I believe that all vaccines are poisons but mRNA vaccines are the deadliest. People will not be dying from so called “viruses” but from deadly toxins these mRNA produces within the human body. We must look at the history of vaccines and a good book to read is The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean. Vaccines are based on junk science, superstition, greed and Germ Theory which is really a hypothesis. The deaths from the mRNA vaccines will be caused from Toxemia. Many people will continue to be deceived and add flu vaccines and every vaccine that rolls out in the next five years. Big Pharma will say it’s a new virus but it’s TOXINS from the vaccines that are killing people.

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Jun 30, 2022·edited Jun 30, 2022

Dr. Alexander, you have been bearing the weight of this awful knowledge for some time.

My heart goes out to you.

Thank you for being so brave. Take VERY good care of yourself. Anyone who had

any interest in these vaccines have been warned. You have fought the good fight.

We cannot change these people's minds. It is time to look after each other, who know

what is coming. Praying that it will not be so, but we have to act now. We have to get over

the grief, denial, anger...and now turn toward actions that can prevent what is coming

to the West. Biomedical totalitarianism, Economic devastation, and the end of the American

Empire. We must ensure it is not the end of the American Constitutional ideals......so that government of, for and by the people shall not perish from the earth.

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Why the concern at the 6-6.5 year timeframe?

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The data proves the jabs are dangerous . However why haven’t you informed the public about your 6 years death claims earlier , why wait?

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I hope some of these people that spoke to you, decide they cannot live with themselves if they don’t also speak out, for the good of all humanity!

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Dr. Alexander, PLEASE, you need to read about Trump and how he was fighting the "4th. estate."

Research the "Schedule F" that Trump tried desperately to put into place...

Read: https://brownstone.org/articles/the-astonishing-implications-of-schedule-f/

Dr. Donnie Smith

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I am very sad . This week a very good Italian doctor (Dr Barbara Balanzoni) was struck off the doctors register, simply because she advocated for early treatment . She is an anaesthetist, she served in Afghanistan & Kosovo and also has a degree in law. She has done nothing wrong. But they have decided (the medical authorities of Veneto, Northern Italy) , to strike her off. She has been an amazing warrior and a doctor that I would gladly have treat me. This is the situation today. IT STINKS.

It has left many of us feeling utter disgust.

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When you're willing to stay quiet when people are going to die as a result, you know that Money is your master. Despicable and they are all culpable. I'm frustrated here, because I truly am appreciative of all your efforts yet confused why you didn't share this 2 years ago? I suppose you likely doubted it was true - and surely better late than never. I don't want to judge you, that's not for me to do, but I am surprised. Thank you for speaking up.

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Six years? I doubt careers are safe even with compliance.

We need to think of what kind of human we are…compliance in a killing spree is not humane!

Our actions count! Each and every one of them!

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Yes, you and Toby - blessings!!! X

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Jun 30, 2022·edited Jul 6, 2022

This is one of the scariest times in history. I have adult children, who wouldn’t listen to me, and got the shots. May God help us all. This is biblical!!

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Without a healthy population to pay in they will not have careers and retirements to protect. They screwed themselves along with those who accepted this political injection.

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America is already in a major recession and it is getting worse every hour...

There are provision in America's Founding Documents to overthrow the 4th branch of government that has grown out of proportion to America's needs and requirements...

If you do not use what you have, it will become worthless...!

Americans are spineless and are being controlled not by the U.S. Congress, the Supreme Court or the worthless excuse of a president...!


This cabal of agencies will soon be telling you when and if you can even go outside...They will eventually take, without due process, your money, you homes, your children, and will all be for the good of...Yes, it will all be for your good...! This is not at all funny.

Yes and the longer you wait, the worse it will get...

You probably thought the catchy little phrase "You will own nothing, and you will be happy" was coming sometime in the future...JUST IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT NOTICED...WE ARE IN THAT FUTURE RIGHT TODAY...!

Dr. Donnie Smith

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Did not Luc Montagnier say the jabs would kill most people in 5 years?

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Dr. Alexander, Dr. David Martin claims that an estimated 700,000,000 will die world-wide, out of the roughly 1/3 (or more) of humanity that has taken the jab. How does this fit with the estimated 6-6.5 years all die, as Toby claims? Does it boil down to the fewer the jabs, the longer one can hope to live? Can spike proteins really be neutralized in the body through diet/lifestyle changes and supplements (Nigella Sativa, Quercetin and others) listed on many of the protocols currently out? I am not jabbed but extended relatives are and a few are experiencing significant health issues. God help us all...

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You know, what is very sad ( and SO MANY aspects of this debacle truly ARE! ) is that when it all comes down to it - the "6 to 6.5 years" projection ( now at maybe 5, 5.5 years out ) - when so many people are dropping dead, some of which we are seeing even now ( daily, athletes and performers in the news, dead - NO cause of death mentioned, of course. ) , what we will hear is how the coronovirus, Covid-19, caused all these deaths.

Will NEVER be the 'secret sauce' - always going to be due to the "unknown impact' of this dreadful, horrible, killer covid virus.


Going to be difficult to find.

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