A twenty three year old young special needs woman whom i have know most of her life died suddenly April 8 of pulmonary embolism. I went to the memorial service yesterday.

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Why is nattokinase superior to other enzymes?

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Toni, so many of us in the same situation… it is heart breaking and difficult to navigate the conversation needed. I try and have lived by example for the adult children in my family/life. Never stricken and proactive in protecting and supporting the majestic and magnificent immune system that God has given all of us. Hoping that some will be open to taking the supplement formulated the doc’s here. I am going to shoot it over the bow and have some sent out. Stay strong and Pray Big.

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May God have mercy and protect us from the evils of this world. I have three adult sons who were “coerced” into receiving the terrible experimental injections. And a beautiful niece who recently received a booster while pregnant and is due in less than two weeks. Please pray for my family members and all those who were deceived. God is our final judge. Through Jesus Christ, forgiveness is available to all who are willing to turn from their wicked ways and truly believe. Even those who my heart so wants to see vengeance for their atrocities. All Glory be to God Almighty.

Thank you for this information. I will be seeking this wellness supplement in n hope that my family members will be willing to take it. “It is easier to fool someone than to convince someone that they have been fooled” Not sure who coined the phrase....

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Hello, this is Rupert Sayre -- the associate of The Shadow.

A quick update on my microscope research.

Pfizer-One-Dose-2021-Man's Blood has the same Foreign Forms of:

1. Tiny Grey Spheres in Clumps. (Possibly Spike Protein Vesicles. Seen again now.)

2. Black Graphene Oxide Clumps and Tubes.

There seem to be the same number of them but their sizes are getting smaller. I don't know what's going on and am waiting for more data.

My-Not-Covid-Injection-Vaxxed Blood has lots of Black Graphene Oxide Clumps and Tubes. It seems to be the same amount as previously. I haven't thought it over yet. I just looked at my blood, this morning. I'm still wearing the Purple Plate Disk and taking Vitamin C.

As experienced as I am taking Vitamin C, I still can overdose: which means the large intestine will just get rid of the excess. When you're ill, your body uses more Vitamin C and can absorb more. When you're healthier, your body needs less Vitamin C and doesn't absorb the excess.

What I'm doing now is dissolving a 500mg tablet of Vitamin C with Water in about a one-third of a glass jar and sipping a little when I start coughing.

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Dr Alexander - I just watched this video by Dr Tina Peers


where she talks about augmented NAC

She says she has done a lot of work on long COVID and vax damage and has had some amazing results.

I would be super interested to know your thoughts

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Is there any contraindication for taking this product if on Eliquis for associated treatment for A Fib?

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