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NORWAY and SOUTH AFRICAN Omicron evidence; does Omicron impede our emergence from COVID-19 and change our proposed 15 point plan/steps? No and in fact OMIRCRON tells us COVID is over! DONE!

TRUMP; you know how much I support him; did more than the last 10 POTUS; but he was WRONG; and we must be able to say it and he must be able to admit it; he was badly MISLED; on lockdowns and vaccines

AGAIN, fifteen (15) suggested steps to immediately emerge from this COVID insanity after 2 yrs and to get moving with your life AGAIN; free, free out of the clutches of maniacal Fauci and CDC and NIH

Povidone Iodine (PVP-I) Oro-Nasal Spray: An Effective Shield for COVID-19 Protection for Health Care Worker (HCW), and for all; PLEASE share

Fauci and one of his lies, he and Birx lied to the nation and world and told us this was spread asymptomatically so you had to mask and lock down...this and the lie about recurrent infection

My friend and brilliant scientist Dr. Robert Malone was cut off of Twitter today; he is shifted to telegram & substack and address is here; this is an unusual intellect and he is helping win; SUPPORT!

My BROWNSTONE op-ed on the chance of re-infection with COVID virus with consideration of OMICRON...

Israel now considers 'HERD' immunity given what they are seeing in OMICRON, it is mild, non-lethal, less than a common cold; Israel was first out the gate with vaccine and leads the vax insanity

Over 150 studies and pieces of evidence showing masks (blue surgical and while cloth masks/face masks) are ineffective, even very harmful; I repost as the media & Fauci et al. want you masked forever

Just in case you needed a couple of graphs of South Africa to show you OMICRON, here I plotted (our world in data) as of Dec 28th, the cases and show you they are DECOUPLED

I will write about INNATE immunity next, how it is the key, NOT natural immunity; innate and natural go hand in hand but it is INNATE that is key; I will explain in next posting; we STOP boosters now

Update: Israeli study shows (preliminary) that Omicron antibodies could provide immunity against Delta too; remember, that you use nasal + oral wash (povidone iodine/h peroxide diluted 2-3 x day)

It is OVER! You have to trust me and the steep scientists and doctors I work with daily by the hour, we look at the data and science by the hour: COVID is done! Omicron as I shared prior showed this!

It is MASS vaccination with these non-sterilizing vaccines (non-neutralizing antibodies) DURING a pandemic with circulating viral pathogen, will lead to emergence of new infectious variants!!!!!!!!!!!

Common colds are coronaviruses and children's prior exposure cross-protects/cross-reacts with SARS-CoV-2/COVID; explains why at such LOW risk; Dowell et al. (NATURE study); must NOT get vaccinated

421 studies and pieces of high-quality evidence in Brownstone by me showing all lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, masks etc. All failed, all were ineffective and very crushingly harmful

These 6 studies show that there is (can be) harm following use of these COVID vaccines; ensure you understand the benefits and the harms before agreeing to take

COVID vaccines CANNOT protect against SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, they never could: a catastrophic mistake by vaccine developers if they did not know and if they did know, to be misleading the public!

The COVID vaccine program, all of it has been a complete devastating failure! The vaccine has failed and it is plain to see; any such program during an ongoing epidemic/pandemic results in variants

EXCESS MORTALITY; Just so you know, ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don't even have COVID; we will be seeing many entering hospital for all types of illness that got worse

Pulliam et al. raises serious questions about re-infection with omicron breaching all prior forms of immunity e.g. natural and vaccinated; we are studying this; GOOD news it is a very MILD/very brief

Updated Brownstone op-ed I wrote in 'NATURAL IMMUNITY' (and innate) showing it exists and is superior to vaccine immunity, where we must NOT force vaccine on anyone given potency of natural immunity

Vaccine failure on Delta and Omicron: I pulled together over 35 studies showing the vaccine has failed and see the BROWNSTONE op-ed; we cant get these in medical journals, blacklisted so I use op-eds.

