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Is there more to this? Is Biden-Obama entrapping Israel to respond? Is this an OPERATION by Biden-Obama to draw US into the Iran-Israel so that US will enter war & Biden et al. can CANCEL, SUSPEND

each time POTUS Trump goes to New York courthouse etc. the democrats, the criminal leftists, the RINOs, the deepstate setting him up for someone to take a shot, they know what they

(100) I wish I had a Dad - by Rachel Maldonado (; see this substack article 'I wish I had a dad'...I showcase some stacks I find good and worth the read

The left with the New York courthouse appearances of Trump know what they are doing, they want some whacko to take a shot at POTUS, these are evil beasts

each time POTUS Trump goes to New York courthouse etc. the democrats, the criminal leftists, the RINOs, the deepstate setting him up for someone to take a shot, they know what they

How could illegal refugee’s e.g. jihadists, islamists, Chinese military-aged males, rapists, murderers at the border, get ‘free housing’ but local military veterans, black Americans

Clint Eastwood as he nears 100; when he goes, as we all do at some point, America and the world would have lost more than an icon; he represents what IMO, America is and was and should be! The best!

If Israel is to retaliate to the naked aggression by Iran sending missiles & drones to kill thousands of Israelis yesterday, then it MUST do it today, tomorrow latest, no diddering and vacillating,

Donaldos Magnus Trumpos, Trump, aka '45', is the ONLY hope now, LAST only hope for us, for America, for the world, for the west! Western civilization NEEDS him, America FALLS if he DOES NOT win! The

Et tu, Mike? Speaker Mike Johnson sided with democrats on near 2 trillion budget! He's no different than democrats, he is sending our tax money to Ukraine! 45 said 'kill it' but Mike says FISA courts

1775 COFFEE: Stop drinking woke coffee. 99%* of the world's coffee is controlled by the same woke mega-corporations that want to control your life. Let's change that – one bag at a time with 1775

The untrained 'CVS' idiots, people jamming that swab up your nostrils damaged lots of people for they were hitting the cribriform plate...usually it is out of reach but with that swab & an untrained

ONLY Trump (45) can destroy Trump, NO ONE else! No media, no one, he holds all the cards for he created a bond, a connection between the public, his supporters & himself over 50 years in the making

COVID mRNA technology gene-based mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna etc.) causes massive PREMATURE rapid aging and we can see it in our families, friends; they have aged 15-20 years since taking injection

No, POTUS Trump! wrong! in response to news reports that Biden INC. will try to bring a new fraud COVID variant to lock down for election & steal it with mail-ins, you said "if elected in November, he

BREAKING! Iran has launched an attack on Israel, America has pledged support for Israel as it should! MAGA! Now, my view & questions: should Israel not have the right to respond NUCLEAR? Yes!

URGENT: 7 TWC (The Wellness Company) products worth considering including 1) Travellers kit, 2) First aid kit, 3) emergency preparation kit, 4) & contagion control kit 5)Spike Protein dissolving

I cannot anymore tell the difference between the hoax and lies of 911 (yes 3000 innocent people died when the buildings came down & Bush et al. killed thousands of US soldiers needlessly) and COVID

Sheriff et al. very troubling CUREUS publication on self-reported cardiotoxic effects of the MODERNA & Pfizer BioNTech mRNA technology gene injection in Saudi Arabia

Two well known FAMOUS black American men, when they can hit Biden & Obama over letting illegals, jihadists, extremists cross into America & who will harm us, harm/kill police etc., then Biden is in

If Biden is INVADING America, and if the border officers cannot stop them, then we may need to mass by the millions at our Southern border as these patriots are showing us...with our flags, our legal

When I was in Washington DC, there were people stalking me, people tried to kill me, harm my family! Thank God my boss (s) helped move me & gave me security; same in Canada, I had greatest death

The Deep State did it again, they, with Republicans & Democrats, got the FISA reauthorization to pass...Trump said it should not be passed, let us see what he does January 20th about this

JOHN CARTER's POSTCARDS FROM BARSOOM 'Of Science and Shitposting' A retrospective review of the second year of Postcards From Barsoom, and thoughts on the strange path that brought me here'

Breaking: heard it from me FIRST! The INVENTORS of DEADLY mRNA technology Malone et al. & the vaccine makers MODERNA, Pfizer, BioNTech et al. Bourla, Bancel will NOW tell you mRNA vaccine GOOD, Malone

Rashida 'Taliban' oh I meant Tlaib, sorry my arthritis fingers, but this SQUAD member will not condemn 'death to America' chants in her district? Well, IMO, get to fuck out Rashida Taliban of America,

Excellent sharing by 2ND SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD substack (support 2nd): "Sudden Cardiac Death in Younger Persons Up 66% (21 Sigma) With lockdown drug abuse mortality removed from the data..."

MICKEY Z.'s recent stack had a photo that moved me and I wanted to share it and his stack, this one on the power of our children, why they are targeted by malfeasants & pedophiles, why we protect them

Are we in trouble? Militarily? U.S. Navy deletes this photo from all social media platforms…Commander of the USS John McCain firing his rifle with the optic on backwards.

James Woods shares new shocking video of Muslims chanting “Death to America”… in Dearborn, MICHIGAN…yes, right here in America, this is what Obama did in his 8 years & Biden is completing..

We learn 2 things in this Gateway Pundit piece: "CIA Officer/Former FBI O’Blennis Boasts: We “Can Put Anyone in Jail.. Set Them Up” – FBI “Did What We Wanted” with Alex Jones “Took His Money Away”

An artist sometimes waits to deliver their BEST work, they keep their MAGNUS OPUS, best for last; I think POTUS Trump (45) is doing this, he has taken slings & arrows for us

Again BIDEN Inc. know they are in real trouble when Charles Barkley And Stephen A. Smith slapping you up the head abut the MADNESS of the illegal border invasion, with Bobby Kennedy Jr. piling on!

Finsterer's recent published case: "Myocarditis, Coagulopathy, and Small Fibre, Sensory, and Multiple Cranial Nerve Neuropathy Complicating BNT162b2 Pfizer BioNTech Vaccination" shows us the danger of

Newsweek & online betting now say Biden is defeating Trump so of course, I have to respond & here are my 6 points: 1)Newsweek openly lies & this is a deception 2)Biden cannot find his dentures &

Mr. Bush when you are going to apologize, you lied about WMD, you sent me to fight in Iraq for a lie, you killed people Bush, you killed, a million Iraqis are dead because you lied, my friends are

Osama Bin Laden's death: remember this iconic photo in Obama's situation room as they watched the raid go down, remember it? well, these bitches had to admit after that it was staged, they were

4 year old child beheaded in Trinidad, witness say heard man who is suspect 'chanting' praying of sorts before doing this! Question: which religion does this kind of thing? which feral 6th century

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.): will she follow through on her threat to force a vote to unseat Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.)? She has to, take him out, vacate, unseat him, Johnson is a traitor

BOOM! Joe Rogan drops a MOAB, haymaker as he rails against Malone Bourla Bancel Weissman et al. mRNA technology mRNA vaccine; yikes, Rogan must be cussing the Garden Gnome (Malone) who deceived him

Women being physically assaulted in New York City by men who just run up and punch them in the face; police trying to address, my take...women, get large knives and guns & shoot the men or stab them

One pussy cat, one Ernie, yet eleven (11) stories: photo 1 pussy cat is Birx & Fauci & Ernie is VP Pence, photo 2 pussy is Malone, Ernie is Freedom Fighter media BigTree, EPOCH, CHD, The Defender,

Black fathers impregnate women and they do not stay around to raise their children; you may not like it, 80% of black youth in America are raised with no father in the home! do not tell me its ONLY a

POTUS Trump: "I see thousands outside the White House and now massing on the Lincoln Memorial, it's all over the news; last night I heard Drs. Alexander, McCullough, Thorp & Risch talking about death

J6 patriots still rot in jail yet the El Paso judge on orders from Biden & Obama, just released the 100 feral banal medieval beast illegals who physically attacked our uniformed border agents

No, no, no POTUS Trump, in response to news reports that Biden INC. will try to bring a new fraud COVID variant to lock down for election & steal it, no; you said "if elected in November, he(I) will “

Did you know that Blacks and Whites With the Same level of Education Have Similar Incomes? Bet you were always told different & believed different; that there are counties in USA where black household

When Charles Barkley and Stephen A. Smith are pounding Biden and Obama on immigration, then it is OVER for Biden Inc., pack it up now! Trump, start measuring drapes AGAIN! exchange: "And you see the

Bourla Bancel Malone Weissman Kariko Sahin Tureci et al. mRNA technology gene based Pfizer injection continues to harm, case in point see Finsterer's recent published case: "Myocarditis, Coagulopathy,

Colpo asks: Is Robert 'mRNA' Malone a Narcissist sociopath With a Pathological Victim-Mentality? BOOM! 'According to His Own Criteria, Yes. self-proclaimed 'inventor' of mRNA vaccines tries his hand

What? Another container ship loses power as it approaches a key US bridge, this time the NYC’s Verrazzano Bridge? If that bridge was struck? a suspension bridge connecting the New York City boroughs

P Diddy, again, why has P Diddy NOT been cancelled, demonetized? Why? Is it because high-level politicians are on his sex tapes? Under-aged girls? Worse than Epstein we are hearing? What? Big

QUID PRO QUO: All you medical doctors & scientists who have GRIFTED off COVID pain & loss are PARASITES, sick beast parasites, I will not name you YET! e.g. ICS Summit, that scam by Malone! Now, we

Our problem is NOT November 3rd 2024, as POTUS Trump (45) WILL win! Baked in, UNLESS Biden steals AGAIN! Our problem is in the 2.5 months to swearing in January 20th 2025, democrats, deepstate, RINOs

Nirmatrelvir is actually part of a nirmatrelvir/ritonavir combination and this is actually Pfizer's PAXLOVID that Pfizer, that CRIMINAL drug/vaccine maker under BOURLA, said it was 90% effective

South Carolina women's basketball coach Dawn Staley said transgender athletes should be allowed to compete in women’s sports & that trans MEN with PENISES can play on women's team; WHAT? devastating

America is being INVADED by Biden & Obama, these fcuk*rs in congress & senate allowing US to be over-run by feral banal medieval rapists, jihadists, killers yet we sending 50 $ billion to the penis

Those illegal migrants in New York who beat up our police, you saw the video, then they got out of jail immediately and then they robbed Macy?? My view, shoot these fuckers dead! Shoot them where they

DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), this toxic deadly agent's effects on environment & humans; DDT was used in 1940s & 50s against POLIO but was devastating & SAGE HANA'S stack focuses on DDT &

Trump's love affair & illegal deportation: 1)the media did not create Trump as it does most & thus can destroy most, it is Trump & the public that CREATED Trump (45) & so the media CANNOT destroy 45,

Comments to my substack about Lara Logan's views (we share in common) that The Dali ship hitting the FSB (Francis Scott Bridge) bridge was an act of terror; see exchange as quite interesting, key

Wicked Joe Biden and Barak Obama Flew 90% of Illegals in Secret Flight Program to Florida and Texas; this is how they are going to flip Texas and Florida & if Texas goes, its over for Republican party

'You got nothing, you got a lot of talk, you got nothing in court, you don't got the book-keeper, you got nothing, you punk'! This is Trump (45) to DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith & Letitia James

'Traitor (House Speaker Johnson) seems more focused on pump-wearing Ukrainian Zelensky and US politicians with contracts in the region (e.g. Biden, his crack-whore son, Repubs, Dems)

Just a reminder of the shit morass we are & were in that begs the question: who really is CLEAN? "Rand Paul Belatedly Discloses Wife’s Purchase of Covid-19 Drugmaker’s Stock; Kentucky senator’s wife

Hang them high I say, hang them all! all medical doctors! If we take them to court room with judges & juries & the verdict is they caused deaths negligently & knowingly, then we hang all, millions of

Why has P Diddy, Puff Daddy not YET been CANCELLED? Why has MeToo and feminists stayed silent? Why is the media treating him with kid gloves? Russell Brand was DEMONITIZED, cancelled, so why NOT Puff?

BLOODBATH! Trump is 100% correct! American communities (across USA) will face bloodbath of rape, gang rape, murder, terror bombings, stabbings etc. due to Obama, Biden's FLOODING USA with illegals

hhhmmm, Dr. Mike Yeadon is treading on DANGEROUS ground here, ground where lots, many will vilify him & move to cancel him & they tried (some successfully) in the Freedom Movement for he is smarter

‘Kill The Boer’, that South African chant 'kill the white' is 100% WRONG, flat wrong, dangerous & must be stopped! Not far off from the beliefs & chants of America's modern DEMOCRAT party & SQUAD

Antonio Francesco Gramsci makes Bolsheviks & Mensheviks Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Kamenev etc. blush...Gramsci's socialist extremist legacy transcends its origins in Marxism

Ship (The Dali) that collapsed FSB (Francis Scott) Baltimore bridge was carrying dozens of hazmat containers! What? 56 containers? Destined for where? To do what with it? What? Containers were stacked

Why did Joe Rogan forget the Jewish woman? He made a terrible mistake! We have different opinions on this and emotional but we can still love each other and respect each other...yet have difficult

BOOM! 'A police tactical firearms team in South Africa shot dead nine members of a brutal gang suspected of raping a young girl in front of her screaming mother.' Now this is beautiful!! I love it!

Who needs COVID? Why doctor up a fraud fake COVID PCR-manufactured non-pandemic when you have a Solar Eclipse of the sun? What idiocy!! These idiots all around us, for an eclipse, are in chaos...

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73 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, I have added 2 more names (Barak Obama & Randi Weingarten) to this illustrious list, people to be questioned under oath as to their roles in COVID fraud pandemic,

Is Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche correct? 'DISEASE X'? Is DISEASE X coming due to the mass vaccination into the teeth (midst) of an ongoing situation of high infectious pressure (circulating virus)

Putrid, fecal, banal, low-life, bottom-dweller, vapid, stink smelling, unbathe, inept, uneducated, inane, vacuous, feral, nasty, beast, neanderthal...I just described the Washington DC & legacy media

'Who is the alleged killer of NYC police officer Jonathan Diller?' SHARYL ATTKISSON updated us, but frankly, I don't need to know, IMP these FERAL animals must be hung high FAST

Dr. Vinay Prasad has come around on major COVID issues & we do NOT agree on several issues but overall, we all evolve, me too, & he remains one of the most informed balanced smart researchers, doctors

Was the takedown of the Baltimore FSB Bridge (Francis Scott Key Bridge) by The Dali ship, America's 'death' by a thousand cuts (BibloBitch)? Obama & Biden destroying America now? Flooding us with

URGENT: 6 TWC (The Wellness Company) products worth considering including 1) Travellers kit, 2) First aid kit, 3) emergency preparation kit, 4) & contagion control kit 5)Spike Protein dissolving

‘The Most Dangerous Person in the World Is Randi Weingarten’ by The New York Times; this does not tell the story well, she is the most devastating & her actions with Teachers unions KILLED children

Scientists accidentally created a six-legged mouse with no genitals...the good news about this is that they actually by accident, created a version of the Republican Congress House members & speaker,

Pedophiles in America, Canada, UK, anywhere who molest, rape, abuse children, I am done, I do not even want a trial, if bullet-proof you sodomized a child, touched them, then HANG you

Robert (Bobby) Kennedy Jr. gained stripes today, credibility when he stated para "Biden is biggest threat to America's democracy"; Big stones to do that Bobby, hat tip for you! & Brownstone, will you

'Dr. Mike Yeadon: Introductory Statement About Serious Crimes To UK Police March 11, 2024'; Dr. Yeadon’s Recent Message to Support Criminal Investigations in UK around the COVID mRNA vaccines, the

3 police officers patrol major district in Baltimore? Is this scene below what Baltimore is today? Biden Obama did this too? Defund? Police force has collapsed & massive police shortages

Why did Malone move to sue Dr. Peter Breggin and his wife for $25 million? Why? A man like Breggin who stood for America & Freedoms while Malone wrote corrupted grants, fattening up & buying horses,

Mothers & Fathers beat their children in COVID; from states we got the data to our offices (Dr. Scott Atlas, I) & we were informing OVAL, White House, this is why you saw Trump fighting CDC, Fauci,

Obama & Biden are killing us now with the flood of illegals, rapists, killers, murderers, jihadists across America, in NY; women MUST now stop asking 'what about women rights', shut that shit down!

