) is disturbing.

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First human dose of multivalent vaccine

Moderna initiates first-in-human dosing for mRNA-1653, a combination vaccine with the potential to protect against more than one disease – human metapneumovirus (hMPV virus) and parainfluenza virus.

So moderna had a mRNA vaccine as far back as 2017 & Astra Z had a working vaccine within 3 days of receiving part of the genetic code from China.

This wasn't an accidental release from a lab in China, this was our own people, our own governments

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They had mRNA back in early 2000's

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Yes they did, I read they had a working vaccine back in 2009, they'd been working with covid in foals & piglets since the seventies, they identified covid way back in the early nineteen hundreds.

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It never made sense to me that he took credit for the technology but acted like he had nothing to do with its weaponization. Did he get scared and try to act innocent of its destructive purpose?????

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I'm just now reading, "Controligarchs" by Seamus Bruner. It goes deep into who was funding the vaccine technology and pushing mRNA, Gates, CEPI, Schwab, Novavax. So far the book doesn't mention Malone. To be somewhat fair to Malone, when he worked on this technology, it was all experimental and none of it was tried on any humans. I think the real blame goes to the Pfizer and Moderna companies who rushed the mRNA to market without any semblance of testing, trials, or safety protocols.

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If we expend all our energy on a circular firing squad instead of massively increasing the number of people calling congress, president then we have failed what really is critical Right Now! The WHO/UN debacle is the end of us. As deaf as our government has been on vaccine passports and mandated shots, just imagine stopping the WHO/UN!!!

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I believe Malone used uridine which he found the body breaks down rapidly . Karito/wiseman used pseudouridine which the body wasn’t breaking down after, what is it now they have tested for? It’s been awhile since I checked but last I understood was they stopped testing how long the pseudouridine product was making spike proteins. So they don’t know. Forever?

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Being new to this substack, I wasn't expecting this. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings. This is hate and anger I would say. I do follow Dr Malone as well. He was vaccine injured after Moderna shot number 2. That can change a person a lot I do believe. I know other people that I follow it took them getting vaccine injured to change their viewpoint as well. I know he created mRNA in the 1980's. I know he stopped because of the toxicity problem.

I used to follow Dr McCullough. He is one of those that pushed the pandemic did happen and I felt was using it to make money by saying you need to be prepared for the next one with the things he was selling. That was the message he gave you as well. Buy my kits for the next pandemic. I don't believe the first one, so why would I believe in the next one. I did like he medical knowledge he shared. Then his writer that shared his substack was a story on his own. He is part of the new hate veteran movement. He triggered me at times. Then I say to myself if this is the type of people Dr McCullough surrounds himself with. You know.

I follow Steve Kirsch. I had a hard time at first. True liberal you could tell. He has changed over the years. His change vaccine injury. Now he has a passion for truth and helping. True conservative principles.

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Someone that could make cancer is a sick wacko. Anything mRNA technology needs strict oversight no funny business. If Malone had the patent prior to the other's that are on patent then plausible paid for patent for thing or concept not work. Other questions why was he ignored and discarded.

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Here is Malone claiming to be Dr. mRNA and everything in between!!!!


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1. I recall Malone on a panel discussion saying he changed his position on the C-19 drug when he almost died from it (2 doses I believe).

2. Rima Laibow is correct--Paul's non-stop hyperbole is just hostile vitriol that does nothing, goes nowhere's and destroys credibility. It is hate for hate's sake which is useless. It provides no power; it provides no understanding. And it's only function is to create divisiveness. Laiblow is correct in calling for constructive action to work on--not just calling to kill people.

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I know three people that were in remission and on the mend that all took the first two shots under recommendations from their GP. They are at stage 4 and it’s running rampant. Wonder how much the GP’s got paid!!

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Just because he was the inventor doesn't mean he was the one who had all the big pharma (Moderna, cia owned) implement it! That's like saying Oppenheimer was the one who dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Doesn't jive. Something is wrong with that premise.

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