My prior op-ed in Brownstone on why children must be considered already 'VACCINATED' and immune: Dear Pfizer and Bourla, leave our children alone

On lockdowns and pandemic response: my position Feb 2020 remains same today Jan 2022: you strongly protect the vulnerable and elderly in our homes and nursing homes & give early treatment as needed

OMICRON, Hospitalization, India, and vaccination: this quartet holds some nuggets? is it that mainly hospitalized persons with Omicron are vaccinated? & they are discharged rapidly, excellent news!

Research by Loeske et al. corroborated that pre-activated antiviral 'INNATE' immunity in the upper airways controls early SARS-CoV-2 infection in children; this is the 'FIRST line of defense' in kids

REMINDER: this op-ed I wrote in Brownstone over 100 studies/pieces of evidence showing NATURAL immunity is far superior to COVID vaccine immunity; I highlight studies among these many studies

"Delmicron": still trying to figure out what this is and if it is one variant with Omicron and Delta spikes combined, or one person infected with the 2 distinct variants (Omicron and Delta)...

Sweden vs Austria: what does the data now show? Well, that the 'stop COVID at all costs' and the 'zero COVID' and 'no COVID' are devastating approaches that have crushed people needlessly; FAILED!

MASK mandates: do they work? You judge and tell me

POTUS Trump said no one has died from the vaccine in interview with Candace Owens; how could he promote a product that it is proven causes myocarditis; FDA has put a warning on the vial

US Navy Warship Pauses Deployment After COVID-19 Outbreak Among ‘100 Percent Immunized’ Crew; what does it mean? It means the vaccines have failed on Omicron and Delta; PERIOD; DO NOT TAKE THIS!

23rd December 2021 findings out of UK matches DANISH & Israeli results, show dramatic protection declines against symptomatic Omicron; this points to a 4th dose and more in 2022; role up 'dem' sleeves

'COVID Heroin': my friend Doug and I are debating and once you get on the juice, you cannot get off the 'COVID Heroin' or 'EASY money making off of COVID heroin' are hooked!

Israel is rolling out a 4th dose of the COVID-19 vaccine... as it faces the Omicron variant; same with UK...they dont seem to understand the vaccine CANNOT work against Omicron

Delta/Omicron nasal wash that is important for these and other viral pathogen; we have learnt that povidone iodine, or hydrogen peroxide, or even very dilute sodium hypochlorite kills this virus dead

OMICRON variant: good news as to severity; top line clinicians reporting very mild, lasting 1-2 days, no treatment needed, and even in the elderly, very 'cold-like', less than cold symptoms

Merry Christmas to everyone and yes, let us celebrate the holiday and our families and hold and kiss them without masks, hug and rub our faces together again, hold our mothers and fathers tight

The HHS, CDC, NIH, FDA must be taken down to the very studs and fumigated; corrupted and now bogus, they do not stand for science or regulatory oversight; they sold us out to pharma, global interests

SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant: ACE2 Binding, Cryo-EM Structure of Spike Protein-ACE2 Complex and Antibody Evasion; this new study holds some nuggets for us to consider

75 Studies and Articles Against COVID-19 School Closures, showing school closures crushed children and caused self harms and suicides

This myocarditis paper by McCullough and Rose, is major as shows the massive risk of myocarditis in young males; the journal pulled this paper and facing legal actions; I work with Peter McCullough

Dr. Bruce Patterson's research suggests that residual viral protein (S1 subunit) is responsible for triggering 'LONG-HAULER' COVID symptoms; his work shows spike sub unit 15 months post infection

MERCK's drug FDA just approved 'moneypiravir' oh sorry Molnupiravir, can be catastrophic; be WARNED; it promotes mutations/variants and must not be given to pregnant women; HUGE mistake

POTUS Trump interview with Candace Owens, I have found her very smart and professional and balanced...I am shocked at this interview for it seems that POTUS Trump is not contemporary with the science

This graph tells us something important; SA has 20-25% vaccinated yet seems to have peaked 4th wave and downwards, but Israel with near all population vaxxed, is ticking up...see below

Vaccine effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infection with the Omicron or Delta variants following a two-dose or booster BNT162b2 or mRNA-1273 vaccination series: A Danish cohort study