Yes, & the landscape is clear, DJT aka 45 aka Donald Trump did what he was supposed to do as a POTUS which is to make a strategic decision based on the high-level expert counsel % advice of his staff

Lara Logan (Lioness of Judah Ministry): 'Multiple intel sources: Baltimore bridge collapse was an “absolutely brilliant strategic attack” on US critical infrastructure - most likely cyber - & our

Hang them high! Execute them by firing squad! As I said before in my stack, Tucker Carlson called medical doctors who did wrong in COVID a 'dangerous person'; I more than agree & I don't want apology,

Morris Chang, founder of TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), get to know him! He founded in western terms, the most important 'little' company that sits at the heart of all of your life

'TRANS day of visibility' on EASTER Sunday? Is Biden administration now gone clear INSANE & DERANGED? Trump (45) called it 'Blasphemous'; Easter Sunday is Jesus's resurrection, not for TRANNY freaks!

Monkey pox (MP) among homosexual GAY (& bisexual) community (high-risk & principle 'at-risk' group) is in the news due to failed MP vaccine; Igor Chudov does a fine job, see Igor's substack, see prior

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Have you yet decided what caused the Dali ship to crash into the Baltimore bridge? Did the reports satisfy you? Does it make sense? I argue that this smells like a TERROR attack, cyber? you?

I served POTUS Trump prior & what an honor & privilege it was, to my boss (s) too, a great man! I served & went to DC because of Trump's work but MAINLY because I wanted to give, to serve USA

Dr. Naomi Wolf's 'Letter from Amsterdam' was a very well written substack based on her trip to Europe to showcase and launch her publication & the descriptions places the reader with her

Dr. Francis Christian, MD (my good friend), is a Canadian surgeon and poet and Dr. Peter Breggin (and Ginger) recently caught up with him & I wanted to share this piece by Breggin; inspirational!

AwakeNotWoke, a subscriber to my stack, added to the strong work by Dr. Peter and Ginger Breggin on the fraud and insanity of Kinsey and 'sexual freedom' with this addition...see below

Warrior my substack subscriber shows video that looks like charges being set off along the Baltimore Bridge as the ship hit the does this look to you? is this really TERROR

Trump (45) posts video of truck showing hog-tied Joe Biden; now you know 45 trolls you democrat deepstate RINO media biotches 24/7 & no one is getting hog tied but you biotches loved when your media

Excellent American Thinker paper by Mark A. Hewitt: "Why Were Americans Not Informed of the Difference Between FDA-Approved and Emergency Use Authorization?" FAUCI'S 'decision to slip mRNA technology

Tale of 5 'living' POTUS of the United States): 1)Bush Jr.; one of most devastating inhuman liar POTUS what he did to Iraq, killed millions of innocents, a pure inept idiot of a POTUS 2)Clinton,

Is Senator JD Vance Trump's VP? I could handle a Revolver: "Trump’s Secret Weapon: The Genius of Choosing Senator JD Vance as VP" 'Many expect Trump to choose a woman, black, or a Hispanic

SimmulationCommander substacker shared this photo and I wanted to use it (thanks SC), for this is how I feel, as an island boy, each time I emerge from the New York ice winter day as winter is dying,

How about a little bat-soup, a delicacy in mainland China?...come on, whoever told you a little hot bat-soup to lift the day would hurt was lying to you; go on, give it a try when next in Chinatown

USA & drug-resistant GONORRHEA: first two cases of super strength gonorrhea strain that is resistant to EVERY antibiotic - as experts warn it poses ‘serious public health concern’; China as FOCI

'Joe Rogan Accuses Israel of ‘Genocide,’ Compares Gaza to ‘Holocaust’' (Breitbart) Joe Rogan told the millions who listen to his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Tuesday that Israel was

Did Robert Malone have to tell us that Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s VP pick Shanahan got pregnant before marriage? No, not our business, but that is Malone, vindictive, petty, slime ball; why smear

The middle picture is TRANNY Volodymyr Zelensky, leader of Ukraine, who gives it up the ass to American congressmen and senators...who seem to like it as they give our tax money, for this sleezy

Do not forget Operation Northwoods, in 1962 the DoD, the US government was going to remote control fly planes into civilian US buildings and Cuban buildings, using civilian aircraft to stage a false

K Paul Stoller's excellent well-written paper on the danger of mRNA technology that is in the mRNA COVID vaccines; it is a bioweapon, it is deadly, it was made to kill; a non-sterilizing vaccine

Dr. Peter Breggin exposes how much Sexual Freedom is Based on Scientific Fraud; Peter talks to Judith A. Reisman PhD & exposes scientific fraud & outright child abuse perpetrated by Alfred Kinsey

Dr. Ramin Oskoui, gone too soon, a good friend, I miss him! Our technical talks were riveting, he was kind, compassionate, brilliant! A stack I wrote on his passing, I re-share, RIP! Dr. Ramin Oskoui,

911 AGAIN?? but now, not with planes & buildings, but with ships & bridges? The Francis Scott Key Bridge: was the destruction of the bridge by the shipping vessel (The Dali), Singapore-flagged vessel

General Mike Flynn EXCLUSIVE: General Flynn Calls Baltimore Barge Disaster A Black Swan 'terror' Event (Alex Jones); nothing is off the table, Flynn says terrorist attack happened

Trump was 100% right! Had we 'really' HAD a novel COVID virus (we did not) of pandemic potential (COVID was NEVER a pandemic as it used an over-cycled RT-PCR process to manufacture a 'false-positive'

CELIA FARBER'S 'The Clinton Chronicles (Bill and Hilary Clinton) We Can See Clearly Now' lays out the Clintons, BARE; very interesting video; see her substack, good work.

'Tucker Carlson Says Doctors Should APOLOGIZE for Wrongly Recommending the COVID Vax' (VNN); WRONG Tucker, we have to HANG them too! we let courts get a go with judges but we hang all the doctors who

Word is Malone thought Bobby Kennedy Jr. was going to pick him as VP running mate...word in on the inside (you know I must know some Bobby people, sshhh) that Bobby won't touch him, word is Bobby

2ND SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD posted an interesting substack: 'Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is Just Another Trojan Horse Candidate, RFK Jr Picks Soros Advocate Nicole Shanahan as His VP Running Mate'

KAREN KINGSTON drops an eye-opening stack here on how China may have gained access to millions of Americans DNA via the fraud false-positive PCR 'process'; what is your view? excellent stack

When I look back at this prior stack by SAGE HANA on Robert Malone & his call with CIA Agent Michael Callahan; what Stew Peters, Daily Beast, SAGE are saying basically & I am stating emphatically is

TRUMP's ('45') VP (vice President) pick has to be someone who is as large as he, just a step below; why? this person must bring gravitas, be able to take the wheel for a strong likelihood they (dems,

I had a discussion with a friend Jim Torma about the VP pick by Bobby Kennedy Jr. (Nicole Shanahan); my contention is that Bobby could not be wanting to win the election with the VP pick & this was

Antifa 1969: already doing damage in 1969 and Reagan showed antifa then how they are to be dealt with, including deadly the hands of the government & where Biden is failing, Trump must set

FDA researchers (pre-print paper) clarifies & admits that the Moderna mRNA technology gene-based mRNA vaccine (Bancel, Bourla, Malone, Sahin, Tureci, Weissman, Kariko et al.) causes febrile seizures

WARNING! Obama & Biden are hollowing out America, they have INVADED America! A sitting POTUS has invaded his nation & now has our women, girls, citizens at risk to the feral 6th century islamist; when

Black Americans starving, suffering in Chicago, in New York so how do you take Latinos, just walking in, pay no taxes, cannot vote & put them in front of the line before blacks who have worked & paid

Second 60, at 1 minute exact, you can see Trump's left eye twitch as he came to podium & 1) he did not hear Fauci just say we are locking down and 2) he kind of heard it & it hit him really FOR THE

Lara Logan on Baltimore Bridge being hit by ship ad collapsing; para this was no accident, ' Intel Sources Claim Baltimore Bridge Collapse On “Second busiest strategic roadway for hazardous materials”

'NYC begins handing out prepaid debit cards to migrants in controversial program'; how could this EFFin mayor ADAMS in NY be taking our tax dollars we earned & give it to people who among them are

Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s pick of Ms. Nicole Shanahan as VP on his ticket (I know Jr. & like him, I think leftist & I do not ascribe to his politics but he is a good man, American) tells me he DOES NOT want

Steve Connolly. prior military, 13 years National Guard, 1 tour of duty in Iraq. Current status 100% disabled veteran/retired. Please see his substack & I wanted to showcase for he is a veteran, gave

Kennedy Jr.'s pick of Ms. Nicole Shanahan as his VP choice, is no different than George Bush's pick of Quayle and Biden's of Harris, they bring & brought nothing to the table; Kennedy Jr.'s single

Tulsi Gabbard (TG) for Trump's Vice President (VP)? hhhmmm, a very interesting consideration TG: "for love of country leave the Democrat party behind"..."how insane the democrat party has become"

It is not whether Trump (45) WILL win the Presidency, that is BOOKED, baked in now, we will get him to November 3rd 2024 & he WILL win; our crisis is getting him to January 20th 2025; they will kill

CLOSE the border POTUS TRUMP within one hour of being sworn in, close the US borders for 10 to 15 years, no MORE! At the same time, it is worthless if you DO NOT deport ALL illegals the last 30 years.

CDC, NIH, FDA, Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE etc., Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Jha, Hahn etc. these people who ran the fake PCR-manufactured 'false-positive' non-pandemic KILLED our children with lockdowns

I like dogs, but this dog must be put down and the owner must be jailed, spend at least 5 years no parole in jail...all these sick animal owners who let their animals out and it attacks, must face

AwakeNotWoke a brilliant subscriber reminded us of Douglas McAuthur McCain, an American, who joined ISIS to kill & why we must look inward & be concerned about 'the enemy within' too; how come?

Kate Middleton (Princess of Wales) is now waging the cancer battle of her life & may be dying due to mRNA vaccine! I get to the point, unless you show me otherwise, this is due to Malone Bourla

Putin now faced his BATACLAN at the hands of islamic terrorists! Remember what the islamic jihadist refugee illegals did in France, Bataclan nightclub, stabbed women in their vaginas, cut out eyes,

"Our clinical practice guidelines KILL people, we need help to fix them"; this was told to me by high level persons at IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America) when I joined in 2017; I was a

URGENT: 7 TWC (The Wellness Company) products worth considering including 1) Travellers kit, 2) First aid kit, 3) emergency preparation kit, 4) & contagion control kit 5)Spike Protein dissolving

I would safe guard children, any child must never be victim to adult crimes & madness, like how no Palestinian or Jewish child should be killed in any conflict & I would give illegal adults at border

Obama runs America, This Biden Presidency is Obama's third term, when Trump (45) was in Power, Obama had to stand down as 45 figured out how to neuter him, Biden has allowed Obama to run the thing!

This is the SEMINAL research review I wrote (truth be told, some side overview by McCullough, Oskoui, Risch, Ladapo etc. near 3 years ago; this paper is used by lawyers, courts, congress, senate TODAY

I warn again, Obama & Biden have opened America raw, American people are now open to massive serious terror attacks with massive deaths; what happened in Russia WILL happen in USA shortly

MTG, Majorie Taylor Greene, some say she is nutty, some say devious, some same smart, some say driven; I say bring her on, I met her at Mar-a-Lago & we had long talk! Yes, remove Speaker Johnson, he

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Princess Kate Middleton mRNA TURBO cancer?Malone? Sahin? Tureci? my island of birth got independence from UK; USA where I live had revolution war to rid the stench of the monarchy & Royals; I feel

SHOOT to kill, if I were PRESIDENT of USA, the illegal feral medieval beasts, jihadists, rapists, banal feces animals who attacked border agents in El Paso Texas yesterday, I would have ordered SHOOT

COVID lockdowns & school closures hurt our children & teens in monstrous ways, driving a sense of isolation, a sense of loss, social isolation, diminished & weakened hopes & dreams in the future; we

Eddies and Ediths of America, the backbone, flyover, blue collar, will be called upon again to rescue America, this time not to go to war, this time to put Trump back in office...Savage is right, not

VP Madame Kamala 'Giggles and Cackles' Harris makes Bush's VP Dan Quayle blush, makes Quayle look Rhodes material, like he chairs the Mensa club...good God, I kind of like Kamala, she entertains me

GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE under attack by people who know fcuk all about immunology & virology & sit in basements confabulating; I stand with Geert! he fights against the Malone Bourla Bancel Sahin et al.

COVID mRNA vaccines in children: Drs. Fauci of NIAID, Walensky of CDC, and Francis Collins of NIH were reckless with the vaccine developers e.g. Pfizer and Moderna, for they know these vaccines lacked

Kate Middleton is dying, we will not fool ourselves & has the Türeci Malone Bourla Bancel Weissman Sahin Karikó et al. mRNA technology mRNA vaccine hastened her cancer & death?

Breaking: Japanese scientists warn of Concerns regarding Transfusions of Blood Products Derived from Genetic mRNA technology Vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, Weissman et al.)

America's BORDERS must be closed, for at least 10 years for us to get a handle on who is in America etc., at the same time, all illegals must be deported! if border closed & no deportation, it's OVER!

LUPRON: dangers of this drug yet it persists! Lupron is linked to large increase in fatal heart attacks & diabetes & is even worse IMO than Statins; Lupron as a PUBERTY BLOCKER? IVF? GENDER CHANGE?

Dr. Naomi Wolf & her exceptional husband Brian, has reached out in this stack asking if you can help support it; Dr. Wolf has emerged IMO as one of the true soldiers in the battle we wage & her work

COVID-19 Virus Can Stay in the Body For a Long Time after Infection, we can extrapolate to mRNA vaccine; New research shows strong evidence of long-term viral persistence in otherwise healthy people.

