1. The creeping corruption and crime in Federal and Provincial politics has gone on for DECADES.

2. THIS CRIMINAL corruption COULD HAVE and SHOULD have been stopped DECADES ago by one SIMPLE law and rule.

Limit ALL FED and Prov politicians to a maximum of EIGHT YEARS or two political terms.

After that they MAY NOT take ANY PERKS or govt associated employers and contractor(s) positions for a MINIMUM of SEVEN YEARS. These are CORRUPT golden handshakes.

PAY them (Fed and Prov Politicians) EXACTLY at the same PAY scales as our Canadian Armed Forces and return the meaning of CIVIL SERVANT.

BTW it is a FRACTION of what they make now. They give themselves UNLIMITED PAY RAISES far beyond inflation, yet FULLY limit senior military inflation adjustments including OLD AGE .

So they effectively SPIT on all of us and steal out taxpayer dues WHICH WE ARE FORCED TO PAY WITHOUT QUESTION.

Canadian Federal politicians are the 2nd highest paid in the WORLD

By allowing these "career politicians", they have ABUSED their privileges and enriched their pocket books by millions, tens of millions and hundreds. Mainly by FRAUD or CONFLICT OF INTEREST which should be grounds for being immediately fired if caught

3. Every SINGLE PRIME MINISTER SINCE and including Brian Mulroney, has committed GREVIOUS TREASON including the sale of Canadian Soverignty, the deliberate destruction of Canadian Military, and a long criminal rap sheet of fraud .

4. ALL the BIG THREE Federal party leaders TRUDEAU, SINGH and Pierre Poilleivre (PP) ARE OUTRIGHT CRIMINALS, and ALL are actively taking CANADA in contempt and in treason towards Agenda 2030 and giving our Sovereignty to UNELECTED NGO THUGS and TERRORISTS at the WEF, WHO and UN.

And don't tell me you DO NOT KNOW, or weren't aware unless you are brain dead, blind drunk or outright SELFISH and don't care about Canada which means you are in WILLFUL ignorance.

4. Yes the ARRIVE SCAM APP of the TRUDEAU govt is yet another massive FRAUD. How many do you need to know about before you get MAD and protest and SHOUT STOP.

SNC Lavelin, We Charity, Elaborate Vacations, and HIS BIG INVOLVEMENT in PEG (poison) the lipid nano particle technology patent licensed to Moderna and Pfizer are just a few.

Many say the CoVid Vaccine killed and harmed millions. I say and shout NO (it also besides corrupt lying pharma and USA black ops in the CIA, DOD, DARPA NIH , CDC FDA, CHINA , and the untouchable elites in the USA PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK, it was REALLY your Government AND ALL FEDERAL and Provincial leaders that KILLED and maimed and tortured, CANADIANS - BECAUSE while they were all secretly exempt they MANDATED YOU under severe DURESS (FEAR) with losing your career, your home or apartment and NOT FEEDING your kids to TAKE THE POISON EXPERIMENTAL JAB that they KNEW WAS HARMFUL ALL ALONG BUT LIED TO YOU.

Did you KNOW PP abd his wife are CRIMINALLY involved with the ex CEO of Air Canada have made MILLIONS and MILLIONS by misuse of insider government knowledge about CoVid before it even was ANNOUNCED?



And as for SINGH, FREELAND and the rest of our 338 elected Federal politicians NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM have come forward to say SORRY and declare the LIE of safe and effective they SOLD YOU..

Yet interesting some of most FAMOUS WORLD DOCTORS such as Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory and other doctors that drank rhe Kool aid have stepped uo abs SAID SORRY I WAS DAMM WRONG and have done a hard U TURN.

I AM SO SO SICKENED BY THIS TOTALITARIAN BS and LOST 38 GOOD FRIENDS decades ago, that were fighting for your CANADIAN freedom and democracy..

While PRIDE gets a month and EASTER is now a TRANSGENDER HOLIDAY in the USA , vetetans that paid in blood, tears and come out handicapped for life get a few minutes on Nov 11th , while most are still shopping in the MALL.

DID YOU KNOW when TRUDEAU and those 338 lying crimimal politicians in Ottawa ordered the mandatory EXPERIMENTAL vaccination of the Canadian Forces that the CDS (TOP GENERAL ) said NO FUCKING WAY .

That General was IMMEDIATELY accused of a sex scandal BUT WAS LATER EXONERATED and found not guilty. His replacement the newly appointed general SAID NO FU##ING WAY.

HE too was immediately RELIEVED and accused of a sex scandal.

He too was later EXONERATED and found not guilty .

This SERIES of events HAPPENED FOUR TIMES AND FOUR GENERALS that stood up to protect your ass , and military readiness who said NO TO TRUDEAU were all deliberately SET UP WITH SEX SCANDALS they never had.

