Sitemap - 2023 - Alexander COVID News_a PCR manufactured fake COVID pandemic

COVID 'fake' pandemic virus did not kill most people! No, many died ue to delayed treatment due to all beds blocked for COVID patients; but MOST deaths were due to medical treatment/abuse of people

The Wellness Company (TWC): Unveiling A Brighter Future; The Three Ways We Are Building a Parallel Economy; 2023 Annual Letter By Foster Coulson, Founder & Chairman

One man, one, ONE, as articulated by The Vigilant Fox (Vigilant News), namely Robert Malone, has attacked, sued, smeared, slandered following list of Freedom Fighter COVID anti-vaccine experts; how?

Not one study, NONE, I said before and repeat, no study up to now, in adults or children, no comparative effective research study, RCT or observational, has EVER shown the COVID mRNA vaccine reduced

It's the VACCINE, stupid, it's the VACCINE!; it's the mRNA & spike protein, stupid, it's the spike protein! My substack below mainstreamed VACCINE, not virus as cause of any 'heart failure pandemic';

AMEN! 3000 doctors, scientists say NO! 'New lawsuit challenges HHS rule that forces doctors to perform controversial gender transition procedures on children'; The number of doctors and medical

'Good Morning and Merry Christmas! (They've been wanting to kill you for a while now.) "All girls would be temporarily sterilized by time capsule contraceptives."' (SAGE HANA)

'Construction of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border finally commences in 2024, but not for the reason most Americans think. The wall will be built not to keep foreigners out but to keep Americans in;

McCullough (good post by Vigilant News): "each day COVID vaccines left on market, that does qualify as mass negligent homicide for all who are responsible for manufacturing the vaccines, distributing

COVID would have been over a long time ago but its the greed of the donor money and fame that keeps the lie going on! The lie is perpetuated by some within the Freedom Movement so that they can capit-

Needless to say, Jim Torma's Twitter post (X) (UNCHAINED podcast fame) caught my eye, I liked it, I like what he is asking for he sounds like me, ha ha...but seriously, this TWITTER post raises issues

Spike Dissolving Recovery Product & Medical emergency (prescriptions) kit; 2 optimal products from TWC; I focus on the Emergency Preparedness kit (comprised of 8 drugs that covers about 40 illnesses

BREAKING: COVID virus heart failure pandemic? Role of the mRNA technology vaccine too? Did Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx, Baric, CDC, FDA, NIH, Bourla, Weissman etc., all those linked to the COVID

SAGE HANA remains one of the most outstanding writers among substack writers, relentless, brilliant! This piece tugs at you by SAGE; 1)see my prior stack on Grace Schara, I interviewed her father,

Three years ago, end of 2020 or so, I wrote this anti-COVID 'lockdown' paper (for AIER, Tucker then leading AIER before Brownstone) arguing against societal lockdowns for COVID as well as BROWNSTONE

'Credit where credit is due'; RACHEL MALDONADO's newsletter: 1. 9 million military age males have entered the US in an invasion on our southern border, in the 3 years of Biden, 200 billion of US tax

Berenson has followed my substack articles asking where are women groups, Me Too? feminists speaking out for Israeli women? saw video where HAMAS inserted metal rods into vaginas exiting their mouths

Bill Rice Jr.'s Newsletter substack, worth the read, once again, enlightening and Bill writes with a unique style, i know him, support him: "I’m caught in ‘The Twilight Zone’, Which isn’t in some far

The great COVID deception part 1: Though CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci, Walenky, Malone, Hahn etc. have told you that the COVID mRNA vaccines save (d) lives & is/was safe & effective, they all LIED! Knew they

I support SAGE's stack on Germany's lockdowns & the catastrophe it was, by sharing my review of near 500 studies, pieces of research, reports (high quality); showed all lockdowns entire world FAILED!

Never forget what the islamist, North African muslim islamist did to the UK soldier Lee Rigby, broad daylight, chopping at his neck with a meat cleaver like animals, 6th century beasts, medieval

Bobby Kennedy Jr. got one thing right and one thing wrong in this clip shared by SAGE HANA; yes, across time pandemics have been frauds, faked so a prize for Bobby but this one also 100% fraud, fake

SAGE HANA'S newletter "My humanity's being destroyed by this!"; I would urge you to focus on the remarks section, the feedback, very interesting and informative

Dr. Jane Ruby & intelligence analyst Sasha Latypova deserve huge credit for their tireless work exposing Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin mRNA technology gene based deadly mRNA vaccine,

Medical doctors in US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc. played GOD & killed our parents, grand-parents with deadly 'blackhole' COVID protocol: i)designation COVID positive with 97% false posit

Biden (and Obama, Susan Rice, Jarrett) is invading America! We have a sitting POTUS actively invading America in front of us & we sit idly by! in fiscal year 2023, 172 individuals on the terror watch

These 14 year old Welsh teen girls may just as well worn shirts saying rape me, gang rape me, stab me, for this is what is GOING to happen welcoming in North African & Middle eastern military-age

WARNING: Childhood, toddler obesity & alarming rise in America spells disaster for coming generations! "Severe Obesity in Toddlers: A Canary in Coal Mine for the Health of Future generations"; why?

BOOM, the LIONESS is on fire! LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY asks a simple question: where the hell, where the hell did the damn flu infections/cases go in 2020 and 2021? 'Pictures Speak Louder Than Words'

James Hill MD’s Newsletter: JAMES HILL, MD, read this stack (support); "Dr. Robert Malone again steers you away from key aspects of Covid operation: researchers

Balls to the wall! Take everything they own! I hope you all understand, we have people in Trump administration, Biden administration, CDC, FDA, NIH, senior people, Bourla, Weissman, Bancel etc.

Everywhere that HAMAS islamist jihadist males went, they mutilated & raped women: "Screams Without Words’: How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7", pounding nails into women vaginas, pelvises

So now that we have studies actually showing that the mRNA (COVID vaccine) integrating back into human DNA (& so the potential of rewriting our genetic code, when will Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin,

BOOM!!!! Double BOOM! Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni shows US Republican & Democrat congress & Senate members, Canadian, UK, French etc, members of parliament etc. what REAL testicles are! Stones of steel

An example of how Malone contorts the truth to then get his moronic inept, stupid lawyer to file frivilous DOA lawsuits; here he names SAGE HANA, myself (Paul Alexander), Jane Ruby, George Webb, yet

International COVID Fear-Porn summit, Bucharest Romania, November 2023; I see they tricked my mentors Dr. Risch & Bridle, maybe told them it was a hard core 'real' science & not junk; SAGE & JJ Couey

For Spanish Flu (1918-1919), we may have poisoned (killed) a large number with toxic aspirin doses? We did not even have antibiotics then to deal with massive bacterial pneumonia yet for COVID now,

'Prominent Transgender Activist Kendall Stephens Arrested After Raping Two Minors in Philadelphia'; the same filth sodomy we have been clarion calling about, these TRANNYS are nothing more than pedos

'MMA Top Boss Dana White slams NFL Star Travis Kelce for promoting Pfizer ‘garbage' jab as Colby Covington calls him ‘biggest piece of (shi)t'; Your move NFL. Your move, Damar Hamlin. *Damar Hamlin';

Vigilant News asks the key question: "Dr. Malone Versus The World: Why Is He At War With Everyone?"; he attacks SAGE HANA, Drs. Alexander, Yeadon, McCullough; list goes on yet he is common denominator

Hhmmmm, an interesting exchange with a serious person given some points I raised & he said "Covid was very similar to the 1918 ‘flu' – most people died from the lack/unavailability of antibiotics, not

CHUDOV'S scholarship this last 1.5 years has been stellar! Learnt much from him & he reminds us about derilect of Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin etc., as to integration into human DNA

Is Tessa Lena onto something? Toxoplasmosis and COVID, SARS-2? Informative substack, support: "Study Correlates "Inflammaging" with Toxo Seropositivity; Some of the methodology is flawed I believe

SAGE HANA's recent substacks again (I recently began reading these in more detail & grew to admire the content, bravery & the different style; I learn; these 2 stacks below are dear to my heart; why?

Pedophilia--Malone--DMED--Heckman, crypto; what's the link? People are questioning Malone's fraud so he comes out attacking me, TWC etc. & with wild accusations of TWC being CIA?? Pedophilia, Robert?

Amplifying Conspiracy Sarah and Katherine Watt excellent scholarship: "Conspiracy Sarah is doing good reporting and analysis of Federal Register decrees by HHS Secretary-Dictator Xavier Becerra on

It is not only white christians killed by radical jihadist islamists! No, never was! Not only Americans or Europeans or even Russians, east block, NO! Always been blacks too in Nigeria etc., black

Et tu Bill?; Jim Hoft: "Previously Unseen Photo of Bill Gates with an Accuser of Jeffrey Epstein Emerges in Damning Report Highlighting Epstein’s Continued Manipulations After his 2008 Conviction"

Don't forget Aldén et al.'s REVERSE TRANSCRIPTION of Pfizer mRNA back to DNA! When next at a Malone & crew dog & pony travelling salesman show, ask Malone, shout out the question, ask him when he knew

Did you notice Malone only ad hominen attacks you, he does this with me, whomever, yet never addresses any science or technical issues & must read from his phone; he cannot address ANYTHING below

OVERALL body of evidence on the ineffectiveness & failure & toxicity of COVID face masks (assembled principally by myself with input from Oskoui, McCullough, Risch, Hodkinson, Tenenbaum et al.); The

I challenge fraud Malone!; upset by us, he he he, why? because we know he is & was a fraud, a grifter & btw Robert, any statement I make is mine, I detest your fraud, openly, grifting CONman; we

Again, when Malone said that data was clear that COVID mRNA vaccine saved lives, he LIED, he knew he lied, there has never been data, up to today, Dec 26, 2023, that showed that; no randomized control

Academically sloppy, intellectually lazy, specious, inept, unqualified, did not read or understand data, just a pipetting bench scientist was Robert Malone! & he misled many with his WRONG statements

When Malhotra said many did not take the mRNA COVID vaccine early on because they were IRRATIONAL, he was wrong, he knows he was wrong, I met him, spoke to him; now he understands it is because they

All, any medical doctor no matter how many, who partook in the lies of COVID, that the lockdowns would be effective, that natural immunity was inferior to COVID vaccine immunity, that the mRNA vaccine

Is this Malone taking the COVID mRNA shot that he said was unsafe? That he said the mRNA vaccine was unsafe? He who invented the technology? Did he not know based on clear evidence the masks did not

Primary endpoint of double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Interventional Study for Assessing Catheter Ablation Efficacy in Persistent Atrial Fibrillation was patient blinding; randomized in a 1:1 ratio


If Malone in 2014 had concerns about population overgrowth & ascribed to the eugenics madman Dr. Shockley, who would Malone cull first? White people? Or blacks or as Shockley said 'negroes'? Who?

Backstabbers? Who are they? Who backstabbed POTUS Trump? Who will backstab anyone for a payday and ego and fame? Who? Who has? My friend Gene M. Valentino (find him at shared:

Got this from SAGE HANA (remember, support SAGE, his/her merch); so question is: is Robert Malone a closet proponent of population control? a supporter of Dr. William Shockley's baby plan of the

Were these 2 TWITTER posts put out by Malone? Seems so & people are flooding investigative reporter Jim Torma (UNCHAINED podcast) with examples of confusing statements; your view?

'The 33 Horsemen of COVID Apocalypse', bringing death, suffering, pain, job loss, collaterol damage, destroyed lives & futures to societies, to America, Canada, UK etc.; these 33, we FOCUS on them

Pandemic event 202 next? Are we being set up again? Et tu Freedom Movement? SAGE HANA is punishing with JJ Couey (I support JJ) & asked a key question & pokes us hard with this substack ""Event 202":

Spike Support Recovery, a Spike Protein Dissolving formula is critical now as you face TOXIC spike protein in you after prior viral infection & after mRNA vaccine; 24/7 your cells make spike protein

America is worth saving, its the last beacon of hope, the IDEA of America! Yet she is taking on water, listing & in trouble as the wheel was handed to the WRONG people who are gutting her from WITHIN

I joined others like McCullough, Oskoui etc. prior discussing work such as by Menachery & Baric on generating chimeric viruses using spike protein of one bat stitching it to mouse SARS-CoV backbone;

HARVARD'S President Gay, now known plagiarist and racist antisemite is not alone to have been promoted for qualities other than her academics & she is NOT alone! The Dossier's Jordan Schachtel reports

Merry Christmas! Thank you for subscribing to my substack, for your loyalty & support for one year now! I have made it FREE with no restrictions; love you all, we do not need agree; God's blessings!

SCOTUS schlongs Smith, left to right, tells him no, no so fast, get back to the lower courts with your corruption; we ain't touching that YET! Good for SCOTUS that found some stones! 'Supreme Court

Illegals being put on flights with you, with NO names? anonymous pilots and airline staff admit illegals are not going through same security protocols as legal residents, American citizens!

SAGE HANA is on fire!; "Covid Variant GN.1 (JN.1? Notorious?) is going to murder the world!;"30-40%" meeebbeeeeee dead people. (Just the jabbed, relax, Grandma Killers, you get to move on to the next

So not only were we lied to that mRNA technology etc. does not integrate into the human genome, now we have research showing that the mRNA (within lipid nano-particles) can be lung delivered,

'Researchers have developed an airborne mRNA vaccine offering a vehicle by which to rapidly vaccinate the masses without their knowledge or consent; Airborne mRNA Vaccines Are Being Created That Can

President Gay of Harvard U is not only a racist and plagiarist, she is an anti-semite too and we must not forget this! It is way time to jettison her, fire her for if Harvard does as it is signally to

EL GATO MALO'S recent substack is very well written and researched on the removal of Trump from Colorado's ballot: "the deep game: CO strikes trump off ballot. an internet cat puts on his thinking cap

Just so that we are clear, when I say COVID was not real, I mean as below, its complicated by fact that some 'high-risk' people died & due to something that caused respiratory type symptoms & killed

GLORIFIED BEGGARS! That is what people like Malone are, super GRIFTERS; knew with Weissman and Kariko et al. that the mRNA technology and LNP platform was untested in humans, would be harmful, deadly

KATHERINE WATT (Bailiwick News) very strong piece worth a read: "Legalized FDA non-regulation of biological products effective May 2, 2019, by Federal Register Final Rule, signed by then-FDA

NY Times? What? 'NY Times Blasts Harvard's Gay (President) In Detailed Plagiarism Review As Scandal Spirals Out Of Control'; if NY Times on the hunt for Gay's removal, then it's over for Gay; time to

We have islamist jihadists at the US border, inside America and inside Canada plotting ways to cut us up, to stab us, and rape our girls, our daughters, but Trudeau is focused on tampons for men? What

POTUS Trump: can you name someone on stage today, Republican cast of clowns or Democrat malfeasants who can SAVE America? Name one besides Trump, you cannot! Trump is NOT perfect, made huge mistakes

What do I think about all of this, about COVID overall? I think 1)JJ Couey is smarter than most on COVID & the virus, vaccine, I have taped with him, admire the guy 2)that COVID is/was a lie, 100%,

Another pilot death? Makis stack: '30s year old Jose Espinal - El Salvador Pilot for Volaris (El Salvador), Air Jazeera Airways (Kuwait) and former VECA & TACA Airlines, died suddenly on Dec.5, 2023.'

The 5th column! Have we fallen to a 5th column in America?; was the mRNA technology based gene injection (Malone, Bancel, Weissman, Bancel et al.) a binary bioweapon, the stage 2 to come next?

Assassinate Trump is the quest of left; Pushing for someone to take a shot at POTUS Trump, that is what the RADICAL left is doing to their lunatic base, amping them up with the political prosecution

'From 2020 to 2021, life expectancy continued to decline in the U.S. while rebounding in most comparable countries!' But why? Now post COVID it is 6 years shorter! Why? America spends many times more

"This is my free will, that's over...we are now creating a new class of humans, the useless class"; this is this nutjob psycho World Economic Forum's Yuval Harari, this Harari is the type of demon we

BOOM! Dr. Mike Yeadon is now deep inside enemy territory scaring them shitless for he is dropping MOABs all over their criminal ass*s! "Dr. Mike Yeadon Comments On: “The Culling, Who Is Involved, and

McCullough shares an eye-opening interview between PAUL D. THACKER and Dr. ROBERT KADLEC who headed ASPR (country’s medical and public health preparedness) in the Trump administration

SAGE, why are you doing this to me? why post this for you know you gonna get me in sh*t, you know I like your writing, I need to sit & study it sometimes, so esoteric, finessed, nuanced; what to do? I

Constant Cloward-Piven HOLLOWING out America, the Great Society that damaged black Americans forever? erosion of borders with Americans now vulnerable to rapists, islamists PLUS mRNA? a 5th column?

This Harvard President Claudine (Fareed Zakaria of CNN POTUS Biden type plagiarist), this pure antisemite & plagiarist is being allowed by Harvard to 'correct' her fraud PhD dissertion; good, 50 more

Dr. Harvey Risch of The Wellness Company ( with me as scientific colleague (McCullough, Hodkinson, Makis etc.) tribute to Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko, RIP, Dr. Risch's INTEGRITY is unshakable

COVID face masks overall BODY OF EVIDENCE December 2023: evidence showing total lack of effectivess, failure of mask mandates & the harms/toxicity of COVID face masks; they were NEVER ever effective

AwakeNotWoke share this article that is very critical for while males/boys suicide rates highest across last 5 years (real urgent problem), girls/women who were hurt most by the incompetent public

In short, the COVID pandemic was a FRAUD, 100%, it was a PCR-manufactured pandemic that was NEVER a pandemic, at most an emergency or heavy flu season (influenza like illness season) with a 0.05% IFR,

Why are black American women the largest fastest growing group of gun owners in US? Why? Why do they know or feel? not just white, rural, male, no, it's black WOMEN & I love it, she is going to handle

LIES! We were lied to, misled, by all of the mRNA technology inventors & vaccine makes & there is much we are not told; we cannot even understand cellular DNA & mRNA yet we have now unleased hell

'Medical journals publishing thousands of fake scientific papers' (by SHARYL ATTKISSON); I agree, I am an evidence-based medicine specialist in research methods, I can say vast majority of what is

Jim Torma on Twitter (X): "I will be doing a critical interview in the New Year blowing the lid off the Zelenko Foundation operatives, namely Ann Vandersteel and Brent Hamachek. Please stay tuned as I

War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself (Benjamin Franklin); I like this quote; WILLIAM HUNTER DUNCAN'S stack is good; "The People

SAGE HANA & GVB, is this love or what? SAGE raises some key points and mainly the subscribers, very interesting debate; I added to it to try to understand GVB's contention given SAGE's interesting

Clinical observations are favorable in patients with post-acute sequelae (LONG) after COVID infection & COVID mRNA VACCINES using spike detoxification such as nattokinase, bromelain; McCullough' stack

Gene M. Valentino (his show can be found at shared his thoughts on the Colorado ballot decision against POTUS Trump; Gene has a tremendous media show I have interviewed for

I support TWC (The Wellness Company,, I stand with them, Foster Coulson, I love my team who provides technical support to TWC: Drs. McCullough, Makis, Risch, Hodkinson, Ponesse, Trozzi

VINAY PRASAD gets my hat tip today for this one, BOOM! Rightfully Prasad praises the USPSTF who is closest to neutral, savages the moronic, academically sloppy AAP, The American Academy of Pediatrics

'The Devil always introduces himself and announces himself without revealing identity' yet it is the devil, you just refuse to recognize the sheer evil around you, standing in front of you! I expanded

And men, boys suffer in SILENCE & society ignores often a systemic set of serious problems! Black males are savaged societally & white men, if you are christian, conservative, heterosexual, alpha (&

Tucker Carlson is correct in discussion with Megyn Kelly over bogus charges against Trump & efforts to imprison, deny him, assassinate him; "And you’re going to get violence if you keep this shit up.

The government is there to help themselves, no one else, those lucky to get the 'lottery win' government job & this is how they pulled COVID off, they knew a massive number of people think government

It's time, it is way past time to kick this Pope Francis to the curb, toss him out, replace; he has sown so much division & insanity in the church with his leftist socialist agenda clear day 1; clear

Is opening US borders to illegals (unvetted) comprised of islamist jihadist terrorists, murderers, rapists an act of treason? Can the case be made for impeachment? Cuomo has no issue Trump impeached

Turley's savaging of the Colorado's court decision to bar Trump takes precedent over the idiocy of what VP Madame Giggles said, not just a 'word salad', it's utter nonsense, as usual incoherent; IMO,

That was the key, a positive result with fraud PCR (used to manufacture a fake fraud non 0.05% IFR pandemic which was an EMERGENCY if any) did not mean you were INFECTED (SAGE gets it fully), nor

We must manage post-acute sequelae (LONG-COVID) symptoms following COVID illness & or COVID mRNA technology vaccination (brought to us by Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Sahin, Bourla, Bancel et al.), TWC's

Harvard? Circling the drain, it's over! WTF? Now Embattled Harvard President Gay makes admission about her past plagiarism in her thesis as probe launched; Gay submits updates to her 1997 PhD thesis

Hang 'Em High! 33 Horsemen of COVID Apocalypse that brought death, suffering, pain, collaterol damage, destroyed lives in America, Canada, UK, Australia etc., the 33, we investigate them, we drag

Geert Vanden Bossche's recent warning regading emerging COVID sub-variant JN.1: "Short-sighted scientists and so-called 'experts' who stubbornly assert that the fulminant spread of the JN.1 variant

"Drugs, Bugs, and Tools": Mad Dog James Giordano gives you insights into the NEUROSCIENCE/BIOLOGICS mind of DARPA and me thinks this is why Bob and Peter call biologics "TECHNOLOGY" (by SAGE HANA)

Anti-Jewish bias, antisemetism is so great that feminists & women groups stand silent? much evidence from released females hostages & dead ones, little girls' pelvic bones crushed; #MeToo warriors?

YURI BEZMENOV'S excellent substack: 'How To Save Women's Sports by Naming and shaming of all the men who are destroying women's sports and the cowards who allow this farce to continue'


They will ASSASSINATE POTUS Donald Trump, I see they are fixing to do this, they have tried everything, now trying to disqualify him from voting ballots, will try to imprison, but I think the left

Was US tax-payer money used to fund China's Wuhan lab and gain-of-function risky potentially deadly virus research? Yes! 100%, we know this, but I think you will learn one day that COVID was largely a

The Sun report: "Devious’ new Covid variant is behind severe bouts of bug as immunity hits record lows before Christmas"; ok, my view, just junk reporting as usual, scare fear-porn, believe NOTHING

Dr. Roger Hodkinson & myself were in an exchange regarding this seminal piece by Walter M Chestnut & AwakeNotWoke; we agree & Roger was clear that attck on cellular mitochondria by the mRNA vaccine

Video shared by Rob@mijnnaamisrepelsteeltje is very angering, it quickly reminds us of the malfeasant feral CRIMINAL government & public health officials we dealt with 2020-2023 around mRNA vaccine

Is it Bobby Jr.? "Voters Want Something Different. Is It RFK Jr.? Robert F. Kennedy Jr., running as an independent, benefits from a famous name and from not being Trump or Biden—but is that enough?

'Dear Pfizer: Leave the ​​Children Alone'; I wrote this paper 2.5 years ago warning the world and Pfizer to leave the children ALONE, telling parents why children DID NOT need the COVID vaccine; READ

SAGE for the win again with this one! Provoking as always, SAGE HANA pokes us in ways most cannot highlighting an interview with Hatfill that JJ Couey (BRILLIANT) dissected; SAGE: "right quick Anthrax

Bill Maher 'Explains Reality of the Genocidal “From the River (river Jordan) to the Sea (Meditteranean sea)” Chant'; I liked Maher's dialogue here...What’s happening to Palestinians today is horrible.

ASSASSINATION? I agree with Tucker Carlson, nothing opponents, haters of Trump has worked, all things considered he will be re-elected, so they are moving to imprison, trying to bar him from ballot

Hard back REAL perverted would be rapist pedophile MAN with penis, not a WOMAN, named Melody Wiseheart, 50, competes against TEENAGERS in Canadian swim meet & shares changing room with terrified girls

Dr. Mike Yeadon is a mentor of mine, a hero, a real GIANT often silenced among the COVID Freedom Fighter movement, remarkable as that is, aligns with me that this JN.1 & HV.1 sub-variants are 'BS'

If Jonathan Turley, left legal scholar, IMO brilliant even when I did not agree, says what Colorada Court did to Trump & ballot was a “slippery slope,” stating the court is “wrong on the law.”, then

President Richard Nixon ended the biological warfare program in 1969 & America signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention with Nixon officially renouncing biological warfare; did the CIA contravene

Remember when Yahoo did not yet get full memo & made mistake of reporting truth about COVID vaccine linked deaths; here it reports truthfully about George Watts Jr.'s myocarditis death after Pfizer

'Texas governor Abbott signs bill that lets police arrest migrants who enter US illegally'; excellent news, let us see what happens, let us see if this is smoke and mirrors; what took them so long?

SAGE HANA again, what is there not to like? There are many key messages here, SAGE suffers same issue we do as we write, we want to say lots but limited in space, it's so much MADNESS, where to start?

2ND SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD excellent substack: "Ivermectin and Fenbendazole Success Stories: Tumors, Melanoma & Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia"; 'sadly, oncologists are especially guilty of

Dr. Paul Marik Exposes ‘Biggest Hoax’ in Medicine Outside of COVID (Vigilant News): "my advice to you: don’t get sick, don’t go to the hospital, because they’re going to kill you.” Marik is brilliant.

Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow & Premier Doug Ford both silent in destruction of the Toronto Police Force credibility & power, by allowing Palestinian protestors to openly threaten to kill Toronto police

URGENT: excellent stack by McCullough! I too have ZERO interest in mRNA technology vaccine for respiratory synctial virus (RSV) like common cold; rare mild illness easily treatable, NO vaccine needed

Bailiwick News: 'PCR test viewed from the legal killbox perspective' by Katherine Watt; I have found Ms. Watt to be intense, brilliant, deep, extensive, well-informed & fair; this is an informative

eugyppius: 'Why did Israel fail to heed advance warnings of the Hamas attack, stop the breach of their Iron Wall and immediately repel the invaders from the Gaza envelope?' So did Israel know & failed

URGENT: Jim Webb, a Democrat I would vote for all day! Read his near ode to the 'woke' insane destroyed US military under General 'more concerned with trans rights' Milley & Darth 'Lloyd Austin' Vader

The curious case of Pfizer, SAGE HANNA, TURBO CANCER, and Seagen; what an informative piece again! Support SAGE & SAGE asks the key question: Is Pfizer saying it is getting BIG into cancer business to

'The Truth about Infectious Disease Research and RFK Jr.’s Stance against Gain-of-Function By Dario Calvisi, Special to The Kennedy Beacon'; I find interesting so I share; IMO, Kennedy has issues in

Snowden said para 'throw them into the sea'....I agree...all of them.

Welcome to Post-Covid America and no where is it more on display that in New York, Buffalo area; "New York county to enforce travel bans for weather and other 'catastrophes,' announcing portal for

The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter, excellent piece showing the fraud and hubris all at once of the BBC, they are puzzled for they know it is the mRNA vaccine making people sick & re-infected but afraid

Lara Logan Releases New J6 Video with GOP Lawmaker and Crime Fighter Clay Higgins who TELLS ALL (GATEWAY PUNDIT); Investigative journalist Lara Logan released latest episode in her much anticipated

'What happens when America no longer protects the sea lanes? As the world moves into the multipolar era, all eyes are on the Red Sea.' and for good reason; under Pax Americana (not POX Americana),

Of Trudeau and tampons! Canadian Trudeau GONE WILD! No, not girls gone wild, this is TRUDEAU gone wild! The curious case of Trudeau and women tampons menstrual items for men! Yes, all male bathrooms

The Wellness Company's (TWC) prescription-only 'Medical Emergency Kit' MUST be in your medicine cabinet! It's vital medications, preparing you for those unpredictable moments in life; 8 critical life-

US military led by Milley transgender queen, Darth 'LLoyd Austin' Vader, joints chief leaders addressing PRONOUNS, worry about which soldier to use which bath while islamists plots to cut off heads

AwakeNotWoke shared a good stack by WALTER M CHESNUT that I share, great scholarship, great input always by Awake: "Draining the Batteries: The Spike Protein Endothelium <> Mitochondria Feedback

'Fu*k you LeBron James', oh my, how I love this Colby Covington UFC Legend, telling LeBron para 'fu*k you & get to hell out of America if you hate it that much, go live in China that makes your sweat

Men accounted for about 80% of US suicides in 2021 and the % has dramatically increased 2022 due to COVID & the implications; white men are devastated, & black men, boys; why is the male, adult & boy

Why? Oh why General 'we will transgenDERIZE the most powerful fighting force on earth as top priority' Milley and Darth 'Lloyd Austin' Vader, did you two do so much to destroy the US military? Why?

Perico et al. in CELL: "SARS-CoV-2 and the spike protein in endotheliopathy"; this paper helps further clarify that COVID (severe) is less of a respiratory illness & is a blood clotting (thrombosis)

10-Random Questions by SAGE HANA; SAGE: "When did Steve Kirsch first meet Dr. Robert Malone?" "Did either Steve Kirsch or Bob Malone actually get the shots?" Did Malone ever "see patients"?

You also should know, I was told that it was the likes of Malone and his ilk that complained and got Twitter (now X) to ban me for I was asking too many questions about Malone; X can shove their

'CDC sounds major alarm as new ‘highly contagious’ Covid variant grips the US - symptoms'; BULLOCLS, BULLSH*T, variant JN.1 to replace HV.1 sub-variant; so!! we have no data to show it is lethal, more

Is it time to, will Biden BOMB Yemen? Should the PENTAGON authorize strikes to deter Houthis from more Red Sea attacks? Biden administration has been reluctant to respond militarily against the

Mayor WuHAN of Boston, what a racist piece of sh*t this lady is; I can guarantee by omitting whites not one of the porkers on that table got there based on merit, not one! This POS with Asian ancestry

We have a President, POTUS Biden, with the back help of Obama the hun, invading America; yes, Biden INC (for Biden et al. is a business) is and has INVADED America at the Southern border, 6-7 million

PHAC was a fraud carved off of Health Canada's PPHB branch, NEVER was 'CDC North'; I know, I was a Canadian epidemiologist at PPHB, my e-mail was changed & agency name, was a FRAUD on Canadians, just

Ivor Cummins: “Most Important Short Clip of the Decade”; "A Must-Share piece of shocking evil history. Pure lies. Pure fraud. Pure evil." Full disclosure, Ivor is a friend, this man remains a GIANT,

These 'civilized' people, they will eat each other; yes, that's what the VACCINATED tried to do to us, those in 'polite society', tried to KILL us UNVACCINATED because we made INFORMED decisions; CU*T

Alarming Japanese study finds that 70% of deaths from Pfizer COVID mRNA technology (Malone, Weissman, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, et al.) occurred within 10 days from vaccine; 2 groups, >65 years & < 64

Mayor Michelle Wu HAN, Boston, how come she wants whites excluded yet she has white husband & kids? What game is Mayor WuHAN playing? What? Fronting that she has game in the streets talking smack yet

How do young healthy people (70 below)who took, 4, 5, 6 COVID mRNA shots, feel, what do they think this morning knowing that same amount did NOT take any, faced COVID (whatever that is) & NO problem?

'MARBURG PSYOP'; Re-post from Exposing the Darkness LIONESS of JUDAH Ministry and CONSPIRACY SARAH (I think Conspiracy Sarah is a serious intelligent writer deserves a read)

Et tu DoD? Et tu US NAVY? that you will go after one of your very own for speaking truth about the harms of the COVID vaccine, to save lives of his fellow officers? The 'curious case' of the US NAVY

Did Robert Malone in 2014, use these words: "yet another predictable consequence of unchecked global population growth" in response to Insider Politics tweet?

Rambling Rebel says this is a domestic terrorist, looks just like this; what say you? IMO, Obama and Paul 'eunuch' Ryan will go down as two of the most dangerous people to ever touch government, HURT

Harvard University is DONE, it is DOA, you as parents will be fools, idiots to send your child there, to be destroyed morally and intellectually yes, if that is your aim, Harvard is circling the drain

Children must NOT be part of the HAMAS-Israeli war, NOT, no arab child, no Israeli child, no Jewish, muslim child, NO child must be harmed or killed, both sides MUST do all it could to not harm

Putin gets it, he is showing the love BIG for '45' POTUS Trump, he is telling us plain that the world understands Trump is being hounded down and prosecuted because he will defeat Biden & democrats in

John Leake makes astute observations based on this NYT's 'false' reporting on a man who died shortly after receiving COVID mRNA vaccine; this appears to be undiagnosed myocarditis (vaccine-induced)

Bill Maher, I disdain his leftism yet he has shown testicles unlike no Republican or Democrat Israeli congressman/woman, senator, only interested in theft? The word is when the lord was sharing stones

Did you also know Harvard's Board that put racist antisemite plagiarist Gay in the President's spot? Did you know Bobo the xxowx? Her Bobo? the Board? Take some medications to read (Bezmenov) about

Dissident Dialogues: Dr. Naomi Wolf Facing the Beast Together: On Menticide, Corruption, Torture, Injection Harms, the Nature of Evil, Accountability, Tyranny, Free Will vs. Fate, Apocaloptimism, &

COVID was 100% a fraud, lie, a PCR-manufactured, a PCR 'process' manufactured lie of a pandemic that was NEVER a pandemic, at most an emergency! Bad evil 'unseen' players took a circulating BENIGN lab

America is dying because of ONE reason, immigration, ILLEGAL immigration, it is the ONE key reason America is circling the drain; they are letting in rapists, murderers, jihadist islamist killers who

Masking Children (COVID ineffective and toxic face masks): Tragic, Unscientific, and Damaging, by Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Howard Tenebaum, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Parvez Dara, Dr. Ramin Oskoui, Dr.

2 Important critical products from The Wellness Company (TWC): i)Spike protein dissolving 'recovery' with NATTOKINASE '(dissolves spike from virus or the mRNA vaccine) ii)Medical Emergency kit (8 key

Does it matter that Liz Magill “resigned”? Not to mention, she got to stay as a tenured professor at the law school anyway – yup she is still there. They will just replace her with another

Canadian journalist Ian Vandaelle who advocated that unvaccinated Canadians be put in concentration camps dies suddenly at the age of 33: “Ian Vandaelle has died after being hospitalized & “declared

William F. Buckley's statement on Harvard seems to sum it up para: "I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phonebook than the Harvard University Faculty"...I think he saw

Breaking: gay Senate staffer filmed having anal sex in the SENATE chamber, likely a democrat but I would not be surprised if republican; America is circling the drain with these freaks; they will be

SAGE HANA: Who is SAGE HANA? Whoever SAGE is, they are dropping esoteric fine tuned BOMBS, educative bombs, bombs I like, to enlighten so I share; "How to save the world" re Malone, Kirsch, Weinstein

When I was in Trump administration at HHS, we had data coming to us showing little kids across America were hanging themselves, media refused to cover (see Vegas as one example) else would give Trump

BREAKING: EU TERROR PLOT FOILED, Hamas plot to carry out terror attack on Jewish institutions in Europe is foiled as arrests are made in Germany and Holland - after similar raids took place in Denmark

The Ethical Skeptic provides a PUNISHING treatise on EXCESS mortality for week 47 of 2023, the 195th week of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic; Ethical must run analysis to include deaths due to i)denial of

COVID-19 and RT-PCR cycle count (amplification) threshold value (Ct): problematic sensitivity with a Ct value of 24/25 and beyond in detecting replicating virus and signifying infectivity as well as

Claudine Gay, President of Harvard University, is a clear Plagiarist, like POTUS Biden & Fareed Zakaria, she is a quasi-intellectual who is underqualified, mediocre, lacks academic depth & quality

IGOR CHUDOV once again presents superb scholarship as he unpacks NEJM published data on the new mRNA vaccine for RSV immunization (mRNA-1345); is this another mRNA technology vaccine fraud?

'Florida Teen Suffers Fractured Skull After Being Brutal Beating by Several Youths'; A disturbing video has surfaced that depicts a devastating attack on a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student

Niall Ferguson: 'For nearly ten years, rather like Benda, I have marveled at the treason of my fellow intellectuals. I have also witnessed the willingness of trustees, donors, and alumni to

SAGE HANA, my oh my, loving SAGE by the hour, keep it coming SAGE! "Suspicious Minds" featuring Pfizer and the Marks Calmers"; yes, we caught in a trap we can't get out of, who to trust??? who? the

ssssshhhhh, do not ever say that Operation Warp Speed (OWS) was a military program...ssshhhh, do not say not look at this chart, no no no, MISDIRECTION, 'what your eyes see & your ears hear,

This is how each parent, guardian etc. should be, each person who has the best interest and safety and well-being of a child at the core, no question, vicious, with malice, dispatch anyone who would

@joerogan “Chris Brunet and [Chris Rufo] have obtained documentation demonstrating that Harvard President Claudine Gay plagiarized multiple sections of her PhD thesis, violating Harvard’s policies

bad cattitude, el gato gatito bueno weighs in on Dr. Gay, Harvard's anti-semitic President, short, sweet, IMO, Gay must go, she and other Presidents have shown these universities have fallen to WOKE

What? Speaker of the House Mike Johnson seen below walking here in deep discussion with former Speaker Paul 'Benedict Arnold EUNUCH' Ryan'? Paul Ryan, who destroyed Trump's first 2 years as POTUS?

UPDATE by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World: 'Pfizer Crashes After Slashing Profit Guidance By More Than Half On Collapsing Demand For DEATHVAX™ & Paxlovid Karma, fundamentals and reality always come

'FBI director: terrorists exploiting open US southwest border'; for once WRAY is singing the right tune, so do your job Chris, do your job! Protect the homeland, work WITH 45, aka POTUS Trump! SHARYL

JORDAN SCHACHTEL: Today, Harvard is a cesspool of anti-Americanism (antisemitism, anti-anything Great for America). I call it 'academic ROT; Tragically, Harvard is far from alone in moving into the

If this moron of a mayor Michelle WuHAN of Boston stands by this holiday party only for colored people, then fire this idiot, fire this sicko & it is why we need voter RECALL, referandums, to get rid

'The years to come will be the fight of our species’ lifetime. But make no mistake, we’ve got a fighting chance. For all its resources, the enemy is vastly outnumbered, hemorrhaging cultural capital,

Nasal-oral viricidal washes (povidone iodine, xylitol (XLEAR), hydrogen peroxide), 3 to 6 times a day if exposed or have symptoms COVID, cold etc., we have placed it up top in the TREATMENT algorithm

What? The British government, UK, used the army to spy on Brits during lockdowns, on critics? "Army spied on lockdown critics: Sceptics, including our own Peter Hitchens, long suspected they were

Did Democrats lynch black Americans historically? Were Democrats responsible for the KKK? Were Democrats in government for Segregation? Was the Democrat party the REAL racist against blacks?

Malone made this TWITTER X statement in 2021, I wonder if he stands by ANY of it given all we know about MYOCARDITIS risk & dose response effect of mRNA vaccines; Malone MUST explain this & others

So mRNA vaccine (mRNA, Spike protein & fragments, sub units, lipid-nano particles) persistence is REAL! We ARE shedding vaccine content & antibodies even! What do we do? Take more injections?

Video: Turkish MP says Israel won't escape 'wrath of God,' then suffers heart attack Hasan Bitmez was delivering an address at the General Assembly of the Turkish parliament when he collapsed

WARNING! Hamas threatens violence against Americans ‘everywhere’ in chilling new video; The comments come just days after Hamas threatened that Israel would get no more living hostages unless its

Where are they now? IMO malfeasants; 'White House Covid Task Force members cashed in on pandemic panic, almost 4 years later, things are going swimmingly for the virus panic corps.' Villains, IMO save

Alan M. Dershowitz (Gatestone Institute): 'Woke Cowardice: Wrong University Presidents at the Wrong Time'; These are the wrong leaders for today's educational challenges. Those who selected them were

John Carter: "Cracking the Shell of a Dead Future; The world’s richest autist conversed with the world’s most vilified conspiracy theorist, and articulated a superior alternative to the Great Reset."

It's getting hot in here! Harvard President Gay Reportedly Plagiarized Ph.D. Dissertation and word is, it is a combination of antisemitism by Gay and now this CLEAR plagiarized work that will take her

BREAKING: Tesla recalls nearly all vehicles sold in US to fix system that monitors drivers using Autopilot

2nd Smartest Guy in the world's piece is worth the read based on emerging evidence: "Frame Shifting" & The "Pandemic" Expendables: Former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza Under Investigation";

'Bobby Takes the Off Ramp (SAGE HANA); This is absolutely not gonna git 'er done, but maybe we all knew that, and it's best to see things as they are sooner rather than later'

'Harvard’s Board Says President Will Stay, Despite Calls for Her Ouster'; no, wrong, she must be fired, does not matter if she is first black President of Harvard; para calling for genocide of Jews

Tucker Carlson para: 'If you convict Trump and keep this shit up prosecuting Trump with the sham BS charges, there will be violence'; I do agree with Tucker, these people best be careful, 45 has an 80

Kid Rock: "Trump is the toughest son of a bitch on earth.”

I want no innocent Palestinian or Israeli harmed/killed, NONE, no innocent child arab or Jew, NONE; I saw things that I cannot share as will destroy your soul! young Israeli girls gang raped,PELVISES

Canadian Government and Media Colluded To ‘Instill Fear,’ Coerce Citizens Into Taking Vaccines – Report; The 5,000-page report detailed how the COVID-19 response by the government was vastly deadly

SAGE HANA'S newsletter I highly recommend, again this one is sweeping, intense: "Self-Amplifying" mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine...AND...a "Self Assembled Nanoparticle Vaccine"

I like Kid Rock, he says it how I/we think it. With all the treason going on around us, the destruction of America from within, going back 3-4 Presidents & their administrations, when will the US

2nd Smartest Guy in the World reminds me always why he is the 2nd...commenting on Ruby case being thrown out BOOM a won for Jane Ruby, I am so happy! 2nd: Malone is a malignant narcissist and

Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero) 2000 years ago told us about today, 21st century America, what we are facing NOW; we are being hollowed out from WITHIN, with a sitting US President invading America; we

7 questions Berenson has for COVID mRNA vaccine makers Pfizer & Moderna based on new NATURE findings (see my substack); I have 4 for Malone, Weissman, Karikó, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin: 1)why


Many, a vast sum of high-risk, vulnerable persons died with COVID due to bacterial infection pneumonia secondary to viral infection, we knew this even from SPANISH FLU; McCullough awakens the sleeping

Graso's 'scapegoating' BMJ research finds people hold the unvaccinated (vs vaccinated) more responsible for negative pandemic outcomes and that political ideology moderated these effects: liberals (vs

Robert (Bobby) Kennedy Jr., I have always said openly I like him to be Trump's VP (and if you get heart burn) for sure heading HHS, he is a smart, intellectual, passionate, loves America liberal, I

How bad are the mRNA technology gene based vaccines? (Malone, Weissman, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, Karikó et al. inventors & makers); well, REAL BAD! mRNA in nature (our cells) is NOT like mRNA in vaccine

The Vigilant News now presents 'Media Blackout: Ten News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week - Episode 1' hosted by Maria Zeee (supported by Zelenko labs & The Wellness Company (

'Permissive hypoxemia' was key strategy with our early treatment 'stay at home' NO ventilator (multidrug, sequenced) paradigm (anti-virals, corticosteroids, anticoagulants, anti-clotting drugs)

SHARYL ATTKISSON: 'University president steps down after allegedly racist and antisemitic testimony'; in testimony Magill and other university leaders, including the heads of Harvard and MIT

How Dangerous Are Masks for Children? Very! the potential danger of the chlorine, polyester, and microplastic components of the face masks (surgical principally but any of the mass-produced masks)

Among the 33 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse bringing death, pain, suffering due to the ineffective, non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing mRNA technology gene based injections, I want Malone, Karikó,

“Please, Mr. President, give America the ultimate Christmas gift and step aside,” Charlamagne tha God said to Biden; this is not good news for BIDEN Inc. who is bleeding democrat support

JOHN CARTER's substack, excellent article again! "Monopoly on Knowledge: The Era of Epistemic Security, A guest post by Dr. Monika Gabriela Bartoszewicz"

33 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, these 33 we start with, investigate them, if guilty of causing deaths, we strip every penny, imprison many, and hang some, yes, if judges say hang, we HANG HIGH

I wrote with Oskoui, McCullough, Risch, Tenenbaum etc. a seminal Brownstone review showing ineffectiveness, harms of COVID face masks; Høeg & Sandlund et al. AGREES, but NOT inept corrupt specious CDC

‘WHITE LUNG’, is it real? 'Comes to America as Drug Shortages Grow'; Mycoplasma treatment for adults is Azithromycin found in Z-pak of The Wellness Company's EMERGENCY prep kit, see ALSO doxycycline

My 'where the hell are you feminists in defense of Israeli women and girls raped by HAMAS' substack is driving serious strong debate, please join! Feminists that 'progressive'? Won't even defend women

Obama and Biden INC. are INVADING America and brining in thousands of military-aged North Africa and Middle Eastern males, Chinese males! 17,000 Migrants Apprehended in 5 Days in Texas Border Sector

Yes where the hell are you? you hypocritical fraud feminists & women rights groups? where? If Israeli soliders had raped one, had brutalized & raped & mutilated the genitals of one HAMAS woman, one

Where the hell are you? Where are you women groups, you feminists? You #'me too' movement women? Where the hell are you? where are you women’s rights organizations, professors, journalists, congress-

The bell tolls for Christmas? You say not so! Well in Canada it is so, & you just need read this psycopathy, this drivel madness by the Canadian Human Rights Comission (CHRC) & you grasp insanity:

Leaked internal document to Jim Torma (Chafian) shows us what we feared all along, that the COVID Freedom Fighter movement was & 'is' GRIFTER laden (Hamachek, Vandersteel etc.), people who used it to

Biden is INVADING America! 'A massive line of military-age men from all over the world including Africa and the Middle East illegally crossed into Lukeville, Arizona late Wednesday night'; many are

Hang 'Em High! 33 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse that brought death, suffering, pain, collaterol damage, destroyed lives in America, Canada, UK, Australia etc., the 33, we investigate them, we drag

New Zealand FOI request finding that 11,000 politicians, doctors, elites got COVID vaccine exemptions is no surprise, the same happened in US, Canada, was 'we know its ineffective, deadly &

Is America going to be attacked from within by sleeper terrorist cells comprised of islamist jihadists? Yes, Obama, Biden INC. let them in & they like in Europe, will harm Americans from within, only

I think strongly that votes were stolen from POTUS TRUMP Nov 3rd 2020 & he won, but do not discount that the fraud PCR non-0.05% IFR emergency pandemic hurt him by him letting Fauci & Birx & deepstate

RFK Jr: "Tony Fauci Knew That Remdesivir Would Kill You"; yes, Kennedy said it and I say it, Fauci knew that sedation, Remdesivir & ventilators would kill already vulnerable high-risk persons, Fauci's

Did vaccination of expectant mothers before or during pregnancy FAIL to stop infection in babies/infants? McCullough tees up seminal paper by Goh et al. that says mRNA vaccine FAILED! Mothers LIED to

'No White Faculty Allowed; At the University of Washington, civil rights laws have not stopped blatant racial discrimination in faculty hiring'; why would U of Washington discriminate against white

TED NUGENT on fire! and schlongs Piers Morgan the leftist nutjob: "more guns equals less crime, PERIOD, less guns, gun free zome equals more crime, so chose one Piers"...oh I love this exchange by Ted

Thank you for subscribing to my substack, for your loyalty & support for one year now! I have made it FREE with no restrictions & there is an annual fee of $29 if you wish to become a PAID subscriber

Did Claudio Rais, a personal trainer, swimming champion, and a man full of dreams, & who died at the age of 37, die due to the COVID mRNA technology gene based injections? Can we ask Weissman, Bourla,

Le Vu et al. reports on Age and sex-specific risks of myocarditis and pericarditis following Covid-messenger RNA vaccines; vaccination with both mRNA vaccines was associated with an increased risk of

Why are military-aged Chinese males flooding the US borders, Southern borders? Are these males sent to set up secret police stations? Are these Chinese males here to start some para-military operation

Israel versus HAMAS, I want my simple insignificant view known clearly: I am for peace and INNOCENCE, I feel for the innocent arab/muslim child as I feel for the Israeli child, NONE should be harmed

The Wellness Company's (TWC) Spike Detoxification (Recovery) formula (& other supplement products) offers support after virus or COVID vaccine (LONG-COVID, post acute sequelae)

Two key messages that are a MUST 1)we must recognize the unborn child, we must fight to protect the life of the baby in utero, give them a voice 2)all 3rd world illegals, rapists, murderers, jihadists

Pharma exec say most drugs don't work on most people; The vast majority of drugs - more than 90 per cent - only work in 30 or 50 per cent of the people. Dr. Allen Roses, worldwide vice president of

'Police Warn a Brand-New iPhone Feature Could Put Children at Grave Risk of PEDOPHILE predators'; police departments are raising alarms about a feature in latest iPhone update; 'information swaps'

We need leaders with MORAL clarity now, POTUS Biden (& POTUS Trump), Trudeau etc. must be unequivocal in standing up AGAINST the anti-semetism across America, Canada etc. in soceity, campuses etc. it

Islamic jihadist HAMAS males, 7 of them, look at what they are doing to this Israeli girl, as hostage, beating her, to rape her and you ask yourself how could of we ever allowed medieval feral, banal

Had we done NOTHING, nothing, just strongly double & triple down protections of the elderly & high-risk persons, we would have lost far fewer during the fraud 0.05% IFR, PCR driven emergency (never a

If what France is reporting is true as in Medscape UK as to an unusual rise in mycoplasma pneumoniae Respiratory Infections that mirrors China in kids, then we are likely witnessing SYSTEMIC COVID

Pfizer BioNTech mRNA vaccine adverse events BNT162b2 5.3.6: 'Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports'; Pfizer submission & see that mycoplasma pneumoniae is an adverse effect

Is Alejandro Mayorkas committing treason on behalf of Biden et al., is the Biden administration committing treason by leaving the US border (Southern) open to rapists, murderers, islamic jihadists?

'Health Canada approves updated Novavax vaccine (original & XBB.1.5 sub-variant vaccine) to protect against COVID-19'; what a bunch of idiots, stupid, inept, incompetent Sharma, Njoo, Tam at PHAC &

BATACLAN & Jayapal: as Jayapal blocks & covers up for HAMAS rapes of Israeli women & children, shattering pelvises of little Israeli girls, I remind you of BATACLAN France (2015), the islamists cut

Masks for COVID? You want to see madness, look no further than the corrupt moronic idiots, the specious dolts & retarded imbeciles at CDC who today still say kids 2 years old & above wear COVID masks;

DIED SUDDENLY: Fauci Lied & Hundreds of Thousands of Children Died: Secret CDC Report confirms over 100k Youngsters ‘Died Suddenly’ in the USA following roll-out of COVID-19 Vaccines; THE EXPOSÉ

BREAKING in New Zealand, FOIA request showed that 11,000 politicians and elites got COVID vaccine exemptions, did not take it; how? they knew it was NOT needed & was harmful, BUT they forced you under

Hamas invasion of Israel was BATACLAN France terror attack 2.0 yet worst! Recall Bataclan islamic terrorists stabbed women in vaginas, cut out their eyes, disemboweled them alive, cut men balls off

Doxycycline (over macrolides) results in better clinical outcomes with a shorter time to defervescence and to chest X-ray improvement among children with macrolide-resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Ha ha ha ha, it could not get more loony bin insane than this, where Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference "Literally Frozen On Runway"; ha ha, ZeroHedge nails it! Global warming is a fraud

Breaking News UPDATE: Jim Torma breaks shocking news about the Zelenko Foundation that was gutted by embezzlers; I knew Zev Zelenko RIP & what he did for humanity & if this reporting is true, this is

When asked in courtrooms in the west now, the islamist jihadist who just raped would tell the judge via his lawyer that its his custom to rape, to brutalize women, & judges instruct the jury to take

"Science" was dangerous long before Covid lockdowns, masks, distancing, jabs, etc." Lethal scientific/medical fraud did not commence in March 2020. Do not forget "the Tuskegee Study, mercury fillings,

Conor McGregor is on fire again! "We are not losing any more of our woman and children to sick and twisted people"...he means the islamist muslim jihadist 6th century medieval, neanderthal beast out

Airline pilots are in trouble due to the mRNA technology vaccines with incapacitations, deaths; would it take 2 commercial passenger planes dropping from the skies killing all on board for the FAA,

Imprisoning Trump or killing him? Which card would democrats, RINOs, deepstate DC cabal play to stop Trump aka 45? Rogan says 'imprisonment'? Did he stop short on assassination? I am not!

'Trump Could Legally Use the U.S. Military as Domestic Law Enforcers'; GOOD, we want that, I want that and he should has done that term 1. If he gets in he has to to handle the jihadists to get them

URGENT: 2-minute audio clip here of INCAPACITATED pilot WHILE flying plane due to the COVID mRNA technology vaccine; American Airlines flight 755 from Paris to Philadelphia on November 29th, 2023

COVID-19 Vaccination Cripples Senior Marathon Runner Into Wheelchair;Former CEO Devastated with Motor Neuropathy after 3 Shots; Agrees to Empiric Trial of McCullough Protocol Base Spike Detoxification

Women MUST stand up and speak out now as to the HAMAS rapes of Israeli women, the gang rape of little Israeli girls, I do have sympathy for Palestinians but HAMAS is not Palestinians & Jayapal MUST be

White lung pneumonia? Should we be concerned in US? Is it due to NIH Gain-of-Function (GoF) research? No ban? Maybe due to multiple causes? We MUST stop GoF research creating these chimera 'stitched'

Jayapal (Democrat congresswoman) is INSANE! antisemitism is core to the hard left & she leads the hard left! Jayapal says a 'balanced' approach yet disregards humanity, 10 HAMAS men raping one

URGENT! the Dark Side of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists such as Ozempic, Wegovy, semaglutide for Diabetes especially now used as a WEIGHT loss drug? (by Nadine Eckert); In recent months, however, drug

How the Overclass See You; A satirical window into the mindset of the Human Cattle Ranchers by Spartacus; This velvety surface agenda of utopian drivel is meant to drive prying eyes away from their

How many more must be harmed & die due to the COVID mRNA technology injection vaccine before we bring in Weissman, Bourla, Kariko, Malone, Bancel, Sahin & similar for investigation & questioning

US, Canadian, UK, Australian, New Zealand governments etc. killed tens of thousands, millions by paying them to stay home & pumping them with deadly midazolam, morphine, Remdesivir, mRNA vaccine

Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas just may have taken the most important step by suing Pfizer for misrepresenting the efficacy of the mRNA vaccine & stiffling public discourse; Igor shares the

What? COVID face masks increase risk of COVID infection? We knew this 3 years now that mask mandates increased infection risk, now a Cross-sectional study (Elgersma et al.) shows this AGAIN! Not an

Australia lockdown lunacy, remember when this police officer in Australia was caught choking this woman who was not wearing a COVID face mask? This is what we did & you tell me don't hang the COVID

The Biden Administration & its corrupted inept health officials & media talking heads continue to misdirect & scare people into taking the fraud deadly COVID mRNA technology vaccines, lying about a

The CDC, NIH, FDA, Health Canada, PHAC of Canada, SAGE, NIAID, Fauci, Walensky, Birx, Njoo, Tam etc. lied when they said it was a pandemic of the 'unvaccinated', it NEVER was! It was ALWAYS a pandemic

Fauci & his type are forever leeches on the tax-payer with GOD-like complexes, dangerous people who cause devastating harms yet the media covers up for them! Fauci & Birx killed thousands with their

Why are so many Chinese males, military aged males entering America at the Southern border? Are they setting up Chinese police stations as in Canada? Why is Biden INC. allowing this? These people pose

Dr. Suzanne Humphries: "No Vaccine Is Safe, Never Has There Been a Safe Vaccine And Never Will There Be One."; LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY; “It’s like taking toxic waste and putting it in the river and

Dr. Ahmad Malik (Doc Malik) my interview with him: "The One And Only - Dr Paul Alexander"; I have been talking with Doc Malik & this person is informed, a real soldier in the fight against the COVID

This is just the beginning of Ireland’s riots The Government still isn't listening to voters' immigration concerns; Conor McGregor has set off a nerve & seems onto something; could he be KING?

'Drunk and Asleep on the Job: Air Traffic Controllers Pushed to the Brink'; In the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, there were 503 air traffic control lapses that the F.A.A. preliminarily categorized

Dr. Peter McCullough optimally recognized; The International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) in New York City held its annual awards ceremony and gave McCullough its Top Internist

Latypova: "It is impossible to make bio-weapons both lethal & highly spreadable - new approaches were needed. Fabricating 'scary narratives' about superbugs is much easier than delivering on promises

'Henry Kissinger: Death of a Demon' by MICKEY Z.; When asked to explain America’s duplicity towards the Kurds, Kissinger delivered a one-liner that effectively sums up his beliefs and U.S. foreign

Spike protein support RECOVERY formula from TWC PLUS Healthy Heart Formula as a DUAL combo; PLUS see 8 other supplements that offer benefit, see two substacks outlining products, how they may benefit

NATURAL exposure IMMUNITY (innate & acquired/adaptive): They lied about inferior natural immunity, turns out it lasts a life-time, 100 years & we and they always knew it, it was a lie by psycopaths

White lung pneumonia update given China, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, & US reporting surges in this 'new' pneumonia as of December 1st 2023; Is this a scare tactic for COVID vaccines?

Hwan Park et al. publised on the Correlation between COVID mRNA technology (Pfizer, Moderna, Weissman, Bourla, Kariko etc.) vaccination and inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders (adhesive capsulitis)

'The world just got a little safer...'; I like this post by 2nd Smartest guy in the World! Has serious nuggets, may not agree on all but brilliant!

'Five senators ask Biden to impose China travel ban after respiratory illness cases'; this led by Senator Marco Rubio; IMO, Marco is a raving IDIOT, this is a political stunt & shows why he will NEVER

Is the COVID Vaccines linked to Lipschütz genital Vulvar Ulcers in women? Seems so as reported by Vismara; "COVID-19 and immunization against SARS-CoV-2 add to Epstein-Barr virus as plausible triggers

How MORONIC, how INEPT, how incredibly STUPID and SPECIOUS the science & these so called 'researchers' have become: EUGYPPIUS again show us by reporting on how Scientists conduct study to prove HEPA

Why is the CDC (& FDA, NIH) silent on the reported 'white lung' pneumonia striking children now in the US? This is sheer public health ineptness, incompetence, intellectually lazy, academically sloppy

Mystery wave of child pneumonia hits America; Ohio hotspot... Breakout in MA... Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark see surge in 'white lung syndrome'... Expert warns Europe to prepare for worst...mycoplasma

Now MASSACHUSETTS says it's being hit by wave of 'white lung' pneumonia in children as Ohio county issues similar warning - after China and Europe saw surge in cases and hospitalizations; AGAIN I ask:

2 Important critical products from The Wellness Company (TWC): i)Spike protein 'recovery' with NATTOKINASE '(dissolves spike from virus or the mRNA vaccine) ii)Medical Emergency kit (8 key medications

Be prepared for emergency! EMERGENCY Preparedness PANDEMIC Kit (from The WELLNESS COMPANY KIT) link:; PNEUMONIA in children China??

'Conor McGregor (the man who would be KING) Brands Irish Leader "A Disgrace" For Claiming Hamas Child Hostage Was "Lost"; so the Irish government, sensing Conor is GROWING now investigates HIM; they

COVID lockdown lunacy BEGINS again as a US election nears & the result being MASKS, SOCIAL DISTANCING RETURNING TO CHINA with EUROPE BEING ON ALERT; IMO, this is over-reaction & has ZERO to do with

POISON Pill? Is the Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin mRNA technology & vaccine work now about to harm our kids? Mystery wave of child pneumonia hits America; Ohio hotspot! White lung?

BREAKING! White lung pneumonia in children in America? Serious? Is this due to the damage done by the mRNA technology COVID vaccine (Weissman, Malone, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel Sahin etc.) & lockdowns?

I warn you AGAIN about OZEMPIC, WEGOVY, these so called weight loss drugs that were sold as Type II diabetes drugs, this semaglutide, these are dangerous weight loss drugs. STOP! read about them

'BLM leader asked who he’s endorsing for President, STUNS with his answer'; ENDORSES TRUMP; says the brothers know that Trump is for them, NOT Biden, says democrat party is against the black family

Moderna mRNA technology vaccine-associated myocardial heart injury was more common than previously thought & more frequent in women than men; among 777 participants (median age 37 years, 69.5% women),

DR. PETER AND GINGER BREGGIN excellent piece, illuminating: "Jab-Induced Immune Fatigue (ADEx): An Insidious Gateway to Transhumanism and Human Control Is this intentional to pave the way for

The new SPEAKER Mike Johnson is McCarthy just with glasses? Did we get a switch-a-roo, fake musical chairs just re-arranging of chairs? JORDAN SCHACHTEL states 'Meet the new Speaker, same as the old

The DEVASTATION of SCHOOL CLOSURES & I (Dr. Paul E. Alexander) wrote this (3 years ago in the midst of the fraud PCR-driven non-0.05% IFR pandemic) with global experts Drs. Howard Tenenbaum, Ramin

H1N2 swine pig flu strain passed to one person? Is this cause for panic? Being reported in the news; UK detects its first human case of swine flu strain; Health officials scramble to trace contacts

Moderna’s ‘Disinformation Department’ Monitors 150 Million Websites for ‘Anti-Vaccine’ Narratives; Through a pharma-funded nonprofit and Talkwalker, a “social listening” company, Moderna’s team,

I have seen video Israeli govn will not let you see, it is so terrible, it's inhumane, I had to leave, what they did people. I saw the actual footage of cutting off baby heads and adults; I am there

Assassinating Trump, IMO the left, the radical democrats, the RINOs, the deepstate cleptocracy cabal, the haters of America hellbent on her destruction want to either JAIL '45' or have him killed

'Top Pentagon Official Arrested in Human Trafficking Sting'; I have written here before, you need only look to the Parliaments in Canada, UK etc., and US congress & Senate for PEDOPHILES! look into

'Breakthrough Discovery: Neurosurgeon Unveils Shocking Link Between COVID Vaccine and Brain Damage & Cancer Risk And Ivermectin confers neuroprotective effects in brain damage.' (2ND SMARTEST GUY IN

The Curious Case of James Topp, Canadian Military veteran, fired, laid off, ostracized, maligned by the government, cast aside, humiliated! Why? Because he stood up to save Canadian lives seeing the

HV.1 COVID sub-variant (as pr CDC data below) may be more transmissible but no alarm bells; no data, no evidence HV.1 causes more severe disease or more hospitilization etc.; common sense, precautions

‘I just feel like killing myself’, ‘If I knew what the side effects were ... I would have never gone on it’, ‘Teeth falling out due to excessive vomiting’; some low level side effects of OZEMPIC &

Nathan Jones and I discussed (Nathan own Xlear, xylitol nasal oral rince products) how Fauci as head of NIAID failed us for 40 years, a rwal inept technocrat. Bullocks science, garbage & he & his team

'As an Oncologist I Am Seeing People With Stable Cancer Rapidly Progress After Being Forced to Have a Booster'; reported by 2ND SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD, paper by Dr. Angus Dalgleish

Natural Immunity WINS again!! BOOM! "Our study showed that natural immunity offers stronger and longer-lasting protection against infection, symptoms, and hospitalization compared to vaccine-induced

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Israel and Hamas agreed to extend their cease-fire for two more days past Monday, raising the prospect of further exchanges of militant-held hostages for Palestinians

JOHN CARTER'S excellent scholarship AGAIN! 'The Day The Irish Snapped: Scattered thoughts on multiculturalism, the Dublin riots, and the man who would be king'; Conor McGregor got my vote!! The people

Berenson: 'Israel has made a huge mistake The terms of this ceasefire couldn't be better for Hamas. Unless (and this is unlikely) Israel has reached secret side deals with Arab countries to destroy

'China's COVID Trauma Returns As Hazmat Workers Disinfect Streets'; what is wrong with dem Chinese? whats wrong with China? Did they not learn from their lunatic ZERO-COVID? How disastrous it was!

Pneumonia in children in China as reported in media with hospitals at the brink: yet could this be due to ramifications of prolonged lockdowns? The insane ZERO-COVID policy of China? COVID vaccines?

Jon Polin and Rachel Goldberg want one thing ONLY, that their 23 year old son Hersh Goldberg-Polin, taken hostage by HAMAS October 7th, can be freed to get treatment as video shows his arm is missing

Can Povidone iodine mouthwash and nasal cleanse, or hydrogen peroxide, or sodium hypochlorite work to cut risk when exposed or infected with COVID (similar viruses/pathogen)? Yes! 100% CAUTION however

KAREN KINGSTON: Excellent scholarship, "Are We Done Ignoring Evil? I Am. I think people should be aware of what’s happening so that they can say, ‘No. I’m choosing NOT to have my body or my child’s

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) due to the COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccines in children? Pfizer? Makis presents 16 Children who get LUPUS after Pfizer! No mRNA vaccine for Children! NONE!

BOOM! American Faith nailed this one! 'Democrat Presidential Candidate Says It’s ‘Delusional’ to Think Biden Can Defeat Trump'; Rep. Dean Phillips

Spike protein support RECOVERY formula from TWC PLUS Healthy Heart Formula as a DUAL combo; McCullough uses this approach to bust up spike protein post virus & vaccine & it fortifies the heart's cells

eugyppius's substack worth the read: 'The bizarre campaign to vaccinate German children against the recommendations of regulators and in the absence of all evidence'; Why were German politicians so

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY: New Zealand new government will END all COVID fraud vaccine mandates & launch investigations into the deadly lockdown response! AMEN! Elections do have consequences & start

BREAKING: Philippines' House of Representative initiates a formal investigation into excess deaths! We are shocked to find out that there were 262,000 excess deaths in 2021 alone

Dr. Mike Yeadon, LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY: EU Vaccination Scandal: The Government and All Political Parties That Supported This Should Be Held Accountable for Their Lies and Fraud – Dutch MEP

The Wellness Company's (TWC) Spike Detoxification (Recovery) formula (& other supplement products) offers support after virus or COVID vaccine (LONG-COVID, post acute sequelae)

So Walensky could just ride away after admitting that the CDC is basically a failure, a corrupt inept bunch of specious technically incompetent dolts, academically sloppy, intelectually lazy morons!

'Academy of ideas' substack I wish to ask you to consider, take a read, I find superb! 'Scapegoating and the Road to Political Persecution'; Today a new totalitarian ideology appears to be taking root

Black democrat voter: "we have got to stop thinking of black & white & start thinking as Americans, I voted for Obama, I stayed with the democrat party & what did he deliver para? the democrat party I

Dr. Mike Yeadon found out NOW (sadly) what I knew & myself have experienced in the 'Freedom Movement', among the very scientists & doctors that we break bread with, that some PIGS (& they are pigs)

Yeadon experienced censorship WITHIN the COVID Freedom movement & he knew it yet now faced it; why? its about DONOR money stupid, the root of all evil in the COVID FREEDOM movement is the need to keep

New-Onset and Flares of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) linked to COVID Infection and COVID mRNA technology Vaccination (Pfizer)? Yes! & Tavazzi et al. & McCullough present a damning case needing acute focus

Should Britain, England, UK be worried? Europe be worried? Is Conor McGregor onto something larger than we realize? Is the Irish unrest a canary in the coalmine for UK? For what is coming, that being

URGENT!! Pilot Captain Shane Murdock CLARION call, planes will fall! TVF covered this as did conservative woman; Squawk 7700 is an alert in aircraft that is elevated a stunning 386% in 2023.

Reports are that Chinese hospitals are at a breaking point as new pneumonia strain causes 24/7 queues; the CDC & US health officials are AWOL thus far on this reported pneumonia; why is this? Reports

Pfizer is suing Poland over vaccines; The court case is the latest fallout from Ursula von der Leyen’s massive COVID-19 vaccine contract (POLITICO); It took a while, but the bill finally came.

'Why I am now a Christian (and no longer follow islam), Atheism can't equip us for civilisational war (Ayaan Hirsi Ali); The year before, I had publicly condemned the terrorist attacks of the 19 men

Natural immunity lasts for at least 100 years & I (Oskoui, McCullough, Risch, Tenenbaum, Ladapo et al.) told you this; I highlight a study in 2008 (I put in substack prior) showing you we found immune

Top FDA Officials Accepted Jobs with Moderna After Playing Key Roles in the Licensure of COVID Jabs

Mike Lindell helped pay his bail, did you know that? Rittenhouse's bail. My Pillow guy.

Fauci FAILED completely in COVID, with Birx & the other 33 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse; yet he FAILED in HIV with AZT & Bactrim, costing thousands of lives; yet as Director of NIAID (Allergies &

Go Conor McGregor, GO! The man who would be KING of Ireland now, he is going to take his CROWN! He has shown the gonads needed' "if you don't act soon to ensure Ireland's safety, I will" BOOM! After

We are Americans, Americans FIRST, no black or white or arab or christian etc., we need to think as one & what is best, & Trump brings what we need at this time; show me someone who checks the boxes

What? Covid lockdowns were NO more effective than Swedish-style softer approach, major Oxford University-backed study suggests? But we told you this over 2 years ago! We knew 2 weeks out of the gate

The medical board (Chief Medical Board) of The Wellness Company (TWC) as of November 24th 2023; led by Mr. Foster Coulson, CEO Mr. Peter Gillooly, senior Canadian CEO Mr. Brandon Kuemper

Another view on Fenbendazole? DR. COLLEEN HUBER says so & I wrote on Fenbendazole as an anti-cancer therapeutic yet HUBER clarifies points that you should know! Balance is key & both sides, I find

13 Israeli hostages freed from Hamas captivity, Gaza ceasefire holds; Hamas to release 13 hostages, Israel to release 39 female and teen prisoners in first round of deal • Ceasefire in Gaza in effect

Irish police are questioning an Algerian man suspected of stabbing a woman and three children outside a school; Violent protests in Dublin after woman and children injured in knife attack

I don't want you to forget Melody Rain Palombi-Malmgren, DO NOT! She got 3 vaccines & then she died! Had no medical problems until she got the 3 vaccines! So what do we do? BRUCHA WEISBERGER covered

Emergency Preparedness (Pandemic) Kits from The Wellness Company (TWC); Black Friday sale & this is an emergency kit you should (in fact MUST) have in your MEDICINE CHEST, in schools, during this

COVID killed us because of 1)smallest number died due to the virus 2)more died due to delayed denied 'only COVID beds' March 2020 lunacy 3)more due to effects of lockdowns, school closures 4)even more

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander in a press scrum in Ottawa (early 2022) with Hodkinson, Bridle, handling the abusive press on the failure of the Canadian response to COVID; I was speaking whole day so my

Do not forget we are in the trouble we are, we faced this FRAUD of a non-pandemic, whatever we faced as to some form of respiratory influenza-type illness that did KILL some high-risk elderly, was due

BBC declares "Black women most likely to die in medieval plague" after unnamed "academics at the Museum of London" collect doubtful statistics on 145 medieval skeletons in an uncited unavailable study

These European election victories tell you the world craves MAGA, wants MAGA, wants Trump-like politicians, real leaders, real mandingo RAMBO strong non-pussy wearing hat people to lead them...MAGA!

