Bottom Line: Learned today that for A number years Bill Gates has hosted a Annual Lavish Dinner (INCLUDES anthony fauci) for the Executives of the National Institute of Medicine, which formerly was called the Institute of Medicine (IOM). They are a quasi-governmental agency that drives the direction of medicine and they have a Board of Directors of about 2000, which represent all those who have a commercial interest in how medicine is practised. IOM was the Institute that decided the value of Vitamin D for Good Health. It degraded the true value because it was in conflict with the goals of Big Pharma. In essence, Bill Gates is now driving the direction of injections for profit and not good health. It is time this institution is disassembled and becomes a INDEPENDENT OVERSITE INSTITUTION that has only one objective. IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF ALL CITIZENS BY REMOVING TOXINS FROM OUR FOOD AND ENVIROMENT FOR THE HEALTH OF ALL AMERICANS AND MONITORS ALL MEDICAL RESEARCH FOR FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY!

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BREAKING – UK Medicine Regulator confirms COVID-19 is Man-made & the Vaccines were created using Computer Generated DNA



I recently came across a fantastic email exchange between Francis Leader and the UK Medicine Regulator, the MHRA –

In this exchange, the MHRA admits that as regards the Covid-19 vaccines –

1. The DNA template used does not come directly from an isolated virus from an infected person

2. The DNA template (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 GenBank 908947.3), https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/MN908947.3 was generated via a combination of gene synthesis and recombinant DNA technology.

Source: https://hive.blog/worldnews/@francesleader/email-exchange-with-uk-mhra-exposing-the-genomic-sequence-of-sarscov2

The email chain looked too good to be true. Because, in layman’s terms, their admission is the smoking gun that proves that the Covid-19 pandemic was man-made. SARS-CoV-2 was synthesized according to the MHRA. It was not isolated from nature. So I decided to write to the MHRA myself. Here is my email chain.

My social credit score wouldn’t qualify for one paracetamol. This is not the fault of Fauci, Daszak, Collins, Walenski, Trudeau, Kissinger, Putin, Xi, Obama, Blair, Bush, Gates, Zuckerberg, Schwab, or any other individual bad actor. It is the fault of the national intelligence services that have colluded to enslave us all.

This does not get fixed until we fix our intelligence services. They are patient zero in the real pandemic affecting mankind. A pandemic of control freakery. A pandemic resulting in Slavery23 rather than Covid19.

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Cholesterol has been demonized as something that needs to be controlled. It's brain food , lowering it decreases brain function. The culprit is inflammation of the arteries. There are many homeopathic remedies to lower inflammation. Doctor prescribed Statins are toxic. They can cause neurological damage.

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UN Given 310 Pages of Evidence to Support Claims of US/Ukraine’s Violation of Biological Weapons Convention



At a Formal Consultative Meeting of Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (“BTWC”) in September, UK Ambassador Aidan Liddle said, “no evidence has been presented that demonstrates any non-compliance with the Convention by Ukraine.”

Well, now it seems it may have been in the form of a 310-page document delivered to the United Nations Security Council (“UNSC”) members which laid out the evidence of Russia’s claims that Ukraine and its western backers had been working on bioweapons. The document was sent to UNSC members ahead of a Security Council meeting held last Thursday, 27 October 2022, at the request of Moscow.

Russia on Ukraine/legality of investigation - Security Council Media Stakeout (26 October 2022)



Final Draft on US Biological Activity in Ukraine Presented to UNSC, Clandestine’s Newsletter, 29 October 2022

In conclusion, Russia has proposed these allegations via the proper diplomatic channels, presented its case in a convincing & consistent manner, & conducted itself with transparency, while the US/NATO have simply cried “disinformation” the entire time.

This performance has generated a lot of global support for Russia & generated doubts about the US & the West. Not only is the leadership of the US under scrutiny, but they are also accused of the most severe crimes against humanity known to international law.

I don’t know how it will unfold, but this is the highest diplomatic channel on the planet, & if it works as it is supposed to, the top Deep State players will soon be under international investigation for violating the Biological Weapons Treaty. If found guilty, the response would be international military tribunals.

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Marcia Engel was a prophet. 50% fraudulent 10 years ago.

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YouTube Announces New Partnership with World Health Organisation



The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) is now taking control of the content that is promoted on YouTube through a partnership with Google. The aim of the partnership is to “address the spread of misinformation and disinformation.”

Below are excerpts from the Google-WHO partnership regarding eligible YouTube channels:

Information panels providing health source context

As we expand outside of the United States, we’re referencing the work done by the World Health Organization (WHO), to inform global use of these principles. The WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. We may also reference work done by other agencies, such as in the UK …

In the UK, we worked with the National Health Service to develop an approach to informing which channels would be eligible for an information panel. The National Health Service is the umbrella term for the publicly funded healthcare systems of the UK. This approach included the NHS 1) reviewing the principles developed by the expert panel convened by NAM for the UK context and 2) publishing a Standard for Creating Health Content, which outlines essential requirements and best practice guidance for organizations to follow, in order to create high-quality health content … As a starting point in the UK, only NHS organizations are being invited to self-certify against the NHS Standard for Creating Health Content.

Health content shelf

In the UK, the main government entity for health is the NHS, and as such all NHS organizations will be initially eligible. NHS organization channels must also self-certify against the NHS Standard for Creating Health Content to be eligible for the shelf.

Get info on health-related content, Google

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Thank you for writing this book. I will definitely read one and send the others as gifts to my liberal friends.

I am popular

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Good Lord. Now they tell us!

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Is there a person or place that has some literature on dealing with vaccine injuries. I thought there was but I'm drawing a blank. Any links would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

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Without fake medical research, studies and trials, big pharma would be little bitty teeny weeny pharma selling a few pills a day at Cunningham's Drug Store.

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Dr Alexandre, what if you all are wrong too?

Have a read on Marc's bolus theory.. quite impressive too


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I have never been impressed with Cochrane, their stuff doesn't hold up and too often is "debunk" pieces.

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