I have written and published that ASYMPTOMATIC spread is rare; not a driver of this and likely not at all; I cant find any definitive evidence; seems the NFL agrees with me; the body of evidence below

Bourla’s Pfizer mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both the acquired/adaptive and innate immune system responses; this is a huge problem

Trying to make sense of the madness CDC, NIH & Pfizer’s Bourla have put upon us: original antigenic sin (mortal antigenic sin), Marek’ disease, & subverting the immune system ‘life-long’ with vaccine

The issue is children who would NEVER die normally from COVID due to such small risk, have died from the vaccine...this is the issue, is this fair? is this not reprehensible?

Merck's drug molnupiravir can cause mutants to emerge...this has always been a problem and is a catastrophic problem if we moved forward with this drug...

Chertow study shows SARS-CoV-2 replicates > 6 months (230 days) in humans after initial infection...explains people who experience terrible symptoms post infection and thus 'long-COVID'...its real

I put this together on the risk of RE-INFECTION...the predominant finding is that it is very rare and if at all...we are arguing no and it is always when we examine due to problematical PCR results

The government and CDC and NIH and elites have used the 'NOBLE lie' on us to constrain us; we the masses and the unwashed 'low life' masses cannot think for ourselves, we need them to lie to us

Trump allowed vaccine developers and CDC and NIH and all involved LIABILITY PROTECTION, so when your child is harmed or dies from this vaccine, you are exposed and no recourse; NO, say hell NO!!!!!!!

"South Africa's huge omicron wave appears to be subsiding just as quickly as it grew"...BUT I told you this; this is natural and innate immunity and early drug treatment; only 20% SA is vaxxed

This graph of South Africa (omicron origin) shows that the infections peaked and now on the way down...I plotted this and see concerning is Israel uptick...20-25% of SA is vaxed vs ~ 90%Israel

What do you think? Tedros of WHO, is he crazy or is there something going on here? Is he fearless and brave? He has been part of the problem all along for the WHO is really one corrupt inept group

I wrote this op-ed 4 weeks ago (1 month), as Fauci and CNN and FOX and CDC and NIH and these illogical fear mongering inept dangerous technocrats amped up fear to push you to vaccinate you & the kids

It is a huge concern, a staggering wrong when Fauci could hold a senior role in the pandemic response in Trump & Biden admin and also a senior decision-making role in NIAID/NIH as to who is funded

Preliminary assessment of the clinical severity of the SARS-CoV-2 'Omicron' variant in South Africa; pre-print study points to reduced risk of hospitalization and reduced risk of severe disease

It is as simple as this: COVID is done, finished and Omicron is showing you this...mild, non-lethal, far milder than even the common calm down, the SA data is clear and globally

Povidone iodine as a mouthwash and nasal cleanse, or hydrogen peroxide, or sodium hypochlorite, very diluted, swish and spit, nasal spray, no swallow, swish and spit, VERY dilute, can MAJOR cut risk

How to stop this? what would it take to stop this now? the 'POWERS' seem to not care about the harms; as if we are insane people but look at this School District in New York memo to parents on SCA

I warn again: it is the use of a non-sterilizing (non-neutralizing) vaccine like this, in mass vaccination, when there is massive infectious pressure (circulating virus) and sub-optimal immune pressur

"New York's HIV experiment": The NIH/NIAID (Fauci et al.) conducted experiments on black HIV infected orphans in a NY orphanage; these beasts in senior posts absolve themselves with 'the NOBLE lie'

It is not the greater excess mortality in 'years to come', I believe it is here now & we are beginning to see it, deaths not accounted for by COVID infection etc.; it is the poorer working class....

Talking points I have assembled across the last year that I share for you to drive your family and friends nuts, crazy, over Christmas dinner!!! Drop a couple of these on them and see how they react

Tweaking of 15-point plan to emerge immediately from the COVID lockdown madness; at its core is the population saying "STOP IT! STOP the BS! POTUS Biden, this is over, grow up, get a grip, keep quiet!

