I’d love for you to go after Ralph Baric with the same energy that you go after Malone. Baric patented back in 2015 his contribution to our current nightmare. Why let him off the hook?!

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Baric is a criminal.

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May 16, 2023·edited May 16, 2023

Maybe because he's not in the patriot medical movement which is all supposed to be going after the likes of Ralph Baric and all those involved.

I would've said infiltrated, but was trying to leave room in case Malone ever comes clean.

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great questions...from the get-go when Malone began his apology tour I didn't trust him...at first he was very arrogant and when he was continually challenged he started to change his tune. IMO he should be arrested with the rest of them.

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Dr Ardis needs to be listened to more and ought to have a bigger platform

"Dr" Malone et al need to come clean about the contents of the mRNA and what's wrapped up in the lipid nano particle

Dr Alexander - have a look at deaths and hospitalizations of smokers compared to non smokers - is it me or am I interpreting things wrongly ?

The UK death stats - take a good look at the population drops in both England and Wales during 2021 / 2022 / 2023 - there's at least 300,000 folks gone missing in a total population of 60 million...... must be the death knell in the stick surely......

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Is there a correspondence with smoker's deaths and second hand smoker's deaths and vaccinated deaths and those who were shed upon deaths?

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I was able to hear and see Dr. Ardis's receipts on the Snake Venom and nicotine at the Great Awakening tour and posted the link elsewhere and his portion about starts around 6:04:45, it's hard to get an exact because it's so long I think, but well worth it as he shows all the sources of information.

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Both of these are available to watch on www.forbiddenknowledgetv.net

Dr Ardis is like Karen Kingston in that he brings the receipts to show where he got his data from

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I sent this in an email to them and got a reply back from them as to whether it was just a simple SSL certificate issue or something more concerning with Brave as they stated the site was not secure in the web address.

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Thanks, so I tried the link on Brave browser (windows 7 still), and Brave apparently is blocking it as it's not the notice from PCmatic. Here's what I get

"The connection to forbiddenknowledgetv.net is not secure

You are seeing this warning because this site does not support HTTPS"

Here's the address showing that looks like https?? It has site is not secure next to it


I tried to continue to site anyways and still nothing, unreal

So I copied the address from the address bar and it worked fine, it didn't bring up Bryan Ardis but something about the Time to Impeach has come. So I typed in Bryan Ardis and both came up.



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I just use my standard Samsung browser - if you put your address in the sign up box then you get to see everything that they put out with no spam etc - av been signed up for years now

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Never heard of it, but it looks like it's for a phone, I pretty much only use pc or laptop, my phone is for emergencies when I'm out driving, as theses old eyes need a big screen, or prefer it.

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Yup "smart" phone - easier to replace when the security services shut me down again lol

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I just recently learned that our government created and manufactured the jabs (bioweapons?) themselves, and paid big pharma to put their stamp on it.

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Karen Kingston either on substack or on the stew peters show on rumble.com lays it all out with receipts

Have fun - you've got years of broadcasts to catch up on

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May 26, 2023·edited May 26, 2023


No, what I heard was a whole new take on the assumed version. I listened to some recent interviews with Kingston and no, she is not discussing our govt. creating, producing, manufacturing the vaccine themselves. I think you did not understand what I was saying. She is still discussing our govt. via NIH etc doing gain of function in china, sharing that with pharma and pharma using it to create, produce, manufacture the jab (like everyone assumes). She does not mention our govt. not sharing the GOF research with pharma but rather actually manufacturing/producing the jab themselves, meaning they must have purchased or created their own facility and paid pharma to use pharma's stamp on it because obviously without it would be a bit hard to explain.

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I’d love to see the same type of graph for other countries, too. Do any other countries make this data available??

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May 17, 2023·edited May 17, 2023

re: "Will Malone, Kariko, Weissman tell us why they cannot fix or mitigate the deadly aspect of the mRNA technology?"

there's good reasons why mRNA remained unapproved for human use for over 50 years (~30 after it was experimental rather than hypothetical.) and those reasons are why it can't be "fixed."

it's always been so broken there is no fixing it, and the only solution is to yank all formal and EUA approvals to get the garbage off the open market.

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Canada needs a competent statistician to analyze and report on the excess all-cause mortality in Canada. Perhaps Dr. Jessica Rose could help to bring the Canadian situation to public notice.

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That graph says it all.

Oh, except this: relentlessly prosecute those responsible. 🦠💉🩺📺 📚

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Amen to that

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Have you actually read what Malone has been writing for the past two years?!

He says he nearly died from the Moderna vax he received--a likely wakeup for him.

Early on he was okay with vax for elderly and other high risk individuals but without mandates.

He's been complaining for a couple years about the use of the unnatural pseudouridine in the C19 vax rather than uridine.

He, like Dr Paul, Dr McCullough, FLCCC, etc have written and or spoken about the potential use of nattokinase.




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