Some may say, OK, there may have been coordination, at the highest levels. But it was to protect against misinformation. They were protecting people from claims like "drinking your own urine is all you need to cure covid", or, "you can self diagnose if you have covid by noticing how you breathe."

Essential to keep emphasizing that the point of this was Not to censor actual misinformation, even if some of that got swept away in the process.

The point was to censor TRUE information, and VALID hypothesis, and CREDIBLE science, and HONEST doctors, and the dividing line between what was considered misinformation and not had Nothing to do with truth or misinformation, it was does it serve the narrative (which is full of lies), or does it challenge the narrative.

Bless these heroes carrying this lawsuit forward, and the honest people in the court system. The Orwellian nightmare was the first part, now the corruption is exposed and it will be harder to hide behind lies.

But the vaccine cult people, some who mean well and don't know how much brainwashing there is, might interpret this backwards. And one day will cringe at who they trusted for so long ...

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So wonderful, that this is being uncovered. Now, to get the message out, past the censorship throughout the mainstream. And to hold the people accountable, despite the vast amount of corrupted people in the judicial system - who also need to be held accountable.

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It was to sell shots under EUA. The safety of the shots is the misinformation. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are curative. What they did was criminal murder.

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The Milgram experiment 1962, YouTube explains this well. I have only watched a little bit of it. If you see it you will understand why.

I knew early - mid 2020 that the “vaccine” was a bioweapon with huge thanks to Frances A Boyle. I expected the great scientists to come out on the news and explain this. It did not happen. I then studied vaccinology with thanks to Geert Vanden Bossche and concluded that the non sterilising, out of date “vaccine” with its cytotoxic synthetic spike protein was designed to fail. If I was a scientist, I could have blown the whistle earlier.

The first thing I memorised was a suggested notice by Frances Boyle which I quoted when needed -

By authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, I hereby exercise my right to refuse to submit to or administer the covid 19 vaccine.

The US government has prosecuted, convicted and executed medical doctors who have violated the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation. Aiders and abettors of Nuremberg Crimes are equally guilty and have been prosecuted, convicted and executed.

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Dr Alexander— this is your best substack yet! I don’t think people truly grasp how close to the precipice our country has come. And, indeed, perhaps we are already hurtling over the cliff. Without the first (and second) amendment, all other rights are essentially null and void. And to think that our own population has been tricked into destroying that pillar of rights (freedom of speech) through the euphemism of misinformation. “Misinformation” was not even a part of the public vocabulary before COVID— and it certainly is not in the Bill of Rights. Instead of us influencing China, we are becoming China through the behavior of our own officials.

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I take every opportunity to expose the truth and awaken people, if it’s possible. Whether I am in a check out line or standing and just shopping and encounter people. I met several great people at the check out counter who had their masks half on and I asked them if they take any supplements that fight covid. She immediately handed me a paper and pen. She said she doesn’t want to take the jab and I said don’t. They don’t work and are injuring people. I couldn’t say killing because her husband took it for work since he works in a healthcare setting. We had a great talk. This has been happening more frequently and although it’s not a huge amount of people, it’s the best I can do right now to spread the word. I look forward to these informative substacks so much and all the likeminded people who comment. It gives me some hope. I’ve also been forwarding these substack newsletters to everyone who has open their mind to it.

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Censorship and propaganda are bad, very bad. The Chinese Communist Party may use censorship and propaganda about COVID-19 and other things, just as Western nations do, and like the Communist Party of the former USSR, and the former East German Stasi did, may send its goons to ransack the residence of its political opponents. It may subject them to witch hunts and show trials. However, as bad as the Chinese Communist Party is, at least it does not mandate the mRNA jabs. Actually, it does not offer mRNA jabs and it does not mandate any jabs. It appears that mandating jabs, and especially mRNA and AVV jabs, may be too much of a violation of human rights for the Chinese Communist Party and may be a bridge too far for them in terms of secret police security surveillance state overreach.

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I refer all to the first Nuremberg.

Only a dozen or so of the top level Nazis were executed. None of the lower level ‘trigger pullers’ or gas switch pullers were persecuted... neither were those involved in rounding up the Jews and those destined to the same fate.

There was the phenomenon of the ‘desk top killers’ who through policy and signing memos and instructions ensured thousands (or millions) would die as a result. Today a simple message from a cellphone or laptop can achieve the same almost instantly.

Fortunately the US at least still has the death penalty to deal with these bureaucratic killers.

This book is an informative must read for all to understand whate we are up against.

“ I You We Them: Revealing the ‘desk killers’, perpetrators of crimes against humanity” - Dan Gretton

Two book reviews:

‘Dan Gretton’s magisterial work looks at corporate collusion with the Holocaust, how white-collar workers at desks in well-lit offices commit evil, and how “violence bleeds from paper”.’

David Gorin, New Frame

‘Meticulous, clinical, and sobering, a shockingly important and incisive book. It is a timely reminder that crimes against humanity are committed not by monsters but by ordinary men.’ David Olusoga, author of Black and British: A Forgotten History ‘I You We Them is much more than a history of bureaucratic crime. Rather, Gretton has written himself deeply and intimately into the work … Perhaps the most urgent point that he seeks to make, and the one that elevates his book from a work of history and memoir to a manifesto, is that the example of desk killers in the Holocaust must be seen as a moral caution against complacency and complicity in our own lives and our own times.’