The COVID-19 vaccines have shown themselves ineffective on Delta and Omicron variant and studies also show that they can be harmful especially in COVID recovered persons (persons naturally immune)

It was always clear to me, the vaccines never worked, failed; period; they brought (in my mind intentional) a failed non-sterilizing (non-neutralizing) vaccine; could have NEVER worked; 200%

Dr. Bonnie Henry of British Columbia Canada says Omicron is so difficult that they must implement measures; concerns that Omicron can overwhelm BC hospitals; does this inept blockhead not read data?

As Omicron variant marches in so also is a coming dark winter for the global poor with renewed lockdown calls: case in point how vulnerable Indians 'died for COVID'

My updated views on Omicron December 20th based on bogus CDC statements...just tear it up and throw in garbage...all meant to scare you to vaccine and to damage your child...turn it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This video by our beloved POTUS Trump makes no sense; it is that I am dismayed, I am truly stunned that he does not seem to know the devastation the vaccine is having on the social fabric of US

CDC is bailing on its request to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization of the PCR test: but why? Come 31st its gone.

Archbishop Vigano’s startling warning to the American people: I think it is so very good I am simply printing it here...he speaks for me

MOTHER fu***r: SAGE Modeler Admits They Don't Model Good Outcomes For Lockdown Policymakers

FAUCI predicts face masks on planes FOREVER: 'We should be doing it': I think we should expose Fauci to my op-ed below showing masks do not work, nor mandates, and can be harmful, PERIOD!

More than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms

FEAR has now become the key tool of the government and they isolated us for a prolonged time and drilled fear with 24/7 media lies...and then soon we will see how they separate us as groups

The title of the news piece was "What's the timeline for kids under 5 to get a COVID vaccine?" NO vaccine is needed in children, NONE!!! Those doing this must be held accountable when a child dies!

You asked us for 2 weeks to prepare the hospitals and we gave you 22 could you be telling us now about preparing hospitals? Did you doctors and hospitals and governments steal the money?

You can NEVER ever 'contact trace' your way out of an epidemic/pandemic if the pathogen has breached borders and one with a 10-14 day incubation period like will always be ahead of you

Subramanian and Kumar's study (see graph) showed us all we needed to know: there is NO association between levels of population vaccination and infection/cases burden; NONE

44 people test positive for COVID on Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas ship...yes, wait for it....drum roll...All passengers age 12 and older were required to be fully vaccinated and test negative

Is this a blatant attack on Christmas and appeasing those who do not celebrate it? Also, as a normal part of life, you could see a family member one day and they die the next

VACCINE Mandates dropping like flies: "Boeing drops vaccine mandate for U.S. workers, joining Amtrak and other major federal contractors so I ask why?????????

Why Vitamin D is so important and not only for COVID, use this as a wake-up call; what is its role in the immune system (in T-cell immunity)?

The COVID vaccine can be far more dangerous to you than the virus itself and you have to weigh the benefits versus the risks to 'you'; if there is all risk and no benefit, DO NOT touch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three nosocomial hospital type outbreak studies showed us: 1) double vaxxed nurses can become infected 2) double vaccinated nurses can transmit virus 3) that they have >250 times viral load

debate me on any issue in COVID…any day, any hour…any topic…any doctor or scientist or government COVID advisor...come in droves, me alone...but come...set place and time...

Rise in infections in US, UK, globally has ZERO to do with the type of variant (Delta vs omicron vs anything else); has do with the immune system working wrong and thus allowing respiratory infection

Time to take away the hall pass we gave doctors and scientists...time to hold them fully responsible for the disaster we faced with lockdowns and these vaccines...their complicity allowed it

Re-electing Trump? Based on COVID response? Why I think he deserves a second shot...and only how he could get it...

Charlie Kirk, I find wicked smart, said this below...I have argued the reason nations locked down March 2020 was fear not from he is a good person, they feared deep state cutting trade IF

Mortal Antigenic Sin (Original Antigenic Sin) and taking functional immune systems and making it react incorrectly with COVID vaccinations for Omicron and Delta

We had reports of parents telling the ER doctor we think we may have killed our child…the child was unresponsive with broken bones and they were explaining they were abusing each other...Trump knew

'Omicron'...'Oh My Gosh'...same damn thing...this is just pure absurdity and nonsensical as has been all of the COVID polices from lockdowns, to school closures, to mask mandates...all were failed!!!

