Well Paul, there could very well be a place for "Queers for Palestine" amongst the following:

* safe and effective

* negligible side-effects

* the good doctor

* fighting for peace

* axis of evil

* weapons of mass destruction

* fucking for virginity

* bride burning aka dowry death

I can keep going if you want...

However, after all this daily misery, I think we all deserve a good laugh at a certain group's expense, so here are some funny anti-gay one liners:


Because at 69 they blow a rod.


One Direction


Because he’s been in A Few Good Men.


A Heblew.


He still eats meat.


Speed bumps

Happy Friday and peace to all mankind.


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Um... Do they have a specific course in "Cynicism" in Law School Barry? Or did you just kinda pick it up on the way? 😘

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Greetings Capt,

Lovely to hear from Me' Ol mucker.

Me, cynical? Never. I'm filled with the unbearable lightness of being.


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"...filled with the unbearable lightness of being"? As opposed to yours truly who is living "The Remains of the Day"?

Happy opening days of World War III by the way.. US has put "boots on the ground"; fired on Iranian targets in Syria.. Considering America's Woke, Snowflake, semi-transgendered, discipline-free troops who need a safe space to lock themselves into to cry when their NCOs or Officers look at them wrong.. versus Iran's battle hardened Republican Guard.. they're going to wipe their floors with us!💣

Or possibly something else.. 🤔

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Oct 27, 2023·edited Oct 27, 2023

You're funny Capt.

Greetings ;))

Oh shit, has it kicked off?

I read Qatar was in the advance stages of ceasefire discussions.

So much for Al Jazeera's reporting. Lying ragheads.

Why do they wait for a Friday night to get the party started? What about the Sabbath? Take a break for the love of god.

I have a spare room for you in my house. Tomorrow morning, I'll cook you scrambled eggs, with a tomato, onion, garlic and white wine reduction, served with Danish herring and smashed avo on toasted rye.

At 10am we'll go hiking up a mountain called Devil's Peak. Then we'll get hammered in the afternoon and watch some retro 007 Roger Moore. One of my favourites is Moonraker.

This time we might have to watch "The world is not enough"

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If the Capt’s not available, I’ll be glad to fill in

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If you're going to live with Barry you may want to brink along a flak jacket.. And/or body armor... 🤔

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Hi T and J.

I've summarily withdrawn Roy's open invitation. He seems to think Cape Town is like the Gaza strip. Speaking of, Roy used to go with a certain lady - back in the day - who named her pubic styling arrangement the "Gaza Strip". Roy wasn't impressed when he asked her - mid-beat - the reason for this christening and she replied:

"Because Roy, my cunt has been pummeled so hard, no man has ever gotten out of there alive".

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Via "Cryptogon":

"U.S. Strikes Iranian-Linked Bases In Syria (https://www.cryptogon.com/?p=68114)

October 27th, 2023

Via: The Warzone:

The Pentagon says it has struck two facilities in Syria associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and other Iranian-backed groups. Described as “self-defense strikes,” this action was taken in retaliation for a recent spate of attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria. This comes amid concerns the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict could spill over into a regional war, but the U.S. military says these strikes should not be seen as related to that crisis."

And scroll down here for some shits and giggles: https://www.google.com/search?q=far+side+nuclear+war&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjvy7rogZeCAxUmNzQIHdGYC0kQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=far+side+nuclear+war&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQAzoECCMQJzoFCAAQgAQ6BggAEAUQHjoGCAAQCBAeOgQIABAeUKUMWOEYYMYbaABwAHgAgAFQiAGZBpIBAjEzmAEAoAEBqgELZ3dzLXdpei1pbWfAAQE&sclient=img&ei=ahY8Ze_uLqbu0PEP0bGuyAQ&bih=665&biw=1371&hl=en

I'm about to do a write-up on current events, though I'll warn you, you may find my perspective... distasteful... I might have been able to come up with a more offensive "redesign" of the Israeli flag, but I'm not sure how... 🤔 (A little-known reality is the Nazi connections in Israel's... "genesis" I guess I'll call it.. as opposed to "Big Bang" 🙄) -- get a load of the medallion depicted in this article, about 1/4 of the way down... https://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-jews-and-nazis/... Ron Unz is a secular Jew.. and he publishes this stuff... go figure that one out..