Credit to Berenson for this one (you know I have sparred & disagreed with Alex prior re his poor taste attacks on Wolf): "The mRNAs didn’t end Covid, Omicron did; The proof in one amazing chart"

Do not forget The Wellness Company's Black Friday sale/Cyber Monday, where it is offering membership and supplements at discounted costs; see my substack; I thank McCullough, Risch, Makis, Hodkinson,

Do NOT forget 15-month old Melody Rain Palombi-Malmgren who died suddenly after getting routine vaccines (3 vaccines)! see my prior substack & ensure your elected officials here her NAME!

'genital swap' surgery in transgender MADNESS? Yes! we now at the edge, tipping into the abyss! Why? genital transformation surgeries such as vaginoplasties and phalloplasties involving a

Happy Thanksgiving (United States & Canada) & I wish you all the peace, success, & blessings no matter ethnicity, religion, to all PEOPLES! To all my thousands of subscribers (FREE & PAID), thank you

NY Times: "The Startling Evidence on Learning Loss is In...learning loss crisis is more consequential than many elected officials have yet acknowledged; collective sense of urgency by all Americans

Dutch Far-Right Leader Wilders Scores Shock Election Victory? Argentina presidential election: far-right libertarian Javier Milei wins after rival concedes? Giorgia Meloni claims victory to become

'Mysterious pneumonia ripping through Chinese schools sparks fears among scientists of a Covid repeat': IMO, BS, believe nothing, zero China tells you nor even the US government health officials, ZERO

Captain Shane Murdock's full substack and my own version on the coming devastating outcome due to commercial pilots being incapacitated or dying while in flight due to the mRNA technology vaccine

'technocrat HOLY WATER! yes, to the leftist socialist moronic freaks, those miserable, academically sloppy, technically lazy, intellectually incompetent dolts at CDC, Health Canada, FDA,

Dr. Paul Alexander speaks with Pierre Poilievre: Emergency declarations need to be dropped

White House still at this time not ruling terrorism 'in' or 'out' as to the car that exploded at Ranbow bridge Canada US border; there is something we are not being told here

Breath-taking transparency by Speaker Johnson: "Speaker Johnson says he will release all non-sensitive January 6 footage in move to please far right"; GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida has led the charge

Chip Roy Throws Down The Gauntlet In Furious Congress House Floor Speech; we need MANY more Chip Roys all over America, this guy got the stones, the testicles that most now lack! Chip, can you lend

UK doctor Ahmad Malik’s recent podcast with Nick Hudson of PANDA was stunning! Ahmad I know, BRILLIANT; About the Covid scam; "The Origins of COVID-19 and The Timeline of Bullshit & Premeditation"

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is very rapid heart rate elevation & dizziness (syncope) when standing up or lying down & can happen after COVID infection or COVID vaccine, McCullough

Buffalo airport closed as FBI investigates the apparent terror attack on the bridge between US and Canada involving a car from Canada headed to US exploding; some reports I heard (WBEN) are that

Hhhhmmm, less that 2% (1.9%) of HOSPITAL INPATIENT BEDS IN AMERICA OCCUPIED BY COVID-19 PATIENTS (PAST WEEK) (see CDC data below, up to November 11th 2023), but then why are they rolling out the NEW

America faces as much risk or more from Canadian borders than Southern border, we always said this...courtesy Trudeau and his leftist policies...islamists are acting up, always were, radical islam was

TERROR attack at Niagara Bridge US and Canada happening NOW? Rainbow Bridge? Was this a terror attack? By whom? Islamists? CAR from Canada; all bridges Canada to US now closed! Amen, keep it

3 to 1 ratio is not good in a vacuum, but with the Shalit deal as precedent, it's substantially better than 1027 to 1; 2011, Shalit, an IDF soldier captured by Hamas, was released by Hamas in exchange

James Topp (Canadian military officer who stood up against COVID tyranny & the fraudulent deadly COVID vaccines) did so because he was SMARTER, more technically intuned than the morons at PHAC, at

Cornell Professor “Exhilarated” by Hamas’s Attack Defends Remark (Prof. Rickford); would he walk it back? is he one to think I & you are to pay reparations for actions 500 years ago re SLAVERY? 1865?

Dr. Paul Alexander & Dr. Peter McCullough warned: 'Do not vaccinate your children with the COVID vaccine'; That was the most emphatic warning leading doctors gave at the Florida Summit on COVID-19.

The Wellness Company (TWC at is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on its supplements, monthly memberships & Emergency & Covid Kits (USA RESIDENTS ONLY); TWC sale begins on

COVID FREEDOM FIGHTERS, memo to you, COVID is DONE! The population is over it but you seem unable to let it go; why? is it the money? donor money? you will go back to 'insignificance'? let it go!

It has been our terrible mistake to often forget our wounded female veterans too who like our men, paid the price; we salute them too with full respect & I will go out of my way to showcase their

What killed Blaise Carney, MD? Died suddenly in his sleep; He was with his wife Tracey and their children enjoying a peaceful vacation in Grays Harbor when he passed away in his sleep; why? Is it mRNA

The insanity of the law & why at times we say 'the law is an ass'! why? A Canadian military judge stopped short of an absolute discharge against James Topp, the veteran soldier who questioned mandates

BREAKING now! HAMAS to release approximately 50 Israeli hostages over 4 days in exchange for Israel to ease the war/bombing etc.; Israeli approves cease-fire with Hamas; 50 hostages set for release.

JORDAN SCHACHTEL is dropping MOABS and speaking it as it is: Shock Survey: 89% of Palestinians support terror groups known for suicide attacks, while 75% approve of October 7 massacre; A new opinion

2014 report commissioned by UK's Rotherham Council said that at least 1,400 children were subjected to muslim male rape & sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 & 2013.

Povidone iodine as a mouthwash and nasal cleanse, or hydrogen peroxide, or sodium hypochlorite, very diluted, swish and spit, nasal spray, no swallow, swish and spit, VERY dilute, can MAJORLY cut risk

The Wellness Company ( Black Friday sale till November 27th offers 25% off of supplements with use of SUPP25 code, 20% off of memberships with SUPP20 code, & 15% off of medical kits with

This is why I am 100% MAGA & on the Trump train still for while I fought the malfeasants within Trump's WH from HHS, while my boss fought them, I knew that until you show me a democrat who does this

The Breggins, do not forget them ever, for their pioneering work to save America before the hasbeens jumped in to pimp off the COVID movement, don't forget these REAL patriots! Don't forget Dr. Ramin

eugyppius: Why the migrant (illegal border invasion) crisis is a self-inflicted catastrophe for the European political establishment The mass importation of regime clients from the third world,

'Among the Rich; Lost Confidence, Welling Shame', Dr. DR NAOMI WOLF'S Outspoken again takes us to a place emotionally we would rather not go yet her subscriber sums it up best: "The vaxxed-obsessed

1.7 million 'GOT-AWAYS' (illegals) at the Southern border this year 2023 under Biden INC; where are they? what part of USA? how many islamist jihadist terrorists among them? Tashfeen? Omar? Hassan?

'The dog that isn't barking; The world is giving Israel far more leeway to destroy Hamas than it seems at first'(Berenson); good peice by Alex raising some good points!

Triple and quadruple-vaccinated population account for the majority of COVID deaths in UK data; most deaths occurring among the quadruple-vaccinated from August 2022 onwards to May 2023

'Oxford AstraZeneca Covid jab was ‘defective’, claims landmark legal case; Victims of VITT - a new condition identified by specialists - question the Government's monitoring of the vaccine's rollout

Women STONED to death? You thought it was NOT true, could not be! Well, you were always wrong, women have been brutalized, beaten, raped to death, killed, by medieval men across time; happens TODAY!

ZEROHEDGE (Durden) reports Malone is claiming the US government destroyed his reputation and written by Malone; my view is we don't care, give back the grant money, tell us about mRNA technology as

US Congress, what a joke, what a complete nighmare mess even with new speaker; we have Burchett claiming McCarthy elbowed him after meeting & this is NEWS; IMO, I don't care if you boys cupped each

Argentina elected TRUMP 2.0! 'Milei is against abortion, pro-gun, vowed to cut ties with Argentina's key trading partners China and Brazil, insulted Pope Francis, questioned the death toll under

'The Dangers of Face masks' (Dr. Paul Alexander), like the blue surgical & cloth face masks we used during COVID that is making a COMEBACK due to KARENs, the COVID Taliban, COVID mandarins, LOCKDOWN

eugyppius: "Why were German politicians so eager to vaccinate children & why are they lying about it now?" My answer: because they were corrupt, propaganda, were incentivized, were malfeasant & know

URGENT! Captain Shane Murdock warns us of Impending disaster in the global aviation industry due to the COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccines; COMMERCIAL planes are in TROUBLE

COVID, everything about it was a FRAUD for it was NEVER a pandemic level event; EMERGENCY at best; we were LIED to in America, Canada, UK, all nations & by our governments, health officials, doctors,

Early treatment algorithm we wrote with Dr. Zelenko (multidrug sequenced combined therapeutics of anti-infectives, corticosteroids, anti-platelets), see we UPDATED it & placed POVIDONE-IODINE 2nd line

Tucker Carlson Interviews 'The Most Hated Man In America (': "I'm Not Going To Bow Down To The Government"; ZEROHEDGE, TYLER DURDEN

'Mormon leaders accused of 'covering up' a decades-long 'epidemic' of sexual abuse and INCEST that rivals scandals in Catholic church: Victims say perpetrators are protected'; in ALL religions!

sssshhhh, it's the vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine; it's the spike protein, stupid, it's the spike protein; we were all idiots, morons for believing CDC, Health Canada that it was safe & effective

Our systematic review finds that the vast majority of deaths following the COVID mRNA gene vaccine are tied to the vaccine itself! 325 autopsies (Nicolas Hulscher et al.); 240 deaths (73.9%) were

BREAKING: ISRAEL, HAMAS REACH DEAL TO PAUSE AND RELEASE? U.S. close to deal with Israel and Hamas to pause conflict, free some hostages; THIS IS TREMENDOUS! Israel and Hamas are close to agreement on

Its not just Europeans being raped& killed; mass slaughter in Sudan by islamic Hamas-linked jihadis; Janjaweed terrorist group is allied with a network of militias in the Middle East, North Africa

Police release images of suspect who allegedly sexually assaulted 12-year-old girl on TTC bus in Toronto, help identify this criminal; IMO, all pedophiles must be hung! once it is known 100%, hang

RFK Jr. (Bobby Jr.) Explains Why Vaccines Are a ‘Dream Product’ for the Manufacturers “If you could get your vaccine onto the CDC mandatory schedule, it’s worth about a billion dollars in profit to

Can I get an amen for this brother? yes, I will take the punishment any way it comes & if these beasts must be brutalized & killed in prison by bad people, then so be it! Justice this way is sweet too

3 Reasons Why Nikki Haley Is Dead Wrong About Anonymous Speech;Nikki Haley wants to de-anonymize the internet in the name of “national security.” But Haley is also a “complete authoritarian.” Here are

Man stabs 4 women at Louisiana Tech Campus – University Claims “Random Act of Violence”; but he was black, they were all white, is this not a racist attack? Yet no mention by media; where is Biden's

Moderna halts mRNA Epstein-Barr vaccine clinical trial? Why? Seems myocarditis has emerged & a hard stop is implemented? Why then with all the COVID deaths are the mRNA vaccines still under EAU?

The Vigilant Fox reports on Most Censored Chart in Congressional History “The VAERS system on the COVID vaccines alone-1.6 million adverse events.” Chart by Senator Ron Johnson (aGIANT); I present

This was the letter Bin Laden and his kind sent to America...not the TikTok bullshit propaganda; yes we may find out more and others involved blah blah blah, but this was the type of letter he sent

What killed 44-year old Kevin Turen? What? In this era of DIED SUDDENLY, DYING AT DAWN, DYING IN YOUR SLEEP; this era of mRNA technology vaccines!; ‘Euphoria’ and ‘X’ Trilogy Producer, Dies at 44'

'SUMMER OF "CLOTTING SUDDENLY" - Strokes in Young people - 35 cases from June to Oct 2023 - UK Disability data shows Strokes in ages 16-19 are up +563% in 2022 and rising! Latest graphs & data'

Karen Kingston writes a stirring piece on the pure LIE about the COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccine: "Do People Care Enough About Each Other to Speak Out Against Catastrophic 'Vaccines'? It's

I say jihadist terrorist & must be dealt with as such! Criminal penalties are in order for those journalists. "Journalists or Jihadists? Employees of American news agencies were embedded in

BIDEN INC. has flooded American now with 6 million illegals, 170 hard terrorists at border were stopped/held, 1.5 million 'got-aways'; can you consider the number of terrorists who 'got-away'? Would

Where did you think importing (allowing entry across our US borders (& in Europe)) skill-free, military-aged, uneducated, impoveriched, hateful persons from hellhole shithole nations/places, who do

Is the army begging soldiers who refused COVID vaccine and were laid off, fired, separated from service, to NOW return to duty? Seems so and IGOR CHUDOV writes a strong substack highlighting this; I

Study by Fowlkes et al. shows that Influenza vaccine 2023 efficacy for older adults (highest-risk group) was very low 37.6% (95% CI 13.1% to 55.2%); Peter McCullough says it is so low that he cannot

Terrorists INSIDE America & will strike & kill & we ask, why would Obama & Biden let them in? "Ret. Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam on Preparing for Potential Terror Attack: ‘Have a Plan of Action’

Has Christmas come early for us with this proposed plan by Trump aka '45'? That finally we could RETROACTIVE rid America of the muslim islamist jihadists that Obama & Biden (& Bush) let in? Seems so!

Starko (2009) on aspirin (salicylates) & Spanish Flu (Pandemic Influenza) 1918-1919; did we kill most in Spanish Flu with ASPIRIN (hyperventilation, pulmonary edema)? were they POISONED unknowingly

How did Stephen Hahn, the FDA Commissioner under POTUS Trump, who licensed the mRNA vaccines under EUA, and with the data being fradulent and the methods sub-optimal, with all of that, then get a plum

'Circulating spike protein (mRNA technology vaccine-induced) may contribute to myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination' (NATURE, Forte as author); this is a dangerous finding given we are

The Ethical Skeptic, a substack I consider very interesting indeed. I include for you to glean over the work and to consider subscribing...I find the range very stimulating. Worth a glance...

We cannot kill our way to peace and certainly not lasting peace! Both sides; if we have not found it yet after centuries, we try harder, we must find a way! Both sides! We must be willing to step back

Did the COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccine kill Paul Lagacé, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, who dies dies at 63? I argue yes! Until it is proven otherwise. Kirsch feels same.

Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, all of the diet programs are all frauds, always were, all are set up for FAILURE & to prey on women mainly! For 60 years now making money they knowing it will FAIL! NEVER

Pilots are super-fit, so why are so many dying suddenly or collapsing? Cpt Murdock concludes they are suffering severe adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccinations, which has myocarditis

miRNAs (micro mRNAs) Used in Autopsy Cases after Cardiac Arrest; New Tissue and Blood Diagnostics Identify Gene Regulators Independent of Coronary Disease (McCullough); We are witnessing a tsunami

Why are Canadians so stupid? Why still fall for the idiocy & ineptness of Sharma, Njoo, Tam, Trudeau? Reports now that 50% of Canadians are saying no to another COVID ‘booster’ this fall; what MADNESS

FRANCE: what is happening in FRANCE with the birth rate? Fertility has been hit we argue by the COVID mRNA vaccine! In September 2023, an average of 1,848 babies were born per day. This is 7.9% less

McCullough and London Real as it Exposes the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex; Brian Rose Probes Dr. McCullough on Vaccine Syndicate; Brian fought resistance to turn London Real into a new generation media

URGENT! Life expectancy for men in U.S. falls to 73 years (STAT); six to seven years less than for women life expectancy of about 79 to 80 years, per study; why? is this COVID virus? COVID Denial of

I cannot say yet that the COVID fraud mRNA vaccine dropped male life expectancy to 73 years for I think the research runs to 2021 or so and even if a bit beyond, we need some more data, but one thing

Hopeful mothers are increasingly on the hunt for sperm donors who refused to take the experimental mRNA COVID vaccine, according to reports; any of you gents not-vaxxed, why not step up? STD free?

SHOT this movie! Jim Hoft of GATEWAY Pundit covers this devastating suppressed story of the death of this 18 year old: Family Blames Pfizer Shot After Their 18-Year-Old Healthy Daughter

2021 Medical Reports Summarize a Cardiovascular, Thromboembolic (clotting) Safety Disaster due to the mRNA technology gene based vaccines & McCullough is sage as he waxes scholarly on the

Dr. NAOMI WOLF'S new book is out & as usual, superb beautiful scholarship that reminds us of humanity still & I am showing a chapter for you to get a flavor of content & direction, Dr. Wolf reminds of

BOOM! Vig for the win! Archbishop Viganò: 'Bergoglio is trying to normalize the sins of sodomy, concubinage, and transsexualism'; what is your view on Vig's piece in LIFESITE? Vig is always deep into

Breaking, one dead, three hurt as car intentionally hits people!, Toronto, like the islamist who ran over near 50 and killed 10 in Toronto a few years ago, they tried to claim mental illness, NO, its

TRUDEAU (JT) in trouble? 'Slumping badly in opinion polls, with voters angry about housing and inflation, Justin Trudeau is facing calls to leave, even from stalwarts of his own political party.' Yet

Archilles shrugged! The type of Norse, Viking, Rambo Silverback warrior American military fighting force is known for, is in trouble! When it is now needed most! Look at who is running our military!

I have a substack in cue, coming, shows that men in America are in TROUBLE, life expectancy now dropped dramatically to 73 years, while women at about 80 years; COVID has made it worse! White & black

Fenbendazole & lets be clear, using the PRECAUTIONARY Principle & given entire area of CANCER research is fraud leech pimping grant money enriching scheme, where we advanced cancer treatment not one

Is Fenbendazole a cure for cancer? lots of buzz but does the science support? seems some say yes, some question it, some say caution; we need proper comparative effectiveness research, large clinical

What? 11 Children (Ages 9-19 years) Had Cardiac Arrests at US Schools in the Past Month? It is near impossible for a healthy young child, a teen to just so DIE! Vigilant Fox covers this (MAKIS TOO)

Yan et al.'s JAMA publication raises serious questions yet we have been seeing the trend across the last decade of declining life expectancy in US and other first world nations! COVID has now lit a

Black Lives Matter (BLM): Mark Fisher, former BLM co-founder in Rhode Island, openly supports former President Donald Trump's return in 2024 as POTUS and is joined by others in the BLM movement.

KarlM (one of my subscribers) raised point that she is likely mRNA vaccinated & I did not want to print that as one of the causes of her death for I want you to focus on Ozempic, Wegovy for these have

Macron calls on Israel to stop killing Gaza's women and babies; Israel must stop killing babies and women in Gaza, French President Emmanuel Macron has told the BBC. In an exclusive interview he said

Shocking, heartbreaking! What killed 15-month-old toddler Melody Rain Palombi-Malmgren who died 2 days after 'well-visit' vaccinations? Was it the vaccine (s)? Which one (s)? What did she get? mRNA?

COVID & the insurance industry: the virus has not been killing young people yet deaths have surged in young employed people, so ask the COVID Taliban, mandarins, the Branch COVIDians, the lockdown

6 reasons people DIED die to the FRAUD non-pandemic that was COVID i)some initial from virus (more lethal legacy subvariant)ii)delayed DENIED treatment (COVID 'beds') iii)lockdown

Maybe Berenson's best writing: "On the necessity of violence, And the rough men who commit it" as he strikes the right balance in a difficult topic (Israel-Hamas); 'Both sides are killing, and the

PAUSE in Israel-HAMAS war? To free hostages? Seems this may be happening & if so, excellent news, we need to try hard to stop the killing both sides, to fix this, as difficult as this may be now, we

URGENT! Rest assured, another FRAUD 'manufactured' Gain-Of-Function PCR-type driven Pandemic is planned for you & on the way, courtesy of governments, Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex, by criminals like

Summer of "DIED SUDDENLY - MUSICIANS who died suddenly from June to Oct.2023 - 40 sudden deaths that have robbed the world of incredible talent and artistic beauty (MAKIS stack); my question, were

Kari Lake DESTROYS Nasty Trump Hating Trolls Karen 1 & Karen 2 From Showtime’s The Circus Who Swear at Her for Final Episode of Canceled Show – “Answer The F*cking Question!” (FULL INTERVIEW)

Vigilant News (please support) highlights 10 Signs You Have a COVID mRNA Vaccine Injury (Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech) & What You Can Do About It: Insights from Top Doctors; I provide SPIKE Detox support

America is FUBAR (fuc*ed up beyond all recognition) & Wayne Root is 100% correct! WAYNE ROOT: Can You Handle the Truth? My Brutal Takedown of the GOP Election Disaster and What’s Happening to America

Grand Islamic Mufti of Jerusalem met with Hitler & I asked for someone to help us with the substance of that meeting in 1941 for as you know what happened next to the Jewish peoples! Please see below

Xylazine (street name 'tranq') PLUS Fentanyl, these two deadly illicit street drugs being MIXED & are lethal! Xylazine is an animal tranquilizer, which can char human flesh

James McCourt, what killed him? Scots fotballer died suddenly, healthy man, so why did he die 'SUDDENLY'? Is it COVID mRNA technology gene vaccine? Vaccine deadly effects so long after?; would

EL GATO MALO, bad cattitude is on the money for he warns alike me, that KAREN & KEN are re-emerging with venom, MASK-a-holic lunatics! "Your mask protects me" bullshit! Made-up bullshit! like 6 feet

SHOCK VIDEO: White High School Student Severely Beaten and Kicked to Death by 15 Thugs at Las Vegas School After Defending His Friend (VIDEO) (GATEWAY PUNDIT): these are feral animals, no excuse, IMO

Just give us a number Drs. Malone, Karikó, Bancel, Sahin, Bourla, Weissman, just give us a number of how many you think is ACCEPTABLE, REASONABLE to DIE due to your mRNA technology & vaccine? Just

Tim Scott drops out of the 2024 presidential race; The South Carolina senator has been stagnating in the polls for months despite spending big on early TV ads; I know Tim, fantastic patriot, brilliant

1 in 4 Americans, 25% say someone they know died from Covid-19 vaccine; this is massive and very devastating; majority will tell you they know of someone harmed in some manner too (Sharyl Attkisson)

Studies demonstrate that survivors of the 1918 influenza pandemic (2 years old) possess highly functional, virus-neutralizing antibodies to this uniquely virulent virus, and that humans can sustain

What killed Anna Diederich at 24 years of age, a would be medical doctor? This is such devastating news for a parent; I guess we will not know for they will not perform an autopsy, not stain for spike

'FDA "Approval" for Covid-19 Vaccines Was Fake - based non-investigational use of a non-experimental unapproved substance (a poison) Discussion with Katherine Watt'; Sasha & Watt are 100% correct yet

It is key we never ever forget those who fought and lay down their lives (and will fight) for those of us they would have never known, it is remarkable that character; I wish to serve those who serve

Zachary Stieber again over the target, reporting on lawyers who call for criminal prosecution of Fauci; my view is YES, if you have the case, DO it! him & Birx & Azar & Walensky & Bourla & Kariko etc.

I know Bobby Kennedy Jr, I can say this, he loves the girls, lust demons he would say, he loves America and he hates the vaccine industry...IMO, as head of HHS, he will do great, I deal with repub-

Drs. Roger Hodkinson and Peter McCullough & I (Paul Alexander) discussing the possibility of stopping NOT just COVID vaccine in children but ALL vaccines; what do you think? The AUTISM issue is real

Trudeau: Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau wrote on Twitter "Got my COVID-19 booster and flu shot this morning. You should get yours, too."; now would someone tell his moronic health advisors Njoo, Tam,

I want RFK (Bobby Kennedy Jr.) to remain in the race (I like him) & do very well, to even be considered Trump's VP, and if not, placed to head HHS with all agenices FDA, CDC, NIH, reporting to him; I

I am asking you to become a paid subscriber at 29$ year (substack will not let me drop the price any lower as I tried), so to move from FREE (though stay if you cannot afford or wish to stay FREE); I

The point I made here is (I know you get) that for the Spanish Flu (1918) we learnt 4 things that are instructive today as to what we did re COVID: 1)we killed millions with ASPIRIN overdose in 1918

'The Real Risks of Childhood Vaccines' By Alan Brough, posted in VACCINE CHOICE CANADA (Ted Kuntz's outfit); did you know that Childhood Deaths Dropped By 30% During the Pandemic? Why do you think?

COVID fraud over-cycled PCR-driven non-pandemic (0.04% IFR <70 years old) & deadly mRNA technology COVID vaccines driven deaths due to 1) delayed treatment (only COVID beds) 2)lockdown lunacy driven

'Big Pharma's deadly reach extends far beyond vaccines; The dangers of anti-depressants are hiding in plain sight' (MICKEY Z., Midwestern); SSRIs provoke violence towards others but discounted as a

So for the Spanish Flu (1918 to 1919), we may have poisoned (killed) a large number with toxic aspirin doses? We did not even have antibiotics then to deal with massive bacterial pneumonia yet for

2 people in my lifetime, did more damage & harm to America than any person (s) singular or combined: I refer to Paul (Benedict Arnold eunuch) Ryan (prior Speaker) who destroyed first 2 years Trump's

Brogna et al.: Brogna study cannot be overlooked & underscorres why we must move to detox from mRNA vaccine-induced spike protein that persists; this was not studied & so we have no idea of harms

How many more must die? How many more? How many more must die before we get proper investigations, legal tribunals, court hearings on COVID yet especially on the deadly COVID mRNA technology vaccine?

BREAKING: Former FC Zurich player Raphael Dwamena (28 years old) has just passed away after collapsing on the pitch in the Albanian League; this is tragic! did Dwamena die due to the mRNA technology

Italian Fashion Designer David Renne Dies at 46 New York Times reporting he "apparently died of a heart attack" & media reports it as a 'sudden illness', did David die due to mRNA technology vaccine?

Mansanguan et al.'s Thai study: Do not forget this Thai study in teens (13 to 18 years, post 2nd dose) following Pfizer mRNA technology vaccine! n=314 teens, 13 lost, 301 final cohort; most common

America's 'entitlement' system (medicare & social security totals $27 K per year, average 12 years benefit payout, 4 paid for, 8 NOT) is a PONZI scheme that WILL collapse shortly because the math

Vaccinated via blood transfusion? Yes, we have shown that between shedding, breast milk, placenta, maternal vaccine etc. and now blood transfusion, that the mRNA vaccine (content), spike protein, mRNA

2 Important critical products from The Wellness Company (TWC): i)Spike protein 'recovery' with NATTOKINASE '(dissolves spike from virus or the mRNA vaccine) ii)Medical Emergency kit (8 key medications

I wish to honor veterans of all American wars (Canadian too), happy Veteran's day & may our Lord grant you the peace & longevity & happiness you so richly deserve; the very best among us! With our

I warned you here prior on the danger of OZEMPIC (Wegovy, semaglutide Type II), I told you the science was painting a troubling picture & I re-include prior substacks; see woman who took it & died!

Another view on Fenbendazole? DR. COLLEEN HUBER says so & I wrote on Fenbendazole as an anti-cancer therapeutic yet HUBER clarifies points that you should know! Balance is key & both sides, I find

'Some Things Never Change… HAMAS AND MORE: The Obama Files'; Last week Barack Obama announced that what Israel is doing is “intolerable” and Americans need “to look at the whole truth.”

Four Los Angeles sheriff's officials found dead in apparent UNRELATED suicides? All at once? And we are to not be concerned? This makes no sense to me, something is very very wrong then in that State

Not our 'High-End' elities, high-society peoples, NO! "DOJ Announces Arrests in ‘High-End Brothel Network’ Used by Elected Officials, Military Officers, Doctors and More"

'Jake Tapper Praised For Report On How Hamas Views Civilian Deaths In Gaza: ‘Critically Important Context’'; I too give Tapper props yet he is with Blitzer, two of the most one-sided leftist propagan-

Radical islam (jihadism, islamism)! I argued years ago this was and remains the gravest threat to the western world & America! JORDAN SCHACHTEL is over the target with this seminal piece: "The Return

COVID lies & more lies; I shared in my book PRESIDENTIAL TAKEDOWN (Amazon) that the 6 feet social distancing rule was bogus specious unscientific 'MADE UP' and Arbitrary; I was there, people said 'NO

DEVASTATING 2011 study by Miller & Goldman (Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses given); found correlation coefficient of r=0.70 (p<0.0001) between infant mortality rates

America's B-21 bomber takes flight, heads to Edwards AFB for more tests; Air Force “on track” for delivery of first operational Raider bombers in the mid-2020s, officials say. MAGA, huge for USA! The

MPP Goldie Ghamari speakes in the Ontario legislature and talks on antisemitism in Canada; There is no place for hatred, racism, antisemitism in Canada; "Our hearts bleed for all the innocent lives

No, no, no CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, HHS, NO, no PHAC, SAGE, Health Canada, NO, no! No Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Njoo, Sharma, Tam, Hahn, Bourla, Kariko, NO! no, no Bancel, no to none of you health officials

Anders Tegnell of Sweden showed stones of steel for he cut against the grain & told Trump administration clown car Task Force idiots, told the whole world to EFF off with their lockdown lunacy

Teaser to come (Carter): The Silverback is weaker today aka the American military, For the last decade they have been relentlessly and mercilessly whipping American whites: defaming them as racists,

“A little baby in the oven – These bastards put these babies in the oven and put on the oven,"; did HAMAS put an Israeli baby in an oven & burn baby alive? Reporting says so; finding a baby in oven?

'Manchin won’t seek reelection in West Virginia...almost certainly handing Republicans a seat in next year’s elections in a deep red state.' why? because he cannot win, all the corrupted votes he cast

Dr. Naomi Wolf's (DailyClout) offering on "Neo-Marxism and The End of Language", "How Globalist Oligarchs are Targeting Western Meaning"; a potent scholarship by Wolf on the deconstruction of language

SAGE HANA'S incredible scholarship on Glioblastomas (braon cancers) is stunning & frightening! SAGE is talking about a global pandemic of GLIOBLASTOMAS due to the COVID mRNA technology vaccine

Females more at risk for severe side effects from mRNA technology (Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Malone, Bancel et al.) vaccines than males? Seems so & studies by Ferrazza et al. (3 fold higher risk in

What? CNN printed this? "Trump Now Leading Joe Biden Among ‘Men of Color’ in New CNN Poll"; No one can list one thing this Biden administration has done for anyone but communists and Globalists

Only cock-ups, thats all we seem interested in, cock-ups, not hard questions about what the 33 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse knew, did, participated in, not proper congressional hearings, just dog

1 trillion $ a year, that is America's interest payment on national debt yearly: "US Debt Interest Bill Rockets Past a Cool $1 Trillion a Year"; thats the bill our kids, grand-kids will never be able

Maher goes mandingo on pink poissy hat deGrasse & I love it! "These People Are F**king Nuts And You Should Be Calling Them Out": Bill Maher Snaps At Neil deGrasse Tyson Over Woke College Campuses"

Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX) was as crooked as they come (crypto) & many questions remain unanswered; SBF ran a sophisticated crooked Ponzi scheme that captured large swaths of American society

Sudden cardiac arrest screening; why would Notre Dame High School begin sudden cardiac arrest screening? Why? Does it have to do with heart attacks due to the COVID mRNA technology gene vaccines?

Why Did Liberals Support Muslim Immigration Into The West? The Left made Muslims their allies for the purpose of making the West less Christian. How's that diversity working out for them now? What

'Investigation raises concerns over 'cozy relationship' between the FDA and Moderna'; than concern, it is outright fraud, a con, deceit, reckless of FDA & pharma, IN YOUR FACE 'pay to play' kickbacks

Is a two-state solution (Israel-Palestine) possible? On surface makes sense but did we not get there prior? If this can happen, why not? Can we debate the merits of two-state solution for middle east

Adolf Hitler meets with the Grand islamic Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, on November 28, 1941. This photo is 'real', no dispute. Why did they meet? What did the Mufti tell Hitler? What did

Controversy is building & surrounds reports of Israeli baby burned in oven alive by HAMAS; I am tracking down information to unpack this for this is horrific on all levels if true; we need to know

Yes, Mike Lee & Anna Luna are 100% on target, the UN, high level agencies, WHO, US house, senate, Canadian Parliament, UK Parliament, churches (all faiths not just Christian) full of evil pedophiles

'Study Finds Hydroxychloroquine Connected to Lower COVID Mortality Rates' (American Faith): what? after all they did to kill people, the CDC, PHAC, NIH, FDA, SAGE, Health Canada, denying doctors from

80% Of Population Takes Psychiatric Drugs and Gets Worse; they end up with “subsequent” “long-term socioeconomic difficulties” “including lower income, unemployment, and increased likelihood to

'Top Dem strategist David Axelrod suggests Biden drop out of 2024 race'; if Axelrod says time to go, its time to go, Joe! its over, Axe knows you are nearing a stage of dementia that will be problems

JUST IN: 65-Year-Old Jewish Man Dead After Pro-Palestine Protestor Hit Him in the Head with Megaphone During Rally (VIDEO); police confirm he died

Team Trump Mulling Deploying Military to Streets on Day 1 if Elected: Report; The former president’s allies are developing a plan that would immediately deploy the military to the streets

One visit, 2 shots, you get the COVID & Flu shot same visit & CDC says a 3rd, the RSV shot at the same visit! Imagine that, yet no proper research shows this is safe or effective; this is recklessness

EXCESS mortality (all-cause): has EXCESS mortality increased in highly vaccinated global nations (taking the mRNA technology gene injection)? YES! 2ND SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD shows +150% increase;

Of MASKS & MEN! 'We made it up'! 6 foot rule 'made up' during COVID Taliban mania when COVID mandarins made us behave like insane idiots; Dr. Redfield told me personally the 6 foot was MADE UP! 'What

Do you yet undertstand why we are all deranged? 'Masked' KAREN is coming back with a vengeance, she knew she was shown to be an ASS of epic proportions (Karen & Ken), led by the blinker LIAR Rochelle

'Yemen's Iran-Backed Houthis Launch New Wave Of Drones Against Israel'; IMO, these people best be careful, Iran, Hamas, Yemen & all others, that Israel is fully nuclear armed, US nuclear subs are now

Demand for 'unvaxxed' sperm spikes, from men who did not take COVID vaccines: Women are turning to shady Facebook groups looking for donors who refused to get the Covid shot

I hope you will become a PAID subscriber, Substack is a great community and you get stories and discussions you don't see anywhere else. Yes, it is my opinion as you have yours & we educate each other

Biden INC. with Obama behind the scene directing the program, Biden has INVADED America and has set her on an intentional path of destruction via the hoards of islamist jihadist terror invaders;

John Leake, interesting read & scholarship: "U.S. Officials: Ukraine May Have to Negotiate (with Russia) Acknowledging reality after wealth transfer and hundreds of thousands dead."

Say it ain't so you congressional leeches, high-crime bandits, for thats what you are, THIEVES! 'Congress Sneaks In Stealth $34,000 Pay Raise; Gaetz, AOC Among More Than 200 Lawmakers To Benefit'

Cartels and illegals Cut Holes Through Border Wall, Hundreds of Illegals from Africa and Syria Rush In & the fear is that many are jihadist islamists, military aged males, no proper ID & no address

Our populations, our peoples LOST because of 2 things surrounding COVID: 1) the fraud & lie of COVID pandemic itself (0.05% IFR for persons less than 70 years) with the fraud deadly lockdown lunacy &

Trump: 'President Trump Brings the House Down At Florida Freedom Summit: “Job Number One Will Be to Stop the Invasion On Our Southern Border”'; yes, we will seal it! MAGA!

'Spike in Gun Sales in America Connected to Israel Attacks'; YES, Americans are right, ARM up, learn to shoot, legal weapons, defend threat to life, for the medieval feral islamists are INSIDE, Biden

BOOM! Fantastic that Rogan & Musk are now on page with us!: “80% of the people they put on ventilators died,” Joe Rogan told billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Experience Tuesday."

Ka-BOOM! Study (Brouqui) shows excellent results when using Azithromycin & Hydroxychloroquine as early treatment on patient-important outcomes! Not optimally a comparative effectiveness

'Ivermectin, the drug once labeled “horse de-wormer,” is not only effective against COVID-19 but flu and RSV, too. And it has profound anti-cancer properties.' (Vigilant News)

Emerging JN.1 subvariant clade of COVID, is a derivative of BA.2.86 and JN.1 was detected in the United States in September and has also been identified in 11 other countries; 99% of COVID variants

WORLD WAR III?: 'One of US Navy’s Largest Submarines Armed with Nuclear Missiles Arrives in the Middle East'; the Ohio-class, can wipe complete nations off the face of the earth, much nuclear power

'Republicans Raise Terror Alarm After Illegal Immigrants Caught With Explosive Devices'; as I have said before, close the American borders (Southern for sure) for 10 years, stop all of this illegal

Schreckenberg et al.s catastrophic study on harms of mRNA vaccine: "reviewed a recent publication by Schreckenberg et al. who demonstrated direct cardiotoxicity of both Pfizer & Moderna mRNA vaccines"

COVID was all a lie & all done around it, & the key was the fraud deadly mRNA technology vaccine, it was always about getting vaccine into every person's arms, yet we knew never ever vaccinate into

A Palestinian man in the US illegally was arrested in Houston for a firearms violation. Sohaib Abuayyash, 20, was in the United States on a non-immigrant visa that expired in 2019, which prohibited

BOOM! as it should be written, "CV19 mRNA Vaccines Were Meant to Harm and Kill People – Dr. Michael Palmer", Yes, can I get an amen for brother Michael? On the money! Beautiful sharing by LIONESS OF

A QUAD-demic of moronity, stupidity, idiocy, and ignorance: 'Bay Area Counties Implementing Mask Mandates'....the question is why? how do they include COVID in this when they know the masks failed,

Devastating news for FDA, CDC, Biden et al., Bourla (Pfizer), Bancel (Moderna), Sahin (BioNTech) & Hahn et al., by Krauson et al.'s study research team, finding mRNA vaccine remains in the heart!

ACTORS like Matthew Perry, why are actors dying suddenly? so young, under 50 typically, how come? we can document 34 in 2023 who have died SUDDENLY in the era of the COVID mRNA technology Weissman

'Trump Leads in 5 Critical States as Voters Blast Biden, Times/Siena Poll Finds'; Biden is in trouble for the voters know he is into low grade dementia and some senility, knows he can't handle the

Schwab et al.; remember the German study and the staggering histopathological myocarditis detected on autopsy after COVID vaccine! 25 cases out of 35 were presented, myocarditis found in 5/25 (20%)

'Pro-Palestine protesters worldwide call for Israel's elimination... Marchers descend upon White House chanting 'Allahu akbar,' 'F**k Joe Biden'...' 'Jewish woman stabbed in her home in Lyon, France'

I am not done, all you people who attack America, the greatest nation, all of you who love to fly tucked nice & safe beneath the Eagle's wings, yet seek to harm her, be warned! Put her people at risk?

Did Nakahara in human cardiac study show that positron emission tomography (PET) scans of heart had changes in near all who took mRNA vaccine? with changes in cardiac metabolism at least 6 months or >

BERENSON'S substack 'The baby bust: female perspectives'; "Women seem to be driving declines in birth rates globally"; Public Has Mixed Views on the Modern American Family, More are pessimistic than

'Turkey recalls envoy to Israel, 'writes off' Netanyahu'; this is getting worse by the day, I won't plan for a peaceful christmas now, can't, for the jihadist islamic 6th century mediaval animals

'Kamala Harris Announces ‘National Strategy to Combat Islamophobia’; I can dig that, I can, but I will only take it seriously if she announces a national strategy to combat anti-semitism & uses her

The Vigilant Fox updates us on devastating effects of the COVID mRNA technology vaccine based on McCullough: "Dr. McCullough Reveals More Bad News About the COVID Shots, “This is a bit disturbing.”

You HATE America? You do not like what she stands for? You come from a shithole hellhole yet come in my house & try to harm her? You get to fu*k out of America & go back to the medieval hellhole you

Every person should do everything up to the stage of buying a gun to defend themselves from the mRNA technology gene based vaccine! Palmer is dropping MOABS (more to come); mRNA technology should be

Something to think about: "Rate of Babies Dying Before First Birthday Increased 3% Last Year"; the question is, why? 3% increase is substantial for this age group given lowest risk; is it the mRNA

PAX AMERICANA, is it over? this time of relative peace in the West and later in the world when the United States became world's dominant world power? POX AMERICANA, is it over? control of pathogen?

BABY KILLERS: Health Canada KILLER officials Now Recommends TWO doses of mRNA Biowepon to Babies; Also: CDC Data Shows the Infant Mortality Rate Increased for the First Time in 20 Years in 2022,

Thank you for those who took a paid subscriber of $29 yearly, thank you for as a FREE subscriber you have same but that 29 helps me! That you for your critical thinking, love & support in our COVID

Taylor Swift Fans Camped Out in Tents for Five Months and Bieber's nuttiness and Kardashians who gained fame due to fornication and porn; imagine the world we live in & why our children are deranged

Sonia Elijah: 'Around the world, there has been deafening silence over excess deaths from governments & the mainstream media who not so long ago were quite fixated on the daily death toll for COVID'

In G-d’s Army There’s Only Truth; Very important prayers; We are clearly on the brink of something huge. We all need to pray hard to the Creator for His salvation now. BRUCHA WEISBERGER; I share

FTX (Sam) was really a front, a Democrat and Republican Money Laundering PONZI scheme, don't be fooled, he will either never see a jail or will be silenced, too many powerful people were on his donor

It is the enemy outside of the US and the enemy within, the jihadist within, the sleeper cell, the islamic killer hell-bent on killing Americans we must be concerned with.

No arab child, no Israeli child, none, must be harmed or killed in this war, not one! Innocent people must be spared and rules of war must be followed

John Leake (Dr. McCullough's co-author) asks: "What Caused Matthew Perry's Death? LA County coroner's office promises to do its job." I think Leake is over target for it may well be that Perry died

BREAKING: Three SPANISH parents report to Health for sudden death of their children after receiving the COVID vaccine; Juan José, Marvelous & Daniel were 12, 13 & 14 years old, respectively, & died

NOT viral infection or cytokine storm, but 'secondary bacterial pneumonia' that does not resolve & not treated with antibiotics, emerged as a key driver of death in patients with severe COVID-19.

Where is Charles Martel when we need him? Where is Sobieski when we need him? 732 AD, 1571 AD, 1683 AD, 3 key battles when we put down the islamist invaders, TOURS, LePanto, Vienna! 2 million jihadi

'Special Forces Veteran Tells Joe Rogan Terror Islamic jihadist Attacks Are Coming to U.S. Because of Open Border: ‘Should Scare You to Death’'; Tim Kennedy makes valid points & I join him, Obama &

mRNA COVID vaccines & K. Acevedo-Whitehouse: Acevedo was PUNISHING on the lack of effectiveness, lack of safety studies, harms, & deaths accumulated around the mRNA technology platform

'Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty on all seven criminal fraud counts'; good, now go ask the republicans and democrats all who got ponzi crooked money & enriched, to GIVE it back! oh crap, I forget, may

'The Most Interesting Man in the World Pascal Najadi: Ex-Swiss Banker, filmmaker, humanitarian activist.' (AB shares: suing Pfizer and the president of Switzerland over the shots and democide (which

'Nearly 1 In 3 COVID Vaccine Recipients Suffered Neurological Side Effects: Study': 'Approximately 31.2% of our sample developed post-vaccination neurological complications'

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mRNA technology COVID gene vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech) & their devastation! Dr. Peter McCullough waxes brilliantly in this substack worthy of a read; Potential Health Risks of mRNA-Based

Fenbendazole, is this a drug that can mitigate cancer & why are oncologists silent? No incentive?: "The Overlooked Miracle Drug for Cancer? Why Big Pharma Fears Fenbendazole" (The Vigilant Fox News)

Opinion: COVID (or whatever respiratory pathogen, entity was released (accidental or deliberate) was around years before JANUARY 2020 & benign! They failed if they were trying to produce lethality!

Fully-Vaxxed New Zealand Suffers 3000% Spike in Excess Deaths (Slay News); Official data shows that 95.8% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 & over have received one dose of COVID vaccine

The death to any innocent Israeli child or any Arab child in this Israel-Hamas war is reprehensible, intolerable, devastating, and no one must support the killing of children; all involved must NOT

BRING THEM HOME Innocent faces of 32 Israeli children being held and tortured in tunnels by Hamas as distraught parents plead with terror group to release them; please release them; no arab or Israeli

McCullough's Clinical Rationale for COVID Base Spike Protein; Detoxification in Post COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes & why detoxification, dissolution of spike protein is critical

Dr. Joseph Frager, MD: 'The alarming rise of Hamas in America; America is headed towards very serious and blinding headwinds. Opinion.'

What Happens When There Aren’t Enough Jews to Lynch? Well, Just Ask the mob in Dagestan, Russia. So the antisemites who live there have faced a supply-demand issue in recent days: a mob of salivating

Biden INC. (Obama behind him) let 6 million ILLEGALS into America, with 1.7 million 'got aways', 170 serious terrorists at the border, thousands of 'special interest' MIDDLE Eastern males stopped

'Pfizer slashes full-year earnings and revenue guidance as Covid treatment, vaccine sales slump'; who would have thunk? Maybe someone should tell Bourla the criminal (he called me one) CEO of Pfizer

HV.1 now the dominant COVID sub-variant clade in the United States (25.2%), displacing EG.5 (21.9%) with multiple mutations, very infectious but no indication of superior lethality; driven by sub-

We, our governments, the health officials at CDC, NIH, FDA, PHAC, Health Canada, SAGE etc. killed our parents, grand-parents, loved ones, co-workers! With ventilators, with the MEDICAL MANAGEMENT!

'COVID Lockdowns Were a Giant Experiment. It Was a Failure. A key lesson of the pandemic.': One of the great mysteries of the pandemic is why so many countries followed China’s example. In the U.S.

Dr. James Thorp: 'The ‘Next Pandemic’: What You Need to Do to Be Ready'; The Wellness Company (TWC) offers the emergency pandemic kit IN CASE of another crisis, pandemic or other health conditions

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo:“Once again, the federal government is failing Americans by refusing to be honest about the risks and not providing sufficient clinical evidence when it

Veteran's Day is coming November 11th 2023, but everyday should be Veteran's Day; I wanted to say ahead of time, 'thank you for your service and I hope you are getting societal support you deserve'

Hamas’ Terror Also Holds a Warning for the US; The horror of Hamas’ terrorist attack will reverberate in the weeks ahead. Israel, in the course of retaliating, as any viable nation must, may compound

People want peace, Palestinians want peace and to do this we need to free them from tyranny; Israel has a right to defend itself as any nation would, BUT it must follow rules of law, by protecting

Obama and Biden flooded America with Tashfeen Maliks, be warned, they are among you, craving your daughter especially if she is blond; the islamist jihadist feral animal, they lurk! be warned!

9/11, they say INSIDE job by Bush & neocons & deepstate? COVID, they say INSIDE job, to topple Trump, destroy America (Obama style), take powers, freedoms? Israel-HAMAS, they say INSIDE job too? WTF?

Apologize? Are you crazy, these priests (Christian & any other religion who do this) must be named, shamed, stripped, hung! Hang them! Pedophelia no matter by who must be met by hanging!

Is the reluctance to center Iran in the Israel invasion by Hamas a determination by Biden INC. to ensure Obama's past determination to arm Iran with Nuclear weapons is maintained? Is Biden INC. ensur-

Do not let your kids just eat the candy, please check it first! And please, do not be greedy, only take one!

Tucker: para 'The whole damn George Flloyd story was a lie, a big fat lie by media and leftists intent on burning the cities down, inciting race riots, why else?'; According to Carlson, we need to

Anti-viral ZINC ionophore IVERMECTIN can mitigate cancer? The evidence has accumulated to show this & 2ND SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD presents it: 20 Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal Articles!

FBI says islamic terror threat at greatest level in US now after HAMAS attack; Americans must be on guard now, arm up legally to dfend life, take precautions; protect your daughters from islamic rape

Is a nuclear anhiliation of GAZA, the only way to dissolve HAMAS? Scott Ritter seems to think so and sets the table, frightening as it is, given a global nuclear WAR could result. He says Israeli IDF

If Shani Louk, Israeli, German Israeli, was beheaded as reported, raped, brutalized, then we are to return same to the medieval 6th century islamic animals, when we find the perps...never forget this,

Do not ever forget what they did to Pippa Barca as she stupidly and insanely thought she could talk peace and love and civility with these 6th century beasts living in the 21st century; same plan for

Shani Louk ‘beheaded’ by Hamas after she was kidnapped at music festival and paraded by terrorists: Israel

The U.S. Department of Defense Funded and Operated Biological Labs in Ukraine The labs obviously exist and they were clearly funded by the U.S. Department Of Defense. The evidence is readily available

Tucker Carlson and Nigel Farage debate the flood of millions of GAZA refugees globally due to the Israel-Hamas war and how come Arabic nations will not take them, yet the west including the US will

Mike Lee and Luna: "THE UN IS FULL OF PEDOPHILES THAT DON’T EVEN LIKE US", can I get an amen for these 2, YES, pedophiles, that sexually abuse little children, US congress & Senate too, Canada's MPs

POTUS Trump, whether you like his personality or not, had America destined for GREATNESS, he was robbed of the 2nd term (by ballots & conspiration with lockdown lunacy, OWS etc.); he was deceived

Dr. Peter 'MANDINGO' McCullough on FIRE in Arizona Capital over the unsafe deadly Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech mRNA technology vaccines; 'they are NOT safe for human use; the vaccines must be removed'

'Man Gets Dragged Out of Hillary Clinton Rally for Asking About Bill Clinton's Trips to Epstein Island', Vigilant News'; who in their right minds will go ask about Bill fornicating with little girls?

'NOVAVAX COVID-19 Vaccine and Myocarditis: New October 2023 papers raise SERIOUS CONCERNS!' Dr. W. Makis raises serious questions about NOVAVAX vaccine & I agree, see both substacks

Cornell University has gone INSANE, as there are now student groups at Cornell calling for the killing of Jewish students, to blow up Jewish centers, where is kosher dining etc. in the university etc.

BREAKING: 'Israel says female soldier captured in Hamas' assault has been RESCUED, released during Gaza ground operation'

Wider Middle East War (Israel-Hamas) Will Bring Inevitable Attempts At Martial Law In America; see option A or B below; 'Luckily, the covid agenda failed. The mandates were ultimately blocked by red

Not so fast NOVAVAX, not so fast! 2 studies indicate risk of heart damage (myocarditis & pericarditis alike for Pfizer etc.) using NOVAVAX vaccine, it too has SERIOUS risks; NEVER studied safety risks

KATHERINE WATT: Bailiwick News, 'Whatever is in the biochemical weapons bearing Pfizer and other pharma labels, is there because US SecDefs and their WHO-BIS handlers ordered it to be there.'

Matthew Perry's shirt may hold clues to his sudden death? There are whispers so what say you? His shirt has a print "Could I be any more VACCINATED"? I say we cannot rule out the possible role of the

14 lies that DOOMED the COVID fraud over-amplified PCR-driven, non-pandemic as these worked to propagate a lie, the most devastating hoax on the American people & world; 100% of COVID was a lie

'Indians Are Entering the U.S. Illegally in Record Numbers; Some asylum seekers say Modi’s Hindu nationalist policies are driving them out, while others are drawn by job opportunities'; truth be

Say it ain't so Joe, say it ain't so; is this similar to when Dr. Joe told us if you take the shot, you won't get COVID?...ha ha ha "A study from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Mathew Perry, sad death, yes, found him in his tub, very sad, condolescences to family, BUT did he die, did he suffer a cardiac arrest, DUE to the COVID mRNA technology gene vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna,

This is the big stones American I like, this is the type I relate to: "Angry New Yorkers Confront Man Tearing Down Flyers of Missing Israelis: ‘You Don’t Have a F—ing Right to Touch That S—’ (VIDEO)"

Public Vote of No Confidence on COVID-19 Vaccine XBB.1.5 Boosters & Clinical rational for Spike BASE Detox (NATTOKINASE, Bromelain, Curcumin) McCullough

US: Best hospital in each state per Newsweek, reported by SHARYL ATTKISSON; Newsweek has released the top 600 U.S. hospitals ranked by state, sorted by a score that factors recommendations,

The Wellness Company's Medical Emergency Kit; Peace of Mind for the Unexpected. The Wellness Company's prescription-only Medical Emergency Kit provides you with a carefully selected assortment of

Why is COVID mRNA technology (Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech) gene based vaccine DETOX, dissolving of spike protein (including from virus) IMPORTANT? Because mRNA technology & Lipid-nano particles (LNP)

IMPORTANTLY, when I say COVID is done & that it was never a pandemic to begin with, it was all a lie, a hoax, a PCR-overcycled driven hoax pandemic; key is CDC, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, Bourla, Bancel

COVID is OVER, it is done, has been 2 years now! You know it, you are way past it, but the FREEDOM movement is NOT! They can't be as they depend on FEAR-PORN to get donations! It's done, move on with

3 key stories I raise again, 3 key questions, one from me, 2 from NakedEmperor 1)did the mRNA technology COVID vaccine KILL 8-year old Israeli vaccine 'poster child' Yonatan Moshe? 2) statins, how

CHARLES WRIGHT's scholarship: "Intentional Genetic Creation of Cancer in the COVID-19 Vaccines with SV40. Robert Malone should be able to help us understand "Turbo Cancer" much better, I think."

'Lack of Informed Consent and Disabling Stroke after Pfizer mRNA Vaccination' (Dr. Peter McCullough'; this is a critical issue for no one, no one in this entire world received proper information on

Did this 44 year old pastor die suddenly in his sleep due to the effects of the mRNA technology gene based vaccine? 'Death Comes for the Pastor; A 44-year-old star minister in Dallas dies suddenly in

BOOM! Out of the gate, I am liking Johnson: 'Speaker Mike Johnson Wants to Separate Ukraine Aid from Israel Assistance: ‘The American People Demand Accountability for Their Tax Dollars’'

Bottom line, COVID is DONE, the fraud fake it was, the over-cycled PCR driven 0.05% IFR (under 75 years) non-pandemic, whatever they cooked up in their lab (US involvement too) with all the deadly

8-Year-Old Israeli ‘Poster Child’ for COVID mRNA Vaccines Dies of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Underscores Dr. McCullough’s warning about the often hidden and long-term risks of post-vaccine myocarditis

'HORROR SHOW Life Insurance Data: a clear 40% Surge in Mortality Trend in the 18-64 Age Group'; stack scholarship by 2ND SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD

Why do we suggest NATTOKINASE, or Bromelain, or Curcumin, this trifector BASE spike protein DETOX? It's because the spike protein (endothelial pathogen) from the virus itself, manmade Gain-of-Function

Obama said what? This beelzebub? This hater of America and Israel, this hater of black Americans, this man? Strikes on Gaza could back fire? When this devil gave Iran the drone & gun boats to get the

Excess Deaths Take Center Stage in First-Ever UK Parliament Debate on the Silent Health Crisis “The experimental COVID-19 vaccines are not safe, and they’re not effective,” (Andrew Bridgen); Vigilant

WAYNE ROOT: The 3 Most Ludicrous, Ridiculous, Ignorant, Insane Words in the History of English Language: “Queers for Palestine”; Are you kidding? This has to be a Babylon Bee parody, right?

Breaking!: US now officially in the Israel-HAMAS war, bombing Iranian weapons sites in Syria, developing story, will share more when I know

Is this true as reported in Breitbart? 'Hamas Terrorists Found with Instructions to Decapitate Jews and Remove Hearts, Livers'; if so then this is Bataclan 2.0, that depth of depravity & sub-human

Bataclan, yes, when the islamists cut out the eyes of 130 people, it was 'peace', when they stabbed the women in their vaginas repeatedly, it was 'peace', when they disemboweled the 130 alive, that

Consider this. Not only does Robert Malone have the “foundation technology” of the mRNA vaccines, he also makes multiple references to SV40 in patents. Why would Kirsch, Bridle, McKernan, and Martens

BOOM, Dershowitz is on the money, why? Because islamists jihadists, strick adherents to islam, kill gays and transgender people, suffer them and brutalize them! It is no secret so he says go there,

Remember when 2 Scandinavian female backpackers were raped and beheaded in Morocco by muslim islamist jihadists? I did not so I am reminding you about this religion of 'peace' for HAMAS, Hezbollah

Let me clear: last 3 years we were lied to by people in Trump & Biden administration with a fraud non-pandemic, failed un-needed lockdowns, fraud mRNA technology vaccine & spike protein left in you;

'Black hole' of COVID, the 'COVID protocol' that the medical system used to kill our parents, familes, friends, colleages: i)designation as COVID positive with false positive PCR process (97% false

HAMAS, Hezbollah, muslim islamists, jihadists are in America, Canada, UK etc.; our INSANE leaders did this to us & these islamists WILL move to start raping & killing us soon! NEVER ever leave scene

'Obama Warns Israel's Strikes on Gaza Could Backfire'; this beast, this untermensche who flooded America with islamic Tashfeen Maliks to kill Americans, this beast that gave Iran the drone & naval

BREAKING: MASS shooting in Lewiston, Maine, 22 dead thus far, massive number of wounded, injuries; As many as 60 people were injured when a man shot at several locations, including a bowling alley

TRUMP 2.0: “A vote for crooked Joe is a vote to turn the United States into a hotbed for islamic jihadists and make our cities into dumping grounds resembling the Gaza Strip,” Trump told voters in

I support Trump aka '45' and will do all I can to re-elect him, behind the scenes and openly; he is the best hope we have to raze DC & deepstate to the ground, burn it down but he must explain what he

"The United States does not seek conflict with Iran. We do not want this war to widen. But if Iran or its proxies attack US personnel anywhere, make no mistake. We will defend our people, we will

Pippa Bacca: do you remember Pippa? I do so let me remind you; Pippa hitchhiked across the Middle East to promote world peace in a wedding dress; she was raped & murdered by islamic males in Turkey

Dr. Howard Tenenbaum's brilliant research as reported by 2ND SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD: "Possible Treatment Approach for Management of Post-COVID Vaccination Myocarditis"

America's open border leaves us very vulnerable to muslim jihadists who want to kill the infidel (non-muslims), that is us! We are at risk and Biden et al. amped up that risk; they are here! They want

If I had my way, each medical doctor who administered a mRNA technology (DNA) COVID vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech) must be stripped of licence and jailed, if it can be shown the patient died due

'Grief Enough for All; Fragments from Time in Israel and Palestine'; DR NAOMI WOLF shows huge courage in this piece, bravery for she takes no side, as she shares this beautiful writing going places we

CLOSE the American borders NOW, even the Northern with Canada, we have jihadists, islamist terrorists coming in by the thousands, military-aged males, destined to KILL Americans, rape your daughters

Trump (aka '45') Warns That the Fight in Gaza (HAMAS terrorists) is Coming to the United States, Thanks to Biden’s Open Border; Vigilant is 100% correct, jihadist islamists are ALREADY in US, Canada,

169 muslim islamic jihadi terrorists caught on Mexican Southern border 2023; 3 on border with Canada entering US to kill Americans; Biden INC. devastated US & invaded US; Hamas & Hezbollah are in US,

IgG4 antibody 'class switch' (Immune 'Tolerance') shown by Valk et al. adds to growing body of evidence; are the mRNA technology gene based vaccines (Weissman, Kariko, Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin)..

Did Air Canada and Canadian Air Force Pilot Maurice Patenaude, age 54, die on Sep.26, 2023 from "terminal renal cell carcinoma" (Turbo Cancer) that was linked to COVID mRNA technology gene vaccine?

Investigate, find out his religion! Same with German Wings pilot, go deep, look at background faith, it holds the answer, I know you are afraid of what you may find; "Off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot

I love all peoples, and in this Israeli Palestinian (HAMAS) war, I do not want pain and suffering on either side; this has been difficult for me for HAMAS must be punished yet innocence and children

London, UK, this African muslim male attacks the driver with a foot long 'ZOMBIE' knife blade, he would have carved the driver up! Why? Why bring this 6th century animal to our 21st century? this is

Massive rocket barrage by HAMAS on Tel Aviv leaves over a million Israelis scrambling for shelter; Fighting appears to be ramping back up as Hamas launched a massive rocket barrage at Israel, wounding

The islamic jihadist military-aged male is here, among you and will rape your daughters and kill them, and you! Biden did this with Obama, see what they did with Tashfeen Malik (San Bernadino); teach

The Middle Eastern jihadist male, North African male, these neanderthalic 6th century animals, hell bent on raping our women and killing us, its booked, you have to understand, we can put him down

Eva Vlaardingerbroek (over the target)! We have always been at risk to the islamist, the muslim jihadist, the 6th century Middle Eastern, North African animal (6th century mind) living in the 21st

The more I read SASHA LATYPOVA'S scholarship, I am appreciating her smarts, technical depth, and bravey, OMG, she is kicking the Freedom Movement so called self-appointed 'leaders' in the nuts &

Fauci the little lilliaputian, claiming our lack of 'corporate memory' of the lessons from COVID will hurt us in the NEXT pandemic; I ask, what worked Dr. Fauci? Your Gain-of-function death virus DID

POTUS Biden, you & your administration & socialist nutjob democrats stop SHAMING me into taking care of this or that group; stop legislating my morality! what about our people? our vets? police? why

"Show me the money" POTUS Biden said, who heads BIDEN Inc. with his brother and son Hunter, "Show me the money", making a mockery, but as Turley has written, this may have backfired for we can!

EUGYPPIUS: 'Gaza, Ukraine and the Fall of the Liberal International Order, or: How Western Politics Got So Crazy & Why They Seem Poised Only to Get Worse' (strong stack); 'unbounded TURBO liberalism'

WW III is booked (with some nuclear involvement), only Trump (45) could have stopped this, Biden INC. did this as they did Russia-Ukraine, so prepare: 'The Biden administration is preparing for the

Gordon G. Chang: China's Proxy Wars Are 'Encircling' America; How, then, does the United States confront China's proxy-war strategy? Washington can turn the tables on Xi by taking down Chinese

WW III likely? Yes, if Hezbollah attacks Israel in the North with the near 100,000 rockets stretching the Iron Dome defence system, & Hamas in Gaza (South) continues attacks on Israel & Iran etc.,

CNN: IRAN READY TO RAMP UP USA ATTACKS; Intelligence shows Iranian-backed militias are ready to ramp up their attacks against US forces in the Middle East

Squad of female Israeli IDF combat troops eliminated nearly 100 Hamas terrorists; Lt.-Col. Or Ben Yehuda, Caracal Battalion, praises her troops' bravery against Hamas, silencing doubts about female

'Synagogue President in Detroit Found Murdered Outside Her Home'; why?

3.5 million illegals crossed into America under Biden so far, near 200 islamist terrorists at the Southern border with Mexico, 24,000 'got aways' October 2023 somewhere in the US, no one knows where,

Mr. President, POTUS Biden, wake to fu*k up, get to fu*k up! You strolling on beach when jihadists islamists seeking to cut off American heads? Israel-Hamas/Iran, China-Taiwan, Russia-Ukraine wars,

Happy that Drs. Peter McCullough, William Makis, Harvey Risch, myself (Paul Alexander), Roger Hodkinson etc. are supporting The Wellness Company ( as it seeks to empower people to own their

Lioness of Judah Ministry substack, Peter Breggin substack (newsletter), Mike Yeadon's work, The Vigilant Fox, Naked Emperor, Outspoke substack (Wolf), Byram Bridle's work etc., informative!

Founding fathers of America knew in 1776 more about your life today in 2023 than you in 2023 know or can imagine; consider that, & the 2nd how key it is now for you to guard against the islamist

"The Whole George Floyd Story Was A Lie": Tucker Carlson; "We're not guessing about that; we know it conclusively...""Did, for example, a racist white cop actually murder a man called George Floyd,

Kash Patel (former Trump official) on FIRE on Steve Bannon's War Room, revealing highly placed persons in US's defense, intelligence community who are MARXISTS anti-America OPENLY!

Do not forget 241 US military personnel soliders were killed in Lebanon on this day October 23rd 1983; a Beirut truck bombing; most of them Marines, were killed in a suicide truck-bombing at Beirut

DR. SHERRI TENPENNY: Medical tests that use contrast agents etc. that may kill you; the hospital etc. and technicians do not tell you of the risks; know that there are risks & can be fatal

US Navy Chief (ex) warns of 6 actions that could spiral the world to WW III...'REAL DANGER' Six terrifying steps that could see Gaza crisis spiral into WW3 with Brit & US boots on the ground

Israel last night vowed to cut off 'the head of the snake' and launch a military attack against Iran if Tehran-backed terror group Hezbollah joins the war. In an exclusive interview with The Mail on

Did Bronny James, son of LeBron, CHEAT death after cardiac arrest on basketball court? Did the white wings of death come calling due to 'silent' myocarditis, vaccine-induced, with catecholamines

The world is on the brink & US is deep in the middle due to the Biden INC. administration; US at war with Russia/Ukraine & Iran (don't fool yourself), US will be in war with Israel-Hamas, Taiwan will

Why did a 16-year old Texas high school student collapse & die after winning cross-country race? Is it mRNA technology COVID vaccine? Its latest in string of young athletes dying during competition

Israel to militarily obliterate Hezbollah if it joins the war with Hamas, vows to cut off the head of the snake; says Iran behind attack

UK's parliament member MP Andrew Bridgen showed clearly that he Cared & was not an EUNUCH or de-balled: "It appears that no one cares that no one cares." JAMES ROGUSKI's strong substack on Bridgen

Excellence by DR. PETER AND GINGER BREGGIN: 'It Is Time for Freedom of Speech in the Freedom Movement'; We need to be disciplined enough to be present with the discomfort that comes with disagreement

I like Bobby Kennedy Jr., I know him, a good man, decent person, human being, stood on stage with him to speak, interviewed but I am NO democrat; this piece I showcase for balance: 'A Radical on Race

We entering deep serious dark times now globally & we need truth, good reporting, good insight & I ask you to support substackers i)The Vigilant Fox ii)NAKED Emperor iii)McCullough's Courageous

The call was coming from inside the house, inside the White House! They, Fauci, Birx, deepstate cabal subverted Trump, toppled him, from inside the White House, they conspired with CDC, FDA etc.

WORLD WAR 3 (WW III)?: Pentagon Announces ‘Prepare to Deploy’ Orders, Additional Missile Defenses, and Another Carrier Strike Group for Middle East Amid Recent Escalations by Iran and Its Proxy Forces

Was the entire George Floyd matter a total lie in terms of how it was handled and was he murdered? by whom? Tucker Carlso says YES, it was a lie! Tucker: 'Derek Chauvin “Didn’t Murder George Floyd”'

Dr. Naomi Wolf discusses how she was UN-WOMANED, deplatformed, cancelled as she sought to highlight harms (to baby, women) from lockdowns, COVID response & COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccines

The Wellness Company's (TWC) Medical Emergency Kit (for epidemic, crisis, pandemic) comprises 8 medications all Americans should have on hand (preparedness) that treats a range of medical conditions

Detroit synagogue Jewish leader victim of ‘brutal murder’ at home; do you think this is linked to Hamas-Israel war? Who would stab her to death so brutally?

There really is no winner, just pain, death, suffering, I share these stunning photos: 'AP PHOTOS: Grief, devastation overwhelm region in second week of Israel-Hamas war';

Alan Dershowitz says Hamas-supporting Harvard students should be treated like the KKK; no distinction between these Harvard neo-Nazis and Hitler's neo-Nazis Dershowitz says; "I admire the professor

McCullough is cold, thumbs down, on any vaccines for the upcoming winter season! "Dr. McCullough Not Recommending Fall Vaccines for Healthy Adults and Children"; IMO, he is 100% correct!

10 Signs You Have a mRNA technology (Pfizer, Moderna) Vaccine Injury and What You Can Do About It: Insights from Top Doctors (McCullough, Hodkinson, Makis); options include 'Spike Support' formulation

'PRESIDENTIAL TAKEDOWN': please consider my book at Amazon and Barns and Noble etc.; where I describe my time in Trump's administration at HHS & my experiences & my view on how the deepstate, Fauci,

Kash Patel (former Trump official) on FIRE on Steve Bannon's War Room, revealing highly placed persons in US's defense, intelligence community who are MARXISTS anti-America OPENLY!

U.K. soldier Lee Rigby's gruesome beheading outside his barracks by two muslim islamic terrorists described; NEVER forget what these beasts did to Lee; Car driven directly at Lee, then body dragged

Bobby Kennedy Jrs. 'UNFORCED ERROR' (as they would say in tennis); what a catastrophe for reparation is dead in the water with voters & so he has to clean up, his policy folk must be fired! this is

You lied President Bush, when would you apolagize for the million Iraqis who died because you lied? you lied about weapons of mass destruction, my friends are dead because you lied, you lied, you sent

Testicular 'TURBO' aggressive cancer & links to COVID mRNA technology (Pfizer, Moderna) gene vaccine? Yes! Makis below shows mRNA Induced Testicular Turbo Cancer e.g. young age (teens, 20s, 30s),

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s father dies suddenly while she’s in Israel; rest in peace; while her New York Albany politics is lunacy to me, I extend deep sympathies; did COVID mRNA vaccine cause brain bleed?

Sofia Benharira, 16 years old, died following the Pfizer mRNA technology gene injection vaccine; how come no one has seriously in proper forums, questioned Weissman, Malone, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel,

Belgian's Brussels recent Tunisian muslim Islamist Shooter who killed people Illegally Entered Europe by Migrant Boat and Avoided Multiple Deportation Attempts (Breitbart's ZINDULKA reporting)

Dr. MERYL NASS's challenge to Karen Kingston; I think your subscriber Dr. Nass really tells it as it is; IMO, I respect you tremendously, we have been soldiers in the fight, you should stop carrying

New York's Gov. Kathy Hochul learns of father's sudden death during emotional trip to Israel in support of Israel; I will write a fuller substack later but I set the table with this; "Did the COVID

Should Republicans get back control of Congress in 2024? Why? Again we gave them the gavel & they showed all they are good at is wine & cheeses & unable to govern; they can't even pick a speaker

Shrestha et al.'s Cleveland Clinic study showed a CLEAR dose-response in terms of infection, re-infection risk with the '8-mice' BA.4/BA.5 bivalent booster that we know now has FAILED & is harmful!

I praise Biden for his Israel-Hamas speech from White House of his Presidency...though he did not know if he was in a Dunkin Donuts versus the WH, though he cannot generate a thought

Arab child dies & Israeli child dies, is it the same thing? Is there same pain? You damn right it is & when I wrote I would stand alongside casket of an Israeli child as I would an arab child, some of

New York Post (2016): 'Horrifying details of the Bataclan Theatre (France) massacre revealed'; The Islamic State muslim terrorists who attacked the Bataclan theater in Paris last November not only

The U.S. Department of State issued a rare ”Worldwide Caution" alert Thursday, urging any American who is overseas to “exercise increased caution” due to “increased tensions in various locations

Neoliberal Feudalism: Nikki Haley endorses plan to house up to 1,000,000 Palestinians from Gaza. This would be absolutely terrible for the U.S. & result in a huge amount of domestic terrorism down

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, whomever is handling your policy platform, FIRE just lost a chunk of your support! Huh? Reparations? You mean 'rape-a-nation'? No valid reason yet for this, it is DOA!

In an aggregate of surveys from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden by 4 percentage points.

Finally, Natalee Holloway's family finally has answers; 18 years after she disappeared; he bludgeoned her after she rebuffed his sexual advances and dumped her body in the ocean.