Dr. Hotez: Airline CEOs Objecting to Masks on Planes Have ‘Emotional Intelligence (EI) of a Doorknob’

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, MD, who challenged the University of California's vaccine mandate in court was fired as he refused to comply...

The forgotten faces of the lockdowns, the impoverished migrant worker walked thousands of miles to 'try' to get back to their village; many did not make it

Malone wrote: changes in the receptor binding domain (RBD) of Spike will not only influence how well it can evade vaccine-induced antibodies, but also how it interacts with ACE 2: I agree, but....

Asymptomatic transmission and COVID-19: overhyped and overstated and we were misled by the COVID-19 Task Force to drive lockdowns and masking

Must We Segregate the Unvaccinated from the Vaccinated?

Close contacts are able to gain T-cell immunity against SARS-CoV-2 despite lacking a detectable infection; imagine, just from exposure to an infected person, and shows the potency of cellular immunity

The COVID-19 pandemic was over near 16 to 18 months ago but the craven lockdown lunatics did not seem to understand this: a suggested plan to immediately emerge from COVID carnage

Is someone in search of an off-ramp? Are the democrats looking for one? the narrative circling the drain?

COVID infection in fat cells (adipose tissue) accounts at least in part for the association between severe COVID outcomes (death) and obesity; this is a complex relationship in the pathogenesis

We nonsensically over-reacted to OMICRON which turned out to be very mild and non-lethal; if all goes true to form, we expect no change to this

Myocarditis from COVID virus versus myocarditis from the vaccine: the latter (from vaccine) is far more dangerous

COVID-19 vaccines for children, our young children who bring statistical zero risk to the table, is all risk & no benefit, no opportunity for benefit and only opportunity for harms, thousands can die

Dear Pfizer and Fauci and Walensky and Francis Collins: Leave the ​​Children Alone, consider them already vaccinated and immune, hands off!

Its this simple: you will never ever achieve population level herd immunity with a non-sterilizing (non-neutralizing) vaccine as these COVID vaccines; they have failed and will continue to

Spike protein and components (S1 subunit) found 15 months in the blood after infection, suggestive of same for those vaccinated; can be catastrophic and was NOT studied by Pfizer or imposed by FDA

Vaccine failure for omicron: Kaiser Permanente said 11 of its employees at Oakland Medical Center were infected, and they were all fully vaccinated and had received booster shots.

Grift and graft by Pfizer's Bourla and all involved; the hysteria and drive to force vaccination has no basis as report after report show omicron is a way less severe than even Delta; 0 deaths

Salvatore et al. in this one study should resound to policy makers that vaccinated are no less contagious than unvaccinated when symptoms develop

75 studies and pieces of evidence that reveal the catastrophic impact of COVID-19 school closures on children

9 studies support the rejection of polices to segregate the unvaccinated from the vaccinated in the current COVID-19 emergency

The verdict is in on Omicron and the vaccine; the vaccine fails against omicron alike for Delta and will for new variants...boosting will fail, 3rd, 4th boost...Pfizer and Fauci knows, not you yet

Is POTUS Trump filtering out important information in error, thinking he is being attacked and smeared? When we are trying to inform him about the disaster vaccine situation? We have to inform him

COVID-19 vaccines may impact and potentially damage healthy innate immune systems and leave children vulnerable; COVID has spared our children, so why damage this innate system?