Let me hasten to add I don't wish anyone harm -- well, other than the people on both sides responsible for making this mess... But OH! The tortured tales you uncover when you start digging seriously into "Conspiracy Theory".. I just wish justice could be served and everyone be enabled to live in peace and quiet. Just like The Powers That Shouldn't Be won't let us.

I've never seen a Bond Film I didn't like. Might be a Bond Marathon as we sip our draft and watch the Nuclear Sun Rise..

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Time to lighten up, relax by watching something not too heavy:


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Sorry, wrong clip. My paste function is malfunctioning. I was trying to send you a different scene from the movie "Seven Beauties" titled "A man in disorder" where a concentration camp inmate attempts to escape by diving into a reservoir of shit.

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Hey Barry, how're they hanging.. my latest post is up, for your delectation and enjoyment: https://captroyharkness.substack.com/p/thoughts-at-the-end-of-october-on

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Greetings Roy,

How are you doing?

My nutsack is feeling more stable, thank you, after South Africa beat New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup final last night.

I will read your piece shortly and post a comment.



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Sounds good... If you're grossly offended / horrified, let me know but please be polite .. 😘

Glad South Africa won, you guys need some good news, however ephemeral...

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Hi Roy,

You could never offend me.

Read it, liked it, and commented; I hope you enjoy what I said. I kept it sweet. There's too much horror in this world.

Night night xx


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It's true that male homosexuality is not wildly popular among arab rulers the way it is among American rulers. They have no constitutional guarantee of the right to sodomize people and to get sodomized. Of all countries in the world, it's only in the US that there is that constitutional right. So arabs are not likely to go around sodomizing each other with abandon, the way Americans do. Nonetheless, I would expect male homosexuality to be rife among the Palestinians, even if not on nearly the same scale that it is among Americans, given an apparent relationship between maternal stress in the first trimester of pregnancy and becoming a gay male. I know of no evidence that muslims are any less likely than Christians and atheists to be homosexuals. There are Christians and atheists among the Palestinians.

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Greetings brother ANW,

Did you ever watch "Kiss of The Spider Woman" starring Raul Julia, William Hurt and Sonia Braga; directed by late Brazilian director, Hector Babenco?

William won the Cannes award in1985 for the best male actor for his role.

Check out the trailer:


A good weekend to you.

Always love your irony.


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Thanks for the delightful trailer Barry. I'll have to put Kiss of the Spiderwoman on my list of films to see.

Let me reciprocate with a clip from the Lina Wertmuller classic "Seven Beauties." Part of the movie is set in a concentration camp. Desperate to survive , the main charactrer decides his best chance of doing so is to seduce the icy cold, cruel female commandant. I'm sorry to say that the clip stops before the most interesting part of this scene.

A good weekend to you too.

Always love your posts too.


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Further to my earlier comment; Mike Adams is where I usually go to, for my information..

Here's his latest: https://www.brighteon.com/10ebe988-ffa6-4454-b281-f7bf895e7deb

The other guy I follow is Jeff Berwick "The Dollar Vigilante" (https://dollarvigilante.com/): (https://vigilante.tv/w/pRzxBcEWzEhDTTGbYEf4EE... get a load of the ultra-orthodox Jew in front of the Palestinian flag! 😳) -- and to a lesser extant Max Igan (https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=max%20igan&kind=video&sort=new)

So far apparently, 1,400 Isrealis murdered by the Mossad wholly-owned subsidiary Hamas -- versus 7,000 Palestinians blown to bits by Netanyahu & Co.

Like I said: I just want everyone to be able to live decently, in peace and quiet, and totally unimmolated or weighted down with unnecessary lead.. 😥

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I don't know what to believe anymore, Roy. What if I were to say I believe nothing, other than the faceless powerful CEOs of mankind - past and present - are all pathological.