COVID mRNA vaccine virgin none other than Ms. Maggie Gordon seeks her BOOSTER & idiot-in-chief former Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams (Trump admin), only outdone in MORONITY by Dr. Ashish Jha (Biden)

9/11, Shimon Peres, Israeli Statesman, immediate response within 2 hours of islamic terror attacks, "Today I am not an Israeli, today I am an American, we are all Americans and we stand WITH America";

Pregnant women were never part of any LEGACY registrational Pfizer or Moderna COVID mRNA vaccine trials, NEVER! So until they were studied, they should have NEVER gotten the mRNA vaccine! But we did

Repost of the Schreckenberg et al. study on the cardiac side effects of the mRNA technology (Pfizer & Moderna) vaccines! This is a key study now that adds to body of evidence of cardiac contraction

2 questions: would any of the people who occupied the capital congressional building yesterday in protest Israel-Hamas war get any jail time? Or is it just Trump's supporters? Will any of 100$

If Spike protein that is vaccine-induced (made by your cells due to mRNA vaccine you took) persists in you for years (& we know at least 2 years, this study shows at least 6 months), then all the more

mRNA technology & mRNA vaccines is dead, DOA, it died, committed suicide for they wanted FAME & MONEY & did not test it out & now the public got wind that it is a fraud deadly technology (with LNP)

Timeline of the recent islamic jihadist terrorist Attacks in France, including Bataclan where over 130 people were cut up & disemboweled, eyes cut out of their faces, genitals mutilated, men balls cut

'Molenbeek', in Brussels/Belgium, is GROUND Zero for islamist jihadist terrorists globally, it's the 'finishing' school for terrorists & has spread to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scandinavia, RAPE

We Are In A Narrative War; the stakes are high and you are not a bystander. Everyone has a role to play in terms of what you chose to believe & share, and NOT believe; a battle for the hearts & minds

The optics of POTUS Biden falling repeatedly and now consigned to ONLY use the BABY short stairs from the underbelly of Air Force One is a BAD look! He has repeatedly fallen while climbing ICONIC Air

'Gaza hospital blast: Initial U.S. intel assessment is Israel "not responsible"'

The Biden (& Obama) administration continues to show how deranged it is, now they threaten Bank That Refuse to Give Credit Lines, Loans to Illegal Aliens; imagine that, you as a raw American,

Heart damage (myocardial injury) following the Moderna mRNA technology gene based COVID vaccine is much more common than thought & more frequent in females than in males (Buergin et al.); "Sex-

'White House has discussed U.S. military response if Hezbollah attacks Israel'; The White House has been discussing the possibility of using military force if Hezbollah joins the war in Gaza and

In the French Bataclan attack in 2015, what the islamic jihadist animals did to the women was monstrous and prosecutors said it appeard they reserved depraved venom for women, stabbing genitals...

Nobody - but nobody - absolutely nobody, wants mRNA technology gene based COVID injections anymore (Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech); it is ineffective, does not sterilize the virus & is DEADLY! it is DEAD!

'JUST IN: Nikki Haley endorses plan to house up to 1,000,000 Palestinians from Gaza.' well, is Nikki a raving lunatic? Did her campaign just destroy her primary chances? Does she not know we already

ETANA HECHT's (Wolf's DailyClout) substack article is well written and warrants a read, support her: 'Time for Clarity #Israel There is good and there is evil on this Earth. Stay focused.'

In isolated cardiomyocytes (cardiac muscle cells), do both Moderna & Pfizer mRNA COVID vaccines induce specific dysfunctions that correlate pathophysiologically to cardiomyopathy? Yes! (Schreckenberg)

Is recombinant Spike protein (vaccine-induced) detected in the blood at least 6 months after COVID mRNA technology (e.g. Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech) gene vaccination? Yes! see Brogna et al. below.

Biden's Mideast trip upended by Gaza hospital strike; Israel blames Islamic Jihad rocket for Gaza hospital blast... Hundreds killed...Hamas blames Israel; if the reporting is true, there are many dead

UNVETTED refugees illegal immigrants coming into the Southern Border under Bush, Obama-Biden, now Biden INC. places America today at supreme risk, we have thousands of jihadists, islamists, terrorists

Thank you to those who are moving from FREE subscribers to PAID, it is only 29$ year (about 2$ month, 50 cents week) and it helps me in this woke cancel culture; help us who have lost our incomes to

Many are asking me to add Canadians to existing 33 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse list (people to be investigated & prosecuted, what do you think? People like Trudeau, Njoo, Tam, Sharma, Ford etc.?

NE -

'And in all of history, when evil forces attack good men, good men are forced into doing bad things to bad people to preserve the good.' Sadly, we are there now.

Remember Bataclan, France, 2015? The photo below is one of the most cleaned up ones! The North African and Middle Eastern animal killed over 130 innocent people. What the beasts did to the patrons on

Speaker of the House, Congress, in the United States: imagine the Republicans have CONTROL of Congress, asked for it, we gave it to them yet they cannot AMONG themselves, agree on a Speaker; FIRE them

The View: well, we watch The View & use it as a therapy for sexual addiction and nymphomania, treatment just being 3 episodes of The View 'back to back', will cure any sexual interests; but now, Ana

'Was Israel’s Military Ordered to ‘Stand Down’ Amid Hamas Attack? Charlie Kirk, Others Question Mainstream Narrative' (American Faith News); if so, this has serious implications

Air traffic controllers in America are lapsing, faultering on the job & risk massive deaths from plane crashes: "How a series of air traffic control lapses in America nearly killed 131 people"

Is the Synergistic pairing of ivermectin and fenbendazole potent enough and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at preventing and treating cancer? Evidence is accumulating saying so & 2ND SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD's

'33 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse', bringing death, suffering, pain, job loss, collaterol damage, destroyed lives & futures to societies, to America, Canada, UK etc.; these 33, we start with them

COVID is OVER, done! Whatever is circulating poses challenges as all colds & flus, to elderly, high-risk persons, DO; no more talk of fraud deadly lockdowns, school closures, masks mandates, vaccines

BREAKING: 'Hamas Releases First Purported Video of Israeli Hostage, Mia Shem'; The video shows a young woman who is resting in bed and having bandages applied to her right arm. She has tattoos on her

Biden INC. (and Obama's) policy to flood the US with illegals, terrorists, now place US in danger for there may be islamist jihadist terror cells in America; be prepared to kill them as they kill you

France Deploys 7,000 Soldiers Following Suspected Islamist Attack (By American Faith)

I have dropped the annual subscription to 29$ to allow for all persons to subscribe; I have left it FREE if you do not wish a PAID subscription, no restrictions, open to all comments (please no

Nune et al. reports on New-Onset Rheumatic Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases Following COVID Vaccinations, mainly Pfizer BioNTech mRNA technology vaccine

The summer of 'dying suddenly', TURBO cancers, people dying in their sleep, dying at dawn (young children), how? why? mRNA technology vaccine? Yes! Causing immune system subversion? Yes! Damaging the

Peter and Ginger Breggin Exposing the Global Predators: "The Elite Strategy to Physically Ruin Our Brains, Minds, and Willpower"; Is it possible that the elite of world, for almost one hundred years,

'Horror as Israeli women tortured to death 'found naked with hands tied behind back'; In kibbutzim such as Kfar Aza and Be'eri, the militants took their time to kill civilians - with many bodies,

Good chance war spreads beyond Gaza, threatening oil; now US sending 2,000 troops to support Israel so this is enlarging & by this Christmas, we can be in WW III; nations to watch: Jordan, Egypt,

Childhood Deaths Dropped By 30% During the Pandemic, so the question is, WHY? Is it because the lockdowns prevented parents from taking kids for their vaccinations? If so, then finally there is ONE

CANADIAN CHIEF FIREFIGHTER - 37 year old Madeleine "Maddie" Crevier developed extremely rare Turbo Cancer Lymphoma during COVID Vaccine Mandates; can we make link? I think we could; Makis makes case

We know COVID has been done 2 years now, OVER, & a failed deadly mRNA technology Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech vaccine; yet what do you have to show for it? Nothing! except people got richer, a transfer

America is in grave DANGER because of what Obama, Bush jr., Biden did at the borders, they let in 'illegals' who are killers who were not vetted properly & we have no idea where they are in America;

Brilliant piece by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World: "Gates Foundation to Accelerate Modified mRNA DEATHVAX™ Innovation and Manufacturing in Africa and Globally"

30 dead Americans, 130 or so still being held hostage by HAMAS; what are you going to do Mr. President? President Biden, over to you, your move! I notice you still can't say Iran did this; I will say

1.5 million 'got-aways' at the Southern Border under POTUS kickback Biden INC. so far for and 150 actual terrorists stopped at the border; so tell me, how many juhadists got through? You do know these

American warning from FBI: FBI warns of Hamas copycat terror attacks on US soil and urges public to watch out for 'lone actors' amid a 'heightened environment' of fear following deaths of 1,200

Australian Air Force base worker calls for Jews to be 'wiped out'...Pro-Palestine protester calls for Jews to be 'wiped out' as Australian protests turn ugly - and he claims to work at a high-

Can you point to any large-scale randomized controlled clinical trial (RCT) with placebo control which established that the COVID vaccines (mRNA technology based gene shots) were effective & safe? No!

COVID is done, its over, over 2 years now, it NEVER was a pandemic, a massive deadly lie to lock you down, take your money & liberties, amass power; the vaccine is DEAD, does not work, take NO MORE!

COVID & HAMAS, thankfully, one helped clarify the other! Now that media is 24/7 Israel-Hamas due to Hamas's barbarity & Israel response, we see no more COVID lies, deception, & vaccine duplicity by

UK Government: Office for National Statistics recently published an update on deaths by vaccination status in England and it has shockingly revealed that the vaccinated population accounted for 95% of

Sweden, so much for being the safest most peaceful nation, NOT! We knew, we saw Merkel's islamists 'rapefugees' raping their girls, add this: MOB RULE Executions, bombings & child assassins – how

Children casualties of war, collaterol damage is gut-wrenching, heartbreaking; WRONG on all levels! I will stand alongside a Jewish Child's casket & stand alongside an Arab Child's casket; same to me!

EL GATO MALO (Bad Cattitude): 'the wall at the back of the theater all over the world, true colors are shown'; excellent substack worth the read; Remember: To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected,

'American military (Lloyd 'Darth Vader' Austin & Pentagon) sending second aircraft carrier strike group, fighter jets to region as Israel prepares to expand Gaza operations; this can get become WW III

'Once, I Was a Peace Advocate. Now, I Have No Idealism Left. After terrorists killed my cousin Daniel Pearl, my family called for peace. But after the worldwide celebration of our (Jewish) people’s

Israelis blame gov’t for Hamas massacre, say Netanyahu must resign - poll; An overwhelming majority of 86% of respondents, including 79% of coalition supporters, said the surprise attack from Gaza is

Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, the 'lockdown' 'forced mRNA vaccine' lunatic! Never ever forget New Zealand what this charlatan sick demon did to you! Find a way to investigate her & pull her into a

WARNING: Street drug called xylazine, or “tranq” is veterinary sedative often mixed with heroin or fentanyl; very deadly! Quickly causes horrific damage to their bodies e.g. necrosis, skin tissue rot

IDF to Jewish Leaders: ‘Scenes Out of Gaza Will Be Hard to Stomach’; The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told American Jewish leaders to prepare for a difficult public relations battle over the impending

Yes, HANG Them HIGH! Look at the 33 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse below, and investigate & drag them into legal tribunals with proper judges & juries; if judges say imprison, then jail them long,

'Henry Kissinger on Hamas attacks fallout: Germany let in too many foreigners'; took you so long Henry to say that? Merkel destroyed Europe, lit funeral pyres across Europe, caused European girls to

mRNA technology based COVID Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech vaccine: after roll-out January 2021, we see MASSIVE rise in Lymphomas, leukemias, glioblastoma, breast, colon, lung, testicular, ovarian, sarcoma

Tampons menstrual products in male University bathrooms? Well you might say of course NOT since male students DO NOT menstruate/bleed! But don't tell that to the psychotic WOKE morons at Clemson!

Hamas has released chilling footage that appears to show terrorists picking up and cradling Israeli babies and small children; The 49-second video includes a clip of a gunman clutching a crying baby

In France (Bataclan nightclub), terrorists tortured & castrated 130 victims, gouged eyes, mutilated women's genitals, killed them all, brutalized them; this was always going on by islamists, don't,

How much danger are we in as a WORLD? WW I, WW II, 9/11 combined presents less danger globally than what is faced now! Why? i) POTUS Biden is demented & his creeping senility is clear for the world

2 Important critical products from The Wellness Company (TWC): i)Spike protein 'recovery' with NATTOKINASE '(dissolves spike from virus or the mRNA vaccine) ii)Medical Emergency kit (8 key medications

Why do we suggest NATTOKINASE, or Bromelain, or Curcumin, this trifector BASE spike protein DETOX? It's because the spike protein (endothelial pathogen) from the virus itself, manmade Gain-of-Function

HORROR GOES GLOBAL French teacher killed by ‘Allahu Akbar’ knifeman while diplomat slashed in China & crowds storm border on ‘Day of Jihad’; A TEACHER was stabbed to death by a knifeman shouting

mRNA technology induced spike protein from COVID Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech vaccine; you have to understand, that with the COVID vaccine, your cells produce spike protein 24/7 for the rest of your life

We are entering the most dangerous time in the world in last 50 years as i)a senile POTUS Biden on deck ii)no Speaker of the House iii)China flexing on Taiwan-war for US iv)Russia-Ukraine- war for US

What? REUTERS is reporting that only 4 million Americans (1.3%) got the updated COVID booster (XBB.1.5) vaccines in September 2023? What? Then if as reported, this is a catastrophic FAILURE for Pfizer

Dr. Peter McCullough unpacks Jacobs et al. paper on why Americans are REFUSING the COVID mRNA booster vaccines with this succinct substack (read & support); mRNA Booster Acceptance down to 1.3%

Who damaged the Gas Pipeline Between Finland and Estonia? one Year After the Nord Stream Explosions? Who? Why? SABOTAGE: Leak in the Submarine Gas Pipeline Between Finland and Estonia Was ‘Deliberate

'Hamas Calls for Global Muslim Uprising on Friday'; American Faith reporting; The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, issued an alarming statement on Tuesday, marking Friday, October 13 as “Al-Aqsa

'As Narratives & DEATHVAX™ Uptake Collapse "Experts" Are Rolled Out To Salvage Followup "Pandemics"'; they want to scare you again to take fraud failed mRNA technology Bourla, Bancel, Weissman shot

'Global Knife Attack Frenzy by muslims as Hamas ‘Day of Rage’ Gets Underway'; the first victim was an employee of the Israeli embassy. The second attack, which killed at least one man, happened in

Imagine we are headed to WW III Russia & Ukraine, well, really it is Russia vs America (courtesy of Biden INC.), due to this sick twisted evil beast whose claim to fame is playing piano with his penis

And while we have Hamas-Israel war, Russia-Ukraine war, WW III brewing, China moving on Taiwan any moment, a senile POTUS who cannot form his own sentences, with that, we have NO Speaker of the HOUSE

Today, Lloyd 'Darth Vader' Austin gained a bit of respect from me in his live news conference in Israel, saying clearly, that US will respond to Iran 'in kind' in private discussions; that US stands

Yes, you read that right, I am saying that POTUS Biden has invaded America via the Southern Border. And now, as you see with Hamas in Israel, we are also exposed fromn ‘within’ for we have not tens,

'HAMAS CALLS GLOBAL DAY OF JIHAD' on Friday 13th October (today); Congressional Medal of War winner David Bellavia covered this in WBEN 10 am EST show (on 12th), where HAMAS asking terrorist muslims

If true, some good news! 'USA Qatar Agree to Freeze $6B Payment to Iran'; not enough, we need to dust off the bunker busting bombs, the MOABS and take out Iran's nuclear program, complete!

MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY's substack is very thought provoking & I am for balance: "Is the Gaza-Israel Fighting “A False Flag”? They Let It Happen? Their Objective Is “to Wipe Gaza Off the Map”?

27 Americans now confirmed killed by HAMAS terrorists in the Israel invasion; many missing, held captive; what are you going to do Mr. Biden. POTUS Biden? It is incredible that you & your administra-

Fears that the Israel/Hamas war can spread to entire Middle East: In northern Israel, fears grow of a war that engulfs 'all the Middle East'; But none of those, he said, will compare with the war he

NONE WERE SPARED: Women, Children, Elderly, Peace Activists, Holocaust Survivor — Victims of Hamas Attacks in Israel Faced ‘Evil Not Created Even by the Devil’; reports of women bleeding from vaginas?

Yes, I said it, President Biden IS technically senile, his mind is going, you know it, I know it, we all know it, we have a POTUS who does not know if he is standing or sitting yet everyone is silent.

'Christie: Trump Is a ‘Fool,’ He Has No Business Being President of the United States'; come on now, why can't someone tell this dufuss Chris 'Cristy Creme' Christie to get into the nearest donut shop

BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT Israeli rescuers share another horror pic of blood-drenched NURSERY after Netanyahu shows bloody child’s bed to world; is this true? if so this is barbary, this is evil depravity

America's NIGHTMARE now: we have war between Russia & Ukraine that has USA (due to Biden INC.) square in the middle, we have Israel-HAMAS war now that can cause WW III, we have a senile POTUS who

You gave Nobel in medicine to Katalin Kariko & Drew Weissman for having 'saved lives'? with mRNA technology? How? 'Nobel Prize Committee Should Give Themselves Award for ‘Negligence of Due Diligence’

mRNA technology COVID boosters (Pfizer, Moderna) & why the uptake is so low: Jacobs et al. highlights reasons for low uptake as i)prior infection (natural immunity) ii)concern about vaccine side

Ben Shapiro Condemns Tucker Carlson for ‘Downplaying’ Attack on Israel: ‘It’s Idiocy! It’s Just Moral Stupidity!’ “The question for American policymakers, however, is what do we do next?” asked

Clinical Rationale for COVID Base Spike Protein Detoxification in Post COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes (Dr. Peter McCullough et al.); spike protein from virus & vaccine is pathological, deadly!

Israel/Hamas War: Problem–Reaction–Solution The Hegelian Dialectic Process: The Devil's Most Powerful Tool (almost akin to Cloward-Piven democrat strategy); profound writing again by LIONESS OF JUDAH

"Saudi Prince (MBS), Iran President Hold Call On Israel-Hamas War"; Is this a shifting nascent NEW WORLD ORDER? I share for I like balance & all sides, this is interesting as it holds no real details

Novavax surprising failure! Dr. Peter McCullough highlights how much the Theoretical Vaccine Effectiveness for Novavax was Unacceptably Low; Real World Study Disappointing for Non-Genetic Vaccine

'Hamas tore a hole in Israel on Saturday. It may even have succeeded in denying Israel peace with Saudi Arabia. But the price must be Hamas's extermination' (Alex Berenson On Israel, Hamas, and what

eugyppius: Journalists for Die Zeit realise nobody cares about the Covid jabs anymore, pen 2500-word wall of text angsting about German "vaccine exhaustion" and wondering how things can have come to

Biden could not give this fallen marine the respect deserved as the casket is brought back? He bothched the Afghanistan withdrawal and 13 soldiers died, yet he could not give the respect?

mRNA technology Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech vaccines; they got you to take a vaccine you NEVER needed! Now it's inside of you doing who knows what? & you want it out! the vaccine's spike protein wreaks

Hamas Calls for Global ‘Day of Jihad’ on Friday the 13th; Palestinian Hamas terror group known as Hamas has called on Muslims worldwide to stage a “Day of Jihad,” or holy war, on Friday, October 13

COVID pandemic was a fraud, a fake, it was a PCR 'false-positive' over-cycled, make believe pandemic with its 0.05% IFR for those less than 75 years (near 100% survival), it 'never was'; all involved

Those who stand by and rejoice & celebrate the loss of Israeli life are dispicable, untermensche, low-lifes for they do not understand what was done here; the response by Israel will shock you, you

It was not just Israeli intelligence that failed to thwart and confront and cut off Hamas's attack (if reporting is correct) but alarmingly it was the failure of the US intelligence! nothing moves

Near 500 pieces of evidence I compiled showed that all COVID response was a fraud, fake, lie, all of it! Lockdowns, all across the world FAILED, never worked, school closures failed, mask mandates fai

'Worse than ISIS': Hamas terrorists 'behead Israeli soldiers' in sickening footage & Hamas attack 'our 9/11' as murdered Israeli woman paraded semi-naked through streets and Hamas rocket attack

Report: Biden INC. Welcomed 4 Million Illegal Migrants (military aged men) in 26 Months; I said here Biden administration is & has INVADED America as you sit back & watch! Obama did it with islamists

ISRAEL update on dead Americans: now approximately 170 missing, 22 dead Americans, many executed; what are you going to do Mr. POTUS Biden to rescue the Americans & get accountability for the dead?

Israel MUST defend itself now, it will be devastating response yet I/we cannot forget innocent Palestinians in GAZA; there will be innocent people in rubble after Israel responds; Hamas militants hide

BREAKING: armed Hezbollah terrorists blow up the Lebanese border fence and enter Israel from the North...this is coming from informed sources and will update you as I learn more, if you learn of any

Gaza will be razed to the ground for what HAMAS has done, as told by IDF official, it will no longer exist; Gaza 'will soon be a tent city' says Israeli official as IDF launches 250 airstrikes in one

'Gain of Fauci' reminded us so we don't forget what Biden said & actually did (2007 to 2021) & now the aftermath in Israell; Joe Biden Afghanistan Timeline, 2007: Biden warns about a bad Afghanistan

US deploys Delta Force and SEAL Team Six to help Israeli forces locate American hostages as hundreds of brave IDF reservists arrive at JFK to answer call to fight - after terrorists beheaded babies

MISDIRECTION by Houdini (Swordsfish): what the eyes see & ears hear, the mind believes; same here, for Iran said it backed HAMAS's Israel attack, HAMAS said Iran backed it, but BIDEN Inc. is clueless

Harvard, why did 30 student groups at Harvard University stand against Israel, saying that Israel caused Hamas to attack? How come? Disgraceful and now we see Harvard President now reversing course

Many say now that KICKBACK Joe Biden ‘money’ INC. government is to blame for the attack on Israel; I disagree, I would lay most blame on Obama (&when Biden was the VP) for all Obama did to enrich the

'Israeli Official Calls for 'Doomsday' Nuclear Missile Option', to use nuclear options on HAMAS to rid of HAMAS once and for all; what say you? what do you think? Does Israel have a case here to use?

It's time that we salted the earth like in Carthage; Now we need a Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (Rome's greatest general, saved Rome, his victory in Second/Third Punic war over Hannibal)

NATTOKINASE (NK) shown to be effective: Chen et al. shows effective management of atherosclerosis progress and hyperlipidemia with nattokinase: A clinical study with 1,062 participants

#PlasmidGate: Plasmid DNA in Pfizer and Moderna injections can enter the nucleus of our cells in 5 different ways (The EXPOSE) BY RHODA WILSON

America is very vulnerable, the attack by HAMAS shows that the US is very vulnerable to the Southern Border, jihadists are coming in there, Biden letting them in, we MUST CLOSE it, NOW, United States

Do not forget my book 'PRESIDENTIAL TAKEDOWN' (Amazon) during my time in Trump's administration, sharing IMO how the deepstate conspired to topple POTUS Trump with a fraud pandemic

URGENT! Eric Adams warns Americans (NY city mayor) of terror attack on NYC residents by 'lone wolves' radicalized by Hamas; Adams says they are in America & warned New York residents to stay low

Americans are now being held hostage by HAMAS, and Biden INC. must now act, using all means necessary, by air, by land, by sea, whatever it takes, now we shall see what Biden INC. is all about

What did they do to us? They brought us a fraud non-COVID pandemic for near 4 years using a fraud PCR over-cycled false-positive process, deadly ineffective lockdown lunacy that killed & fraud mRNA

HAMAS & similar are in America & will strike, Obama & Biden assured that in Obama's Presidency with the Tashfeen's they brought in! 150 hard core islamist terrorists came through the Southern border

Does the Annual Flu vaccine Save Lives or Take Them? Recent analysis by Smalley indicates that the annual flu vaccine actually causes death, far more than we thought & causes more harm than benefit

McCarthy said as point 4 of 5 immediate steps, would be a focus on securing our own open border; substack member said NO, should be # 1 with immediate deportation of all MILITARY aged males

'IT'S A MASSACRE' Hamas slaughters 40 Israeli babies & kids in one town with some beheaded as families burned alive in ‘pogrom’; Armed with guns, grenades and knives, Hamas terrorists butchered men,

Ex-speaker McCarthy showing some stones finally (but too late Kevin) in response to the Israel invasion as to how America is to respond: 1. Rescue all American hostages 2. Provide full support for our

Has Biden's (and Obama 8 year) open border policy, the deliberate effort of a President to INVADE its own nation, yes, Biden has invaded America from Southern border with jihadists, murderers etc.,

Karen Kingston: "How I Survived Targeted Bioweapon Attacks, Other influencers are being targeted and some are being threatened, just as I am. I was told if I quieted down and took time off,

11 US citizens now known to be killed by Hamas so what will Biden INC do? How will the USA respond? Ukraine attacked by Russia under Biden, Israel by Hamas, will China move on Taiwan now under Biden?

Remember this graph showing vaccinated British adults under 60 years of age dying at 2 times the rate of unvaccinated persons the same age? Did not get any play, certainly in media; caution broad age

'Worse than ISIS': Hamas terrorists 'behead Israeli soldiers' in sickening footage Hamas has been denounced as "savages, animals, butchers" as Israel unleashes strikes on Gaza

Netanyahu Vows To 'Change Middle East' In War With Hamas; "What Hamas will experience will be difficult and terrible... we are going to change the Middle East," ""This is only the beginning... we are

"Israel Didn't See a Hamas Strike Coming. The U.S. Could Be Next, McCarthy Warns"; while an inept speaker, this is the first correct thing he has said; Obama & Biden brought them in during BHO terms

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's (Liberals) personal media agency, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, or CBC, just sent internal memo to staff of CBC to NOT refer to Hamas as terrorists

'Victor Davis Hanson: Israel, Our White-House Absurdities, & The Left's Empire Of Lies'; Hanson: The Biden administration is furiously trying to contextualize its past, unsupportable policies that

Bobby Kennedy Jr.: "Today, I Declared Myself an Independent Candidate for President"; boss move and needed; excellent substack by Kennedy & his we pray they don't kill Bobby K Jr.

If you move a glass on your kitchen counter, USA's NSA, Israel's, all these nations and intelligence services know & it really stretches the mind that this attack on Israel could have happened the way

We told them the hydroxychloroquine science was overwhelming & here more evidence accumulates: Meeus et al. finding that Treatment of COVID-19 using combination of hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin

Sasha Latypova recommends this article by CHARLES WRIGHT "Treason & Criminal Conspiracy against the USA. Diamond Princess proves the "Wuhan Lab Leak" was a cover story for Hospital Protocols and who

Rep. Jim Jordan and Dr. Paul Elias Alexander meeting in Rep. Jordon's congressional office; this man I respect & put a lot of trust in him now to go RAMBO on all COVID wrongs, to indict & jail many!!

Israel's invasion in response to Hamas's attack, under way, orders no food, electricity, water, nothing as Israel begins to lay siege...I pray for innocents in this & ask Trump to help, ask anyone to

Is Fenbendazole the drug we should look at to tackle cancer? All else has failed after near 70 years of billions in fraud grant 'get rich' researcher schemes, we are no where ahead, just researchers &

U.S. State Department reports that nine Americans killed in Israel, thus far but reporting patchy and incomplete, many others still missing; we pray and mourn that this does not result in more loss

I pray that in Israel's response that must happen, that they target properly, carefully, and limit and incur no loss of innocent innocent arab life must be taken, be careful, do not be the

Report 86: Pfizer’s Clinical Trial ‘Process 2’ COVID Vaccine Recipients Suffered 2.4X the Adverse Events of Placebo Recipients; ‘Process 2’ Vials Were Contaminated with DNA Plasmids.

'IT'S WAR Israel orders ‘complete siege’ of Gaza and ‘readies invasion’ as US warships head to region after Hamas massacre' (The US Sun); our hearts break for what was done re loss of Israeli/Arab

The COVID 'KILLING FIELDS' of Canada (Trudeau), of Ontario during COVID under Premier Doug Ford (Jason Kenney, Alberta), where Ontario nursing homes were turned into extermination centers (LIONESS

mRNA technology COVID gene based vaccines are DEAD (Moderna, Pfizer, BioNTech), dead on arrival, failed, day 1, from February 2021 we knew it was deadly, not needed! the mRNA-LNP complex, devastating

Americans being held hostage (& killed) by Hamas in the Israel attack? a very serious situation & we need restraint; we must have no more blood shed & Arab world MUST instantly condemn Hamas & Iran

Arsen asks about the depravity, why would they Hamas, kidnap a grandmother? Yet are we being maniupulated by governments here? Why? Look at how easily we were manipulated during COVID & we let them

Poll: Trump’s Lead over DeSantis Nationally Climbed 20 Points Since July; 6 months ago DeSantis should have stepped away, he has hurt his brand, we told him this...

Saudi Arabia IMO is the rate limiting step re Israel and Iran/Hamas...can make matters worse...would Saudi Arabia side with Hamas? Now U.S. sends warships to eastern Mediterranean after Hamas attack

Palestinian Terrorists Kidnap, Kill Israeli Women and Children; Palestinian terrorists seized dozens of Israeli civilian hostages on Saturday, holding some in Israel and dragging at least 50,

Hala Thabet et al. showed that women who receive the COVID mRNA vaccine may experience menstrual abnormalities, such as a significant difference in cycle length, flow duration, menstrual blood loss

"Toronto-area LTC residents died of ‘dehydration and malnourishment,’ new military documents reveal"; to read this headline makes my blood boil, those crooked killer Hospital & LTC & nursing home CEOs

33 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, I have now increased by one Horseman from 32, by adding Jeremy Farrar & you know of him; these are IMO people who have serious questions to answer to help us grasp

Netanyahu vows to turn Gaza into 'rubble': Israeli PM tells Palestinians to 'leave now' and says Hamas will pay an 'unprecedented price' after they kidnapped and launched shocking attack that

Dr. Peter McCullough: 'Take all mRNA technology vaccines off the market'; they are ineffective & harmful, DEADLY! Wisdom from world-renowned defender of human health.

How are we supposed to understand what it means that the official death toll from the massive attack/massacre/pogrom from Hamas is over 300, the injured over 1500, and the kidnapped approaching 200?!

Biden (with Obama) invaded & is invading America! we have thousands of military aged males coming across our border as "migrants". Many are islamists, murderers, rapists & will kill Americans! This is

Donald Trump: ‘Israel Has Every Right to Defend Itself with Overwhelming Force’ from Hamas Terrorist Assaults; Donald Trump: Terror Attack on Israel an ‘Act of Savagery,’ Must Be ‘Crushed and Avenged’

Did McCullough & Rose find that the CDC VAERS VACCINE ADVERSE effect database (on COVID vaccine side effects) had (in 2021) 223 times higher than the average of all vaccines combined for the past 30

DRUDGE headlines this morning, I am no fan of DRUGE reporting but its telling: MANY HOSTAGES TAKEN...YOUNG AND OLD SNATCHED OFF STREET...Naked woman paraded by jeering Hamas fighters...

American Military barracks found with mold, pests, broken ACs and brown sewage water; would Lloyd 'Darth Vader' Austin stop focusing on feminizing the US military & flooding it with transgender freaks

What? American Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines have grounded their planes as investigations continue into potentially faulty safety certificates.

Ukraine-Russia on Biden INC's watch, now Hamas/Iran-Israel on Biden INC's watch, will China now move on Taiwan to get control of the semi-conductor chips? Is that the next move on Biden INC's watch?

What should Israel do? After attacked by Hamas? So much death. What? I am for peace as much as you, no blood shed, no life lost! None, no Arab, No Israeli, NONE! Arab life as valuable as an Israeli,

We have written about the rash of sudden deaths during the COVID mRNA technology vaccine era with sudden deaths happening as you slept, 'dying at dawn'; Makis adds to the debate with substack

Is it time for Israel to introduce the arab world, Hamas et al. Iran, to its nuclear arsenal, if I were them I would say yes! It is time...just one to start...Bodies Paraded Through Gaza Streets...

32 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse (and list of persons grows with your submissions) that must be investigated in proper legal tribunals and hearings with proper judges & juries for fairness, yet

A case in a 71-year old male of Fulminant myocarditis with complete atrioventricular block after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (Onishi et al.): McCullough comments on this fatal Eosinophilic Myocarditis

Best thing that could happen for America was removing Speaker McCarthy, he headed the UNIPARTY now, we were going nowhere FAST with him; Gaetz deserves praise! Trump-Gaetz ticket, Jim Jordan Speaker,

BREAKING!!! Israel under attack goes to war, Israel must defend itself; HAMAS SURPRISE ATTACK AT LEAST 40 KILLED, 700 WOUNDED; World reacts to surprise attack by Hamas on Israel

Michael Higgins: Ontario regulatory body drops inquest into COVID-critical doctor College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has ended its quest to silence anti-lockdown pediatrician Kulvinder Gill

CDC & RELEVANCE: Let us be honest & real here, 'there is simply nothing CDC can possibly do to reform itself. It is way past the point of rehabilitation. CDC has destroyed any semblance of trust

'Putin Warns ‘Globalist Terrorist’ Klaus Schwab His ‘Days Are Numbered’'; excellent stack by 2nd the work! by Baxter Dmitry; I love this by Vlad: 'According to Putin, globalists

Mayorkas Finally Admits "Acute & Immediate Need" To Build Border Wall In Texas; so Border wall was racist under Trump, now its ok under Biden INC?..I don't buy it, people going to make stolen tax

'FBI Creates 'MAGA' Extremist Category, Targets Trump Supporters Ahead Of 2024 Election'; this should trouble you as an American, 'The Biden FBI has 'quietly created a new category of extremists that

You will learn one day that all of COVID, everything was a complete fraud, nothing was true...from lockdown lunacy to vaccine, all was to harm you, take freedoms, liberties, your money, strip you down

What? 'Contempt For Press Freedoms: US Officials Bar Tucker Carlson From Interviewing Putin'; is this reporting correct? “I tried to interview Vladimir Putin, but the U.S. government prevented me from

Ozempic & DR. SHERRI TENPENNY: how this 'weight-loss' drug can kill you! may be more dangerous than you realize; there is no substitute for proper diet intake and lifestyle changes, physical activity

REINETTE SENUM is a friend of mine! 'Simone Gold's $15M Defamation Lawsuit Against Me (Senum), & a Geoengineering Legal Status Update'; Gold is seeking to sue Senum for defamation

How a former Trump official Dr. Paul Elias Alexander wound up at Ottawa's trucker convoy protest (in a lead scientific role) & the US trucker convoy protest, with Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Dr. Byram Bridle

Hang them all high, for what they did to Trump, hang them I say...all...involved...politicians too....once courts and judges say hang, we hang, Trump and Biden one to escape! Trump

Question on Ukraine: which republican and democrat congressmen and women, and senators, taking bribes and bag money and kickbacks over Ukraine US foreign AID? who, for you know there are many!

Dr. McCullough's Spike protein detox formula TRIPLE threat: Nattokinase: i) 2000 fibrin units (100 milligrams) orally twice a day without food [this is found in our Spike Support Formula]

'Matt Gaetz is a hero' (American Thinker) by Patricia McCarthy; There has to be a line drawn in the sand because the toleration of lies, stonewalling half truths, and the disgusting selfish, power

Sixty-three percent of U.S. adults currently agree with the statement that the Republican and Democratic parties do “such a poor job” of representing the American people that “a third major party is

Parents & medical doctors who promote this are criminals, who cause & facilitate this cutting off of breasts of young girls in Canada & America: "Transgenderism: Report Says 602 Underage Canadian

PEDOPHILES in business preying on boys, girls, PEDOPHILES in government e.g. MPs, MPPs, Prime Ministers, congresspeople, Senators, Presidents, PEDOPHILES in church & NOT just Christian...ALL!

Wali et al. on the mRNA vaccine & menstrual cycle effects: about half of participants (44%) reported a change in the length & amount of the menstrual cycle & 29% worsened premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

mRNA in our food? HORRIFYING: Rep. Thomas Massie Exposes Taxpayer-Funded “Transgenic Edible Vaccines”; Turns Edible Plants Like Lettuce and Spinach Into mRNA Vaccine Factories to Replace mRNA Shots

'Trump allegedly discussed US nuclear subs with foreign national after leaving White House: Sources'; when I see news like this, I print it, then I go to the toilet & use the paper as tissue to wipe

Can you pretend the STUNNING findings by Takehiro Nakahara regarding Myocardial 18F-FDG Uptake at PET/CT in Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2-vaccinated and Nonvaccinated Patients DOES NOT exist? No! It is real

Don't be fooled, weight loss drug Ozempic and Wegovy can be devastating, serious side effects study shows! Be warend! Like Jenny Craig & Weight Watchers etc., you are sold a bag of deceit! Pancreas

Trump is likely the next speaker of the house of representatives...chew on that! good money riding on that now! BOOM! and he will be the next President of the United States (POTUS)! Trump as speaker

TRUMP ('45') was always correct, YES, rapists, murderers, fecal matter come up through the Southern border too as "11 Illegal Aliens Among Men Accused of Gang Raping Young Girls in Minnesota Town"

'These are the Most Important Articles I’ve Published'; These headlines should allow readers to connect the dots on the distressing trends of our captured New Normal times. BILL RICE, JR.

"I have been here for 7 years and we don't have a fu*king budget...I am going down fighting"; Gaetz on fire! Love him or not, this giy gots some huge balls & I love his fight (if it is real, lets see)

You can DETOXIFY from toxic spike protein (from the COVID virus infection as well as the mRNA/DNA gene based vaccine) BUT you CANNOT 'DE-PRIME' or 'DE-IMPRINT' or DE-FIXATE' from initial VACCINE or

Witholding antibiotics killed hundreds of thousands, millions during COVID & doctors were CRIMINAL going along! FRANKLIN O'KANU's brilliant stack "How COVID-19 Protocols Killed Millions Of Americans"

Trump-Gaetz ticket for 2024, put Kennedy in charge of HHS where he has FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID reporting to him & then he must strip these alphabets down to studs, fire 1000 from each top down, relocate

POTUS Trump would consider being SPEAKER of the House of representatives; this would be epic & IMO become very interesting & help stop the Ukraine aid among other America hating BIDEN agenda items

CJ HOPKINS: 'The GloboCap Nazi Follies'; Trudeau denounced the Canadian truckers as fascists, & persecuted them, & run them down with horses, one day, and then slobber over a literal Nazi the next.

Is Fauci the most prolific serial killer in history? I think a strong case can be made, but you must include Weissman and Kariko as mRNA inventors, Bourla (CEO Pfizer), Bancel (CEO Moderna) etc.

Michael 'Doc' Savage: Alex Marlow’s ‘Breaking Biden’ Is a ‘Mindblower,’ ‘Frightening’; “It’s the presumption that something more insidious is lying under the surface (of Biden) & this book exposes the

Hang them high, I say hang all involved with the COVID fraud non-pandemic, the manufactured PCR driven pandemic, the mRNA vaccine, all, hang them high if a judge & court says hang them!

'Police are still searching for the suspect, who is described as a man in his 20s with a medium build and a dark hoodie.'; bullshit, this is NYC, this was a BLACK man killing a white MAN, where are

Alexander and his Trump administration allies bickered with other officials over his push for a completely different strategy, involving so-called herd immunity. Alexander's preferred plan was to keep

Devil himself just sent an urgent message to earth, saying under no conditions does Hunter Biden come to hell; devil says Hunter not allowed, will destroy HELL, too rotten

JOOMI's substack is very good! Yet makes a big mistake; JOOMI reminds that NOBEL Prize was awarded in 1949 for 'lobotomy' yet we know how dangerous it was so "Today’s medical breakthroughs, tomorrow's

What the hell is this? What is American Faith saying? That there are Hunter Biden’s Ties to Prostitution Ring and it is Detailed in U.S. Treasury Documents? Say it ain't so Hunter, say it ain't so...

'Robert Malone wanted to do nice things with mRNA, y'all, not like the mean Nobel Prize winners.'...CHARLES WRIGHT adds another dimension or debate; as I said, if Malone is smart, he would distance

Jim Jordan running for Speaker of the House, he got my vote! He is as sharp as they come, honest, patriot! see his letter today and see my photos meeting with him in congress!

Dr. Peter McCullough On “The Holy Grail Of COVID-19 Vaccine Detoxification” “Far and away, most common question I get from those who took ...COVID-19 vaccines is, ‘How do I get this out of my body'

POTUS Trump as Speaker of the House? Would that be interesting and it is not far fetched, it could is being dealt with by serious people.

Only 6% of the S&P 100's new hires are White? So if No One’s Hiring White Guys, What Are They Doing With Themselves? Want to hazard a guess? What about this, if this stack is 10% correct, fair, right?

DR NAOMI WOLF: 'Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith and Resistance in a New Dark Age'

mRNA gene therapy, the mRNA technology is dead, DOA, committed suicide, mRNA vaccines are dead, DOA, its over for these criminals like Weissman, Bourla, Bancel...what is left is for us to get proper

BOOM! SCOTUS puts on its big boy drawers & reads the malfeasants the riot act: U.S. SUPREME COURT REJECTS CHALLENGE TO REMOVE DONALD TRUMP FROM 2024 PRESIDENTIAL BALLOT; TRUMP is on the ballot

White, male, christian, conservative, straight, alpha, loves women, meat eater carnivore, appreciates right to own weapons legally, wants border secured...well, if you check those boxes, you are

Kelce is clueless; #Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is receiving strong BACKLASH from fans after posting on his IG a sponsored video of him receiving his 4th shot/vaccine from Pfizer; Mr. Pfizer best be

Dr. Byram Bridle, one of the best humans on earth, brilliant, opines that Malone was overlooked re mRNA Nobel & it was given wrongfully to Karikó & Weissman (non-inventors); I disagree, Malone got

You know my support & link to POTUS Trump, the greatest POTUS IMO and destined for greatness & he will fix the fraud of the COVID PCR non-pandemic & vaccine; good authority 45 reads my Horsemen of the

Paik et al. reported on Female reproduction and abnormal uterine bleeding after COVID-19 vaccination; Current evidence supports a certain degree of impact of COVID-19 vaccines on the menstrual cycle

BREAKING!!!!!!!!! MAGA! Kevin McCarthy ousted as Speaker; love it, it's time we went NUCLEAR on these beasts, NUCLEAR! Vote them out, shut it down, if it takes shutting down government, shut it down!

2nd Smartest Guy in the World reviewed a substack by Makis (below) that's staggering as it relates to potent role of IVERMECTIN (zinc ionophore) in reducing cancer risk (vaccine-induced TURBO cancers)

It is as simple as I write it, the entire COVID pandemic was a FRAUD, 100%, nothing about it was true, they took a respiratory ILI that they created & created a pandemic with the over-cycled PCR

The Wellness Company’s (TWC) Spike Support recovery (spike dissolving) formula contains Nattokinase (natural blood thinning) & may help in rash of pulmonary embolism (lung clots) following mRNA shots

COVID really was a MUCOSAL compartment disease & Clancy tells it as it is, COVID is a mucosal disease & it becomes systemic via the GI tract! You get immunity to a respiratory infection because you

Malone, this is EXIT RAMP # 2 the Lord has sent you, take it eyes closed! Leave Drs. Katalin Karikó & Drew Weissman that the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine was awarded to for nucleoside work

Dr. JJ Couey lives inside Robert Malone's head & I love it! Couey 'owns' Malone & Malone will not ever debate him or talk with him, there isa reason for that; I openly challenge Malone here, put your

No cash bail in Chicago & disaster this will bring! Is this 'The Purge' Cloward Piven style? Do democrats, BIDEN Inc. care when black's killed? 'Nearly 40 Shot During Weekend in...Chicago'

Fentanyl is now replaced by 'Xylazine' (Tranq), it is more addictive than fentanyl and the issue is besides death, it results in necrosis (death) of your body tissue as below

'Group of Pediatricians Launch Initiative To Expose Danger Of Transgender Procedures On Kids'; this is excellent, excellent, as The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) launched a new

The Wellness Company (TWC) is expanding and invites you to apply to become part of the team. Grow with TWC! TWC is reinvesting every penny back into building a better health and wellness system

Dr. Mike Yeadon Comments on " The Horrifying Secret Agenda of the UN and WHO: Total Enslavement of Humanity Through a “Global Health Dictatorship” by Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger; "The perpetrators are

Dr. Robert Clancy: 'How could a novel vaccine involving mRNA with scarce testing, with no demonstrated advantage over traditional vaccines, against all principles of mucosal immunology, and likely

Dr Jonathan Jay (JJ) Couey PhD, talks on COVID virus, mRNA technology, mRNA vaccine, start minute 40 onwards; Couey has been marginalized yet is a giant among most

mRNA technology, NONE of it is safe! What don't these malfeasants at Yale (Suberi et al.) NOT understand? Now they are encapsulating mRNAs of interest within optimized poly(amine-co-ester) polyplexes.

'The Purge' want to see a purge in real life & not just a television show? Well sit back & watch Chicago as it just allowed 'no-cash bail'; look at 'The Purge Chicago style'; watch how blacks

Warning to MALONE by judge as his lawsuit case dismissed! Excellent substack by Breggins, the right touch as they relay the news! Judge warns MALONE about his repeated law suits; Criticizes and Warns

Dr. Suneel Dhand, MD, para no doctor he knows, none, will be taking any of the failed deadly new XBB.1.5 booster based on a mice study, no control group, on antibody levels, no human data, when EG.5,

Majority Sick with Long-COVID are Vaccinated and Shots Make Problem Worse; Dr. McCullough reports that Unvaccinated with Omicron Infection have Lowest Risk of Post-COVID Syndrome

REMDESIVIR killed! 'Corrupt Fauci and FDA allowed this drug & it killed my good friend--Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Remdesivir Manufacturer Over Alleged Deceptive Practices'; these are killers

DR. PETER AND GINGER BREGGIN: New Approach to Calling for COVID Investigations and Justice;A new American organization, the National American Renaissance Movement (National ARM), advocates for

Finally, UK gets something right after they killed thousands with their fraud COVID lockdowns & mRNA vaccine; 'Mobile phones are to be banned in schools as education secretary Gillian Keegan is set to

Stunning Danish study by Jensen et al. reveals menstrual changes following COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccination, changes that are very troubling to the woman's reproductive health & life

Not 27 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, NO NO, its is grown now to 32, I am being hammered to add key malfeasants to the list & so Jha, Fiegl-ding, Topol, Schwab & Osterholm makes the list of 'fame'

Professor Robert Clancy's explanation of the mucosal immunity, mucosal compartment, the role of the gut (GI tract); COVID as a mucosal compartment disease, the role of the gut and lung to generate the

Atypical uterine, vaginal bleeding (Issakov) after COVID mRNA technology gene injections (or virus); 'Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Among COVID-19 Vaccinated & Recovered Women: an Israel National Survey'

Dr. McCullough's Spike protein detox formula: Nattokinase: 2000 fibrin units (100 milligrams) orally twice a day without food [this is found in our Spike Support Formula] Bromelain: 500 milligrams

'What Life Is Really Like In America’s Hellish Inner Cities' by MICHAEL SNYDER; All over the United States, major cities are descending into a state of chaos. Every day, more migrants that came

'The anti-vaccine movement is on the rise. The White House (WH) is at a loss over what to do about it. “They keep just hoping it’ll go away.”' ; word to WH, we are here to stay, public is informed

Adolf Hitler Is “The Torchbearer of Democracy” According to Chairman of Ukraine’s Parliament (2016-2019);No Outrage or Media Coverage by Ukraine's Staunchest Allies. Kiev Regime Speaker of House "

Margaret Anna Alice had prior written about the tragic heart-breaking story of Baby Alex who may have died due to being transfused with blood from a COVID vaccinated person, against his parents demand

It's MUCOSAL IMMUNITY, stupid, your MUCOSAL IMMUNITY, the GUT 1st; MUCOSAL compartment can deal with near ALL airborne viruses that land there FIRST & faces IgA (sIgA) mucosal antibodies

Artificial sweetener erythritol in STEVIA and cardiovascular event risk? major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE; includes death, nonfatal myocardial infarction, stroke) atherothrombotic disease

Abnormal uterine bleeding, vaginal bleeding following COVID mRNA gene based injection? Trogstad et al.: YES! Medical doctors, health agencies like CDC & Health Canada, FDA remained silent!

NO!!! Tell them NO! They are coming in America & Canada & UK with lockdowns & masks again, to scare you to take the fraud failed Malone, Kariko, Weissman mRNA technology gene based vaccine by Moderna,

'RFK Jr. Warns ‘Next Step’ Is Military Advisers in Ukraine: ‘Have They Forgotten’ Vietnam?'; Bobby Jr. is 100% correct here but wrong on one thing, the US is ALREADY in Ukraine fighting Russia

TRUMP-KENNEDY 2024! I would vote for that ticket; POTUS Trump was undercut, subverted, misled, lied to by Azar, Birx, Fauci, Francis Collins, TASK FORCE save Giroir, deepstate cabal, CDC, FDA, NIH tec

POTUS Trump, aka '45', I consider the best POTUS US had bar George and Abe, and bar the fraud pandemic by the deepstate cabal used to topple him, MUST soon stand up against the lockdowns & VACCINE!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running as an INDEPENDENT? Seems so and this is great news for the POTUS race, I still like a Trump-Kennedy ticket; democrats playing dirty tricks on Kennedy, forces his hand

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and Dr. James Lyons-Weiler are giving a stunning set of lectures on COVID, yet focused on the pandemic & the evolutionary dance between the virus & the host/population immune

Stunning UNEXPECTED vaginal bleeding linked to the COVID gene vaccines (Blix et al.) yet who is collecting the data now on the young girls 12 and under (5 years old) with massive vaginal bleeding? Who

Official, it is now '27' Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, up from 25 with the lobbying of me with good intel that supports the update; we decided to add Scott Gottlieb & Andy Slavitt to this famous

'Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator, California senator who broke glass ceilings, dies at 90'

Hartley et al. comfirms mRNA 'IMMUNE TOLERANCE' (IgG4 'class-switch' by Irrgang et al.): "Third dose COVID-19 mRNA vaccine enhances IgG4 isotype switching and recognition of Omicron subvariants by

No clinical, medical, scientific basis, NONE, no data, no evidence to support anyone today taking any of the COVID mRNA technology booster shots, none one should touch the deadly mRNA shots

Why can't authorities find the 50 missing Cleveland schoolchildren? This happened this month, September 2023 with over ONE THOUSAND kids vanished so far this year in 'alarming' trend that's left

Bill Rice Jr. asks "Who-What-When-Where-Why and How" and this is great scholarship, take a read (support him) as he unpacks burning questions on this COVID fraud PCR manufactured 'non-pandemic'

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson hosts an incredible upcoming COVID information show in Toronto! ‘Come join us and be inspired by Dr. Lance Wallnau, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Byram Bridle,

Bilbo'sBitch substack, are they right that America will soon look like this? Is Trump the answer? The only answer and what must he do this time? How far must he go to save the greatest nation?

One thing is absolutely clear, the COVID pandemic, the response, the mRNA vaccines, all of it was a complete disaster, NOTHING worked & all we did was shift burden to the poor & we killed people with

Injected stem cells-used to repair and replace dying cells etc.; if use of stem cells can come from sources 'other' than aborted fetuses, I am open to this; if 'other' than aborted babies; but can we

COVID, the fraud pandemic, the fraud PCR-manufactured NON-pandemic, using an over-cycled PCR process, was devised to destroy American democracy & topple Trump; it did! it was all a lie to take freedom

World War III (Russia-Ukraine-America already at war): 'Is World War III About To Start? Part II: Are The Military-Industrial Complex & Deep State Driving Us To War?' ZEROHEDGE

bad cattitude, EL GATO MALO, excellent stack, we have written already about Fauci-Chi-Minh Lilliputian, but bad cat adds the cherry on top "teflon tony goes to langley? just when you thought you'd

Trump: ‘Gasoline Engines Allowed,’ ‘Sex Changes for Children Banned’ in Future Administration'; this is fantastic POTUS Trump & we need you! & also commit to reversal of LIABILITY PROTECTION Prep ACT

JOHN LEAKE's substack on Fauci adds another dimension to the MADNESS of Fauci: 'Dr. Fauci's Unregistered CIA Visit; Senate Committee alleges Fauci "influenced" agency's intel on SARS-CoV-2 origins'

BREAKING! 'Prime suspect Jason Billingsley in bludgeoning murder of Pava LaPere at her Baltimore home is ARRESTED'; Is this Willie Horton 2.0? Who let him out? 2 quarters for a call then hang him now!

Dr. Suneel Dhand, MD, issues an ominous warning to Biden et al. & the CDC, NIH, FDA, PHAC etc as to boosters, no doctor will take it; why? they were harmed & many suffered & died, Canada, US, UK etc.

Canadian Bridle unravels a flawed study in his substack: "Let's See How COVID-19 'Vaccine' Papers Can Be Misleading; Don't Use Bad Science To Push More RNA Shots"

BREAKING: we told them this & we were censored & smeared- e.g. Drs. N Wolf, P McCullough, J Thorp, P Alexander et al. now the research is clear: 'COVID vaccines linked to unexpected vaginal bleeding'

25 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, these 25 have questions to answer and must be investigated at some point to find out their roles in COVID fraud deadly response, the mRNA technology & the deadly

ALEX BERENSON adds to Germany's Eugyppius that the so called 'smarter' people based on medical degrees and PhDs etc. are really among the most inept & stupid moronic persons; The smarter participants

RACHEL MALDONADO's 'No sex relationships' substack is well written, explained, & I felt so very interesting that I wanted to share; I find nuggets in all I read, I may not agree with all, as will you;

Do you want to know what FAUCI the lilliputian did? You sure right we want to know, sure damn right! Berenson's substack has some nuggets that are troubling! 'Why and how did Tony Fauci secretly try

POTUS Biden fell again? These scenes are way too frequent now & there is no lying anymore, as difficult as it is for me to say, Biden's health is failing & he is succumbing to the consequence of time

Canadian Parliament Grants Standing Ovation to Actual Nazi SS Officer from WW2 After Zelensky's Speech (Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz); nice scholarship by Maajid, I know him, good man, superb!

EUGYPPIUS informative substack showing that the 'smarter' people as defined by PhDs and MBAs & medical degrees were the dumbest IDIOTS across COVID, 'took more vaccine & faster'

POTUS Bush, you lied about WMD, 1 million Iraqi are dead because you lied, my friends are dead, you lied about Iraq being a threat, you sent me to Iraq in 2003, you killed people; I agreed with him

Hanna et al.: mRNA (from COVID mRNA technology vaccine) was found in 10 exposures of 13 lactating mothers up to 45 hours post vaccine! 'Biodistribution of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in human breast milk'

Menachery et al. "A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence"; IMO, this one paper & those linked to this paper, tells us the INSANITY they set upon us

"Fate of Empires | The Fall" Part II: How great empires fall into ruin; excellent scholarship and stack by J.S. KASIMIR

How did a Nazi-linked veteran receive a standing ovation during Zelenskyy’s Canada visit to House of Commons? How? Is Trudeau that tone deaf? Did he know for it is he who vetted the Nazi? Freeland?

Gain-of-function research existed way before COVID (coronavirus), for they did their madness with HIV and Lyme disease, trying to create more lethal versions for battlefields! Bioweapons. I argue

'Justin Trudeau's Nazi Hot Take Flexibility Warning of "Russian disinformation" after a clear political own goal, Canada's Prime Minister solidifies his status as the world's most nauseating pseudo-

'Medical doctors' meet me as I get off stages & interviews & write me & call me telling me "you & Bridle & McCullough & Oskoui & Tenenbaum & Risch etc. were always right but you have to understand

THE VIGILANT FOX: 'Hydrogel-Like Substance Found in Vaccine-Injured Nurse’s Blood “This is not healthy blood. This is Nuremberg 2.0.”'

What? Antiviral drug molnupiravir (Merck & Ridgeback Biotherapeutics & we call it 'MONEY-PIRAVIR') linked to driving COVID virus mutations? see NATURE (Sanderson et al.); Molnupiravir & Paxlovid are

Trump calls for Joint Chiefs Mark Milley's head (if reporting is correct) & I understand him, Trump is correct, what Milley did by heads upping China over POTUS was TREASON; 45 may be correct here

Wasington DC (America) faces its own "ZASTOI" (formerly felt by Moscow/Soviet Union/Russia), the time, is a period of stagnation; Russia faced declining Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Yeltsin etc.;

Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada vilified and castigated and excoriated Canadians, called Canadians who questioned lockdowns & the fraud mRNA COVID vaccine 'nazis'; he terrorized Canadians

Bridle nails it; how could he, Dr. Bridle, I, Dr. Alexander, Canadians, people like us be called Neo-Nazis by Trudeau when we helped Canadian Trucker Convoy by speaking out against the fraud deadly

And when we talk about age of consent and rake Brand's gonads over the coals (or try to), we must include Hunter Biden and his 'age of consent' issues and Bill 'Slick Willey' Clinton and Monica etc.

'Rep. Clyburn Says Kamala Harris’s Unpopularity is Due to Racism and Misogyny (VIDEO)'; I say what is wrong with him? she polled zero in the democrat primary, not even democrats wanted her! she is

All influenza (flu) shots have been ineffective, DO NOT work, CDC et al. knows this, was always the case, so STOP all flu shots & all COVID mRNA technology gene vaccines, ALL, they are ineffective &

In my world, any one who rapes or abuses a child, must be rapidly sentenced to death! Once it is proven in a court, they must be put to death! Including priests of all religions, not just Christianity

'BOMBSHELL: New-Found Emails Prove Biden White House Hid COVID Vaccine Harms from the Public'; 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, The Vigilant Fox, & Dr. Naomi Wolf (Bannon); this trifector, brilliant

Trump: what we face is a democrat party system, BIDEN Inc., deepstate cabal, RINOs like Romney et al., swamp DC media, wanting to jail Trump or worse, I fear he gets assassinated; they're facilitating

Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill, Canadian doctor, my friend, among the very best, has finally gotten the news she wanted after years of attacks by the Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons, those IMO

'Canadian Parliament and Justin Trudeau Gives Two Standing Ovations to Former Nazi During Zelensky's Address to Parliament'; The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter; Canadian media covering for Trudeau

NBC Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Among Black Voters is Down a Whopping 17 Points Since His First Year of Presidency; truth is, POTUS TRUMP did more for blacks in 1 year (year 3) than Obama & Biden in 8

JACKASS AWARD_September 25th 2023 (following inaugural award to CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen), now handed over and granted to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who personally met with & honoured

'Utterly repulsive': Canadians divided on Justin Trudeau's $650M aid to Ukraine Canada has pledged a multi-year commitment in supporting Ukraine amid its war with Russia; Canadians should be outraged!

Swedish Scientist Anette Stahel: CDC Used Flawed Israeli Analysis to Incorrectly Promote COVID-19 Vax Safe vs. Infection Risk (Trial site News); The study authors concluded that the vaccine was linked

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the world's top cardiologists and leader in the COVID Freedom movement against harmful lockdown lunacy and the mRNA technology gene based injections said NO one is to

Superheroes don't always have capes (Arcturus)

'Sergey Lavrov says US is 'directly at war' with Russia in horrifying escalation of threat'; this is very serious for BIDEN INC. wants WW III as long as their sons & grandsons not shedding blood; The

Vojdani et al. (Lyons-Weiler) showed us potential risk for autoimmunity & multi-system disorders (molecular mimicry) with COVID (& mRNA vaccine) that may come from cross-reactivity between our human

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Flirts With the Libertarian Party; IMO, 'run Bobby run' as libertarian, run anyhow you could, punish your leftist party that have become so crooked as well as the republicans...

URGENT! DeSantis has a serious problem on his hands with massive python snakes that are swallowing people globally and massive alligators killing Floridians and sharks too; focus on this Ron, there

Nipah virus PSYOP: On July 11, 2022, Moderna and NIAID Began a Clinical Trial (NCT05398796) on a New mRNA Vaccine for the Nipah Virus "Whatever is going on, & my hunch is nothing but another PsyOp.."

Ka-BOOM! ABC WASHINGTON POST: BIDEN POLL DISASTER; TRUMP aka '45' LEADS 52%-42%; I told you idiots out there, 45 will be the next POTUS unless they imprison him or assassinate him; they will try both

‘We’ll be living and working to 120 – and it will start within a decade’ says doctor to the stars (New York Post); “I believe that we can create prolongation of life,” von Schwarz tells The Post.

'U.S. Gov. data confirms a 143,233% increase in Deadly Cancer cases due to COVID Vaccination'; a very accessible analysis by "The Expose" using VAERS data (ELLIOTT MIDDLETON)

If the COVID mRNA technology gene based injection (or adeno-viral vector DNA vaccine) does not contain live attenuated (weakened) virus (via serial passages through sub-optimal growth medium) or dead

I hate child groomers, child molesters, and child abusers. I hate child pedophiles. I hate women abusers or any abusers, I hate rapists...see Justin, there is a place for hate in my life...leave me

Swiss Parliament Approves Burqa Ban, Imposes Steep Fine, ZEROHEDGE reporting; some argue it is needed given the risk of men underneath the Burqa and not women & they could be nefarious & even worse

Age of consent & when is it too low? Russell Brand issue to me opens the door to debate & fix NOW this terrible situation when someone is too young & consents to a relationship with a man (or woman)

Risking IN UTERO development of the baby via the mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna) vaccinated mother? Yes! Zurlo et al. reports "The anti-SARS-CoV-2 Pfizer vaccine suppresses mithramycin-induced erythroid

The XBB.1.5 mRNA booster (Moderna & Pfizer) coming now (that is NOT needed, will fail, will confer non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing immunity (not stop infection or transmission) & will drive sub-var

Reusch et al. reports on an inability to work following COVID-19 mRNA technology vaccination; 'there is a risk of additional staff shortages due to postvaccination inability to work, which could

I warned you about Florida, it has a dangerous alligator, python, and shark problem; here a 14 foot now has a dead human in its jaws walking around Tampa; I warn, alligators & pythons will kill kids!

The Plot to Destroy Russell Brand Is a Message to All of Us and a Trial Balloon to Test Outrage This story is far bigger than most in conservative and alternative media are reporting. JD Rucker

Does not matter to me if you are transgender and a FREAK man pretending to be a woman or a FREAK woman pretending to be a man aka Bruce Kenner et al.; the problem is you trying to indoctrinate my kids

Trougakos et al. schematic (on the mRNA technology spike protein translation using ribosomes (endoplasmic reticulum (ER)) & Golgi apparatus system is excellent below & reminds us that Binding of

How To Commit Genocide in Plain Sight Pray for Armenians - 100 years after the Armenian genocide, the world is ignoring another one in Nagorno-Karabakh; 'NEVER AGAIN' is happening again?

Good money that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a homosexual, gay; this is the chatter etc.; IMO, I don't care about this for his proclivities does not impact him running a country; problem

The COVIDIANS, COVID Taliban, Academic VERMIN, the Pandemicists, 'Karens', the filthy academically sloppy intellectually lazy technocrats at CDC are at it again! Lockdowns, masks, vaccine; EFF them!

FDA and Pfizer have appeared to conceal the full extent of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine side effects from the public; Sonia Elijah reminds us of the extensive list of serious adverse effects of the

P. Polykretis provides an excellent summary of the antigen (spike protein) presentation process in the immunization mechanism of the mRNA/DNA genetic vaccines against COVID-19; shows that every human

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY: "Dr. Mike Yeadon Comments on “COVID mRNA Vaccine-Associated Mortality in the Southern Hemisphere” by Denis Rancourt "It really is devastating...To my knowledge, no one

Breaking: Democrat senator Bob Mendez charged with bribery etc. bars for favours? envelopes of cash? sounds to me like everyday life in the US senate and congress...don't you think?

An enlisted soldier in US military signed up for this? Besides Lloyd Austin's drive to TRANSGENDRize the military, watchdog finds "Sewage, Squatters, Disease: U.S. Military Barracks Are Depressing

This to the CDC, Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE, FDA, NIH, HHS and all the other COVIDIAN technocrats, the vermin, the banal vapid filthy animals I call them, for the deaths they caused with the fraud

Bruce Springsteen, "taken ill," postpones shows; Luke Bryan cancels show for "health reasons"; Saints' Jimmy Graham in hospital with "likely seizure"; is it COVID mRNA technology gene vaccine? sssshhh

Ben Shapiro on Russel Brand, make of it what you wish; yes he was a sex addict in his earlier life, but from all I see, he changed his life and became meaningful to society; his past life, I cant

Is non-consent possible when someone is a lot older & the other is a teenager e.g. 16 & younger? I think YES, someone under 16 cannot vote etc. & are highly vulnerable to older persons (man or woman)

Did Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine bomb his own nation? and people and killed many in order to blame Russia (Putin)? Strong evidence now suggests that it is possible & YES & he rushed to blame Putin

RT-PCR 'false-positive' over-cycled manufactured FRAUD of a non-pandemic (0.04% IFR persons less than 70/75 years), 99.998% survival risk; it was ALL a FRAUD! All of COVID, NOTHING about it was real!

New York Post reports that America's HHS bars Wuhan Institute of Virology from receiving US funding for next 10 years'; now you & I know this is because an election is coming but Fauci-Minh city types

Biden INC is invading America, we have a sitting POTUS Biden who has invaded America, he with Obama, flooded USA with islamists Tashfeen Maliks to kill Americans, he did, they did, Biden is hollowing

Patterson et al. reported on post- COVID mRNA vaccination individuals with 'LONG' COVID symptoms exhibiting markers of platelet (clotting) activation & pro-inflammatory cytokine production; driven by

Bell’s palsy or an aggressive infiltrating basaloid carcinoma (TURBO cancer) after mRNA technology vaccination for COVID: McCullough reviews stunning case-report & literature about spike protein & sub

Dr. Naomi Wolf's staggering interview with Dowd (devastating data): Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf; 'Saddest Interview Yet: Mass Death in the UK Ed Dowd, AKA "Jeremiah', Shares Horrific Update for UK'

Hanna et al. (published now in LANCET): "Biodistribution of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in human breast milk"; so LANCET publishes research showing what we argued years now that the COVID vaccine & content

'The Attack on Scientific Dissent Becomes Ever More Brutal' by Dr. Paul Alexander, Brownstone; devastating brutal attacks on scientific dissent about lockdown type policies, whereby prognosticators

'MeToo Mafia Goes For Russell Brand! Rapist or Target?'; Steven Crowder (RUMBLE); is Brand a rapist or someone being targetted for destruction as he DARED challenge the fraud COVID lockdown & vaccine?

Canadian government approved COVID mRNA technology (& DNA) vaccines that were NEVER shown to be safe and effective! Vaccines were authorized in Canada during 2020 and 2021 without being subjected to

The Man Who Thinks He Can Live Forever; Bryan Johnson's quest for immortality; I think he is a nutcase and delusional yet for death is written in

Did the US military ever find the damn missing F-35 jet? Can you help them if not? See flyer for details. Can you tell Darth 'Lloyd Austin' Vader to stop the focus on male soldiers peeing in women

SASHA LATYPOVA: 'Update on CHD Lawsuit Challenging Government's License to Kill (PREP Act); Or, why you should not expect Donald Trump speaking the truth about hospital murders or vax death/injury'...

BOOM! We told you this, see my Brownstone treatise on failures of lockdown lunacy, now NATURE study says: Mass gatherings for political expression had no discernible association with the local course

Cancer Genomics Expert Dr. Phillip Buckhaults Testifies to the SC Senate on the DNA Contamination Found in mRNA COVID Vaccines; "The Pfizer vaccine is contaminated with plasmid DNA, it's not just

Bobby (Robert) Kennedy Jr., URGENT, Peter McCullough, William Makis, Paul Alexander, Harvey Risch, Jay Bhattacharya, Atlas, be warned, they are coming at us, using Alinsky 'Russel Brand' tactics!

Russell Brand: lots we don't know; I don't know him, nor you! But he crossed the line, he did not praise Zelensky; he crossed the line as did I & McCullough, Makis, Trump, Carlson et al.; we skeptics

Robert Kennedy Jr., Bobby, they (deepstate cabal) coming for you next with the Alinsky 'R. Brand tactic', looks like now they moving to the 'woman card'...other cards did not warned!

Is R. Brand being destroyed using Alinsky tactics, targeted by the COVIDIAN cabal & deepstate, by pharma, by CDC, FDA et al. for daring to expose their corruption, questioning their fraud narrative &

Dr. McCullough Testifies the Truth About COVID-19, mRNA Shots, and the WHO Before the European Parliament; It's time to pull out from the World Health Organization. Dr. McCullough explains why.

What? Trump (45) is beating Biden? We always knew this! THE HILL: 'Biden lead over Trump evaporates in new poll showing dead heat'; I told you ass-suck*rs who jumped ship to DeSantis et al. to calm

2nd Smartest Guy in the World over the target AGAIN! 'VIP Elite Panic After NEW Epstein List Exposes Powerful Pedophiles'; I say, bring it on, lets see the pedophiles & lets do some jailing, let some

Dr. James A. Thorp’s medical practice over the last 43 years. He has spoken out against using the “vaccines” in pregnancy; chronicles the devastating data observed with the use of the COVID-19

I look at Canadian and US government officials, definitely their health officials e.g. CDC, FDA, Health Canada etc. as dangerous Pathological liars, malfeasant, psychopathic & why? Tamara Ugolini

How did it take the Pentagon 28 HOURS to find missing F-35 that had crashed in a field 80 miles from base? Well, because Darth 'Lloyd Austin' Vadar was focused on transgender MEN soldiers & bathroom

25 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, these 25, all of them, must be one by one investigated, not others write about them, proper legal investigations, for their role in the fraud pandemic, the mRNA

Pfizer mRNA technology gene based vaccine causes Alopecia Areata & what do you know, Pfizer treats Alopecia! Its incredible duplicity & malfeasance & this stack by Makis shows 12 cases, be WARNED

BOOM! John Cusack Slams Democratic Party Elites: ‘Dems Have Sold Out the Working Class for Decades’; now John has got my admiration here; '“This is what liberals/neoliberals have never understood –

Scott Schara's daughter was also killed (Grace Schara, a special needs child) by the vapid malicious deadly hospital CEOs and doctors during COVID, corrupted inept deadly doctors; Danielle Alvarez

EUGYPPIUS: A PLAGUE CHRONICLE Covid Juice 3.0 (mRNA vaccine) hits the shelves in Germany, with interest at such record lows (no one wants it) that many doctors have not even bothered to stock it

Dr. Mike Yeadon Comments on " Ursula von der Leyen: “We Vaccinated a Continent!” by Robert Kogon"...This was all long planned and coldly deliberate...These don’t look to me as the acts of rational

Hang'em High! All, every single CDC, NIH, NIAID, FDA, HHS, Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE, all, in all nations, all health officials, government officials, technocrats, all who knew the wrongs they were

They killed my daughter, the hospital and doctors killed her (Danielle Alvarez) with the COVID HOSPITAL PROTOCOL!! REBECCA CHARLES tells us what it was for her as a parent to watch what they did!