World War 4 (WW IV) is coming (WW III is over), and it will be fought on American soil, by Americans, as Americans; America will need to purge itself of the filth that has accumulated due to the high-

We are being invaded in America by military-aged males, from North Africa, Middle East, Latin America, China etc. Biden INC. with Obama has invaded America & it is booked, we will face devastating

Those (in my opinion some decent people, doctors, scientists) who run behind Malone for donor money & stage time & shout outs, this photo represents them, heads so high up their assess they cannot

WARNING (again) on OZEMPIC-Type II diabetes drug WRONFULLY sold (by Oprah et al.) as a weight loss drug/Wegovy/GLP-1 agonists/Semaglutide; OZEMPIC is DANGEROUS, science is still maturing

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit...this describes the gobbly gook that comes out of VP Madame Giggles & Cackles Kamala; nincompoop, utterly meaningless when she

It is NOT that COVID was deliberately LEAKED in 2020 to allow for mail-in ballots etc. and engage in a failed response, no, the story is it was DETECTED in 2020; something was DETECTED in 2020 using

China's move on Taiwan & America's interest in this as well as Russia-Ukraine really has to do with the chips-semi-conductors made in Taiwan, the 90% of advanced chips that powers everything including

BOOM! Lioness of Judah stack striking deep into enemy territory here: "British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen last week called for the death penalty for Bill Gates and the “Covid cabal” which he

McCullough/Leake: what? "BioDefense" Film Predicts New Threats; "After the president is incapacitated due to a bioterrorism attack..." so what? VP Madame Giggle and Cackle, someone who got ZERO votes

71, yes, now 71 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, I have added 3 more names to this illustrious list, people to be questioned under oath as to their roles? in what unfolded re lockdowns & mRNA vaccine

DRUDGE posts WW 3 warning as US TROOPS are now being stationed on TAIWAN CHINA BORDER; what are implications? Is this over semi-conductors? This story is developing & we need more intel; If China took

DRUDGE ongoing hits on Trump so look at this one & should DRUDGE not run same story of Paula Jones & her fears Bill Clinton would kill her? Why not ask Paula, Matt? "‘I Was F**king Terrified!’ Stormy

VIG for the win! Archbishop Vigano throws down again and punishes these corrupted elite beasts, in the church and without...the systematic erasure of fundamental rights & an awakening of people is

Dr. Boz speaks with Dr. Paul Alexander: COVID mRNA vaccines, intermittent fasting, Ozempic Dr. Annette Bosworth (Dr. Boz) talks with Dr. Paul Alexander on COVID mRNA vaccines, intermittent fasting

SAGE HANA's stack today raises interesting questions re Bobby Kennedy Jr. & news reports of his possible choice for VP, namely Nicole Shanahan; seems the director of Shanahan's foundation is

BREAKING: Boeing whistleblower John Barnett found dead in hotel parking lot in Charleston, SC from 'alleged self-inflicted' gunshot wound - Lawyer; so what do you think? Who would want John DEAD? I

15,000 every single day Obama and Biden let into the US illegally, every day! Among these people are hardened terrorists, murderers, MS-13, jihadists, gang rapists, islamists, military aged males...

sshh, Finland ranks in 2024 as the happiest country for 7th year; sshh, we will not tell the world that it is over run my islamic jihadists & 90% of sex crimes are by islamic immigrants, sshhh, do not

KILLING FIELDS of Kampuchea, Cambodia was re-established right here in our Canadian, American, UK hospitals; these beast medical doctors & hospitals, incentivized, KILLED our parents, loved ones with

AwakeNotWoke shared an interesting article from 2017 about Pence, the architect of the COVID failed pandemic response, the one responsible for Fauci & Birx et al., on moderate islam

URGENT: Again, POTUS Trump (45) has no choice but to stand up against & call out the harms & deaths from the Malone Bourla Bancel Kariko Weissman et al. mRNA technology gene based vaccine

We shall return it to you in kind AND some, no matter how long it takes, each act AGAINST Trump that is violative, wrong, unfounded, we will deliver it back to you...& do not think we cannot go back

Hang them high, hang them all high, hang all, every single person in COVID, from virus to lockdown lies to medical management that killed to the Malone, Bourla, Sahin mRNA vaccine, go to court, let

SASHA LATYPOVA raises a very troubling serious question of why is Moderna building massive factories, facilities across the world while demand for mRNA vaccine has cratered? "Moderna is substantially

Pete Santilli savages Amazing Polly (real name Sherri 'bones' Nelson) for using media to lie about him & The Wellness Company (TWC); this sicko Amazing Polly who I never attacked took the liberty to

What? 34 Deaths, 302 Serious Injuries after recently approved RSV vaccine & you still wondering if it is safe & effective? STOP them, pull it NOW! Where is the evidence that RSV vaccine protects

eugyppius does it again with this piece, angering me/us to the hilt: "police officers pull a 16 year-old girl out of chemistry class and advise her to stop posting Smurf-themed AfD-friendly content to

In a recent substack titled "Cui Bono? What if?" so in essence, who benefits? The key issue I remind you is this (go back and read it), they tried to sell to you that COVID virus emerged all over the

Either Oprah, Ozempic, Wegovy, Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers sponsored this garbage research below that says intermittent fasting is harmful; imagine, something that's not harmful, not drug, promotes

Pew: "The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050 Why Muslims Are Rising Fastest and the Unaffiliated Are Shrinking as a Share of the World’s Population"

Pax Americana: I believe Pax Americana remains STRONG! America runs the world & remains the last beacon of hope, of goodness in this world! If you don't like America & what she stands for, get to fuck

City of McLean, located in Virginia’s Fairfax County, ranked 2nd across America as wealthiest city; why? I stayed in DC for 1 year; it is because all thieves, crooks, congregate & live there, many in

Stepstool Bob Malone at it again, irrelevant, reports paid Bannon to go on show (sshh)?, brought us mRNA technology death with Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel et al. now raging at Substack & stripe

One of the best substack articles written, & Sasha Latypova deserves huge credit for this comprehensive scholarship below, in tandem with KATHERINE WATT ('American Domestic Bioterrorism Program

McCullough (TWC scientist) reminds us "Millions of Americans are taking prescription drugs made in China and don't know it--and pharmaceutical companies are not eager to tell them." (Rosemary Gibson)

When schools were closed insanely for 2 years and more in COVID, the lunacy of it all, many, millions of American children starved, depended on the school meal, were physically & sexually abused in

5 G warfare bullshit mass formation bullshit...Malone said it was done on us, he meant me too...he told us with his sidekick Desmit that dark forces worked on us; NO, not so, the 5 G bullshit mindgame

Mariel boatlift, you thought what Castro did in 1980 sending us his jailed criminals to Florida was bad? Biden & Obama now has South American countries emptying their jails & that is what is coming

SIMULATIONCOMMANDER'S stack is excellent highlighting Trump's 'bloodbath' comment, showing that leftist loons, people trying to imprison or assassinate Trump etc. can be orgasmic with their verbal

John Fredericks Media Show, special reported during COVID in the White House, exceptional character, I did recent interview with him "Dr. Paul Alexander Calls On President Trump To Order Investigation

Jen Psaki, I have always wondered how you and Marie Barff did not face investigations for the IMO questionable acts under Obama & Hilary, now you hitting Trump for 'BLOODBATH'? you morons

15,000 illegals marching into America per day? and POTUS Biden and Obama doing this? and the Republicans have control of the congress and won't stop this invasion of America? Vote them all out,

DR. JOSEPH SANSONE files Writ of Mandamus in Florida Supreme Court, Seeks to Compel Governor DeSantis, and Attorney General Ashley Moody, to Ban the COVID mRNA technology gene vaccine

BOOM: Trump Calls for Liz Cheney and the Entire Jan. 6 Committee to Be Jailed; YES, I agree! Former President Donald Trump is directly calling for the imprisonment of nine of his political opponents —

Anandamide (superb substack writer) shared this key paper to support the deadly dangerous integration of mRNA into DNA via reverse transcription; this is BAD as mRNA can integrate into our somatic &

POTUS Trump (45) did impossible: January 2020, he was unstoppable on pace to win 40 States, 360 electoral votes but by July 2020 he was in trouble electorally; many of his peoples were badly hurt by

6 TWC (The Wellness Company at products worth considering including 1) Travellers kit, 2) First aid kit, 3) emergency preparation kit, 4) & contagion control kit 5)Spike Protein dissolving

Both Pfizer and GSK (Glaxo Smith) RSV vaccines now shown to be linked to Guillain-Barré Syndrome; SHARYL ATTKISSON's report is shocking "CDC Preliminary Analysis: RSV vaccines for seniors linked to

VENTILATORS for COVID: Trump was lied to & deceived catastrophically on VENTILATORS, in some instances, 95 to 97% of persons placed on mechanical ventilators DIED! Ventilator killed people & doctors

Balls to the fcuking wall!! AJR: "If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." (Ronald Reagan); BOOM! & we must now rally to Donaldus Magnus Trumpos! the

eugyppius's excellent post on European immigration and the DISASTER of it, the forced ILLEGAL migrants, refugees flooding the west with the only outcome being DESTRUCTION; same for America

POTUS Trump: my question again is simple, YES, with his mistakes with COVID (for up to then you loved him even you democrats) & he did make 2 catastrophic ones because he was MISLED (no he was not

URGENT, Bill C-63 in Canada, you can be jailed for LIFE if they search your internet, emails, twitter, chats, anything & an anonymous person says it offended them, last 25 years, then you are jailed,

68 Horsemen of COVID Apocalypse (up from 65 due to your lobbying & intel, thanks!) who brought us death, harms, destruction, mayhem, fake PCR-induced non-pandemic, mRNA vaccine; Mike Pence is added

These 3 videos raise more troubling questions about the Moderna Pfizer BioNTech mRNA technology mRNA gene vaccine injection (Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, Malon, Weissman, Kariko et al.), excellent VNN share

Stop your bullshit with he/she transgender bullshit crap garbage, you are man with a penis, and a woman with a vagina, CASE CLOSED! nothing else...fuck off with your LGBQTRSTUVWXYZ madness; you tran-

Et tu, Mike? Did Pence facilitate a fake PCR-induced COVID pandemic? sweat; POLITICO: "Pence won't endorse Trump"; how could we NOT agree that he helped sabotage 45 with the fake non-pandemic?

So we have to explain to these idiots in our governments, health officials at Health Canada, PHAC, CDC, NIH, SAGE UK etc. that if you vaccinate an infant, young child with the Malone Bourla mRNA shot

Feces filth scum puke vomitus illegal from Haiti Biden flew into the US secretly now accused of raping a 15-year old American...what do we do? I say hang him high! Shut the fcuk*ng border down! Shut

People in Canada, leaders, big people, are protecting pedophiles and Alberta seems to be leading the way! The Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons seem to be incubating 'GROOMERS' of under-aged

Travel Emergency Kit from The Wellness Company (TWC) is your passport to safety and security while on the move; when you cannot get access to needed drugs on travel, you will have it with you already!

petzanpz a subscriber of my substack shared this good article in the American Thinker by Mark A. Hewitt; I decided to share and thank petzanpz: title "It Was Anthony Fauci’s Fault"; yes, but several

Antibiotics were critical to those with severe COVID illness (or respiratory ILI illness from 'whatever' the entity was that was released intent or not) for persons likely were at varying stages of

Midazolam, morphine, lorazepam etc.; We know (always new) & medical doctors in Canada, UK, USA etc. knew that because of the “danger of hypoventilation (suppressed breathing), airway obstruction, or

Dr. Peter Breggin and his wife Ginger Breggin: when Malone (mRNA technology inventor) sued them & went after them for 25 $ million, he did not care if he destroyed them, ruined their lives, their

Recent reach outs to me from various sources telling me that Malone's wife should be questioned; I told them NO, to stop that & I will not be party to any move to defame her; I don't know her nor care

75 seconds that changed the world forever, allowing dark EVIL malfeasant 'behind the curtain' hands to ransack the world, cause death with fake pandemic lockdowns & a deadly mRNA technology vaccine

Dr. Leana Wen, arguably most stupid doctor & television talking head, outdone only by the former CDC Director Walensky & Drs. Peter Jüni & I Bogoch of Ontario, what a bunch of idiots! Dolts! MORONS!

If medical doctors & scientists swung from rope after Nuremberg 1.0 what they did to people in Nazi Germany, why can't medical doctors & scientists swing from rope too who did wrong in COVID? If shown

'Biden administration discussing using Guantanamo Bay to process possible influx of Haitian migrants'; like I have been asking with all the Southern border illegals, why not just close the border? why

POTUS Trump LOST the election! He 'won' but the steal took it; I know you don't want to hear but he LOST! Votes were stolen Nov 2020; both Democrats & Republicans steal votes, but he LOST! Why?

Biden INVADED America with Obama, these two working hand in hand to destroy America IF we let them; we have illegals who are rapists, jihadists arriving at the border, no vaccines needed now MEASLES!

POTUS Trump, you are my man, I will go to war for you all day long & I do & there is no one on tap, no Republican or Democrat who can walk in your shoes but you are NOT Jesus & I won't war for you IF

Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, the Roman general who defeated Hannibal in the 2nd/3rd Punic wars, in battle of Carthage...defeated the Carthaginian generals; Publius Cornelius 'salted the earth',

Excellent interview by Pierre Poilievre (potential Canadian Prime Minister); a Statesman type interview; I would take him or Maxime Bernier any day before the liberal leftist madness; Trudeau has

'Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement; The developers of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine have previously undisclosed ties to the re-named British Eugenics Society as

INSANITY: Canada's Supreme Court decision opts for 'person with a vagina' over 'woman'; this is as insane as Bill C-63; Supreme Court judge Sheilah Martin, said a decision in a sexual assault case

FRANKLIN O'KANU's excellent substack is worth the read, support: "Why It Does Matter..." Fauci: For the past 30 years, he has convinced the world about the reality of viruses, from HIV to the

75 seconds that DEVASTATED the world, and again, we see at seconds 56 & 57, Trump is DISTRACTED (deliberate?) at podium with COVID Task Force, seconds 58 & 59 Fauci says 'shall lock down', second 100

Harvard fires Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D., an outspoken critic of COVID-19 lockdown policies, school closures and vaccine mandates; many of these scientists are money whore leeches, vermin

Did the Inventor of the Polio Vaccine (Jonas Salk) Seek To Depopulate the World? Strong evidence & history says so; excellent piece by LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY

The black woman, the white woman, the white trash woman, the negro woman, the brown woman, the poor woman, the marginalized woman, the vulnerable woman, the prostitute...all treated across time like

Yes, we need to stay rogue and unaltered and NOT take any of these mRNA shots and as 2nd Smartest shared more evidence of integration of Malone et al. mRNA into your DNA: "BREAKING: Integration of

Robert Kennedy Jr. has Biden & Trump by the nuts...why? one man has 2 POTUS in trouble at the same time because on that stage he can make 45 say that the vaccine is safe & effective when all of us

Be careful POTUS Trump, if election is close, people like Malone can align with Kennedy Jr. or with Biden to say stop the shots that you are praising & Biden can say stop mandates & shots; we are

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ways they will leave America if Trump is elected? Well, shit, I did not know this, so IMO, you get to fuck out, and you stay out! and you never return! and when the

Reverse transcription of mRNA from Malone Weissman Kariko technology back into human DNA (human genome) is one of the GRAVEST disasters facing us, to alter & damage HUMANITY forever! Germ cells?

