You recently wrote of the American College of Physicians ignoring vaccine injury and failing the physicians and patients they serve. The most recent weekly update from them, their Annals of Internal Medicine has a very interesting focus. Several cases highlighted that are of the nature of vaccine injury, but not attributed to the vaccine


Like this August 16, 2022 study released:

Large Free-Floating Right Atrial Thrombus


- Looks a lot like the thrombus' being pulled from cadevars by ME's and at mortuaries today, in increasing numbers. Why is ACP pushing this case information now? But not vaccine related? Hmm.

Or this:

Primary Cardiac Angiosarcoma: Pericardial Erosion and Disseminated Metastasis in a Young Active Duty Man


- A "rare" case of a death in a young, healthy, fit military man. Why is ACP pushing this "rare" case information now? But not vaccine related? Hmm.

Or this:


Peri-infarction Pericarditis: A Fading Complication of Myocardial Infarction

- Another "rarely seen" case due to new medical testing technology, can be resolved quickly when diagnosed early enough. But again, why is ACP pushing this "rare" case information now? But not vaccine related?

Look Paul, others, I know the subjects that this ACP Journal updates each week, I've followed it a long time. But this is the first time they've published so many pieces on cases that are becoming more and more frequent since the mass vaccinations and the non-censored medical community has been highlighting as signals in the post-CV jab world. ACP is calling these types of cases rare. Yet now devoting prized highlighted information status to them in their weekly update read by millions. There is some kind of "there" there. For the awakened and uncensored medical community to pick up on and share their insights about.

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This is the end of humanity.!


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I would also like to know, is the effect cumulative? For example, if after one shot your body is still producing some amount of spike protein 15 months later, and we're redosing every 4-6 months, how MUCH spike is circulating?

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Gosh the Government Agencies really screwed up big time.

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Correct and Patterson has found this already. s1/s2 and mutant protein in monoctyes of the vaxed with PASC like symptoms. The preprint


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Roltgen's conflicts of interest statement is competing with the Abstract in terms of size.

Conflict of interest statement

Declaration of interests S.D.B. has consulted for Regeneron, Sanofi, Novartis, and Janssen on topics unrelated to this study and owns stock in AbCellera Biologics. K.C.N. reports grants from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), End Allergies Together (EAT), National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). K.C.N. is Director of FARE and World Allergy Organization (WAO) Center of Excellence at Stanford; Adviser at Cour Pharmaceuticals; Cofounder of Before Brands, Alladapt, Latitude, and IgGenix; National Scientific Committee member for the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) of NIAID; recipient of a Research Sponsorship from Nestle; Consultant and Advisory Board Member at Before Brands, Alladapt, IgGenix, NHLBI, and ProBio; and Data and Safety Monitoring Board member at NHLBI. J.L.W., J.N.W., and G.B.S. are employees of Meso Scale Diagnostics (MSD).

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It's not a stretch considering the fact that the synthetic mRNA for the vaccines (based on, er, synthetic mRNA!) is made to be even more stable than native mRNA! Just a few days according to the FDA and CDC and PHAC! Hmmm, probably not.

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Dr. Zelenko may he rest in peace said that the mRNA vaccines will attack the immune system leaving people eventually having the immune systems of a 90 year old in a nursing home. His words. It’s clearly not happening.

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