Because what Trudeau wants, and makes MILLIONS OFF OF , including rhe outright THEFT of your tax dollars TRUDEAU GETS.

TRUDEAU IS GUILTY OF TREASON, FRAUD (mutiple counts), RACKETEERING, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, grand theft and being a well know PEDOPHILE (both as a teacher at a private Vancouver school,and on the EINSTEIN LOTILTA EXPRESS (names were named in a USA court) IS THE SINGLE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON TO HAVE LIVED IN CANADA EVER IN OUR HISTORY .


5. AND LAST and most relevant is that any Canadian WITH even a tiny brain would see the massive corruption abs damage and lies and corruption in recent years .

If there is ANOTHER FEDERAL ELECTION, there is ONLY ONE SINGLE VOTE to prevent Canada's further demise and that is to ELECT MAX B and support all his PPC party representatives.

Why you ask. Because voting for lying corrupt uniparty of the big three will deliver Canada further into the hell of Agenda 2030 and the untouchable THUG CLUB.

We must tear down the Federal politicians and kick every LAST ONE of their asses out (and preferably strait to JAIL for accessory and aiding and abbeting crimes of humanity and more.



FREEDOM WAS NEVER FREE and there are things worse than death. Living in perpetual slavery under Agenda 2030 is one of them .


Max B and the PPC

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Pity that you should end such a fine rant with a plug for YET ANOTHER FAKE 'ALTERNATIVE' political mousetrap. Bernier is just another snake in the grass... errr... snow.

"Speaking at the Conservative Futures conference in Barrie, Ontario this month, Bernier named “China” as a good example of how to lift “hundreds of millions of people” out of poverty through “less government and more freedom.“It is not because they have a huge government,” the former Foreign Affairs Minister explained. It is because they have a government that gives freedom to people, a government like we used to have here in Canada before Trudeau’s been elected.”


Woohee... more free foolaid everybody!

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Mad MAX the side show he’s not in for anything but REVENGE. Lives comfortably in Florida on his supporters DONATIONS! Need I say more.

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Vote your choice. But let me say I strongly disagree with some of your comments.

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Let me say... your strong disagreement is 'music to my ears.' I have no problem with people of opposing views expressing theirs... in fact the reason I'm reading Paul's space is due to the dynamic frisson of so many people with conflicting & opposing pov's here. If the 'binding glue' be "anti-vaxxassination"...and I think it is... then finding common ground is just a matter of priorities what enemies to take on.

You might 'strongly disagree' with my premise that ALL those Canucklehead politcos come from the same glue factory, but if your pov shares with mine the disgust with how NONE OF EM stood up to the TERESA TAM TERROR... then we be "allies' ol stick!

Btw... I actually read your links - I kinda doubt you reciprocated with mine, judging from your tone. And it's rather indicative of the the general tenor of research in the western world that the dirt of Anaida P proved to be sourced from CHRIS SKY'S interfacing with CHATBOTS! That's not the first time I've seen shoddy work come up with thing s I'd love to believe were true - but ain't - right here on substack - on this very space he comments - another knucklehead had it that BLACKFACE FIDELITO owned the company that sold covid vaxx technology to China... and that the TRUDEAU FOUNDATION pocketed $500m!

More "music to my ears" so I drilled down into the story - only to be bitterly disappointed with another hoax 'journalist' parading their lack of research skills. There's plenty to pin on these c-suckas... it only helps THEIR cause when the dope is 'defective!'

Stay 'fired up' chuckles... but don't fire off all yur cannons at your own fleet!

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Your post are both irrelevant.

Tell is you yoi will do better are running and your party and platform.

You are remiss to say who you will vote for and why.

Criticism without putting forth your choices, your vote, and why is meaningless.

This is why shills are everywhere these days

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Chill dude.

I complemented your first post, and then dared critique it's closing passage. You act like you're here to pick fights. I'm here to find allies in a struggle likely snuff us all if the usual partisan politics is all folks can offer.

Go play some hockey, work some of that aggro out Smiles. I'm on your side, and you can't even figure it out.

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Not me or personal. I am chill as a matter of fact. I am simply defending and trying to propose solutions as well.as defending PPC and Max B.

Your link to his favorable comments about Chima which was over eight years ago, did not strike me as legitimate. A lot has changed.

Anyway I apologize if I offend. Like you I am trying to assemble a team spirit. I am a little old for hockey :) - Hoping Canucks get passed the first round as well as Edmonton and Toronto. Jets don't seem to have consistency buy may surprise.

All the best and live yiur best life. I say that to all.

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It doesn’t matter which country these types of apps appeared- they were all corrupt. A way to gather information on citizens to bring in one world government and control- nothing to do with health.

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We have heard the dog & pony show with ad-scam, everybody does this. The media will cry Conservatives are blocking everything our dear benefactor is trying so hard for the Canadian people.