POTUS Trump listened to the wrong people who deceived him all along, he made a grave mistake with lockdowns & OWS (mRNA vaccines), he must admit to this & correct it, start by reversing LIABILITY

BERENSON reminds us of the madness, the over-reach, the criminality of the LIABILITY PROTECTION PREP ACT (Azar) early 2020 as they moved to protect vaccine makers, health agency officials, government

The Multifront War: Defending America From Political Islam, China, Russia, Pandemics, and Racial Strife China, Iran, Russia are all on the move; The Publius National Post; interesting content; I share

BOOM! JORDAN SCHACHTEL drops the motherload in his piece "Western societies are being replaced by people who hate Western civilization"; he is being NICE, let me break it down, we are being fucked &

Bill C-63 in Canada (Trudeau Government), going through 1st reading at this point, to pass to law and if you did not know it, it will upend and literally destroy your lives, privacy, freedom, will not

Tucker Carlson: “They’re Going to STEAL the Election” “Joe Biden can’t win in a fair election,” said @TuckerCarlson; “So what does that tell you?” he asked. “Well, they’re going to steal the election

Be careful now, many of the scientists and doctors who you THOUGHT were against the Bourla Bancel Malone Weissman et al. mRNA technology gene vaccine, now trying to make MONEY & trying to pivot to

There is not one person alive in this entire world, since February 2021, when the Malone Bourla mRNA technology shots were rolled out, who were saved by any COVID vaccine, not one! I challenge any CDC

Remember Alden et al. who warned us with this shocking study showing integration of mRNA (from Malone Bourla Sahin mRNA vaccine) into human DNA (reverse transcription via reverse transcriptase enzyme)

Hang them high, the elites who rape children in America, call them out, beat them mercilessly first, suffer them, then hang them high! American boxer Ryan Garcia Says He Watched Bohemian Grove ‘Elites

Why can't a massive 100-foot concrete wall be built at Southern boarder (any US border), 50 feet thick, barbed wire and spikes up top, with 50 caliber manned posts? Why? an impenetrable wall seen from

Cui bona? What if? was there really a coronavirus, a COVID virus here? What really was released (intent or not, one release or multiple release clones??) that caused the serious respiratory symptoms

It is not that Trump has to say the vaccine harms, we know it does, but he has to say he made a MISTAKE, he has to mea culpa; whether this mRNA with 100 more years of research & ethical debate proves

Trump: "how could a plane (a 767/747) possibility go through the steel"...SAGE HANA's recent stack mirrors what I said prior that Trump said on 911, that a plane could NOT bring down the buildings

𝗣𝗮𝘂𝗹 𝗙𝗹𝗲𝘂𝗿𝗲𝘁 (𝗔𝗯𝘀𝗼𝗹𝘂𝘁𝗲𝟭𝟳𝟳𝟲) said POTUS Trump (45) had NO CHOICE but to push out the mRNA vaccine! I find the points are good, interesting but Paul F misses 4 key points 1)it has

Dr. Nagase Nov 3, 2021 Genetic Damage mRNA; Dr. Nagase gives us a potent look at the damage that the mRNA vaccine would, can, and did do! Brilliant scientist! Worth the listen! Spread this video far

'Exterminate Thyself, White People! A Gala of Great Replacement Retards'; Newz you can afford to lose by WILLIAM HUNTER DUNCAN (Born on the Fourth of July substack, support)

Did Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman, Kariko, Sahin et al. conspire with dark evil malfeasant parties to bring an ineffective & deadly mRNA technology gene based mRNA vaccine to begin depopulation of

2 POTUS men, 2 big problems & one deadly mRNA vaccine hell of a mess; what are they to do? the mRNA technology (Malone Bourla) vaccine developed under one & rolled out under the other! It KILLS!

URGENT: 7 TWC (The Wellness Company) products worth considering including 1) Travellers kit, 2) First aid kit, 3) emergency preparation kit, 4) & contagion control kit 5)Spike Protein dissolving

If not Trump, then who? You bitching, I get it, you have questions why he still praising the deadly lockdowns and deadly Malone Bancel mRNA technology gene vaccine, I know, I am outraged too! But if

Omid Ghoreishi did an excellent piece in EPOCH (I have serious problems with EPOCH at this time as it is in conflicted relations with Malone) worth the read: "Fired Winnipeg Scientist Involved in

Mentally incapacitated, too old, 97% say Biden is gone! SHARYL ATTKISSON'S shocking X poll, unscientific, scientific, who the hell cares, lets talk what we see & know, Biden is SENILE, dementia (ered)

Dr. James Thorp: "Health Canada admits in the response to the Inquiry of the Minister of Health: "No indication for use in pregnant or lactating women was sought by the vaccine sponsors or authorized

If POTUS Trump stated this, I do not know if to laugh or cry! What is this? Is this lunacy by all of us? What part of this statement by the man who would be king, is TRUE? None! Not any part! NUTS!

Please consider moving from FREE subscriber to PAID subscriber; My annual subscription is $29.99 year ($2.50 month); if you cannot become PAID please remain FREE, I have NO restrictions, no pay walls,

POTUS Trump (aka '45') November 2024, MAGA! No one is a better option than 45, Biden is senile IN YOUR FACE, all rest are clown car buffoons save Kennedy Jr. but too far gone in Malone unholy alliance

COVID was MURDER in the first, the fake non-pandemic, the PCR-manufactured 'false positive' asymptomatic lie of transmission non-pandemic, was MURDER & the lockdowns, the mRNA technology vaccine

22-year-old Laken Riley was killed by an illegal puke piece of feces from South America let in by Biden INC. etc.; this animal Jose Ibarra killed her! why can't we hang illegals who commit murder? who

JORDAN SCHACHTEL's 'how to lie with statistics' as he handles FACT that none of the Malone Bourla Bancel et al. mRNA gene injections worked, not ONE & that really, POTUS Trump must STOP saying this

Excellent post by SIMULATIONCOMMANDER: "Super Tuesday Results Leave Democracy in Dangerous Hands.... ..........that of the voters?" Following Monday’s Supreme Court ruling, the mainstream media spent

Game now is to use slight of hand to get you to 'accept' mRNA technology & mRNA vaccine (Bourla, Malone, Bancel, Weissman et al.); I say tell them SHOVE it! It needs 60-80 more years of dish, in vitro

Amy Kelly of DailyClout (Dr. Naomi Wolf's War Room technical outfit) presents some raw eye opening evidence of heart tachycardia following the Moderna Pfizer mRNA technology Malone Bourla mRNA vaccine

Who is advising POTUS Trump? Why did he not use the massive audience after Biden's vicious SOU address (first time a POTUS used a SOU to attack another POTUS by name even) to stand AGAINST the Malone

Academically sloppy, intellectually lazy, specious, inept, unqualified, did not read or understand data, just a pipetting bench scientist was Robert Malone! & he misled many with his WRONG statements

Spike Protein DETOXIFICATION dissolving triple pack bundle from TWC made up of 1)Bromelain 2)Spike recovery support with NATTOKINASE 3)Tumeric extract (main compound curcumin); Vaccinated or not

Is POTUS Trump being guided by handlers trying to destroy his re-election? I think so because this what Chudov says here showing this post by Trump is incredibly stunning! Trump is wrong, Biden is

Coming to America due to Biden, illegals by tens of thousands like so below, to US border, military-aged men, salivating, groins pulsing to rape your American girls, your women, jihadists, islamists,

DR. BYRAM W. BRIDLE'S substack on nutcase Timothy Caulfield: "Stop Pretending To Be An Expert About Vaccines"'To everyone who has become vaccine hesitant: you should be. I will always promote the

Igor Chudov gains my respect (stack below) even more for he shows he is not one to have his head up anyone's ass seeking likes and money, he calls it as it is & his questions here align with mine

Over 1300+ COVID Vaccine Publications & Case Reports showing adverse effects, harms and deaths after Malone Bourla et al. mRNA COVID Moderna & Pfizer and adenoviral vector injections

Mayorcas and Biden INC.: why would Biden, Obama, Mayorcas et al. conspire to kill Americans with their illicit invasion of America with rapists, jihadists, murderers? A sitting POTUS Biden INVADED USA

Trump must say NOW! "You bitches Fauci, Azar, Birx et al., you advised me to do lockdowns & bring this deadly Malone Bourla Bancel mRNA vaccine! I gonna to jail all you sons of bitches bitches, I

POTUS TRUMP, URGENT message to you: Stop saying the COVID mRNA technology gene mRNA vaccine (Malone, Bourla, Bancel) was successful, it was NOT! It killed! Stop saying the lockdowns saved lives

Malone lives in a world he created, a twisted mind set that he could pull off an equally sordid fake on the population, that the deaths from the COVID mRNA technology has nothing to do with you

The Wellness Company ( update: TWC USA remains thriving & expanding but the Canadian Government constrains ANY alternative parallel health systems; hence on March 1st Canadian wing

Hypervaccinated obvious lunatic, additional questions besides what is in the substack below: 1)did they examine harmful effects via high-sensitivity troponin test? 2)did they do D-dimer test for micro

I am trying to show technical lightweight Hahn et al. was, fraud FDA, compromised, they knew this Wang et al. 2020 study (same morning NIH study came out) REMDESIVIR was stopped as FAILED, deaths

Nikki Haley suspends campaign and won't endorse Trump? Look, lady, get to hell out and take your damn neocon bullshit war mongering ball with you and don't come back! No job for you!

Illegals get citizenship if join military? Beware the Ides of not forget when loyalties and place of birth is misplaced what evil doers can do, do not forget Major Hasan Nadal, he killed

I warn again, America has been invaded and Biden has caused the invasion of America; I warn, many Americans will die soon, will be killed in major terror attacks inside America due to Obama/Biden

Did you know that the Biden Administration Is Secretly Flying Hundreds of Thousands of 'Inadmissible Aliens' Into US? the country is not just being “invaded” by land. With the help of Biden INC., U.S.

SAGE HANA is dropping a haymaker here, talking about squalene that was in the anthrax vaccine that harmed the US soldiers etc.; sit back, these bitches don't want COVID and the leech fest done

Dr. Peter McCullough shared this excellent stack by CANARY IN A COVID WORLD and highlights the clarion words by Senator Ron Johnson is a recent meeting discussion he held in the Senate Building

BOOM! This is why I like Majorie Taylor Greene (MTG), for as the interviewer Emily Maitlis crossed the line, MTG told her the correct response: "why don't you FUCK off", oh I love it! MTG has 9 stones

AwakeNotWoke a subscriber, clued us into this insane whacko group of people, this trend that makes transgender people blush with envy as to who could be more deranged & psychotic; meet Transableists

SAGE HANA'S excellent substack below & basically writes what I have been saying & others like Couey & SAGE'S voice has been critical to crystalize the fraud; we are here still because of free money,

Thank God, my God, that Victoria Nuland is retirning now, this lady was a devil in human form, wreaking havoc on the world! Devastating individual! 'A malevolent globalist of unparalleled attainment.'

"I can breathe in a small town, will live and die in a small town, probably die in a small town"...this Mellencamp song always stayed with me...I loved his music growing up...long live John Cougar

Good stack by Mickey-Z, "I believe in the promised land"...'Many of them declared that they’d prefer to return and live in slavery than to wander the desert any longer.' 'pining for the familiar

'Like a rock' by Bob Seger, again, near unmatched..."the height of summer, never felt that strong, I was 18, didn't have a care, not a dime to spare & I was leaning solid everywhere, never felt that

Is the Biden Admin Secretly Flying Migrants to an Airport Near You? DHS Won’t Say. But my questions as an investigative reporter says YES...and they are coming to kill us, prepped to kill...many

I am what a loyal soldier is, I understand loyalty, code, honor, honesty, I operate in a brutally honest world, you may find I am offensively honest, I don't care, it is me, I am loyal to Trump as I

Malone pushed you to take the DEADLY mRNA vaccine when he knew it was ineffective & deadly! now he is running to the hills claiming it is unsafe but he KILLED people, he took saline, he killed people

Sasha Latypova again striking deep into enemy territory, stoking fear in them with this stack: "World Exclusive: Everything You Wanted to Know About Secret Biolabs in Ukraine, Now Revealed!...

EUGYPPIUS's substack is very good, highlighting the nutcase moron European hypervaccinator man who took 217 COVID vaccines & reports are he had high antibody levels; huge PROBLEMS that Kocker et al.

Dr. Vernan Coleman reminds us that he himself, along with some of us, were screaming out that the mRNA vaccine was and would be unsafe; Coleman was on tap in December 2020; question: why was Malone

Biden INC. deliberately invading America, destroying America & setting Americans up to be killed, gang raped by the illegals NOW; reports are that illegals who seek to join military given citizenship?

Illegals Biden INC. is flying in (& corssing border) get telephones, US$ 5,000 spending money, new clothes and meals while staying in 5 star hotels all on your dollar; who among them, have rapists &

Biden flew 320,000 illegal likely rapists, murderers, islamist jihadists into 43 American airports and will not say where! They are here, prepared to KILL, gang rape your daughters, SECRET flights

Mukesh Ambani, Indian billionaire, spent $150 million to send his over fed over fat son to wedding in what I describe as pure pigg-ary if that is a word! Do these people have no shame, in poor India?

Zoomer Girl, Zinnia, this stack was so well written, I wanted to repost...Zinnia is touching on a very delicate issue around femininity, womanhood, girls, young girls & the challenges in this still

DR. JOSEPH SANSONE, BREAKING!! files Writ seeking court intervention! Writ of Mandamus Filed in Florida Supreme Court, Seeks to Compel Governor DeSantis, and Attorney General Ashley Moody, to Ban the

‘The Internet was Always Designed to be a Control Grid; Tracking back the Creative Intelligence of how we ended up here. The Day Tapes tried to warn us. "Everything is in place and nobody can stop us

Bob Seger "Against the wind"; one of the best songs ever written; "years roll slowly past, I found myself alone, surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends, I found myself further & further

Bill Rice Jr. you may well be right, I have too many writing me and email that they are being censored on substack in some manner, numbers not making sense, their stack numbers not making sense;

COVID did to US & the world under Trump (PREP ACT, Liability Protection) what Bush did to US & world using 9/11 (Patriot Act) & Obama did to US & world islamizing US with Tasfeen Maliks & jihadists &

Dr. Naomi Wolf reveals her depth and breath by taking us on a journey about alternatives to harmful 'usual' western allopathic medicine; she waxes on the healing capacities of plants and foods...

If these leftist democrat judges in America are trying to hurt Trump any way they can, imprison him, even amping up whackos to try assassinate him, then should we not have ways to punish them when

If 'FRAMESHIFTING' negatively impacts the way that the mRNA code is read & interpreted by the ribosomes in the cytoplasm, due to the inclusion of the methyl pseudo-uridine instead of 'uridine', then

POTUS Trump, HANG them! they told you MILLIONS would die if you did not lock down or bring mRNA Malone Bourla vaccine, you trusted them & locked down & gave vaccine, but the deaths were NEVER going

2 Men with the same TELEPROMPTER problem, Biden MUST read every word from teleprompter because his brain is addled & in a form of dementia (sadly), Malone must read from a teleprompter because he lies

Pink Houses by John Cougar Mellencamp, sit back, remenisce, some oldies but goldies: "ain't that America, for you and me, ain't that America, something to see, home of the free, little pink houses for

Elephant in the room? What could crash America and the world? It is the 33 to 34 trillion $ national debt; consider the interest rate & how much we need to service it now...interest rates of 7 to 8%?

Get away Haley, LEAVE, stop badmouthing Trump, its over, long over for you, never had a chance, you are a RINO neocon & deadly for America; we need Trump with all his faults, & no one is perfect, but

4 questions on the MADNESS of the fake PCR-'false-positive' manufactured 0.05% IFR pandemic: 1)why was POTUS Trump given Regeneron, Remdesivir, & Dexamethasone & NOT Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine?

Freedom Fighters in COVID, cry out daily for they know they are whores, the money leeches, the money whores, they are trying but just cannot get off the free donor money, cannot quit; so they will

Very good substack by Igor & he nuanced the topic well; I have three points to add to Chudov's treatise & question: "Can Population Declines Be Beneficial?"; the 3 issues we must hold central IMO are

Why did Adhikari et al.'s research published in Frontiers in Immunology (needless to say most if not all academic research publishing is scientific garbage today owned by pharma) find that mortality

BREAKING: SCOTUS Supremes rule 9-0 that all states must allow POTUS Donaldus Magnus Trumpos onto all ballots, CANNOT be removed! BOOM BOOM! 9-0. Cannot be removed from Presidential ballot!