Perhaps Joseph Goebbels was a former Madison Avenue advertising executive who learnt his craft from the best. Hell, if NASA could purge the Nazi V2 White Whale rocket team, and Zionist leaders were mates with Adolf Hitler, then fuck me George, anything is possible.

Mankind has been lied to since day 1. The major monotheistic religions are all fabulous Aesop's Fables. If you read Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses" he really lays the plagiarism red card right at the door of the writers of the Koran. Raghead shameless liars. Expedient opportunist cunt that Rushdie is, he knew he had to write something so bloody controversial that only a fatwa would push him into literary nirvana, because he's really a pretty average author.

So where does this leave us all now? Banging on on Substack with all the rest of the unhinged racist, bigoted, world-hating nutters; preaching to the converted echo chamber of self-loathing, prophesying our version of "reality" on a tame audience?

It's all BS; that's why I have a limit.

BTW, did I tell you I only post on Substack for one reason - writing practice. How two-faced am I in the scheme of things.

Goodnight Roy.

It's almost midnight here.

Tomorrow's another day.

And there's always a tomorrow.

Barry xx

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PS You reminded me of something I think I read in Wade Frazier's "A Hidden Planet"... seems Joseph Goebbels WAS a client for awhile, of Edmund Bernays, the founder of public relations and nephew to the rebarbative Sigmund Freud🤯.

Can't think of too many people needing Edmund's services more.. 🤔

Sleep tight.😘

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You and I would appear to be singing off the same choirbook, but yeah .. the Rothschilds bankrolled Hitler, AND the foundation of Israel! And yes, the Zionists and the Nazis were "Horizontal Mambo Partners" as a scurrilous Canadian magazine from yesteryear liked to put it...

My favorite notion is that after Hitler and Elvis faked their deaths, they were given life extension pills by The Grey Aliens, plus a partnership in a whorehouse in Patagonia..and they're running it, to this day! 😘

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Oct 27, 2023·edited Oct 27, 2023

"Vone more schnapps and ve at eet again, Ja?"

Hitler calls a meeting of his best soldiers and commanders and tells them "Alrrright I vant to order zer assassination of vone tousand Juden and four hedgehogs."

One of his generals stands up and says:

"But... Mein fuhrer vhy four hedgehogs?"

Hitler then smiles cruelly and says: "See, no vone gives a fuck about zer Juden".

English comedian Harry Enfield does a fabulous gay Nazis pisstake:


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🤣🤣🤣 That is just EVIL...

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In Iran, gay men are made to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

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Surgery? So it's not like in the US where they can put on a dress and hang out in little girls' restrooms with male genitalia still fully intact?

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ideologically possessed? Is an interesting assessment Patricia, there’s certainly that component and I also believe these people have been brainwashed and want to believe they’re relevant while supporting a just and honest, heartfelt approach for the GREATER GOOD! By opposing Hatefulness directed at monsters who decide to decapitate children, extract fetuses from pregnant women and rape woman, among other more atrocious acts, if one believes there’s possibly deeper atrocities, these psychopath believe their doing a great service for again, the greater good! . I can’t accept these “WACKADOS” had any common sense starting out so I would throw that out the window, they were ripe for the taking and we’re overcome by individual choices to go along to get along and this makes them feel empowered!there’s no doubt common sense is non-existent but somewhere along the line from birth to their present existence, the wheels fell off and they crashed head on to a brick wall. I honestly think these “PRO-Palestinian supporters feel relevant by their actions. When doing something, anything for the sense of being relevant, especially rooted in evil, people will disconnect mentally, I’m certain if, someone had a one on one with these supporters, there’s not a chance they wouldn’t realize how demented their thoughts and actions are. It’s called, Collective Salvation, I first heard this from who else, the evil of all evil, BHO! Collective Salvation is rooted in socialism / communism and is for the “GREATER GOOD”! Regardless of the cause! Really now BHO? Really? Individual salvation yes, because we are all responsible for OUR OWN SELF! INDIVIDUALLY! Being isolated for what ever reason will ultimately lead to most people seeking acceptance and low and behold they found collective salvation, again a brainwashing phenomenon which encourages people to take action for the greater good! Thanks again BHO, you’re a brilliant man doing evil deeds, brilliantly! You let other’s do your dirty work! When society works together for good, good prevails and the opposite for evil, evil prevails! Feeling like you belong, doesn’t matter what you’re belonging to as long as your actions are deemed for the greater good. There’s an element of brainwashing know doubt and demonic possession they believe is all for the greater good and those poor horribly treated “HAMAS TERRORISTS” need our help so they look past are blind by the atrocities HAMAS COMMITTED! Remember, it’s all for the greater good! I’m convinced if more people find their way back to God or who they believe is for goodness, overwhelmingly as those numbers increase, the evilness will begin to decline, it’s happened time and time before. The world has strayed far away from God and evil fills the void, the opposite will happen when the world decides, we’ve witnessed enough and reflect inwardly for better times to come! The power of persuasion s very powerful! May God bless America and the entire world!


