It's hard to avoid the conclusion that Fauci and the other mass murderers wanted as many people as possible to die from their Wuhan creation.


$100 billion in vaxx sales

facilitate mail-in ballot fraud

reduce social security expenses

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I agree. But someone saying before the vax came out to go ahead and get it is VERY different from someone saying it even six months later. By July 2021 the horror was known, 100%. I wouldn’t want to hang a doctor because in Feb 2021 they recommended getting the vax. Feb 2022? They were complicit in murder.

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I’m not so sure it will matter to most people Dr Alexander and I’ll tell you why.

After watching Tucker Carlsons short video with a German Doctor / Scientist / Molecular Biologist etc, it’s clear to me now why the “EVILDOERS” were so hellbent about injecting kids and the unborn.

Neuro inflammation or inflammation of the brain. A cytokine storm sort of speak which can be caused by the “Bioweapon Injection” and or Covid.

Most people probably didn’t know that ever had Covid and it had a little cold or runny nose. I remember in 2021 when it seemed as though everyone was sick in some way shape or form.

Well that’s what “Covid Unleashed” as I’ve been calling it has done to primarily the western world.

I need to do more research about the effects and if there’s any counter measures to eliminate or prevent further damage to the brain.

Wondering why so many people have forgotten how to drive or where they are can now, IMO, have a lot to do with inflammation of the brain!

I’m sure the research Dr Ana has been doing and problems she’s been literally warning people about will be connected to this forced “mind control” biological attack on humanity!

Thank you as always Dr Alexander for your diligent and honest work!

May God Bless America and The Entire World!


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*NOW* people are beginning to make calls for deserved punishment. Big deal, I've been making those calls well before COVID became a household name. I could be wrong - and I hope I am wrong! - but it may be too late to remove the Cabal from our lives. In any event, the ONLY remaining way out is with a hot, bloody conflict, and today's men in general don't have the stones for such things. We are more than likely stuck with these monsters until they decide to finish us off. We'll know very soon.

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The First World Biological War is between the parasitic elites, and the useless eaters. During the first major battle the useless eaters lost 27 million lives and counting. The parasitic elites so far have zero casualties.

The battle lines are being drawn and the needles sharpened for the next battle. Let us pray for less casualties this time.

Only knowledge can save us. Start learning fast. Learn everything you can. Their only weapon is propaganda. Our best hope is education. Ignorance is no longer an option.

More here; https://truthaddict.substack.com/p/lab-leak-zoonotic-spillover-or-deliberate

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Tucker just did an interview with Dr Michael Nehls, he has a book out which I just bought called "The Indoctrinated Brain" What an interesting conversation it was, it was behind a paywall just to let you know.

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Tried by a jury of the vax-injured. Or, better yet, by a jury of mothers and fathers who lost a child via vax assassination. Seems fair to me.

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The courts deliberately give custody to mothers who claim that the are antivaxxers, so these mothers are to be prosecuted too for endangering their children’s lives. We need some good lawyers who will make these mothers pay.

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They killed our family friends and neighbors. I say eye for an eye.

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In 2012 the USA DOD ADEPT P3 program had mRNA vaxxes ready to go out in 60 days whenever needed.

Fouchier, a Dutch scientist at the USA Rocky Mountain lab helped start the mess. He was doing experiments with aerosolized vaccines on deer!!! There was probably a lab escape in approximately 2014. The last paragraph of the following is chilling. Facebook will not allow sharing of this…..


They then sent samples to Winnipeg. Trudeau then allowed samples to be sent to Wuhan!!! Meanwhile NSA/FISA says nothing about the communications between the 2 labs!!!! The world has been covering up for Trudeau… but later they concocted a plan to blame Trump for everything!!!!

We have already been exposed to the coronavirus/MERS variants. It was not new. This was all known by governments and their intelligence communities for years and suppressed!!!!

Look at the date and information from this old article that was censored…..


Look at the beginning of this old stack talking about it. ….


We were lied to about everything. Why is no one talking about the infected deer wandering the country? Some say approximately 20% of the deer are infected/carriers.

Funny how the Winnipeg bio lab director and PCR inventor mysteriously/suddenly pass away. 🤔

All intel people knew. But they continually blame Fauci, CDC, etc and misdirecting people from the truth!!!!

Biden/Obama/China/Trudeau are knee deep in a conspiracy using PCR testing to roll out a fraud and the vaxxes that cause inflammation and harm many.

Let’s not forget how they benefitted and made a fortune from an already circulating virus:

-lockdowns normalized the use of mail in ballots

-China got Hong Kong without a shot fired

-got rid of Trump

-many countries did not prepare for baby boomers senior health care and had under funded pensions.

-helped bring in great reset changes such as vax passes.

Some people made treasonous decisions and no one is doing a darn thing.

India knew as per the article posted. It was heavily censored along with other articles. Why didn’t Modi tell Trump?

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But here's the BIG BUTT?? Who is going to do this?? Trump? He's the one who signed off on the crime of the millenium in the first place? Biden, he hasn't done shit to date; RFK-jr?? His first message when he announced his run was "No retribution on big-pharma for COVID fuck"

People talk about claw-backs, that means going after the $12 Trillion that TRUMP pulled out of FED-RES, of which 1/3 went to world-leaders making 4-6 leaders ( politicians ) in the world 'billiionares' ( trust-fund deposited to dubai-qatar banks ); Surely given that HRC, Obama, Clintons, Trumps, Kuhsners all made out like bandits doesn't anybody here see the problem that all the 'rats' have a self interest to 'kick the can' and do nothing????


Logic dictates that there must be civil-war that WASH-DC must be destroyed and the entire USA re-engineered from the ground-up, but given that majority of USA citizens are parasites, or that currently the USA is being flooded with low IQ refugee 'losers' from their own country, it doesn't make the USA an ideal incubator for 'direct democracy'

Only going back to the Greek idealism, of high IQ men all having to participate in GOV only for a short-time, ... the problem is the current 'representation democracy' is a fucking joke, and has been so since Toqueville wrote the book in 1862.

USA is fucking dead, and the 'grifters' will try to hold power "Continuity of Gov" (Poindexter/Raygun CIA 1986) for as long as they can, even if it means killing +90% of the public;

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People i know are dying and babies are still born or have right side heart failure🙏🏼😢

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I have been a fan of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny beforehand throughout the covid debacle. She has well over 50,000 hours of research on vaccines, so worth listening to. She said she used to travel and speak about 30 times a year before the covid hype. She stepped it up to over 600 videos, speaking, and written material to warn people. One thing she wrote was the Twenty Mechanisms of Injuries (MOI) then a bit later added another twenty MOIs. I'm sorry the censorship from the government was so draconian during that time. https://store-r9hsenkogm.mybigcommerce.com/content/Dr.%20Sherri%20Tenpenny%20-%2020%20Mechanisms%20of%20Injuries%20%28MOI%29%20eBook.pdf

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Vigilant Fox reports that RFK Jr. said Biden is a worse threat to "democracy" than Trump. Actually, it was CNN who used Trump's name. RFK Jr. agreed that Biden is going after political opponents, including him.

So CNN is still trying to smear Trump by implying he is a threat to "democracy". Yes, THEIR fascist democracy, not the Constitutional Republic form of government.

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Well at least from this point on all doctors in the United States as well as all hospitals have been put on notice. If you condone or support the clot shot you will be facing the consequence of your actions. Nuremberg is gonna be where you are sent to answer for your crimes against the people of the world. Take notice because this will be your last warning.

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