Reports of 2 babies given the COVID shot in Brazil and hospitalized; reports are they were given in error as meant to give an alternative vaccine

167 studies and pieces of evidence/reporting showing COVID face masks (blue surgical and white cloth/man-made) and mandates are ineffective and harmful

to me there is one issue on deck as an adult if by now you are NOT informed to understand the vaccine has failed and boosting can be catastrophic for you then I cant have to think

I love and support POTUS Trump, still do, I think in 2 years he did more than the last 10 POTUS; to me the greatest; but made devastating blunders on lockdowns & vaccines; he failed to fire Fauci/Birx

35 studies that show that the vaccine has failed against Delta and you are being asked to take a 3rd booster and then a 4th and more that do not hit Delta; it is worthless and no one is telling you

It is the vaccination of the population 'WHILE' there is virus circulating that is the rate limiting step and have and will drive the emergence of more infectious variants (can even be a deadly one)

It is the LOCKDOWN that was the weapon populations have been subjected to, not the virus, and all to drive vaccine

3 nosocomial hospital outbreak studies reveal all that is wrong with the COVID vaccines: they have failed and boosting would be with the same failed vaccine

We have been warning of this that the more you vaccinate (and rapidly) the more you will drive the emergence of vaccine-resistant mutations and now we have emerging evidence

new op-ed I wrote today: Sweden and Germany: No Deaths In Healthy Children Due to Covid, so why are we vaccinating?

Berenson wrote today about CDC failed testing for COVID; I told you this a year ago, the US was flying blind for 5 weeks, virus seeded due to that failure by CDC, Redfield was brave recently admitting

We age prioritize and stratify vaccines for other conditions, so why not COVID???

I know you are scared, I was too and still am, but angered at what these POWER-DRUNK, POWER-MAD LOCKDOWN LUNATICS did to us

Its not the 3rd shot stupid: you are gonna need a 4th and 5th and 6th and forever booster...the plan is for you to be boosted every 4 months or so despite the same booster WILL not and cannot work

Treating the Elderly Early on In Nursing Homes Reduces COVID-19 Death Rate by Over 60%

Dear Pfizer and Dr. Fauci: Consider our Children already Vaccinated and Immune: Leave the ​​Children Alone

Our Innate immunity (1st line of defense) is even more critical than Natural immunity; the latter is a stop gap rescue compartment if pathogen breaches the innate; former is potent and misunderstood

We can only control or calm a pandemic if we cut the chain of transmission and we do that with population-level herd immunity; these COVID vaccines cannot do this, 100% cannot

Vaccine developer Pfizer, Fauci, Walensky, and Collins lied to us: There is no COVID vaccine that we are using now that can ever protect against an infection of the respiratory tract, none!

Innate immunity in children and young people and the devastation of it if you take COVID vaccines

Trump wins and we the people lose...why?

Its a game of chicken between two Presidents now; both know (and their governments) that the vaccine has effectively failed...the only question is who will admit it first

Sweden and Germany: no deaths in healthy children due to COVID so why are we rushing to vaccinate again?

Two Presidents, same disaster

How would we create a devastating biological weapon in the open and use it on the population?

Sub-optimal ‘leaky’ imperfect COVID-19 vaccines and original antigenic sin: was President Trump misled by Fauci and vaccine developers?

We must never ever use a non-sterilizing vaccine that does not stop transmission, during an ongoing pandemic, when there is immense infectious pressure intersecting with sub-optimal immune pressure

Why Does the CDC Recognize Natural Immunity for Chicken Pox but Not Covid? Is something other than science at play for COVID? CDC and NIH and Fauci and Walensky and Francis Collins are out of touch

The Attack on Scientific Dissent Becomes Ever More Brutal and is Catastrophic for Those Raising Questions

Outbreak on Norwegian ship with reported fully vaccinated crew and passengers helps show the vaccine has failed on Delta (certainly have grown weak against delta)

Mass Vaccination in the Middle of Pandemic Underestimates Evolutionary Capacity of SARS-CoV2 to Evolve

Public health decision makers, COVID Task forces, and their governments would be dangerously misguided and negligent if they continue to ignore the fully vaccinated as a major source of transmission

It’s Delta variant stupid: why the vapors and clutching of pearls over Omicron then?

Failure of lockdowns and school closures

More Than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions

30 Studies on Vaccine Efficacy that Raise Doubts on Vaccine Mandates

New COVID Variant Omicron Draws Absurd Global Overreaction

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