'Air Force asks if anyone has seen missing F-35 fighter jet?' This is a very serious 'ask' by the US Air Force as they cannot locate the world's top military aircraft, the F-35, asking you and I for

POLITICO: 'Pierre Poilievre is the man who could beat Trudeau'; this is correct as per POLITICO as to Pierre defeating the Justin liberals as written by TAYLOR-VAISEY; Full disclosure, Pierre told me

over-cycled 'PCR'driven COVID was a complete lie & deaths, elevated 'all-cause mortality' or 'excess deaths' are due to the manner in which people (often vulnerable) were treated by the medical system

'5 Americans freed from Iran in prisoner swap...Thank Biden for 'putting freedom above politics'...' my take, these are not Americans, I do not trust them, this is Obama-Biden again helping Iran get

BOOM! 'Trump: Nancy Pelosi Is ‘Responsible for January 6’; '45' is over the target, correct & when you look at coo coo clock Nancy & Mitch & Chuck filming themselves, it was set up, they set up '45'

Midazolam: yes, midazolam is a death row 'execution' chamber drug given as part of putting prisoners to death via lethal injection; it is the same drug given to your parents, grand-parents in COVID

Is Todd Callender right? that Gov’t Will Trigger Deadly MARBURG Pandemic With 5G… Covid Was a Trial Run Todd reminds; take a look at what do you think about this Rumble by Todd

mRNA technology was deadly from the getgo, lacked proper safety testing, no regulatory framework & inventors knew this, that it should not have been brought for from it, we have been left to grapple

'Italian leader Giorgia Meloni vows to take 'extraordinary measures' to deal with a migrant influx'; Meloni understands what awaits Italy & I support her stance, Europe is DONE due to Merkel but

Is this a 'hit' job, or 'drive by' as Rush used to call it, on Brand, on Russell Brand to 'silence' him? We need more and fast, we cannot destroy a person this way yet we get accountability if true

CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS, PHAC, SAGE, Biden et al. know the vaccine has failed & XBB.1.5 booster can't work yet the circulating variants are milder than cold even for high-risk persons, personal experience

COVID pandemic was a fraud, a 100% manufactured PCR driven 'false positive over-amplification' lie, nothing about COVID is true, NOTHING! The main killer was the mRNA technology gene vaccine itself &

World’s Largest ‘Baby Exporter’ Confronts Its Painful Past; "But when Ms. Sorensen found her birth parents in South Korea last year, they could not believe she was alive. They told her that her mother

DR. NAOMI WOLF provides a stirring treatise on Genocidal Ancestral Memory: Did Leaders with "Genocidal Memory" in their Ancestors' Past, Help to Save Us?

'Long Beach Catholic priest found to have over 600 images of child sexual abuse, prosecutors say'; I say lock the beast up for life & its not only the catholic church that failed & full of pedophiles,

Dicks et al. reports on Leukocytoclastic vasculitis after COVID-19 mRNA vaccine booster (vascular medicine); 65-year-old man developed purpuric palpable lesions of the legs 2 days after receiving his

Russell Brand rape accusations: we cannot say this is UNTRUE & we cannot say it is TRUE; we need more information & evidence yet is it not strange & coincidental that Brand is questioning the fraud

Makis: mRNA & Pregnancy - Brain damaged mother and a dead baby after 1 Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccine at 14 weeks pregnancy - Tragic story of 38 year old Australian army veteran Heidi Strbak

25 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalpse who must be investigated by proper legal tribunals, proper judges, juries & allowed to defend their COVID actions, works, policies; if shown to have caused deaths,

BREAKING: 'Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assault and emtional abuse' on 5 women; Brand: “Now, during that time of promiscuity the relationships I had were absolutely always consensual. I was

Any adult, anyone who sexually abuses, sexualizes, abuses a child, a minor, anyone, family, friend, anyone, the media, business etc. must be sought out and dealt with legally and punished! Harshly!

'Holistic Goddess', HG, platform focused on offering all-natural products meticulously formulated by Dr. Northrup; addresses unique health needs of women, celebrating women of all generations, stages

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY; Japan, Professor Fukushima Addresses ‘A Tremendous Crisis’ of Vaccine Related Harm; "I dare say murder. We could say that a massacre has occurred. This is more like a

Dr. Peter McCullough's HUGE speech at the European Parliament on September 14th 2023, on COVID response; McCullough is regarded the world's top expert wih Harvey Risch on COVID epidemic/pandemic

Did Australian study by Noé et al. published in Frontiers journal show that the COVID mRNA vaccines harm children & adult innate immune systems? 'interferon-γ and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1

ANCA vasculitis happens when autoantibodies (ANCAs) attack small blood vessels; this may impact the kidneys; a case of ANCA-Associated Vasculitis following the COVID Pfizer vaccine in a 77-year old

Malone is waxing poetic now, singing to high heavens on all we knew for over 2 years now & pleaded with him to come clean on; IMO too late Robert, we figured it out, thanks but you remain one of the

NEVER AGAIN! Never again must we fall for a fraud NON-pandemic! Never again must we fall for the lockdowns and the fraud failed mRNA technology gene vaccine, NEVER AGAIN! Take not ONE more mRNA shot!

The radicalized Branch Covidians, COVID pandemicists, COVID Taliban, COVID medical mandarins aka the 'CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS' of America, outdid themselves recommending the 'Mismatched' XBB.1.5 booster

Base Spike Protein (BSP) Detoxification, dissolving, removal from your body, either spike from VIRUS or spike from mRNA technology vaccine; Dr. Peter McCullough (supports TWC with Risch, Makis, I)

Dr. Mandy Cohen, CDC Director: I wonder if this scientist even knows how to read scientific data or evidence? did she read the CDC's own report (below) that influenza vaccine was 16% effective? Why

Fascist Canadian Government stood out in its hatred & tyranny against those deciding to remain unvaccinated with a deadly COVID mRNA vaccine; 'Declares the Unvaccinated To Be a Danger to Society'

Inaugural weekly 'JACKASS' Award_based on COVID & All Global Issues_September 15th 2023_a winner to be crowned each Friday at 3 pm EST.

Serious and deadly small vessel vasculitis with multi-organ involvement due to COVID mRNA vaccination e.g. Pfizer; we are seeing cases of small & large vessel vaccine-induced vasculitis

Elderly, it is the high-risk elderly, our vulnerable parents etc. that Njoo, Tam, Sharma, Fauci, Jha, Walensky, Francis Collins etc. are brutalizing, killing...these malfeasants have brutalized for

Dr. Donald Henderson, father in the eradication of smallpox para 'there is no situation, no condition under which you lock a society down or constrain it' in a pandemic, he echoed what we knew,

DAILY CALLER; 'File the F*cking Motion’: McCarthy Challenges GOP Opponents To Follow Through With Threat To Remove Him; I SAY bring it, it is time to remove McCarthy, too much talk & not far enough

One UK baby dies & eight are left in intensive care due to MYOCARDITIS: Can mothers who take the COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccine (Pfizer etc.) severely damage their baby in utero, post birth?

Why did Sharma, Njoo, & Tam, 3 specious incompetent clearly stupid intellectually sloppy & academically lazy Canadian government doctor scientists approve a new Moderna COVID mRNA (XBB.1.5) booster?

Remember this Canadian doctor who said during COVID lockdown lunacy that “The Unvaccinated Should Be Completely Denied an ICU and Medical Care for ANY Injury or Sickness”; don't forget her

CDC director Dr. Mandy Cohen must be doing crack with Hunter & her brain thus addled given what she just told The New York Times; she has no concept of Oringinal Antigenic Sin/OAS (immune imprinting)

Dr. Theresa Long, MD, medical officer for the American military, testified that she was ordered by the US govn officials to 'hide' and 'Cover Up' known COVID vaccine injuries

They killed us, our parents & grand-parents, our peoples with MALICE & were diabolical in the COVID response, the 'protocol', where patients needing antibiotics were denied antibiotics, doctors told

Novak Djokovic: 'it is the price I am prepared to pay...I feel so strongly about the vaccine, I am prepared to never pick up a racket again, it's the price I am willing to pay'; listen to the moron

The PLAN revealed: They are Social Darwinists: they say we deserve their digi-tatorship because we, the unfittest, are stupid enough to let them, the fittest. Solutions? I like this substack & wanted

Full disclosure, I met Dr. 'DA Henderson in person at Johns Hopkins in 2001, I did a certificate in Bioterrorism, biowarfare & he taught too; I asked him to supervise me for biowarfare doctorate & he

Gover Hochul of New York finally comes clean and did not get the correct talking points, so she went rogue & spoke the truth FINALLY! She said para 'the COVID vaccine you took did not & does not work'

This period in history will be known as 'The Age of Insanity'; I can find no other title especailly when you consider this: "California makes it illegal for doctors to disagree with politicians"

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy officially announces an impeachment inquiry into President Biden; well, its about time, these people impeached Trump twice for no reason, so an investigation is needed &

Did the pump-wearing, cross-dressing, penis piano playing Ukraine's Zelenskyy actually threaten European countries with terrorism if they don't send the weapons he wants to Ukraine?" How do we school

Dangerous Large vessel Vasculitis following mRNA technology Pfizer and Moderna COVID mRNA vaccines; can any of the now 25 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse comment? Can they shed

'I shut down schools because I panicked, admits Norway's PM'; essentially my move was not grounded in science; so imagine a leader, this Norway PM, being so honest and forthcoming, deserves praise!

Trudeau: it is time Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fire, immediately terminate Health Canada's & PHAC's Drs. Supriya Sharma, Theresa Tam, and Howard Njoo for misleading & misguiding him

25 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse now! (up from 23) & why? because you all have made the case that Neil 'inept corrupt 'lockdowner' Imperial College' Ferguson & Dr. Leana Wen are firm in the saddle!

We put vulnerable people on ventilators & KILLED them! In that too Trump was deceived, ventilators killed many people! Dr. Mike Yeadon is over the target again, with this MOAB haymaker! It’s never

Drs. Howard Njoo, Theresa Tam, Supriya Sharma: maybe three of the most reckless dangerous public health officials to Canadians, AGAIN approving NEW & OBSOLETE COVID mRNA Vaccine Boosters (XBB.1.5)

EUA granted by FDA (Marks & CDC support) & this is the sub-optimal shocking data used to grant EUA: 'Monovalent XBB.1.5 Pfizer BNT162b2 COVID-19 Vaccine, ACIP Presentation September 12, 2023

Dr. Donald Henderson, eradicator of smallpox (Inglesby, Nuzzo, O'Toole) wrote this key paragraph in 2006 publication below: "There are no historical observations or scientific studies that support the

Well, FDA's Dr. Peter Marks has outdone himself & is now the 23rd Horseman of the COVID Apocalypse; I did not think he was list calibre but he forced himself pushing the XBB.1.5 omicron

McCullough on NFL's Buffalo Bill's Damar Hamlin: Cautionary Move Signals Bills Doctors Concerned about Risk for Repeat Cardiac Arrest, 'No pro player has ever had a full blown cardiac arrest and

we pray for Trump aka 45, for his health & safety and his family's, and the issue is who is best able to save America...I think without question, at this time, only me a democrat that could

COMMOTIO Cordis my as*! Something stinks to high heavens as to Buffalo Bills NFL player Damar Hamlin who died on the field with cardiac arrest (10 minutes CPR), cleared, now INACTIVATED! DECEPTION!!!

Father (dad) Who "Exploded With Rage" Over Daughter's Transgender Bathroom Rape in School Coverup is PARDONED! Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) has pardoned the Loudoun County father who protested

Pax Americana! Did it end on September 11th, 2001? Did the relative peace end that America presided over on 9/11? was POX Americana over with Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Baric, Bourla, Karik?

'FDA approves new Covid boosters as cases rise around US; Moderna and Pfizer shots approved with vaccinations potentially beginning as soon as this week'; problems with this booster given i)not tested

On relentless demand, I have no choice but to up the 20 Horsemen to 22, yes, now 22 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, for you lobbied me to put Peter Hotez & Paul Offit in the saddle too & I agree, 22

The Criminalization of Dissent (continued) by CJ Hopkins; Totalitarians, fascists, and other power freaks are essentially just glorified schoolyard bullies. They may cloak themselves in the mantle of

There is NO COVID emergency (ended May 11th 2023 by Biden) so why did the FDA, Dr. Peter Marks, CDC etc. move to approve emergency use authorization (EUA) for the 'mismatched' XBB.1.5 omicron booster?

mRNA Injury series - TRANSPLANTS - Children's hearts destroyed by COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - their Heart Transplants are NOT going well, with complications - Transplant Medicine is a complete DISASTER!

COVID Emergency September 2023? Where is the Emergency POTUS Biden to warrant the FDA's new EUA for XBB.1.5 (Omicron) booster that MISMATCHES the BA.2.86 or EG.5 or FL sub-variants? Dr. Marks?

Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin (cardiac arrest on NFL field & we said mRNA vaccine related) cleared then placed on INACTIVE list Monday night Football Buffalo Bills NFL game! Why? There is MORE to this!

Novak Djokovic won MORE than the US Open 2023 tennis! He won the hearts & minds of billions who stand with this titan! Michael Edwards; 'In an era of Uber-woke, Kool-Aid drinking, piss head athletes

Did Pfizer give placebo group COVID clinical trial subjects the Moderna mRNA vaccine? Seems so & thus why? A preprint paper provides stunning information; 38 trial subjects died, why?

POTUS Trump aka '45', an 80 million man and woman standing army, with him! Real soldiers, silent! Who could boast that, Obama the gun runner (cough cough Holder)? Biden? Clinton? Bush? The Pope? Who?

Trump aka '45' was impeached twice for NOTHING, just because they could & had the votes, there is so very much in the Biden administration impeachable, where are the stones, the gonads, the balls, the

'Presidential Takedown'; see my book on Amazon and Barns and Noble, how Fauci and Birx and Azar and deepstate with WHO, CDC, FDA etc. conspired to topple Trump...aka '45'

Antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) can occur when non-neutralizing antibodies or antibodies at sub-neutralizing levels bind to viral antigens without blocking or clearing infection;

Pfizer knew that you could be exposed to the COVID mRNA technology vaccine mRNA, spike etc. via sexual contact, skin contact, inhalation, lactation; they knew spike protein & lipid nanoparticles did

100% of COVID, all of it, every single aspect, every policy by CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS (under Trump & Biden), by Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE etc., all, every COVID policy...lockdown lunacy to mRNA vaccine

IMO, Dr. Offit has contributed to the death of many people by his advocacy of an unsafe, ineffective mRNA technology gene injection; he MUST remain on the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse list

Aaron Rodgers, DO NOT forget Aaron, he has shown testicles of steel & he stood with Novak Djokovic against the fraud COVID mRNA technology gene vaccine! Huge praise for Aaron, much respect with Novak

IMPORTANT: Medical Emergency kit (8 key medications for your medicine chest) from The Wellness Company (TWC) website; kit seen here:

No reparations? What? California says NO to Reparations & now there is Backlash against Newsom: California Voters Oppose "Unfair" Cash Payments For Slavery According To Berkeley Poll; who knew?

Your immune system today, if you have remained UNVACCINATED & taken none of these deadly fraud mRNA technology gene injections, remains the GOLD standard, the prize! VACCINATED will give anything to

Multiple evanescent white dot syndrome (MEWDS) is an acute, usually unilateral, eye retinal disorder that mainly occurs in healthy young women; here is a case following COVID Pfizer mRNA technology

Horseshit fraud prosecutions of POTUS Trump, hounding him & contrarians like me, McCullough etc. is to drive fear in us to not speak out against COVID wrongs, make examples of us & intimidate us

BOOM! Novak Djokovic is their DADDY! tells the CDC & NIH & Health Canada & then Walensky, Fauci, Francis Collins etc. to shove your corrupted inept incompetent moronic heads up your filthy as*es!!!

POTUS Trump aka '45' was lied to, he was misled, deceived, conned by Fauci, Birx, Azar, Bourla, OWS people, all of them took him out, 'toppled him' with their fraud PCR-manufactured non-pandemic

Accurate optimal BLOOD-PRESSURE monitoring readings should be done while persons are sitting supine (upright) & one reading when they are lying on their backs, new Harvard study finds

No one rooted in human reality can believe or should believe that Biden, in his present form, can last this Presidency or even last 1 month in a second term; they would be lunatics to think so; time

FDA's vaccine advisor Dr. Paul Offit wants off of the '20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse' list I am told, so now he says "healthy young people don't need another Covid booster"; hhhmmm, should we?

Did CDC director Walensky gives misleading testimony to Congress? Walensky misled Congress on vaccine effectiveness against viral transmission & on Cochrane review of face masks, saying RETRACTED?

Tom Jefferson punishes Fauci & Walensky over their lies & deception on COVID mask effectiveness, citing a Cochrane Review that they discounted, showing lack of evidence of effectiveness; “What Fauci

How could Fauci back 'double-masking' in COVID fight, saying 'likely more effective'? when he knew that it could have never worked (surgical or cloth masks) for this pathogen; he was lying, like

What? Patrick T. Brown, climate change propagandist now says that his article in NATURE is possibly a fraud? That he “left out the full truth to get my climate change paper published", "he did'nt

Makis deals with the mRNA technology gene based injection (Pfizer & Moderna), lipid-nano particle (LNP/mRNA) platform on how they impact bone marrow stem cells, affect their growth and differentiation

BREAKING: FDA, CDC Hid Data on elevation/ Spike in COVID Cases Among the Vaccinated; Documents "COVID Cases and Deaths" is a cover-up for mRNA Nanoparticle Bioweapon "undesirable" side effects

Would we one day find out that the respiratory pathogen, if a coronavirus via illicit and deadly gain-of-function research, whether deliberate or accidental release, was actaully a US program, US tax-

Dr. Peter A. McCullough's interview - New Pandemic - Spike Protein Formula - Jamie Fox, Bronny James - Mscs Media #343; NATTOKINASE is key to dissolve spike protein (virus, vaccine)

Remember when Bruce Springsteen forced people to take a FDA approved (EUA) COVID mRNA vaccine before they could see him perform? 'When Bruce Springsteen walks onstage on June 26 in the first show to

The Hospital COVID protocol in America, Canada, UK etc. KILLED our parents, grand-parents, vulnerable high-risk persons with i)fraud 97% false-positive designation of COVID positive ii)isolation

Troubling: 'Pfizer safety study included just 23 people, prior to 1st Covid booster vaccine'; Fitton: "With the planned push for new boosters by the Biden administration, the public would do well to

Eythorsson et al.'s Iceland study had very early on shown us what we knew about the mRNA technology gene injections (Pfizer, Moderna) failing & driving more infection in the vaccinated, SAME as what

BRIAN O'SHEA (Dr. N Wolf's husband) writes a stunning substack in response to New Mexican Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's and her 30 Day Ban on Conceal & Carry is Being Pushed Under the Mask of

Mateu et al's recent paper shows the worsening impact of repeated mRNA technology booster vaccination on LONG-COVID symptoms & how it is driving symptoms; McCullough unpacks in substack below

Did Jeremy Farrar write this rendition? Is this e-mail from Greg Folkers (Fauci's chief of staff as they were beginning the great COVID pandemic lie) real? David Morens? Did Farrar think their lives

Governor Kristi Noem Endorses Trump for President: ‘The Fighter Our Country Needs’; “It is my honor to present to you the man in the arena,” Noem said of Trump in an ode to President Teddy Roosevelt’s

Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Bannon's WAR ROOM: para "They wanna destroy him, thye wanna destroy '45', POTUS Trump, put him in prison, and according to the Atlantic they want to kill him"; yes, the Atlantic

American Airlines and hidden toilet camera? "Probe launched into American Airlines flight that allegedly had hidden camera in bathroom"

Katelyn Jetelina, a scientific adviser to the CDC continues to demonstrate why the CDC & NIH & FDA & HHS are composed of the most stupid, inept, corruptable, academically sloppy, intellectually lazy,

No rationale, no reason, no evidence that ANY lockdown, school closure, mask mandate, business closure is needed for any new COVID variant, NONE! This is an orchestrated attempt again to take freedoms

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY; "The Corona End Game, The Truth Behind The Symbols e.g. omicron, delta etc."

Praise for Megyn Kelly who now stands up and I recognize her AGAIN, her TDS is gone and she is now flying above the fraud media, I like her 'reawakening' and honesty that the mRNA technology vaccine

Fauci the lilliputian beelzebub, how did he know & how could he predict so perfectly that Trump would face this fraud COVID pandemic? How? Listen here, you may have heard this prior but in case...

Fear porn, all lies, the legacy media CNN & FOX with corrupted CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS, Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE, WHO trying to scare you into locking down again, masking up etc.; tell them Dr. Alexander

No vaccine EVER, no COVID vaccine, ever, can/could confer immunity that is better or more robust and long-lasting than that via natural exposure immunity; it was always so! Doctors, public health

Obesity is killing America: Heart disease deaths related to weight have tripled since 1999; this is major issue & obesity emerged as super loaded risk factor during COVID; 'metabolic syndrome' is tied

'WHO sounds major alarm over ‘concerning’ Covid wave (BA.2.86 sub-variant clade) coming this winter as deaths soar'; this is bogus garbage specious drivel! no evidence it is lethal to low-risk persons

Do not forget, we are here in the first place because some very bad sinister people malfeasant, brought us a deadly respiratory like illness; it still circulates & they are creating variants too by

Explosion of Postpartum Hypertension, is this due to the mRNA COVID gene injection, mRNA technology (Pfizer, Moderna etc)? Dee’s Substack is intriguing! We see risk due to the mRNA vaccine & COVID

Pythons in Florida, I am warning, this is becoming a major problem in Florida! It is only a matter of time before some children go missing! Or even an adult. It will happen!

As beautiful as Florida is, it faces 4 challenges: 1)ensuring DeSantis regains his gravitas after disastrous mis-step against '45' 2)deadly pythons 3)deadly alligators 4) sharks; each of these are bad

Not the four (4) Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, no, its the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse who conspired & worked together in some form (we must investigate) to bring a fraud fake pandemic &

Trump White House official Peter Navarro convicted of contempt after defying House Jan. 6 subpoena; but Eric 'gun runner 'Fast & Furious' Holder was held in contempt too...what happened to that? hhmm

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's message after 3.5 years of COVID fraud & lies: DO NOT comply, do not listen to anything your government health officials say, nor your doctors now who have ZERO credibility

COVID lockdown, masking, vaccine hysteria again! LIES! the COVID Taliban, the Pandemicists, the lockdown lunatics, the mRNA inventors & vaccine makers are at it again! With the sub-variant EG.5,

REPOST: Ivermectin May Defeat Cancer and Other Common Chronic Diseases of Aging If you thought Big Pharma had good reasons to censor Ivermectin during COVID-19, then how about now that we know it is

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY excellent posting; EXCLUSIVE: FDA Refuses to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Data to US Senator U.S. officials are refusing to provide COVID-19 vaccine safety data to a U.S.

The 'Pirola' Sub-Variant (clade) BA.2.86 of COVID virus (SARS-CoV-2), IMO pure fear-porn hysteria, much ado about nothing! Based on all we know! 30 mutations on spike protein, so yes, more infectious

Our government officials in America, Canada, UK, Australia, Caribbean etc. really tried to kill us, they harmed us & caused deaths of many innocent 'healthy' people with unscientific COVID lunacy!

The Wellness Company (TWC) (CEO Foster Coulson) & its Spike Support recovery formula for adults as well as children (spike recovery for children) may help in the rash of mRNA pulmonary embolism clots

Megyn Kelly damaged by the COVID mRNA booster vaccine! she has regained a lot of my prior respect for she is now no longer deranged IMO with TDS; she was hurt by auto-immune disorder due to the mRNA t

California governor Gavin Newsome has proven he tops the master class of losers; Rachel's Newsletter again show us the idiocy & speciousness & unscientific nature of social distancing & masks

Why wannabe Georgia governor Stacy Abrams is NOT hotshit & is more akin to bullsh*t! Rachel’s Newsletter highlights the hypocracy of this camera preening freak & her hubris; she forces kids to wear

Leftist Bill Maher: 'There’s ‘Real Corruption’ in Hunter Biden Scandal and ‘A Lot of the Left-Wing Media Will Not Cover’ It'; grab your popcorn folks, its getting nice & hot in here!

Laura Loomer & 2nd Smartest Guy in the World paint a frightening picture regarding the CIA Hiring Domestic NAZIS For Terror Operations in America & Abroad; this read staggers me & I hope it is untrue

Schools across America bring back Covid MASKS in classrooms in call back to dark days of pandemic (Daily Mail) yet despite evidence they harm children's learning, are ineffective, & are toxic, harmful

Cancer surging even more? It's the mRNA technology vaccine stupid, it's the vaccine! It's the spike protein, stupid, it's the spike protein exploding TURBO cancers! "Cancer Surging Among Under-50s "

COVID-19 booster shots expected as early as next week; what you need to know is that it is already obsolete and will drive more sub-variants like EG.5 and BA.2.86 etc. It is ludicrous that they are

FLOTUS Jill Biden tests positive for COVID despite 4 mRNA Pfizer or Moderna vaccinations at the least! It tells you not only the lockdowns was lunacy but the mRNA technology shots were a fraud & all

World War III (WW III); this is the guy who is taking us there on a fast train in collusion with BIDEN Inc. to do it, and well Hunter, don't forget the crack whore, but this cross-dressing pump

'President Trump Addresses COVID Vaccine Adverse Events for the First Time – Calls on Big Pharma to Disclose Safety Data Immediately'; love you POTUS Trump, huge move, now declare that you will use

'Jill Biden: US first lady tests positive for Covid-19'; shows complete failure of fraud mRNA technology COVID vaccine (at least 4 shots Pfizer etc); I wish her full recovery; She is high-risk if has

New York Times (NYT) wakes up now? to the theft and criminality of penis piano playing cross-dresser pump dancing Volodymyr Zelensky? Come on NYT, you knew all along! You knew all the democrat & repub

'#NOVAX DJOKOVIC: Aaron Rodgers Celebrates Novak Djokovic Outlasting COVID Vaccine Mandates to Play in U.S. Open'; Aaron will go down as the smartest NFL player ever! saved his own life with NO shot!

Are black people, black Americans of less value when they are gunned down by blacks in places like Chicago versus when killed by non-blacks? The democrat party, politicians DOES not care, NEVER did,

Excellent POTUS Biden, you single handle pushed Russia into China's arms & have Vlad & Kim spooning, see what you did with your WW III madness, you & your State frat boys & neocons? I guess

'Biden Administration will encourage Americans to get new COVID-19 vaccine, KJP says'; this is very dangerous & Biden administration again misleads & harms Americans for the XBB.1.5 vaccine MISMATCHES

McCullough discusses the White House's False Claims about Untested, XBB.1.5 Boosters, Aerosolized Vaccines, and Spike Protein Detoxification; McCullough on One America News Network with Steinberg

Is there a link between COVID (SARS-COV-2) gene mRNA technology vaccination & new onset or worsening of inflammatory and autoimmune skin diseases? Yes! Hinterseher et al.'s meta-analysis shows us

Was Mitch McConnell's brain freezes due to the COVID mRNA technology gene based injections? Did he take the vaccine? When was his last booster? Did the vaccine damage him as we are seeing brain bleeds

Cardiac arrests! The new normal! For athletes & pilots & bus drivers etc., COVID mRNA technology vaccine! 'The New Normal': Young Athletes Are Collapsing and Dying at Rates Never Seen Before

Pennsylvania High School Football Player Mason Martin, quarterback for Karns City High School, Collapses During Game! Suffered significant brain bleed, collapsed lung. Is this COVID mRNA vaccine?

Super gonorrhoea (drug-resistant) STD cases are rising & could be fatal, WHO warns Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection & a major public health concern. The World Health Organisation (WHO)

Headlines read para its time to mask up again for the coming fall winter! I say gather all the masks you can find, I mean all, and build a big fire and burn them all, wear NONE, it never worked & this

Did Hassanpour et al. show us detail on the shedding of viral microRNAs & viral proteins (from virus & alarmingly from mRNA technology gene shot) via extracellular vesicles, which can be exhaled? Yes!

It's the mRNA COVID vaccine stupid, it's the vaccine! like Clinton's 'it's economy, stupid'!; Pilot McAdams: 2nd Pfizer vaccine caused 2 cerebellar brain strokes 3 weeks post shot! many pilots have

Nazi hunted down today, yes Germany, huge praise, you must never end hunting these beasts down who killed innocent Jewish people, Hess, Barbi, Mengele et al. & we must be same seeking COVID Taliban

COVID sub-variant clades (EG.5 aka 'Eris' & BA.2.86 aka 'Pirola') driven by continued vaccination with a sub-optimal non-neutralizing non-sterilizing vaccine are more infectious but no evidence more

Happy Holiday to you America and Canada, 2 of the greatest nations and peoples, yet fully corrupted governments; may God, your God, my God grant you favor and blessing and mercy and cover you and kids

Fauci Flip Flops -- Again...Flip flop inept corrupt incompetent specious unscientific lilliputian Fauci e.g. Fauci now admits to lack of COVID mask evidence, but wants us to wear them anyway; NO data

'This Fall’s Covid Variant Might Really Be Different; What to know about BA.2.86, or ‘pirola,’ from where it’s spreading to whether vaccines will work against it'; COVID Taliban, Pandemicists,

hhhmmm, Who Are the Names in Jeffrey Epstein’s Calendar? see some here! WSJ investigation reveals meetings with politicians and executives and the kinds of favors Epstein did for them; wee need to see

Buergin et al. showed sex-specific differences in myocardial injury following Moderna's mRNA technology gene based injection; Among 777 participants (median age 37 years, 69.5% women), 40 participants

eugyppius raises an important issue with the Green Party mask fanatics predicting that a "Covid Fall" awaits us, calls upon Germans to resume masking; I add to this by asking, who stole the COVID $$$?

BOOM! 'Court revives doctors' lawsuit saying FDA overstepped its authority with anti-ivermectin campaign'; “FDA is not a physician. It has authority to inform, announce, and apprise—but not to endorse

CDC: EG.5, FL.1.5.1, & BA.2.86, & XBB 1.5 & 1.16 & 2.3 account for most proportions of COVID variant clades based on genomic sequencing; we have no data showing MORE lethality than earlier clades;

CHUDOV highlights the fantastic scholarship by Rintrah Radagast as it relates to IgG4 immune tolerance 'class-switch'; can immune tolerance (Irrgang's study) explain excess mortality tied to boosters?

Yuck it up, you morons, you idiots, you psychos who think it’s cool and you ‘won’ to try to frame political opponents like Trump because you should know, your mug shots are coming soon enough.

Pure unscientific specious tripe, typical from CDC, NIH inept corrupted so called 'scientists', from NY city & state health officials who are as smart as blades of grass, New Yorkers to mask up again?

Do not forget, we are where we are with the fraud deadly mRNA technology COVID vaccine, all the lockdown lunacy etc. and deaths from lockdowns & vaccine because some dark bad people ginned up some

Aldén et al. was prescient showing us infact that Pfizer COVID gene vaccine's mRNA could be transcribed back to DNA & showing again how much CDC, NIH, FDA, Health Canada officials LIE & deceive the

Is cancer screening essentially worthless? Seems so based on a new review and meta-analysis by Bretthauer et al.; FINDING: current evidence does not substantiate the claim that common cancer screen-

URGENT: COVID face-mask toxicity & I share a recent study by Ryu et al. on harmful volatile organic compounds inhaled through masks & several reviews I wrote about face mask toxicity (surgical, cloth)

'NUKE ALERT Putin puts 16,000mph doomsday nuke dubbed Satan-2 ‘that can sink UK in ONE strike’ on combat duty for the first time'; as sane people like myself have been saying, Biden INC is sending us

Brogna found COVID spike protein from mRNA technology vaccine produced long-term (6 mths) in 50% of vaccinated persons? Yes! "Detection of recombinant Spike protein in blood of individuals vaccinated

2nd Smartest Guy in the World: Donald Trump Reveals Where He Stands on COVID in New Viral Video: “To every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our Freedom, hear these words—WE WILL NOT COMPLY!”

POTUS Trump aka '45'; word is that '45' is seriously considering ways to go back to 'liability protection' under Azar's fraud PREP Act, to retroactive disband it & a victim compensation fund for vax

Are Ghislaine Maxwell clients in her little black book, people who are indeed running the government? The pedophiles too and hence why we cannot EVER see their names? Who is in her little black book?

Gotta steal an election! Well, Whistleblowers from the TSA and Border Patrol have raised the alarm to Infowars that the Biden administration is setting the stage for full Covid lockdowns that will

Alberta: did the Alberta government kill Sheila Lewis denying her an organ transplant because she was unvaccinated? What is Danielle Smith doing about this? Did she stand by? She died! Who to blame?

Ozempic also known as Semaglutide, sold under brand names Ozempic, Wegovy, & Mounjaro for weight loss, can be deadly, dangerous & I warn you again! Can cause thyroid cancer, stomach paralysis, suicide

Lockdowns again? School closures? Masks for EG.5 or BA.2.86 or FL or XBB.1.5 COVID variants? Pure fear-porn MADNESS! MADNESS I tell you for there is no evidence anywhere in the entire world that any

Tucker echoes what I have written about prior, goal is to imprison Trump so you can't vote for him or get him killed, I think latter: Tucker Carlson Fears ‘We’re Speeding Toward’ Trump ‘Assassination'

Never will we comply! No mas! ‘We Will Not Comply’: Trump Warns ‘COVID Tyrants’ Are Eyeing Lockdowns to Interfere with 2024 Election; “The left-wing lunatics are trying very hard to bring back COVID

Why lockdown lunatic and COVID failed surgical & cloth mask madness talk again for EG.5, BA.2.86, FL COVID variants? NOTHING that CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS, Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE etc. did worked! They

Fauci & Birx's lockdowns; I have always said the blood of thousands of Americans including children are on the hands of Fauci and Birx and Azar et al.; these are the evil beasts Trump took guidance

America's public health system, its hospitals, its CEOs of hospitals, medical doctors, CDC, HHS, FDA, NIH etc., Fauci, Birx, Jha, Walensky, Azar, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman et al. killed black Americans

POTUS Trump aka '45' stands as the only person, today, who can save America as she circles the drain under Biden INC cartel, Trump can end the Russia-Ukraine Biden & neocon war with the pump penis

BOOM, Cornel West over the target, this leftist academic, someone I respect 'at times' when he is lucid, now is one! "‘Beyond Redemption:’ Cornel West Says the Democrat Party is Unable to Meet the

It is time for McConnell to go, it is sad to watch people in their 80s not knowing when they have failing health, its time to go; the nation is harmed by this inability to 'let go' of tax payer purse

'Trump tells Glenn Beck he’d ‘lock up’ political opponents if reelected'; nice POTUS Trump, very nice, you said so first term but the swamp drained you & in the islands we say 'you are sticking'; no

Dr. McCullough slams CDC for its reckless guidance on transgender 'chest-feeding' raising questions of any gender re-assigned person male or female using hormones to make milk; how can that be real

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) & its website has quietly stopped collecting COVID-19 vaccine adverse events on the federal agency’s V-safe website earlier this summer; why? Does

Say it ain't so Joe: National Archives Has 5,000+ Emails; Records Linked to VP Biden’s Three Email Aliases ‘Robert Peters,’ ‘Robin Ware,’; ‘JRB Ware’ ‘Used to Share Govt Info and Discuss Business with

The Exposé has picked up on a prior substack I wrote on mRNA vaccine shedding: New Study & Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm mRNA ‘Vaccine Shedding’ has been occurring with shockingly dangerous

A triplet of substacks I am following, modest folk, humble, among best out there, I wanted to suggest you consider: i) Unorthodoxy 2) The Imaginary Hobgoblin 3)Rachel Maldonado's relationship substack

Whether from COVID virus exposure or mRNA technology gene based (Pfizer, Moderna) vaccine, one 'must' DETOXIFY & DISSOLVE & RID body of the deadly SPIKE protein; Makis waxes on mRNA vaccine vasculitis

CDC and 'Chestfeeding' for transgender (men who pretend they are women) using a hormonal drug that affects baby's heart: have we gone EFFin crazy led by the inept incompetent moronic technocrats

COVID was over by January 2021, just before roll-out of the fraud, failed, ineffective Pfizer & Moderna mRNA technology (Malone, Weissman, Karikó et al.) gene based vaccine injection (Bourla, Sahin,

What? What the hell did CDC just report? That COVID is to blame for just 1% of weekly deaths from all causes across the US? So whats the hysteria over BA5 sub-variant? Oh I get it, an election is here

Lies, every single thing the US government, Canadian, UK etc. told us about COVID, 100%, were all lies! Now doing it with EG.5 sub-variant, BA 2.86; all lies! every lockdown lunatic policy FAILED, all

What did the Biden administration do to Americans? How much risk at the Southern border are we in due to Biden's invasion of America for Biden has invaded America! ISIS recruit smuggled in illegals,

Wegovy (Ozempic, semaglutide) has serious side effects e.g. thyroid tumors, pancreatitis, vision changes, hypoglycemia, gallbladder issues, kidney failure & cancer; be careful, caution, lots unknown

2 major papers directed to Pfizer & Moderna on why vaccinating our children would be deadly with the COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccine (AIER & Brownstone), me as senior author with colleagues

Jacksonville Mass Shooter Who Targeted Black People Identified as 21-Year-Old Ryan Palmeter; if so, if this guy killed people because thye were black, then I say do not wait, lets get to the execution

Suicide after COVID mRNA technology gene based Pfizer and Moderna vaccine; many now are taking their lives, vaccine injured & cannot cope! They cannot get back to normal functioning especially some

EXCLUSIVE: Eminem sends Vivek Ramaswamy a cease and desist letter demanding he stop rapping his music on the campaign trail; IMO, who cares what that 'has been' has to say, if I were Vivek, I would

It is time, very close to when POTUS Trump MUST step up & declare how much of a devastation the COVID pandemic response was, the lockdown lunacy by AZAR, FAUCI, BIRX, FRANCIS COLLINS & how deadly the

What prize, award, praise (or should there be one) could you really give people like McCullough, Risch, Oskoui, Tenenbaum, Hodkinson, Ponesse, Brufsky, Ladapo, Vliet, Farella, Tenpenny, Fareed, Marble

I wrote these reviews near 3 years now and more (with some sound colleagues) on the harms, ineffectiveness of COVID face masks, including N95; toxicity & harm to pregnant women & children, see below

Royce White, a black, 33-year-old “father and patriot,” has come out with a message that challenges Ilhan Omar and woke, globalist, neo-Marxist Democrats in government: “You cannot have freedom

Huge praise to the US Marines! semper fidelis (fi)!! Did the Malone, Kariko, Weissman, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin et al. mRNA technology gene based COVID vaccine KILL Marine Maj. Andrew Mettler? I say

Hang them high I say, Hang them high, all, every one in Trump administration & Biden administration who made policies devoid of actual data or science, just politics, greed, ineptness, evil, for many

Derangement of the Biden administration knows no bounds, they know Biden does not know if he is upside down or not, literally! So they give him this sh*t to spew & the frightening thing is that there

Mark R. Levin @marklevinshow on TWITTER (X) striking direct at the target site, deep into enemy territory, MOAB haymaker saying it as it is: Biden & his government using Jack Smith to take out Trump

New York Post: Did Biden et al. INC order the 'code red', did Biden approve Jack Smith's charging of Trump ('45')? it's seeming so now! New reporting that just weeks before Special Counsel Jack Smith

If you are a white (& actually black too), American (actually does not matter) but christian, conservative leaning, alpha, male (maybe female Meloni), not homosexual or trangender, love your nation

'Romney: America Must Support Ukraine to Stop Putin Rebuilding Soviet Union'; I hope now you understand what a 'house negro' is, Romney is a house negro, perfect definition! doing the work of the

Did Chiu et al. uncover changes of heart ECG/EKG parameters in Taipei City after Pfizer BNT162b2 mRNA technology gene based vaccine in the senior high school students (4928)? Yes! 763 students (17.1%)

If you rape, murder children, women, if you did that, if you force robbed where you threaten life, I want the victim if they could, kill you, deadly force! maximal; I want the state to hang you high!

Tucker Carlson Claims U.S. Hates Russia Because It’s a ‘Christian’ Country, In Budapest Speech: ‘Dangerous and Insane’; in some sense Tucker is correct & we saw it play out with Obama & Iran etc.,

Which white democrat government elected officials, in the US house and senate, together with the congressional black caucus, that failed leeching body of crooks, are HOUSE NEGROS? Working to steal &

Cut Brandon some slack, will you: "Brandon Johnson’s Chicago: At Least 17 Shot Friday into Mid-Afternoon Saturday"; this is real good, his plan is working, so not 20 shot, ONLY 17, huge praise to this

'Illegal Alien, Freed into U.S. by Biden’s HHS, Denied Bail for Allegedly Raping and Murdering 11-Year-Old Girl'; it is here I will accept Sharia law on a case by case basis! I would cut off his balls

Why is the Justice system targetting black supporters (Harrison Floyd) of Trump? Where is the congressional black caucus on this? oh sh*t, my bad, just too busy stealing tax payer money with the rest

Obama was a FAILURE POTUS with Biden, they failed across the board & think carefully, name one policy or EO or law under Obama that 'BENEFITTED' US? Ha ha, I know that would stump you, 8 years he had!

Is it the mRNA technology gene based Pfizer COVID vaccine (Kariko, Weissman, Malone, Bourla etc.) that killed 3 U.S. Marines & injured 20 after Osprey Plane Crash in Australia? Can we ask? ssshhh

'5,000 pilots suspected of hiding major health issues. Most are still flying.' (The Washington Post, Rein, Whitlock); you worry about this 5,000 when we have thousands with 'silent myocarditis'?

We told them so! COVID face masks linked to seizures, cancer; Mask study published by NIH suggests N95 Covid masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures & cancer

Yahoo continues the COVID fear porn with the EG.5 sub-variant clad with headlines like "COVID EG.5 Variant Symptoms Experts Say You Need to Watch For"; fear porn to drive you to take XBB.1.5 booster

NFL? What is happening in pre-season? Are NFL players now more vulnerable? Why? NFL preseason Dolphins rookie Daewood Davis exits in stretcher, game vs. Jaguars suspended; did the mRNA technology gene

Nattokinase degrades spike protein in SARS-COVID infected cells; we can extrapolate same action following mRNA technology gene based injection (Oba et al.); NATTO fully inhibited infection of severe

I will help Bobby Kennedy Jr. defeat Biden for the democrat nomination; ideally, I won't mind him on Trump's ticket!! "Robert Kennedy Jr. making moves in SC as he seeks to oust Biden for nomination"

That he Trump (45) would contest the election & not agree that Biden was POTUS (as is his right, and raise serious important questions), he is being hounded down & prosecuted & people stand back! For

Lumbrokinase vs Nattokinase vs Serrapeptase: Blood thinners!! Used to address blood clot prevention (dissolves clots), inflammation reduction, manages the progression of artherosclerosis,

Natural immunity is life-long and bullet-proof, this study 'Neutralizing antibodies derived from the B cells of 1918 influenza pandemic survivors' published in NATURE (Yu et al.) showed 32 persons

Fraud COVID non pandemic via a fraud over-cycled (beyond 24 amplification cycles) 'false-positive' PCR process was used to topple POTUS Trump (using Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins), to steal our freedom

Senator Ron Johnson Sounding Alarm on Return of COVID-19 Mask Mandates, he is hell bent against them & rightly so as we looked at ALL the science & COVID masks are pure junk, ineffective & harmful

Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria: a Georgian Bolshevik & Soviet Stalin's ruthless chief of security, said "Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”; Garland is US's Lavrentiy! Working with malfeasant

COVID pandemic (a PCR-false positive overcycled, manufactured pandemic) was a complete FRAUD! All of it! IMO, something they cooked up was released (where & how not an issue in this stack) & I believe

Canada, 'Death of Sharif Rahman, restaurant owner beaten in Owen Sound over unpaid dining bill, now considered homicide'; please help identify the demon devils & let them have a trial, fair one, yet

Trump must take no prisoners when he wins re-elections, he must burn the system down, raze it to the floor, take the fraud filthy agencies across the Federal government down to studs, burn them down,

Francis Collins, Fauci, Birx, Azar et al., the American 'MANDARIN' LOUTEA class, these deepstate entrenched putrid banal feral MANDARINS conspired & used the PCR manufactured COVID pandemic

The left, democrats, RINOs, deepstate, DC swamp filth, China, Iran etc., all the players fear (feared) Trump ('45') for he stood up to them raping & stealing America & destroying her! Trump loves US

Two German childcare centres in Nordrhein-Westfalen issue child sexuality manifestos, waxing poetic about the benefits of masturbation & outlining rules for child sexual play; this is where EUGYPPIUS

John Leake's substack on Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s thoughts (in interview with Jordan Peterson) on carbon is interesting! Kennedy is right, much more important issues we face AND it is not carbon & the

Meloni, PM of Italy told PM Justine Trudeau of Canada on LBGT, to kiss my as* Justine, kiss it, get out of Italy with that transgender and LBGT sh*t & don't come here telling me what to do; what

JUST ONE, JUST ONE! Just one of the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, just one we plead stand up, tell the truth, help us understand how we got here, help us! For the lives lost due to your madness

I agree with Charlie Gerow that Matt Schlapp should be investigated based on the accusations of sexual abuse and the financial issues surrounding CPAC, I agree! do not sweep this under the rug! I like

Bob Blayone: Aug 25, 2023, “Alberta woman dies after being denied transplant for refusing to get COVID vaccine. Sheila Annette Lewis refused the COVID-19 vaccine, and was denied a lifesaving organ

'Nearly 2 million excess deaths after China ended ‘zero-Covid’: study (Xiao et al.); why? IMO, ZERO-COVID lockdown damages a population whereby the population i)is deprived of gaining natural exposure

Japan: why is the excess mortality, all cause mortality rising in Japan? Does it have to do with Japan being so highly vaccinated? Has the Japanese government damaged its population severely with

A biopharmaceutical complex which is nearly identical to that described by Unmasked 2030. This power-hungry group of banal elites appear to be in control of media, governments, academia & they appear

You people think you won on '45'? There is always a silent majority & we have taken all notes we need, you will be repaid in kind & the arab, we will not forget if it takes 1000 years & we

Fauci the lilliputian here, the beelzebub, he today says the LOCKDOWNS were critical and justified, the failed surgical MASKS, all of it! Listen, and he is one of the 20 Horsemen of the COVID

Substack by Lioness of Judah Ministry, this is one substack I pay attention to! subscribe, follow this writer, I want to know who this is! We are on same page, I feel blessed, this is a smart person!

Oh, shush!, voices carry! sshhh, don't ask any of the 20 Horsemen of COVID Apocalypse why their work is today killing so many, their 'inventions' & 'gene injection vaccine', DON'T, DONORS will vanish!

What? The CDC indicating that the New BA 2.86 COVID ‘Pirola’ Variant ‘(driven/caused by Darwinian selective pressure) May Be More Capable’ of Infecting Those ‘Who Have Received’ Vaccine? We knew this

Will they rue the day, regret bitterly what they did here to Trump? I say yes, we won't forget and we will punish them at the polls and courts and get back levers and return this IN KIND and more! We

mRNA Injury Series - Stevens-Johnson Syndrome after Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - 700% increase since vaccination started, up to 25% are fatal; this is what Malone, Kariko, Weissman etc.

Did the mRNA technology COVID gene injection (Pfizer) kill Windham Rotunda, known as WWE star Bray Wyatt, suddenly at the tender age of 36? Will we know his vaccine status? Myocarditis status?

Dr. Peter McCullough's maybe best substack topic thus far on trangenderism & kids! "Back-to-School Tips For Navigating Transgender Activism"; I found informative & on the money, Dr. Miriam Grossman

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley wrote Thursday that Attorney Garland’s botched investigation leaves “no alternative” but an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden; I agree with Turley

"Mess on isle 4, mess on isle 4, can we get a clean up clerk asap"; "GOP Presidential Contender Ramaswamy Would Not ‘Persecute’ Biden Family If Elected", IMO, Ramaswamy has to clean this up for in

Eight out of 21 deaths (38%) were sudden cardiac death (SCD) attributable to COVID mRNA vaccine-related myocarditis (VRM) proved by an autopsy; this is what Cho et al. found (European Heart Journal)

RICO: If American doctors were really paid off to push the fraud mRNA technology Pfizer and Moderna gene based vaccine, does this not rise to RICO statute violations with jail time? A medical

Eugyppius BOOM! writing about Smallpox & Dark Winter biodefense tabletop: "Dark Winter is tedious bioterror fanfiction written to inspire public fear of the smallpox virus & plead for the continued

Why is the Heart Targeted for Damage by COVID-19 Vaccines? Dr. McCullough Handles Question from Vaccinologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, both interviewed by the esteemed Del Bigtree Highwire; well done

Don't forget this recent two participants who died during swimming leg of Youghal Ironman event; Postmortem examinations due to take place on men remains; what? until COVID mRNA vaccine is excluded &


Vaccine mRNA-carrying lipid nanoparticles (LPNs) spread after injection throughout the body according to available animal studies & vaccine mRNA (naked or in LPNs or in natural exosomes) is found

Alami: Did Alami et al. (BMJ) show that vaccinated individuals were twice as likely to develop myocarditis/pericarditis in the absence of COVID infection relative to unvaccinated individuals? Yes!

Is this what the democrats & RINOs & deepstate have in store for '45' aka POTUS Trump? Are elements in Biden administration capable of extreme acts like this re Yevgeny Prigozhin plane crash? Someone

Malone, its time for you to remove, drop your ill-advised lawsuits by your assassinine lawyer on Breggins and Jane Ruby; you made a huge mistake that cost you gravitas & likeability; not too late, do

If COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccine-induced myocarditis results (Pfizer, Moderna shot), it is critical to rest & avoid strenuous exercise & heavy physical labor for 6-8 months post shot

Can you name anyone from among the class of clowns on the Republican side who can fix America as they still suck on their mother's breasts? Can you? No, Trump is their daddy & they know it, they need

NY Governor Kathy Hochul, I THINK she is the ONLY person who can outdo Rochelle Walensky for stupidity, remember this line from Hochul? "We are not through this pandemic. I wished we were, but I

US pilots are worried and they are saying not 'if' but major disasters are 'booked'; as you read this SLATE story, persons like me grow more alarmed by the risk many pilots now face due to 'silent'

Huge praise for India! 'LUNAR LANDING India’s perilous Moon mission a SUCCESS as country becomes first to land near the mysterious south pole'; major move, love it, India keeps China in check

Well, when I thought no one was as dumb as Rochelle Walensky or Kathy Hochul, I stumbled upon this prior gem of idiocy by Dr. Ashish Jha of the Biden COVID Response Team, what a dolt!

Warning to deepstate, to democrat party, to RINOs like Romney et al., you people are playing with fire, if you harm one hair on POTUS Trump's yellow hair, if you jail him, whatever you do, we will

CDC, NIH, NIAID, HHS, FDA, Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE morons & idiots, scientific dimwits inane fools know full well that any 'updated' vaccine (like bivalent booster) & new XBB1.5 will NEVER induce

In other words, if Putin's foe Prigozhin dies when his plane crashes, must we be worried for Biden's INC. foes? Not just Trump? Are people in Biden administration capable of harming Trump? I think so!

Was Mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin killed by his political opponents? Is this what Democrats and RINOs and deepstate has in store for POTUS Trump (45)? Must they kill Trump to 'stop' his ascendancy

Harrity: Were American doctors (& Canadian, UK etc.) doctors incentivized, paid (direct, indirect) to push the fraud deadly mRNA technology/DNA COVID shot? Yes! 'Leaked Documents Show American

20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse who IMO have caused death, direct or indirect by their actions in COVID response & vaccine, did we miss any malfeasant? Who do you want on tap, let us debate,

Mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin dies in plane crash? 'Officials say jet crash in Russia kills 10. Wagner chief was on passenger list'; A private jet crashed over Russia on Wednesday, killing all 10

Gadolinium contrast MRI: “GBCAs are still safe for the majority of patients. Maybe only 1 in 10,000 develop GDD. Just because it is rare does not mean we should ignore it and hope it goes away,”

What killed Former University of Houston Star Reggie Chaney who is now dead at 23, dying suddenly? What killed him? No cause of death was given & this gives me the answer right away! Was it the mRNA

'Early multidrug treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19) and reduced mortality among nursing home (or outpatient/ambulatory) residents'; we wrote this paper & I was senior author, McCullough

20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, up from 14 with Woodcock's addition & why? Many lobbied me saying Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Offit, Dowsey, Becerra must be on the list, I then decided Hahn.

14 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, up from 13 & why? Many have contacted me saying I must include Dr. Janet Woodcock, prior FDA Commissioner for her role in the mRNA technology disaster, I agreed!

'BLOOD CLOTS - in the legs, lungs and hearts of young people (COVID-19 vaccinated) - Grammy winner Tori Kelly, NFL Cleveland Browns Marquise Goodwin - 25 new cases examined - it's an epidemic' Makis!

'Senators Demand Answers over ‘Dangerous’ $6B Iran ‘Ransom’ Payment, ‘Sidestepping’ Congress'; bullsh*t, they all in on it, RINOs, democrats, with Biden & Obama & Jarett, to get Iran to get a nuke....

Atlanta College again, as I wrote in substack below, is deranged and gone clear raving loony bin, they have zero, not one new COVID infection, yet mask mandates etc. why? what has addled their minds?

The Hill: 'A third of adults believe COVID-19 vaccines caused thousands of sudden deaths', issue is, they would be CORRECT & the death number is even higher; mRNA technology Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech

'It’s Really Happening: Mask Mandates, Contact Tracing RE-IMPLEMENTED At Colleges, Offices'; so they really are going to try to lock us down and implement failed COVID lunatic policies on us again! we

I/we cannot say exactly when, but there are many, thousands, tens of thousands of people (& children) as you see now, who took the mRNA technolgy gene based injection (Pfizer, Moderna) who WILL die,

URGENT! Professor Angus Dalgleish, Professor of Oncology at St.George's, University of London warns about COVID Vaccine induced turbo cancers (Dec.2022) "we must stop all the boosters immediately"

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche remains clear on one point in that he separates out the harms & deaths from the mRNA technology gene based injection (Pfizer, Moderna) from the harms & deaths due to selective

Helen Smart, why did she die suddenly at age 43? Was this the impact of the mRNA technology Pfizer, Moderna gene based injection (13 Horsemen, what say you?)? She died suddenly! Why? Another Damar?

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director, what a dimwit inept technocrat, sorry, with all her degrees, she is plain dumb & outdid herself daily! History will record her vacuousness & speciousness such as:

Oh great! Another MICE study to approve COVID mRNA technology boosters, great (Reuters)! Just like failed BA4/BA5 bivalent booster (& Wuhan spike), this XBB1.5 booster will fail on EG.5, BA 2.8 clade

Biden is invading America, a sitting POTUS launched an invasion of United States in front your eyes! '245,286 Illegal Migrant Encounters in July Alone, Bringing Biden’s 30-Month Total to 8.6 Million'

COVID lies & fraud! it was ALL a lie, every policy & statement, every action by CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS, Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Njoo, Tam, all of them, liars & CRIMINALS! 13 Horsemen, they killed

13 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, when will you be held to account with proper investigations of your actions, your policies, your inventions, your work, proper legal inquiries? When? You are

'Iran unveils armed drone resembling America’s MQ-9 Reaper and says it could potentially reach Israel'; did I not tell you when Obama & Biden gave Iran the drone, making it land in Iran, it was for

Del Bigtree my brother from another mother! HIGHWIRE; I have interviewed many times with Del, this is a true American patriot, true soul, real compassionate technical soul! Best! Del, me to you, it is

Vaccinologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche asks cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough why is the heart the prominent organ damaged by COVID-vaccination. Courtesy Del Bigtree, host of the Highwire, August 2023

BREAKING! 'Two men die during swimming portion of Ironman event in Ireland': swimming is very taxing cardiovascularly & being mRNA COVID vaccinated PLUS stress, exertion is a DEADLY combination!

No physical activity, no heightened exertion! In a sense, we are getting to a place where we may need to inform VACCINATED persons with the mRNA technology gene based COVID injections to NOT exercise

BA.2.86 'Pirola' COVID sub-variant clade is emerging as per reporting, but who cares? no indication it is more dangerous than prior variants, just like EG.5; this is fear porn, just DO NOTHING!

Baumeier: Did Baumeier et al. find intra-myocardial Inflammation after COVID mRNA Vaccination? via an Endomyocardial Biopsy-Proven Case Series? Yes! n=15 persons with reduced ejection fraction (LVEF

Hollywood now joins in to help Biden et al. malfeasants in driving the COVID scare narrative again (only way to beat Trump via election stolen vote fraud mail ins) by imposing mask mandates again!

Did Kiblboeck et al. show Myocarditis following mRNA technology COVID vaccination (Pfizer and Moderna), heightening call for endomyocardial biopsy? Yes, case series of three young males revealed

Trump aka '45' will debate, he is their father, he will punish them all and he will win, he will be the next POTUS! and he is coming for blood this time, figurative but this time his vengeance will

Six Obama Admin Officials Used Alias Emails: Obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Jackson, Biden; its not a matter of 'if' government secrets were breached & compromised, it's 'why'? what were they hiding?

If they move to jail him as they try to assasinate him, 'Pollak on Savage: Trump Could Take Oath of Office in Prison and Walk Free'; BOOM! & you know '45' is capable of that too! He MUST have a 2nd to

Imagine this is you will, you the public was lied to & deceived & misled into taking a mRNA technology COVID gene based vaccine that YOU DID NOT NEED & they even said it failed & was ineffective

Did Avolio et al. show microvascular disease following COVID infection/disease? Yes! Spike protein disrupts human cardiac pericytes function (& we can positively extrapolate findings to mRNA vaccine)

Dr. Fauci, remember when this little lilliputian told us that the best, the optimal vaccine protection is to become infected, natural exposure infection? Recall this? Naturally? Then why COVID change?

What idiocy, what buffoonery by Atlanta college reinstating mask mandates for students and employees; the question is why? this is 'woke' on roids, this is for brownie points for no science, nothing..

Yu et al. in 2008 (NATURE): Did Yu et al. show us in 2008 that NATURAL exposure immunity was bullet-proofed, robust, life-long, at least 100 years long? Yes! looking at antibodies derived from

mRNA technology gene based COVID injection (Pfizer, Moderna) strikes at Tori Kelly? Again? "Grammy winning Tori Kelly being treated in hospital for blood clots"; will the 13 (or one of them) Horsemen

FOX News: "Biden admin to renew push for Americans to get COVID-19 boosters, The CDC and WHO are tracking another variant of COVID-19"; your response on my counsel is 'hell to phuck NO Biden, phuck NO

Local case of malaria found in Maryland, first time in 40 years! Yes, this can be due to the mosquito itself & a new strain, but place on table the mRNA technology COVID gene based vaccine (Pfizer)

Ogata et al.: Circulating Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Vaccine Antigen Detected in the Plasma of mRNA-1273 Vaccine Recipients; showed spike as early as day 1 after

EG.5 or XBB.1.5 COVID sub-variant clade? You do NOTHING, thats right, NOTHING & exactly what we should have done February 2020! 100%, all that was done from lockdown lunacy to masks to failed mRNA/DNA

P. Polykretis: A brief overview of the role of the antigen presentation process in the immunization mechanism of the genetic mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 and the need for biodistribution evaluations

MASS vaccination across all age-groups into the teeth (midst) of an ongoing pandemic with massive infectious (virus) pressure onto a population while sub-optimal population immunity is 'mounting' (not

BOOM! Dr. McCullough Calls for Moratorium of mRNA Vaccine Development on "Securing America" Hosted by Frank Gaffney COVID-19 Vaccine Debacle Triggers Call for Re-Evaluation of Failing Bio-Technology;

Dr Frank Yap, M.D.: LeBron James’ Eldest Son’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Physician Recommends 4 Heart-Healthy Foods; There was a significant increase in myocarditis cases following the initial rollout

Death threats: I take them daily, why? Because I support POTUS Trump aka '45', because I stood against the lockdown lunacy & the criminal Bourla of Pfizer & I said the mRNA shots were dangerous, no

'Iranian drones & speedboats swarm US warship in chilling clash in Strait of Hormuz'; did I not write about this prior that Biden & Obama gave Iran the Air Force drone & then the 2 naval gunboats, did

Detective Helen Grus, do not forget her! charged with disorderly conduct for investigating vaccination status of mothers of deceased infants—showed she sent two emails to then Ottawa-Police Chief

The COVID fraud & lies continue as the lockdown lunatics are at it again! "Media sounds alarm over new Eris COVID variant, pushes for Americans to mask up"; these beasts & scientists & doctors know

NFL news...BREAKING: AGAIN: NFL preseason game suspended after player immobilized...New England rookie cornerback Isaiah Bolden immobilized...why? is it the hit? did the mRNA vaccine play a role or

Dr. Stephen Hahn, former FDA commissioner under POTUS Trump: I knew him, worked with him in DC, he is a sell out IMO, for he regulated Pfizer & Moderna yet took a plum high paid job at Moderna; how

COVID Taliban I call them, the lockdown lunatics, the pandemicists with their fear porn about sub-variant clade EG.5 & FL etc. & BA.2.8 etc. will destroy themselves complete if they move to

Why are young people suddenly dying of TURBO (aggressive, rapid) cancers e.g. leukemia, lymphoma and glioblastoma (brain)? Is this linked to the mRNA technology (Weissman, Sahin, Kariko, Malone etc.)

Chatter now is real that Biden et al. will re-implement COVID lockdowns, masks etc. for TSA and airport employees as early as mid-September; we are looking into it & there will be no credible basis

Even this poll can't be trusted but hands down Trump '45' will be the next POTUS & they will only stop him if they imprison him & thus you can't vote for him or they kill (assassinate) him & they can

James Topp, the real hero and military veteran in Canada who stood against the vaccine & was court marshalled; this is James & me in Canadian parliament meeting with MPs, senators discussing vaccine

Fake vaccine cards? remember the doctor whistle blowers in Texas who came forward late 2022 advising us that they were offered fake vaccine cards as they refused the mRNA vaccine & CEOs did not want

Jim Torma is on fire here TWEETING with the troubling issue of the SALINE factor in the COVID vaccinated! This is Torma's TWEET below, the saline factor could horrifically change the final numbers; if

Thank you for your ongoing support of my substack, it is FREE with no restrictions, open for debate & comments; please consider an annual 'PAID' subscription at $29.00, if cannot, stay, it's FREE

Revealed: How mega-rich musicians including Post Malone, Chris Brown, LeAnn Rimes and Nickelback bagged up to $10M in Covid emergency grants they didn't have to pay back; is the word 'crook'

Hang him high! No mercy if guilty, hang the illegal alien high for killing the child! Police identified Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez, let the jury & judge decide but if they say guilty, hang him high!

Is the Biden administration with the crooked corrupted inept CDC, NIH, FDA officials moving to reimplement COVID restrictions etc.? Yes, it is & was only option they have e.g. lockdown, jail Trump 45

'45', the real POTUS, this is the real boss, real Hefe, this is the only candidate for POTUS who can save America, the rest are babies playing in an adult field, second time offers to be astounding

WARNING: mRNA technology based gene vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer) failed on day one Feb 2021 & has killed and will kill many more! No healthy child must get a COVID vaccine! mRNA vaccines shed to children

Kids Spike Protein Support: The Wellness Company (TWC) is launching this formulation to help offer protection for children against the spike protein & shedding (from mRNA/DNA COVID vaccine or virus)

What? We going there? So soon, I knew its coming but so quick? 'Russia Accuses U.S. of Creating Biological Weapons, Linking them to Global Pandemics, Including COVID-19'; credibility to this!

In Canada, an Ottawa detective (police) was disciplined because she was alarmed by the huge spike in baby deaths & was looking at the vaccine status of the mothers, wanted to talk to her boss! She was

Karen Kingston Mexico: There is a missing person alert on Karen Kingston now in Mexico. This missing persons alert for the biotech analyst and Big Pharma whistleblower Karen Kingston was posted on

'IndiGo Pilot Dies At Nagpur Airport's Boarding Gate Moments Before Flying Plane'; ssshhh, is this the mRNA technology COVID gene injection vaccine? cardiac arrest again! don't say it ! The death

Karen Kingston MISSING person report now in Mexico? I am learning from Diana West some new information and will update shortly; appears to be an official missing persons somewhere??? I am checking

'Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Still Missing – mRNA Vaccinated Dr. Malone Responds that Karen is Suffering from Drug Side Effects'; Malone has responded to Karen Kingston’s video in an extensive

BA.2.86: COVID virus sub-variant clade BA.2.86, now CDC says its tracking it; has 36 mutations from the currently-dominant XBB.1.5 COVID variant; so move over EG.5 of FL variants; question to idiots

REPOST: LATAM Captain (56 years) Dies during flight (Boeing 787) from Miami! Flight LA 505 from Miami to Santiago Chile diverted to Panama city, pilot collapsed & died in toilet! mRNA vaccine? ssshh

Yahoo reporting on this? What? Yahoo? Leftist putrid duplicituous Yahoo? Its because this is bubbling & Makis & myself & McCullough & Risch are raising needed questions (& Thorp); pilot dies in flight

Karen Kingston, one of the finest smartest most integrity laden people I know, a true warrior; we have not heard from her in a week; has anyone heard from her, I am trying to reach her to ensure all

mRNA technology gene based COVID vaccine (injection) by Pfizer & Moderna is deadly, it functions akin to a biological weapon (some argue binary) & has wreaked death & destruction; no sane parent must

'Katherine Feinstein alleges Sen. Dianne Feinstein is victim of elder abuse in filings'; I thought on seeing headline that this was physical or emotional abuse that is sinful & criminal to elderly;

'Myocarditis and Pericarditis After Vaccination for COVID-19': did Diaz et al. report a marked rise in Myocarditis and Pericarditis after the mRNA technology gene based COVID vaccination? Yes!

'Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19)'; this was the research paper we stuggled to get published but RCM did, this

‘Don’t Call it an Invasion!’ Illegal Migrant Crossings of English Channel Top 17,000'; I agree, this actually is invasion by immigration jihad, this is young military-age males from the Middle East &

The Atlantic: 'The Humiliation of Ron DeSantis The Florida governor isn’t Trump plus competence; he’s Trump minus jokes.' make of it what you will but the sit down with Jake 'the snake' Tapper shows

'MRI sheds light on COVID mRNA vaccine-associated heart muscle injury'; a similar injury pattern emerges in those who suffered heart damage after mRNA vaccine & in those who suffered it post virus

Don't forget the 2 boys (Gill et al.) who were found dead in their beds, 3 & 4 days after receiving 2nd dose of Pfizer's mRNA technology COVID vaccine; "Autopsy Histopathologic Cardiac Findings in 2

Foster Coulson of The Wellness Company (TWC can be found at:; Mr. Coulson (photo below) is a silent warrior & I wanted to stand up & thank him; he is battling demons trying to damage TWC

Worrying Barmada et al. study showed troubling serial MRI results in adolescents following primary mRNA technology based COVID gene injection series: "Cytokinopathy with aberrant cytotoxic lymphocytes

Kids Spike Protein Support: The Wellness Company (TWC) is launching this formulation to help offer protection for children against the spike protein & shedding (from mRNA/DNA COVID vaccine or virus)

Mandalay Bay hotel Las Vegas, remember the mass shooting that killed over 50? Turns out Maui’s Police Chief Was Incident Commander During the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre;

'RFK Jr. Warns U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine Are ‘Developing Bioweapons’'; you know what? I believe him 100% & we have the evidence; we will learn shortly that the US is more heavily involved in COVID

Yes, heart attack levels at elevated levels since pandemic in England & we argue the delayed denied treatment etc. due to 'COVID' designated beds ONLY, yet let us not forget the devastation by the

Irrgang et al.: 'Class switch towards non-inflammatory, spike-specific IgG4 antibodies after repeated SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination'; danger given that more mRNA technology vaccine (& infection after

LONG COVID or LONG VAX, this is real & we argue that all persons will experience some form of it especially from the mRNA technology gene based Pfizer & Moderna vaccine yet also from virus! Detoxifi-

Did the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA technology gene based COVID injection vaccine (Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Sahin, Fauci, Francis Collins etc.) kill Joshua Lloyd? 12 years old? IMO, yes! He died suddenly

Joseph Gardiner, 15, from Pyle, died suddenly on Monday: how could a strong healthy 15 year old Rugby player die suddenly? It is virtually impossible to bring down a healthy teen; is it silent vaccine

Truth is out! COVID mRNA technology gene based Vaccination is the Primary Cause of Serious Myocarditis, it is not the virus! The Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex is working hard to shift the blame from

Watanabe: Did Watanabe et al. give us strong evidence of new-Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis Following COVID mRNA technology gene based Vaccination? Yes!

BREAKING: LATAM Captain (56 years) Dies during flight (Boeing 787) from Miami! Flight LA 505 from Miami to Santiago Chile diverted to Panama city, pilot collapsed & died in toilet! mRNA vaccine? ssshh

Now a RICO for Donaldus Magnus aka '45'? I hope democrats, RINOs know that there will be the day that they will not have power, sooner than they think and we shall return this in KIND, act for act

As I said before, I want 45 back on deck in 2024 if for one thing, to hand cuff these bastards same way, each thing they do to him, return it in kind!

The CDC, NIH, FDA, Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE & criminals like Fauci, Bourla, Njoo, Tam et al. always knew the COVID mRNA gene injections were unsafe & ineffective; they knew it all along, thats the

'Heart attack hospitalisations at record level since pandemic' (figures for England show); this is the collateral damage (& in America, Canada etc.) due to the inept unscientific governments shutting

"Rational Theorist"? hhhhm, could this be a means to change term "conspiracy theorist" linked to anyone who pushes back, questions the fraud COVID narrative, anyone who is a skpetic or contrarian?

Endothelial layer & glycocalyx of the vasculature; how the COVID mRNA (& DNA) technology gene injection platform injections undersulfates & degrades the glycocalyx, negatively impacting immuno-

'Scientists demand Britons wear face masks as new Covid variant BA.X spreads'; what a load of specious drivel, garbage, they all know, SAGE, CDC, NIH, FDA, Health Canada, PHAC that masks are JUNK,

Morita: Did Morita et al. show us that the Pfizer mRNA technology gene based vaccine drives thyroid autoimmunity via a twelve-month follow-up study? Yes! TgAb was increased by the third dose. Increase

Kiszel et al. (Hungary scientists) have shown us again a MAJOR catastrophe with the mRNA technology gene based COVID injections, the IgG4 'class-switch' IMMUNE Tolerance with repeated mRNA shots

Did Cho et al.'s South Korean study show strong evidence of COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccination-related myocarditis? Yes! Strong population evidence! vaccination-related myocarditis (VRM)

'Trump’s momentum shows few signs of waning despite growing legal storm'; do you know why you morons? you democrap RINO sickos? its because the media did not create 'annoint' Donaldus MAGNUS, no no,

Donato Amodio: Did Amodio et al. show cases of recurrent myocarditis following mRNA technology COVID gene vaccine despite a prior episode with full clinical recovery? Yes! patients presented with

Why was this criminal illegal immigrant named Camilo Hurtado Campos allowed to stay in America for 20 years and now photos show him raping children across this time? How come? This is where 'the law

Did Yu et al. in Hong Kong show that mRNA technology gene based (Pfizer, Moderna) vaccine-induced myocarditis was more prevalent and caused damage in the heart for longer than prior thought? Yes!

Did Swiss researchers Buergin et al. show that myocarditis from mRNA technology based COVID gene vaccines was more common than previously thought & more common in women than previously thought? Yes!

Vostok ice core samples! I wrote about this prior & again, look at Vostok, the only real climate data we have over 500,000 years & shows temperature increases THEN carbon dioxide, ALWAYS a fraud hoax!