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“conservatives do same crooked corrupt stealing from taxpayers in Canada” No?! Really??? So many Canadians have very high hopes that when Trudeau and and his crooks are ousted, and Conservatives take over, the golden age will return and Canada will be not only great but also honestly will prevail.

I guess you’ve learned Dr Alexander that the political parties are just different wings of the same bird called…Evil?

Thank goodness your beloved country the United States of America has only two parties which do not belong to the same bird… or do they???

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Totally agree with you Paul. I worked for - I was a contractor for Kristian Firth of GC Stategies at Treasuary Board. This guy would find any and all angles to make serious from the Feds. This captures the ArriveCan issue. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-arrivecan-contractor-to-be-called-before-house-of-commons-after-mps/

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Serious money. He had numerous contractors working at the Fed and he'd find many creative ways to hire contractors through his company.

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It's ironic that the issue of 'borders' was such a major element of the kovid-kaper,' since for purposes of implementing that scam - there were no 'borders.' Everyone was taking the same orders, from the very same shadowy "Central Command" - weasels who want to pretend Donnie Dumpster was any exception are welcome to jump off a cliff!

For those locked inside the "hell zone" which the western world has now become, all perspective has been lost. State control over the right of free movement was the last straw... before STATE TERROR operated by TERROR STATES became the uniform method of 'governance' from China to the Great Fright North.

If you'd told folks of just two or three generations back... that one day their children and grandchild would be restricted from entering or leaving Canuckistan OR the "Homeland Security" Banana Republic' to it's south, without proof of submitting to an 'experimental genetic modification' injection of no proven safety or efficacy ... or that those same descendants would meekly accept such bizarre restriction of basic liberties...

they'd have laughed in your face, and told ya to go smoke some more 'joe pieweed.' The issue here is not 'corruption.' Corruption in politics is a fact of life which is not going away - regardless of whichever puppet is (s)elected to sit on the pretend throne. The issue is devolution. Through over-schooling and exposure to a social change project called 'the internet' folks have lost most all of their wits.

As in, the ability to think straight. Otherwise, nobody would be pretending right now that one puppet politico has any less strings than the next.

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I suspect we all have many friends and acquaintances who are so biased in the

deepest recesses of their minds they would lose their identities should they be forced to accept a new truth. I know only too well how this works, I live this visible Hegelian atrocity where a strong minded individual blocks out contrasting viewpoints. The discipline is science and merely by accepting published papers that one finds in the journals and rejecting all other opinions, one can deduce that they will side with those fine agreeable folks who run in parallel with their shaven narrownesses. One would like to think that they, thanks to the blessed, are given the truths now appearing in front of them for all to see. Proof is a cut above opinion by several orders of magnitude. Or, as they say "in Hollywood, fantastic means OK". Thanks for the thoughts. I've seen some seedy looking Tall Greys recently hanging around local taverns. I've also heard that they've been arrested by local gendarmes for exceeding the speed of light on highways. I knew there was something about them, damn Klingons...........

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Coming up on two years since the infamous Uvalde Texas grade school incident, which was called a "mass shooting". So many discrepancies, and out right lies, even before Congress, that call the entire thing into question. I for one, after looking at much of the evidence, have decided this was another Sandy Hook, a total contrived staged event, where no children died. It was a "drill" turned mass shooting, for propaganda purposes and to push gun confiscation.

There is actual proof of at least ONE of those children still being alive. Here is a Rumble vid that is in text and photos, which compiles all the many ways we were fed lies about what happened:


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Damn straight! Sandy Hook was a blatant scam foisted on the American psyche. When Obama and Eric Holder are involved, you know scam is the order of the day. Most of the fools still believe it was all on the level. If you want to lose your friends, ask them to discuss Sandy Hook. You won't want them as friends anymore when you see how easy it was to sucker punch them.

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michael - thank you for that reply. I have a close relative who is completely brainwashed and believes everything the "TV news" tells her. About five years ago when the subject of Obama came up, I told her that Sandy Hook was a psyop, a staged event, and that Obama lied to America about it, and that no children died there.

She reacted as if she had seen a space alien. She told me not to say that to other people for fear of what they would think of me. Wow.

Last year when the fake trial of AJ was in the "news", and that ridiculous judgment came down, she told me she wished he could have paid a worse price. I tell you, there are some people who will never break their programming, no matter what facts you share with them.

Then a couple years ago I mentioned to her a man whom I had talked to whose daughters went to private school in Chicago with the Obama daughters. He said his daughters knew that the Obama girls were not the children of the Obamas, that those girls knew Michelle was not their mother, and actually was not a woman.

Well, I got the alien reaction again.

A few weeks ago the meme "MOHAP" became prevalent. "Michelle Obama Has A Penis"

I had some bumper stickers printed that say "Caution - MOHAP". One is on my car now. My relative hasn't asked what it means yet.

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