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Well said! - I stole the 'ideollogically possessed' phrase from Jordan Peterson intermingled with influences from Gad Saad.

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Thank you Patricia, Jordan Peterson is an awesome and talented man, I listen to him frequently. There’s so many great people doing great things and unfortunately the devil is running our country due to stolen and corrupted elections! They know it and is why they have thrown so much POOP at the wall hoping most people will give in to their stupidity and rule of corruption! We can’t and I do believe we won’t, there’s far more God loving people than the evil followers who seek to destroy! May God bless America and the entire world! Thank you Patricia, thank you!


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These people are ideologically possessed, brain washed and have lost all common sense if they ever had any.

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No critical thinking skills.

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Well... Their heart's are in the right place I suppose.. OTOH Wayne is not taking the trouble to distinguish between "Palestinian" and "Hamas": Not quite the same thing... 🤔

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Gays who are unhappy that they are gay and would like to become hetero (so called "egodystonic" homosexuality) face a real struggle in the strongly heterophobic USA where aversion therapy (gay conversion therapy) is largely banned for minors and strongly discouraged for adults. Males in the US are subjected from an early age to pressure to permit sodomy and commit sodomy. The US has many constutiinalists and getting sodomized is considered a constitutional right in the US (see Lawrence v. Texas). Being a hetero is far more socially acceptable in other parts of the world outside of the USA including Palestine. "Queers for Palestine" could be gays who want to be straight and who are persecuted in the US for violating prevailing cultural norms.

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I lived in Libya for 10 years…there was ZERO tolerance for gay behavior between grown men. However, sex with a minor male child under the age of majority was allowed. I doubt that’s changed.

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The US and NATO never sought to change that when they removed the secular regime. After Gaddafi was sodomized to death with a bayonet, Hillary Clinton laughed about his death. The goal of the US was to foster islamization. Any perverted practices would have been endorsed.

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Homosexuals have several treatments that will immediately tweak their insanity back into at least semi-normal mode; insulin shock therapy works perfectly. I'll link old timer Time article, but we have a film, A Beautiful Mind, based upon the true story, of the same name. Both media skimmed over the treatment, but book did have more detail.

Insulin For Insanity, Time, 1937 (completely suppressed by NWO Eugenic Cartels; luck would have it that it's yet available on archives, for now).


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“They’rev pathetically stupid. They’re insanity SQUARED.”

They’re PSYOPS.

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What about Bachi Baazi?

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I think I should organize and subsidize tours of Palestine.

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No they don’t realize it because they are so focused on making everything “Gay” that they can’t see the forest because of the trees.

I may be wrong, but thats my simplistic take in it.

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Most of the pro-palestine gay people are pro-palestine cuz they have ALWAYS been pro-palestine back to the 1960's and earlier

This is the dumbest most retarded post

Most of Palestine is Secular, just like Israel is 100% pedophile & homo the OP could argue they too shouldn't exist, but they're a majority

This OP is 100% ZOG-SHIT

But that tends to be what P-alex posts on substack is crap and dis-info

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Let’s get together and ship them over in containers- the hamas will slaughter them

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Get educated on Israel.

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Although I read that in Saudi Arabia, homosexuals can get around the prohibition of gay sex by fully transitioning.

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