Using 'fasting' (intermittent or water fast) can drive AUTOPHAGY (programmable cell death, cleaning out of cells of debris etc. might remove intracellular spike protein post virus & mRNA vaccine) and

Message to POTUS Trump (45): I think you deserve a 2nd shot, the ONLY person with malice against wrongdoers, vengeance, retribution capacity (I like) who can fix the wrongs of America & what was done

DARPA's Frankenscience: In 2021 US Military Announced Plans to use Genetically Modified PARASITES to Create Super Soldiers "The effort is part of DARPA’s Personalized Protective Biosystem (PPB)

Snorting coke, having sex with hookers, drinking whisky and beers, partying, all of it on your COVID donor money $ you really want me to tell you what many of these 'Freedom Fighters' really do

WARNING to POTUS Trump (45); whispers (well placed) are that those mRNA inventors e.g. Malone want a job in future Trump administration; whispers are that Malone is jumping ship to say he is a TRUMP

“Water Reed will undoubtedly declare that, ‘Other than -normal for his age- minor medical issues, President Biden is fit to serve another term!’ But, this is NOT true! I would hate to be Dr. Kevin O’

"MIT hosts COVID-19 policy debate Will other schools follow?"; Dr. Vinay Prasad talks at MIT & I like this stack & what it represents, he is opening up the 'sensible' debate; we do not always agree

Get to hell out, your freaks, with your DEI bullshit, your diversity, equity, inclusion vomitus! "Today Is A Good Day To DEI: In Huge Win For DeSantis, University Of Florida Fires All 'Diversity,

I, Dr. Paul Alexander am being raw to you, from on the inside of the COVID fake pandemic response at HHS & as they brought you the Malone Bourla mRNA vaccine; ineptness, malfeasance, they fucked Trump

Biggest fraud word we know of today is 'Freedom Fighter' that was coined out of the COVID fraud; fact is that most so called 'Freedom Fighters' were & are in it only for their pockets; they have used

Dr. James Thorp MD, board-certified in obstetrics & gynecology (OB/GYN) as well as a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine, practiced obstetrics for over 42 years, puts ACOG ABOG SMFM on notice!

SAGE asking the right questions & the answer is Yes, it is and was a fraud, from fake pandemic to the deadly mRNA vaccines, all of it & the answer is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY gimme money, gimme your money,

Recommended kits that allows you to have ACCESS to life-saving medication should you need it even if pharmacies run out; consider having these in your medicine chest; The Wellness Company's (TWC)

Vigilant News reports on a video by the Brit media person Neil Oliver who cries out that 'a storm is coming' for the guilty; I always liked Neil's passion; I will add, you damn right! Neil! We are

China told Pfizer to phuck off with the Malone Bourla Bancel Weissman mRNA gene vaccine yet FDA approved for America? What did China know about the Malone mRNA technology?

The depopulation isn’t global: invasions and injections target Europeans and Americans; Are Nigeria and Nepal affected as much as Netherlands and New York? I think Dr. James Hill, MD has a point but

Masks, can these face masks be so real that many around you wear them today & you do NOT know? Can our leaders have on masks in front of you and you cannot tell? Very sick so need masks? What's real?

Bolshevikism is still alive & preying on America; "A key Bolshevik stratagem is to release inmates from prisons to terrorize and kill citizens." as Dr. James Hill MD says, Biden INC. unleashed HELL

TWC (The Wellness Company) will issue an official statement on why it has closed the Canadian arm of it's operation (shortly); I do not write for TWC & so I overstepped by writing

John Raymond's substack, please take a look & subscribe, his recent to me is like Christmas day again, music to my ears and eyes: "Do you support NUREMBERG TRIALS WITH DEATH PENALTY ON THE TABLE"; YES

Housatonic is over target? these leeching grift artists are clogging the airways with bullshit on COVID when they know it is done & it is all GRIFT, senate was a chat fest, nothing real! ppsst, I did

What happened in COVID, the fake NON-pandemic? The deadly mRNA technology vaccine? a '95% false-positive' PCR-manufactured lie of asymptomatic spread fake 0.05% non-pandemic? My opinion after 4 years:

BOOM, what SAGE H says here is on point, we never needed mRNA vaccine shot & Malone and Fauci & Bourla & Bancel and Hahn and Walensky et al. knew we NEVER needed any & they NEVER ever worked; I like

'Girlhood ends when the world looks at you. One day, you wake up and you’re a sex object. This is terrifying. Men want you and they are bigger than you and stronger than you. They do not see you they

This DEI agenda is destroying males in America, extends to Canada; masculinity is layed down when young boys move to puberty; since 2021, AMA said doctors not to put gender on birth certificate, not

Update request again for Vigilant News Network (VNN, great outfit) to update the running growing list of people Malone has sued or threatened to sue, now please add Housatronic who has been mind

Now Malone puts on his ‘Friends of Bob’ shows (calls them ‘hearings’ when no one is under oath) where only those who he has not yet sued or threatened get to talk, sued because you dared question the

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and George Soros orchestrated the fraud COVID non-pandemic? Along with pharma. Is this true? Jim Ferguson tells us about the 2,000 page Russian report showing

'As New Evidence Emerges, Victim In Georgia Murder Becomes Clear; ACKCHYUALLY, it's Jose Ibarra'; so these leftist phuckers, these beasts want to blame victim, the female, for fighting the feral fecal

Remdesivir (Veklury): SAGE HANA asks a simple yet deadly question: "Did the Gilead company hide the true toxicity of Veklury © (remdesivir) ?"; YES, they did, 2 key points: 1)major study by Wang et al

Catastrophic outcomes in Britain/UK with the Malone Bourla Bancel mRNA technology vaccine & now Sunak is in trouble & the Head of UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency quits in

'Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now." In 1969, ex-Planned Parenthood Medical Director Richard Day Prophesied How the Depopulation Global Agenda Would Unfold'; this is an excellent piece

SHEDDING: Steve C, one of my subscribers in response to my substack below on idiocy & dangerous nature of CDC Director Mandy Cohen's pushing of elderly to get a 9th booster reminds us about this &

COVID sub-variant JN.1 now accounts for 96.4% of the circulating COVID virus; if I am not mistaken, 9th BOOSTER that lunatic CDC Director Mandy Cohen is advising targets XBB.1.5 sub-variant; where is

“The Obamas are RUNNING the country,” says military historian Victor Davis Hanson. Barack Obama said he wanted to serve a third term “in my basement in my sweats.” And he’s “living his dream”; I have

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY again over target (By Jim Ferguson) informing us that it is getting HOT in Britain now and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may need to get some brown pants now given he is about

Another John Cougar Mellencamp number, "Check it out"..."hope they have a better understanding"...his words dripped with pain and so much meaning. easy listening, I am not balls to the wall 24/7...

‘Did Trump Initiate Criminal Investigations into Pfizer's Operations in China?' This is an interesting read from Karen Kingston, I ask you to subscribe to her, or at least read her work, excellent,

'Oprah Winfrey is leaving the WeightWatchers board.' & it's over her use of OZEMPIC touting it as a weight-loss drug; first, very reckless of Winfrey for Ozempic is NOT a weight-loss drug, it is for

'Dr. Vernon Coleman: I Warned That the COVID Jab Would Damage the Brain Back in 2021. Everyone Laughed. No One Is Laughing Now Scientists are at last beginning to warn that the covid `vaccine’ can

SIMULATIONCOMMANDER reminds us about the psycopathy of Trudeau & the leftist liberals with its new hate crimes bill; "Canadian Government Introduces "Online Harms Act" You don't want to harm children,

Spike Protein DETOXIFICATION dissolving triple pack bundle from TWC made up of 1)Bromelain 2)Spike recovery support with NATTOKINASE 3)Tumeric extract (main compund curcumin); Vaccinated or not

Paging Vigilant News Network (VNN), you will have to update your running list of people Malone has sued, has threatened to sue by adding Dr. Katalin Karikó, he has threatened her; Sasha Latypova is

You want to know why Trump was BALLS to the WALL and the best POTUS and hands down, Obama was a baby to Trump and why we need Trump ONE more time, to exact vengeance & merciless hangings

Senate 'HEARINGS', you getting these $donor money requests telling you 'hey, look we went to the senate hearing', its bullshit, we have been there, done that, its a gathering, sharing information, a

If you were to audit the books of many of the COVID Freedom Fighter entities (even media) like A****** and C**** etc., you will see the same movement of money out to their pockets, like this Dichter

Yeadon is 100% right, the evil doers RUN the opposition; Malone is the opposition, Malone is who you should be questioning for he & Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin et al. brought for you the

Housatonic: what has JJ Couey & Housatonic been whispering to us? What? 'Senate meeting failure (Feb 26 2024) - What they refuse to say is killing the United States'; its not a hearing! What did

Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel et al., these people, their mRNA technology & vaccine has KILLED people, yes, your parents, your family, your loved ones who DIED was due to the Malone Bourla

Dr. Mike Yeadon, a hero of mine: “The best way to control the opposition is to run it ourselves. If the people require a hero, we will provide one”. BOOM! This is what they did to us with Malone con

I want Nuremberg trials, I want Nuremberg hangings, just like Nuremberg 1.0...for all linked to the fraud of COVID, what was done in this fake non-pandemic, the lives they took with the lockdown

Shocking results from Public Health Agency of Canada's (PHAC) research on nurses in Canada & why they were hesitant to take the mRNA technology vaccines & why many did not take it; “You had to get

(Housatonic):'Can Robert Malone help us identify the 2001 anthrax letter mailer? With so many connections, nobody else is more qualified to know who the real bioterrorist was'; whispers are that there

MASSIVE BOOM ruling! This affects all Commonwealth nations e.g. Canada, Caribbean, UK etc. law under the British Westminister system (precedence): UNLAWFUL, hear that! UN-fucking-lawful! Australia:

What? MAX 8 & 9 planes & senior BOEING executive will not fly on them, unsafe? What? And you want the public to fly on these death traps? ‘I’m Not Trying to Cause a Scene. I Just Want to Get Off This

In the march across Canada that Canadian James Topp led (laid off court marshalled Canadian solider who said no vaccine mandate), Pierre Poilievre joined in the lead for political points, photos;

Et tu Nevradakis? You ate from the apple too? Shame on you! Why? You listed Malone as 'an expert in mRNA and DNA vaccines and therapies'; how dare you? All that respect you have gained now willing

What does Malone and Hatfill know about the anthrax letters? I don't know? Can Malone tell us more? Does he know who sent them/it? What was his role in the anthrax research e.g. as bioweapon? As an

Retire! I say Retire Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, Weissman, Kariko et al.! Why? You MUST give back all your research grant monies, prizes, your salaries for you 6 are IDIOTS, damn stupid MORONS,

Mörz reports Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after Pfizer's BioNTech (BNT162b2) mRNA technology Vaccination against COVID; 76-year-old man with Parkinson's disease (PD) died

Who is a house negro as per Malcolm X? Well, Fauci is a house negro, people who work with the deadly master, the overlord master, Collins is a house negro, Malone a house negro, Bourla, congressional

Malone said there was a global pandemic (COVID) to Malik; Malone knows here this is bullshit lies & that COVID was a fake PCR induced lie; he is as honest as when he took the COVID vaccine knowing it

50 to 80 years....yes come back in 50 to 80 years with this mRNA technology crap, for today, it is deadly & does not work & mass indiscriminate mRNA vaccination was a catastrophe, killed massive

Has Naomi Klein decided to attack Dr. Naomi Wolf because she is exposed, she is vulnerable due to her links to the COVID vaccine ties, in the multi-millions $? Is this to MISDIRECT us? Shame on Klein

Hi Sasha, know this, I support you and your work and showcase it on my stack, I think you are brilliant and legitimate! I hope you and JJ Couey can work it out, hug it out, why? He is very smart, a

Brian Murphy, a subscriber on The Naked Emperor substack wrote this as to how we get accountability from the tens of thousands of corrupt medical doctors in America, UK, Canada etc. who went along

BOOM! Sasha Latypova takes Malone to the wood-chipper shredding him, is top notch, principled, brilliant & she schlongs Malone 'technically' here showing the fraud he is, paper-thin, LIAR! more than

Why is Senator Ron Johnson special to me? Why do I think he is the real deal? I see malfeasant people trying to 'use' him for legitimacy, I see! But that aside, at the DEFEAT THE MANDATES Washington

Dr. JJ Couey tells this Canadian audience how much of a fraud COVID non-pandemic was! A complete fraud! A fake NON-pandemic; go from MINUTE 24

Is he the only one we have on tap who can do job of saving US? I say YES, none of the other characters has what is needed, Trump 2024 will finish the job & more, yes, mistakes were made, he will need

I warn you again about 'weight-loss' OZEMPIC (Wegovy, Semaglutide); the definitive data, in fact any type of safety data is lacking & reports indicate OZEMPIC is high-risk dangerous, see my substacks

'Record long-term sickness bodes ill for UK economic growth'; so tell me why is the UK population so sick? seems these idiots at YAHOO mentioned everything but Malone/Bourla mRNA vaccine

'Obama, and those he represents would have you believe that the ‘bitter clingers’ are the very bane of civilization. They, the plebians, are to blame for all the world’s ills...Mankind is at war, yet

Some wrote me telling me they feel the cat is really Malone & Ernie is the unsuspecting public when he tells them that his mRNA technology is not the technology in mRNA vaccine, that they are stupid

Why would the Japanese Ministry of Health Increase its COVID mRNA technology Vaccine Health Damage Budget by a Staggering 110 Times vs Previous Estimates? What caused this? LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY

TARA HENLEY's stack titled "Weekend reads: The curious case of Naomi Klein" is indeed interesting for it unpacks the fetish & fixation Klein developed for Dr. Naomi Wolf, I say negative fetish

Dr. Boz (aka Dr. Annette Bosworth MD, Florida) finally comes clean with mea culpa 'come to Jesus' moment, admitting she was catastrophically WRONG advocatng deadly Malone Bourla et al. mRNA gene

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY (support this stack) covering Dan Hartman's painful situation where his son Sean died after the COVID shot Ontario, Canada; government lawyers telling him drop case & they

10) URGENT questions for Bourla, Bancel, Sahin (Pfizer, MODERNA, BioNTech CEOs) & Malone, Weissman, Karikó et al. (inventors of mRNA technology inside the mRNA COVID vaccines); please address these

Marjorie Taylor said Transgender Admiral Rachel Levine is “A Mentally Ill Man” & Washington people & leftist & RINO freaks are angry, attacking her; well, she is DAMN right he has a PENIS, he is a man

Could amyotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or MS etc., or other neurodegenerative diseases be linked to the early introduction of LIVE virus vaccines e.g. measles etc.? In all likelihood, YES! Polio did

Trump said, I watched him at the 9/11 spot, he was there as his workmen and women helped dig, I heard his say a plane like what we were told CANNOT bring down World Trade Center, impossible he said

65 Horsemen of COVID Apocalypse (up from 55 due to your lobbying & intel, thank you!) who brought us death, harms, destruction, mayhem, fake PCR-induced non-pandemic, mRNA vaccine; added

Yes, it is MPAA, it is MAKE PEDOPHILES AFRAID AGAIN! Yes, we got to go after the pedophiles in our societies, in churches, in schools, in halls of congress, US house, US senate, elite people, high-

What did MALONE mean by these 2 Twitter posts, both very troublesome on their own and warrant at least EPOCH or DEL or CHD or Brownstone to pony up some testicles & ask him what he meant

White Liberals and Their True Motives, to get into power or remain in power & use their tricks to fool and deceive the American negro; white liberal/democrat & white conservative is one of the same in

Alike in Plato's 'allegory of the cave'...the people chained to the wall in the cave and live just looking at shadows on the wall, reflections of objects from the fire behind them; point is, MOST only

If Biden wins re-election (and he has a chance), then Obama would have his 4th term as POTUS (given Obama & Big Mike are enjoying their third term); incredibly, if this happens, strong odds are that

Excellent stack by SAGE H, as he/she raises 3 key issues 1)Kirsch words on overpopulation, I never knew this until SAGE shared, what does Kirsch mean or meant? you see, once you touch it, we can ask,

If Operation Northwoods was a fake potentially deadly attack on American people by its own military DoD using remote controlled civilian aircraft (I asumme with civilians on board) in 1962, if The

I was told not to post this as to be hidden but a little birdy shared with me, this is an example of the theft, the criminals we faced in the Canadian Trucker convoys like the Freedom Figher media &

Paging mRNA technology inventors (Weissman, Malone, Kariko etc.), when Bridle uses term 'modRNA shots', he is not BUYING into your Malone's misdirection effort to bullshit us that YOUR mRNA work is

COVID is done, it is over but the Freedom Fighter Movement driven by crooked greedy doctors & scientists as well as the Freedom Figher media (wink wink nod no so called wanna be 'media' wink wink)

POTUS TRUMP is in the position he is in re the mRNA technology vaccines that killed so many because of Malone, Bancel, Bourla, Weissman, Sahin etc., their technology killed people & Trump was lied to

URGENT: 6 TWC (The Wellness Company) products worth considering including 1) Travellers kit, 2) First aid kit, 3) emergency preparation kit, 4) & contagion control kit 5)Spike Protein dissolving

Why when POTUS Trump was diagnosed as COVID positive (I think they lied to him though I think he had what they released) did they NOT give him Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine? Why was it remdesivir

Alberta town bans Pride crosswalks, non-government flags...interesting

Why did Malone sue Dr. Peter Breggin & his wife Ginger? There was no basis and the court had to slap Malone but you need to ask yourself serious questions about this little man & the harm he did Dr.