Just calm down everyone! What is said now is very dangerous! Those saying Karen Kingston lost her marbles I say not so, let her fully explain, I give her deference & respect, similar

100% of COVID was a fraud, a complete fabricated PCR-driven '95% false-positive' fraud non-pandemic with IFR of 0.05% persons 70 years below; from release to lockdown lunatic deadly response to mRNA

'Big Pharma Dissident Karen Kingston Claims She is Forced to Flee Country To Save Life'; speaks candidly with Dr. Peter & Ginger Breggin and has gone into hiding. 'She recorded a video on August

Why Herbs and Supplements like Artemisinin Forte Work as "Natural" Medicines! McCullough talks to Dr Michael Gaeta who is a dietician-nutritionist, herbalist and acupuncturist with 33 years clinical

Yahoo News: 'New Covid vaccines (XBB.1.5) are on the way as 'Eris' (EG.5) variant rises'; in simple, these beasts keeping this going forever, the XBB.1.5 gene shot will FAIL; MISMATCH with EG.5 spike

Meloni, what a warrior! 'Italy Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Goes Viral Again After Niger Coup': the move is to free Africa of Europeans that rape her! You go Meloni!

Hong Kong study (Yu et al. journal CIRCULATION) raises alarm as to unresolved persisting mRNA technology vaccine induced myocarditis (scarring the myocardium), heart damage in adolescents;

Karen Kingston's message to Bobby Kennedy Jr. to help her was ominous & mindblowing! “Mr. Kennedy, I beg of you to please talk to Dr. Robert Malone and not have me killed”; what did she mean? What are

Nattokinase 2000 FU (100 mg) orally twice daily, Bromelain 500 mg orally once daily, Curcumin 500 mg orally twice daily, as empiric base Spike Detox (BSD) regimen as per McCullough, dissolves spike

We are at war people! Real war, a battle for the soul of America & by extension, the world! If America falls, the world falls! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been a solider on the front line & now they came

Stew Peters, the next stop is maximum accountability, NUREMBERG 2.0, we will drag them into courts, legal forums, judgement is coming, investigate, try them, jail them, hang them if a judge decides!

Stew Peters is a friend of mine, I say it proudly! True American patriot and here delivers a MOAB Haymaker speech: “Time For Extreme Accountability” Stew Peters Gives POWERFUL SPEECH at Liberty Awards

BOOM! 'Dershowitz: Jack Smith Could be Indicted for Fraud for Omitting Trump’s ‘Peaceful’ Statement'; omits a sentence highlighted by Trump’s defense team: “I know that everyone here will soon be

EG.5 vs FL.1.5.1 COVID subvariant clades? Which horse will win? Eric Feigl-'Ding' is going full 'Dong'; XBB1.5 booster FDA called for will be DOA, obsolete, garbage as we said! Class-switch IMMUNE

Dr. Harvey Risch opines: FOX News running with the bogus mRNA technology study (see my substack) claiming it protects pregnant women & newborns is disgraceful & shame on Siegel, WRONG! They looked

McCullough is striking deep now into enemy territory on target for this substack describes the cancelling we (he, I & others have endured): 'Public Figures "Afraid they Will Lose More" if they Warn

Earth paging Robert Malone, why don't you grow some testicles, man up, stop the suing, stop the bitc*ing, each person you named below & me simply asked you to tell the truth; todate you have only

FOX News: "COVID vaccines and boosters shown to protect pregnant women and newborns: ‘Transferred protection"; No, ONLY antibody levels examined! not safety! the COVID mRNA technology gene based

When will at least one of the Thirteen (13) Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse stand up & explain to the public what they knew, when they knew it, & what they did about it as to: i)reverse transcription

180 Canadians doctors have died SUDDENLY since roll-out of mRNA technology gene based COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) (mRNA technology by Malone, Kariko, Weissman, vaccine by Bourla, Bancel, Sahin)

Commercial airline pilot incapacitation and pilot death! COVID mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine-induced 'silent' myocarditis, cardiac arrest etc. Makis waxes & I ask, will one of the 13

"Barack Obama told ex, ‘I make love to men daily, but in the imagination,’ letter shows"; this is the issue, what has impressed me much about Obama over time is his honesty, with this, he said he

Senator Ted Cruz said what? 'If Biden Is Guilty of Bribery, He Should Go to Prison'; sorry Ted, loved your spunk re US truckers but you are in the UNIPARTY, "same horse, just different saddle"; we

Bail denined for this fraudster, FTX's Bankman-Fried headed for jail over alleged witness tampering; to me, the real victory is when the pedophiles connected to crypto go to jail; & all the congress

Josh Yoder, pilot, advocate for safe commecial and any type of plane flight given the mRNA COVID vaccine risks (myocarditis, cardiac arrest in cockpit etc.) shares about the United Pilot who was

Karlstad: do not forget this Nordic study (Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden) showing of 23.1 million Nordic residents across 4 countries, risk of myocarditis after the first & 2nd mRNA technology

Simian monkey virus with SV40, polio, mRNA technology COVID vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna), P53, links to cancer? Butel et al. makes the case between SV40 and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; Millions of people

Must a commercial airliner or 2, fully loaded fall from the sky, crash & kill hundreds if not thousands before the FAA, NTSB, arilines & pilots take the mRNA technology myocarditis risk seriously?

Zachary Stieber of EPOCH is probably the only reporter & among all such Freedom Fighter media, who knows what the hell he is doing & what the fight is about! Props again! Steiber on CDC ‘Stay

Commercial plane will crash (maybe 2) & the FAA & NTSB & airline industry pulling flint from their navels; they know that occult asymptomatic (silent) cardiac damage is happening (silent myocarditis),

Dr. Harvey Risch reached out to me to add to this substack below a key point which is that YES, XBB.1.5 is on the out & while the fuss is around EG.5 COVID sub-variant clade, "dark horse" is FL.1.5.1

Rep. Steube Files Articles of Impeachment Against Joe Biden; In a strong-worded statement, Rep. Steube announced, “It’s long past time to impeach Joe Biden. He has undermined the integrity of his

'Karen Kingston Poisoned - Calls Out Robert Malone & Others'; I have to delve further and reach out to Karen to understand this; I do know she takes death threats near daily for her advocacy against

Repost: Deadly spike protein remains (from COVID virus & mRNA technology based gene vaccine); How to clear? How do we detoxify, dissolve, clear spike/fragments? fact is spike persists months, years

1 in 35 (2.8%), yes, 1:35 had myocardial injury after the mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine; this Mueller et al. Swiss study was profound yet swept under the rug; booster vaccination-

IgG4 'class switch' (Irrgang et al.) toward noninflammatory, spike-specific IgG4 antibodies after repeated COVID mRNA vaccination; a problem for mRNA technology based gene injected vaccinees? YES!

EG.5 (ERIS) sub-variant COVID clade off-shoot of XBB; this is a 'nothing burger' fear-porn, low-risk, yes, more infectious as we expect, yes, evades immunity (antigenic sin, imprinting) mismatch

'Iran, U.S. advance deal to swap prisoners, free oil funds': this story is a lie en face; this was always Obama & Biden seeking ways to enrich Iran & give them nuclear weapons; money & nukes to use on

I do think the intent with the mRNA technology COVID based gene injection, was to kill, us, a slow kill bioweapon (binary weapon) and I do think they have just gotten started; they have delivered

Yonker et al.; do not forget this profound Massachusetts General for Children or Boston Children’s Hospital study on myocarditis; 16 patients hospitilized for myocarditis, presenting with chest pain

Stunning Swiss research (Mueller) found that Moderna vaccine-associated myocardial injury was much more common than previously thought and much more frequent in women versus men; “Moderna (mRNA-1273)

McCullough comments on mutational research by Tanaka and Miyazawa on the OMICRON sub-variant who concluded that it may have been intentionally modified by humans, potentially to prolong pandemic; IMO

Maui: 55 dead and counting, could be hundreds if not thousands; 'Horrifying new footage has emerged of dozens of Hawaiians flailing in the choppy water after jumping in to avoid the catastrophic

It is all bullsh*t, any new September XBB.1.5 booster for COVID will FAIL (original antigenic sin/recalled initial exposure or prime/immune priming or fixation, ADEI/ADED); EG.5, other clades DOMINATE

BROMELAIN: COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Injury Treatment - BROMELAIN - breaks down spike protein (especially when combined with NAC or Curcumin), also has anti-coagulant, anti-inflammatory & anti-

Dr. Roger Hodkinson (TWC) weighs in on Kedl's paper on aerosol transfer of specific humoral immunity (induced antibodies) (including LNPs, spike protein, mRNA & fragments); Hodkinson raises a great

Ten Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse have 3 new additions; I was lobbied relentlessly today to add Birx, Azar (liability protection PREP Act) and Walensky & I confess, I have caved, so it is now 13

The Guardian is going full throttle against Bobby Kennedy Jr.; my take, when I check The 13 deadly Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse list now circulating, I don't see Bobby's name; I am down with that!

Early treatment protocol (McCullough, Alexander, Risch, Zelenko, Vliet, Urso, Ladapo, Victory, Oskoui, Amstrong, Tyson et al.); we added 'povidone-iodine or hydrogen peroxide' 3rd line top box); OLD

Moderna’s COVID mRNA technology based injection booster damages the heart as reported in a July 2023 study (Buergin, Mueller et al.); 'Sex-specific differences in myocardial injury incidence after

'Past SARS-CoV-2 infection protection against re-infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis'; this LANCET study put out February 2023 should have put SUPERIOR natural immunity question to rest

'Wastewater and test positivity numbers show a fall wave of COVID-19 may be approaching. Vaccine makers have updated booster shots and doctors recommend getting one when they become available' IMO, my

CNN & crooked deadly corrupted legacy fecal media saying COVID wave this fall 2023; FDA asked Pfizer Moderna to bring booster for XBB.1.5 subvariant clade by September; but EG.5 (Eris) clade DOMINANT

Kedl et al. showed us evidence for Aerosol Transfer of COVID-specific Humoral Immunity (antibodies); we are left to then ask, can lipid-nano particles (LPN), spike protein & mRNA also be aerosolized?

American Faith reports that 'Cocaine Found in White House Linked to ‘Biden Family Orbit’ (Video)'; now, is this not interesting? I await to learn more.

F*ck your ineffective face masks, F*ck fraud deadly mRNA Pfizer & Moderna COVID gene injection vaccine, F*ck vaccine passports, F*ck climate green scam, F*ck digital ID & CBDCs, F*ck the Ten Horsemen

Deadly spike protein (from COVID virus & mRNA technology based gene vaccine); How do we clear? How do we detoxify, dissolve, clear spike/fragments? indications are spike persists months, years;

Patterson et al. showed COVID spike protein (virus infection & thus vaccine) persisting in CD16+ Monocytes in Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) up to 15 Months (at least 15 months)

MATT LABASH: The Ramaswamy Tsunami! Is it just another wave of BS?

What these transgender degenerates want is to make sex with a child acceptable, these perverts, these transgender people are really pedophiles, and would be rapists, men who like gay sex but afraid

Did Swank et al. clue us into 'LONG COVID' and the persistence in circulation of spike protein (sub-units, thus mRNAs, LNPs)? Can spike protein (virus or vaccine induced) persist for many months if

If shedding of viral microRNAs (mRNAs) and viral proteins via extracellular vesicles (ECVs) occur & confirmed in COVID infection, then of course shedding of lipid-nano particles (LNPs), mRNAs, induced

EG.5 (5.1) ("Eris") COVID sub-variant driven to emerge by natural selective pressure (more coming); this is all a blatant lie, effort to mislead, scare you; what to do? Nothing, except protect elderly

We know of reverse transcription of the COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccine, we know mRNA, spike etc. crosses breast milk, placenta, we know about DNA plasmids, we know it does not stay in

Dr. Makis: "Families that inject mRNA together, develop Turbo Cancer together? - 12 unbelievable stories of two or three family members developing aggressive cancer at the same time! mRNA technology

Canada, America, UK, these western nations were criminal in use of sedatives like MIDAZOLAM, diamorphine, other toxic drugs to comatose & euthanize our elderly & loved ones in COVID, KILLED our people

It is time, it is time that EPOCH, CHD (Kennedy's outfit), Brownstone, DEL (Highwire) and the rest of the so called 'Freedom Fighter' media earn the donor & public money with real honest media, it's

A bunch of bi-sexual men running our nations with COVER wives, gay and bisexual & this is why there is this push by our western governments to put on us the transgender filth putridity; there are no

What did Malone know about mRNA technology gene based vaccine SHEDDING & when did he know it? He saw this very same Pfizer document in 2020 yet said NOTHING, nothing! Why? Weissman? Kariko?

Pfizer & Moderna knew, Bancel & Bourla (CEOs) & others of the 10 Horsemen, knew that you could and were shedding via sexual intercourse, petting, foreplay, secondary shedding as William puts it; these

The ten (10) Horsemen of the Apocalypse knew what Pfizer admited on pages 67 & 68 of their trial submission document to FDA, that there was vaccine shedding to males & females via skin-to-skin contact

See page 68 of Pfizer's clinical trial submission to FDA for EUA (emergency use), in 2020, these beasts at Pfizer, Bourla the criminal, know there was shedding of the mRNA technology gene based shot

Now we know from Pfizer legacy trial submission documents pages 67 and 68 that a vaccinated person (mRNA technology) can shed to an unvaccinated partner via sexual intercourse, petting, foreplay and

COVID FREEDOM Fighter media, just few months ago, running behind DeSantis, slamming '45' at each move, now Ron looks wobbly and out, silence, crickets, shocked they are, thoughts of big jobs up in

Pfizer the criminal pharmaceutical, led by the criminal CEO Albert Bourla (others being Bancel, Sahin et al. of the 10 Horsemen) knew (see page 67) in their trial submission, that there was SHEDDING

Dr. Krystal Cascetta, 40 years old, did she shoot her 4 month old infant then herself (August 5th 2023) due to her deranged brain, addled, riddled with mRNA technology gene injection spike protein?

Marchand et al. finds (meta-analysis of self-controlled case series) in tangential & direct support of Ladapo et al., an increased risk of cardiac related mortality; HR =1.06, 95% CI 1.02-1.11, p=.007

Has Hulscher & McCullough & Malhotra & Makis & Hodkinson heightened the argument (and based on autopsy), that there is often Fatal COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis? Yes, certainly as below

Are parents shedding (transmitting) or passing on via a 'passive type' immunity to their children after they the parents take a COVID mRNA technology gene based injection, spike protein (sub-units) or

Even NASCAR going woke joining cancel culture? "Nascar Suspends Driver ‘Indefinitely’ For Liking George Floyd Meme"; because he 'liked' the meme? what say you?

ZINC (& antibiotics): it was ALWAYS zinc that was the key player in 'early treatment' algorithms to combat COVID virus especially in initial viral replication phase, IVERMECTIN & HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE

Early treatment for COVID became the 'PET ROCK' of COVID when abused; consult Dr. Peter McCullough's early treatment algorithm (I was part of this development) for what early treatment is & is NOT!

Did Kedl show us that there is a risk (not only theoretical but real) of aerosol transmission of COVID mRNA vaccine antibodies between vaccinated parents & children? Yes! 100%; thus spike, mRNA, LNPs!

Is 'LONG' COVID real? According to the accumulated evidence e.g. Hannah et al., it certainly is! Topol I have concerns with as to veracity yet this paper is worth the read, I share abstract for LONG

SHARYL ATTKISSON on LONG COVID and LONG vaccine; brilliant as usual; Emerging research is painting an alarming picture of how the Covid vaccines stand to negatively impact our health long term!

mRNA technology based gene injection Spike protein SHEDDING, how dangerous is shedding of the lipid-nano particles (LNPs) to partners, to children of vaccinated parents? shedding of mRNA, mRNA, spike

Did Aldén et al. show us stuningly that mRNA technology etc. from COVID vaccine is reverse transcribed back into human DNA? "Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA...

If the COVID virus and spike protein interferes with DNA repair mechanisms, then can we extrapolate the same catastrophic damage from the vaccine-induced spike protein? Yes! 'The potential role of

Does the vaccine-induced spike protein from COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccination subvert critical tumor suppressor proteins e.g. p53 and BRCA-1/2 proteins; p53 and BRCA are the well-known

Donald Trump Calls Nancy Pelosi a ‘Wicked Witch’ Destined for Hell; thing is, he may well be correct, & she is going with many, many from DC, but not Hunter, devil sent word, Hunter is too putrid

In COVID, to say people behaved bad, societal and the medical doctors and scientists and the Freedom Fighter media etc., they all behaved badly, vicious to each other, terrible, destructive, we

Survey: Chris Christie Most Disliked GOP Candidate in Field; you think? why do you think this would be the case? this guy is so full of sh*t and hatred for '45', he should crawl under a rock and

Is there mRNA subversion, dysregulation of T-cell signaling causing impairment in Type 1 interferon & cancer surveillance? in the regulatory control of protein synthesis and cancer surveillance? Yes!

'Toll-like Receptors from the Perspective of Cancer Treatment' are critical to cancer control, yet accumulated evidence shows that mRNA technology based gene injections subverts immune system's TLRs

Time for Ron to shut it down and unify behind Donaldus Magnus, the next POTUS 2024; it is time! was always written but I guess he had to see, likely a great man, would be POTUS, but not now, nation

Exclusive — Will Scharf: Jack Smith Engaged in ‘Highly Irregular Conduct’ in Trump Prosecutions (Breitbart explosive piece by DIXON-HAMILTON); “The Biden [Department of Justice] declined to prosecute"

MEDICAL EMERGENCY Kit devised by The Wellness Company for you to keep in your homes, medicine chest for pandemics and emergencies; 8 medications already approved & safe, effective!

High Maintenance Men; A high maintenance man is an annoying man. Full stop. You can do better. Macron of France and Trudeau of Canada, the type of men you run not walk from, if you value your health

Vivek continues to show some leg, shows stones that Republicans lack, huge props! 'Vivek's Powerful Rebuke of New Trump Indictment, Pence's Response Further Finishes off Campaign'

The hubris, the arrogance, the duplicity of Jack Smith, abusing his power, abusing law and order, abusing the rights of Trump, is saying he is at risk when he knows he is setting 45 up to for

What a photo, penis piano player cross dressing pump transgender freak MADMAN meets top dog Krispy Kreme representative about setting up donut shops in Ukraine...well, whats left of it

Liberal legal scholar Dershowitz over the target dropping a BOMB: 'Trump Indictment Beginning to ‘Look Like Banana Republic Land’; “We know that President Biden urged his attorney general to indict

The Hidden Harms of CPR; The brutal procedure can save lives, but only in particular cases. Why has it become a default treatment? Although CPR has become synonymous with medical heroism, nearly

BOOM! 'Australian Gov’t Sued Over COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries'; America must now follow this lead! Trump must reverse Azar's criminal LIABILITY PROTECTION under PREP ACT Feb 2020! American Faith leading

The Wellness Company’s (TWC) Spike Support recovery formula contains Nattokinase (natural blood thinning fibrinolytic) & may help in the rash of pulmonary embolism (lung clots) following mRNA shots

Dr. Peter McCullough on FIRE! "Two Waves of Illness, Injury, Disability, & Death (the infection & failed pandemic response & the vaccine)"; Dr. McCullough Keynote Message at Citizens Defending Freedom

We ask again, did the COVID mRNA Pfizer Moderna technology gene based injection vaccine hasten the return of Dr. Liz O'Riordan's breast cancer as a TURBO aggressive cancer, threatening her life now?

Did Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Bancel, Bourla, Fauci, Francis Collins, Sahin, Barik, Daszak (the Ten Horsemen of Apocalypse) GoF & deadly mRNA technology based COVID shot kill Officer Samuel Irvin?

I believe fully that the democrat party and RINOs etc. are using Garland's Justice department not only to imprison Trump (falsely), but to expose him for assassination; they know what they are doing

Garland was nominated by Obama and Biden to replace Justice Antonin Scalia who I still think did not die naturally with no autopsy cough cough (that aside), can you imagine NOW Garland on SCOTUS?

Pregnancy & aggressive rapid lethal TURBO cancers in women (mothers) vaccinated with mRNA technology based gene vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna); what is going on? why are oncologists silent? Makis shows 14

You think the bell is tolling for Trump, for '45'? No, it is actually tolling for thee, it tolls for thee, for you and me, and you just do not get it in your glee; it tolls for what is lost now, what

'Ex-Baltimore Police Official: I Wish I Got Hunter’s (Hunter Biden's) Deal, He’s in Better Tier of Justice than Me or Someone of My Race' as a black or brown person of color in America today

DR NAOMI WOLF waxes brilliantly here asking the right question in stack titled: "Happy Indictment Day!" while sitting in a Deep Blue State, Recoiling from the Celebrations; "I am extraordinarily sad

Shame, Fear Meant Even Rich and Powerful Didn’t Admit They’d Been Debanked Until Farage Broke Story; Farage Tells Breitbart we are on the Verge of Banks Running ‘Word Checks’ on Customers Social Media

Shrestha et al.'s research was bullet-proof, that the more COVID Pfizer & Moderna mRNA technology based gene injection vaccines you got, the more doses, the greater risk of infection, harms, death..

Did Uversky reveal catastrophic immune 'TOLERANCE' class switch to IgG4 Antibodies? Yes! 'IgG4 Antibodies Induced by Repeated Vaccination May Generate Immune Tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein'

Crushing Scottish report "Scotland Covid Inquiry: No evidence to support lockdowns during pandemic"; "It remains unclear as to whether or not Covid-19 vaccination has resulted in fewer COVID deaths

Biden et al., Biden INC is now using the Justice Department & crooked leftist prosecutors, AGs etc. to destroy Trump? Trump MUST do same, he MUST on re-election (or another with stones) MUST return

MAKIS: 'WORLD FIRST: My new Epoch Times article titled "mRNA COVID Vaccines May Be Triggering ‘Turbo Cancers’ in Young People" is the FIRST EVER in depth analysis of how mRNA may cause Turbo Cancers!'

Joe Rogan is 100% correct, on this, I give him high marks "Joe Rogan: Biden DOJ’s Trump Indictments Are the ‘Actions of a Banana Republic’"; Rogan then mentioned how President Joe Biden mishandled

'Trump Vows Revenge for Prosecutorial Harassment: ‘In 2024, It Will Be Our Turn’'; IMO, the only person running for POTUS who can fix America and jail as many of the malcreants, the dangerous America

The Combination of Bromelain and Acetylcysteine (BromAc) Synergistically Inactivates SARS-CoV-2 by breakage of glycosidic linkages & disulfide bonds; can disrupt spike protein

Tomi Lahren discusses the rushed deadly mRNA technology COVID gene injections (serious side effects cardiac arrest, strokes e.g. Tori Kelly, Bronny James, Jamie Foxx, Shane Warne, Damar Hamlin, Óscar

DRUDGE: well, who needs enemies when you can just count on DRUDGE; at the end of it, we are really talking about petty little people, miserable inconsequential people who you help make & they stab you

Donaldus Magnus, aka POTUS Trump, aka '45', will be re-elected to the Presidency and I and many wait, we await what he will do and I can tell you he will do, he will punish the criminals in government

'EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump may die in prison if guilty of 2020 election plot, ex-prosecutor says'; this is what these evil beasts want, for you to not vote for him for he is in jail or they shoot him;

'Six Mississippi policemen admit torturing Black men'; The brutal assault, and its subsequent cover-up in which the men left one victim bleeding as they hid evidence of their crimes' is IMO, criminal

SV40 Promoters and Enhancers Contaminate Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine--DNA from Manufacturing Process Raises Longer Term Cancer Concerns with Multiple Injections (Dr. Peter McCullough)

UK's ONS report: "COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness estimated using Census 2021 variables, England: 31 March 2021 to 20 March 2022"; look at how vaccinated versus unvaccinated status was defined

Wu et al. reported on Acute Kidney Injury Associated With Remdesivir via a Comprehensive Pharmacovigilance Analysis of COVID-19 Reports; why did CDC, FDA, Fauci, Walensky, NIH, Francis Collins ignore?

'Trump Threatens Retribution for Federal Charges: ‘SOON, IN 2024, IT WILL BE OUR TURN’; I agree, not retribution as much as use the same processes they use & punish them with it, all of them

'UK Government Ignored The Lockdown Child Suicides'; well, so did the US government, Canadian government etc.; in fact, Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Walensky et al. extended & hardened lockdowns

Dr Liz O'Riordan (top breast cancer surgeon globally) had stage three breast cancer, surgery, & thought she BEAT it; she then had 3/4 mRNA technology COVID shots (Malone, Kariko, Weissman, Sahin etc.)

Good job FBI, worth praising; "FBI ‘Operation Cross Country’ Rescues 200 Sex Trafficking Victims, Arrests 126 Suspects, Locates 59 Missing Children"; well done! MORE of this

Ron DeSantis says he will start ‘SLITTING THROATS’ on his first day in office to try and get ‘rid of the deep state’ in DC; we know what he means, serious accountability, justice, for the first time

Did Seneff & McCullough et al. show that mRNA technology gene based vaccination alters T-cell signaling that induces profound impairment in type 1 interferon and cancer surveillance? Yes! 100%

Andrews et al. deception/lie to the public on being VACCINATED (NEJM) study title: "Duration of Protection against Mild and Severe Disease by Covid-19 Vaccines"; Andrews et al. categorized being

Remember this key Wang et al. study in LANCET released same day Fauci & Francis Collins NIH lied to POTUS Trump about efficacy of REMDESIVIR as standard of care; Wang found no benefit on mortality

Public Servants Biden, McConnell, and Feinstein in Mental and Physical Decline; None Showing Insight--A Familiar Senior Dilemma for Family, Doctors, and the Public (McCullough is spot on)

World Health Organization (WHO) recommended against the use of REMDESIVIR yet why did US regulators e.g. FDA, ignore the results and approve the drug anyway? "currently no evidence that remdesivir

Floridians must be concerned about python snakes and alligators, I am warning, it has happened in other nations, these animals can take down children, adults; government must get serious on this

No way Biden got 83 million chain of custody certifiable votes, no way, yet be open to the fact that the Fauci and Birx lockdowns did hurt Trump too...but serious mischief happened with the votes

Vivek Ramaswamy on Third Trump Indictment: ‘Political Persecution Through Prosecution’; Donald Trump, has yet again been indicted by the Biden DOJ — a political party in power that is now repeatedly

Why did Dagan manipulate 'vaccinated' status versus 'unvaccinated' the way it did, if ONLY to place lack of efficacy, harms, deaths etc. in UNVACCINATED bucket when they were infact 'VACCINATED'

The ‘very, very bad look' of remdesivir, the first FDA-approved COVID-19 drug; FDA (Hahn & O'Day) held no advisory meeting on antiviral, and the European Union signed contract without

'The Strange Story Of Remdesivir (Veklury/Gilead), A Covid Drug That Doesn’t Work (author Chamary)'; The drug proved ineffective against the Ebola virus, however, yet was still subsequently repurposed

So we have doctors & scientists who invented mRNA technology used in the COVID mRNA gene injections, we have other doctors & scientists also using the same model-scheme of befriending CHD, Del, EPOCH

Remdesivir is DEADLY, causes acute renal (nephrotoxicity) & liver failure: why is FDA, NIH, Health Canada etc. health officials, doctors, hospitals pushing this on patients? knowing it kills! O Gérard

'The Critical Contribution of Pseudouridine to mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines'; Morais et al.; N1-methyl-pseudouridine (adjusted from core backbone mRNA technology by Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al.)

Leprosy: COVID mRNA technology vaccine link? Malone? Weissman? Kariko? Sahin? Bancel? Bourla? crickets? Subversion of immune system (innate & acquired)? why is Leprosy rising in Florida? CDC issues

BOOM, Rand Paul delivers a MOAB, over the target, striking deep into enemy territory! Love it; criminal referral to Justice "Rand Paul says Dr. Fauci caught 'red-handed' for lying to Congress: 'Nobody

Denver Broncos KJ Hamler has pericarditis and Broncos are waiving him; which other players beside Hamler have COVID mRNA vaccine related heart damage (silent myocarditis?)?

Did Biden et al. sell out America, sell America with his son Hunter during Obama administration? Did they sell America to China, to Ukraine? What did Obama know? He was POTUS then, did he benefit?

Can't beat Trump and his movement at the ballot box, so they Biden et al., the deepstate, the crooked government officials will not stop till they imprison him or place him at risk of death

Joe Biden, POTUS BIDEN today losing to POTUS Trump aka '45' after all they have done to Trump, polls show Trump can & will defeat Biden (democrats); what do you do now in the BIDEN camp?

Foster Coulson's story on founding The Wellness Company (TWC url:, interviewed by Rachel Moldonado; see Rachel's substack on the interview

Dissolution of Spike Protein by Nattokinase Holy Grail of COVID-19 Vaccine Detoxification (Dr. Peter McCullough is over the target); the key is to rid the body of spike protein from vaccine or virus

'Denmark considers banning Quran-burning protests'; Exceptional move!, such extremist actions must be prevented in good governance societies; what about Christian bible? Jewish Torah? Ban that too!

TRUMP aka '45' will be re-elected, he will be the next POTUS! Hands down! If they do not imprison him by the election or get him assassinated which I believe they are trying to do placing him at risk

Hang POTUS Trump? Electric chair Jack Smith wants? Breitbart reports that Jack Smith’s Charges Against Trump Include Potential Death Penalty; is this true? If so, Smith has shown his hand, what they

mRNA technology (Pfizer, Moderna) based under-pinning gene based injection/vaccine may have struck again! Where is Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Sachin, Bourla, Bancel, Fauci etc. to explain this? 6 dead

John Leake Interviews Dr. Naomi Wolf: A talk about totalitarianism, Nazism, free speech, and the demise of Classical Liberalism; excellent interview by Leake

HPV and COVID gene injection vaccines induces Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) in 2023 (ASIA)? Yes! Cohen Tervaert expanded on this! Small fiber neuropathy is an important

Vaccinated persons side effects e.g. hospitilization, death etc. were counted as occurring in the UNVACCINATED (by CDC, FDA etc.) for as much as 21/28 days after being vaccinated, lying to you,

POTUS Trump will win the republican primary and be nominated and WILL win the Presidency! 100%; the only way to stop him is to imprison him or kill him; latter I think they are trying, I am hoping

Lam et al. clued us into TURBO cancer post mRNA technology COVID vaccine; rapid aggressive TURBO cancer you ask? Well, patient reported receiving second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Vicious rapid aggressive lethal TURBO cancer in 2 patients, 1 day & 2 weeks after 2nd Pfizer mRNA technology gene injection! Two cases of axillary lymphadenopathy diagnosed as diffuse large B-cell

Was this TURBO cancer in the mice rodent model? Eens et al. reported on 14 mice where B-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma occurred after intravenous Pfizer mRNA booster in a BALB/c mouse

BOOM! Devon Archer got the receipts, bringing them, he best get kevlar! Devin Testifies Hunter Biden Put Father (POTUS Biden likely as Obama's VPOTUS) on Speakerphone Around Associates 20 Times;

NFL players be warned! Damar Hamlin was not a one-off, many of you are vaccine injured with 'silent' myocardits/pericarditis (e.g. BRONCOS KJ Hamler) from fraud lethal mRNA technology based gene

My friend Rachel Moldanado who interviewed me & McCullough 2 years ago, has started her substack & I am liking her pieces; well done! I ask you to read and support her, if even a FREE subscriber

The Wellness Company’s (TWC) Spike Support recovery formula contains Nattokinase (natural blood thinning fibrinolytic) & may help in the rash of pulmonary embolism (lung clots) following mRNA shots

Are we at the brink? Can we hope that Vlad holds his hand? If a nation bombed the capital building with a drone or the WH, should the US military not reduce that nation to cinders instantly? Yes!

Democrat Rep. James Himes on Hunter Biden ‘He Broke the Law,’ and ‘Should Be Held Accountable’; so ONLY one democrat has stones? has testicles? well we know only MACE on republican side has stones,

China-linked Bio Lab Discovered in Fresno Co, California - Had Over 900 Mice "Genetically Engineered to Catch and Carry the Covid-19 Virus" (Lupo, Gateway Pundit)

66-year old male developed swollen lymph nodes about 10 days post 3rd dose of Pfizer; Cavanna et al. reported this case of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) Developing Shortly after mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination

Is mRNA technology based COVID gene injection responsible for dramatic rise in cancers? Is this reason for 'TURBO cancers'? Cancers causing death in days? IgG4 'class switch' spike TOLERANCE?

'My teenage girl went to sleep and never woke up'; what killed Ella? 'Ella McCreadie was found dead in bed by her parents after suffering a haemorrhage'; another 'dying in sleep' era of mRNA vaccine?

Spike protein optimal detoxification as the science matures with optimal comparative effectiveness research (McCullough): Nattokinase 2000 FU (100 mg) twice daily; Bromelain 500 mg once daily

3 recent studies showing the potency and utility of NATTOKINASE (fibrinolytic) as to potentially dissolving pathogenic spike protein from COVID mRNA (DNA) gene vaccine as well as COVID virus (Tanikawa

Lesgards & McCullough et al. pinpoints the toxicity of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein from BOTH the Virus and Produced from COVID mRNA technology or Adenoviral DNA Vaccines (both platforms)

Leprosy: COVID vaccine? why is Leprosy rising in Florida? 'Central Florida: Leprosy Capital Of The USA'; While early treatment can be highly effective, a neglected case can lead to crippling

TURBO cancers are cancers that are aggressive, kills fast: did mRNA COVID gene vaccines cause an emergence of “turbo cancers"? are U.S. regulatory agencies CDC, FDA, NIH & doctors PRETENDING?

'Zelensky Declares it Is ‘Absolutely Fair’ For Ukraine to Attack Targets Inside Russia'; what you are watching folks is a real war criminal, a sick twisted malfeasant who steals US tax payer money

'Vivek Ramaswamy: I Would Pardon Trump — ‘Clearly a Politicized Persecution’'; IMO Vivek is correct, it's political persecution of Trump BUT if Vivek stated this asserting '45' is guilty so he would

COVID Vaccines Show 24 Times More Adverse Reactions Than Other vaccines; latest report on adverse reactions to vaccines in Western Australia

Thank you Vlad Putin for your patience, thank you, the world thanks you! 'Ukraine Drones Damage Two Moscow Buildings, No Victims: Mayor'; what should Vlad do? you know he could vaporize Ukraine

Mysterious Chinese COVID Lab Uncovered in City of Reedley CA; Why would a COVID lab run by a shady Chinese company be operating in Reedley, CA in the central San Joaquin Valley? The lab, which was

Trump is right, 'McConnell Health Problems ‘Sad,’ He Should Step Down as ‘We Have to Have’ New GOP Leader in Senate'; McConnell is a RINO danger to democracy

'Zelensky Says 'War' Coming To Russia After Moscow Drone Attack'; so the pump wearing cross-dresser transgender penis piano player freak is taking us to WW III courtesy of Biden et al. INC...pray

Dr. Peter McCullough Discussing Aging Politicians and Revelations about Government Censorship and the effort to cancel, to burn down names and careers like his, my name, Risch, Atlas etc.

Calling on Putin to be patient still & not go nuke; this is what the West has done, & people like me looking on ask, what should he do? what should a POTUS do if another nation bombs US buildings?

Cancellation of bank accounts belonging to customers who do not hold corporate-sanctioned views is a sign we’re on the road to Orwell’s dystopian nightmare

Makis: 'BRAIN ANEURYSMS - People who died suddenly from aneurysms (likely COVID-19 mRNA vaccine injury to blood vessels) - 13 recent fatal cases explored'

WWW III is not coming, we are already in it, it is the US gogernment fighting Russia; "US Was Behind Both Crimean Bridge Attacks: Seymour Hersh"; What's more is that Hersh's sources described that

Prayers and good blessings to Dr. Ramin Oskoui and Dr. Zev Zelenko who left us, gone too soon, departed this earth and where we can only strive to be...if I die and open my eyes and see either, I got

Boy Scouts pitch LGBTQ tent...

Exclusive — Rep. Nancy Mace: I Believe ‘We Are Headed’ to a Biden Impeachment Inquiry...once this ain't politics and there is reason, I say go for it; Mace has lent Kevin some testicles I see, great!

Transgender Seeks Assisted Suicide in Canada, Claiming It’s the Only Way to End Suffering from Vaginoplasty Complication; Vaginoplasty, a surgical procedure that involves inverting the penis to create

COVID fake pandemic autopsy now after over 3 years of lies and fraud: IMO, Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, you listen to and trust no one, not one of the health officials, none of your government, no one!

RFK Jr. (DEMOCRAT candidate) and Ramaswamy (Republican candidate) coming up fast in the outside lanes; so the plot thickens and this will only enrich the debates and election, I love it; I see a Trump

Did Ariel Israel in BMJ publication confirm that the risk of Covid infection increased significantly following a second dose of the Pfizer Covid injection? Yes!

Oppenheimer, Hiroshima and Houtermans, the atom bomb and Hiroshima; There is a lot more to learn that is not in the new movie; STEPHEN BRYEN

Deadly fungus (Candida auris (C. auris)) detected in Florida and 28 other states, and potentially presents a ‘serious global public health threat’: CDC; The CDC warns that C. auris can enter the

BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) or variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) (human prion neurodegenerative disorder) or MAD COW disease; mRNA vaccine link? ; due to aberrant infectious 'prion'

'22-Year-Old Ex-Premier League Star Forced to Retire Early Due to Myocarditis'; we again call on Malone, Kariko, Sahin, Weissman, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins, Fauci et al. to answer key questions

100% of COVID pandemic was a fraud, a flat outright lie meant to change/impact humanity (remove Trump), enrich (transfer of 4 trillion $ from lower & upper middle class to the wealthy; all lockdowns,

18-Year-Old Colombian World Cup Star Linda Caicedo Rushed to Hospital After Collapsing During Training; ssshhhh, it's the COVID mRNA vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine

Deadly dangerous corrupted CDC is at it again & my reponse to CDC is 'up yours' with your inept corrupted 'guidance'; 'CDC likely to recommend annual COVID booster shot, director says'

CARDIAC ARREST, Lebron James' 18 year old son Bronny James had a cardiac arrest during practice on July 24, 2023, he was fully COVID-19 vaccinated, some young people survive - Makis opines excellently

Dr. Peter Breggin: 'We believe every one of us alive today was born for this moment in human history. We must gather our courage, seek God’s protection, and face the evil that is crushing humanity.'

'Bud Light To Lay Off Hundreds Of Employees In Wake Of Disastrous Pro-Trans Marketing'; this is very nice news indeed, shut the freak pedophilia company down for that is what it is advancing, rape &

Britain’s biggest banks likened to ‘communist China’ after it is found their privacy policies allow them to monitor their customers’ behaviour on social media; fraud filthy government officials

Mueller et al. "mRNA technology Moderna vaccine-associated myocardial injury was more common than previously thought and more frequent in women versus men."; it is critical to focus on that finding

Fatal COVID-19 vaccine myocarditis: has Hulscher et al. added to the evidence of the devastation from the mRNA technology based COVID gene vaccine injections? Yes, & people like Weissman, Sahin,

This is the kind of flith garbage Yahoo & legacy media prints: "Beloved Florida manatee's death at aquarium came after traumatic sex injury, records show"; why no focus when the skull of baby is

Dr. William Douglass: 'Hematologic adverse events (AEs) listed in Pfizer's own AEs document (extracted and organized by system)'; a devastating list of the damages done by Pfizer & Moderna death shots

Dr. Peter Breggin (& wife Ginger's) clarion call to "Resist Every Effort to Control Us We are among the increasing number of people who are standing up to what feels like an enormous evil."; I wish to

Brain aneurysms, bleeds etc. due to COVID mRNA technology based gene vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna)?Oshida builds the case? Yes! 'Intracranial aneurysm rupture within three days after receiving mRNA' shot

MEDICAL EMERGENCY Kit devised by The Wellness Company for you to keep in your homes, medicine chest for pandemics and emergencies; 8 medications already approved & safe, effective!

Dr. McCullough’s Statement on Collapse of On-Screen Announcers and Athletes, INCLUDING a tacit link to Bronny James cardiac arrest on the court (LeBron's son); worth reading; see his stack

Did Gen et al. show 'ANCA-Associated Vasculitis after Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination'? Yes! myeloperoxidase antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (MPO-ANCA)-associated vasculitis after Moderna COVID-19

Does it get any more insane than this? "Dylan Mulvaney embarking on a college speaking tour & will be charging up to $40k to talk on subjects like 'female empowerment'; man with a penis! imagine that!

BOOM! USA Today wrote a nice piece on The Wellness Company (TWC): "The Wellness Company: How the Pandemic Sparked Rapid Growth in Healthcare Across the USA"; refreshing! Well done Stojan!

Remember this powerful Thai study (Mansanguan et al.) in adolescents as to the devastation of the COVID mRNA technology injections in Thai teens: 'Cardiovascular Manifestation of the Pfizer BNT162b2

Cancer: why is the % percent increase in cancer rate estimates in the U.S. between 2019 & 2023 (COVID vaccine rolled out Feb 2021 or so) nearly double the % percent increase between 2015 & 2019? Is

URGENT: 10 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, these 10 doctors, scientists must be investigated & under oath separately for the deaths from mRNA vaccine technology: Bourla (Pfizer), Uğur Şahin (BioNTech),

The DEMOCRAT party, parts of Republican party, the deepstate, the congressional black caucus, so called religious leaders *cough cough Jesse cough cough*, have failed black Americans big time! The

Remember Professional Dominican basketball player Óscar Cabrera Adames who said he had myocarditis from the COVID mRNA technology gene based vaccine, died last couple of weeks! Bronny James may have

Can mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna etc.) technology gene injection COVID vaccination trigger autoimmune disease, phenomena? Yes! 100%; of particular concern is the outcompeting of the innate antibodies of the

Bronny James was vaccinated! NBA star LeBron James said so about his son & thus we can only consider that Bronny's cardiac arrest was underpinned by mRNA COVID vaccine-induced silent myocarditis

IMPORTANT: Medical Emergency kit (8 key medications for your medicine chest) from The Wellness Company (TWC) website; kit seen here:

Mass murder? Will the Largest Organized Mass Murder in World History Escape Accountability? The fraud COVID pandemic gene injection vaccine, the fraud pandemic & response, lockdowns, business closures

7 (seven) Horsemen of the Apocalypse (I added 3) MUST start now with "WE ARE SORRY FOR WHAT WE DID WITH mRNA TECHNOLOGY & the deadly gene injection plaform, we are sorry for the deaths we caused,

Why did for-profit nursing homes incur more harms & deaths during the height of COVID fraud? Were deaths due to terrible management of residents? Ontario was ground zero for nursing home COVID deaths

BILL RICE, JR., excellent substack 'Trends that Scare the Heck out of Me Some things are mild aggravations; some a tad disconcerting and some features of our New Normal are downright terrifying.'

URGENT URGENT: calling on the 7 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Sahin, Bourla, Malone, Bancel, Weissman, Karikó, Francis Collins) to address mRNA disaster of Jamie FOXX, Bronny James, Damar Hamlin et al.

Bronny James, LeBron James son (literally died) suffered a cardiac arrest on court, must thank God had urgent help (CPR etc.) & is at high risk of death here on! 'Vaccine induced 'silent myocarditis'

In 2021, Danish Soccer star Christian Eriksen collapses on field; why? what have we learnt since? Medics rushed to perform CPR on the Danish soccer star as fans and teammates stood by in shock; IMO,

If LeBron James was vaccinated for COVID, was his son Bronny? I argue yes, until we are shown conclusively he was not and did not have myocarditis or pericarditis...we keep the vaccine as the cause of

What must POTUS Trump aka '45' do in the first hour after being elected and sworn in? i)reverse the 'liability protection' vaccine makers & government officials enjoy, make it retroactive to Feb 2020

3 key stories to pay attention too...American Faith good work! Vast Majority of Americans Believe in God: Gallup; 254 Illegal Aliens On Terrorism Watch List Have Entered the U.S. Under Biden; Biden

Colin D'Cunha was Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health during the SARS crisis; so these bitch*s in Ontario politics fired the brown immigrant doctor as a fall guy; the entire SARS-1 reponse in

7 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Sahin, Bourla, Malone, Bancel, Weissman, Karikó, Francis Collins) delivering death, famine, pestilence, plague upon Jamie FOXX, Bronny James, Damar Hamlin et al.; please

BREAKING News: WHO reports first case of MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in nearly 2 years (Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates), has a mortality rate of roughly 40%; another FALSE CoV?

Transgender Service Members Permitted to Skip Deployments re US military! What? The Physical Fitness Standards are also waived; this is mental illness, and this is insane as places the military into

CNN reports that LeBron James was vaccinated, so it is near 100% his son was Bronny was, who suffered cardiac arrest: 'LeBron James confirms he was vaccinated for Covid-19 months after being initially

BREAKING: LeBron James's son Bronny James (18 years old) suffers cardiac arrest during USC basketball practice **cough cough DAMAR Hamlin **cough cough JAMIE Foxx etc. etc.; what do we know? Not much!

Canada & SARS-CoV-1 (2002/2003), a catastrophic failure in public health (1st world deaths), yet same thing happened in SARS-CoV-2 of 2020 with massive death in long-term care; KILLING FIELDS? MURDER?

Medical Emergency kit (8 key medications to always keep on hand) from The Wellness Company (TWC) website:; kit seen here:

Biden administration wants NO vaccine development standards? Why? What is going on? Biden admin allocates $5 billion for new COVID vaccines with little manufacturing guidance

It's the vaccine, stupid (it's the economy, stupid, it's the economy (Bill Clinton), it's the vaccine (Dr. Paul Alexander), it's the mRNA technology, stupid, it's the mRNA technology (Tori Kelly)

Did Nahab et al. reveal factors linked with stroke following COVID gene injection vaccine? Yes! Concurrent COVID-19 infection had the strongest association with early ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke

Is the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection vaccines the cause of Tori Kelly's collapse? Doctors say blood clots found; we know the mRNA shots cause blood clots; will Fauci, Weissman, Sahin

Is it true that there is a Shock Pentagon Memo outlining that ‘Trans’ Soldiers Can Indefinitely Skip Deployments? What? Why? Are they infirmed? Disabled? I am trying to get to the bottom of this...

Stroke with COVID infection after mRNA technology based gene injection (Pfizer, Moderna etc.) highlights urgent need for Spike protein detoxification to reduce amount of spike post vaccine

Dr. Naomi Wolf's near love letter to her husband Brian; I know him (them as a couple), a beautiful man, wonderful father, I decided to share: 'Soup, Food as Metaphor: How We Keep One Another Alive'

The Smear Against RFK, Jr. (Bobby Kennedy Jr.); I decided to write this and share Lew's view because I like Bobby Kennedy, I do not support his politics but even as a democrat, I think he is better

CDC safety group said there’s a likely link between rare heart inflammation in young people after Covid mRNA technology shot, vaccine; so why then did the FDA and CDC approve the shots?

Dr. Peter Hotez, MD; each time you thought he could not be any more dumb & stupid & clueless all things COVID, he says something as ridiculous as this: “Not to be a Debbie Downer…but anyone worried


Makis reports on 4 Alberta Judges (Belzil, Schutz, Crighton, Pentelechuk) & 2 lawyers (Daniel Morrow - Bennett Jones, Mark Jackson - Field Law LLP), made murder of unvaccinated in Alberta 'LEGAL'

Biden INC, POTUS Biden & his administration, yes, US government is INVADING America! Our government is invading our nation, almost a taking of America by 'silent' overthrow, a jihad waged by Biden

WINNING! Jason Aldean Defies Cancel 'woke' Mob, Performs ‘Try That in a Small Town’ as Crowd Chants USA, USA: 'I Want to See America Restored to What It Once Was'; IMO, double barrel bird for NAACP

Jamie Foxx Stroke update - Jamie had a very serious stroke on April 11, 2023 - after months of rehab, he put out a video - let's look at UK Govt Disability Data on strokes & other blood clots in 2022!

Until proven otherwise, until JAMIE FOXX's medical team shows us that he had no myocarditis, no blood clots, no injuries from the COVID mRNA technology gene shot, no vaccine even, then assume it is

Ka-Boom! 'Vivek Ramaswamy Now Tied With Ron DeSantis for Second Place in 2024 Presidential Poll'; I will vote for this East Indian man before Ron...I like a Trump Kennedy or Trump Vivek ticket

Did it have to reach to this that Italian beauty pageant had to ban biological men with penises who say they are women, from competing in beauty pageants? Did it? what does Italy know that US does not

What? only three USWNT players sang the national anthem: Julie Ertz, Alyssa Naeher, and Lindsey Horan? Then turn these pukes off, do not follow the US women's soccer team, a bunch of America hating

The Novavax COVID vaccine is a failed product yet why is the U.S. government buying 1.5 million more Novavax COVID vaccine doses? Why? How stupid and reckless is Biden admin, boobs, inept, sloppy

JAMIE FOXX & mRNA technology based COVID gene injections, it is very likely he suffered a stroke from the vaccine, ‘may have had several components of syndromes including both ischemic & hemorrhagic

Entire COVID pandemic was a scam, huge lie! Sad reality today is that criminals created the fraud PCR driven pandemic, yet it is now being kept alive by those seeking to profit from the fear porn!

Did Finsterer show us the catastrophic Neurological Adverse Reactions to mRNA technology based COVID gene injection Vaccines? Yes, effects include headache, cerebro-vascular disorders (venous sinus

Jamie FOXX: his recent appearance raises more questions than answers & point to a devastating COVID-19 vaccine induced stroke; FOXX's family & doctor & he must come clean & inform the world about the

Oh oh...Conspiracy theorists keep getting things right; experts warn that’s dangerous Not just online any more: dangerous movements like the "freedom convoy" are fueled by conspiracy theories, and

Will Jones The Daily Skeptic is striking deep into enemy territory, DEEP, over the target again! Love this! "Who Ordered the Lab Leak Cover-Up?" IMO every one last one of these bitch*s MUST be jailed!

BOOM, for once a Biden official represents the American people, Mayorkas wants term 'illegal alien' dropped! BOOM! Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said last week that he has directed

Dear Pfizer, leave our children alone with your fraud deadly mRNA technology based COVID gene injection! I remind you of this seminal paper I wrote at Brownstone when a senior writer for them on why

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's discussion with Laura Ingraham of FOX news about why children should have not been vaccinated with COVID mRNA vaccine; under no condition should have healthy kids got vax

Is the FDA now certifiably as an agency, INSANE? It is clear by its latest REMDESIVIR (Veklury®) action, that it is corrupted, inept, incompetent, and simply reckless & dangerous with the health of

The Federalist: 'If You Were A Sheep During Covid, Admit You Were Wrong And Do Better Next Time'; Those who were Covid cowards need to stand up against tyranny in future. It’s the least they can do

Ed Dowd Drops Bombshell COVID vaccine related Data: Hematological (Blood-Related) Claims Up 522% Above Trend in 2022; Dowd is talking about mRNA technology vaccine related injuries

Makis discusses BRAIN BLEEDS in young people - 19 year old UK university student Harvey Edwards died from a brain bleed; mRNA vaccine? Makis is over the target again! We must not cover this up!

URGENT: Dr. Tracy Beth Høeg reads CDC the RIOT ACT on COVID MASK failure, just stated in this publication what I have said openly that the CDC's MMWR reports are utter junk, garbage, fraud documents

Is Biden's HHS transgender (man with a penis pretending to be a woman) Rachel Levine just stupid or insane? What the EFF is wrong with Richard (not Rachel)? Kids going through the wrong puberty?

Karikó, Weissman, Malone, Sahin, Bourla, Bancel...these 6 Horsemen of the mRNA vaccine apocalypse...'what' did they know and 'when' did they know it as to lack of safety of mRNA technology, the lethal

Rita Rubin's JAMA publication on FDA (VRBPAC) nightmarish seeking of vaccine for XBB.1.5 sub-variant (monovalent) tells us how reckless, inept FDA is! XBB.1.5 will be gone! (EG 5, XBB.2.3, XBB 1.16)

Why? Why would a fit & healthy Harvey Edwards, 19 years old, die suddenly? In this COVID mRNA technology based COVID gene injection era? Can we ask? Must we whisper still & be 'cancelled'? Vaccine?

Diana West: "That's why Dr. Robert Malone's openly stated goal in 2023 to use the courts to have a "chilling effect' on debate in the public square, which he's trying to rebrand as "defamation," is so

The Wellness Company (TWC) comprises its esecutive team yet world classed doctors, scientists Drs. Harvey Risch, Paul Alexander, Peter McCullough, Richard Amerling, Heather Gessling, Mark Trozzi,

Is Megyn Kelly a Trump supporter now? Back on the Trump train? she met with President Trump over the weekend at Turning Point Action’s West Palm Beach convention “for the first time in years”,

Please consider upgrading from 'FREE' subscriber to 'PAID', I have made it only $29.00 annual & no commenting restriction even if FREE; thank you for supporting me in this 'woke' 'cancel' insane era

Violent thieves in D.C. target pedestrians, cyclists, drivers; Attempted stick-ups turning into fatal shootings. Robbers ambushing victims on sidewalks; IMO, as long as your life is threatened, shoot

While Stanford's Scott Atlas sought to advise POTUS Trump ('45') with real science & took punishing blows from corrupted swamp DC media & deepstate & Fauci & Birx, the Stanford's President

Half of Voters Open to Third-Party Candidate in Troubling Sign For Biden: great news for America

Wang et al. and Remdesivir: did Wang's LANCET publication May 2020 below blow Remdesivir out of the water as ineffective and deadly yet Fauci & NIH that day made Remdesiver standard of care? Yes!

Did Swank et al.'s research show us that persistent circulating COVID spike is associated with post-acute COVID-19 sequelae? Spike from virus and spike protein induced from the mRNA vaccine? Yes!

The plot thickens as the US Congress House Judiciary congressman Jim Jordan sends Letter to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla; IMO, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, Weissman, Kariko et al., all of these bastards must be

People with Long COVID May Still Have Spike Proteins in Their Blood: A possible biomarker for long COVID suggests some people with the condition never fully cleared virus; spike from vaccine or virus!

BOOM! Thank you & we must fire the Presidents of all corrupted major US universities; Stanford president resigns over manipulated research to retract at least three papers, Tessier-Lavigne, EBM is DOA

BBC criticised for letting cardiologist Aseem Malhotra ‘hijack’ interview with false Covid jab claim; Aseem Malhotra’s ‘misguided’ views linking some Covid vaccines to excess heart disease deaths

'HOME ownership', it is the one variable or factor no matter how we build math models, regression models, we plug in predictor variables, 'Home ownership' is the one factor that reduces crime in any

The father, the father figure, so critical, the young black, latino, or white thug, no matter whom, once looking for a father & he is gone & mom is a crack whore, dad is a pimp dealer slanging coke

Breitbart 'Reports: U.S. Soldier Who Ran into North Korea Had Criminal History, Skipped Flight to Texas'; The soldier – NK News reported, citing court records – had spent two months in American

US soldier ‘willfully’ crossed into North Korea: Official; UN Command says it believes the person is in custody after crossing into North Korea without approval

BOOM! Marjorie Taylor Greene Inflicts Hunter Biden Nudes on Congress, just beautiful...I tell you, not even the devil wants Hunter in hell, said 'keep him', hell is too good for Hunter

'Fluorofentanyl' & 'xylazine' ( street name 'tranq'): URGENT! For Americans, parents, teens, children, front line workers! Deadly Fentanyl Variant, Fluorofentanyl, Found in San Francisco Overdoses

eugyppius (excellent): How strange it is, that Chinese researchers began promoting pangolins as a SARS-2 reservoir exactly as Western virologists were composing their ecumenical endorsement of natural

Makis looks at doctors who died suddenly & vaccinated, were these doctor deaths due to the mRNA technology COVID injections? Did the COVID vaccine kill them? I think it has potent role & applaud Makis

Is Dr. Peter McCullough correct? That mRNA tecnology Vaccine BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) Clinical Trial Integrity was Eroded by Corruption and Rush to Market Entry? Yes, I know the data, the submission

Say it ain't so, Joe, say it ain't so! "House Oversight Committee Exposes Extensive Network of Over 20 Companies Linked to Biden Family"; you cannot be that corrupt, I don't believe this reporting

See my prior substack on COVID, all of the pandemic, from virus, to lockdowns, to the mRNA technology injection vaccine, all of it was a fraud, a lie! 100%, all steps failed! David Martin is on FIRE!

Was COVID a 'premeditated' evil assault on populations, freedoms, on America principally to bring her to heel, was it devised & designed to instill fear & panic & submission? Yes, 100% & it did! The

What the hell is wrong with the freaks in the Biden administration forcing 'real' biological female military recruits to shower with full male penises trans women? Is Darth VADER Lloyd Austin insane?

POTUS Trump to White House; tell me who else you have in mind, lets debate...I see no one else capable to drive the dramatic changes needed after Biden INC has near destroyed America...may not like

What killed Anabelle Ham? At 22? YouTuber Annabelle Ham Dead at 22; how, why? so suddenly? In this era of 'died suddenly, or dying at dawn', we have so many seemingly healthy people dying suddenly

The plot thickens as we understand the fraud and corruption of Biden administration where it seems that key COVID officials from CDC, NIH,FDA etc., including Fauci, served unlawfully; SHARYL ATTKISSON

Is Putin reasonable here? He says para, 'you use cluster bombs on me, I will use cluster bombs on you'; to me, that makes perfect sense...I don't need to like someone to support their position; Vlad

Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas (a MAN with a penis who pretends to be a woman as other 'woke' women applaud him) Comes Out as ‘Antifa Super Soldier’; note to Lia, ANTIFA is a terrorist outfit

Should the airline industry & FAA etc. consider planes using one (1) pilot only? Never! This is not the fix for these morons, these psychopatic airline industry idiots who fired & laid off good pilots

Please help pray for my son today, I asked him to water the lawn & help his mother with the trash; he near fainted saying how tired he was and 'misunderstood'; this while he walks around in red pumps

You can't make this crap up, one transgender freakshow (Rikkie Valerie Kollé) steps up to defend another transgender freakshow (Dylan Mulvaney); 2 males with penises who say they are 'real' women

Three photos I wanted to share again: one involves testimony at the US SENATE and shows Dr. Harvey Risch and Senator Ron Johnson and myself Dr. Paul Alexander & here we see POTUS Trump ('45') & myself

Merkel set Europe into a death spiral flooding it with 6th century islamists, jihadists, migrants who think sexual rape etc. is 'NORMAL', seek blond blue eyed Europeans; neanderthalic animals

mRNA technology based COVID gene injection strikes again? Seems so! Where are the inventors of mRNA technology to explain sudden pilot incapacitations? 2006 Piper Meridian, pilot 'medical emergency'

Did Nushida et al. in Japan show us clear evidence of the lethality of the mRNA technology based gene injection (after 3rd shot), where it killed a 14-year old girl? mRNA inventors, what say you??????

URGENT! Illegal immigrant kids with tuberculosis (TB) infections released into 44 states; now this is serious if 'active' clinical TB disease (and not just LATENT infection); latent is not infectious

American Thinker: 'What Flight TWA 800 (left JFK airport in New York City heading east to Paris. 12 minutes after its 8:19 departure the doomed 747 blew up) Had in Common with Hunter Biden’s Laptop

First-Grade California teacher charged with sexually abusing 6 school girls in school class; do not be confused, typically we would know that these are jihadist islamist types for this is par for the

At this juncture in US history, looking at America January 2020 before the fraud pandemic was foisted upon Trump ('45') by criminals Fauci & Birx & Azar et al., who can you think of besides '45' that

Pennynp77 nails it! BOOM, over the target! She says that we must be thankful Putin has been patient & I am, I would give him a Nobel Peace Prize for staying his hand for as she says, she would have

Prescient Medical reporter Kim Iversen huge interview with Dr. Peter McCullough regarding the censoring of major LANCET paper (pre-print server) based on secondarily held autopsy data linking deaths

Nipple Gate 2.0, move over Janet J!: Mothers Swing at CDC for Equating Male Nipple Secretions to Breast Milk; The CDC's new transgender-themed guidance on biological men & “chestfeeding”

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: "Breaking the silence one final time for the sake of truth...." Voice for Science and Solidarity by Geert Vanden Bossche

Big Pharma Scientist Confesses: “They Put Cancer-Causing Chemicals in the COVID Jabs”; A Big Pharma scientist has revealed that both Pfizer & Moderna put known cancer-causing agents into Covid shots

Cancer Virus Found in COVID Shots: “This Is Looking Very Bad,” Says Dr. Peter McCullough; “What I’m telling you is the shots promote cancer through SV40, and they inhibit our ability to fight cancer

BOOM!: Charlamagne tha God Slams Biden WH Cocaine Scandal: ‘There’s a Room in the White House with No Cameras? Ain’t No Damn Way’

33 year old Estelle Puccio Coplin, a California woman whose life was destroyed with TURBO cancer of the salivary glands, by three Pfizer COVID mRNA technology based injection vaccines; who is to pay?

Ka-Boom! Brevard County Republican Executive Committee (BREC) takes the lead, passed a resolution to ban the COVID-19 vaccine, claiming it and the virus to be a “biological and technological weapon.”

Meloni making good! 'Italian Populist PM Giorgia Meloni Brokers EU Illegal Migrant Deal with Tunisia'; what Meloni is trying to do is save EUROPE from the middle eastern & North African islamists

Florida has a serious alligator and snake python problem, these 2 (and sharks now pressing) will kill infants, children, people! they have started; see Indonesia & the 2 people swallowed whole

The reckless inventors of mRNA technology Karikó & Weissman et al. told us about the hell they were unleashing here: 'Incorporation of Pseudouridine Into mRNA Yields Superior Nonimmunogenic Vector

Shrestha et al.'s study showed us there is no need for updating COVID booster shots whereby they showed that adults “not up-to-date” by the CDC definition have a lower risk of COVID-19 than those

Hollywood strike, my view: who the hell cares about those freaks, those transgender Bruce Jenner Kim type freaks! Who cares, fire them all, a bunch of deviants

mRNA technology: this devastating unstudied technology (with nano LNPs) underpinning mRNA COVID vaccines has wreaked harms & death, e.g. genotoxicity and tumorigenicity abounds; wide and persistent

WINNING! Trump: para 'First Term ‘Mistake’ Was Some of the incompetent stupid People I Picked for My Cabinet'; I wouldn’t have put a guy like Bill Barr, and he was weak and pathetic. I wouldn’t have

The Cloward–Piven strategy: developed in 1966 by Americans Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven; 2 dangerous Americans who weakened America; The Cloward–Piven strategy focused on overloading the

BOOM! I told you it's Trump's (aka '45') Presidency to lose! 'Donald Trump Dominates Turning Point Action’s GOP Primary Straw Poll at 87.5%'; Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at only 4.3%.

Sub-variants XBB 1.5 seems on its way out to be supplanted by likely XBB.1.16 (Arcturus), XBB 2.3, & EG.5; so the real question is, why are they bringing new vaccine when 100% they will be ineffective

Brilliant paper: 'mRNA: Vaccine or Gene Therapy? The Safety Regulatory Issues'; The mode of action of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines should classify them as gene therapy products (GTPs), but they have been

I think Tucker describes the legacy news media (swamp creatures) and neo-cons and neo-liberals perfectly...tell me if there is anything more you wish to add, such as 'killers, malevolent, deadly etc.'

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. slaps back at NY Post story & Claims of Antisemitism After NY Post Story on Covid Remarks; Kennedy moves to correct record of some suspect reporting by Levine of New York Post

Driving vaccinated, deadly now! Makis! Two 8 year old girls at a London prep school are dead after driver collapses with seizure & crashes into school on July 6, 2023. This is now a daily occurrence!

Fauci retired scared, like Walensky, but don't worry, we will hold them to legal account, it's coming: GOP Rep. McCormick: We’ve Found Email Showing Fauci Knew COVID Looked Unnatural, Knew of Gain-of-

RFK Jr.: 'RFK Jr. says COVID may have been ‘ethnically targeted’ to spare Jews'; claiming the bug was a genetically engineered bioweapon that may have been “ethnically targeted” to spare Ashkenazi

The plot thickens as we understand the fraud and corruption of Biden administration where it seems that key COVID officials from CDC, NIH,FDA etc., including Fauci, served unlawfully; SHARYL ATTKISSON

BOOM! Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche delivers one of his best here "The Covid-19 mass vaccination program violated all principles of Science and the Hippocratic Oath...."

Medical Leaders: U.S. ‘Transgender’ Medicine Is Politicized and Reckless, "Every systematic review of evidence to date..., has found the evidence for mental-health benefits of hormonal interventions

We must always condemn the burning of the Quran that is sacred to Muslims world over & similar books; so why are the Swedish deranged government & police allowing the burning of the bible and Torah?

'Miss Universe Bosses: Transgenders Can Compete Because ‘Trans Women Are Women, Full Stop’'; problem with this is the 'woke' sick women who sit back & allow this, don't come crying when you become

BOOM! Mark Wahlberg Calls Out Pedophiles in Hollywood.👇The dam is breaking...'Mark Wahlberg: Hollywood Pedophiles Have ‘Nowhere Left To Hide’

I knew other agencies in US government like CDC, NIH, FDA etc. were corrupted to the bone & should be disbanded, yet I did not know the beloved Secret Service was corrupted too, calling off Hunter's

What's up Maybelline? You morons, sick transgender woke filthy idiots could not find a woman to help advertise the lipstick? What a bunch of perverted pedophiles! Time to Bud Mulvaney you & who cares,

Gazit et al. in August 2021 told us COVID naïve vaccinees had a 13.06 increased risk of infection compared to those prior infected; then why did the media, the medical establishment, CDC, NIH, FDA,

8 year old Selena Lau dies as driver crashes into school in Wimbledon this week, injuring 15, said to have had seizure, bit through her tongue, NOT under influence of drugs or alcohol; mRNA vaccine?

Why is United States giving cluster bombs to Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers as per Darth 'Lloyd Austin' Vader? Is America fighting Russia really? 'Austin: ‘Won’t Speculate’ How Long We’ll Need to

Biden's executive order calling up reservists for Russia-Ukraine war that has NOTHING, zero to do with the United States, yet Biden et al. are determined to start WW III & have America feature in it

Biden & the deranged people in his White House pushing us to WW III (in the Russia Ukraine war) & seems we are headed there; Biden Authorizes 3000 Military to Call Reservists to Active Duty

POTUS Donald Trump aka '45', to Host ‘Sound of Freedom’ Screening (standing up against child sex trafficking) with Jim Caviezel, Tim Ballard at Bedminster Club NJ

14 sudden tragic deaths of teachers, ages 24 to 55; was it the mRNA technology COVID gene injection? is it the mRNA-LNP? how do we explain these deaths in the era of 'died suddenly, dying at dawn'?

COVID vaccine Graphene Oxide confirmed by Dr. Ana Mihalcea on Stew Peters; My Interview With Stew Peters On Graphene Oxide, Hydrogel, Quantum Dots And Recent Research

This is what they did Pastor Artur Pawlowski, dropped him to his knees, shackled him, put him in solitary confinement for what? Warning about COVID? Preaching? Where are you Danielle Smith? He helped

Leader of Canada’s Opposition calls for an end to discriminatory COVID-19 vaccine mandates; Pierre Poilievre rightfully notes that the fastest way to get more doctors and nurses is to end

Pre-print study (death linked to COVID vaccine, autopsies) written by leading cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, evidence-based medicine expert Dr. Paul Alexander

POTUS Trump (aka '45') & Dr. Paul Alexander at the Israel Heritage Foundation meeting in New Jersey; I firmly believe '45' can right America & the destrouction by the RINOs, democrats, deepstate etc.

What about reparations for decendants and for white people, the Barbary slaves of the Mediterranean? What about the white Europeans who were enslaved as devastatingly by the Barbary muslim Corsairs

Six Men Arrested for Robbing a Man in His Driveway in Texas; why? Texas is becoming dangerous now, parts are not livable;

Do you now get it why 'woke' 'tolerant' 'in your face' freak loser parents who take Johnny & Suzie to sit 2 feet from transgender pedophiles swinging on poles look tame relative to 'di*k' measuring

OZEMPIC (Wegovy) & SUICIDE: Is Ozempic causing a wave of suicidal Americans? FDA has received 60 reports of side effect and drug's maker Novo Nordisk says it's taking issue 'very seriously' — amid

Child sex trafficking in America & what you need to know! Recall, I have said and will again here, that rapists of women & children, proven pedophiles, abusers, must HANG, hang them high, & start with

SADS = Sudden (COVID linked) Adult death syndrome, SIDS = Sudden Infant death syndrome (COVID linked); Makis reports on 32 year old UK mom who died 14 hours after her 5 month old died (stack)

Pastor Artur Pawlowski speaks to Dr. Paul Elias Alexander about threat of imprisonment from Alberta government; Artur Pawlowski speaks with Dr. Paul Alexander about tyranny of the charges against

Malone, Breggin, McCullough update meeting: we held a high level sensitive meeting last night with players (doctors & scientists) from Malone's camp & TWC's camp; conclusion of the conclave was that

BOOM! Georgia Democrat Rep. (State Rep. Mesha Mainor, who represents District 56 in the Peach State) Switches Parties: Democrats ‘Crucified Me’ and Abuse the Black Community; "I will never apolagize

Breitbart: 'Biden DOJ Indicts Whistleblower Gal Luft, not Hunter Biden, for FARA Violations'; The U.S. Department of Justice indicted Gal Luft, a whistleblower in the Biden family scandals, for

Photo of POTUS Trump (aka '45') & Dr. Paul Elias Alexander taken July 10th 2023; '45' was very gracious & signalled to all strongly, that he is listening to a broad spectrum of views on all issues

Met with POTUS TRUMP ('45') yesterday, I will post photos TONIGHT, and I can tell you, POTUS Trump's words to me signalled to me he 'understands' & is listening to us & will FIX the wrongs of COVID

Elon Musk (TWITTER) challenges Mark Zuckerberg (FACEBOOK) to a penis measuring contest’ as Twitter users flock to Threads; that's if either can find their di*k; this is why US is circling the drain

'Florida is now America’s inflation hotspot'; so we have alligators, python snakes that could swallow you whole, sharks off Navarre & now highest inflation? What next? For the sunshine state?

'Texas Begins Installing Barrier On Rio Grande River To Stop Illegal Border Crossings': I love this HUGELY! but IMO too late, for this to work, the government that let them in, MUST go get each one,

'Report: 40% of Brown University Students Identify as LGBTQQIAAP2S+'; IMO, 40% is clearly there is a move now globally that COVID is done, to mainstream & drive the transgender agenda

'The Trillion-Dollar Grift: Inside the Greatest Scam of All Time'; announced an initial $2.2 trillion relief package to bail out millions of Americans desperate for cash during the national lockdowns

DeSantis should step out now, he will be hurt in primary against Trump, his brand, and he has a good future, step out NOW! I like Vivek too, a good soldier & lots to offer America

Dr. Peter McCullough: 'COVID-19 Vaccine is the Culprit in Majority Found Dead after Injection: Systemic Review of 325 Autopsies Finds Convincing Evidence--Lancet Censors Paper'

What? 10th COVID infection yet took 4 shots (quadruple)? The Australian Queensland person says she wants more shots to help her? She wants a 5th? Problem is, many like her abound, misguided, gullible

Minute 2.25 onwards, Dr. Paul Alexander speaking at the Canadian Senate describing the statistical fraud & trick that CDC, NIH, PHAC, Health Canada, SAGE pulled on populations; Fauci, Walensky etc,

Did Stanley et al. show a seven-fold rise in incidence of Stevens-Johnson syndrome & toxic epidermal necrolysis linked to the mRNA technology based COVID vaccine? Yes!

