Taking nothing away from the value and veracity of your post Dr. A, the fact that natural immunity was ever so eagerly and cavalierly dismissed is worthy of a few lines at the very least. Evidently all that was known for umpteen hundreds to thousands of years about adaptive immunity as a primary survival mechanism of our species simply went away, just disappeared (and... it's gone!) along with the flu and reason itself. Gee, I wonder why? Yeah.

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Innate immunity for all humans far outweighs anything that vaccines can provide. The only exception might be those with multiple health issues where the body is fighting an internal battle and immunity may be weakened.

Big pharma is so gutless and heartless because they have never done any studies that prove vaccines work as they claim. They are extremely frightened of what the results would show.

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It's a WAR ON CHILDREN !!! From the beginning we knew there were no problems with the kids: no contagion driver, no hospitalizations from COVID (only complications with COVID, but could also be with anything else, like the flu). They knew that, too. Yet, they forced school lockdowns for no other reason than to push them into haccination: to infertilize, maim and kill them !!!

Bill Gates' depop vaccines:

Proof: it was never for health and reduced mortality, only for infertilizing, handicapping and murdering!


The threat of the WHO sovereignty-grab by the IHR and International PLANdemc Treaty:


The SUPER drug

Treats 25 viruses, cancer, multiple sclerosis, SPS....


The REAL COVID timeline:

NOT what you were drilled


Bio-BOMB, not “vaccine”, not “gene-therapy”

This 5th gen war, includes a war on semantics.


Amnesty or JUSTICE:


How to turn the AI into a COVIDIOT:


The PLAN revealed


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And yet the push continues for the full series of primary gene injections and boosters in every healthy child. On the twitter feed of @1good tern I read frequent propaganda claims of masses of healthy children allegedly being admitted to hospital and dying of either covid or PASC.

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Fascinating to see the consternation among the pro-vax activists who wanted to vax all healthy kids as it begins to dawn on them that the covid gene injection doesn't work. The perspective is the opposite to this stack. They believe that covid is far, far worse than AIDS although it has not ioccurred to them that SARS-CoV-2 is a Ukraine lab created bioweapon or that Luc Montagnier was correct when he said that the HIV components in the virus were deliberately inserted.

"I'm so tired of seeing u got covid hope it's mild and you recover with no long term effects..im sorry NO its not possible you ARE effected FOREVER! Wake up people it's autoimmune, neurotropic cluster fu£k of a disease worse than AIDS! DOES THIS LOOK MILD! ACTUALLY READ IT!"


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Dr. Aleksander, can you provide link to the study where the graph was taken from, please. The link to Andrew Bostom, MD, MS is the link to his twitter account. Thank you

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2023-03-25 Australian government biodistribution data Dr. John Campbell

A heartfelt disclosure of Table 4.2, page 45, in an Australian Government document, foi-2389-06.pdf.


I could not find a graphical representation of this important data so I created seven graphs in Excel, pdf, and a short mp4 video all of which are archived at the followig link:


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North Carolina. I'd have to have another sample cohort examined by another set of researchers. Also Paul, the Schools of Public Health these days don't have a sterling reputation. Nowhere do I see HBOT used on children with diagnosed SARS. Did you know that globally O2 levels have seen a slight measurable decline? Nowhere do we see the population study subsets made as well of children masked (CO2 levels increase and must have some impact on immune function with and without the BioNTech shots).

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