Justin Trudeau is a deplorable with unacceptable views! #TrudeauMustGo

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This retired Canadian General should have received dozens of awards for his bravery confronting one of Canada’s worst leaders ever, who is destroying this beautiful country and its people one day at a time.

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I wish the General would give a speech to the administrators of my mom's nursing home. I am still considered deplorable and unacceptable by them, and not allowed inside to visit or care for my 97 year old stroke-disabled mother since March 2020. She didn't get the hoo-haw needles either, yet she is not considered deplorable or unacceptable and can freely mix with everyone inside.

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robert kennedy

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Trudeau is a punching bag. He's merely a symptom of a much larger problem. That typically isn't fixed by vilifying or replacing a punching bag.

One needs to ask: How did this clown become Prime Minister? From what I've read, the party with the most seats in the House of Commons forms a government and its leader assumes that position. Okay so, why did the Liberal Party select him as their leader? Why haven't they kept this guy in check? Maybe most or all of them are clowns too. Maybe they were bribed, threatened, or blackmailed. Okay so, why are Canadian citizens populating their legislative branch with clowns? Maybe their elections are rigged too, or most of them mentally checked out. Wherever the thought process ends up leads to the real problem(s) rather than wasting time staying entirely focused on the symptom.

If Canada is like the US, the young are being programmed to accept and spread this destructive ideology. Unless saved, they will be the ones completing the transformation everywhere. Parents think in terms of saving their own kids or taking over a school board. The entire Zoomer generation and younger need to be saved. How have we been mass producing woke teachers, the vast majority of whom appear to be Millennials? In the US and maybe in Canada, the legislative branch clowns probably hid funding somewhere to pay for all the destruction happening.

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I’m not Canadian. So here is how it looks to me. Trudeau is a charlatan, an unacceptable PM with elites of City of London manipulating his marionette strings. Same for all the Commonwealth but for the emergence of premier Danielle Smith of Alberta. This demonstrates to outsiders how much power the provincial leaders seem to have. What she and Alberta risk in the way of central government funding, or if they care, is a question I have. It would say a lot about the leadership of the other provinces and THEIR governments where many citizens chafe under tyranny. But perhaps most do not worry about it, like the Democrats in the US. It may indicate how many citizens are captured by the propaganda and thank Trudeau for poisoning them, much as Biden’s electorate has been 100% poisoned and love it ... skulls as thick as cinder blocks, as unmoved as grazing bison by the extermination of hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens by these shots and hospital protocols. Is that the fault of the corrupt press or a mass-scale personality disorder or all of the above?

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I applaud the bravery of this retired general, but I fear for those left behind. The military needs to purge this woke ideology from their ranks, and obviously that starts with their commander in chief!

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There goes his pension!!

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Nice one. The woke industry is a huge industry and has many tentacles everywhere. They are a well funded political tool. I suppose I’m still not allowed to know what a woman is. If this industry fell over, how would that affect the stock market?

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Its not Woke per se that should concern us, it is that Woke is a rebranded Marxist Parallel Logic structure that is critical to destroying a free country and usher in Communism. Altho, in this particular time it appears we are skipping "communism" and going directly to a Totalitarian Techn Fascism.

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Good to hear! Speak out now or forever hold your tongue. Good Men must speak up and out

Let it be known. No longer are we children to be scorned by leaders who act childish immature to suppose they know better than WE How best to conduct ourselves, lives, property, livelihood. Common sense wisdom compassion love of God Country Family are not to be taken for granted. Trudeau is another WEF puppet spewing Klaus’s vision of China tyranny when push comes to shove weaponize the money

That’s all they want is our complete submission to social credit scores woke steamed in socialism that becomes communism with a transhuman agenda of climate bullshit all the while weaponizing weather for carbon scam

Like the kovid scam. Shed light and call these impudent so called leaders to task. We do not comply with the father of all lies. In our Truth

Which is our only spear shield 🛡 we stand up

Speak out and be counted. Trudeau must go and take Newsome with you.

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How is it that only retired military and police ever stand up or speak out?

I can tell you real quickly.

Because their farking paycheck means more to them than freedom or decency.

That...and a whole slough of them are actually Marxists.

That is why neither our police or military will ever do anything other than fascilate this government as it takes us into a distopian WEF globalist transhuman future.

F#@k them all.

Not one stood up for Canada last winter.

Not even ONE will stand up in the future.

Relying on them is the same as sticking your head up your ass for fresh air...which most Canadians excell at.

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It is called "Leadership!"

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Wondering if trudeau and his "leadershipteam" were in attendance ??

I sure as HECK hope so.......... NOT that they care. They would only be wounded if uncle klaus shamed them.

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