Why did the Lancet pull it? Ho ho. This says more, far more, about the Lancet than it does about your work.

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Liberals hate truth and facts.

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More gaslighting and deception! Thanks Dr Alexander, keep up the amazing work. God bless the truth tellers.

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Chilling example of censorship.

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You know how Blackrock controls about $10 trillion in assets and how, from what the head of Blackrock publicly claims, it’s evident they will coerce and punish any business in any way they see fit to ensure that Blackrock’s goals are realized?

Well, consider every single government, business (manufacturing, shipping, advertising, pharmaceutical, medical, medical supply, insurance, etc), educational institution, NGO, social media group, and international supra-national agency and organization, (UN, WHO, WEF, etc) and individuals that collectively have an active interest in A. maintaining and expanding what they have all been doing, in, at the very least, a commensal fashion in that loose confederation that could be called Covid, Inc and B. distancing themselves from blame and retribution for any adverse consequences for any of their manifold combined activities that make up A.

In terms of

1. their aggregate control over individuals, companies, and agencies subordinate to them, as well as

2. the market value of their organizations or the value of goods, service, people, organizations, and governments subject to their direct control,

how does the monetary value and penetration of 1 and 2 compare to that of Blackrock?

Also, given the intersectionality of interests among A and B above, how motivated would any of them be to make certain that any other them will not do anything to threaten their ongoing alliance or to make certain that any other organization upon which they may have some sort of influence will be persuaded for one reason or another to desist from the same?

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Not DOA, captured...but by who?

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DARPA told them to pull it.

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Of course the pHARMACEUTICAL, DOD mafia told them to pull it or else.. Only LIES can be published now.. The war is worldwide against any TRUTHS about any of their agendas, Climate BS, CBDC, WHO Treaty, CV19, bioweapon vaccines, Trans agenda, LGBTQLMNOP, vaccine passport WEF YGL influence in every country, FDA corruption, CDC corruption, any TRUTH is the enemy and LIES are the FRIEND of all LIARS in their criminal empire.. We already know the lancet has a boil of corruption, and needs to be lanced, I am surprised they actually published it LOL.. We need to find alternatives....

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Considering the medical journals failure to publish anything which is true and factual as of late, it is surprising they published it to begin with. The medical journals are almost at the level of the "fact checkers", bought and paid for.

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I'm curious to see this censorship explained. Damn glad it made it to preprint. Wonder how that happened? Anyway, too late now. Can't be taken back. It's out.


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Everyone was saying it won't last 48 hours before it's pulled.

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Censorship, labeling the Truth as "Misinformation" Worldwide population reduction in many ways; The "Vaccine" jabs and now, Nano Technology in foods, Meats, Dairy products, and any way to get it in our bodies... go to www.anamihalceamdphd@substack.com scary information....

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money talks

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You have to pick a side...

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Jul 7, 2023·edited Jul 7, 2023

OTOH, what isn't good for the gander , is good for the goose that lays the golden egg$ ... BioEthics 1830- now= Fabrication, Falsification and Plagiarism (FFP) and Questionable Research Practice (QRP)

'Everybody gains from the publication game,

concluded Roberts,

 apart from

 the patients who suffer from being given treatments based on fraudulent data.

...most of the trials included

either were zombie trials that were fatally flawed or were untrustworthy.

...Research fraud is often viewed as a problem of “bad apples,”

but Barbara K Redman insists

 that it is not a problem of bad apples but bad barrels, of rotten forests or orchards.

 In her book Research Misconduct Policy in Biomedicine: Beyond the Bad-Apple Approach she argues that research misconduct is a systems problem—the system provides incentives to publish fraudulent research and does not have adequate regulatory processes.

...Though some scientific and technical advances were made in the eighteenth century, the proliferation of doctors seemed to make little difference to the onslaught of disease that afflicted the British people. Overall, doctors developed a public image that would be an outright embarrassment today.

“Satirists, cartoonists and commentators widely portrayed medicos as pompous asses, seeking to hide their ignorance behind a veil of hard names in dead tongues, rapaciously exploiting the helplessness of the sick … In short, everybody could see that medicine was hardly making much real progress towards the goal of rendering life safe and healthy, and there was a widespread perception that a malaise infected the medical profession itself.

... there is no legislative framework criminalising research misconduct outside of a clinical trial. Hence a doctor who fabricates a research article or case report could be sanctioned by the GMC but would not have broken any UK law. '

blogs.bmj.com /bmj/2021/07/05/time-to-assume-that-health-research-is-fraudulent-until-proved-otherwise/

bmcmedethics.biomedcentral.com /articles/10.1186/s12910-020-0461-z

Dishonesty and research misconduct within the medical profession

Ankier, Stephen  3/18/2020

www.gutenberg.org /files/1216/1216-h/1216-h.htm

Reflections on the Decline of Science in England, by Charles Babbage,  1830

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