Do not forget how deadly the mRNA technology based gene injection has been! Remember that 'UK Government Data Showed 92% of 2022 COVID Deaths Were Among The Triple Vaccinated'

What killed Brian? Trinidadian Tobagonian Brian Stone dies suddenly playing tennis! We warned Trinidad about COVID vaccine, we said no healthy adult or child must take, sadly many more Trinidadians

United Kingdom's NHS Whistleblower Claims “We Were Ordered To Euthanize” Patients; This was all happening as hospitals were empty and no one was sick or dying of anything out of the ordinary; this is

'Dear Pfizer: Leave the ​​Children Alone; consider children already immune and vaccinated for COVID'! I wrote this piece as a senior Brownstone author as the fraud vaccine came out; Real Clear Markets

Tucker Carlson to Russel Brand: "I love Trump"! BOOM, thank you for being on the Trump train, he is the ONLY person on deck who can fix US, PERIOD! Vengeance, anger, I want him to burn agencies down

WINNING! Bud Light No Longer Ranks Among America’s Top 10 Beers Following Widespread Backlash; BOOM! take your freak transgender bullsh*t pedophilia rapist ways & shove it, up yours Bug Light Busch!

Tell NY Mayor Adam 'HELL NO'! 'NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wanting to House Illegal Immigrants in Empty School Buildings for the Summer'; why no? there are rapist & murderers, Fentanyl dealers among them

Child trafficking is among the most heinous crimes, sexual abuse and trafficking of children in the sex trade & it is a problem in Caribbean, Latin America, globally, especially in US, Canada, UK...

Did Cabrera Adames, a Dominican professional basketball player, who died suddenly, die due to the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection (KAriko, Weissman et al. as inventors)? He got myocarditis

UK's "Nudge" unit, my prior substack about U.K. government admission of using fear-based COVID messages to scare public & now saying people will take more lockdowns? Chris Shoemaker on failed flu shot

Why can't we suspend good governance at times & remove these beasts from society 'on the spot'? I think it is reasonable, no trial, we match madness with madness (for a moment); Disturbing videos show

Transverse Myelitis - severe neurological injury caused by COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - 9 horror stories (Dr. Makis, see substack)

Did CHIDA et al. show us the catastrophic risk of rupture of Vertebral Artery Dissecting Aneurysm after mRNA technology based COVID gene injection vaccine (Moderna & Pfizer), looking at 2 cases? Yes!

Of COVID mRNA technology based vaccines (Pfizer & Moderna) & links to cerebrovascular complications & catastrophic vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia syndrome: the plot thickened with

BOOM! President Trump Meets With Mel Gibson To Discuss How To End Elite Pedophilia; this is where we focus, we go after real drug financiers, the congress & senate, the MPs, the PMs, the high level

Did Oshida et al. show that there is massive risk of intracranial aneurysm rupture within days after receiving mRNA technology based COVID gene injections-vaccination? Yes! 3 cases as an examples

Kennedy: English Is Not Kamala Harris’ ‘First, Second, Third or Even Fourth Language’; Kennedy is correct here, Madame VP Giggles is as dumb as a box of nails & Biden was brilliant, even 'non compos

Trump Will Declassify JFK Assassination Files Upon White House Return, Potentially Revealing U.S. Gov’t Involvement; “When I return to the White House, I will declassify and unseal all JFK

Did Román et al. (& Hsiao) link the COVID mRNA technology (& DNA platform) based gene injection vaccine to devastating spinal cord inflammatory Acute Transverse Myelitis (ATM)? Yes!

LANCET (Horton) pulled our COVID mRNA technology (Kariko, Weissman et al.) study linking deaths to vaccine (examining secondarily held evidence); it's far worse, we did not even account for HOT lots,

Toronto (Canada) has become one of the unsafest places to live, yes, deadly! because you Trudeau let the WOLF, North Africa & middle eastern wolf islamist 6th century feral animal in! happening every

Who watches FOX news today? FOX news is as fake & fraud as CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC etc. These are all swamp creature news, lies, deceit, bullsh*t, duplicituous, FOX was always anti-TRUMP, he called it!

It is not just in Florida with problems of alligators killing people and pythons, sharks now and we see in New York?

Trump: para 'the White House knows where the cocaine came from, they know it is xxxxxx and his stuff, so why not pull the SECURITY TAPES? It is because they do not want YOU the public to see!! I agree

Why is Pastor Artur Pawlowski hounded by the Alberta Government? Why is Premier Danielle Smith not helping him, at least ensuring his rights are upheld and the law is not abusive to him? Does she have

SHARYL ATTKISSON: '(CDC) Seizures reported in some children after mRNA Covid vaccination'; with administration of Pfizer and Moderna mRNA technology based COVID gene injection

'U.K. Gov’t Behavior Modification ‘Nudge Unit’ Chief Asserts Citizens’ Obedience to Future Lockdowns: ‘Fear-Based’ Messaging Necessary for ‘Wrongly Calibrated’ Individuals'; so we are 'wrongly

Mitochondrial damage from spike protein, either from virus infection spike or mRNA technology COVID vaccine induced spike (Clough)? Yes! Spike possibly damages electron transport chain (ETC)? Yes!

Elsevier medical publishing is also corrupting open science in Europe (2018); Elsevier is monitoring Open Science in the EU on behalf of the European Commission; well, then LANCET's blatant corruption

COVID 'protocol' killed our parents, grand-parents! Our medical systems in Canada, US, UK, etc., our medical doctors, hospital CEOs, government officials killed our parents! How? A PCR test in ER that

You think a python cannot swallow a human being, a child? Think again? Indonesia reports actual recent case of a woman swallowed whole, I share to warn Floridians about your children; don't mess with

'MUSK WARNS ZUCK: I'LL SUE'; oh crap, Musk went and talked to Malone and met Malone's lawyer, oh God, here comes the lawsuits

Trump: go check the security tapes, it will show who the crack head whore cocaine addict was in White House **cough cough Hunter cough cough ** or is it Joe??? now White House Refuses

I say hang him high, hang this beast high, this illegal alien, this criminal, hang him now! Anyone who abuses, rapes children, pedophiles, rapes women, anyone, hang them high! No mercy, we must make

'Disney Star Coco Lee Dead at 48 by Suicide'; there has been a recent rise in suicides by persons suffering adverse effects of the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection; high functioning people

LANCET: was LANCET paid off by Pfizer & Moderna to pull our high-level paper examining autopsies (deaths) after mRNA technology based COVID gene injections where we found 74% deaths vaccine linked?

Did Das et al. show increased risk of Myopericarditis after mRNA technology based COVID gene injection Vaccination in Adolescents 12 to 18 Years of Age? Yes! Most (88%) cases followed the second dose

Is the CDC into the business of altering death certificates to make (to have made) the fraud deadly mRNA technology (Kariko, Weissman, Malone et al.) based gene injections look safer? Yes, it seems!

Did Omotola Ogunkoya et al. show us COVID mRNA technology based (Pfizer and Moderna) Vaccination Associated Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism (clots)? Yes! patient had the booster dose of moderna mRNA

Our Lancet study on autopsies after COVID vaccine found that 74% of deaths were caused by the COVID vaccine e.g. mRNA technology gene injection vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna)? Then LANCET pulled it?? Why??

Did Hippisley-Cox et al. show an elevated risk of thrombocytopenia and thromboembolism after covid-19 vaccination? Yes, certainly did, but the media and medical community disregarded this case series

Did Cheong et al. show acute Pulmonary Embolism (lung clotting) following the mRNA technology based (underpinning) Kariko, Weissman et al. Moderna mRNA-1273 COVID gene injection vaccine? Yes! 100%

Hearts Destroyed by Myocarditis: "This Spike Protein Is a Killer"; McCullough describes the deadliness of the spike protein from vaccine (or virus) & why dissolving spike, detoxifying, getting it out

People walk up to McCullough, Hodkinson, Makis, myself etc. after each stage appearance or interview & & ask "how do I get this damn spike out of me, I had virus or I took the damn shot"; that is the

Original antigenic sin (OAS) or immune imprinting, immune fixation or prejudice; Fujita et al. proves the "impact of imprinted immunity induced by mRNA vaccination in an experimental animal model"

Did Nuovo et al. show that the spike protein 'on its own, by itself' is dangerously pathological and can induce endothelial damage (cardiovascular damage)? Yes! In 'Endothelial cell damage is the

Python snakes can swallow people whole (see below); Floridians, be careful with your young children and pythons, you have an alligator problem too, MAJOR, and shark problem!

LeBron James: what happens if he made enough money in NBA and rings & now retires from the NBA, and then says he is a trans woman (transgender), and goes on to dominate the WNBA; you could stop him?

Did Oshida et al. report risk of intracranial brain aneurysm rupture within three days after receiving mRNA technology based anti-COVID-19 vaccination? Yes! cases of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Did Deion Sanders (& Jamie FOXX) cheat death? D-dimer blood testing is critical after mRNA technology (& DNA platform) based COVID gene vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna etc.), given risk of BLOOD CLOTS

Danis: Did Danis et al. early in 2020 in their French Alps chalet study of a cluster of COVID cases, show no secondary transmission from a pedicatric case (even after visiting 3 schools)? The fact

Menstrual abnormalities: Did Nazi et al. show Menstrual abnormalities after COVID mRNA technology gene vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna)? Yes! A total of 78,138 vaccinated females were included in

Sweden: why did live births drop by near 10% in Sweden in 2022 over 2021? What happened in 2021 in Sweden? Is it the mRNA technology based gene injection that was rolled out causing fertility decline?

Read et al. warned us 2015 using chickens (Marek's disease) that using an imperfect 'leaky' vaccine can enhance transmission of highly virulent pathogens; sub-optimal non-sterilizing non-neutralizing

Kracalik: Did Kracalik et al. find abnormality among 81 (54%) of 151 patients with follow-up cardiac MRI when looking at outcomes at least 90 days since onset of myocarditis after mRNA COVID vaccine?

PATONE: Did Patone et al. report elevated risk of myocarditis, pericarditis, and cardiac arrhythmias with the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine? Yes!

While the US military focuses on transgender and PRIDE, it's enlisted members are killing themselves, up 25%, consider effects of the deadly mRNA technology COVID gene injection on health on minds!

Florida has serious problem with pythons, alligators, and sharks! Its a numbers game always and all of a sudden, these three deadly creatures are in juxtaposition with humans & outcomes can be death

Bombshell: US House Bill to Cut Funding for WHO Entirely, Terminate Involvement in WEF, Considers Exiting WHO. Threatens Implementation of WHO “Pandemic Treaty”? Rep. Ralph Norman (Rep. S.C.)

Who else other than Hunter, go ask Hunter! If it's not his coke stash, he knows who put it there! 'Secret Service investigating suspected cocaine found in White House'; why evacuate, just ask Hunter

Only Trump can pull a crowd of 50,000 instantly! Trump will win his 2nd term and will be POTUS in 2024 & he will punish all the COVID fraud pandemic wrongs, he will burn down alphabet agencies

Joestethics star Jo Lindner (4 shots): Did mRNA technology COVID gene injection vaccine (mRNA tech inventors Weissman, Kariko et al.) contribute to his death? caused an ANEURYSM? my substack below &

Can spike protein from COVID SARS-2 virus (& mRNA technology based gene vaccine Pfizer & Moderna) persist for years in your body? Patterson et al. showed yes! Found spike protein 15 months post shot

Note in this Cho et al. Korean study: 8 of 21 deaths (38%) were sudden cardiac death (SCD) attributable to vaccine related mortality (VRM) proved by an autopsy, and all cases of SCD

It is time, it is way past time for Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Drew Weissman, Dr. Katalin Karikó et al. & all involved in mRNA technology that is the core basis for the COVID mRNA gene injections, explain

Bringing the Military-Industrial Complex to Heel; RFK Jr.'s foreign policy speech is in the vein of Madison, Eisenhower, and JFK. (John Leake)

'Joe Biden Disowns His Beautiful 4-Year-Old Granddaughter: White House Aides Told Joe Biden Has Six, Not Seven, Grandchildren'; so Navy, Hunter's child, does not exist? That is monstrous deplorable

I agree with Joe Rogan, that freak sicko pedophile IMO 'Dylan Mulvaney is a Mentally Ill Person Who’s Just An Attention Whore’; you go Joe, and I am with you! More from me: Mulvaney is a man with a

This is the US military today? These people are the military leaders? Under Biden? The greatest fighting force the world has ever known, reduced to transgender bull sh*t filth pedophile madness?

The Wellness Company (TWC USA & Canada (soon to be Europe & Caribbean)) (led by Mr. Foster Coulson), held a recent symposium Dallas Texas, highlighting the danger of the mRNA technology spike protein

'Transdgender Detransitioner: Genital Surgery ‘Destroyed My Life’, ‘You Need to Be Insane’ to Think This Helps Patients'; so you remove your penis & now want it back? How do we do this? penis implant?

mRNA technology based COVID gene injections: Did Pfizer & Moderna study if mRNA passed to placenta, breast milk? No! Long-term expression? integration into the genome, transmission to the germline? No

Did the mRNA technology based (underpinning) COVID gene injection vaccine (mRNA tech inventors Malone, Weissman, Kariko et al.) kill or contribute to death of Joestethics star Jo Lindner? Can we ask?

'Speaking to reporters Wednesday, the president falsely claimed that Russia is at war with Iraq. Russia is at war with Ukraine.' "We need a serious conversation about Joe Biden’s brain"; you think?

Merkel destroyed western Europe, she built funeral pyres with her forced self genocide jihad by immigration! Obama/Biden started same in US; Europe must NOW, France, enact FORCED mass deportation

'14 NFL players who died suddenly recently - Most recent is 35 yo ex-NFL quarterback Ryan Mallet who died suddenly off a Florida beach while swimming, on June 27, 2023. They're blaming heat/climate!'

Drs. Drew Weissman, Robert Malone, & Katalin Karikó: so called mRNA technology 'inventors'; when will EPOCH Times (Jan), CHD (children health def), & Highwire (Del) get around to interviewing these 3

'EU secures vaccine deals with Pfizer, and others for future pandemic' (REUTERS): you see folks, we have no choice but to keep pressing to get Pfizer, Moderna, all of these criminal mRNA technology

mRNA technology based gene vaccine injured people are committing SUICIDE as we reported, yet now we have a new phenomenon of assisted SUICIDE due to the COVID vaccine harms? Malone, Weissman, Kariko,

No rip current? So why would they lie about ex-NFL player Ryan Mallett's cause of death? Was it the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection (Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al.)? Was it? Will we know?

BREAKING: FRANCE has fallen! Le Pen Addresses the French Nation as the Country Grapples in Anarchy, issued a stirring national address, imploring her compatriots to reject the rising tide of anarchy

Can autophagy (driven underpinned by FASTING) promote cancer cell death, including apoptosis, autophagy and pyroptosis? This needs to be studied immediately!! Not just for COVID but long-term health

Drs. Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman: when will the media, legacy or Freedom Fighter media ask Kariko and Weissman about the deadly mRNA technology they 'invented'? Is the media allowed to ask?

Navy Roberts Biden: why is Hunter Biden treating his daughter (innocent four-year-old) with so much acrimony & disdain? Alex Berenson needs credit for covering this & I give him props, thanks Alex!

Early COVID Spread, what did President Trump NOT Know? And why didn’t he know it? Were his advisors concealing key information from him? Here’s what SHOULD have happened ….Bill Rice Jr.

Karen Kingston (The Kingston Report) asks a potent important question, excellent scholarship as usual, support her work please! "Was COVID-19 Caused by a Biological Virus or mRNA Nanoparticles?

EUGYPPIUS highlights the corruption of German government health authorities (similarly US, Canada, UK) as it seeks to make Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) the NEW COVID 2.0; "German government to

WENDELL HUSEBØ (Breitbart) lays out a 19 point timeline of POTUS Biden's links to Hunter Biden's corrupted business dealings; if how it reads is 1% true, this is very problematic for Biden, very! I do

Malone (mainly), Kariko, Weissman etc. the inventors of mRNA technology that underpins the deadly COVID gene injections wanted the fame from claiming he invented mRNA technology but did not want to

I wish to thank my readers for your loyalty & patience with me, for your financial support in those who took out a 'paid' subscription as it helps me! I made it only $29 per year but left it FREE too

Spike detoxifying formulation with fibrinolytic Nattokinase may provide you the support needed post COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine; as the science matures & develops, consult with your

COVID virus real? No virus? A virus? 100% hoax? Lockdowns to fraud gene vaccine? Couey & Yeadon & other sage oracles are stretching our imaginations no doubt! Me? IMO, something was released

LOOMER UNLEASHED: The Sinister Hunter Biden 'Pandemic' Investment The Media Isn't Talking About; Hunter Biden's Laptop scandal and his emails reveal that Joe Biden's son has been profiting off of

Reminder, autophagy (driven by fasting for 12-24 hours intermittent or prolonged (at least 36 hours) with select neutraceuticals containing NATTOKINASE etc., ozone treatment, hyperbaric treatment

Dr. Katalin Karikó said para that Robert Malone was misleading & basically a fraud & did not invent mRNA technology as he said he did, nor did he mentor her as he said he did & he threatened her;

BOOM! Dr. Peter McCullough, Nigh, Seneff et al. delivers haymaker to Dr. Jerome Barriere who sought collusion with journal to get mRNA vax paper retracted & expunged from the medical literature;

What it really means by 'taking a knee for your country"!

Metabiota? What? The devil is saying he is now examining Hunter and Metabiota etc. and Hunter's role in pandemics; devil just texted, he don't want Hunter in hell, ever, never send him there, not

AwakeNotWoke shared this key devastating recent study & I ask: is the surging Incidence of Diabetes in Children & Adolescents from 2021 onwards linked to mRNA technology based COVID gene injection?

STUNNING development: More WOMEN than MEN at risk for COVID vaccine induced myocardial lesions (3rd dose)? Research suggests females more at risk than males! Idiosyncratic? Eugen Mueller, Basel

Robert Malone, Drew Weissman, Katalin Karikó et al., you INVENTORS of mRNA technology that we know harms & kills as part of the COVID gene injection, is it time you explained the resulting deaths?

Belgian mice study (n=14 mice) with exploding MASSIVE internal organs (slide B right photo baseline mice got saline, slides 1 & 2 mice got Pfizer) after mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine

Dr. Alfredo Victoria Moreno (COVID vaccine advocate) Dies Suddenly at 42 due to a myocardial infarction; did ignorance about harms of mRNA technology based COVID gene shot cause his death? McCullough

Every single aspect of COVID was a fraud and lie! 100% of this was a non-pandemic, never ever was a pandemic, it was a RT-PCR false positive 'made up' hoax of a pandemic, from lockdowns to vaccine

When James Topp, I, & security team arrive at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Ottawa, and there were thousands lined up screaming; it was beautiful, see some photos; June 30th 2022; I thank the police

How a former Trump official (Dr. Paul Elias Alexander) wound up at Ottawa's trucker convoy protest, leading it on stage on Parliament Hill, drawing anger from the liberal government

Autophagy, fasting (intermittent, 'eat' 'fast' windows), & mRNA technology (Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al.) based COVID injection? How are these three (3) linked & can FASTING mitigate spike protein?

Biden again is trying to BUY votes giving away hard earned money, tax money, this is the leftist liberal creed & Bobby Kennedy best distance himself from this! We all wish to help, but don't punish

Turbo cancer leukemia (AML): from diagnosis to death in 4 days - 40 yo COVID-19 vaccinated New Yorker dies & leaves a 10 yo orphan. New Belgian study proves turbo cancer in mice after two Pfizer jabs!

OMINOUS 2016 paper (in PNAS) by Menachery & Baric (Chapel Hill North Carolina) titled "SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence"; the results indicate that the WIV1-coronavirus (CoV) cluster has

Did Goldman et al. show us aggressive TURBO cancer in report on Rapid Progression of Angioimmunoblastic T Cell Lymphoma Following Pfizer BNT162b2 mRNA technology (Kariko et al.) Vaccine Booster Shot?

Bill Gates the sexual deviant pervert? Seems so based on this reporting & others! We should have known, most high level society people, elites, congress people, senators, MPs, high level government

Nigel Farage: UK Banks Closing Accounts For Political Reasons Nigel Farage is the latest alleged victim; if so, this is very wrong & needs sunlight, we need this in the public space to ensure cannot

Bobby Kennedy Jr.: “Of the 72 vaccine doses now mandated essentially mandated—they recommended, but they’re really mandated for American children—none of them, not one, has ever been subject to a

BOOM! Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Strikes Down Affirmative Action Admissions! 6-3, the deranged out of touch leftist democrat justices dissented as we would expect

I will vote for you, democrat or republican for POTUS, if you can check these boxes!

Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s excellent reporting here: "New documents show that the CIA’s MKULTRA program targeted indigenous and Black children in medical torture “experiments.” Horrific.

BOOM! Election 'buy your vote' gimmick by Biden GONE! 'Supreme Court Strikes Down Biden’s $430 Billion Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’ Plan'

Under this Supreme Court; Roe v Wade = GONE; Affirmative Action = GONE; Student Loan Forgiveness = GONE; Constitutional Carry = SECURED; Business Religious Freedom = SECURED; Thank you '45', POTUS

Devastating aggressive (TURBO) cancer, B-cell lymphoblastic malignant lymphoma, after Pfizer mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine (Malone, Kariko, Weissman) in a mouse model, n=14 mice (note,

CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)) is issuing this Health Alert Network (HAN) Health Advisory about malario spread (risk) in Florida and Texas; keep your ears open on this...

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MENACHARY & BARIC et al.: Reminder of this one study in 2015 (NATURE), key watershed moment kept quiet, "A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence"

Katalin Karikó, Drew Weissman, Robert Malone et al.: every single person IMO who developed mRNA technology & took millions, billions in tax payer money & sat back silent knowing the harms of it

BOOM! As I have been saying, beautiful and smart & nation loving and patriot all at once! Kristi Noem says what I know based on the smart money & those in the 'know', that '45' will be the next POTUS

Dr. Roger Hodkinson (of TWC) shared this with me & Makis to review "COVID Could Impair Men's Sperm for Months: Study"; now these corrupted scientists did not think to include mRNA technology based

Great question Tucker for in case Americans were still questioning, we are actually at war with Russia, Biden et al. thinks you are that stupid; Tucker: "Why Exactly Are We At War With Russia?"

Conservative America loving women versus liberal America hating women (oh my bad, I meant men wanna be women); which do you prefer?

Once again, democrats do any and everything to weaken and hurt America and Americans; can you tell me one aspect of what New York Governor Kathy Hochul did here BENEFITTED anyone? any child?

Powerful Cleveland Clinic study (Shrestha) shows how badly the immune system is damaged by the mRNA technology based gene injection; over 50,000 healthcare workers in the Cleveland Clinic; no prior

Pepe Escobar delivers a stirring account: "Putin Wins – on All Counts"; you know what? I tend to agree. Putin is not my friend & must be taken seriously, yet he IMO is less of threat than CHINA's CCP

EUGYPPIUS (excellent substack post): Covid suppressed influenza during the first years of the pandemic. This isn't a testing artefact, it's not a win for lockdowns and it doesn't make SARS-2 a special

A 'Trump ('45') Bobby Kennedy' ticket? Who is spooning who? In this crazy world and you know what? I think America would benefit. In other words, as much as I detest democrats, I don't with Kennedy,

Dr. Naomi Wolf (DailyClout) shares an update & recent medical scare (and thanks to Dr. Henry Ealy's sound beneficial advice); see her substack post

Did you not understand that Putin if he had to, would have tolerated Prigozhin to a certain point; that Putin is playing with you, playing with them all; my friend John Leake gets it; the real dunces

URGENT: Each death after taking COVID mRNA vaccine MUST be investigated as a homicide! if shot is linked to death, then charge all involved criminally! Students were threatened to take it, mandated

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley claimed on Wednesday that he and other agents at the IRS “weren’t allowed to ask questions about dad” or “include certain names” during their investigation into POTUS

Bobby (RFK Jr.) was doing so good & shirtless & all buffed, but here my brother Bobby, whom I admire greatly, great American, your policy train has derailed off the track & you must pull this back &

mRNA technology based COVID gene injection (Pfizer, Moderna) induced myocarditis after the 3rd booster dose? Idiosyncratic? Serendipidity? Are we facing a real concern for those taking the boosters?

'School buses & city buses crashing - 10 videos of bus crashes that occurred during May - June 2023. COVID-19 vaccinated drivers are having medical emergencies behind the wheel, risking many lives!'

Golf Course plans? Is the Don playing with them? Did he know they would do this & has he sucked them in again? Did Trump '45' make an ass of these people again? Why go through all this to make fools

'45' POTUS Trump all the way! Trump train! No one can beat him, you will need literally kill this giant before you beat him at polls & I think the democrats & RINOs trying to ensure this! Biden can't

Criminal charges, we need to see criminal charges brought against all linked to mRNA technology, all involved, linked to the Pfizer & Moderna fraud deadly COVID gene injection, all who mandated the

Mitochondrial damage: Is there evidence that COVID spike protein damages mitochondria? Yes, Clough et al. showed us this & we can infer that the mRNA technology based gene injection induced spike

Censor me, I beg you too, you transgender freaks, sicko Hollywood pedophiles, censor me! Try, see how much success you will get with that ha ha ha! Yes, I oppose your transgender butchery of our kids

IMO, it is a sick perverted deranged parent, sick filthy parents, who take their child in front of twerking pedophile rapist PRIDE & transgender freaks! These sick 'woke' 'tolerant' parents, ugh, ugh!

Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al.'s mRNA technology based COVID gene injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) are making it worse, more infection more doses, boosters make it worse (up to date); it's time

Is there a risk of fatal Fulminant Necrotizing Eosinophilic Myocarditis Following Pfizer mRNA technology based COVID Vaccine? Yes! Ameratunga reported this; is this idiosyncratic? or a real concern?

Looking back, did prominent soccer journalist Grant Wahl die from an aortic aneurysm (dissection) linked to Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based gene vaccine? Wife Dr. Gounder pushed

Is there a link between giant cell arteritis and the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA (BioNTech/Pfizer) technology based vaccine: a double-edged sword? Yes, there is a link as per Anzola et al.!

Did recent Tokyo study (Suzuki) of autopsies (cases in which deaths occurred within seven days after COVID mRNA vaccination in Tokyo, n=54) show an association between mRNA technology shots & deaths?

Did a recent Korean study by Cho et al. show that cardiovascular deaths from the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based gene injections was far worse than we were made to believe!

Victor Davis Hanson: The present-day Left bears little resemblance to the old civil-libertarian, integrationist Democratic Party that existed from the 1960s through 2000. The antecedents to its

Nurses now? Why are nurses (29 to 50 years old) dying suddenly? Recent reports show that there is a surge in sudden deaths in ordinarily healthy nurses so why? Often due to cardiac arrests, aggressive

Did Bud light get the message? Seems not! 'Bud Light Sponsors ‘Pride’ Event with Children Exposed to Naked Adults' in Toronto; why is a company like this going out of its way to push pedophila & this

Lin's DEVASTATING study results (negative effectiveness) in US children less than 12 years of age (on top of Hansen's, Shrestha's, Dorabawila's, Nordström's, Buchan et al.) point to mRNA technology

Did Dorabawila et al. show early on with Hansen, Nordström, & Buchan et al. that there was massive negative effectiveness (Dorabawila in children) with mRNA technology based COVID gene injections? Why

As in Canada, billions of dollars $ stolen from COVID relief money in United States (200 to 400 billion $ missing from PPP, COVID relief); How $400 billion in COVID-19 aid was stolen or wasted

'ANHEUSER-BUSCH EXECUTIVES RESPONSIBLE FOR BUD LIGHT DISASTER ARE GONE: REPORT'; sorry Anheuser, too late! We dont want it, shove it up your Dylan Mulvaney transgender anus

Warning to Bobby Kennedy Jr., PLEASE stop using my body for your photos else I will call on Robert Malone to see if he has a lawyer to spare, he seems to walk with them handing out law suits to passer

OZEMPIC (Wegovy, Semaglutide) WARNING again about serious side effects and REBOUND massive weight gain on stoppage; my advice, it is too early, do not trust the drug maker, they lie, deceive, do not

Remembered. Loved. Not Forgotten. Dr. Vladimir 'Zev' Zelenko. Father, physician, freedom fighter! Celebration of Life for Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko on the Anniversary of his Passing

Senator Ron Johnson reads FOX & Friends the RIOT act! striking fear into their hearts, deep into enemy territory, over the target, brilliant as usual on fraud COVID vaccine & pandemic & response!

'Ted Cruz urges House to impeach President Biden over damning Hunter text'; YES, IMO, if those texts are true, it is very troubling & rises to that! if true, Biden is compromised for blackmail etc.

Why is the media covering up the 12 infant deaths reported in clinical trials for FDA-endorsed RSV (respiratory synctial virus) drug? SHARYL ATTKISSON sheds needed sunlight to sanitize the cover up

Was the very recent Manitoba Canada bus crash killing 16 seniors (June 2023) & the Australian bush crash killing 10 wedding guests linked to the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection vaccine?

What did COVID do? It revealed the under belly and putridity and banality of human behavior, it showed just how derelict many people are, inept and crooked & driven ONLY by self gain, even doctors

Does the mRNA technology based gene injection increase risk (triggers) of Lipschütz FEMALE genital 'vulvar' ulcer? A recent review (Vismara) raises questions & suggests risk to female genitalia

These beasts and bastards in Washington, these leftists and RINOs, these America hating sick people, don't get it? Trump is cleaner than you, you know it; you tried for years, he is not filthy 'you'.

Did Nordström et al.'s stunning evidence of mRNA technology (Malone, Kariko etc.) negative effectiveness at 7 months, when added to Hansen's Danish evidence & Buchan et al.'s Ontario study data, show

Did Buchan et al.'s Ontario study support Hansen's Danish study that the mRNA technology based Pfizer & Moderna injections damaged the immune system with rapid negative effectiveness? Yes!

‘Ozempic Butt’? Is it a Thing? Apparently reports are emerging now that use causes what is known as 'saggy butt'...another problem besides the emerging adverse effects and massive REBOUND weight

First such malaria cases inside US in 2 decades? How come? '5 people contract malaria within U.S. borders — first such cases in two decades'; how come? COVID vaccine? Early but this is interesting &

BLAZE media: I covered this already yet PAUL SACCA does a very decent job covering the Professional basketball player died suddenly of heart attack, the 28-year-old previously blamed COVID vaccines

Why did Miss Bikini Ireland (also a frontline nurse) Judy Fitzgerald die 'unexpectedly' at age 32? What would suddenly kill a healthy nurse? Fit healthy woman? Is it the mRNA technology based gene

71 studies & reports (Dr. Paul Elias Alexander) showing that very early on CDC, HHS, NIH, FDA, Health Canada, PHAC, Fauci, Walensky, Jha, Francis Collins et al.) all knew that the COVID vaccine (mRNA

Did Hansen et al.'s prior report "Vaccine effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infection with the Omicron or Delta variants following a two-dose or booster Pfizer or MODERNA vaccination series" show

'Fully Naked Men Expose Their Genitalia to Children at Seattle Pride Parade (VIDEO)'; where were parents or did these sick criminal IMO parents force genitalia in their kids faces? 'WOKE' parents are

Spike detoxifying formulation with fibrinolytic 'Nattokinase' may provide you the support needed post COVID mRNA technology gene vaccine; as the science advances, matures & develops, consult with your

Celebrating The Incredible Dr. Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko; we must never forget what he did in the anti-lockdown anti-fraud COVID fight! We stand on his shoulders and thanks to The Wellness Company for

Shrestha et al. once again prove that the COVID mRNA technology based underpinning gene injection (& dose-response) subverts & damages your immune system response: "Risk of Coronavirus Disease 2019

URGENT: Schweizer, author of “Secret Empires,” said Joe Biden was using a secret cell phone and it was paid for by Hunter Biden’s firm. “What is the line of communications between Hunter Biden and

Ozempic Rebound Is Real: Doctor Says Weight Gain Can Be 'Devastating' After Stopping; study found that a majority of people who take semaglutide — branded as Ozempic and Wegovy — gain most weight back

BREAKING: Is this another death due to the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based gene injection? IMO, yes! "Óscar Cabrera Adames professional basketball player dies of cardiac...

TRANSGENDER filth psychopathy (pedophiles & rapists) heat up in NYC: "LGBT activists at the annual Drag March on Friday in New York City shouted a troubling message; we are coming for your children"

I called Bobby, I told him personally don't photoshop me and take my body and put your head on it, please don't but his people went ahead, now look it, what should I do? I was sending him love on the

So they brought us a fraud false NON-pandemic (infection fatality rate of 0.05% < 70/75 years old, '0', zero, not one healthy US child died of COVID; also stole an election & now started WWIII & all

Ozempic, be careful with this as to side not be fooled, this is money making on you; moderation and common sense always, healthy life styles, healthier eating, get active, no short cuts

SWEDEN rape: Don't forget “Eeew, you have sperm on your face and on your clothes, don’t involve us,” they said to the woman. She had just endured a gang rape (by male islamic refugees) and abuse by

Bobby Kennedy Jr.: 'RFK Jr. pledges to gut agencies that regulate vaccines and order the DOJ to investigate medical journals if he becomes president'; BOOM! love this Bobby, take them down to studs

Peter Schweizer: ‘The Dam Is Starting to Break’ on Biden Family Corruption' showing real criminality while Report: Biden Business Received $5 M Within 10 Days of Hunter Biden’s text as media covers up

'New emails show COVID vaccine mandates were based on a lie (Jack Elbaum)'; this is profound because Walensky & Fauci & Collins knew even before fraud vaccine was rolled out that it DIDN'T stop spread

Cameron on the sub....IMO, this is bogus garbage, this is spoilt rich people setting you up to make more movies...he is sensationalizing what he nor I nor you people, playing, got in

Jamie FOXX: love his acting & funny guy from days of 'In Living Color'; question is, did he cheat death? again, did he tell our maker not yet, when his bell tolled? Is he still at risk to the Malone,

Caution!: Semaglutide drug also known as Wegovy or Ozempic (for weight loss) may have side effects that you must be made aware of before taking it; discuss with your doctor; active living, moderation

Massive weight gain (REBOUND weight gain) after stopping Ozempic, Wegovy, Semaglutide; subjects largely regained the weight lost; as I said before, the weight loss arena is a fraud, Jenny Craig,

Biggs says Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted and jailed for classified materials she had and even destroyed, Huma too, all of them; don't stop at '45', no Biden must be prosecuted too & Obama, Bush

Up to today, June 24, 2023, there is not one study, not one randomized controlled trial, no proper study, none, NOT one, showing mRNA COVID technology gene injections reduced death, hospitilzations

Dr. Peter McCullough, tacit anti-COVID lockdown & mRNA vaccine skeptic, Talks with Mothers as to Dangers of Transgenderism Indoctrination, Victimization, Horrors of Hormonal & Surgical Treatment

Peter and Ginger Breggin Exposing the Global Predators; 'Wake Up to Free Speech! 'The Malone Complaint includes false allegations...These are public commentators debating the onset of totalitarianism

Severely punish all those British UK people who refused the COVID gene injection, says nutcase psychopath ANDREW NEIL; 'It's time to punish Britain's five million vaccine refuseniks: They put us all

Hunter Biden: what did he mean? Hunter the crack whore said this below in the now famous email showing his clear bribing 'pay for play' scheme that he said involved POTUS Biden 'his father'; ???

Is there a dose response whereby the Higher the Number of Vaccines Previously Received (mRNA technology based COVID gene injections), the Higher Risk of Contracting COVID? Shrestha et al. proved YES!

How in God's name? What will kill 32 year-old Olympic gold medalist Tori Bowie like this? Suddenly. "Olympic gold medalist Tori Bowie was found dead in her home upon wellness check, officials say"

Big Pokey: Did rapper Big Pokey die on stage due to the mRNA technology based (underpinning) gene injection vaccine (technology made by Malone, Weissman, Kariko)? I argue YES!

BOOM! This is why I like McCullough and have accepted him as the anti-COVID vaccine lockdown oracle and whisperer! He is fearless, has authority, brilliant & I have said this re Jay, my brother, but

TURBO cancers, Makis provides us brilliant scholarship, support this patriot, support folk like McCullough, Risch, Wolf etc. Daring patriots, cutting against the sordid grain of censorship tyranny

What? Eunuch Kevin McCarthy, felt to have missed the call when our Lord was dispensing testicles, now says he will remove Trump's impeachments? Go for it Kev, you now got my vote, I extend hugs

Middle America's 'doom loop'; Work from home is crushing Midwestern downtowns; interesting story I wanted to share as the fraud pandemic like the 911 attack, has changed our lives forever, all for BAD

If you ever wanted to know what tone deaf is, listen to this moron Christie...someone should tell dufus to go find a dunkin donuts, buy all the donuts and sit and eat them all, stop attacking '45',

Medieval, yes we must go medieval on them! What is happening in Cuba with China is potentially catastrophic & poses serious harms to America; this is not Cuba-Soviet Union under Khrushchev; Xi is

It's the mRNA technology based vaccine, stupid! It's the vaccine! It's the spike protein, stupid, the spike protein! How else do I tell you this! "Former Ohio State QB Kirk Herbstreit’s 21-Year-Old

Did actor Jamie FOXX cheat death (the bell did not yet toll for 'thee') as did NFL's Damar Hamlin 'so far' (& Kirsch was right, he did die for 10 minutes on the field) yet Australian Shane Warne

Did Tanikawa et al. show potent detoxification effects of NATTOKINASE on virus spike protein and vaccine spike protein by extrapolation? Yes, 100%, good findings! 'Degradative Effect of Nattokinase

Myocardial injury after mRNA technology based COVID gene injections (Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. underpinning technology): Did Gill et al. report on autopsy Histopathologic Cardiac impairments

I will never stop asking questions of Malone, Weissman, Kariko et al. about their deadly mRNA technology that is the basis of the mRNA-LNP COVID gene injections! Bobby Kennedy, EPOCH, Del etc. must

What? McCullough said what? That uncovered E-mails Show Walensky, Collins, and Fauci Knew that the mRNA technology based Vaccine was Failing in January, 2021? As it was being rolled out? Did Malone

Plot thickens for Bidens as Photos on Hunter Biden’s Laptop Place Him at Father’s Home on Day He Texted Chinese Business Partner; if this is not tacit bribing etc., I will change to transgender & you

Dr. William Makis over the target again! 'Turbo gallbladder cancer - 61 yo Michael Jones (United Airlines flight attendant) died within 3 months.' Is this the effect of the Malone, Kariko, Weissman

Simone Scott (North Western University) died from the effects of the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine! Does anyone care? Did EPOCH or Del cover Simone & ask

Yes, hang them all high! All health officials, all CDC, NIH, FDA, PHAC, SAGE...any and all ministers, government people in all nations who partook in the fraud of COVID & caused deaths with lockdown

'McCarthy warns House GOP now is not time to force vote impeaching Biden: ‘What majority do we want to be?’'; is this guy McCarthy insane? They impeached '45' twice for lies, no reason, is he bought?

POTUS Trump IMO was to go down as the greatest POTUS save Abe & George. I think there is scope regardless of what is being done to him now! But if he does not recognize the devastation of the lockdown

Jamie FOXX, Damar Hamlin, Shane Warne...three high level well know people devastated likely by the mRNA technology based gene injection; 1 died fully, the other for 10 minutes, one cheated death

Agree with Cusak 1000%, billionaries on a joy ride, I could not care one whip! not one tear! not one! my streets on fire, my borders breached, my women raped, rapists & murderers pouring in, jihadist

Annual leap year-corrected total deaths in Germany & Japan per 1000 total population (Figures 1 & 2); what do they tell you post 2020 (during the Wuhan strain year and the vaccine roll-out years)?

Living in America now! This is what Biden has done: 'Four Children Found in Boston-Run Housing with Drag Queens, ‘Drugs, Sex Toys,’ and Dead Body'; my view: this drag queen transgender issue is the

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander (Brownstone): Near 500 Studies & high-level reports on the lockdown lunacy & complete Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions (Lockdowns, school closures, shielding etc.)

LNPs, exosomes, extracellular vehicles: did evidence show early on that lipid nano particles (LNPs) exchange more easily in small diameter vessels with low flow rate i.e., capillaries & small vessels?

I think Trump is the best hope & chance we have to get accountability & to clean up DC swamp once & for all & to jail as many of the COVID malfeasants & those who have abused Justice & law enforcement

Trump: 'I ‘Don’t Want to Talk About’ COVID Vaccine Because Republicans Hate It — DeSantis Promoted It at First & I Don’t Regret How I Handled COVID, I Told Governors They Could Shut Down or Not'

Did the COVID Pandemic Response Harm Society? Devastatingly so! Reponse (lockdown lunacy) by both Trump & Biden administration harmed Americans; Global Evaluation & State of Knowledge Review (Bardosh)

Did all those involved in mRNA technology research & lipid-nano particle (exosome, extracellular vehicle transport) research know that these lipid entities crossed the blood-brain barrier (BBB)? Yes!

JOEL SMALLEY again (Dead Man Talking) strikes very deep into enemy territory, striking fear in their hearts for he is relentless! "Cardiac Episodes in Young Australians Explode Due to the mRNA

West to Malone: 'please, could you instruct the "inventor of the mRNA vaccine" to pack his marbles and come home from the playground? Given the catastrophic impact of his precious invention as

Did Diaz et al. in JAMA report on Myocarditis and Pericarditis After mRNA technology based gene Vaccination for COVID? Yes!

Basel, Switzerland: major cardiovascular finding re COVID mRNA technology based gene vaccine; Based on the presentation by Christian Eugen Mueller (Basel, Switzerland): " Myocardial

I agree! 'Tucker Carlson: Hunter Biden, Father’s Administration Represent ‘Total Inversion of Virtue’'; Tucker Carlson argued Tuesday that ordinary Americans would be imprisoned for “cheating on

Will Jones of The Daily Skeptic is over the enemy target dropping MOABs! "Experts Call for Investigation Over ‘Catastrophe’ of Excess Deaths Running Thousands Higher Than During Pandemic"

Diana West strikes fear deep into enemy territory outing Robert Malone's design to chill debate & silence his critics (e.g. Stew, Ruby, Breggins); That's why Dr. Robert Malone's openly stated goal

Can the mRNA technology based COVID-19 genetic vaccines (Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al.) trigger harmful autoimmune reactions in organs throughout body, including the heart & circulatory system? Yes!

URGENT! Did Chiu et al. find changes of ECG parameters after Pfizer BNT162b2 mRNA technology based gene vaccine (Malone, Weissman, Kariko et al.) in the senior high school students? Yes, 100%

Did Mansanguan et al.' Thai adolescent study report on Cardiovascular Manifestation of Pfizer BNT162b2 mRNA technology based gene COVID Vaccine (Malone, Kariko, Weissman mRNA technology)? Yes! 100%

Did Cho et al. report COVID-19 mRNA technology based gene vaccination-related myocarditis as part of a Korean nationwide study? Yes, certainly! Vaccination-related myocarditis incidence was

Ozempic, Wegovy for weight loss, note, moderation, commonsense! safe? CBS: 'Ozempic side effects could lead to hospitalization — and doctors warn that long-term impacts remain unknown'

Did the NATURE study by Sun et al. show increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during mRNA technology COVID vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave? Yes!

Unequivocal Safety Signals for Heart, Blood and Reproduction Found in Yellow Card COVID (mRNA technology) Vaccine Data, Says Top Scientist – “Withdraw Them Immediately” (DR RICHARD ENNOS)

Did the HART group find Myocarditis began with vaccine rollout? Yes, & despite attempts to blame myocarditis on infection it has clearly risen in incidence only on arrival of the injection programm

Did Panagis Polykretis show us autoimmune Inflammatory Reactions Triggered by COVID mRNA technology Genetic Vaccines in Terminally Differentiated Tissues? Malone & Weissman's mRNA technology? Yes!

Gordon Shumway of my substack subscribers said it best "This election isn't about my past; it's about your future."; I love it, so get off the Trump, Kennedy etc. bashing and character assassination

Peter Hotez said he was stalked due to Rogan, I say at no time, no matter how much you disagree with someone do you engage or encourage intimidation or possible violence, NEVER! Hotez though has been

Regarding RFK Jr.'s sex diary that the media is orgasmic over, some read my substack (ALEXANDER COVID NEWS) and asked me to center 'marriage' in this debate; I agree 100%, we must uphold institution

Barr, Bolton, Kelly; Trump, aka '45' has shown us that his choices at the top levels of government were misguided for who needs friends like these; I only hope in 45s next up at bat, his choices are

Is world renowned cardiologist Aseem Malhotra also chanelling, whispering to us that the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection vaccine (core technology by Malone, Weissman, Kariko et al.) killed

Dr Aseem Malhotra's tweet: Australian top Cricketer 'Shane Warne’s death linked to Covid mRNA vaccine say leading medics' e.g. top cardiologist Aseem Malhotra leans in toward the mRNA technology

Did Fraiman et al. find serious adverse events of special interest following Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults? Yes!

Could these observational findings help at least in part, explain cricketer Shane Warne's death post COVID vaccine? From Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. deadly mRNA technology gene based injection?

The Wellness Company (USA, Canada, soon Caribbean, Europe etc.) led by Foster Coulson stands unique in that it is trying to offer help post COVID virus & mRNA technology based gene injection

Shane Warne: YES, IMO the Robert Malone, Katalin Karikó & Drew Weissman's mRNA technology (that enriched them) based gene COVID injection vaccine KILLED Shane Warne as it did many!

Merkel let the WOLF in, the North African, Middle Eastern wolf in, Sweden rape capital, sshhhh, did I say that? Yes!, the islamic wolf seeking to rape and kill your women; over to you Meloni

Karikó, Malone, Weissman et al.'s mRNA technology (with LNP) that is the basis of the COVID gene injections IMO has killed people! mRNA technology has killed people, why has Malone & Weissman been

Did Australian cricketing great Shane Warne die due to the mRNA technology (Malone, Weissman, Katalin Karikó et al.) based COVID gene injection? Can we ask this question? Did Damar Hamlin die for 10

Damar Hamlin's death on the NFL football field (Buffalo) (for 10 CPR minutes) IMO was the mRNA technology (Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. deadly unsafe invention) based gene injection; to save lives,

NFL's great Deion Sanders (Neon Deion): ‘I Have Full Trust in Jesus!’: Deion Sanders Facing Possible Foot Amputation Due to Blood Clots'; I wrote prior that DO NOT disregard the potential role of mRNA

BREAKING! 'Hunter Biden charged with failing to pay federal income tax and illegally having a weapon'; what about BURISMO bribes, Ukraine? this is a bogus 'misdirection' charge, to confuse you...the

'RFK Jrs. sex diary: His secret journal of affairs'; IMO, who cares? Same like Trump, POTUS '45', these are men who love the women, players, heterosexual, white, christian, alpha, leaders, lust demons

Is this the 'WOLF' I have been warning against? In France? Recent attack, attempt? Was the wolf trying to take the child? Get the wolf out, don't be afraid Meloni et al., send him back to his shithole

'Liza Burke, college senior who had brain hemorrhage on spring break, dies of brain tumor'; is this another instance of TURBO aggressive cancer? due to mRNA technology gene based injection vaccine?

Robert Kennedy (RFK) Jr. has challenged nutcase windbag bloviator Dr. Peter Hotez to a debate & Joe Rogan has tossed in money $ to facilitate! Love it! Yet I ask RFK to sit back, allow me chance

Ask yourself, why would this paper be RETRACTED? 'Physio-metabolic and clinical consequences of wearing face masks—Systematic review with meta-analysis and comprehensive evaluation'

Breaking Poll: Trump Most Popular Politician in Country with RFK Jr. – Trump Leads Biden by 6 Points in Rematch – And MAJORITY of Americans Believe Trump Indictment Is Politically Motivated

Dieting: Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, all diet outfits, all diets, if involves restricting food intake, will end in failure and diet industry knows this, you will ALWAYS put back on more weight; down

PandaCast | A Conversation with Knut Wittkowski; focus is on the harms of COVID lockdowns etc.; Nick Hudson hosts an illuminating conversation about immunity, escape mutations and vaccines with a

Did Kyedae get sudden aggressive devastating TURBO leukemia cancer linked to the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection? 'Kyedae reveals cancer diagnosis, starting leukemia treatment soon'

Daniel Donnan from Donaghadee was taken to hospital after he suddenly fell ill towards the end of last week; he was diagnosed with TESTICULAR cancer & COVID vaccine! Was this TURBO cancer VAX linked?

TURBO cancers continue to ravage the American & global populace! These are cancers that in days to weeks, end in death, very aggressively! South African Mayor, 42 year old Marlene Vermaak Van Staden

The Great Society: POTUS Lyndon Johnson & Democrats destroyed minority & African-American, he broke their backs with his fraud dependency program in 1964 (the largest social reform plan in history)

Bongino: 'Ep. 2029 They Are Putting Trump’s Life in Danger'; I agree with Dan, I think they are exposing Trump to danger, Kennedy says same thing about himself; I think they want to take Trump out

$30 million in bribes to Bidens? Is this real? I don't know but we have to look at this seriously! 'House Oversight Chairman Says There Is Evidence Of $20-$30 Million Of Illegal Payments To Bidens'

As my friend xxx said to me, did Orwell actually win? Read Dr. Harvey Risch's (Yale Professor) conversation with AI over research on hydroxychloroquine for COVID (as an early outpatient treatment);

Trump is being politically prosecuted; full disclosure I support '45', I still think he is the best option for America & no one could have withstood the filthy with hunt he has faced! I agree with

Did we kill our elderly parents and grandparents across COVID by isolating them in the medical system, causing malnourichment, dehydration? Is isolation a real killer? Yes, Rancourt shows us details

Autophagy due to intermittent fasting, fasting in general, allows your pancreas & liver some downtime, to refresh, rejuvenate, helps clean out the cellular 'trash'; fasting may help with 'long COVID'

EXCLUSIVE: 'Canadian Military’s COVID Vaccine Mandate Violated Charter Rights, Grievance Review Committee Finds'; important story for all Canadian federal employees hurt by abusive vaccine mandate

RFK (Bobby Kennedy Jr.) said what? 'RFK Jr. Says He Must "Be Careful" The CIA Doesn't Assassinate Him'...Trump has similar problem with the deepstate, the lunatic media, the RINOs, they want him in

Very HAPPY Father's Day to all dad's in this list, may you spend a peaceful day and get treated great as you play a critical role in society and your family & often overlooked, similar

Senator Rand Paul: Fauci 'knew from the very beginning not only was he funding the Wuhan research, but he was going around the regulatory apparatus to let it happen, even though the rules said

If there is trans-placental antibody transfer (COVID vaccine induced antibodies) from vaccinated pregnant mother to child in utero (to newborn), what are implications to newborn's INNATE immunity?

No co-pilot? What? Is the airline industry crazy? With all the pilot incapacitations and pilot deaths? Due likely to the fraud deadly COVID mRNA technology gene based injection vaccine? No way!

Did Yonker et al. find Circulating Spike Protein in Post–COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis? Yes! prospectively collected blood from 16 patients who were hospitalized at Massachusetts General for

Can the COVID spike protein and spike from vaccine induce endothelial inflammation through integrin α5β1 and NF-κB signaling? Evidence suggests YES & we cannot disregard this real risk from COVID

Did Halma & Marik highlight harms by the COVID spike protein due to virus AND COVID vaccine (mRNA technology based gene injection)? Yes!

I/Geert/we told FDA & NIH & CDC that the bivalent COVID mRNA technology gene injection (8-mice booster) was doomed & a failure (Wuhan spike + BA.4/.5 spike), they said we were WRONG, now...

BOOM! Take that to the bank and cash it! 'Harvard Poll: Most Voters Say Trump Indictment Is Election Interference, Believe He’ll Be Acquitted'; I feel same, this is a witch hunt, need not get to this

April 29, 2022 CDC report stated that as of February 2022, approximately 75% of children and adolescents had serologic evidence of previous infection with COVID virus; we thus argued Dec 2022 it must

Did research show that school-based mask mandates have limited to no impact on the case rates of COVID-19 among K-12 students? No significant difference between student case rates while the districts

Recall what Makary & Høeg said: 'U.S. Public Health Agencies Aren't ‘Following the Science,’ Officials Say ‘People are getting bad advice and we can’t say anything.’'

Excellent interview by Neil Oliver who was interviewed by DOCMALIK (Orthopaedic surgeon Ahmad Malik); reality is that “Lockdown is the biggest single mistake in world history”

Did Shrestha et al. (Cleveland Clinic study) show that the more COVID boosters received, the higher the risk of subsequently contracting COVID? Yes! There was a clear dose response where the least

PANDEMIC: COVID pandemic was a fraud, a lie, a hoax! There was never EVER a pandemic, never met the threshold of a pandemic & we were lied to deliberately for nefarious reasons by governments

Why is Joe Rogan giving the cold shoulder to Tucker Carlson? Is this just bull sh*t reporting by MAIL online, that there is 'nothing there'; Tucker don't beg, MAIL online, so get your facts straight

My sympathies to Jamie Raskin & I wish him speedy recovery! Listen to minute 44 onwards to the CONGRESS hearing with Walensky; you realize how stupid these people are, what they quoted I said, I did

The Wellness Company’s (TWC) Spike Support recovery formula contains Nattokinase (natural blood thinning fibrinolytic) & may help in the rash of pulmonary embolism (lung clots) following mRNA shots

'Maddow: Trump Could Do a Plea Deal Vowing Not to Run for President Again to Avoid Jail Time'; you see the truth is never far behind, Trump is so dangerous to these beasts, they got to take him out &

Was there risk of the COVID gene vaccine triggering underlying autoimmune conditions in the vaccinated person? Yes! Talotta, Vojdani, & Talotta+ Robinson showed us this! See below evidence

Was there early evidence by Föhse et al. (Seneff) that Pfizer mRNA technology based vaccine against COVID reprograms both adaptive & innate immune responses? Yes! Response of innate immune cells to

Total deaths per 1000 population Japan & German: tell me what you see in 2020, do you see deaths well within limit (band), yet 2021 & 2022 it is outside of limits, linking COVID gene injection to

Can there be Fatal Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MISC) in Adults after Weissman, Kariko, Malone et al. mRNA technology based COVID Vaccination injection? Yes! e.g. a fatal case of multisystem

POTUS Trump, '45', remains the only one on tap who can save America from the DC swamp & deepstate, the radical left & equally harmful RINOs etc., Kennedy Jr. is a principled smart man of courage who

We should have never ever entered Iraq, Powell lied, they all lied, Bush lied, we destroyed the Middle East, we destabilized the Middle East, we created a disaster & killed innocent people; that was

It is 'all-cause mortality' (excess deaths) is clear globally & which tracks very closely with COVID vaccine administration even by dose/boost; yes, delayed treatment due to 'COVID designated' beds

'‘Smart’ ADHD drugs like Ritalin, Adderall may actually make students less productive'; duh! did we need a study to show us this, when you literally comatose the child to 'manage' them, these putrid

DRUDGE: 'Cancer rates climbing among young people. It's not clear why...' ok, I will tell you why! "It's the vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine, the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology

Is there reduction of CD8 T cells & Type 1 interferon response & thus INCREASED cancer risk following COVID gene injection vaccines? Yes! Researchers reported reduction of CD8+ T cells and increase in

Did doctors warn their pregnant women patients about dangers of the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based gene injection vaccines? No, they stood silent & pushed it! Doctors

Is or was there early evidence of consistent pathophysiological alterations after vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines? Yes! We say not only for the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based

COVID virus cannot explain the deaths yet we see massive spikes in deaths in Japan and Germany corresponding to the mass administration of Covid vaccines; eugyppius is prescient again & I posit that

Not only the Kariko, Weissman, Malone et al. mRNA technology based COVID gene injection is deadly, it is that ALL of these COVID injection-vaccines end with the deadly spike protein e.g. AstraZeneca

Was there evidence of Reactivation of dormant viral infections after Kariko's mRNA technology based COVID gene injections? Yes, van Dam's research on Herpes Zoster and COVID injections sheds light

Parents, these freak sick 'woke' 'tolerant' parents should be stripped of parenhood rights and thrown in prison! To take your child to watch these MEN (wanna be women) with balls & penises swing

Raymond Ibrahim writes for Gatestone and states: 'The 'Right' to Rape and Enslave Non-Muslim Women'; if 10% of what Ibrahim writes here is true, it is indeed devastatingly troubling; I have to read &

Can SSRIs (serotonergic antidepressants) cause sexual dysfunction? Yes, research has been clear on this in terms of preventing orgasm or ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc. even after discontinuing

“Are There Tapes That You Accepted Bribes, President Biden?” – Biden Stunned After Reporter Ambushes Him with Question on Ukraine Bribery Scheme (VIDEO); apparently there are tapes & this is why '45'

Trump: ‘No Coincidence’ DOJ Indicted Me ‘Same Day’ FBI Turns over Doc Alleging Biden Bribery Scheme; I agree with 45, so the real question is why the pusillanimous 'ball-less' repubicons who control

Male women’s cyclist Austin Killips (a man with a PENIS) talking about his win at the Belgian Waffle Ride gravel race in North Carolina yesterday, where he was ONLY man racing against real women

Stew Peters striking DEEP into enemy territory, DEEP, with his new video on DEPOPULATION; yes, 100 of millions of Americans lined up & demanded the vaccine that is killing them & damaging reproduction

Can Spike protein variants (COVID gene injection) initiate severe side effects when binding to ACE2-expressing endothelial cells in blood vessels? Yes! SEE RESEARCH SUMMARY BELOW

Amy Kelly, Program Director of the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project, Dr. Naomi Wolf: 'Report 69: BOMBSHELL - Pfizer and FDA Knew in Early 2021 That Pfizer mRNA COVID "Vaccine"

Trump: They are trying to take him out! Trump, 45th POTUS, IMO, they want to jail him, Biden et al. & deepstate DC swamp, fecal corrupted media, RINOs, before you can even vote for him; maybe kill him

‘Blacks for Trump’ Gather Outside Federal Courthouse to Support Trump; 45, POTUS Trump will be re-elected but this time we will work with him to ensure he uses all powers to jail every single COVID

Egypt clinic helps women reclaim bodies scarred by genital mutilation; Intissar was only 10 years old when she was forced to undergo genital mutilation in her islamic nation; the real question to me

Fecal, banal, pusillanimous, putrid, bottom-dweller, untermensche, puerile, beelzebub, devil, demonic, inept, corrupt, incompetent, rotten, abysmal, filthy...oh sorry, I forgot to say, I'm describing

Both administrations, Trump and Biden devastatingly failed the US population in the fraud COVID pandemic, complete failures and we must go back to hold those to account; I dont blame Trump nor Biden

Hanson writes what I embed below and can we get an AMEN for the brother! The Biden family may well have pulled off the greatest pay-for-play grifting scam in presidential history, one that

John Leake, Dr. Peter McCullough's research & investigative colleague (interest in forensic medicine) unpacks the very troubling issue of concealing the cause and manner of death, especially COVID

Dr. Jane Ruby (public document) files her legal response to Dr. Robert Malone's lawsuit (Breggins and Ruby), see content here, an initial sharing, the full document I will shortly

'Topless Trans Woman at White House Pride Event Sparks Outrage'; you damn right this is outrageous, this is filthy freakish sodom madness, this is what Biden et al. wants America to become, a cesspit

Ben, senior editor for rag junk corrupted YAHOO says calls grow for Judge Aileen Cannon to recuse herself in Trump documents case; oh, so she must recuse? oh I see, & let your hack corrupted democrap

'German Lutheran Pastor Says ‘God is Queer’'; my reply, "you mean your God pastor, your God, our normal people, our God is not queer, the Christian God, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu etc., as far as I know,

Are there audio-recordings linking POTUS Biden to actual bribes? Is this why Trump is facing the madness he is? Is this how it will work? Note, as of this writing, I am healthy, have no crimes against

Genital reconstruction surgery in women attempting to create phalli and take on the appearance of a man should be abandoned, surgical complications are far to frequent and very serious; women wanting

Is it possible for a pregnant woman to severely damage her unborn child in utero or newborn by taking the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection? Yes! Can vaccine content be passively

I (Dr. Alexander), Dr. Makis, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Thorp, Dr. Risch, Dr. Oskoui, Dr. Amerling, Dr. Hodkinson et al., we have warned that mothers taking the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection

MARYANNE DEMASI: "Antidepressants can cause 'chemical castration'; Patients are not being warned of persistent, irreversible sexual dysfunction caused by SSRIs"; study in 2001 involving >1000

Yes, we know Chinese scientists had heavy hand in the COVID gain-of-function, The Times of London reports shows; question is, were they working for Fauci & Francis Collins? For NIH/FDA? For DoD? Who?

DRUDGE was quick to post up "Trump under arrest"...we await you DRUDGE & I will remind you Matt, when this same 45, ensures all those linked to COVID fraud & this, face justice too; I am confident he

Tulsi signals they have gone too far, the democrats, the deepstate, DC swmap, the RINOs: 'Trump Indictment May Be ‘Final Nail’ in U.S. Democracy’s ‘Coffin’' (Tulsi Gabbard); truth be told, I always

Who cares about a bunch of papers in a box at Trump’s home? No one. Biden has committed TREASON. He sold out the American people. He sold us all down the river. He made tens of millions, maybe

'Miami officials stress 'law and order' in preparation for Trump's indictment hearing'; we know this is politics beca Biden, Obama, Hilary et al. did worse & are free, no charge; every single act you

What? 'Times' investigation saying Wuhan Institute Virology began gain-of-function in 2016? Chinese military? Duh? Well ask Fauci & Collins & Daszak & Baric & others who paid them? Why? Battlefield?

Taurine 2.0, a quasi, semi-essential amino-acid may have more potent properties than we prior realized! seems it can slow the aging process! ‘Supplementation with taurine slowed key markers of aging

Suicides, people killing themselves now, hanging themselves due to the devastating effects of the COVID gene based in jections, the mRNA technology based shots; they say cannot go on! harms too much!

CDC published this on it's site; can you point to me which part of this is true? any part? They said none of the vaccines interact with our DNA when you, I, Malone, Kariko, Weissman knew that was a

'Grassley: Burisma Executive Who Allegedly Paid Bidens Has Audio Recordings'; ok, so where are the indictments for this bribe, where is CNN & FOX, what say you Turley since you like opining on Trump?

Novak Djokovic, what can I say? Bar none, the greatest, only Roger Fed & Pete Sampras at prime comes close IMO; he stood his ground & is rewarded with respect CDC can NEVER get! his mRNA technology

Can lipid-nano particles (LNPs) with cationic lipids, PEG etc. & carrying the deadly mRNA technology payload cause damage to the male's reproductive system by damaging testis, sperm? Yes, 100%

The leftist rag The Atlantic again divorced from reality hitting at Lara Logan: look, I know Lara, I know how difficult it has been & now because she RIGHTLY questions the banal fecal puerile media &

Is the FBI running cover for BidenGate? Hunter & POTUS Biden bribe scheme of $5 million each? Seems so as I try to follow this & SHARYL ATTKISSON is on it: "Most suspect FBI cover-up in 'BidenGate'"

DPT example tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis vaccine is applicable to COVID vaccine; vaccinating mother for COVID is akin to vaccinating infant in utero or new born; potential risk of vaccine

Is the United Nations waging Jihad Against Israel? Does it use its position to wage 'jihad' e.g. economic, political, media etc. jihad on nations averse to it's sick devastating agendas? IMO, YES!

Is there evidence that 'taurine' as an amino acid & which is key to supporting immune health & nervous system function, also can mitigate & reduce the aging process? Yes, Singh et al. (SCIENCE) report

'TURBO' cancers, defined as cancer with diagnosis to death in hours, days, or weeks; seeing rapid progression, aggressive, resistant! Makis is leading on muscle, bone, soft tissue, brain, blood, colon

400 billion $ US dollars now reported as stolen & grifter and grafted from COVID relief money, 400 billion! I wrote about this, in Canada too, UK, all over & yes, the common thief we must go after but

More Americans today say there are only 2 (two) genders, MALE & FEMALE, see data, yet Biden et al. does not seem to understand that or do they really care what you think with their transgender FETISH?

Is Tesla's autopilot in trouble? Is it dangerous? 17 fatalities, 736 crashes: The shocking toll of Tesla’s Autopilot

BOOM! Dershowitz again! ‘Of Course’ There is Enough Evidence for Impeachment Inquiry of Biden for Bribery'; IMO, will we get the pusillanimous eunuch 'de-balled' Republicans to bring it? No, I will

CDC & woke insane public health officials in US tried every which way to deny Novak his title & yes, it was a battle of wills & Novak won & CDC lost for he don't need the US Open; he said it here

Trump’s Former AG Bill Barr Lowers the Boom in Stunning Analysis on Fox News Sunday: ‘If Even Half of it is True, He is Toast’; IMO, let's wait Bill, let's wait, could you not wait to allow Trump's

Did we find or detect Messenger RNA (mRNA technology) COVID Vaccines in Human Breast Milk? Yes! Hanna et al. says yes!

Dr. Naomi Wolf (Daily Clout) Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents: “This is a mystery novel in which the question is, how do we stop women from having healthy

Did Dr. James Thorp & McCullough et al. find devastating outcomes for pregnant women and baby and menstrual function due to the mRNA technology gene injection? Yes, 100%, menstrual abnormality,

Menstrual 'PERIOD' changes after covid-19 vaccination, a link is plausible and must be investigated; changes to periods and unexpected vaginal bleeding are not listed, but primary care clinicians and

Does the COVID mRNA technology gene based injection vaccine result in spike protein being released into the general circulation? Yes, Ogata et al. showed this very early on (February 2022); the

That those involved with mRNA technology & lipid-nano particle technology & ensuing complex (exosome research, extra-cellular vehicle research etc.) stayed silent as CDC & FDA said COVID vaccine

Did Kariko, Weissman, Malone et al. with their mRNA technology based research that is key to the mRNA COVID injections warn us about the acumulation of nanocarriers in the ovary, a neglected toxicity?

ROBERT YOHO MD (RET) shares 'A Katherine Watt repost (substack)--'Construction of the kill box: legal history'; You should know about this and save the link even if you do not get through it all.'

They fear him, fear him real bad! He is white, christian, alpha male, heterosexual, conservative, he has vengeance for what they have done to America, his first term as POTUS & he will punish them 2nd

KA-BOOM!!!: Kari Lake reads DOJ the riot act para 'you will need cross card-carrying members of the NRA to get to Trump'

Dr. Peter McCullough's excellent substack on the devastation of the spike protein either from COVID virus or from mRNA technology (and DNA) based gene injections; ravages to the vascular endothelium,

Key messages from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, MD, and Dr. Michael Palmer on deadly Pfizer mRNA technology based gene vaccine, spike protein, S 1 sub-unit: pharmacokinetics and toxicity

Did scientists (Röltgen et al.) isolate viral mRNA (mRNA technology based gene injection (Pfizer)) and spike proteins from lymph node biopsies 60 days after injection? Yes! After 1st, 2nd, 3rd, doses

NHS England (UK's) now moves to restrict puberty blockers in children e.g. "outside of a research setting, puberty suppressing hormones should not be routinely commissioned for children & adolescents

45, DJT (POTUS Trump) speaks today, I am waiting, I remain on the Trump train, I stand with him, I understand the fraud of all of this when Biden, Obama, Hilary et al. have done far worse with

Is there ressearch showing the deadliness of PEG, polyethylene glycol [PEG]? Yes, Mambule et al. showed accelerated Alzheimer’s-like changes (secondary systemic amyloid) in mice after PEG was

They always knew that the LNPs platform (mRNA technology payload also) was dangerous: "Pro-inflammatory concerns with lipid nanoparticles"; they knew it was dangerous to reproductive system, so why?

Makis reports of 2 cases of myocarditis due to the mRNA technology COVID gene based injections that were found by Cardiac PET Scans (Positron emission tomography) (PET-MRI), doctors were baffled! why?

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Say it ain't so Joe, say it ain't so: 'Joe Biden Was Allegedly Paid $5 Million By... The Burisma Board, Document Hidden by FBI Claims'

Is JD Vance correct? COVID is done so now they need another way to steal the election as the American people have wisened up, so is Ben using Justice System to Preemptively Steal the 2024 Election?

One picture, Biden on the floor, this picture tells 1000 words and this why 45 was indicted? the 5 million $ bribe? POTUS Biden and Hunter?

SHARYL ATTKISSON, fearless: "By a 3-to-1 margin, Americans believe there are only two genders, and a majority support laws against transgender treatment for minors.That's according to the latest

Is there burden from COVID spike protein due to infection? Yes! But evidence shows that spike protein induced by mRNA technology based gene injection is more potent, larger quantity, lasts longer

They tore up her inside with iron rod, these Indian beasts, we must NEVER forget this rape of precious Jyoti; men who do this in the world, US, UK, Canada, Caribbean, must be hung; this is depravity!

DJT, POTUS Trmp all the way, I am ultra MAGA behind Trump, no DeSantis, no Kennedy, none of them has the package to get what needs to be done, done! Kennedy has huge value in a key post, only Trump

Dangerous spike protein (and subunit S 1) circulates widely in the body after vaccination? Yes! Doing massive damage? Yes! Ogata et al. showed us this in 2022: 11 participants exhibit S1 antigen in

DeSantis shows some leg at the right time calling out wrongful prosecution of Trump; he is right, they go after Trump yet leave Hunter, Hilary, Obama, Joe Biden, Hodler etc. un touched? Huma?

King for King? Their king in trouble so going after ours? “The exact same day that FBI is forced to turn over to Congress absolutely damning and credible allegations regarding Joe Biden’s illegal,

Genital Surgery on Men Attempting to Appear as Women; Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty Tops a List of Horrifying Procedures; McCullough weighs in on this terrible procedure in transgender world

I stand with Trump, 100%, me Dr. Paul Alexander, this is bogus witch hunt madness & Trump will prevail & will be in the White House, but he must jail these dogs, these rabid malfeasant dogs this time

CDC's vaccine adverse reporting system (VAERS) captures only 1% of burden of adverse events and deaths due to a vaccine? Such as COVID mRNA technology based gene injection? Yes! Just 1% with gross

Endometriosis & COVID mRNA technology based gene injection: menstrual sysmptoms & irregularities after mRNA injection; is it worse for women with inflammatory gynecological pathologies? Yes!

Syrian islamic refugee stabs four in France: I told you before here that COVID is done and the WOLF is agitating & emerging; he never left, he was locked down like you but the beast islamist is

If news is reporting that classified documents were found in Biden's home, then will he be indicted too like Trump or is Madame Justice only gots the hots for orange man? Is this the America you want?

76 years ago, we hanged 7 doctors in 1947 for violating informed consent: Now COVID has broken the Nuremberg code, we examined all 10 tenets, all 10; so do we have similar trials & if found guilty,

It cost him his heart, yes I mean the mRNA technology based gene injections by Kariko, Weissman, Malone et al.; "A Pfizer shot. A failed heart. A transplant. Get vaxxed again? John Berndsen was among

Trump indicted! They will not stop, for until they show me why they did not indict Biden & Hunter over the classified documents found in his house, or Pence, or Hilary, then this is pure politics

EXCESS deaths Australia's elderly: Did the elderly benefit from COVID mRNA technology based gene vaccines (Pfizer & Moderna) in terms of reducing mortality, excess deaths? No! They were killed!

CHRIS MASTERJOHN, 'The Spike Protein As a Pore-Forming Toxin;Spike Protein Toxicity Part 1: It pokes holes in cell membranes, contributing to COVID-like illness and mitochondrial damage.

Man eaten alive by shark in Egypt on camera; caution, disturbing images

Is the spike protein induced by the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection vaccines found at least 4 months after injection? Yes! Can it have a deadly effect for at least 4 months? Yes! Bansal et

Is the COVID virus spike protein S1 sub-unit (& thus mRNA technology vaccine induced spike) capable of inducing fibrin(ogen) resistant to fibrinolysis? Yes, Grobbelaar et al.'s research tells us this;

Dr. William Makis: 'Pericarditis - the other, less talked about COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine induced heart inflammation that disables or kills you - 13 cases explored' see his scholarly substack; we both

Bobby Kennedy's (RFK Jr.’s) rising profile (rising poll numbers) sparks Democratic jitters

Did we have evidence early on in 2020/21 that the spike protein (COVID virus) & S1 sub-unit protein & we can then extrapolate to the mRNA technology based gene injections, crossed blood-brain barrier?