Jonathan Kirsch, Washington Post

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I lived through “Remolding the minds” & brainwashing!

It was the chief instrument of Romanian communism under Ceausescu, another notorious dictator.

At same levels, I now “see it” practiced by my corporate employer, the government officials and all those people that are no longer my ‘friends’ because I chose not buy into the narrative and ‘smell’ trouble from miles away.

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The extent to which Americans' first amendment rights are being violated is chilling, as in the case in the story below:

JUST IN: Democrat Official Robert Telles Arrested in Connection to Murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal Reporter Jeff German


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One thing that was very evident in Biden’s Philly tirade (I hesitate to call it a speech), is he kept referring to democracy. The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic NOT a democracy. In a democracy the majority have the say and if last several years have taught us anything is the majority can be misled and wrong. The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic, each individual has rights even if they don’t agree with the majority. Democracy isn’t at risk, we have that currently and it is leading to a totalitarian regime. What is at risk is our personal rights as a citizen in the Constitutional Republic of the U.S. Biden keeps using the word Democracy to lead people to the Democratic Party. Furthermore, Trump supporters are no threat to anyone; they aren’t raiding people’s homes, or working with big tech to censor speech. They aren’t championing lockdowns or masking or mandated jabs. They didn’t go out destroying businesses or burning down cities like Seattle and Portland or supporting defunding the police. It’s important we point this out when people spout this nonsense. While I may not be a big fan of Trump, the assault on him after what we’ve lived through so far under Biden, is just another distraction to keep us divided.

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I keep hoping that something will break loose, and turn this ship around. I wished for lawsuits. Some have occurred, but that has not stopped anything. The smear campaigns continue on afterwards, like Nick Sandman, Trump after everything proved to be lies (Russiagate, Ukraine call, ridiculous pee tape), vaccines don't work, the lies about J6 (5 police were murdered, lie- Biden recently repeated that lie. That never happened; one cop died of a stroke after he went home. However two J6 protesters were hit with flash bangs and died, woman was beaten by cops and died, Ashli Babbitt wash shot and killed).

Some one as smart as Dr. Malone said he donated to Biden and I assumed he voted for him. I admire his admitting he was wrong. If he can be taken in anyone can. How he didn't see the intensive smears and nasty journalists as abnormal behavior is baffling. All the red flags were there, but some people did not and some still do not see through the BS.

Dr. Malone's Article, "The Way we were" https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/the-way-we-were?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2

From his substack article, "I thought that CNN, the Washington Post, The New York Times and Atlantic Monthly were balanced, professional sources of news and opinion, and Fox News was primarily preying on old people who were angry about how fast the world was changing. ......"Russian” disinformation operations were the major threat to social media, and internet trollery was an annoying fact of life that just had to be dealt with in a free society. I thought that the World Economic Forum was a group of trendy rich people who met annually in the mountains of Davos, Switzerland to hang out, see and be seen, drink expensive wine and watch TED talks."

I like that he has awakened, instead of going woke. I can relate, however, I came to the conclusion way before during Trump's reign that something is terribly wrong. Once you realize that, you begin to see and find out everything you ever believed good about the Govt is wrong. Trump was right, the Gov is full of swamp rats. Wars are fought for money, lobbyists really do control everything. Obama whom I never trusted, and he proved through his Presidency he is evil. I read parts of a book he wrote before his first term. It was lent to me by a friend on my commute to work on the train. It was dripping with arrogance, self-inflated ego, and prejudice. My friend saw something different in the book. I never told him how I felt. Obama put in place a lot of what is happening; Obamacare, firing Officers and replacing them in the military, assigning John Brennan head of CIA, start of BLM, etc.

How do you stop the world's richest people, how do you retake control? Trump had 4 years and had an uphill battle against the swamp. Despite all he did good, they smeared and did the "wrap up smear" with the Media's help. He who controls the media controls the minds of the public ~ Noam Chomsky. In a Democracy, public opinion is crucial to politics and formulating policy. Public opinion no longer matters in Communist/Totalitarian state. Those who resist have been crushed by the "Red Guard, Stasi, Gestapo, Fidel Castro's Red Gestapo," whatever their name, the intent is the same. Biden's last speech was threatening and he made threats to US Citizens during the speech, totally unheard of ever happening before in US.

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We have known that severe censorship has been gaining momentum the last 10 years. Just about anything that does not reek of leftist/liberal/democrat policies is censored. Censorship has been going on for 1,000's of years as governments and their arrogant power brokers seek to control people and attempt to look like they are infallible. Not only government, but big pharma is equally as guilty. In the end, nothing will change.

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Has Fauci been playing God and are we in a theocracy? Is he all seeing and believes that only his way in medical treatment is healing and creation of viruses are a form of new life? Is it time for him to come back down to earth?

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With all due respect to "forced preference falsification," I prefer to call it willful ignorance.

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These are serious accusations and may seem plausible to many, and I am among them, but your comments touching our government's coordinated trampling of our Constitutional Rights require some well documented proof. Your statements seems to infer there is such proof, please, we need to be allowed to see and examine this proof.

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