Guess what day it is Ernie! Guess! Oh Ernie, where are you? Don't go hiding again because I can see you! This one by SimulationCommander is excellent, I enjoyed! 'The power of voluntary transactions'

URGENT so you know how malevolent, malicious & deadly MODERNA, Pfizer, BioNTech CEOs (Bourla et al.) were in pushing the deadly Malone et al. mRNA technology vaccine; "While the CDC was urging parents

Canada's health regulator Health Canada functioned to Hide Their Concerns About Impurities In COVID-19 mRNA technology (Malone, Bourla) Shots From Canadians; excellent analysis by Dr. Byram Bridle

Much ado about nothing! I never gave the WHO pandemic treaty or agreement ANY thought above tripe & drivel! You panic for NOTHING here, this is WHO, a band, a group of stupid, inept, moronic,

Many people have been killed from Malone, Bourla, Sahin, Weissman et al. mRNA technology vaccine! Millions! So what is Steve Kirsch saying on Tucker? Is one vaccine better? mRNA? A vs B? IMO, NOT!

Who Knew What, and When? When did Malone know (given his media presence) about reverse transcription of mRNA? That the vaccine & content left injection site & did not dissolve as we were told? When?

Carlton Huffman, 39, accused Matt Schlapp of CPAC of sexual assault, fondling his groin etc. Can someone update us on Schlapp's sexual assualt? Is Schlapp into men? What is his wife's stance, Mercedes

Tampon-man Trudeau again shows how deranged he is, saying shame on Poilievre's trans comments; I ain't no Poilievre supporter, he lost me with Harper & Iraq, lots we don't know, I think Poilievre is

Is the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) running interference for islamic child rape GROOMING gangs (like the Pakistani males who gang raped & abused 1,400 British girls for decade)

How many more Americans must die, how many will have to die in the COMING terrorist attack (s) for it is BOOKED given the invasion by Biden, Obama, Bush et al. of the homeland, how many? Before we

Now you understand where your tax money goes, in them Lusitanos...there is something to all this that stinks to high heavens & the truth is never far behind! as I said, I want this dude, Weissman,

I very highly recommend you read (support) A MIDWESTERN DOCTOR'S substack as often very informative; see this one now on the escalating clots seen in those taking COVID mRNA technolgy Bourla Bancel

Breaking: POTUS Biden has stepped up quickly, has issued executive order that the Chinese balloon now over the US can have three, not four days to film as many US military sites before it can be shot

Former Dem Rep. Tulsi Gabbard – Who Was Mentioned as a Possible Trump VP Pick – Will Headline Fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago Next Month; IMO, she is not there YET but headed the right direction & she has

Tampon-man Trudeau is at it again, now he has no problem with children accessing PORN websites, maybe tranny sites etc.; he fears age verification will invade privacy of adults; does tampon-man not

Dr. Katalin Karikó, are you a liar? You with Drew Weissman are credited with the mRNA technology (deadly) yet Malone said he mentored you, knew you; did he lie? you Karikó said you did not know him

Lighter but very interesting read & via our colleague Igor Chudov, always inviting, & intellectual! "Failings of the Young Generations, Documented Since the 4th Century B.C." Igor has been a soldier

Dr. Naomi Wolf: why has Robert Malone attacked Dr. Wolf in the past? Why did he smear her, slander her? Is Malone a mysoginist? Is he intimidated by women? By Wolf? Does he despise educated strong

Why did the mRNA vaccine makers (Moderna, Pfizer, BioNTech) & its CEOs Bancel, Bourla, Sahin & the mRNA technology inventors Malone, Weissman, Kariko & others involved remain silent knowing there was

4 key kits for your MEDICINE chest: 1) Travellers kit 2) First aid kit, 3) emergency preparation kit, 4) & contagion control kit; these are 4 (four) kits being promoted/offered by The Wellness Company

It is not 'IF' but rather 'WHEN'; America will be struck hard with a terror attack islamist, we have terror cells now in America, jihadists, we have 25,000 chinese nationals, we have millions of

Malone has smeared & slandered the leader of the COVID anti-lockdown & anti-COVID mRNA vaccine Dr. Peter McCullough & we ask why? When I was part of the Freedom Movement, we had weekly meet

SHARYL ATTKISSON fearless reporting now says that Homeland Security Secy. Mayorkas personally declined Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s request for Secret Service protection; WHY?

Nathaniel Veltman, 23, in London, Ontario, Canada who killed 4 members of a Muslim family in London, Ontario given 5 life sentences in prison; IMO, no, please do not give him 'life', HANG him NOW!

amoxicillin-clavulanate (Augmentin™): it is important that you know the usefulness & potency of this antibiotic as part of your MEDICINE CHEST (your supply) (not to be abused, misused) in case there

Operation Northwoods, was it real? Did the US government actually consider this, the DoD, to create a false flag to justify the US going to war with Cuba? ‘Operation Northwoods was a proposed false

Huh? What? Fryer found what in his Harvard study? (& what, he was fired by anti-semite plagiarist Gay? ha ha, karma, what a bit*h) that there is no racial difference in police shooting? what? I have

Problem with Malone is he tried to get fame & money & he did by roaming around with lackies telling all who would listen that he was the father of mRNA technology & he like others, prayed that harms

Jim Torma, a friend, called me very sad as his childhood friend Emmery Neuperger died due to pancreatic cancer; this is not linked to the mRNA vaccine! However Malone Bourla Bancel mRNA vaccine still

Why would 49-year old Efeso Collins, the New Zealand Politician Who Pushed for Mass COVID mRNA technology Vaccination Die Suddenly After Collapsing at Charity Run? Why? In this era of DIED SUDDENLY,

American liberal or conservative (politician or not) do not give a damn about plight of the black American, American negro (same in Canada) & white liberal differs from the white conservative only in

If Malone thinks we are that inept & brains addled & misdirected by him to think that his lab work on mRNA is not MODIFICATION of what we know to be 'man-made' cellular mRNA, then we have to

Obstetrician, Dr. James Thorp, and Postpartum Nurse, Michelle Gershman, speak out about devastating unprecedented rise in reproductive & pregnancy complications after COVID mRNA vaccine rollout

The jihadist islamist 6th century male (I argue there are many GOOD law abiding muslims, I know many better than most other ethnicities) loves BLOND BLUE eyed girls; Rotherdam 2.0 in Canada??

A sitting POTUS invaded his own country, yes, Biden has invaded America, and Obama helped him orchestrate, this was always the plan, in fact, Obama is in his 3rd term...Middle-Eastern, jihadi, Chinese

Ricardo Perez Dulzaides, MD, PhD student at Einstein School of Medicine & so naturally would have taken all the mRNA Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, Kariko, Malone et al. shots; why did he die suddenly of

'In Navalny's last letters, the Russian dissident called Trump's agenda for a second term 'really scary''; my question is why? Did he say that? If so he was wrong, had no business in US politics.

I believe Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin etc. knew the mRNA technology in the LNP exosome like extra-cellular vehicle molecular transport & the resulting mRNA vaccine was deadly

Of mRNA & FOUR men: the curious case of mRNA & these 4 men with the same common problem: Trump, wants credit for OWS but not vaccine deaths; Malone, wants credit for mRNA technology in mRNA vaccines

Tampon-man Trudeau 'Act now and plead forgiveness later' this is what Trudeau did with the corrupt bogus fraud contracts to buddies ARRIVE CAN; suffered people at the border now Tampon-man says para

Now the UK is getting serious with Malone Bourla Bancel et al. mRNA shots & why? because there were no EXCESS deaths in younger persons in 2020; now there are massive excess deaths & all roads lead to

Now 55 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse who brought death, suffering, pain, job loss, collaterol damage, destroyed lives & futures to societies, to America, Canada, UK etc. (up from 50); investigate,

IMO good substack by SAGE H and I wanted to share, has nuggets: 'It is silly that Steven Hatfill is at any conference not named: HOW TO MURDER THE WORLD.' psssttt...Bret! I found someone who can help

BREAKING: What? Red Cross don't want your vaccinated blood? Why might you ask? What do they know about your vaccinated blood? LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY excellent stack "HOLY SHIT! American Red Cross

Trump, they the leftist RINO deadly freaks, the deepstate cabal, want Trump assassinated or imprisoned, will do anything to keep him off the ballot; they want to claim Putin killed Navalny, but they

Brownstone: I don't write for Brownstone anymore & you should know, Tucker remains dear in my heart for we did HUGE work at AIER & Brownstone; my seminal lockdown & natural immunity papers set stage

Malone & his bullsh*t games with words, trying to say what he did in the lab is NOT modified mRNA, that what Weissman & Kariko did was modified so he is not responsible for all the harms & deaths

SAGE HANA is opening a can of worms & deep wounds here for IMO 100% alike in COVID, of what we were told is false! IMO, a missile went into the Pentagon, also, Trump said on 9/11 at the site in 2001,

Dr. Marc Siegel of FOX news (as has his colleague Dr. Sapphire & Dr. Nesheiwat who also shilled to push the mRNA vaccines) shows us why he remains dumb as a box of nails, clueless & reckless as it

I can't be bought & my only dog in this fight is RIGHT vs WRONG no matter by whom! Does not matter if my friends, if you did wrong, you pay legally via court re COVID lockdowns, the mRNA death vaccine

Rancourt's graph, shows where excess (all-cause) mortality happened as soon as Malone Bourla Bancel Weissman et al. mRNA technology vaccines were rolled out! BUT, MOST deaths happened due to medical

I am from Trinidad/Tobago, an island boy originally, I guess you know; now hearing daily young Trinidadians are dropping dead like flies & we are learning took COVID vaccine; I/we told them not to,

Paging Dr. Jessica Rose, I hope you learnt your lesson! Bitter pill but better the learning now! You said you all watered down & contorted language to get the paper "COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons

Tony Porcaro of Tony’s Newsletter, a subscriber to my stack, wrote this below in reponse to my stack that the Canadian Trucker is the ONE & ONLY Freedom Fighter, deserves the NOBEL prize! US Trucker

This entire COVID Freedom Movement now is just pure GRIFT & GRAFT & they can't stand each other, despise each other & it's not about who 'likes who', no, it's about how can I benefit from you, & this

Malcolm X: The house negro & the Field Negro...I have to tell you my brothers and sisters, I am and will ALWAYS be a Field negro...I will fight the house negro and the we fight MASTERS

So you not confused, I called for the death penalty hanging or firing squad 2 days after you kill a US police in line of duty or our question! I also want police who kill people

Apoorva Mandavilli, a reporter at The New York Times, that leftist GARBAGE rag, is probably one of the most moronic, stupid, inept, incompetent 'so called reporters' globally; so in her derangement,

NOBEL Prize for the Canadian Trucker ONLY, they are the ONLY Freedom Fighters, they knew the science but medical doctors & scientists 'did not' about the Malone mRNA technology gene vaccine; the rest

Hviid et al. confirms what we always knew in that MODERNA & Pfizer BioNTech mRNA technology injections (Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman et al.) booster linked to increased myocarditis (~silent) risk

Do not forget the islamist Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, the islamist who fatally shot an unarmed white woman who called about sounds she was hearing (rape) by her apartment

Again, my brother from another mother shows why we are related (ha ha), Bridle highlights again what we knew 4 years ago (see my review & substack) that masks in COVID (respiratory entity) was useless

Dr. Robert Malone & Dr. Paul Alexander, why the cross thread? Why the disdain by Dr. Alexander for Malone & why he calls out Malone's deadly mRNA technology that has killed millions

URGENT: 6 TWC (The Wellness Company) products worth considering including 1) Travellers kit, 2) First aid kit, 3) emergency preparation kit, 4) & contagion control kit 5)Spike Protein dissolving

ROTHERDAM, UK 2.0 in Canada? Is Alberta the foci for rape GROOMING gangs (Pakistani) in Canada? Indications are that it has come to Canada & infiltrated (sex abuse, rape young girls) Alberta's doctors

Rotherdam UK, 2.0? I warn again, it appears that the Pakistani islamist rapist GROOMERS have shifted their base of operation, of gang rape of young blond blue eyed girls to Canada, namely Alberta;

'Astonishing Predictions from Dr. Richard Day, 1969 – Part 3 – They Planned to Announce – ‘The New World Order Was Now the System For The World’ BY PATRICIA HARRITY ON FEBRUARY 8, 2024'; THE EXPOSE;

In support of Trump, truckers are warning they will start by not delivering to New York, is this true? Boy I wish & hope & stand by that! "F**k Around & Find Out": Truckers Warn Loads To NYC Will Be

Do not forget them! Officers Matthew Ruge, 27, and Paul Elmstrand, 27, along with 40-year-old paramedic and firefighter Adam Finseth were shot dead in Minnesota; it is time we HANG people who shoot

A President was lied to, misled, POTUS Trump wad lied to by Bourla, Malone, Bancel, Weissman, Kariko, Sahin et al. & when I say courts must examine them & if shown they killed people, then we hang

Sasha Latypova shares her participation in a coming conference for lawers etc.; Sasha, love all you do, be careful, these, many are leeches and frauds & pimp on you, do not care about you, will use

Now that courts in Canada have found that Trudeau & his liberal government violated the Charter of Rights & Freedoms of Canadians in invoking the Emergencies Act against the protesting truckers,

Thoughts: 1)we created SARS-1 (2003) & SARS-2 (COVID) & it is my belief that the US government at highest level led this 2)I think Lyme disease has a bioweapon link 3)COVID circulated many years

CHUDOV fires a bomb highlighting a study by Fell et al. showing that children born to mothers mRNA vaccinated during the first trimester of pregnancy consistently show a greater rate of developmental

MODERNA: Devastating paralysis strikes Kayla Pollock, a 37-year-old mother from Ontario who took MODERNA booster (NOW PARALYZED); SHE NEEDS HELP, see Givesendgo

Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella has been likely damaged and very very sick with cancer due to the mRNA technology gene injections; the problem is celebrities in media do not use their situation to

Mickey Z's new substack I share as I love the memes but engage Mickey here (I want you out there to support Mickey Z, fund his/her stack, we need this writing): IMO Mickey, you are 100% right in that

Makis highlights the Florida grand jury with DeSantis et al. discussing (see below); IMO, this is one load of BS garbage clowncar (Ladapo I admire greatly); I will believe it when I see someone hang

Yesterday I was invited to Durham region Canada to speak to massive crowd supporting Patricia Conlin bid to win the DURHAM riding for the PPC party (headed by Maxime Bernier, I support him); after my

Canadian Trucker convoy that Trudeau brutalized: If the Canadian Trucker knew the science, knew the Malone Bourla Bancel Moderna mRNA gene injection was DOA & deadly, how come doctors did not?