Mitochondrial damage: Is there evidence that COVID spike protein damages mitochondria? Yes, Clough et al. showed us this & we can infer that the mRNA technology based gene injection induced spike

Dr. Michael Yeadon: My Plea to Dr. Robert Malone, Please don’t shoot the messenger; I fear Malone & David Martin are using their extensive platforms inter alia to reinforce the idea that there’s

Did Grobbelaar et al.'s research showing spike protein S1 sub-unit induces fibrin(ogen) resistant to fibrinolysis then implicate the mRNA technology based gene injection in microclots? Yes! 100%

Dr. Peter McCullough & David Dickson over the target, striking deep into enemy territory, causing terror by exposing truth! Updated UK Excess deaths for Week 21, 2023; 34,980 Excess Deaths in 2023

COVID pandemic, the entire pandemic, from virus to vaccine, all of it, 100% of it, was a hoax, a fraud, Trump was right INITIALLY, a lie of biblical proportions inflicted upon humanity & they

Molecular mimicry: Did we have evidence that MOLECULAR mimicry between COVID virus proteins (& thus antibodies) and human tissues could place us at risk for auto-immune disease? That the COVID mRNA

4 Singapore Airlines pilots die suddenly May 2023; Makis (Yoder, Hill, McCullough, myself) have been showing you the deaths of pilots that can be attributed to the COVID vaccine (mRNA technology);

Is new Korean evidence further bulletproofing mRNA technology (principally) based gene injections devastating effects? mRNA technology link to myocarditis! Yes! Severe vaccine-related myocarditis

Is there COVID Spike Protein Accumulation in the Skull-Meninges Brain Axis: Are there Potential Implications for Long-Term Neurological Complications in post-COVID-19? Yes! From virus & infer vaccine

I am urging Biden et al. & his 'cannot pee straight' fray boys & girls at State to stop pushing us to WW III, asking Obama & Rice to stand down & the neocons & neolibs; we do not want war; this is the

Props to NBA player Jonathan Isaac as he bucks the woke madnessby starting clothing line pushing Christian & conservative values! What? A black NBA player? Man go buy this guys clothing line, reward

CDC still continues to lie after 2 years of the COVID vaccine fraud and failure, still saying no integration into our DNA when research shows it is reverse transcribed & still saying its quickly

Did the pilot (s) in the recent Virginia plane crash near DC, was this crash due to the mRNA technology based gene injection? Did the vaccine kill the pilot or incapacitate enough that the plane

Example of a moron (Adam Goodman), an uninformed reckless societal member telling you he got ill because of the COVID vaccine but still took more boosts because he accepted 'collateral' role, this

Is the case building or has been bulletproofed already 'BUILT' linking the mRNA technology based (Kariko, Weissman) gene vaccine to myocarditis & pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination? Yes! 100%

Dan Ball and Dr. Peter McCullough (Real America) discuss Jamie Foxx and his recent medical emergency & potential link to mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine; did mRNA vaccine cause emergency?

COVID spike protein S1 sub-unit from virus or vaccine (we can strongly infer from this report) induces fibrinogen resistant to fibrinolysis; predisposes to hypercoagulation and microclots in lungs

What or who killed Dr. Professor Arne Burkhardt? In an era where we face death threats daily, I ask a simple question for Arne (friend) was key figure in fight for the truth about mRNA vaccine damage

Does spike protein damage the endothelial layer and endothelial function? Yes! Evidence accumulated early indicate that spike protein is an endothelial pathogen; spike protein from virus or vaccine

JYNNEOS Vaccine Fails to Stop Monkeypox Disease in the United States; Disappointing Results on Protection From Male Sexually Transmitted Rash; McCullough's substack is prescient

sshhh, don't tell them, don't tell them that it could be mRNA technology based COVID gene injection, another incapacitated pilot & Makis & I have been warning, a commercial plane 300 souls at risk!

Remember when the malfeasant inept corrupted crook Fauci told you this to drive you, mislead you, bullshit you into taking the fraud COVID mRNA technology based gene shot: "Vaccinated people become

Pfizer & Moderna mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine did not provide for sterilizing immunity (neutralization of antigen) as did not stop infection, replication, or transmission; it failed!

Did a 14-year-old Japanese girl die unexpectedly 2 days after receiving the third dose of the Pfizer mRNA technology based (Kariko, Weissman, Malone, Sahin et al.) COVID-vaccine? Yes! Proven!

How about Kariko, Malone, Weissman, Sahin, Bourla, Bancel etc., how about these creeps, these IMO people who must answer serious questions on mRNA technology etc., give back tax payer money to victims

It's the mRNA technology based vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine! it's the spike protein, stupid, it's the spike protein; go ask Malone, Kariko, Weissman, Sahin, Bourla, Bancel to explain what their

MARTY MAKARY M.D., M.P.H.: "The Political Badge of Ignoring 'Natural Immunity' Ignoring the data on natural immunity to Covid was a catastrophic error, resulting in lives lost, careers ruined, and

Singanayagam et al. said what in Feb 2022? "Nonetheless, fully 'vaccinated' individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to 'unvaccinated' cases and can efficiently transmit

mRNA technology based COVID gene injection (Pfizer & Moderna) continue to savage the population, especially our teens (male & female), parents be warned!: Mom of Conn. Teen Speaks After Son Suffers

Did French Alps (Danis) cluster of COVID in children tell us early in 2020 (April) that children are at ZERO risk of infection, spread, severe illness? Cluster of coronavirus in French Alps, 2020; did

Question to Drs. Malone, Karikó , Weissman et al.: knowing what you know now that the mRNA technology you invented that is core to the COVID gene injection KILLS people, would you invent mRNA again?

Reminder: Nasal-oral rinses using basic saline or povidone-iodine 10% solution (as well as hydrogen peroxide oral) or any other approved nasal-oral rinses cuts COVID (& thus other viral infection)

EL GATO MALO: excellent piece by El Gato. "Farewell Questions for Rochelle Walensky"

Why is the transgender & LGBT agenda being promoted to children in schools? Do parents have any choice or say in the matter? In Christian Catholic schools too? Who is paying who? IMO this is not about

Watson et al. mathematical modelling study of COVID gene vaccination said that vaccinations prevented 14·4 million (95% credible interval [Crl] 13·7–15·9) deaths from COVID-19 in 185 countries

Dr. Peter McCullough's excellent substack on Moderna's False Claims to Physicians whereby the Programs Break Pharmaceutical Promotion Laws; Moderan & Pfizer have been making false claims as they

COVID Vaccine-Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) (Aleem et al.)

Clinical trials stopped early for efficacy or benefit at risk of overestimating treatment effects and distorting risk-benefit assessments: some guiding principles for the SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 vaccine

CDC lied in their facts about the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection & Rochelle Walensky must be made to answer why would she lie to the public in this way; Malone, Kariko, Weismann must also

Did Yonker at el. find circulating spike protein in persons (adolescents and young adults) COVID vaccinated (mRNA technology based gene injection) who presented with myocarditis? Yes, certainly did!

Dr. Ming Lin tells them he does not want their 'settlement' money, he wants an apolagy for being fired in Washington for standing up to the COVID fraud: 'Ming Lin, MD, says he wants an admission of

Is the COVID Spike Protein (from virus or mRNA technology based gene injection) be responsible for Long-COVID Syndrome? Evidence sugests yes, spike protein may be the key culprit (Theoharides et al.)

Trougakos et al.: "Adverse effects of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines: the spike hypothesis" researchers reported that adverse effects (AEs) following vaccination have been noted which may relate to a

Nepetalactone Newsletter ANANDAMIDE (Kevin McKernan, scientist with 25 years experience in genomic field & leading expert in sequencing methods for DNA and RNA); exceptional high-quality scholarship

School Closings and Violent Youth: A Potential Link; Socially malevolent behavior is potentially driven by the severing of the social contract, socialization, social bonds, and support normally

Mengele science, yes, Wolf is correct, and Lara Logan was correct calling Fauci, 'Mengele', IMO all of these people once shown wrong in proper legal hearings that say jail or death penalty, then they

Pedophiles: my view, they must be taken out of society, no matter if priests, government people, high-society connected people; they should be tortured literally, made an example of & not imprisoned

Karen Bracken responded to my substack about RFK jrs. interview with Attkisson which was quite good & I agree with Bracken & said this; Bobby is ideal as HHS Secretary yet not as POTUS; if Trump asks

Is the COVID vaccinated person at risk to shed to others? Yes! Can shed mRNA be taken up by the recipient & begin to produce Spike protein just like vaccination? Can shed Spike protein cause disease

One COVID lockdown lunatic to another: we go (courtesy morons in Biden et al.) from Rochelle Walensky, easy the most inept incompetent CDC Director in history to loon Mandy Cohen who threatened to

Fulminant 'severe; myocarditis ending in death following mRNA technology based COVID vaccination; an autopsy case of a 27-year-old healthy man who presented with cardiopulmonary arrest 8 days after

Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents; “This is a mystery novel in which the question is, how do we stop women from having healthy babies?"

Did Fleming-Dutra et al. (JAMA) show via a test-negative, case-control study (same design LADAPO uses yet gets pilloried for) that vaccine effectiveness plunges (to negative effectiveness) in children

When children kill: 'ADHD medication and developing brains of children can create 'perfect storm' for psychotic episodes'; a serious debate has begun on ADHD drugs leading children to kill

Did Krug et al. find Pfizer Vaccine-Associated Myocarditis/Pericarditis in Adolescents using a Stratified Risk-Benefit Analysis? Yes, overwhelmingly in n=253 persons aged 12-17 years

Does mRNA technology based COVID vaccine (Pfizer & Moderna) already contain DNA? Plasmids? Kevin McKernan? Is the finding by Aldén et al. thus non-consequential, alarming as it was that mRNA was

Premier Danielle Smith has been elected as Premier of Alberta; I was involved behind the scenes (I will leave it at that); I support her & will give opportunity to come through on her promises to

Dr. Deena Hinshaw (BC) at AHS in Alberta? I hope this memo is a fraud & that newly elected Premier Danielle Smith is not letting the fraudulent inept corrupt deadly malfeasant AHS Alberta make an a*s

URGENT Biden falls again at U.S. Air Force Academy graduation; Didn't Biden make fun of former President Donald Trump because he walked slowly down the stairs once? Do we look away from his falls?

Logan Brown: INSANITY of this transgender filth & media & US & Canadian & UK government freaks, perverts trying to mainstream this psychopathy! Logan is a biological female, got pregnant; this is NOT

Is there strong CLEAR evidence of Myocarditis Following Immunization With mRNA technology COVID Vaccines in Members of the US Military? Yes, 100% & Montgomery et al. reports on 23 male US military

Until we know Jamie Foxx's COVID mRNA technology vaccine status, until we know he did not take it, until we know that myocarditis is ruled out, we must keep the COVID vaccine on the table as cause

Bobby Kennedy Jr. I respect a lot & think a real principled human being, has huge benefit to the American people & world; Attkisson asked him about working with Trump & he replied basically 'NO'; I

Place the death penalty on the table, be prepared to impose it if judges, juries & courts say warranted, if they say medical doctors & government officials like Fauci, Birx, Azar, Jha, Bourla, Bancel,

'AN OPEN SECRET'; is this child pedophelia? is this 'grooming' of young people, men, for sex?, the world of rich connected people in America, is this it? number one problem in Hollywood is Pedophelia

eugyppius: NORD STREAM UPDATE: Spiegel, after running multiple stories blaming the Nord Stream attack on "Russian ships", reverses course and points the finger once again at Ukraine

Does the spike protein from mRNA technology based COVID gene injection cause inflammation and immune activation? Yes, Khan et al. & Robles et al. present evidence e.g. inflammation of TLR2-Dependent

McCarthy Reportedly Gave Democrats Secret Concessions In Exchange For Debt Ceiling Votes; come on Tyler Durden of ZEROHEDGE, you are often prescient and on the money! Do you think McCarthy & the

'Pentagon leaders cancel drag show at a Nevada Air Force base'; what can I say, thanks? who in good heavens name would even contemplate this in the first place? this is the US military today?

Follow Kevin McKernan's Twitter & substack at:; excellent analysis

Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA technology based COVID vaccination in RCTs in adults? Yes, this is certainly what Frairman et al. found with secondary analyses! DNA plasmids?

Breaking, Jamie Foxx: blinded & blood clots after COVID mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine; I told you in a prior substack, just like Damar & all, they are making it worse lying & deceiving

Israeli data: Zero, NO, none, not one Young Healthy Individuals Died Of COVID-19, Israeli Data Show; Zero healthy individuals under the age of 50 have died of COVID-19 in Israel

Hang them all high! Hang any government official, any health care official, CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, HHS, PHAC, Health Canada, SAGE etc., any MP, MPPs, Ministers, PMs, Presidents of any nation

DANIEL HOROWITZ on fire again at the BLAZE & did I not tell you Speaker is a Trojan Horse, trust none of them, backstabbers of Trump; Horowitz: The shocking degree of political betrayal from McCarthy

Were the mRNA technology based COVID gene injections devised really to kill us? Some of us? A binary posion & the first stage is in our bodies now? Kevin's DNA plasmids! Reverse transcription? Spike

Debt deal passes; McCarthy gets help from Dems; did I not tell you McCarthy is the other side, the UNIPARTY, these are crooks Republican Resistance Falters, Again... How Biden pulled it off...DRUDGE

Dr. Peter McCullough's substack below reminds us about the 4 pillars of Pandemic Response & at the core is the seminal 'early treatment' paper we wrote; McCullough as 1st author, Zelenko as senior; I

Another 'medical emergency' on an airline flight? Aberdeen-bound flight declares mid-air 'medical emergency' over North Sea; Pilots issued an emergency 'squawk' to alert ground crews

Can human DNA be pulled from air around us? That is, not from a sample taken from you? Yes, scientists Can Now Pull Human DNA From Air and Water, Raising Privacy Questions; is this ethical? consent?

For a fake fraud ‘IFR’ (infection fatality rate) of 0.05% so called ‘pandemic’. 0-19 years, IFR 0.0003%, near zero. We cannot find one healthy child in the US, Sweden, Germany etc. that was exposed to

Is China flexing over the South China sea? Is it time for the US Air Force to introduce China to the interior cargo of one of our B-1B bombers? Should we start now by incinerating Wuhan Fentanyl labs?

Not good enough, bury this sorry a** company & its woke moronic employees; Data from Bump Williams Consulting and Nielsen IQ provided to Newsweek shows sales by volume are down 30% for the week

'Dark' side of CPR? Why would some prefer a 'natural death' over enduring CPR? CPR can be life saving but even I learnt several challenges with it if performed wrong & patient awakes feeling pain etc.

Did an 8-year-old girl who was under U.S. Border Patrol custody and died after she suffered a medical emergency, did she take the Kariko, Malone, Weissman mRNA technology based injection? Biden admin

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The Chad Rabbit's substack is very informative; shows us 4 high-level athletes falling on the playing field & I say it is Kariko, Malone, Weissman, Sahin et al. mRNA technology based gene vaccine

Did Karlstad et al. show existence of myocarditis in 23 million Nordic residents after the mRNA technology based gene injection? Yes! Participants were obtained from linked nationwide health registers

Suicide surge due to devastaing harms from mRNA technology basis COVID gene vaccines e.g. Pfizer & Moderna? Yes,100%, we are seeing a disturbing escalation in catastrophic stories killing themselves

Vaccinating pregnant mother is vaccinating child in utero, neonate: warning, COVID vaccine induced antibodies passively transferred to neonates may subvert, damage natural innate antibobies from being

BOOM!!! Big praise for our heros these U.S. Marshals who locate 225 missing children; thank you ladies and gentlemen, you are in our prayers, thank you for bringing them home!

Horrific footage shows mob of FORTY teenagers jump three Marines on a California beach before unleashing savage beat down on Memorial Day weekend after they were called out for being unruly

Mayorkas said this is a white supremist, male extremist; IMO this is an islamist jihadist or similar; what say you? This is the killer who drove truck into White House

28-year old Luton Town football captain Tom Lockyer taken to hospital after collapsing on the field during Championship play-off final victory over Coventry City on Saturday; is it the Malone, Kariko,

Can lipid-nano particles (LNPs) carrying the COVID mRNA technology payload cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB)? Yes & implications are staggering given the body, immune system (T-killer lymphocytes)

10 SWIMMERS collapsing suddenly dying and one killing themselves, having taken the mRNA technology COVID based gene injection; why is the media silent? Makis presents the 10 cogently, good scholarship

IMPORTANT: Did FDA & researchers detect a serious safety signal (JAMA) after COVID mRNA technology Vaccine in Children Aged 5 to 17 Years? Yes! via primary sequential analyses, a safety signal was

Unless we see late vote dumps like in the US election, unless we see massive tampering, it appears as per Makis that Premier Danielle Smith has won the Alberta election and fantastic; now we will work

Can the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection lower immune function? Yamamoto says YES!!! Can mRNA based shot due to N1-methylpseudouridine, the spike protein, lipid nanoparticles, antibody-

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) reverses decrease of DNA methylation status caused by engineered gold, silicon, and chitosan nanoparticles; NAC's protective capacity against Engineered Nanoparticles (ENPs)

The Covid shutdowns of schools not only did more harm than good, but that the detrimental impacts will be felt for a generation or more; our children will lose substantial lifetime earnings, modelled

Was there clear early evidence that the spike protein & subunits S1 etc. was persisting in the body for long durations after mRNA technology based gene injection? Yes, Ogata et al., Röltgen et al.,

37 year old Italian personal trainer, swimmer & triathlete Claudio Rais jumped to death, killed himself after catastrophic effects of Pfizer & Moderna Malone, Kariko, Weissman (Fauci) mRNA technology

Shrestha et al. (2023); remember, this study showed us that among 51,017 working-aged Cleveland Clinic employees, the bivalent COVID-19 mRNA technology vaccine was 29% effective in preventing

Do the COVID mRNA technology based gene vaccinations cause extensive pathological alterations? Yes!! Liu et al. report on 'consistent alterations in hemoglobin A1c, serum sodium and potassium levels,

Explosive Revelations: Dr. David Martin Accuses CDC, NIH, and Pfizer of Bio-Warfare and Premeditated Orchestration of the COVID-19 Pandemic; “Make no mistake, this is not a theory. This is a crime,”

Get to the polls! Get to the Alberta polls and pull that lever for Premier Danielle Smith! No one is perfect but Smith is the best among all & promises big things for Alberta; we will hold her feet

Vitamin D2 & D3: Did 2017 meta-analysis show persons taking 800 IUs of vitamin D or more had a lower risk of influenza and other respiratory viruses than those who did not? Yes, it did!

Is innate immune system functionally subverted & altered in those injected with the mRNA technology based COVID injections? Yes! Evidence (Föhse et al.) show that TLR 7/8 (toll like receptors 7 & 8)

'Experts warn of increased risk of US terror attacks by rightwing ‘lone wolf’ actors'; are you EFF in kidding me? When we have known jihadists islamists & Chinese pouring across the Southern border

U.S. Government data confirms a 143,233% (one hundred and forty thousand percent increased risk) increase in Cancer cases due to COVID Vaccination; shocking headline by EXPOSE

I remind, if you take the present non-effective flu shot (annual shot) that does NOT work, the H5N1 avian flu the WHO warns about may be challenging due to antibodies geared to the flu shot; original

Dr. Paul Alexander in US Senate responding to media, Brian Brase, leader of the US trucker convoy: Meeting with Senators Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz; opening discussions; this is a re-post; Senator

Scarf lady Birx went from “This is one of the most highly-effective vaccines we have in our infectious disease arsenal. And so that’s why I’m very enthusiastic about the COVID vaccine,” to “I knew...

This photo is myself marching up front with Canadian soldier James Topp as he marched across Canada; here we were pushing into Ottawa to Tomb of Unknown Soldier and Maxime Bernier marched with me

Mishra et al.'s study "SARS-CoV-2 Spike Targets USP33-IRF9 Axis via Exosomal miR-148a to Activate Human Microglia"; simply, microRNAs (miRNAs) inhibited molecules that activated IFN-alpha/beta

Marina Zhang of EPOCH provides excellent scholarship in laying out the research on new & recurrent cancers after mRNA vaccines, indicative too of steep immune changes

MIT's Dr. Seneff & Dr. Peter McCullough shows how the innate immune system is suppressed by the COVID mRNA technology gene injection; role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs in this;

I tell you, if you wish to cure sex addiction, just watch 3 episodes of The View: "Whoopi Goldberg Lose It After Tim Scott’s Big Announcement"; it's incredible these idiots call this black man racist

Loving Tulsi daily, more & more! 'Gabbard: Democratic Party ‘an Elitist Cabal of Warmongers — Corrupt Politicians, Propaganda Media, Big Tech and the National Security State’; she forgot banal, feral

JYNNEOS 'MONKEY POX' vaccine fails! McCullough is correct tackling this from a purist methodology point of view where case-control studies overestimate the estimate of effect and heavily confounded

Urgent: 17-year-old player dies after becoming unresponsive during a football game on Saturday in regional Victoria (Australia); he was MOST likely mRNA technology vaccinated (it's COVID zero lockdown

Robert Kennedy Jr.'s entrance into Presidential race as a challenge to POTUS Biden is the best thing that could happen to America! It demands POTUS Trump deal with devastating lockdowns & mRNA vaccine

COVID policies & actions by governments, technocrats, COVID Task Forces, Science Tables, medical establishment (medical doctors, State Licensing bodies/Colleges of Physicians & Surgeons), medical

Spike protein from COVID virus (& we extrapolate direct from mRNA technology based vaccine) S1 & Trimer both induced mitochondrial damage including functional deficits in mitochondrial respiration

Danielle Smith (DS) was wrong! I wish to correct a substack I wrote recently regarding an Alberta MLA; in hindsight as I read this more, it seems that the MLA (UCP candidate) was correct in opposing

BOOM! Winning! Texas Children’s Hospital, the nation’s largest children’s hospital, will no longer offer transgender medical procedures for children; procedures and treatments for gender transitioning

Spike protein (from mRNA shot or virus) may induce Mitochondrial damage & dysregulation, impacts cellular energy production, produces damaging oxidative species; can cause cell stress, even cell death

100% lab-grown babies in FIVE YEARS: Japanese researchers are on cusp of creating human eggs & sperm that can be grown in fake womb; ONLY to be outdone by insane mRNA (LNP) technology based injections

'Biden Admin’s $40m ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Program Targets Breitbart News, Conservatives'; Documents uncovered by the Media Research Center (MRC) revealed the Biden Administration used a $40 million grant

Yes, this is why we need Trump again! Death penalty in Florida for this Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) filth who killed the Uber driver, death penalty; this is what Biden et al. allows in the border, this &

Can COVID mRNA technology based gene injection (any platform) cause a relapse or reactivation of latent viruses? Yes, Chen et al. shows lytic reactivation of herpesviruses; this is a potential threat

Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Alexander interviewed by the giant Laura Lynn while we were in Washington DC and here at Hagerstown Maryland; we were asked to come talk for the US truckers & talk to the

Get Dr. Paul Alexander! Shut him down! Cancel him, silence him! Yes, we Freedom Fighter doctors & scientists benefit from Malone donor money & Alexander is asking questions Malone can't answer so we

LEVY: Three prominent US and Canadian docs and scientists called lockdowns a waste of time, Risch, Alexander, and Tenenbaum; this was lockdown lunacy that caused crushing harms & did not stop

It is time, yes it is time for Weissman, Kariko, & Malone et al. to come clean about mRNA technology & why they have stood silent & not sought an antidote to death shot, their death mRNA technology

This moron HILTZIK said we did not pay a price yet we did, for telling the truth & offering the real science; so if he wants Atlas, Jeff Tucker, Kulldorff, myself to pay a price, then those including

Con all around! COVID, everything, government's actions, actions within Freedom Movement (anti-lockdown etc.) etc. was all a con! How can I say this? The truckers were the ONLY real Freedom Fighters

Littany of lies by government and Health officials and attacks on the unvaccinated yet it is the 'vaccinated' who are being infected & dying & who would be locked out of restaurants soon; these were

Rasmussen report showed that fifty-seven percent (57%) of Americans are concerned that COVID-19 vaccines (mRNA technology based injections yet all COVID vaccines) may have major side effects; did you

New game in town, within the COVID Freedom Movement anti-lockdown, vaccine crowd of doctors & scientists called "Malone hates Alexander for asking him questions, so we have to hate Alexander despite

Danielle Smith is correct here, no place for this candidate, children who are trangender are caught up in the filth of their deranged sick parents, the schools, the insane reckless government but

Fessler et al.: 'Curcumin Confers Anti-Inflammatory Effects in Adults Who Recovered from COVID-19 & Were Subsequently Vaccinated: A Randomized Controlled Trial'; as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

URGENT: 9-Year-Old Boy (Tanner Donaldson) Denied Kidney Transplant to Save His Life Because He Doesn’t Have COVID Vaccination; his dad Dane is not vaccinated but a match yet Cleveland Clinic

JD RUCKER: Faith, Family, Nation: How Common Priorities of Old Have Become the Keys to Our Survival Today; We are in the fight of our lives whether we want to admit it or not. Things are changing so

Is there nuclear (nucleus) translocation of COVID spike mRNA & protein? Sattar et al. says yes & reports one of the novel sequence insertions resides at the S1/S2 boundary of Spike (S) protein and

My affiliation with The Wellness Company USA and Canada (TWC USA & Canada) & why Mr. Foster Coulson as CEO is a visionary, with his leadership Mr. Peter Gillooly and Mr. Brandon Kuemper

Did the medical system kill, murder Grace, a Down Syndrome patient as they were clearly deranged over COVID and the COVID protocol; did they kill her and her father Scott tells the story of Grace's

Did bacterial pneumonia kill most persons with advanced COVID infection/disease? Seems YES, Bacterial infections may even exceed death rates from viral infection itself; evidence of no cytokine storm?

14-year-old Yulia Hicks was denied a kidney transplant (by Doctors at Duke University) as she was not vaccinated, FOX covered it extensively; Berenson now reports he has word she is getting a kidney

Yes we did and do have a pandemic, but not of COVID, it is a pandemic of mRNA technology; this mRNA technology is the most devastating aspect of the fraud pandemic; those involved are criminals

Rep. Greene Proposes Death Penalty for Fentanyl Traffickers Amid Rising Overdose Deaths (Video); I am with her, I say hang them high! Publicly too, right at the border; IMO, it is time to BOMB Wuhan

Is there a link between Autoimmune skin disorders and Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al.'s COVID mRNA technology based gene vaccination (Pfizer & Moderna) & other platforms? Yes, study indicates a link

Hang these priests high! If court and judge finds the sexual abuse of children (pedophilia) did happen and done by the priests, bullet proffed 100%, then hang them high! 'Catholic clergy sexually

Can the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based gene vaccine (Pfizer) cause Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis & Myocarditis? Yes, Mörz provides evidence of myocarditis & vasculitis

Bhakdi & Burkhardt: On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination; Histopathologic analyses have been performed on the organs

'Why Would Anyone Believe Anything From These Scum?' oh, in case you did not know, Burris was referring to legacy media yet he forgot terms like 'low-life, fecal, banal, feral, vapid, bottom-feeder

Why did the COVID Freedom Fighter Movement media (anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine) allow Robert Malone to craft a persona & narrative that benefitted him & not the public? Why have they refused to

Ho Chi Minh city Viet Nam Chau et al. study early after the COVID vaccine was released showed us that vaccine would not get us to herd immunity, could not cut chain of transmission & we needed

A focus on how mRNA is transported in breast milk based on lactating, vaccinated mothers; Kevin McKernan's stack "Nursing the Nerf The Double D Nerf"

Sai Varshith Kandula who drove the truck into barrier near White House: what is the chance that this deranged madman is a white supremacist? This Indian or Pakistani national; zero chance,

Thank you God for this gift, this is a gift, may the assaulted boys now get some closure from this Razo beast who on a good day may be a transgender cross dressing would be rapist or pedophile

Dramatic Negative Effectiveness for Omicron & Delta sub-variants by the Pfizer & Moderna mRNA technology based gene injections at 90 days & beyond (Hansen et al.); decline much more rapid for Omicron

Jail them all! All linked to the mRNA technology include Kariko, Weissman etc., all of them! We learn now that the vaccine, the mRNA, the spike etc. found in breast milk? & these inventors walk free?

'More Vaccine Doses Linked to Higher Rate of Infant Mortality'; Multiple vaccines administered concurrently have also been shown to increase mortality. In all nations, a causal relationship between

Malone sent John Littell to tell me if I keep asking Malone the crushing mRNA questions I do, he will sue me; I say to Malone, take your best shot, we will return it in kind; you MUST answer questions

Was Dr. Ramin Oskoui Silenced? Was Dr. Rashid Buttar killed? Oskoui at the senate hearing: "We need to investigate why the NIH, academic medicine and the CDC failed us so badly"; his autopsy?

TRANSGENDER madness! This is one of the greatest threats we face in America, in the west with this 'woke' psychopathy; you best wake up! The plan is to supplant 'real' women with this sickness, rapist

Why did Dr. Gyula Acsadi say Malone has lied about his contribution to mRNA technology in the COVID vaccine? That was Malone's claim to fame, imagine & it kills us, kills people! I want Malone to

Does he look Latino to you? Are we that stupid? Is this what a Jose Roberto looks like? "Illegal Alien Charged With Raping Teen Girl"; I have written here that jihadists, islamists are using the

Dr. James Thorp "at the end of the day they are still pushing the deadly shot, they all knew in February 2021 it was the deadliest drug ever"; Churches Bribed with $13 Billion to Push Covid Death Shot

Can the mRNA technology based COVID gene injections be transferred in breast milk to new born infant? Hanna et al. says YES: "Detection of Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Human Breast Milk"

Do the Lipid-nano particles (LNPs) (fatty transport vehicle) that encase the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology that is the basis for the COVID gene vaccine (Moderna & Pfizer) cross the

Dr. William Makis (my friend & TWC colleague) shares same sentiments on the surge in myocarditis in infants now; it's the vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine!! 'Two UK babies dead from myocarditis:

Was Buttar killed? 'Dr Rashid Buttar died in mysterious circumstances just days after claiming he had been poisoned following a controversial interview with CNN about his Covid pandemic disinformation

LNPs enhance mRNA stability, circulation time, cellular uptake, and preferential delivery to specific tissues compared to mRNA with no carrier platform; did Malone know this all along as he did

Cogent arguments can be made that taking the present flu shot & thus antibodies to the flu strains (4 in number) will leave one at risk for severe illness from H5N1 avian flu that WHO warns about...

DeSantis will not run for POTUS now, he will be damaged in a primary, Trump no matter how much you dislike his behavior & I too have questions on OWS & the fraud vaccine, is the BEST person to fix US

SHARYL ATTKISSON: '(POLL) 94% say they are worse off now than when Trump was president'; you would need to be insane to say that America is better off under Biden (Obama, Rice et al.)

Dr. James Thorp is a global ObGyn Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist in Gulf Breeze, Florida; interview was on medical censorship, interview with Kirsch

GOOD positive signs: i)Target Faces Boycott For Selling Transgender Merchandise For Children & ii)Women Refuse To Stand at Winner’s Podium After Trans Cyclist Finishes First Place; Riley Gaines out

Li et al.: 'Risk assessment of retinal vascular occlusion after COVID-19 vaccination'; researchers reported that the risk of retinal vascular occlusion significantly increased during the first 2 weeks

Dr. Naomi Wolf (Bannon's War Room) explosive statement: "People Involved In Vaccine Roll Out At Highest Level Knew Hormonal Side Effects" @DrNaomiRWolf

I reshare this substack I wrote & the question is simple: can a woman who is pregnant & takes the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection DURING pregnancy or AFTER birth harm the infant? Yes!

170 Plus Research Studies & documents help Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19 as far superior than COVID 'narrowly focused high affinity, vaccinal specific immunity; Alexander Brownstone

Shrestha et al. (Cleveland Clinic study): (repost) The greater number of COVID mRNA technology vaccine doses, the more likely to become infected with COVID virus; a clear dise response; I reshare

President Biden, 80, STUMBLES while walking down steps of shrine as G7 leaders wait on him and then leaves their group dinner early; I do not approve of making fun of elderly & dementia; BUT, we are

People are done with COVID, all of it, its the fraud Freedom fighters in the COVID movement, many I know, keeping it alive; this is why I like TWC approach, its focus on health and wellness, holistic

LaMalfa: "Across the country, vulnerable children are being exposed to radical gender transition ideology and pressured into going through invasive and irreversible medical procedures,"

England and Wales (Public Health) and now World Health Organization (WHO) are warning about an 'Unusual' Surge in Severe Myocarditis in Babies, pediatric myocarditis; is linked to the COVID vaccine?

Justice Gorsuch stated, “Fear and the desire for safety are powerful forces. They can lead to a clamor for action—almost any action—as long as someone does something to address a perceived threat.

Dr Naomi Wolf raises the question I have been pounding on which is, all those in the mRNA technology space were working with LNP, exosomes etc.; they knew the danger yet were silent as to COVID vax;

Did Malone, Kariko, and Weissman et al. know about reverse transcription that causes relentless production of spike protein? Alters our genome. With ongoing production of bacterial proteins from the

Analysis of tweets discussing risk of MONKEY POX among children & young people in school (May-Oct 2022): Public health experts on Twitter consistently exaggerated risks & infrequently (eugyppius)

Robert Yoho MD: 232. TERI FRANKLIN, PhD, TOLD ME THAT I SHOULD HAVE ALL MY MERCURY AMALGAMS PULLED OUT AND REPLACED WITH COMPOSITES She is the coauthor of Mercury Free, a book about horrific problems

Elon Musk hits back at CNBC reporter over claims that Hispanic Texas mall shooter was a 'white supremacist': 'Bull****' Blazemedia

Budweiser, Busch And Michelob also suffering contagion due to Bud Light Backlash and Bud Light Backlash Shows No Sign Of Letting Up; I love it, punishing the woke 'tolerant' cancel nutjobs! Shove your

Whitlock: Pat McAfee talks like a man, acts like a woman, joins Disney cult of child sex and racial division; He joined the groomers, the makers of cartoons and movies intended to sexually manipulate

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi's Warning to the World, the mRNA technology:persistent production of SP can be caused from reverse transcription, as well as ongoing production of bacterial proteins from the

Why are tens of thousands more UK Brits dying?Dying more than expected & experts don't know what the cause or reason is. From May to December 2022 there were 32,441 excess deaths in England & Wales.

Failure & harms of the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection (Pfizer-BioNTech) & a report of an autopsy; McCullough covers nicely in substack; (Massimiliano Esposito)

How medical doctors can be so very stupid, inept, incompetent? How? Turns out they are and Dr Andy Kaufman provides us an explanation; very insightful; I literally say they are technically stupid

Karen Kingston provokes us again with a sobering question: 'Was COVID-19 Caused by a Biological Virus or mRNA Nanoparticles? Per EcoHealth Alliance, DARPA, and peer-review publications COVID-19 was

BOOM, huge victory 'Bishop Unified School District to Pay $400,000 and Conduct Training for All Employees in Settlement Agreement for Harming Students During COVID-19 Pandemic'

Jon Rappoport comments on this NY Post story: 'US Navy hires active-duty drag queen to be face of recruitment drive'

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta and AHS, what a corrupt bunch of faceless technocrats, bureaucrats, just corruptible people, like all those in the CPSO; they have harmed people

Premier Danielle Smith of Alberta! You corrupted Alberta government beelzebubs, leave the damn woman alone, she is better than you crooks especially AHS and Alberta College Physicians Surgeons

'Inside the drama of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s NYC paparazzi chase ordeal'; this is complete manufactured crap, typical BS from irrelevant people who can't get off of sucking the tax-payer teet

Subramanian et al. reported that increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States; IMO, this was a very wrong interpretation

Eythorsson et al. in ICELAND in 2022 reported that with the COVID vaccine, probability of reinfection was higher among persons who had received 2 or more doses compared with 1 dose or less of vaccine

'We never needed a vaccine for COVID and never needed to lockdown as was done!' Dr. Ramin Oskoui, Laura Ingraham of FOX remembers Ramin as he was part of her rotated 'MEDICINE CHEST' of

Public Health Scotland's report in January and February 2022 showed us back then (with UK data) that the VACCINATED (1 or 2 or 3 doses with dose response) compared to UNVACCINATED were

Our best, police officers & military are dropping dead, dying suddenly & we argue due to the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine! Medical emergencies, TURBO cancers; MAKIS substack next

Dr. Gyula Acsadi, a pediatrician in Connecticut, is saying Malone lies & did not make a significant contribution to the mRNA technology research...hundreds of scientists worked on it

Why were deaths so much higher in January 2021 relative to each of the next five months in USA? CDC data. The COVID mRNA technology shots (and DNA platform) were rolled out in December 2020 & can it

Fentanyl-rainbow fentanyl-xylazine (tranq) fuels the overdose crisis in America; ‘No child should be dying’: Fentanyl-related deaths among kids rising, Yale study says; parents be warned about infants

Brilliant Mathew Crawford: "Who Helped Pave the Way for Remdesivir? An Explosive Conversation; The Plandemonium, Part 13"; worth the read and listen; Tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern, five researchers

It is time, it is time that the inventors of the mRNA technology (e.g. Kariko, Malone, Weissman), all of them, the entire set, linked to the mRNA technology that is the core basis for the COVID mRNA

Aarstad et al. examined if there is a Link between the 2021 COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake in Europe and 2022 Excess All-Cause Mortality; concluded 'cannot rule out that COVID-19 vaccination uptake in

Zachary Stieber of EPOCH IMO has been one of the only 'true' COVID Freedom Fighter reporters (I know him, no stooge water-carrier); reported on CELL publication (April 2023) Benn et al. who are WRONG

Dr. Chetty invokes toxin-like peptides akin to snake venoms? Was Dr. Ardis correct? The very Freedom Movement doctors attacked Ardis & smeared him but Ardis is smarter than most of them! He was right!

Special Counsel John Durham's Report on Russia collusion lies showed us that this was like the COVID fraud 'make believe PCR overcycled 'false positive' IFR 0.05% pandemic), all done to topple Trump

What? The leftist Wall Street Journal (WSJ) rag finally talking smack on the fraud deadly COVID mRNA-DNA technology based gene injection vaccines? 'Officials Neglect Covid Vaccines’

Biden says what? That White Supremacy most dangerous terrorist threat in US? What? Not rapists & murderers you are allowing at the border POTUS Biden? Not them? Not the jihadist islamist among them?

Ventilators: you will come to learn that even on that, POTUS Trump was misled and that ventilators did not help but rather killed, killed most people placed on them! Yes, with sedation (midazolam),

'The Latest Covid Misinformation Star Says He Invented the Vaccines;Dr. Robert Malone says he helped invent mRNA vaccines and has been wronged for decades. Now he’s spreading unfounded claims about...

Russell Brand interviews Bobby Kennedy (RFK) Jr | FAUCI, CIA Secrets & Running For President; thanks to Russell to allow Kennedy a platform!

Dr. Mike Yeadon isn’t just saying there was no true pandemic, he is saying there was no new NOVEL virus; I think I understand him; I will tweak that there was some pathogen released that caused ILI

Excess deaths in UK 2021, 2022, 2023; why? is it the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection? Was the Malone, Kariko, Weissman mRNA technology modified that much by Pfizer that Malone can't fix it?

They are hiding as we seek justice & accountability; these health officials, all those who imposed the lockdown lunacy & the fraud mRNA technology based injection, even the 'inventors' pretend

Dr. Naomi Wolf: "What's in the Pfizer documents?" VACCINE Family Night w/ Naomi Wolf 05.13.2023; excellent discussion by Dr. Wolf and company on the Pfizer documents & the hell of the mRNA technology

Air Canada & Air Transat pilot Eddy Vorperian at 48 & 25 years experience, dies suddenly May 3; this is the 5th sudden pilot death & 10 known inpacitations: was this the mRNA technology COVID shot?

Back Bay to Nubian Square: 2 miles & a 23-year life expectancy gap; life expectancy is 92 years for residents in a section of the Back Bay. Near Nubian Square in Roxbury life expectancy less than 69

Thank you POTUS Biden, thank you for another exhibition of pure utter devastating foreign policy failure! 'China and Russia are increasing their military collaboration, Japan's foreign minister warns'

These sick twisted moronic idiotic inept fools, who pilloried the unvaccinated, soon it will be that the vaccinated will be kept out of restaurants; what fools they were when the data was clear

Remember when Austria confined UNVACCINATED to their homes, while the government knew full well for the data was clear, that there was no difference between the vaccinated & unvaccinated in terms of

BREAKING: Durham Report finds that FBI was biased against Trump, should never have opened Russian collusion investigation; duh, we could have told you that, it was all part of the toppling of Trump by

IMPORTANT to not forget the Autopsy Histopathologic Cardiac Findings in 2 Adolescents Following the Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose; 2 teenage boys who died shortly following administration of the second

Insanity! Whispers now in airline industry about single pilots? Are you people at FAA, NTSB, airline industry crazy? We have pilots dead, incapacitated and Makis and I are showing & you want singles?

Thai (adolescent) COVID mRNA technology based gene vaccine study by Mansanguan et al.: imperative you remember that in n=301 students 13-18 years, cardiovascular manifestations were found in 29.2%

Fraiman et al. showed excess risk of serious adverse events following mRNA technology based COVID gene injections (Pfizer and Moderna); do not forget the government criminals who mandated an unsafe

Critical that you remember the complete fraud of the Pfizer & Moderna mRNA technology based gene vaccines & the criminality of FDA in approving EUAs; the trials were never set up to prove what we

DR NAOMI WOLF and Mark Steyn under censorship attack by UK MEDIA REGULATOR OFCOM; Wolf correctly presented harms to women & babies that are tabulated in Pfizer’s own internal documents, yet OFCOM

ANA MARIA MIHALCEA, MD, PHD: "Complete Resolution Of "Long Covid" Symptoms After 2 Weeks of Treatment With IV EDTA Chelation Alternating With Vitamin C Infusions - Darkfield Live Blood Analysis"

Why did Sweden that did not lockdown, did not impose COVID mask mandates, did not impose lockdown lunacy, show such depressed excess mortality? Why is excess mortality surging in Japan, one of globe's

Remember when this moron, this inept incompetent stupid idiot so called journalist at CNN, Don Lemon, said that the unvaccinated should be left out of society & shunned? Do not forget this nutcase

Joe Ladapo (re-post) delivers a 'technical scientific SCHLONGING' of Bob Califf (FDA) and Rochelle Walensky (CDC) under Biden, ignoring & downplaying risks due to the mRNA technology based gene shots

Megyn Kelly to Charlize Theron on transgender drag queens: 'Come and f*** me up': Kelly challenges Charlize Theron over 'deeply disturbing' drag queen shows with children' that Theron supports

We have an exciting new announcement: The Wellness Company Canada is here! And what better way to announce it than on this most special occasion, Mother's Day! The Wellness Company Canada wants to

BRITISH AIRWAYS (BA) TRAGEDY: Veteran British Airways pilot collapses and dies shortly before he was due to captain a full packed passenger jet; did this pilot die due to the mRNA technology based

Another Pilot death?: Did Col. Michael Fugett, commander of Nevada Air Guard’s 152nd Operations Group & UNITED AIRLINES, who died on May 9th, die due to the COVID mRNA technology based gene vaccine?

Metabolic syndrome is one of the gravest health challenges facing Western nations e.g. US, Canada, UK etc. as well as Caribbean nations; cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk

The Wellness Company (TWC) USA has spearheaded implementation of TWC Canada, to address the health gaps and work within confines of Canada's system; Launch is today, Mother's Day & I ask you to

Leaked DHS Documents Raise Concerns of Gov’t Tactics Targeting Conservative Americans

PRESIDENTIAL Takedown: by Dr. Paul Alexander and Kent Heckenlively; how CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO, HHS, Fauci, Birx, Azar et al. with the media and deepstate, democrats, RINOs etc. conspired to topple Trump

FBI Surveillance Contractor Probed Anti-Vaccine Mandate Activists; lashpoint, founded by a specialist focused on infiltrating Islamic terror groups, now monitors domestic political organizations.

Why didn't the FDA under the Biden administration demand & require any COVID mRNA technology based boosters e.g. bivalent booster (Wuhan strain plus BA.4 &.5 clades) to undergo HUMAN clinical trials?

Gatestone: "The Biden Administration's Green Light to Iran's Terrorists and Nuclear Program by Majid Rafizadeh"

These graphs today, why did South Africa infections & cases remain so low through omicron? Is it linked to vaccine uptake? We say yes! Is excess mortality linked to vaccine uptake? We say yes!

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) show an over 50 year dramatic rise from 1:10,000 in the 1970’s to 1:36 children born today in 2023; why? is this real? why are some so functional & others imparied? vax?

COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause Sudden Cardiac Deaths: Warns Expert (Dr. Fraiman), Calls For Its Withdrawal From Market; Fraiman said that he and his team have multiple autopsy studies that provide

Table 5 of LANCET publication by Rosenblum et al. indicates that up to one-third of persons taking mRNA technology (Moderna/Pfizer) based COVID vaccines cannot work or perform normal activities

Dr. Joe Ladapo, Florida's Surgeon General punishes CDC's Walensky & FDA's commissioner Robert Califf on ignoring 'many of the risks associated with mRNA technology COVID-19 vaccines', harms & deaths

On the success of The Wellness Company (TWC) USA, Mr. Foster Coulson, CEO, has spearheaded implementation of TWC Canada, to address the health gaps and work within confines of Canada's system

Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration; 'jihad' by immigration'; By Sam Solomon and Elias Al Maqdisi ANM Publishers, 2009; The Hijra, By Janet Levy; Hijra is a comprehensive

More US tax-payer money to Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance to research bat coronaviruses? This is pure Biden administration bat-sh*t insanity for why would this continue after all we have found out?

Dr. Roger Hodkinson teed this up as to targetted protein degradation & may be a key to spike protein degrading; "Targeted Protein Degradation: A Promising Option for Cancer Drug Developers, instead

19 US States Have Banned Youth Gender-Affirming Care— Interactive map highlights exemptions as well as penalties that healthcare providers face; excellent, we want all States to ban this insanity

Cancer and the rise in cancers due to the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection is where we will be hit hard, it is coming, surges in cancer post remission, metastasis

Influenza vaccine failure! Uemura 2023 (Japan study report) shows us what we have been saying all along that the flu shot is ineffective & never worked & will not! McCullough leads on this with strong

9 pilot incapacitations and 3 pilot deaths in pilots who took the COVID mRNA technology gene injection; must a plane loaded with commercial passengers drop from the sky literally, CRASH, before the

Would some of these kids go on to suffer cardiac arrest & sudden death due to COVID mRNA technology vaccine-induced myocarditis? McCullough says YES, I say YES; Yasuhara et al.'s review/meta-analysis

Letter to a Mainstream Straddler; why? we get it as Margaret shares, I get it, I know, we know you play a game, don't want to upset the tax-payer grants, we know, watering down the truth, tiptoeing

The Wellness Company's (TWC, Foster Coulson CEO) Dr. Richard Amerling talks 'Transgender Psyop: Manufactured Industry, Big Money & Failed Ethics'

Biden Family Tried To Hide Over $10 Million In Foreign Payments: House GOP; The Biden family received, and tried to hide, over $10 million in payments from foreign nationals

Photo: Dr. Ramin Oskoui, MD, Cardiologist, Washington, DC, Virginia; FOXHALL cardiology & I; one of smartest sweetest people I have ever met, my good friend, had dinner after Dr. Wolf's book signing

BOOM, John Leake on the money: "New Federal Disinformation Offices Created Big Brother adds "Influence and Perception Management Office" & "Foreign Malign Influence Center" to his arsenal"

Substack followers, thank you for supporting me across the last year; I plan on continuing and I have made the site FREE and no restrictions; I also put the yearly subscription at 29.99 for those who

16 cases, stories of high school kids injured or permanently disabled by COVID-19 mRNA technology based vaccines in 2021-2022; Makis tees up examples in his substack; we are calling on parents to

Transgenders transvestites are now ruling the feminists & bigtime! Women are routinely singled out by idiotic trans activist students Students should be testing their ideas and worldview.

Did covid vaccines really reduce all-cause mortality? NO, 100% NO, the mRNA technology based gene injections did not & were harmful

Japanese need to take 'smiling' lessons as COVID restrictions are lifted? Japanese people are signing up for “smiling lessons” as they get used to taking their masks off in public now that the

COVID Lockdowns would have always failed & my Brownstone review of 400 studies showed the NPIs failures, The Telegraph's Jeremy Warner substantiates this "Only now are the appalling costs of the

Jimmy Dore questions Vinay Prasad's fact checking of Bobby Kennedy Jr.; Bhattacharya and Jimmy go at it & quite interesting for Jimmy raises key questions about Prasad's video; Vinay dismisses Kennedy

A Global Pandemic: The Jihadist Rape of Christian Women by Raymond Ibrahim; Sexual violence is consistently chosen time and time again to target Christian women and girls across the globe...."

Dr. Ramin Oskoui, MD, FOXHALL Cardiology, Washington, DC & Virginia, has passed away suddenly; my substack prior is below for he was a very dear friend; met with him routinely in Virginia & DC for

Corporal punishment, hitting your children, beating them to comply; I come from the British System where children are beaten & it is felt the 'best' thing; NO, it never was, I NEVER laid a hand on my

Vinay is wrong IMO (minute 17.45), love him greatly, very smart scientist, I am a huge fan, wrong in saying that the first 2 doses had a huge effect in reducing infection and severe disease; we have

COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis (mRNA technology Moderna, Pfizer) in young persons (mostly male but female also) with chest pain, arrhythmias & cardiac arrest post mRNA shot; McCullough WARNS!

Pierre Kory writes beautifully as he does, he is a friend of mine; he writes about continued mass censorship by social media technology/algorithms e.g. TWITTER, Facebook etc.; I too was blocked from

Dr. Vinay Prasad responds to Bobby Kennedy Jrs. podcast appearance & fact checks; healthy key questions Prasad raises & Kennedy did a great podcast appearance; Kennedy provided strong data on HCQ/IVM

'Miami’s Love Affair With Crypto Is Souring as Bitcoin Faithful Flock to the City'; I was taken to Miami last year for this (year before?) by Malone & his crypto DMED people; this crypto is a ponzi

700,000 illegals, with many jihadists within, rapists, murderers, set to rush the US Border agents as Title 42 expires & Biden et al. let it; this is jihad by illegal invasion ensured by Biden et al.

Texas, what's up with Texas all of a sudden? Or was it always so? Vechicles plowing down & killing people, mass mall shootings, UVALDE, now 1st grade 6 year olds forced in school to give oral sex?

Breaking: What? Leftist nutball liberals in Canada, under Trudeau, want to bring back COVID vaccine mandates when the data is clear that the shots are ineffective, negative efficacy & deadly? Odessa

100% all of it was a LIE! The entire COVID pandemic (for it was NOT one) was a fraud, hoax, lie! From what we were told about the pathogen, origin, lockdown lunacy, school closures, masks, all of it!

Tanikawa et al. study has been informative & further declarative research is needed yet shows Degradative Effect of Nattokinase (NATTO) on Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2; results extrapolated to vaccine

Elon Musk: now you know I am not sold on Musk & his Twitter continues to be garbage yet from time to time Musk steps up, here is one: 'Elon Musk Asks Of Jordan Neely Protesters: "Why Didn't They

Alex Newman, 'The New American'; Dr. Paul Alexander discusses how Covid Policy Killed More people Than pathogen (Virus) & Justice Needed; devastating COVID policy by denote 'positive' with over-cycled

Fentanyl, URGENT! Parents, be warned, poisoning deaths surge among toddlers, adolescents: Study; Fentanyl is now the primary agent noted in the pediatric opioid crisis. Mirroring trends seen among

ARJUN WALIA is over the target, BOOM! Much respect for the gonadic writing here, this scholarship! The King's Coronation Makes Headlines, But All I Can Think About Is Royal Family Pedophile Allegation

Was just told that my dear friend, Dr. Ramin Oskoui has died! He is a great cardiologist FOXHALL Cardiology in DC; he formed part of the FOX Medicine Chest (McCullough, Alexander, Oskoui, Risch, Smith

EXCLUSIVE: US Air Force Ran A Social Experiment To Graduate More Minority Pilots. It Didn’t Go As Planned; “When other priorities, like gender or race, are introduced as a metric of assignment and

Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (4vHPV, GARDASIL®) actually Fails in protecting Men who Have Anal Sex, transgender (wanna be women MEN), gay men etc.; devastating results! PSAs are needed!

ultra MAGA: I am ultra MAGA in the house, Trump train! no question!

Media, legacy: The putrid, vapid, banal, feral, fecal, bottom-dweller, low-life Washington, & all legacy and Canadian (UK) media, just filthy people. A few good ones, but most filthy animals IMO; the

King Charles? Who cares! These are pimps on the tax payer, all of them, all, twisted inbred grifters & pedophiles, did someone whisper Prince Andrew et al.? You forgot Jeffrey Epstein?

Devastating where 16 High School student died suddenly or unexpectedly after taking COVID-19 mRNA technology based vaccines - 16 cases in 2022' Makis lays out a picture set, this is painful at all

Eugyppius: 'Unrepentant Corona arch-villain Christian Drosten re-emerges to give the vaccines credit for ending the pandemic and insist that lockdowns and school closures remain policy options in

Stew again, this is someone with real American made testicles! Church bell gonads! Yes the media, the legacy media are criminals, they helped push out & created the COVID pandemic lie & fraud mRNA

Dylan Mulvaney: now we are over the target & keeping it real! these cross dressing trans are really gay men, Bruce Jenner is gay, likes gay sex but afraid to say it, so they pretend to be women to

'Up to one in 20 new diabetes cases could be linked to Covid, study suggests'; & so the GUARDIAN, the biased rag it is, forgot to mention the explosion of diabetes due to the COVID injection, so I

It was always a lie! Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, all lies, preyed on vulnerable women; these beasts knew there will always be weight REBOUND; only exercise, moderation, commonsense, NO DIET

American Jihad by illegal immigration! wolf;'7 dead, 6 injured after car hits pedestrians in Texas border town, driver arrested'; I told you before, we have real jihadists, islamists infiltrating the

'Amnesty or Justice? The truth and freedom movement demands complete reparation, no less.' Excellent piece by Scientific American substack worth the read, highlights my stance, NO amnesty, we want

Tiger Woods did not listen to me! I recommended 4 back to back episodes of 'The View' to cure his sexual appetite for women, but he failed to follow the accumulating science; X-Files Duchovny

So we have billions $ of US tax payer money funnelled to Ukraine's Zelenskyy, pushing Russia to start WW III, yet who we are really enriching is a piano playing freak pump wearing cross-dresser who

'SHOCK POLL: Trump Crushing Biden By 7 Points in New ABC/Washington Post Survey'; idiots, this is not shocking, Trump is the ONLY person on deck who can save America, Biden is non compos mentis

SAGE HANA: "The History of how mRNA Vaccines were Discovered", Excerpts from Jill Glasspool Malone's Linkedin June, 2021 Post; one subscriber described it as: 'Malone reminds me of arsonists

STATINS are IMO of NO real benefit & the public has been lied to and deceived, be very careful! Analysis by Byrne & Demasi et al. suggests (n=21 trials, 144,000) no consistent relationship between

Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. & their deadly mRNA technology used in COVID gene shots; are we really looking at 3 arsonists who pretend to be firefighters? Or firefighters who really are arsonists?

Stew Peters (DIED SUDDENLY) goes one on one with BBC reporter, on fire! Big praise for Stew, he takes no prisoners & he is a true warrior in the battle, he is attacked & smeared for he is over target

mRNA technology based COVID gene injections by Malone, Kariko, Weissman were deadly and they knew it! Malone was silent too long, people died! He must answer questions of his role in mRNA technology

Mixed Martial Arts and UFC fighters are collapsing and dying suddenly - some of these deaths are very suspicious (good scholarship by Makis); I join Makis, these are in all likelihood mRNA technology

‘We started running’: 8 killed in Texas outlet mall shooting; mass shootings go on now unabated & you must not discount the impact that the 3 years of COVID lockdown lunacy, school clsoures & masks

The TP53 gene, encoding the P53 protein which is the GUARDIAN of the geneome, has a potent role in tumour-suppressing activity in the cellular response to stress; majority of the human cancer cells

Florida has a problem with alligators and pythons, as to young children and smaller persons; be careful, the attacks are happening more now; maybe the influx of persons? a numbers game?

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities are Federally Mandated Killing Fields – the proof and our defense: 'Deprogramming With Graces Dad' as he explains how the hospital killed his teen daughter Grace

Breaking: 'WHO declares end to Covid-19 global public health emergency'; my view...this COVID pandemic & all aspects up to the fraud COVID gene injections (mRNA) was a complete LIE, a FRAUD, a HOAX

If you are a proven pedophile & raped & molested children, you should be put to death! Any health official, government technocrat at CDC, NIH, FDA, PHAC, anywhere, any COVID vaccine maker, mRNA, LNP

David Dickson writes: What the PHAC ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE? In Health Canada and PHAC? What is the Canadian federal government under Trudeau trying to hide? On April 17th, 2023, Health Canada removed

Dr. Howard Tenenbaum in Canada reminded me of this front page story in the main paper Toronto Star; remember this view was that of Canadians, Torontonians at the height of the madness; never forget!

Zero, NONE, '0', not one healthy child in US or Canada, Sweden, Germany etc. was exposed to COVID, got the virus, and died from it, NOT ONE! over 3 years of this fraud lie of a pandemic; Walensky knew

Kim et al.: "Cardiac Imaging of Acute Myocarditis Following COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination"; Pesent a 24-year-old male with acute myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer). Chest pain

I belonged to a COVID scientist group (that I was part of at inception); I am now blocked because I ask questions of Malone & certain members (lackies, sycophants) complained & I was censored, blocked

The last 3 years will be recalled by our children as the most catastrophic devastating moral & public health failure of our lifetime; 100% of COVID pandemic was a fraud lie, virus to vaccine, all of

Nanking: what the Japanese did to the Chinese at Nanking (1930s) will remain in history as one of the most brutal criminal acts ever! The Chinese must never forget, as must the Jews never forget what

Nicholas Winton is a real hero, this is the person we showcase, this is a real super hero for what he did during the Holocaust; he decided to save the children & you must listen; 60 Minutes did a good

Kate Zerby tells us about her catastrophic COVID mRNA technology gene injection injury & John Watt tells how devastating the vaccine has been to him & the internet bans and censorhip as he speaks out

Drag Queens now recruiting for the US NAVY Seals? What? 'I can't believe I fought for this bulls**t': Navy SEAL who helped kill Osama Bin Laden fumes over Navy's decision to use drag queen for their

BOOM, Walensky is out! even Biden et al. knows a dumb ding dong when they see it, only to be outdone by Dr. Bonnie Henry of BC Canada; Rochelle's idiocy defies logic & she outright lied to the public

'Oral Fluvoxamine With Inhaled Budesonide for Treatment of Early-Onset COVID-19' (Reis et al.); we have said this day one (McCullough, Risch, Ladapo, Zelenko, Alexander, Tenenbaum et al.) that it is

Metabolic syndrome (MS) WARNING (MS increases your risk of heart disease, stroke & type 2 diabetes), it is a major crisis in America & causes many deaths (10 most obese states in America)

Ammirati et al.: "Temporal relation between second dose Pfizer BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 vaccine and cardiac involvement in a patient with previous SARS-COV-2 infection"

Dillon Reeves, do not forget him, this hero who saved the school bus!

Bud Light parent company Anheuser-Busch is desperately scrambling to rehabilitate their image following corporate suicide over a transgender ad campaign featuring TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

'Former 3-time U.S. Olympic medalist Tori Bowie dead at the age of 32'; this is either steroids e.g. Flo Jo or this is mRNA technology vaccine-induced; I say the latter, this is COVID mRNA vaccine

Every single COVID fraud pandemic action these beasts, beasts in the Trump & Biden administration did, FAILED! could not be that inept, had malfeasance too; worked to damage Trump; we must jail them!

STRIKE BACK: Russia’s ex-president calls for Zelensky to be KILLED after claiming Ukraine tried to assassinate Putin in drone strikes; these MADMEN in Biden's US govn have us wrapped up in this crap

Turbo Cancer Leukemia: Children From Ages 11 to 21 Are Dying Within Hours or Days of Cancer Diagnosis; recall the case of 16 year old Kyle Limper I prior wrote about (see my substack below); Makis's

Atlas: "America's COVID Response Was Based on Lies"; I agree 100% & add to the list of lies for Scott, myself, Kulldorff, Bhattacharya, Gupta, Berenson, Ioannidis, Oskoui, McCullough, Risch, Smith et

Jamie Foxx still hospitalized & issues 1st statement amid hospitalization: What we know about his 'medical complication' (May 3rd, 2023): my's the vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine; it's the

'Malone Becomes a Fifth Generation Warrior – But Who Is the Enemy?' Excellent piece by Dr. Peter Breggin & Ginger Breggin & it echoes what I have stated, you have been made fools of for what is told

Verma et al.: "Myocarditis after Covid-19 mRNA Vaccination"; report two cases of histologically confirmed myocarditis after Covid-19 mRNA vaccination.

'Russia claims US masterminded drone attack on Kremlin'; Biden et al., neocons, Zelensky have drawn US into a matter that is of no interest to the US & now we are near WW III; Biden flipped Russia to

'Jeffrey Epstein Documents, Part 2: Dinners With Lawrence Summers and Movie Screenings With Woody Allen'; what would these people need to see Epstein who was trafficking under-aged girls for? Quid Pro

Another Op-Ed Attack At Fauci's Never-Ending Victory Tour: Published another Op-Ed going after Fauci on, one of the most visited news sites on the internet. Pierre Kory

SHARYL ATTKISSON: (POLL) Two-tiered justice favors Democrats; Sixty-three percent (63%) of respondents say the two-tiered US justice favors Democrats.That's according to the latest unscientific poll

Do not forget what was done to our parents & grandparents, she was locked away, ankle monitors, once they said she was positive with the fraud flawed over-cycled 'false positive' PCR test, midazolam

Ha ha ha, Trump kicked NBC reporter, those putrid fecal bottom-dweller low-life people I call them, Canadian and US media, filthy animals; lucky Trump did not throw him off 'in flight', ha ha ha

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Is the Pfizer patent that was granted in 2021 for cellular tower communication? 'Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of

COVID face masks: Study warns of risk of COVID face masks pointing to a rise in stillbirths, testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline due to build-up of carbon dioxide! Fresh air has around 0.04%

John Leake warns 'Get Ready For a Big Marburg Scare, Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex propagandists activated following reports from Equatorial Guinea & Tanzania'; I agree 100%, this is fear porn & bogus

Dr. William Makis covers the surging incapacitation of BUS drives, school bus drivers especially & he asks "Died suddenly - School bus drivers are collapsing at the wheel - 9 recent incidents!"

mRNA, synthetic mRNA (modified mRNA) formulated in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) was always potentially TOXIC & all those involved knew it! 2017 study by Sedic is key in our understanding & why

URGENT (Wales government): 'Ongoing investigation into neonatal myocarditis cluster in South Wales'; this is very rare & must be investigated urgently as to source! Question: what is unique? thread?

Mansour et al.: "Acute myocarditis after a second dose of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine: a report of two cases"; Both patients developed acute chest pain, changes on electrocardiogram (ECG), and elevated

Fauci lies in a way that is breathtaking, he cannot even remember his own lies, corruptible, listen here; this one health official, pipetting chemist is all he was, but this one technocrat caused more

Tucker Carlson does the best thing I have seen in a while, gives Media Matters the double barrelled bird, he told them 'go fu*k yourself'! big props Tucker, I tell them that every day! I tell it to

Moderna’s billionaire CEO reaped nearly $400 million last year. He also got a raise. Did he earn that? His mRNA technology gene injection has killed people! Should he become rich on death? Any of them

Good to know, US military is on the case tracking a new balloon flying over US land and in US airspace; don't fuss, Biden et al. invited them to spy more & gather more US military intel etc.; Biden's

John Ioannidis in 2020 told us that in people under 70 years, infection fatality rate (IFRs) ranged from 0.00% to 0.31% with crude & corrected medians of 0.05%; I say again, 0.05%, kids 0-19 (0.0003%)

Randi Weingarten AFT president did more to damage the health & well-being, education, social development, psychological development etc. of our children in conspiring with Fauci & Birx, against Trump

James Thorp et al.'s research: COVID mRNA technology's Catastrophic impact on Pregnancy Outcomes & Menstrual Function; miscarriage, fetal chromosomal abnormalities, fetal malformation, fetal cystic

Troubling case of Overlapping Myocarditis and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) After COVID-19 Messenger RNA Vaccination (mRNA technology): A Case Report (Sanada et al.)

2019 survey of pilots revealed a shocking 79% answered YES to “ever felt worried about seeking medical care due to concern for their career or hobby,”; that was BEFORE the mRNA technology gene vaccine

Kim et al.: "Patients With Acute Myocarditis Following mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination"; of 7 patients with acute myocarditis, 4 happened within 5 days COVID-19 vaccine (February 1 & April 30 2021); all 4

FDA & Pfizer knew, Dr. Walensky knew, that pregnant women & babies in utero would be poisoned by the mRNA technology COVID shot; they mandated this deadly vaccine (Amy Kelley & Dr. Naomi Wolf cry out)

Why did most deaths in Australia occur in 2022, after the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection? When Australia vaccinated far more of its population than any other nation? With its lockdown

New York Times (NYT), leftist rag it is, the bottom-dwelling banal vapid dis-information duplicituous media rag it is blocks for Biden & now say: 'American Gov’t Can Function without Healthy POTUS'

Cowards, weak, pusillanimous, many of our friends & family & we lost many, yet they will not admit they were wrong in all things COVID, lockdowns to fraud vaccine! so we walk away, but we be open!

CNN: WHO experts Geneva revised their mRNA technology vaccine guidance saying NOW that healthy infants, children, teens at low risk from COVID; imagine, Alexander, McCullough, Oskoui, Tenenbaum, Risch

Pilots are at risk of incapacitation in the plane's cockpit (many have had cardiac arrests) due to the mRNA technology based COVID gene injections; airlines & FAA does not care! School bus drivers are

3 pediatric centers in Israel, 7 cases of perimyocarditis following COVID-19 mRNA technology based Pfizer vaccination in children 16–18 years of age; all patients were Jewish & presented with chest

'Cardiac complications following mRNA COVID-19 vaccines: A systematic review of case reports and case series'; Sixty-nine studies, including 43 case reports and 26 case series, were included

Breaking: hero 7th-grader Dillon Reeves saves bus load of kids as mRNA tech COVID vaccine-injured school bus driver becomes incapacitated? driving bus; took control & stopped bus from crashing! HERO

Dr. Paul Alexander to Dr. Robert Malone: I do not know the answers & wanted to know if you can inform the public on these 5 questions: i)have you received money $ from any patents linked to any aspect

Lex Greene: Really, What More to Say? If you can see all of evil hell swirling all around you at this late date and still not get it, nothing I can say will change that. The end of the USA is now near

Epstein’s Private Calendar Reveals Prominent Names, Including CIA Chief, Goldman’s Top Lawyer Schedules and emails detail meetings in the years after he was a convicted sex offender; visitors cite his

This Fauci is such a lying crook, all you need to do now is jail the 3 foot lilliputian, jail him! Now he is running to the hills blaming you, you just did not understand his message; that the elderly

Hearts being Destroyed by Myocarditis due to the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection: "This Spike Protein Is a Killer"; Dr. Peter McCullough zeroes in on the devastation of the spike protein

Statue of Fully Nude, Bearded Man Breastfeeding a Baby Placed Outside Denmark’s Former Women’s Museum; but ask yourself, is this not a pedophile's dream? A mother addresses a child's need, man his own

Trudeau, did you thank you Uncle Sam USA for helping evacuate from Sudan? Did you say 'thank you USA for your kindess & help while I woffled & focused on my socks matching & transgender'? No

The Wellness Company’s (TWC) Spike Support recovery formula contains Nattokinase (natural blood thinning fibrinolytic) & may help in the rash of pulmonary embolism (lung clots) following mRNA shots

Rosner et al.: 'Myocarditis Temporally Associated With COVID-19 Vaccination'; a case series of 7 patients hospitalized for acute myocarditis-like illness after COVID-19 vaccination, from 2 US medical

Stabell Benn: 'Vaccines, in addition to their effect against the vaccine-specific disease, may also have “non-specific effects” affecting the risk of unrelated diseases'; vaccines have broad effects

'CDC reports that One-third of US teen girls seriously considered attempting suicide in 2021: The number of teen girls who made a suicide plan also increased from 2019'; this is very troubling

Spike detoxifying formulation with fibrinolytic Nattokinase may provide you the support needed post COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine; as the science matures & develops, consult with your

I agree 100% & there is more to this, worse: Ex-US Army Psyops Expert: Fox News Fired Carlson To Maintain "Semi Lobotomized Quasi Retarded Population"; Tyler Durden ZeroHedge

ABC did show contempt for the law, democracy, and its audience by cutting most of the content of Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s interview with Linsey Davis, cherry picking snippets; the nerve of EPOCH Times

Karen Kingston raises more questions again: 'mRNA is an Operating System - Technology Platform per Moderna Website The Moderna site clearly defines mRNA as a software program that makes ‘proteins’.

'RFK, Jr Is Making It Real': By Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD; It really does seem as if the country is polarized – but not in the way Joe said, with good people versus MAGA domestic terrorists.

Attacking Peter McCullough now, Canada, in giving healthy children unsafe, untested, deadly COVID Malone mRNA technology gene injections; McCullough warns DON'T, I agree, show evidence the shot needed

7 adolescents with Symptomatic Acute Myocarditis After Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA technology based gene Vaccination; who will be held responsible? CDC? NIH? FDA? Health Canada? PHAC? SAGE?

eugyppius: Vaccine injuries become the dominant theme of German reporting on the mRNA jabs, as the Covid vaccinations face unacknowledged yet ever wider cultural and social repudiation

Were we bullshitted by Elon Musk as to Twitter? Musk promised a new era of free speech and independence from political bias. But Twitter’s self-reported data shows that, under Musk,

We have to face it, Biden has health issues & mental health issues; I am not commenting on his politics but the game must stop, he cannot be POTUS for another term; I would not go as far as Haley

TURBO cancer from the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer): this is what TURBO cancer looks like and does; ‘It Was Just A Nightmare’: 16-year old Philadelphia Teen dies

Canada says if US court bans abortion pills, it would supply; 'If abortion drugs get banned in the United States, Canada "would work to provide" Americans access'; 5th Circuit looking at mifepristone

Are high ranking democrats Chuck Schumer & Eric Adams allowing China to set up and run Chinese police stations in America? In New York? Surfacing video suggests a potential YES? Lu Jianwang charged

'If You Want Forgiveness and Amnesty, Emily Oster, Here’s Your Program': By Karen Kwiatkowski

Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the Emerging Variants; In follow-up virus neutralization assays, cannabigerolic acid and cannabidiolic acid prevented infection of human epithelial

Myocarditis after Pfizer and Moderna mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine (Larson et al.); describes 8 patients who were hospitalized with chest pain and who were diagnosed with myocarditis

'Asymptomatic transmission' study in 2020 out of China using a sample of 10 million persons, showed us that asymptomatic transmission for this COVID virus was a LIE! Fauci et al. all knew it! NO cases

10 years of Madame VP Giggles? 10 years of Kamala? Please Lord, tell me I am not very drunk as I read that, tell me I am not dead, tell me please, somebody pinch me or better yet, slap me silly

I am pro-life & I wanted to share this, I am against abortion in any manner, I will not tell a woman what to do with her body yet I stand for the unborn child & so no time, not 2 weeks, 6 weeks, NO

POTUS Trump stands firm! '‘NO!’ Trump Signals He Will Refuse to Partake in Republican Debates: I Don’t Want to Be ‘Libeled and Abused’

Do not forget Dr. Theresa Long, MD, medical officer with the United States military who testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress Covid-19 vaccine injuries following the shot

US military members suffer Myocarditis Following Immunization With mRNA technology COVID-19 Vaccines (Montgomery et al.); in this case series of 23 male patients, including 22 previously healthy

Bud Light sales plunge, Suffers "Staggering" Sales Decline As Boycott Intensifies; what can I say other than YES!!!! boycott that woke Bud Light, they should rename the beer 'trannie bud or light'

What? 'Federal Public Health in Canada 'Knew' the Vaccinated Could & Do Carry the Same COVID Viral Loads as Unvaccinated Before Mandates Imposed'; so why the hell was the COVID vaccine MANDATED?

Lia Thomas: imagine this freak mentally disturbed would be rapist, pedophile, enters women swim races & showers, defeats them, a MAN with a penis, pretends to be a woman, 'mansplains' at real women

'Censorship in the UK: Big Brother is watching and punishing in the former cradle of free speech'. By John Leake

Word is that Hunter Biden is hiding in the White House (WH) to prevent from being served? Is the WH hiding him? Is this true? What do you think?

Willy Guardiola in Florida (& across US) is on the front line protecting our unborn children; a fierce strong bold PRO-LIFE advocate as he fights for life of the unborn

Tucker Carlson, fired from FOX, schlongs the media & government and you know what? I stand with every word he states here, every one and he should have used the 'F' word too, I don't mind

SHARYL ATTKISSON highlights that illegal border crossings are surging 'while we sleep', up 200,000 in March; Obama flooded us with jihadists, Biden doing it with illegals (& jihadists & Chinese too)

WALTER M CHESNUT (WMC Research); Dual Function Research: The Spike Protein, Universal ACE2 Expression & the Quest to Create a Universal “Therapy” to Induce Cancer, Neurodegeneration & Fibrosis; ACE2

Massive number of deaths of young US military men & women due to the COVID mRNA technology based gene injection 'vaccine', in other nations too!; Korean military proves recent military recruit's death

Listening to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau describe his view on the COVID fraud gene injection; listening to him makes you grasp how inept & incompetent Njoo & Tam are/were

Zelensky speaks with China's Xi for first time & US to dock nuke subs in South Korea first time in 40 yrs & 2nd American killed in Sudan; I have to thank the Biden administration for doing a great job

Brain Aneurysms as a serious and common COVID-19 mRNA vaccine injury in young people - Part 2 (14 cases including actor Jamie Foxx); Makis gives a running total with superb scholarship! William

Bill Rice Jr. wrote a paper in the past showing that for the majority of UK children, the risk of death due to COVID was 0.000; it remains so in April 2023; the data has been stable for 3 years but

Dr. Ardis spoke on this & I have to cover it now given this news report today "New COVID variant arcturus arrives in Florida — with a new, odd symptom, conjunctivitis, pink itchy eye"; what a load of

Maybe Tucker Carlson's best open and last and I think will be remembered, he touched on many issues you should listen to and I think this open scared them all! You go Tucker!

Susan Rice to fully take over running the nation as POTUS full time (with Obama) as Biden announces she is stepping down from her role as 'policy advisor' wink wink

Did Brownstone's leadership censor Dr. Peter Breggin citing Malone? IMO 100% Yes! My motivation is truth-telling in an age of nonstop lies by media, government, & self-enrichment on the COVID tragedy

CNN (Chris Licht's fecal, bottom-dwelling, low-life, banal, feral, specious inept media outfit) accuses Dr. Joe Ladapo (Florida Surgeon General) of altering analysis to show higher risk to young men

Transgender debate & hysteria is suffocating us & I think highjacked & damaged by perverted high-risk people; we must not forget the risks & harms the LGBTQ community endures & people may differ in

Remember me, he said, please remember me! This is what little Alex would be telling us, so do not forget what these beasts did to baby Alex! They killed him, use Alex to drive you to get the

Fauci lied under oath? Saint Fauci? No, say it ain't so! But alas, it is so, Fauci may be one of the biggest liars to ever serve in public health! according to a new Twitter File uncovered during

Trump said he is the only POTUS candidate for 2024 who can stop WW III from unfolding; who can stop what Biden et al. have unfolded; I agree 100%; he is the only one with the capacity to do it!

Pervert rapist pedophile 18 year-old high school male in Wisconsin entered girl shower, stripped down and exposed himself & showered saying "I am trans..."; what would school have said if he RAPED the

Hutchinson: 'Government Should Not ‘Interfere with Parental Decisions’ on Hormones for Trans Children'; so Asa is agreeing with mutilation of children's genitalia? Say it ain't so Asa, say it ain't so

I warned you about the WOLF, COVID is done, he is comign alive! The jihadist wolf, Merkel lit the funeral pyres of Europe & Germany was in front of the line for demise! No sane nation would have done

BLAZE media: 'LGBT activist threatens anyone who would try to keep him out of women's bathrooms or protect their kids: 'It will be the last mistake you ever make'

Nattokinase in 2015 was showing us its anti-coagulation/fibrinolysis capacity: 'A single-dose (2,000 FU NK) of oral nattokinase potentiates thrombolysis and anti-coagulation profiles; in other words,

Two key pieces on this Tucker firing from FOX: 1)superb past speech from Tucker that may have caused him to be fired 2)interesting take by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World (a fav of mine), Tucker-Musk?

ALEXANDER's Top 7 NEWS picks April 24th 2023 released at 5 pm EST

DRUDGE update on Tucker fired from FOX & Lemon fired at CNN: 'FOX PRODUCER CLAIMED RAMPANT SEXISM, ANTISEMITISM, HARASSMENT'; what do we think, believe now? Who to believe? 2 TWEETS

Canada says if US court bans abortion pills, it would supply; 'If abortion drugs get banned in the United States, Canada "would work to provide" Americans access'; 5th Circuit looking at mifepristone

DRUDGE update on Tucker fired from FOX & Lemon fired at CNN: 'FOX PRODUCER CLAIMED RAMPANT SEXISM, ANTISEMITISM, HARASSMENT'; what do we think, believe? warning, DRUDGE is woke now!

Spike detoxifying formulation with fibrinolytic Nattokinase may provide you the support needed post COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine; as the science matures & develops, consult with your

Breaking 2.0: Don Lemon out at CNN! thank God if that leftist crazy rag has any chance, & fire some more of the nutcases there; this guy was too invective & hateful of non-leftists like him; deranged!

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson OUT at FOX, gone! Murdoch making major changes in light of 800 million $ settlement voting machines case etc.

Is this the first complete full autopsy on someone who died after taking the COVID gene injection by Esposito et al.? YES! It's outrageous; although subject was fully vaccinated, he died from COVID!

A 39 Year Old Alberta Pilot for WestJet Airlines Died Suddenly on March 17, 2023; should we ask if due to mRNA technology based gene injection? (RONDEAU); should airlines mandate test for myocarditis?

Trump operates in a vastly differently universe than John Kennedy ever did & Bobby Kennedy Jr. should know this; his uncle had the media on his side, had the deepstate and agency employees in DC

I never ever want the investigations of priests, of christian priests, of priests (and nuns) from any other faith even, to end; there are priests who destroyed the lives of young boys & we must ensure

Mayor Eric Adams says NYC is under threat being destroyed by the illegals, the migrants from the Southern border; say thanks to Biden, Eric, and more is coming your way; rapes, murders coming Eric

Did the fraud pandemic give us one GOOD thing? Yes! 'The Surprising Surge of Faith Among Young People Young adults, theologians and church leaders say the increase is a response to the pandemic'

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Malone knew mRNA technology based gene injections were NOT safe, he invented it, he knew it did not stay in injection site, he knew it reverse transcribed, he knew it was deadly, he stayed silent

Kennedy & Malone? Kirsch? What's this all about? Dr. Peter Breggin & Ginger Breggin are back & ask a serious provoking question: "Robert Kennedy, Steve Kirsch, and Robert Malone: What’s It All About"?

Urgent, breaking! All parents who want their young child or teen to go to transgender DRAG camp this summer 2023, you are in luck! In British Columbia (BC), Canada, Carousel Theatre has set up camp

Tributes paid to Co Down bowler (21 years old) who died within days of cancer diagnosis; should we ask if due to mRNA technology based gene injection? Do you know about TURBO cancers? Cancers in

K-pop star Moon Bin, member of boy band Astro, dies age 25; media saying suicide, what do you think?

The COVID Freedom Movement doctors and scientists, some of them, some stupid corrupted people I came to know, tried to destroy Dr. Ardis after 'Died Suddenly' & snake venom issues; he turned out to be

It is time, it is time that Robert Malone be asked to answer questions about his role in mRNA technology & how it works & how to turn it off given deaths! It is offensive & insane that someone who

150 Canadian doctors have died suddenly, soon after the roll-out of COVID mRNA technology based gene vaccines & having taken the shots, so why the silence by Trudeau? By the CMA? By the OMO? by CPSO?

2nd Smartest Guy in the World and I do subscribe to their substack, asks key questions as we should as scientists, of Malone; we should not be attacked because you 'like' Malone; no, like Fauci, he

FDA amended EUA for COVID bivalent mRNA technology booster (April 18th) (Pfzier-BioNTech & Moderna for original & BA4/BA5 clades); then CDC's ACIP advisory group met April 19th, 2023

Ryan Petrick, 39 years old: reports in his orbituary say he died of a brain aneurysm; did Ryan die of an aneurysm linked to the mRNA technology COVID gene injection? Can we ask?

Harmed by the mRNA technology? Yes they are! 'Officials: 19-year-old Glen Cove EMT dies after suffering 'unspecified medical emergency'; should we ask if due to mRNA technology based gene injection?

Buzzfeed was a racist leftist radical media hack outfit and read some of their stories, it was a matter of time; full of antiwhite hatred; IMO, was always garbage like CNN and MSNBC and at times FOX

WOMEN, real women, must stand up and REFUSE to enter any sports, play any games involving MEN with penises; this MUST stop, WOMEN must say NO & refuse to be abused & relegated by perverted MALES

XFL has two deaths occur within weeks of each other in Texas. 'Unrelated, tragic losses'; let us not ask any questions; could we see NFL players drop during this off season? did DAMAR HAMLIN have

Did the media cover this SHOCKING pre-print by Wagenhäuser et al. showing adverse reactions & inability to work aftet getting the Pfzier bivalent booster compared to the monovalent COVID-19 booster?

Van Egeren et al. states that 'Vaccines Alone Cannot Slow the Evolution of SARS-CoV-2'; the research is confusing & seems to play with the language; why? these mRNA technology shots DON'T work PERIOD!

Remember this study? "mRNA vaccine delivery using lipid nanoparticles"; so pppssssttt, don't let them misdirect and lie to you NOW that they never knew of it & did not know of the HAMRS of mRNA & LNPs

Jamie Foxx, this is a repost of a prior substack: did Jamie Foxx suffer a mRNA technology vaccine induced stroke? Was this 'medical emergency' vaccine related? Is this being hidden? How many shots did

Malone wrote "the worst atrocity in the history of the World has been confirmed" after seeing the great work of Tom Fitton et al. of Judicial Watch on the funding of the Gain-of-Function research; we

Don't you worry, you sick perverted 'WOKE' parents, don't you fuss your perverted heads, you can still get your kids enrolled in upcoming DRAG transgender camps, hell, if Suzie is 7, she is in! see

Canadian GRADE 11 child dies suddenly at school desk in Prince Edward Island (PEI); so how does this young person suddenly die of natural causes? child was double vaccinated I am told; IMO

Excellent presentation on Science, the Transgender Phenomenon, and the Young by Abigail Shrier, making the speech at Hillsdale; her views and sharing on the transgender MADNESS are refreshing!

Former NFL player Chris Smith dead at 31; rest in peace Chris, huge Condolences to all his family; I have a question, this was made public so if public we can engage; did Smith take the series of mRNA

No charges for Alec Baldwin in set shooting! who for one moment doubted this would happen? it's not just Ted etc. & those elities who manouver questionable issues, NO, its all those like Alec

So this moron, this UK minister idiot wants to jail Social Media Bosses Who Fail to Censor ‘Harmful’ Content? When you thought the UK government ministers were not stupid enough, along comes Donelan

Love this Canadian man telling leftist NDP and liberal government freak hacks to get the fu*k off my property, don't ever come to this house again, you liberal bastard fu*k, you are destroying Canada

Remember this study January 31, 2020 by Pradhan et al. that was WITHDRAWN & caused a firestorm in US government & globally? Why? Journals refused to publish & authors withdrew! Why? January 2020!

These are really perverts, with mental issues, IMO, these trangender freaks entering children bathrooms and men entering women change rooms and bathrooms etc. These are would be rapists and pedophiles

BOOM! DeSantis again for the win for Floridians! Florida bans lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation in ALL public school grades in expansion of the so-called 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Grace Schara, 19 years old, had Down syndrome: was she murdered by the hospital after contracting COVID? Her father Scott Schara says she was murdered & seeks justice for his daughter; Down syndrome?

I find this past US funded patent that lists Dr. Malone as an inventor is intriguing as to Malone's assertion on therapeutic use of cobra venom factor (toxic peptides); reminds me of Dr.Ardis raising

POTUS Trump: I support him/you fully, 100% on the Trump train, I feel he is the best person for America & what she faces re the past COVID disaster & Biden et al. yet he must call out Fauci, Francis

Megyn Kelly rips into transgender protestors who assaulted and who ‘kidnapped’ Riley Gaines; the left and trans people are making Gaines into a heroine and leader! I support Riley Gaines, this trans

Conservative activist Laura Loomer's recent substack gave me some heart burn & raises some troubling questions about Kent Stermon & Sen. Josh Kimbrell: did Kimbrell molest his son? Governor DeSantis

Presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy Jr. checks a lot of good boxes, I find principled, a good man, not perfect, but I am not a democrat & I am for 2nd & against GREEN environment crap! LOVE his

Judicial Watch: Records Show Funding for EcoHealth/Wuhan Institute Research to Create Coronavirus ‘Mutants’; Eco Health planned to sequence the spike protein from coronaviruses obtained from bats for

Drs. Ardis, Makis, Alexander, Bridle at Laura Lynne Thompson's COVID Summit in Surrey British Columbia, some photos, speeches to follow April 18th 2023

FURIN cleavage site (PRRAR): don't forget possible & likely KEY role in this COVID pathogen as it is missing in other group 2B corona viruses; a critical role in infection as seen in mutant

If we are asking Malone to explain himself as to the deadly mRNA technology that is core to the mRNA COVID gene injections, we MUST also get Karikó & Weissman under oath in the congress, these 3 must

Did we shut society down with lockdowns & school & business closures with NO basis using flawed RT-PCR process that was over-cycled beyond a cut-point of 24 cycle count? YES! 99.9% positives (Bullard)

Dr. Paul Offit, MD, FDA advisor, said the i) bivalent boosters failed & came up with a bogus reason! ii) The science I have been reporting said it failed too; altogether, the bivalent booster BA 4/5

I am strong PRO-LIFE with Willy Guardiola, a real hero and patriot fighting for the unborn! see this recent email to me and others to update you on his efforts to protect the unborn, PRO-LIFE!!

Apologies, was going on with Dr. Jane Ruby but in travel and my times with EST times got messed up & so I could not; working with Dr. Ruby to align it & I am sorry to her viewers, my screw up!

Burn Bra Challenge Takes Over TikTok in Protest of NIKEs Dylan Mulvaney Ads; I do not wear a bra, yet I wish I wore one so I could burn them! Burn those bras ladies, burn them all, all Nike products,

Dr. Byram Bridle: 'We Need to Follow the Science of Our 'Misinformation' 'Experts' More Importantly, So Do They'

Aspirin versus NATTOKINASE? Which is more beneficial as an antiplatelet/anticoagulant? as a potent anticoagulant agent in preventing heart attacks, stroke, and atherothrombotic diseases? IMO both yet

Buffalo's NFL Damar HAMLIN says his doctors said it was commotio cordis & he will play again! I say NO, his risk is high, McCullough, Stock, Alexander (me) question; this was VACCINE-INDUCED mRNA CA

Alexander, Artur Pawlowski, Ardis, Makis, Bridle, Laura Lynn Thompson, Mallard etc.; come see us in Surrey British Columbia April 18th Westfield Country Club "Let the Healing Begin"

NATTOKINASE 'has potent fibrinolytic activity, antihypertensive, anti-atherosclerotic & lipid-lowering, antiplatelet & neuroprotective effects'; TWC 'Spike Recovery' contains NATTO for anti-spike

Red Deer, Alberta COVID religious rally 'Let the healing begin' conference; see some photos of the giants I stood on stage with to rip into the devastating response to COVID & the overall fraud

Vilma’s Substack: Robert Malone Supported the Testing of Anthrax Vaccines on Children? What do you think by this exchange? This exchange with Dr. M Nass in 2011 is very interesting & worth sharing

America is actually at war with Russia, let me say it again, America has soldiers on the floor in Ukraine fighting Russian troops, did you know this? Tucker raises a potentially devastating situation

Budweiser: BUTTWEISER RUNS PAID PRO-AMERICA AD CAMPAIGN AFTER DYLAN MULVANEY DISASTER; IMO, up yours Budweiser with your transgender filth

'VERY DANGEROUS' transgender 'Barbie Kardashian' to be moved from Limerick Prison over fears of attack on staff; he planned to stab & torture his mother (note I said 'he' for 'he' is NOT a 'she')

Trump 2024! Why? No one on deck could rise to challenge of what America & world faces! That is key, he is best equipped! He has to fix the wrongs of COVID & mRNA-DNA OWS injections; 4 key must haves!

So let me see if I get this right, Scotland is locking up males, MEN, with females? Report emerges that most trans male prisoners only transitioned after they were locked up! And you ask why rapes?

Our police, our military, our border agents etc. were mandated the fraud mRNA technology based COVID gene injection & there are many vaccine-injured in US & Canada, SILENTLY, suffering, harmed

Is NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and Bromelain (BromAc) effective in breaking down the mRNA technology (or DNA) based COVID gene injection induced spike protein? Akhter et al.'s research says YES!

A 14-year old Japanese girl died unexpectedly 2 days after receiving the third dose of the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine; does anyone care? Was this in the media? Autopsy findings showed congestive

Dr. Naomi Wolf time and again shows the courage and bravery most do not possess; here she speaks at Hillsdale highlighting the dangers of the mRNA technology based gene injection, the bioweapon it is!

Jim Jordon says he is 100% for Trump 2024 & I applaud him for this bravery; yes, Trump IMO is the only person capable of doing what needs to be done for America!

America out Loud Talk Show interview with Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin who update us on their COVID experience; shared by my colleague Dr. Eleftherios Gkioulekas

Are Chinese military and police and subversives getting into the US through the Southern Border? This is dangerous for America as we can be subverted from within; we are now contenting with terrorists

Why Have Dr. Vanden Bossche’s Concerns About the COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Campaign Received Little Attention? IMO it is because scientists envy him, do not understand his science & failed to

RFK, Jr. (Kennedy) to Buttigieg: Airline Safety Is ‘Not a Partisan Issue,’ FAA Must Investigate Spike in Pilot Health Emergencies; I agree with Robert Kennedy in that there is a serious problem with

FAA: Why did the The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in America in January 2023 silently update its guidance for Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) to clear some pilots with with Guillain-Barré

Dr. Byram Bridle pens an excellent substack (you must support) & this piece is stunning: "Virology Teaching to be Compromised at My University", where Byram explains that at University of Guelph the

STUNNING! Remember Germany's Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach told us in his own words (minutes 8 to 15) after this CORRUPTED Health Minister mandated COVID gene injections, that in 2021 he

The March 2015 crash of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525, do you recall this? IMO this was never mental health or an accident, IMO the pilot crashed the plane deliberately & I think this was murder of the

Airlines etc. are tossing around flying with one pilot in cockpit; this is not an option and should not be considered and FAA and airline industry must commit today to this being a non-issue

Dr. Theresa Long spoke with me when we went to the US Senate last (to see Senator Johnson), Dr. Long is a physician within the US military & she told me how concerned she is/was about the COVID mRNA

In 54%, yes, that's right, cardiac abnormalities were detected among 81 (54%) of 151 patients with follow-up cardiac MRI when Kracalik et al. looked at outcomes at least 90 days since onset of

Elon Musk punishes this British media nutball James Clayton of BBC, "you don't know what you are talking about"! BOOM Musk SCHLONGS Clayton, I love it, these media freaks are

WHO said what? "I think we are coming to that point that we can look at COVID in the same way we look at seasonal influenza, a virus that is not disrupting our society or hospital system" para; so WHO

Transgenderism & gender sterilization surgeries, puberty blockers, breast removal & genital removal in young children: in my opinion, if you are a doctor or parent or teacher or guardian & encourage

Catastrophic cases of thrombosis have occurred due to COVID vaccine in association with thrombocytopenia and antibodies against PF4 (platelet factor 4); catastrophic syndrome has been named vaccine-

Ethan Brautigam, 13 years old, had a devastating injury, a ruptured arteriovenous malformation (AVM); did Ethan take the mRNA technology gene injections (Moderna or Pfizer)? the evidence accumulates

Did 12-year old Alrence Qunitana die from the COVID mRNA gene injection shot (Moderna or Pfizer)? Makis raises an important question, is this a very aggressive brain tumor (turbo cancer)? I agree

Dylan Mulvaney represents a dangerous turn in America; powers at be are trying to mainstream this troubled man, he is a man with a penis, and yes, I and all around me are boycotting Bud-light! we have

Leaking was encouraged under Trump as a sitting POTUS but now everyone runs around with the vapors and clutches pearls and fish net stockings? Gimme a break!

Jamie Foxx had a medical emergency, some said stroke?? Was it stroke? What happened here? Why the cryptic information? Is this vaccine-induced? Is this a vaccine-induced medical issue? I heard he is

URGENT news: Doctors Report Startling Rise In Testicular Injuries Among Woman Athletes; this is a real issue, from zero such injuries in prior years to now surging testicle injuries among women who

India calls for masking again due to XBB.1.16 Arcturus clade: first, who is the moron idiot who comes up with these names for these COVID variants & next, these idiots know the masks DO NOT work, so

Women who stay at home, homemakers, to maintain the home, the kids who are young etc.; why the hell can't we as a society compensate her, yes PAY her something for she has stymied her career

If you are a white, Christian, alpha, strong conservative, woman loving male, meat eater, in US today, you are DOA, dead on arrival, at the bottom of societal ladder, will get nothing, HATED! why?

Srečko Šorli et al's updated research looking at the UK's COVID vaccine data clarify that there is Increased Mortality after COVID-19 Vaccination; Vaccinated infected groups appear to have higher

Trump 2024: Devastating mRNA technology gene injection harms & deaths so Trump must declare that he would in his 1st hour i) sign executive order (EO) reversing liability protection & make RETROACTIVE

Who can account for the high levels of DNA contamination in the COVID mRNA technology vaccines? Moderna? Pfizer? Anyone? Anyone? Someone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

You want to know what tyranny is? Look no further than New Zealand & it's COVID lockdown lunacy insanity STILL! 'New Zealand Extends Mandatory Coronavirus Quarantines Until 2024'

Sub-variant COVID clade XBB.1.16 (aka Arcturus), the newest infectious clade shows no indications of severity, lethality etc.; so will the CDC, WHO & media stop the hyping and take a chill pill

Burn those bras, yes, burn them!!! Burn them all! Burn all the Nike bras and goods! The same Nike too down with LeBron's Chinese CCP slave labor! This transgender Dylan Mulvaney DOES NOT represent

TESSA LENA provided this stunning BRIBE document: 'Anthem COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Incentive Program; An image speaks a thousand words' where doctors incentivized with $ per COVID injection etc.

'New York City names its first-ever 'rat czar'; for Michael Cohen? So fast? it is good to see that the NY city government understands the filthy rat that he is; thanks NY city government, never

More evidence that hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin was beneficial early? Yes, we have evidence also of benefit late in the COVID sequelae;

Did Krug & Høeg show Pfizer vaccine-associated myocarditis-pericarditis in adolescents? Yes, alarmingly so! Stratified Risk-Benefit Analysis showed one dose in young males had more risk than benefit

Amnesty or Justice? The truth & freedom movement demands complete reparation, no less; I agree 100%, no AMNESTY, not in this, we want justice, accountability, we want wrong doers fined $ & imprisoned!

Miles Guo: CCP (Chinese government) wants to kill me, Steve Bannon number two; do NOT believe the CCP on anything, America is in danger to believe the CCP

Dr. Peter Breggin update: Dr. Breggin had to be re-admitted to hospital for pneumonia, he has now been released after 5 days his wife has shared; he is now at home, under treatment by Thorp, Crevier

Jim Jordan writes to the FBI's Director Wray: 'FBI Is Infiltrating Catholic Parishes – Agents Engaging in Outreach with Catholic Clergy to Inform on Americans Practicing Their Christian Faith'; WHAT?

Young Americans & Canadians suffer Hemorrhagic strokes (brain bleeds) & brain blood vessel damage, seizures & cardiac arrests at their school desks due to mRNA technology based

Alex Berenson said he will vote democrat before Trump if Trump was the nominee in 2024: I go at Berenson & defend him too when needed, here, well here, you lost me Alex! in January 2020 (pre COVID)

What did most updated research on harms & toxicity of face masks (face diapers), blue surgical masks, white cloth masks & man-made face coverings show? That it's harmful & DEADLY! N95 better? No!

Malone overplayed his hand suing Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Jane Ruby; he has already lost & is losing in the court of public opinion; Catherine Austin Fitts is the adult in the room

Why are strokes dramatically rising in young people in America & Canada? Is it mRNA technology based COVID gene injections (Moderna & Pfizer)? Can we ask that question? Should we? Makis & I say yes!

McCullough discusses countermeasures for the Marburg filovirus and the fatal Marburg virus disease; do I agree, YES! 100% that we do not try to vaccinate ourselves out of any future crisis, we treat!

This is what they look like just before they talk policy and have congressional discussions; this is why it is all always a clusterfu*k & the men, well they are legally drunk most of the time!

COVID subvariant clade XBB.1.16 called “Arcturus” is now the most transmissible variant & WHO is near orgasmic over this! more fear porn & going after parents; we see NO data, NONE (zero) of lethality

'Biden ends COVID national emergency after Congress acts: The U.S. national emergency to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic has ended'; now, this is good, let us get the REAL investigations ongoing &

Horowitz: 'Who will stand against the FDA’s experimentation on babies?' He is correct, 100%, who is standing up to stop this deadly mRNA technology gene injection in healthy children?

Gallup: Americans Grow More Concerned With Drug Use, Social Security; in my drive to inform & educate, I thought this recent Gallup poll is informative; IMO, both administrations have failed the US

Breaking! We are already in direct full war with Russia, WW III I would say, it is just we the people were not told! 'Ukraine war: Leak shows Western special forces on the ground'; What? No! Can't be!

The DNC is the CCP of the USA: Today’s Democrat National Committee (DNC) is nothing more than a subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). There are no “liberals” in the Democrat Party today,

Robert F. Kennedy Jr & Sasha Latypova Say the COVID Vaccines Were a 'Huge Military Operation'; Kennedy is correct 100%; I was actually at HHS, I saw OWS inside, it was 100% military, whatever it was!

Malone speech for RelCovax vaccine that he appears to be involved in; is this why he then came out against mRNA technology he invented? minute 22.01, Malone shows he is misunderstands natural

Stunning substack by Karen Kingston! DOJ & SEC Began Criminal Investigations Related to Pfizer's Operations in Russia and China; Was POTUS Trump ousted by AG Barr & the rest of the ‘swamp’

The IMMUNE system of an infant, child, teen today who is UNVACCINATED, of the young adult UNVACCINATED, that has withstood 3 years of this lockdown lunacy & fraud mRNA shot, is the PRIZE!

Huge tanks to POTUS Biden again on this Easter Monday 2023, you have single handedly taken us to the brink of WW III with Russia & now China! Thank you so much!

In 2 years under Joe, we now have the US at potential WW III with both Russia and China? And you want to jail Trump over Stormy? Start impeachment TODAY Kevin? Where are your testicles my man?

A bug's Life; boy is this quote not applicable today! I was at HHS inside the US government with Dr. Scott Atlas banging away at the fraud NIH, HHS, CDC, Fauci, Birx etc; Fauci et al. moved to FIRE

Kevin Bass: I love it Kevin, really do! Yet does it matter the fact that it took you 3 years before you woke up? While the 'trucker' knew the science about the fraud vaccine, while you did not! Yet it

President Eisenhower's Farewell Address was seminal & touched on topics that when you view this tape now, you are stunned as to how well he understood what was at stake & what was happening to America

Is spike protein from the mRNA technology based gene injection (Moderna-Pfizer) distributed to the entire body? Seems YES, 100%; mouse study shows full body distribution of spike S1 protein!

Did two (2) separate autopsy studies reveal (Schwab et al. Germany & Chaves et al. Columbia) that most deaths post COVID mRNA technology injection are due to the spike protein? YES!!!!

BOOM! Switzerland: Why has Swiss government now moved to say NO (none) COVID gene injection is recommended now, even for HIGH-RISK persons? What does the Swiss government know that the US does not?

The UNVACCINATED have to be careful now! The VACCINATED will soon be told they CANNOT even enter the restaurant! The VACCINATED may attack the UNVACCINATED when they fully realize they were tricked!

Rappoport: 'Dear Dr. Robert Malone, I urge you to drop your lawsuit against Dr. Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin'; We’re seeing a budding trend. Defamation suits...

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'Muslim world must unite against Israel, Erdogan says to Iran's Raisi': very dangerous! can Biden handle this? Can his frat boys at State handle this? Can Obama, given he runs America at present?

China practice drills in encircling Taiwan: this is why having Biden et al. & his frat boys & girls from State & the neocons & the other psychopaths in government is so dangerous! You do realize at no

Karen Kingston's 'Kingston Report': Nonsense Makes No Sense; There is NO contract or law that provides immunity to a manufacturer for producing a bioweapon for use on a civilian population'; BOOM!

Rob Rennebohm: see the websites of his work, in unison with Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche; Rob IMO has been out front educating us on the challenges of the current COVID pandemic & vaccine (see GVB's book)

Dr. William Makis reports on European study I had prior substacked on devastating puncture of blood brain barrier by mRNA technology based gene injection & resulting spike protein (Moderna-Pfizer)

Am I correct that these deranged malfeasant scientists seek to put mRNA vaccine etc. in milk? "Bovine milk is rich in exosomes & exhibits the similar potential to serve as drug-delivery nanocarrier"

Updated substack I re-post to share very critical insight of Rob Rennebohm and Geert Vanden Bossche (more so Rob's but they work together); my additions are bolded and italicized yet pay attention to

BOOM for hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics again! My colleague Dr. Howard Tenenbaum shared & we argue that had it been used aggressively as combined sequenced in high risk & in later stage, it may

Shocking European research finds COVID spike protein accumulates in skull-meninges brain axis (mouse models & human post-mortem tissues); accumulation of spike protein in skull marrow, brain meninges

Do we speculate? Should we even go there & ask, was it vaccine? IMO, it's the vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine! 'Family disputes Lance Reddick’s cause of death: ‘wholly inconsistent with his lifes'

Harold Griffin III beat a robbery victim in downtown on March 13 using a golf club. He was then handed hot coffee from staff at the Less and More Coffee, which is used to assault the victim further.

George Webb-investigative journalist @RealGeorgeWebb1; this guy is over the target constantly and asking serious questions, if only Roberto would answer them; I ask Roberto help us please; we just

Rob Rennebohm high level discussion with Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche (I am part of it) & I wish to share & expand it a bit for Rob's input is seminal & critical at this time (see his stack)

The ANUS of Canada is British Columbia & never to be outdone, now outdoes itself! Passes bill allowing 12-year-olds to legally ‘self-identify’ as opposite sex; need not say if 'male' or 'female'

Berenson wrote a decent substack unpacking Elon's TWITTER challenges yet IMO, it's simpler than that, Elon promised free unfettered TWITTER; it's NOT! it still censors & its a toy to them; Eugyppius

Nattokinase's (NATO) Degradative Effect on Spike Protein of COVID virus & we may infer strongly on NATO's effects on the spike induced by the mRNA technology gene vaccine

Important research paper (2011) for your toolbox, your library: 'CpG DNA as a vaccine adjuvant'; what is the role of CpG in the mRNA technology based gene injections? Does CpG turn on genes

Dr. Thomas Sowell, that giant, is invoked by John Leake (crime investigator and partner to Dr. Peter McCullough) as he discusses Sowell's 'CONSTRAINED' versus UNCOSNTRAINED' to describe behavior; IMO

Remarkable suicide and vitamin D study findings (Lavigne): The association between vitamin D serum levels, supplementation, and suicide attempts and intentional self-harm; retrospective cohort study

Where is the love Roberto? Where is the humanity & mercy? You treat fellow scientists & doctors as enemies. Like you have one switch 2 options only, ‘suck up or enemy'; why can’t you have something in

Now experts say that Pfizer & FDA misled & lied to the nation & world! That the studies were fraudulent, they dropped subjects & used bogus statistical analyses! Duh! Doshi, myself, McCullough, Risch

Pure Blood Registry has joined forces with an international group "THE ALLIANCE OF BLOOD COOPERATIVE"; It is imperative that the state governments protect the rights of its citizens with the choice of

Dr. Paul Alexander testifies in Senator Johnson's Senate meeting; Senator Johnson is a Prince who is destined for heaven! Rapid, mass vaccination at a time of tremendous infectious pressure will only

Diana West: 'A Risk Analysis', concluding Something tells me "the current data" are sure to change, Robert Malone should not be at the helm'

Two cases of adult onset 'Still disease' after the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine raises a flag for clinicians to consider, involving fever and associated symptoms after mRNA vaccination; Dr. McCullough

Sasha Latypova: 'The role of the US DoD (and their co-investors) in "covid countermeasures" enterprise.'; I am for no censoring, NONE & I wanted to share Sasha's work here, there are always nuggets

I echo eugyppius for I just got banned too, fc*k TWITTER, that bastion cesspool of crap, as eugyppius said, TWITTER can eat my anus; like I give a crap about TWITTER, yes, substack is way better, so

Today, we have someone running around suing anyone who questions or disagrees with him on a gene injection platform technology (mRNA) that he said he invented & which has & is killing us & we have

Dementia & Vitamin D supplementation: vitamin D supplementation and incident dementia: Effects of sex, APOE, and baseline cognitive status (Ghahremani et al.); Across all formulations, vitamin D

BOOM! Anthony Boone@trynnagetahouse hit it out of the park responding to Malone's attacks on those trying to fix the problem his mRNA technology created; who threatened, bullied & censored EPOCH?

George Webb: 'Malone's Big DOMANE Lie Is Crashing Silicon Valley Speculators Who Believe In Bio-AI. Machines Spitting Out Vaccines Was A Lie, And It Is Going To Crash A Few Silicon Valley Banks'

Way to go, Avi Silverberg, way to go! You match insanity with insanity I always say! Madness we live must be matched with madness! Male Powerlifter Avi Silverberg Sets New Women’s Bench Press Record

Trump is being hounded and charged for one reason only, because he loves America and is willing to fight for America, that is all. there is no crime, this is a show to shame him

BOOM! Matt Gaetz delivers a hay maker to the FBI, BOOM! Yes, Gaetz deserves a reward for that hay maker on Hunter Biden's laptop!

Meet NIKE WOMEN’S Newest Ambassador…a biological man; Dylan Mulvaney is now being paid $ by Nike Women to promote sports bras- even though he’s a man! How do you like dem there apples?

Dr. Lee Merritt: how mRNA Vaccines killed animals during testing and how MRNA Vaccines could be used to kill millions of people by first injecting people with the So Called Vaccine and then...

What? Taxpayers to bail out Moderna? Bail out Bancel? Criminal vaccine maker! These beasts at Moderna got paid upfront, 0 risk, brought us a deadly mRNA technology gene injection that killed so many

Coronavirus Plushie@c_plushie: New Zealand Prime Minister @chrishipkins and Health Minister @drayeshaverrall get the #COVID19 bivalent booster just three days after a study in the NEJM shows that

Pre-exposure to COVID mRNA technology LNP gene vaccines inhibits adaptive immune system responses & alters, subverts innate immune fitness in an inheritable fashion; passes down acquired immune

I am a conservative libertarian, actually no affiliation but in no way identify anything left or radical left for it is insane, but I know Robert Kennedy, I have different politics but this is a good

FREEDOM! The real MEN & WOMEN, real, big stones men & women (pension protestors) have taken over BlackRock Headquarters in Paris, this is getting nice & hot! Love it! MAGA! This is what FREEDOM

HEADLINE: Did Johnson & Johnson knowingly kill our babies, harm and kill people with it's baby power over decades? Knowingly? Pharmaceuticals are criminals, killers as we see with Moderna & Pfizer's

"Catherine Austin Fitts responds to Malone's $25 Million Lawsuit against the Breggins: The Refiners Fire"

Update (6th April): “The Wellness Company's (TWC) Spike Support ad has been taken down by EPOCH. Censorship is real. I will investigate who bullied EPOCH into this terrible decision. More to come!”

Kid Rock, love my Kid Rock, could not say it any better Kid, this transgender bull sh*t with Bud Light & Bush; no matter how much you push that transgender 'MAN with penis thinking he is a women crap'

Judge Jeanine Pirro hits the nail on the head: this is ridiculous and this indictment is less significant than I thought it would be in the first place. It’s a whole lot of NOTHING; Pirro is on the

Trump Calls Alvin Bragg a ‘Criminal’ for ‘Illegally Leaked’ Grand Jury Information: ‘He Should Be Prosecuted’; POTUS Trump is correct, he should be prosecuted, this is a witch hunt & should not have

Speaker McCarthy says there will be hell to pay by the DA Bragg for what he did to Trump: huh? you let it happen, you let it go this far and say you will do something about it? we will see breast

So to watch the hockey game in Vancouver, you got to sit through a drag show? How can I get my refund from this BS? This transgender madness and the damage to our children; you are a man with a

Alex Newman (Liberty Hour) speaks with Dr. Paul Alexander on COVID & the deepstate's drive to undercut and remove POTUS Trump; why POTUS Trump was on pace to land on Mount Rushmore

“The Wellness Company's Spike Support ad has been taken down. Censorship is real. I will investigate who bullied Epoch into this terrible decision. More to come!”

Very dangerous FED announcement on Long-awaited Fed digital payment system (Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)) to launch in July; Kennedy (and Mike Yeadon) reminds this is a slippery slope to

Teenagers in devastating MYOCARDITIS (MYO) situations with damaged lungs & hearts after mRNA technology COVID injections; jail, take the medical license of all doctors who guided to take jabs & lied

If there was ever a question on whether mRNA & lipid-nano particles (LNPs) can reach the placenta, Swingle et al.'s research indicates YES it does! identified a lead LNP that enables in vivo mRNA

The Conservative Woman: James Delingpole, what a fascinating read, "Covid, imaginary pandemic of the brainwashed"; this is closest to my view and theory, matching Jay Couey & Mike Yeadon

Twitter suspended my account yesterday; insider person I know now at Twitter who works there advised me 2 complaints made i) my support of POTUS Trump is too pure ii) my questions on mRNA technology

Peter C. Gøtzsche, Maryanne Demasi examination raises many questions as the the COVID vaxx harms: 'Serious harms of the COVID-19 vaccines: a systematic review' (shared with me by Dr. Howard Tenenbaum)

POTUS Trump is being unjustly treated, like the Russia Gate, all a scam, I feel pain for Trump, you may like him or hate him, this is WRONG, on a humanity level, WRONG & we must return it in kind

Trofim Lysenko would blush, in all his Stalin madness with his Lysenkoism, at the madness, the INSANITY of what Trump's Task Force & Biden's health officials did to cause deaths; DeSantis said NO!

DeSantis Signs Bill Allowing Permitless Concealed Carry in Florida; wonderful move DeSantis, huge praise, now allow open carry, we take the battle to the criminals; we help police handle the criminals

The employees in this coffee shop must be arrested too for giving the criminal here a weapon, they stood by and laughed and this criminal must go to the gallows, he tried to kill the victim

This corrupted DA Bragg has damaged race relations, the social structure, hurt America, damaged the justice system maybe irreparably, & the America I love seeks justice & all he did will be returned

Are the democrats trying to kill Trump? Literally. I think they are trying to assassinate Trump. Have him assassinated and I think they are so deranged and malicious, they cannot think clearly, IMO

Are we about to see mRNA technology used in the COVID gene vaccines now used in our food supply? When we know the mRNA reverse transcribes back to DNA? Tom Renz (giant legal mind) says YES!

Why did Dr. Peter McCullough NOT sue Michael Senger (lawyer & Brownstone writer) when Senger went on Twitter & slandered him? Senger openly misrepresented McCullough's positions, but McCullough,

It's the vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine! 'Spanish Third-Division Match Suspended After World Cup Star’s Brother Suffers Cardiac Arrest During First Half (VIDEO)'; should we ask if it's vaccine-

Pregnant women were excluded from Pfizer & Moderna's legacy COVID mRNA trials so we had NO (zero) safety data yet FDA granted EUA that included pregnant women? Dr. William Makis show many dying now!

I again praise Dr. Robert Malone for speaking as to the benefits of NATTOKINASE (NATO) as a natural blood thinner; I was happy that The Wellness Company (TWC) Spike Recovery Product with NATO was

Hobley: 'Maternal Mortality Rate in U.S. Increased 40 Percent During Pandemic'; The United States has again secured its spot as “the most dangerous place” among high income countries to give birth,

Peter Halligan: 20 million saved or 20 million killed; Global deaths are around 19.5 million SO FAR and global injuries are around 2.2 billion. Those injuries are likely to develop into “conditions”

Trump Indictment Spurs Glenn Beck to Wholeheartedly Support the Former President on Tucker Carlson Tonight

How could you seriously want to charge Trump with a crime when you did not charge Obama, Clintons? How? Even Bush? They were pristine? If you were charging Presidents, how? Somebody help me, tell me?

King for King I tell you! You will rue the day you did this! It must be tit for tat, yes, the democrats are doing this & we must punish them, any POTUS including Biden when he leaves office, his son

There is a saying, when you are trying to bury your enemy, dig two graves, one for you too; it is a fascinating figurative saying but it holds; those seeking to take down Trump should know what they

Which X-Men do you prefer? The men who say they are women yet have penises? the men who are would be rapists of women given the chance, for they are really perverts and child pedophiles too? which?

BOOM! As we watch the Donald beat them at their game, here we have Ron schlonging them! "DeSantis: “They were wrong on lockdowns, they were wrong on masking they were wrong on denying existence of

The same way Obama gave Iran 2 high-tech naval gun boats in Persian Gulf, the same way Obama gave Iran Air Force drone to in turn attack America with the technology, it's the same way Biden allowed

Vitamin D and Risk for Type 2 Diabetes in People With Prediabetes: huge systematic review (using 3 randomized controlled trials) by Pittas et al. showing in adults with prediabetes, vitamin D

Russell Brand: why is Trump being arrested now? Did the democrats not do the same thing in 2016 that they are accusing Trump of doing now? All this is, is a desire to bring down Trump, that is all

COVID Vaccine-induced silent myocarditis? Can it rear its devastating head at ANY time? McCullough, Stock, Makis, myself etc. have been talking about 'dying at dawn' as you rise or on the athletic

CNN, maybe the most corrupted, banal, puerile, low-life bottom dweller vapid news media anti-Trump rag out there now reports that WHO experts are saying healthy kids & teens so low risk, no vaccine???

King for King! You best know you touch our King, we will not stop until the day your King faces same, each thing you do our King, will be returned in kind! No question, there are enough wrongs, but we

URGENT URGENT for parents!: 'A case of fatal multi-organ inflammation following Pfizer mRNA shot'; 14-year-old Japanese girl died unexpectedly 2 days after receiving 3rd dose of Pfizer mRNA COVID-19

Scotland: 'Deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland'; look at the updated excel data file I embed below, it shows you not one (zero), that is '0' persons under 19 (let us say 'kids') died

Dutch Clinical Interest in Gender Dysphoria Skyrocketed in 2014; very troubling! Rare Diagnosis and Intervention Accelerated When Children < 10 Years were Targeted

Those involved with mRNA technology based COVID injections tell you today para 'well, it is not completely safe so we need to test it more to ensure it is safe'; that is BULL, they know it is unsafe

This UK British government's report # 42 stunned the medical community, see page 23 (reporting period week 38 & week 41 2021) stating that N antibody levels were lower if infected after 2 vaccines

What? World Health Organization (WHO) now says COVID injection not needed in healthy children & teens? What? After insanity WHO, CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, SAGE, Health Canada etc. put us through with

Carolina Bonita, you go Carolina, this lady is out there fighting the good fight, maligned, smeared, used by the very same people you see out front; I only have praise for her; she is exposing filth

Troubling poll from WSJ: "America Pulls Back From Values That Once Defined It e.g. Patriotism, religion and hard work hold less importance"

Hang them high! With proper legal investigations, tribunals & judges, if judges & juries say Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx, Bourla, Kariko et al., all involved in the lockdown lunacy to the fraud mRNA

Robert Malone said here (this is his Twitter) that those of us who do not believe in vaccines are the most gullible on earth; para "I would manipulate anti-vaxxers for fame and fortune, notoriety, if

Uversky et al.: 'IgG4 Antibodies Induced by mRNA Vaccines Generate Immune Tolerance to SARS-CoV-2’s spike Protein by Suppressing the Immune System'; massive implications both for the mRNA COVID

Dr. David Martin: 'Reveals the Creation of the Covid Virus, Who Was Involved and Why Ron Johnson or Rand Paul Won't Arrest The Criminals'; truth be told, I love Johnson, true patriot & Rand is

Artur Pawlowski: Premier Danielle Smith, now it is over to you to help Artur, it is time you stepped up & did the right thing, you have the power; who do you know in Alberta do more good for poor

Malone sues Dr. Jane Ruby for 25 million $, alike the Breggins; why? All I could ask is, why? Just thought you should know. All these people suing, what is wrong with them? This is censoring, chilling

Dr. JJ Couey on FIRE again examining viral clone theory, mRNA technology based gene injections, & the COVID response; I thank Robert Kennedy Jr. (brave and upstanding as usual) for supporting Couey

Yes, vaccinated persons DO shed, shedding the mRNA, LNP, spike protein, toxic ingredients of the COVID gene shot! Unvaccinated persons develop blood clots, heart & brain complications after contact

BREAKING! Dr. Robert Malone deserves praise for this video & I agree with Malone about the benefits of fibrinolytic (blood thinning) NATTOKINASE & The Wellness Company (TWC) makes a product with NATO

Karen Kingston continues to gain respect with her excellent work, detail, depth; this substack is very informative: 'mRNA Vaccines are a Sham. People are Being Injected with Nanotech'

Today, I am closer to a combined Jay Couey's 'clone' theory (possible multiple release 'signals') and Mike Yeadon's 'no virus' theory than to any wet market propaganda or even a 'lab-leak'; JJ & Mike

Medical doctors in Canada & US were willing to go along killing me, my peoples, our kids, with lockdown lunacy & deadly untested mRNA gene injections so why would we trust them, any of them today?

Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. William Makis, Bob Blayone (Alberta Independence party) and the giant himself, Pastor Artur Pawlowski (feeds thousands daily on the streets in Alberta); see photos recent talks

Sage Hana: 'How did we get these COVID mRNA jabs anyway? If only someone could have stopped them.'

I have stated repeatedly that COVID vaccine studies failed to adjust for natural immunity, early treatment, co-morbidities, improved care, healthy vaccinee user bias; McCullough has been on point too

mRNA technology based COVID injections are deadly & mRNA technology should have never been allowed: "Post COVID Vaccine Heart-Related Deaths Sharply Increase, Especially in Young Males"

POTUS Trump: The Biden Banking Crisis Is a Disaster of Historic Proportions; a very important informative video by POTUS Trump

Reminder of this systematic review (LANCET) by Lim et al. showing that all COVID mRNA gene injection Vaccines Perform Worse Than Natural Immunity Against COVID (original strain & Alpha, Beta & Delta)

tRNA (transfer RNA) is critical to the translation to proteins (e.g. spike protein) from mRNA & there are 3 STOP codons UGA, UAA, & UAG that function to stop the translation (protein synthesis);

Have you noticed How good Trump is looking, seems he is on a fitness move now, looks very healthy and strong, this is great! Gearing up for the campaign trail, 6-7 stops a day! MAGA! Very MAGA!

Dershowitz: 'The Left Will ‘Stretch the Constitution, Destroy the Constitution to Prevent Trump from Running for President’; bingo Alan, bingo, & so will some RINOs & even republicans

Did the United States FAA risk the lives of Americans by allowing a pilot with vaccine induced myocarditis, to fly passengers? After COVID mRNA technology injections? Why would the FAA do this?

Leave Premier Danielle Smith alone on Pastor Artur Pawlowski! Who the hell cares if you NDP & media think she was wrong to talk with the pastor? You are moronic, she was trying to help fix a wrong

Did CDC lie & mislead Americans? Of course, big time! '25 (twenty-five) Statistical and Numerical Errors Made by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention During the COVID-19 Pandemic'

6 studies showed us that there is (can be) harm (adverse effects) following use of these mRNA COVID injection vaccines; there is harm risk if injected post infection; also 2 studies show likely

Dr. Peter Breggin has turned for the worse & is headed to hospital re COVID; his wife Ginger is taking him & we must pray & find ways to support; Malone's lawsuit sunk them, they were doing well

New Zealand & its COVID insanity continues: these men sent to jail today in March 2023 for their protests at the start of COVID lockdown lunacy EVEN though we know the lockdowns failed, vaccine failed

A miscarriage of statistics: The thalidomide sequel & how CDC etc. lied about COVID miscarriage rates that are far worse! NORMAL miscarriage rate is 5-6% but studies show it as 20% so that doubling

Carolina @carolina_bonita HARD BLOW to the communists. 'President Trump will not accept a plea deal and plans to present "substantial legal challenges" to prosecution BOOM! I stand with POTUS Trump!!

Dr. Katalin Karikó & Dr. Robert Malone, who is telling the truth? The Atlantic piece below raises many troubling questions I am hoping Malone provides details on; they reside at the very core of mRNA

Jabagi et al.'s NEJM reporting on the French population after bivalent booster is misleading! McCullough clued me in (see his stack) & look at Table 1 (bivalent mRNA technology vax vs monovalent vax)

What did a Taipei city study of cardiac adverse effects after the 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine in a young population show? Among eligible students, n=763 (17.1%) had at least one cardiac symptom

The Caliphate News Network (CNN) now reports our POTUS Trump indicted on 34 counts; I hope democrats & those doing this know once you set precedence, it comes to you too...

Dr. Peter Breggin's wife Ginger Breggin update: Dr. Breggin is not doing too well tonight & Ginger also is not doing well & adjusting some early treatment drugs, thank God for Drs. McCullough & Thorp

How could pregnant women be excluded from the legacy registrational Pfizer & Moderna studies yet EUAs be granted that gave them the mRNA technology injection? Do babies in utero have mRNA, LNP, spike?

I have always been honest, maybe too honest and I make mistakes (typos) as at times so angered by the filth in the COVID Freedom Fighters; I despise censorship & hypocrites; I will not flood you YET

BOOM! Senators Rand Paul and Chip Roy Introduce Bill to ‘Eliminate’ Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), replace with 3 separate national research institutes

Breaking: POTUS Trump indicted & my views below as to why this is happening and in my view, it is very wrong; I stand with POTUS Trump for I saw first hand at HHS & in US govn the witch hunt on him

George Webb: 'Robert Malone -No Limits To Hypocrisy; Despite Missing HydroxyQ and Ivermectin With DOMANE, Malone Still Fashions Himself A Hero.'

Drs. Gruber & Krause of FDA: these 2 are public servants who we must seek out & praise for they stood up when the FDA commissioner & all of the FDA employees, CDC, NIH etc. were silent; they resigned

Moderna's CEO Stéphane Bancel openly lied to Senator Rand Paul under oath that there is a lower incidence of myocarditis among adolescent males 16 to 24 after taking your vaccine; Bancel said:

Robert Malone signals he has had enough, he will sue anyone who questions him on who he is or his mRNA technology work on deadly COVID injection; if anyone sides with Dr. Kariko who worked with him

Nuremberg Code used for Nuremberg 1.0 arising out of the horrific experiments and brutality of the Germans; note 7/8 doctors swung from ropes then! Nuremberg 2.0 is needed now with legal inquiries

Democrats cannot bear to hear about Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs yet this is what they approve of & practice; they want to pretend & stick their heads up their asses

Sebastian Gorka asks: is POTUS Biden really senile that he does not understand what he says or does he lack compassion and is soulless? What say you? As to the children Nashville massacre

Leslyn Lewis, Canadian MP, raving the moronic insane leftist liberals in Parliament telling her to apologize for meeting Christine Anderson; you go wonderful smart Leslyn, you bust these frauds up!!

Chris Christie said he cannot support Trump for POTUS and he will decide in 60 days if he will seek the nomination as he wants to; my take: Christie has as much a chance of being the nominee as Biden

Tucker Carlson: “That c*nt,” he wrote in a text on Nov. 22. “I hope she’s punished.” "Fu*king bitch", referring to Trump's lawyer Sidney Powell; as part of Dominion's $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit

Dr. Peter Breggin updated me that the $ 25 million lawsuit by Malone has taken a toll & his wife Ginger is struggling badly with COVID; thank God for heroes like Drs. Peter McCullough & James Thorp

Dr. Roger Hodkinson estimates now 20 million deaths due to the COVID mRNA gene injection vaccine and climbing; a billion adverse effects, some very serious

I remind you we have clear evidence that mRNA from the COVID technology gene injection can be found in breast milk, see Hanna et al.; PREGNANT women must be informed of this for decision-making

mRNA & thus LNP & thus spike protein (naked or in LNP or exosomes or extracellular vehicles (ECVs) in the blood long-term? Yes, the evidence has accumulated to show this, see Fertig as an example

Ryan Cole: you took a shot at me in the public domain & I never ONCE mentioned your name; the crypto backers pedophilia issue is for Malone to deal with, not you, I will not return insult

Spike detoxifying formulation with fibrinolytic Nattokinase may provide you the support needed post COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine; as the science matures & develops, consult with your

Dr. Ramin Oskoui (DC Foxhall cardiologist) shared a troubling Australian report showing that mRNA & lipid nanoparticle carriers was systemically disseminated despite telling world otherwise; who knew?

The spike protein (S protein) & spike mRNA both can enter the nucleus of cell; did you know that? did anyone involved with mRNA technology tell you? Sattar et al. warned us; we can extrapolate that

Re-post WARNING about large commercial planes falling from sky if FAA & airlines do not impose tests to exclude myocarditis before pilots take to sky e.g. D-dimers, high-sensitive troponin, chest MRIs

Stew Peters is right to ask what this young boy is handing to POTUS Biden? What is that? Moreover, if POTUS is unmasked, why is the lad masked in the outside open? Is this a punked?? Weird to say the

Chase: 'If I had sex with a trans-woman, I would be gay, as a trans-woman is a biological man, PERIOD!' Interesting discussion & as usual, I wanted to share & broaden the table; what do you think? Is

Pre-exposure to COVID mRNA technology LNP gene injections vaccines inhibits adaptive immune system responses & alters, subverts innate immune fitness in an inheritable fashion; passes down acquired

Dr. Peter Breggin's wife Ginger Breggin is NOT doing well re COVID, not good, thank God for Dr. P. McCullough & Dr. J. Thorp for treating her; let us pray she recovers as MALONE served her with court

Devastating report: ZEROHEDGE-Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled, estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million

Daniel Nagase MD, big stones on this MD, huge hugs brother, stones of steel I see; 'How to flip a double (or triple) agent.'; so Robert is a double or triple agent? Very interesting! Malone doesn’t

What killed more than 80% of high-risk vulnerable people in old-aged homes, nursing homes, long-term care homes in Canada in 2020? Was it isolation? Sedatives (midazolam + morphine)? Remdesivir?

Excess mortality in Canadian Provinces: why? Is it delayed treatment for other illness in COVID lockdowns? Is it the pathogen? Is it the mRNA technology injection? Is it the terrible medical system?

Is it that these doctors saw no red flags or just don't know what they are doing or NOT looking in certain places? Did they check for myocarditis? "Doctors didn't see 'any red flags' in a 35 year-old

Breaking! Malone silences critic! Dr. Peter Breggin & family battling hot COVID, under treatment by Dr. P McCullough, is sued for 25$ million by Malone; why? IMO, Breggin told Malone he's full of shit

Dr. Peter Breggin & family have been hit with COVID & being helped wonderfully by Dr. Peter McCullough, hero in Freedom Movement, real hero, while Robert Malone officially sued them for 25 $ million

Josh Yoder (pilot): "Says young, healthy pilots are suffering from myocarditis and “dropping dead on flights”. Says there were “four incapacitations” in the last two weeks!" I warn, one or two large

Robert Malone has now officially sued the Breggins, Dr. Peter Breggin for 25$ million because Breggins dared to question him; this is the madness we live, someone masquerading in the Freedom Movement

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell out front we MUST get rid of the voting electronic machines, the fraud of elections, its not elections anymore, its 'selections'; huge props for him, huge praise! I know him

You ask if pharma would harm you? Well, diethylstilbestrol (DES) is a synthetic form of the female hormone estrogen prescribed to pregnant women between 1940 and 1971 to prevent miscarriage &

Australian Senator Alex Antic: 'Massive excess mortality above the baseline average; Clearly, something serious, I would say catastrophic, is occurring' para; I would reply to Antic: "It's the vaccine

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Are *Severe* Respiratory Disease Pandemics Even Possible? “I don’t think severe respiratory infectious disease pandemics are possible. They’re not possible.” Dr. Mike Yeadon

Remdesivir; this LANCET Wang et al. publication May 2020 came out the morning that the Fauci-NIH rolled out fraud study; this trial was stopped early because of no clinical benefit & adverse events

Shedding Concerns: "It Looks Like the mRNA is Transferring from the Vaccinated to Unvaccinated"; yes, vaccinated sheds to unvaccinated (via mRNA naked, in nano-particles, in exosomes, same with spike)

Senator Rand Paul grills Anthony Blinken today: why can't the American people get the records on Gain-of-Function research? This is bullsh*t, just cut off the money, stop the funding, you control the

Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. William Makis discuss Alberta children now being able to get COVID-19 vaccines without parental consent, sudden deaths in high school students, pilots collapsing and more

Karen Kingston: Biden is Acting on Behalf of an Enemy of the American People; Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Resulted in Tragic Deaths of Working Americans that Equates to Same Loss in Lives as Act of War

Notorious GVB (Vanden Bossche) warned that the Ebola Vaccine Ring Trials were Killing People: "We just wanted to have the case fatality rate of the whole period." Geert got told to STFU (Sage Hana)

Democrats deliver like no other and in record time, consider this stellar exceptional record under POTUS Biden in 2 years, can you think of it being any better than now? I cannot wait for next 2 years

He actually will be POTUS again! Irks me watching that beelzebub Paul 'eunuch' Ryan smirk & that untermensch did all he could to subvert Trump; Trump must never forget that

Menachery & Baric in 2015(NATURE): I bring this paper again, it is critical, it represents fundaments of the pathogen release & possible clone theory; read abstract carefully for it tells you all

Baric & the malfeasants working on the bat & mouse coronaviruses, notice the date on this NIH Fauci-Collins grant (2014) so research was going on before; I believe the leak & clone work happened here

John Fredericks talks to McCullough about Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) & COVID origins & why we must have independent investigations, not dog & pony normal Washington games, REAL investigations

What did Obama know about Ukraine and Hunter and Biden's dealings? When did he know it? Evidence is becoming clear: “These documents conclusively demonstrate that there is no daylight between Hunter

COVID-19 vaccine boosters in young adults expected to cause a net harm: per COVID-19 hospitalization prevented, anticipate at least 18.5 serious adverse events from mRNA vaccines, including 1.5–4.6

Remember NEJM study (Lin et al.) that showed natural immunity in kids 5-11 years old (North Carolina) was far superior than COVID mRNA Pfizer vaccine immunity against hospitalization (n=890,000 kids)

Joe Rogan: "There's a lot of people out there distributing health advice that have a giant f**king hole in their health game. Bill Gates is a great example of that. He's got this big, fat belly &

Lara Logan on point again doing what legacy fraud media fails to do by covering child trafficking; I call legacy CNN, ABC, NBC, CBC etc. the fecal, putrid, banal, vapid, bottom-dweller low-life media

Testicular 'TURBO' cancers with deaths happening in days: 'Tributes paid to Co Down bowler (21) who died within days of cancer diagnosis'; rapid death, spike protein in testes, ovaries etc. (Makis)

World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st 2023); I cannot forget my good friend Dr. Byram Bridle & his son, as well as Scott Schara, the father of Grace killed in hospital via COVID protocol; both Scott &

Canadian colleague on fire today, we are on stage together in Canada now! 21 videos of people collapsing post COVID mRNA technology gene injection; 21 VIDEOS of collapses on stage & live (Makis)

N1‑methyl‑pseudouridine plays a vital role & is incorporated with higher fidelity than pseudouridine in synthetic mRNAs (payload of the COVID gene injection); Instability of the synthetic mRNAs &

Low prevalence of myocarditis in COVID-19? Well, this is not what CDC, NIH, FDA & Fauci etc. told us! We were told take the mRNA COVID gene injection because virus gives you more myocarditis than shot

How much more evidence do we need to see that Hunter Biden was engaged in very questionable Chinese CCP business deals, how much more? "The spy chief of China"? Hunter, you knew this?

Clandestine for the WIN!!! Can we get an AMEN for this brother? Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clandestine knows something I know, that a united China & Russia spells disaster for America & Biden just did that!

Air Force veteran cleans Biden's clock, schlongs him & I am sorry, POTUS Biden lied, his son DID NOT die in Iraq, he died of cancer, not on the battlefield, he must stop lying; thanks for the service

Say what you want about Marjorie Taylor Greene out of envy, this lady has the stones, the seeds most men and most do not have! Props! Praise for Bannon on WarRoom for keeping at this key injustice

Xylazine! Most deadly street drug, beware & parents beware for your kids; Deadly street drug, sedative, we are seeing Fentanyl mixed with Xylazine & naloxone does not reverse the effects of Xylazine

UNVACCINATED blood donor startup? It appears so & I am doing some background investigation to establish the veracity; it is called "Blessed by his Blood Cooperative" (BBHB)

Madewell et al. showed us in 2020 that asymptomatic transmission was just that, asymptomatic (no symptoms to spread) & was a LIE by CDC, Fauci, Francis Collins, Walensky; they lied! you were NOT

Ginger Breggin ensures we do not forget Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi! This is heart warming for Dr. Bhakdi I grew to know from this COVID lunacy fight & emerged as a global leader, brilliant expert! Thank you

Are some viruses & pandemics more equal than others? Is this animal house of pandemics? American Thinker's M. Catharine Evans laid out a crushing case against Fauci & his clear malfeasance & lies via

Fraiman et al.: 'Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults'; Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were associated with an

This MAN emerged from a race against FEMALE swimmers that he won by lengths, now tell me what is wrong with this picture? Why are women SILENT & not in the streets over this? Why are these perverts,

There Was No Covid-19 Pandemic! BOOM, now he is on my page! Occam's Razor, the biology of viruses, the naked ambition for power and the Philosopher's Stone. William Hunter Duncan

More lies that the COVID virus causes more myocarditis & heart damage than the COVID vaccine so go get your vaccine? You mean Francis Collins & Fauci lied? Sechi et al. "Short-term cardiac outcome in

So Hilary Clinton funded the Steele dossier as a legal expense; found guilty & that dossier was used to push false Russia collusion on Trump; so why was Hilary not indicted? What about the gun running

24 vaccines in 1983 on the vaccine schedule birth to 18 & now in 2023, it is 72 and it rises to 76 if vaccines for pregnant women added...76...are you comfortable with that number? did you know this?

So let me see if I get this straight: Biden, Romney, Pelosi, and Kerry sons are involved with energy contracts in the Ukraine? All function as directors for energy companies in Ukraine?

Two issues I wish to table: i)there will come a time sooner than you think, when the VACCINATED is prevented from entering the restaurant ii)Russia & China uniting due to Biden et al. is hell for US

Jordan Schachtel's '3 Years to Slow The Spread: Covid hysteria and the creation of a never-ending crisis What resulted was a giant human experiment in Public Health tyranny'. Nice piece

Recall Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam study (Chau et al.) looking at vaccinated healthcare personnel during Delta variant; viral loads via PCR cycle threshold in vaxxed nurses were 251 times higher than in

CDC study July 2021: Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 469 COVID-19 cases identified among Massachusetts residents who had traveled to the town during; 346 (74%) occurred in fully vaccinated persons.

Grace Schara’s father Scott Schara & Dr. Paul Alexander discuss how hospital doctors murdered Grace, a 19 year old with Down Syndrome, using deadly end of life treatment in a COVID era; a medical

Deadly use & weaponization of “anti-semite” to character-assassinate people guilty of nothing more than questioning approved COVID narratives; from failed lockdown to mRNA technology (Clemens Arvay)

Bradford Hill's 'Biological gradient (dose–response relationship)' as a measure of causation (one of several with temporality, biological plausibility etc.) STRONGLY seen in graph by Shrestha et al.

Pilot (flying for WestJet Canada) dies SUDDENLY: Benjamin Paul Vige suddenly DIED in Calgary, Alberta on March 17, 2023, he was only 39; based on his company's vaxx policy, it is likely he took vaxx

Myocarditis from COVID virus shows no difference with background rates pre COVID? So CDC & FDA & Walensky lied to scare you to take vaccine? Pinch me please! Donato Aquaro et al. "Incidence of acute

POTUS Trump: Note the date of letter, note who from, who is representing who; I find very interesting! Thank you my Latin friend for sharing; this is another piece to add to the information, makes you

Why would 6 leaders in the US Air Force nuclear base be fired at once? Does this make sense? What are we not being told?

Fauci, that little malfeasant lilliputian, worked with scarf lady Birx & guitar man Francis Collins to burn Trump's economy to the ground! this is what he did in 1980s to 2000s; he stole taxpayer $

Pedophile, who brought the pedophile? Who brought the pedophile & exposed them to children? What is wrong with these people? Why would parents expose their kids to trans people??? I agree, these trans

Dr. Aseem Malhotra & Dr. Paul Alexander discuss COVID mRNA vaccine spike protein risk to the heart, evidence based medicine, advocacy in South Africa against COVID shot, pilots with silent myocarditis

URGENT! Pilot Josh Yoder writes he was notified by passengers on Southwest flight departing Las Vegas today that captain became incapacitated soon after takeoff this morning. 5th pilot incapacitation

35-year-old three-time Olympian winner dies unexpectedly; Cuba’s most successful rower of all time, Angel Fournier Rodriguez, died unexpectedly on Thursday, March 16; is it the COVID gene injection?

Is this a case of "It's the vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine" to all you who still need more convincing? Sad crushing case of MIT Math instructor, Dr. Peter Baddoo who 'died suddenly' at 29; ssshhhh

Rachel’s Newsletter; this one focused on Rachel's COVID experience in Illinois and it was painful to read & I wanted to share her substack; both Dr. McCullough & I have been on her show

The Great Pipe Dream…Citizens, Everywhere, Arise! We do not need citizens scattering into the illusionary safety of the wilderness. We need bigger & broader resistances around the world. The farmers

Jehane Thomas, TikTok Star and Mother of Two, Dead at 30 After Suffering Migraines; do we ask about the vaccine? do we? Can we mention it is likely the COVID mRNA technology gene injection? Unless it

Shitrit et al.'s (Israel) nosocomial outbreak in double vaccinated patients, staff & family members (Delta variant) added to Barnstable Mass. & Chau (Vietnam) study data showing COVID mRNA vaccine

Dr. Naomi Wolf: "The Death of Culture: How Lies Killed Books; A Visit to Hipster Brooklyn"; 'And we fight so that little children whom we will never live to see, will grow up free. But it is painful

UK Parliament members walk out of parliament when they heard of harms & deaths from the COVID mRNA technology gene injection; they are frightened of their own impending harms & how they killed people

Did you just say SVB owners, Silicon Valley Bank owners took bonuses just immediate before the banks were taken over by FDIC? These crooks 'deserve to be in jail'; crooked criminal thieving bitch*s!

Tucker Carlson: para 'what did Trump do to warrant this abuse'? "What happens if they get away with this? If they use the Justice Department, in full view of everyone, to settle a political score

Was this the central bank end game? Is this designed? Is this really all about CBDC & a complete take over of our lives by globalist malfeasants like Lagarde & Gates & Klaus? Is it? Then this fight

Biden & his frat boys at State caused a war between Russia & Ukraine, left Afghanistan in defeat (killed 13 soldiers in so doing) & now driven Russia into China's arms! a united China & Russia is

English COVID vaccine data, vaccinated vs unvaccinated, persons under 60; 'Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people same age' (2021 data but stable to now)

'Normalized transgender'? How did greatest nation on earth, the USA, end up with Levin as Health Secretary? I mean, decisions should make sense, this makes none! World laughs at US when Levin talks

Shocking! "Cardiac Testing at Washington Event Found 53% Myocarditis Rate"; ‘I was surprised to find that over half of those tested (16 of 30 people) had positive markers for myocarditis. Two of these

Don't forget Karlstad et al.'s Nordic study of COVID Vaccination & Myocarditis (n=23 Million Residents of Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden); risk of myocarditis was highest in young males 2nd dose

The SCHLONGING of Fauci, wow! What a treat! Fauci & Bowser get their teeth kicked in (figuratively) by these DC residents; trying to pressure black people to take the deadly mRNA technology shots;

Dr. Malone, we await, can you address the claim by Dr. Katalin Karikó that you threatened her over mRNA technology, that you have misrepresented who you are, that you did not invent

No NATO expansion & why the Clinton Administration was read the riot act; did we learn, NO! This essay by John Leake is timely & helps remind us that there are level heads in the midst of D.C. MADNESS

Are these illegals in New York that Hochul and Biden allowed in, these illegals with their raping & Fentanyl doing this to a black male? Is this how it is going now, illegals from the border beating

Ted Nugent, telling it like it is! Those bankers are all hardened criminals! These beasts make out like bandits! Pure high crime thieving bandits!

Should average Americans not enjoy the same societal rules and laws that apply to Hunter Biden? Or is it no?

The 56 minutes that SCREWED America & the world who followed; KEY for you is go to minute 48:26 & listen to Fauci carefully, at 48.36 someone distracts POTUS Trump & he DID NOT hear minute 48.37/42

William Hunter Duncan (Born on the Fourth of July); this snippet comes from a huge piece he wrote that I have in cue, but this section is so important I wanted it out there as a tee up; Duncan's work

Spike detoxifying formulation with fibrinolytic Nattokinase may provide you the support needed post COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine; as the science matures & develops, consult with your

Karen Kingston: "I hate to break it to the inventors of mRNA ‘vaccine’ technologies, including Dr. Malone, who believe that when they are falsely representing gene-editing nanotechnologies that are

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