Oh Let them eat the damn cake! Remember the famous words of Marie Antoinette, oblivious to the poverty & suffering of the peasants who had NOTHING! Some say Marie did not say the words, some say it

Dr Alex Laungani sex-change surgeon has revealed the extensive dangers of trans procedures, telling us of poorly-trained doctors leaving patients with dead appendages & other 'dreaded complications.'

Dr. LEELASIK; who is Dr. Lee? IMO he should clean up the damn twitter posts on stack with all the @ but when you read, you think this guy is wicked smart, passionate, or delusional; what do you think?

House Republicans Urge GOP to Protect Constitutional Rights as Congress Considers Reauthorizing Government Surveillance Program (American Faith); Thirty House Republicans sent a letter to House

The fraud of asymptomatic transmission; I wrote this paper on the lies of asymptomatic spread in COVID, it never was true, always was a lie alike the lie & fraud of the 6 foot social distancing rule

SAGE HANA is covering an important story again & let me opine: Damar Hamlin died on the football field, he died & it was medical attention that brought him back! mRNA technology vaccine killed him!

The continued mRNA technology Malone, Bourla et al. boosters are weakening the immunity of those on immunosuppressives and thus allowing 'more' not less COVID-19 infections': McCullough's excellent

Catturd is over target here banging at the crook Fani Willis, the unhinged leftist lunatic, dumb moron idiot fool, Catturd is bang on, I love it! Willis working for Biden trying to steal your vote!

I have contended that there appears to be huge blood, COVID linked deaths (mistreatment, lockdowns, mRNA vaccine), that are on the hands of Boris Johnson & he cannot seem to shake it! John Leake adds

BOOM! Makis (my colleague at with Hodkinson) drops a HAYMAKER here & on point with me & people like SAGE HANA who have raised this time & again; issue of PEDOPHILES in Alberta's CPSA

Mickey Z follows my substack too & wrote this stack & it touched me, I wanted to share; why? because he showed us why having a father (often villified) & in your life is CRITICAL for a young child,

Using SAGE HANA's malice Tier system this is my rendition: 1)TIER I, these are the evil f**kers, the Faucis, Azars, the CDCs, the FDAs, the Francis Collins (never forget this devil, the leader), mRNA

If judges, juries, in proper courts, legal tribunals say that medical doctors, government officials, MPs, senators, congresspersons etc. KILLED people in their COVID lunacy & vaccine & say prison or

So these phucking Middle Eastern muslim men, these North African muslim males, throw this pregnant woman off the bus! These are the evil neanderthal medieval 6th century animals you let in Europe, US

COVID has demarcated into 2 groups now, GROUP 1: those who asked Bob Malone questions about his mRNA technology that kills & he sued them or threatened to sue & GROUP 2: those who have not yet been

Is Putin not correct? I think he is spot on! He said "We are thousands of miles away… You have issues on your border, issues with migration, issues with national debt at $33 trillion." "You have

No SAGE H, you ain't wrong, you ain't no asshole for ripping into the fraud of it all & you are ANGRY, so am I! And no Bobby Kennedy Jr., NO, you were WRONG, we will NOT stop seeking accountability,

3 years ago, beginning of 2021 (actually we wrote maybe 3 years 3 months ago for it took about 3 months to write it), I/we said that closing schools in COVID was a MISTAKE, disaster & would harm kids

50 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse who brought death, suffering, pain, job loss, collaterol damage, destroyed lives & futures to societies, to America, Canada, UK etc. (up from 43); added Ardern &

SHARYL ATTKISSON continues to do pioneering work as she calls out the fraud of the fake non-pandemic; here she centers LONG-COVID as being due to the Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman et al. mRNA gene

It is not only that the COVID mRNA technology mRNA vaccines COULD NOT WORK (could not 'mechanically', physically get to the upper respiratory track, respiratory mucosal lining where needed) in the 1st

The crypto bitcoin pedophile funded 'Global COVID Summit', then changed to the Global Crisis Summit, now changed to the International Crisis Summit (ICS) MUST be focused on BIGGEST crisis in last 4

UK's Matt Hancock, murderer in the first degree! This beast killed thousands, aka 'Midazolam Matt'...see the graphs how Midazolam (paralytic) used with propofol (killed Michael Jackson), Fentanyl, dia

Our governments put our vulnerable, our elderly on propofol, midazolam, morphine, lorazepam, kill them, to murder them in Canada, US, UK etc. excess deaths can be explained by this...

Someone help me/us PLEASE, someone tell me what these results show? You preening COVID vaccine experts, EXPLAIN these results! "children who had received DTP-only and no OPV (HR = 10.0 (2.61-38.6))

BRUCHA: The depraved animals like Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, Weissman et al., this type, coming now at your babies with the RSV vaccine, Injection of Beyfortus (nirsevimab, monoclonal antibody

Let us pretend that CHARLES WRIGHT's substack content is accurate, should we ask how much donor money did Malone get from Jeff Hanson? Is this why they live high on the hog? How much Bobby? How much

Devastating study by Poloni et al. on spike protein from mRNA technology mRNA vaccines 'causing' MYOCARDITIS, heart damage yet study is focused on COVID virus! Why? How could I make this extrapolation

Peer-reviewed Lin et al. study in my prior substack & good work by Hanna et al. on COVID vaccine content in breast milk indicate clearly: ALL COVID mRNA technology gene mRNA injections MUST be STOPPED

Hang them high!! Huge praise for the Niagara Regional Police Service's human trafficking unit who arrested 12 Ontario PEDOPHILE men, 1 American in Niagara for trafficking young people; Thirteen men

Dr. James Hill, MD, also breaking it to us gently, about the just pure lunacy and idiocy of Dr. Mandy Cohen, CDC's Director & she makes the dingbat Dr. Ashish Jha seem mensa material, dimwit he is

POTUS Trump (45), they are not telling you & somehow it is not clear but the LOCKDOWNS all failed, saved not one life & COVID mRNA technology gene based mRNA vaccine failed & was/is DEADLY! FAILED!

Catherine Austin Fitts is dropping MOABS & Dr. James Hill, MD again raises serious questions; the thesis here is that Trump sold out America by promoting the COVID mRNA shots! No, I was closer to all

They KILLED my parent, my grand-parent, yours, ours, mines & then after KILLING granny with fraud fake pandemic, deadly mRNA gene shots & deadly medical COVID protocol treatment, we could NOT bury her

Great stack SAGE H, again showing us why we are here and how terribly deceived we have been by the highest levels of governments; & IMO, people make mistakes, huges one, but then they have a 'come to

OZEMPIC or Wegovy (semaglutide), DO NOT touch it! It can be deadly! Do not fall for this as a weight loss drug! Yes, Americans, Canadians, UK population very fat & ill, sick, obese, unfit! Fact! don't

Is infectious clone theory the actual real explanation for the fake COVID non-pandemic? Multiple release locations? Not Wuhan China? Misdirection...US government DoD led? Was whatever they cooked up

US pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Moderna etc. conduct trials in developing nations that KILL people yet you are UNAWARE? Consider the case of Pfizer's TROVAN that killed 11 African children;

'Questions from readers about EUA Countermeasures'; by SASHA LATYPOVA; once again Sasha opens our eyes more clearly on the fraud of COVID, the non-pandemic it was & how much corruption there is

'I'm one of the covid vaccine injured...I want you to look into my eyes Prime Minister Rishi Sunak'; & what did we see, we saw a British PM giving the speakers & nation the Royal fcuk; see what Sunak

This COVID Freedom Fighter fraud now for that is what it is now, a fleecing pure money grab of unsuspecting poor people, its 'I praise you so you do not call out my wrongs, on lockdown, on medical

SAGE HANA asks a serious question & the premise is correct that the fear porn, IMO lies, deceit by governments, CDC, NIH, FDA, PHAC, Health Canada drove young people to take the deadly mRNA technology

2 Questions for you to help me answer, please enter comments for debate: 1)how much millions $ did British Prime Minister Sunak make when MODERNA got EUA & stock rose? 2) will US congress Republican

Sorry Bobby Kennedy Jr., sorry about this but you can't get that! You can't get us to walk away and be silent, mistakes were not made, this was malice, a CRIME, we will not stop blaming, will not

You bandits in the US Senate, you high-crime bandits, you thieves, you filthy animals, during SUPERBOWL 2024 while people were drunk on NACHOS & BEER, pulled an OBAMA (Obama care vote), $95 billion US

I call it as it is: POTUS Biden seems to be at a certain stage of senility, to even have advanced dementia. We cannot lie anymore, HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Biden is STUNNINGLY mentally disabled

COVID taught us that our medical doctors whom we USED to think were SMART are actually stupid, dumb, inept, incompetent, biased, evil, deadly; all it is is a club & they will sell their mother for $2

POTUS does not run the nation, Trump (45) found that out yet POTUS has lots of power, 45 did not use his; he needs 2nd shot to do this! He will! 45 is not a bad man, those who think, no, rolled, yes,

No it is NOT over! It cannot be, the BRANCH Covidians, the COVID Taliban, the Mandarins, the ex cathedra lockdown lunatics, the COVIDIANS, they won't let it be over! More fear porn, fake pandemics...

Scientific paper in NATURE by Eric Topol and Davis is basically pseudoscience, published drivel garbage as it pertains to LONG-COVID symptoms for they try to blame such on ONLY COVID virus when the

Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf, "What is a Culture? Video of my Essay on The Three-Country Staging Program, Funded by USAID, UN, Invading our Nation to Destroy our Culture"

You lost your damn mind! They told you that you would kill granny so you needed the Malone & Bourla mRNA technology vaccine to stop you from giving her it yet they lied to you, Malone, Fauci, Sahin

CDC Director Mandy Cohen continues to show why she is a raving lunatic, an inept stupid, moronic dolt, alike most medical doctors & scientists across COVID, she makes Rochelle blush, if that were even

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY: 'Doctors Reveal What They’ve Learned During Their Medical Training About ‘Vaccines’; "We are not taught what's in those vaccines"; not taught about immunology, vaccinology,

This one protocol change below (fraud), this one screenshot is critical piece of information you need to see so that you understand how Fauci, NIH, deepstate made REMDESIVIR the 'standard of care'

Dr. Bill Makis, my Canadian brother from another mother, brilliant, we break bread together, swim in same TWC (The Wellness company) pond with McCullough, Trozzi, Hodkinson, Risch etc.; proud of him!

BRUCHA WEISBERGER has always been outfront fighting to save lives across COVID fake non-pandemic & mRNA vaccine & highlighted a substact I had written about Remdesivir & how NIH (Fauci) fraudulently

Trump's instincts were to NOT lockdown, 100% but he felt when they told him 2 weeks, thats all to bend curve & he knew they were fucking him but then he did not know once he gave Pence, Fauci 2 weeks

Trump, you blamed him & kind of right for he allowed Fauci & Birx to kill us with the lockdowns but what else could he do? would you have listened to him if he said fuck them on March 15th 2020? no

I ain't no SAGE HANA sycophant, I just appreciate good science & work by SAGE (support SAGE's work & merch) (SAGE, stop attacking TWC & Coulson, I am there for TWC is good, new, nascent, but on the

SAGE asked a good question or alluded to a very very troubling issue & this really speaks to the lies we live; did Oprah (of course already that means cover-up) take that under-aged girl to get a free

43 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse bringing death, suffering, pain, job loss, collaterol damage, destroyed lives & futures to societies, to America, Canada, UK etc.; these 43, up from 33, we start

Democrats know if they put Kamala aka Madame VP Giggles and Cackles, then the party is done, will actually lose half of the house seats; they know she polled zero (0) IN THE DEMOCRAT primaries

IMO why is someone like Bill Gates not in a prison? "Bill Gates should be arrested for crimes against humanity" & I agree; this non-scientist, non-doctor is deadly; LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY

Dr. McCullough raised a critical issue which is the seeming duplicitous manner in which research papers are being written & published, appearing to whitewash mRNA technology & mRNA vaccine lethality

POTUS Trump whom I still support & want him to get a 2nd crack at POTUS to fix what he did not fix & fix wrongs under him & under Biden & help USA, was WRONG, the lockdowns & mRNA vaccines failed,

TIP: I hope you can see in the writing & words, even high level Freedom Fighter doctors, scientists seem to be bought $ now, playing a game with their language on mRNA technology, vaccine, VACILLATING

Not the mRNA vaccine that has killed black Americans? I say it is, YES, I say 100% the mRNA technology & vaccine has killed black Americans! LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY's excellent substack...

Hang them high, hang them all high, hang all, every single person in COVID, from virus to lockdown lies to medical management that killed to the Malone, Bourla, Sahin mRNA vaccine, go to court, let

Canadians need to understand that TAMPON-MAN Justin Trudeau, approved mRNA vaccines for Canadians, his Health Canada (Njoo, Tam, Sharma et al.), his PHAC, based on EUA, conditional approval and Health

24,000 Chinese have crossed illegally into the US dealt with at the US Southern Border...did you know? News reporting friend reminded, so the question is why? why would 24,000 military-aged

Dr. Byram Bridle IMO as a Canadian research scientist like myself, remains one of the most principled, brilliant persons in vaccinology, immunology; his piece below highlights why Malone, Weissman et

Do not forget, we are here because sick evil deadly people created some biological entity in a lab (s) somewhere (including on US soil) & released it on us (multiple release points) to create a

MURDER in the FIRST! A COVID pandemic never occured! A FAKE! COVID was a government MILITARY OPERATION, we were deceived by a 'false-positive' PCR-induced lie, greatest deception in history! & Malone

It's over for Biden, the White House knows it & now the game plan is to keep him out of the camera & how to do a campaign with no rallies etc.?? Finished, we know he is when he DID NOT do SUPER BOWL

White House says all is ok with Potus Biden's dementia and clear senility & as proof, just shared how Biden held an extensive talk for 2 hours on the phone with leaders of India & Pakistan over

Shedding, COVID mRMA vaccine shedding is real, I suspect we will get research soon, people have been working on it! Shedding to our mothers, fetuses, mothers with catastrophic effects! This is why I

SASHA is correct, there seems to be some nefarious machination by STRIPE behind the scenes, why? Some whispers too that Substack censoring...hhhmm, I don't know, I won't agree but we need to assess

AwakeNotWoke again is over the target as this is explained in response to my substack: "So the vaccine mRNA not only does not remain at the injection site but, contrary to the bullshit conclusions of

'You know we are in the final stages of an invasion when even the corporate media is reporting on the thousands of Chinese nationals streaming across the U.S. southern border.' Biden is and has

China is our real enemy & we have many & now we faced with electing a POTUS that will shape the century! Trump needs to understand as he goes after China & closes the border & deports all illegals who

2 men with same problem, one a POTUS, one a bench pipetting scientist, one a leader, one a fraud: Trump vs Malone, how do they have same problem? 1)Trump, was against lockdowns & vaccine now supports

Very informative stack by SASHA LATYPOVA: "Moderna is planning another covid campaign starting April 2025. Employees are asked to donate blood for experiments in exchange for $75 gift cards."

Nullification of voices, scientists, doctors who stood up against mRNA technology & mRNA vaccine; inside, deep insiders warn me that move is afoot to TURN, to get high-ranking anti-mRNA voices to turn

Dr. Mike Yeadon's excellent substack posted on LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY, worth every read: "Dr. Yeadon Reveals TOXICITY MECHANISMS in COVID Kill Shots "I have a different yet complimentary point,

BREAKING: Lin et al. (Hanna) study shows transplacental transmission of the COVID vaccine mRNA: Evidence from Placental, Maternal and Cord Blood Analyses Post-Vaccination; Dr. Jim Thorp comments?

Aldén et al. showed us that SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) mRNA (RNA) can be reverse-transcribed & integrated into the genome of human cells; shit, did Malone know this? I know he knew but was silent! Can he be

POTUS Trump (aka '45') is on his way to re-election but it is ONLY possible if he holds the center & wins over democrats & he can do this 'IF' he stands up & admits that the lockdowns FAILED, all

Increased risk of 20%? Dr. JimThorp, obstetrician/gynecologist who led the fight against the COVID mRNA technology gene injections as to harms on the fetus, mother, newborn, as has Dr. Naomi Wolf, are

Because pregnant women were never included in the registrational Moderna & Pfizer mRNA vaccine studies, we never knew about how the mRNA, spike protein etc. crossed the placenta or entered the fetus

Obama is serving his third term as POTUS, he runs America; it is he who is invading USA, if Biden could have run for his second term which he cannot & will not, if he won, would be Obama's 4th term.

Jim Torma on Twitter asks a serious question, as to the 6 days that changed the world...was POTUS Trump threatened? what is Torma insinuating? was Trump's life threatened to lockdown? did they threat-

Shedding & menstrual bleeding: is the massive number of menstrual irregularities, the heavy bleeding in women, due to women being exposed to vaccinated (mRNA COVID shots) persons? is the anomalous

At no time in history, have we ever injected pregnant women with an investigational product, EVER! Pregnant women were NEVER part of any registrational Pfizer or Moderna trials so results could NOT

Robert Kennedy Jr.: you get the sense always, at least me that he is almost always on the edge of the full raw truth, HONESTY, yet someone is cupping his nuts so he stops short; Malone, you get the

Russia is NOT our enemy, China is our number one foe...these nations are not playing for 2nd place, they all wish to rule the world; see James Fanell, Bradley Thayer, Stephen K Bannon's book

This one paragraph in abstract of the Mead, Wolfinger, Rose, Seneff, Kirsch et al. paper and these 3 words indicate why this abstract MUST be rewritten (paper taken down): 1)'modified' is a Malone

Thank you for your support of this stack for it means a great deal to me & family; I have left it FREE with no comment restrictions etc & will continue! Can you consider a PAID subscription ($29 year)

Moderna & Pfizer vaccines were baked in, decided even before trials & they knew their mRNA technology with lipid-nano particles (LNPs, exosomes) would be very dangerous; Bancel said so (Moderna):

How & why did medical & scientific establishment e.g. medical doctors, allow governments ('officials' elected or not), health officials (in CDC, PHAC, NIH, Health Canada, SAGE, NIAID, FDA) College

AMNESTY? You said you want amnesty, forgiveness? Absolutely fucking not! We will not let you go, all you in the fraud fake von-COVID pandemic, never was, all you who abused our elderly, killed them

Trump just said we are only recommending lockdowns on March 15th 2020, yet seconds 55 to 58, Fauci just said all will be locked down...they rolled him, they fucked Trump on screen & he did not realize

Yes, Russia's Putin is 100 times, maybe 1000 times more intellectually capable and sound than President Joe Biden & the Tucker interview showed us this but folk like me always knew this! He loves his

If the report from prosecutors on POTUS Joe Biden's handling of classified documents says Biden is too senile & in dementia to stand criminal trial, then how in good heavens can he remain POTUS now?

It is over for Biden, his Presidency is over, they have to move him, our enemies will hit us...we knew he was degenerating in senility yet yesterday we knew the extent...that was no Republican special

Karen Kingston's devastating substack (support her): "2021 Recorded the Greatest Loss of Elderly Adults in the History of America Per US Census Data, during the height of COVID the elderly population

Again, you need to know, FDA at the top, for political reasons, had no reservations in KILLING Americans to elect Biden; told me direct that they were NOT going to approve EUA before election to DENY

Seconds 55 to 58, then 100 to 101, you can see Fauci drop the lockdown hammer, Trump did not know, was distracted deliberate at second 55, then at second 100 you see he understands FOR THE FIRST TIME

BOOM, I just looked at the 75 seconds that fucked the world, look at second 100-101, look at what Trump did, he gestured with his eyes, look at his face then, he knew it was OVER! They just DOOMED him

75 seconds, 75 seconds that fucked the world, what happened in this Task Force speech, what happened to POTUS Trump on lockdowns & vaccine? pay ATTENTION to seconds 55 to 58, Trump was DISTRACTED

March 9th 2020 to March 11th 2020, what happened to POTUS Trump? Was he threatened? He knew, his gut, all his instincts were that COVID was 'nothing' yet what happened in 2 days?

Slow-kill bioweapon, this is IMO & bringing my Johns Hopkins Biological weapons certificate training under Dr. DA Henderson (eradicator of smallpox) into play, this mRNA technology is a biological

As SAGE would ask, what heeebbbeeennneeeddd? What happened from March 9th 2020 to March 15th 2020 when POTUS Trump locked America down? His gut (I know) was AGAINST lockdowns, he was NOT going to!

Operation WARP Speed (OWS), the tax payer was on the hook, lost billions, as vaccine makers paid UPFRONT; research, vaccine manufacture, logistical distribution all done by the minute, hour by hour

My view on Putin Tucker interview: I see a man Putin who loves his nation like how Trump loves America, as simple as that to start; I admire Putin, we always be guarded, but Russia is NOT our enemy


The Vladimir Putin Interview with Tucker Carlson with time stamps

General Wesley Clark: 'this is how we will take out 7 countries, ending with Iran': 'Retired U.S. General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned, Seven Countries In Five Years'; Cui Bono? SAGE? Your view?

Biden Holds Press Conference to Counter Claims of Diminished Capacity (SIMULATIONCOMMANDER); yet with speaking directly from teleprompter, with planted questions, it's clear Biden is in dementia, sen-

It was our medical doctors who killed us, who killed many by refusing to help patients, who helped push the fraud pandemic, lockdowns & the deadly mRNA vaccines, yes this was an OP, cause a crisis &

In OWS, Operation Warp Speed, the so called vaccine trials by Pfizer, Moderna et al. were being run fraudulently & too fast, yet as they ran each day, all vaccines were produced at same time, same day

Norman et al.'s study show that the COVID Vaccines Are Most Dangerous in the First Trimester of Pregnancy; excellent substack (support) by Igor Chudov! "Swedish and Norwegian newborns: postnatal

Dr. Peter McCullough Warns of ‘One-World Government Coming Our Way’; “This is all prima facie evidence that we see a worldwide power grab going on.” Excellent reminder by Dr. McCullough that we remain

There’s too much money in it, too much! So how could they walk away, they got to keep it going! It ain't over until it's over! You are so over it, COVID is done, but they won't let you be & grifters

Moderna the criminal mRNA technology company with Pfizer, BioNTech: did Moderna just tell us that its mRNA technology & vaccine is toxic, deadly? YES! It just did! “A major challenge now is how to

"The Greatest Crime in history" is this fraud COVID pandemic, the lockdowns and the fraud deadly gene injection vaccines, no question; it was all a lie, all of it. Not one aspect is true! Re-post 2022

On this I agree with SAGE HANA, it ain't over, the Branch COVIDIANS, COVID lockdown lunatics, mandarins, the COVID Taliban won't let you walk away, they driving more fear porn & pimping more money off

Is Karen Kingston lying? Will Malone now sue her for this substack for she is really talking about his evil underpinning mRNA work with Weissman & Kariko, capped off by Bourla, Bancel, Sahin; I mean

Stepstool Malone's TWATTER post that 1)unambiguous data showed that the mRNA vaccines saved question, where is the data? statement, you know you lied MALONE & it costed lives & people

1) Travellers kit, 2) First aid kit, 3) emergency preparation kit, 4) & contagion control kit; these are 4 (four) kits being promoted/offered by The Wellness Company (TWC); McCullough, myself, Thorp,

You think it's over? "No, you can't just turn it off!" "It ain't over"! You think Global COVID Summit (Global Crisis Summit) money whores will let it be over? You think the donor money whores, the

Jihad by illegal immigration INTO America! Biden INC. the Obama-Biden cartel are engaging in jihad against America using illegal immigration! No sane nation does this unless you seek your OWN destruc-

Trump is a good man, he is what is needed now to save America; was he involved in some DEEP STATE operation re COVID etc.? NO! Stupid, deceived, YES! Trusted people? YES! A lie is becomming the TRUTH

Excellent stack by NE -NAKEDEMPEROR.SUBSTACK.COM: 'The Tyrants Are Out in Force Today No benefits if your kids don't get their jabs and travel bans for journalists we don't agree with'

8 FRAUDS that killed us & we were subjected to: 1)COVID 'is a pandemic' lie/fraud (0.05% IFR) 2)PCR-manufactured 95% false-positive pandemic 3)lie of asymptomic spread to force masks & lockdowns 4)

Biden, Romney, Kerry, Pelosi, all had children working for Ukrainian gas you understand this? do you know how many republican & democrat children & grandchildren names appear on Ukraine

Stop PROSTITUTING 'early treatment', some drugs had its role, a role e.g. antibiotics, in sick, very serious elderly high-risk persons early on legacy era, STOP now, COVID is DONE! Stop the FEAR! Bull

TAMADA: McCullough is over target again & reminds us what I & others (McCullough) have been saying, not only is mRNA vaccine on top of natural immunity of NO benefit, you may well end up in hospital,

Another good one by SAGE H: "About Charlotte Boosting Housatonic. It ain't just toddler Charlotte. It's the VAIDS set and the olds. It's Danielle. Connect the dots in your brain. Or eat the liver of

Malone, little conman, always playing victim re mRNA deeds with Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin et al. with their mRNA technology & mRNA vaccine, is causing death threats on me & my family

Trying to pretend that Malone, Weissman, Kariko et al. are not as guilty as Bourla, Bancel, Sahin et al. for the savagery of the mRNA technology, mRNA gene injection is like asking Mrs. Lincoln: "Well

No SANE nation has done & is doing what America is doing! We have a sitting POTUS, Biden INC., the cartel of Biden INC. that has INVADED America, Biden INVADED America with islamists, rapists,

Substack censoring? Blocking for certain writers? Deleting posts? I don't know, not been my experiece but some have called me quietly to say they think they are being censored by substack...I AM

GLK, subscriber on my stack, is prophetic and on target here as to the Malone, Bourla, Bancel et al. death mRNA vaccine: "The importance of no-choice vaccination is functional in ways that are not

You see, what SASHA LATYPOVA is saying & I & any like us, is not that the INFORMATION at these dog & ponies is NOT true, for it is TRUE; the problem is too much camera, GRIFTING, it is NOT being acted

Hat Tip is in order for Mr. Foster Coulson, CEO of The Wellness Company (found at who took a LIVE stream, no edits interview to showcase TWC & answer troll hater questions

BREAKING: What? Australia moving to vaccinate via AEROSOLIZED means? LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY striking deep into enemy territory now, breaking this "Australia: VACCINATION VIA AIR Is Here"

Antibiotics: it was the DENIAL of antibiotics that killed many in the initial wave of deaths; our Canadian, US, UK etc. governments & propaganda campaign against use of antibiotics when severely ill

BOOM! SASHA LATYPOVA was correct day one as was people like me! Once I saw folk like Yeadon & Couey, Sasha etc. not called, I knew it was bullshit! All of it is a fraud, same lackies over & over

Sedated granny with deadly toxic drugs like propofol, midazolam, lorazepam, fentanyl, diamorphine etc.), knowing breathing was already suppressed & the toxic drugs suppressed her breathing even more,

POTUS John Kennedy: did his son John (John John) Kennedy Jr. who was 'killed' in a plane crash, did he tee us up on POPULATION control? depopulation agenda? SAGE HANA reminds us of Bill Gates's 1997

Excellent reporting by 2ND SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD and The Exposé: a Global Vaccine Regime? Can you argue against it? "Explosive Investigation Uncovers a Global Shadow Government’s Secret Control

Comments by smart folk to my recent substack below on the Malone, Bourla et al. mRNA technology COVID gene vaccine where I say stop it complete! I ask for comments, as some argue that mRNA can usher

WAKE UP! Why would there be a jihadi foci within America? "Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital, Imams and politicians in the Michigan city side with Hamas against Israel and Iran against the U.S."

Rabbi buys Pornhub? So what? No different than priests in the various religions who fornicate with little boys and the female nun versions; now don't go getting the vapors, you know its true

EUGYPPIUS on fire again! 'Western nations today are controlled by a political class that claims to govern on behalf of the whole world rather than for their own people. Our rulers believe it is their

Excellent work again by Dr. Mike Yeadon: "Dr. Yeadon Comments on "A Planetary Emergency" by Dr. Jacob Nordangård "Dr. Jacob Nordangard takes us through the 75+ years of the “elites” painstaking

Early treatment, IMO was important & critical 'EARLY' on, in sick, high-risk & elderly persons, I believe IVM & HCQ had a place, with legacy 'whatever it was' they cooked up & released, the antibiotic

"You just don't get to turn it off" "You did this shit, you created this 'false-positive' PCR-manufactured FAKE COVID pandemic lie & deaths with Malone & Bourla & Fauci et al. & want to turn it off"?

Never ever forget nor FORGIVE the government for what they did to us with the fraud fake COVID pandemic that was NEVER pandemic; what they did with the lockdown lunacy & the Malone, Bourla etc. mRNA

KILLING FIELDS of CAMBODIA, you think that was bad? You think Kampuchea during Khmer Rouge rule was bad? Well, in Ontario, Canada, under Doug Ford's conservative government (uniparty wiht liberals),

All lies, all COVID 'PCR-induced' false-positive fake pandemic lies, 100%, the lie of asymptomatic spread, the lie of equal risk of severe outcome if exposed despite unequal age and baseline risk,

Recall when The Wellness Company (TWC) pledged to offer FREE medical care & support to all Victims of East Palestine Ohio Train Derailment (Mr. Foster Coulson, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Harvey Risch,

Professor Angus Dalgleish is again warning us about the Malone, Bourla, Weissman, Sahin et al. mRNA technology mRNA vaccine role in causing, exploding CANCERS; LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY

33 cases? why was 33 the number of cases all locations told us occurred, in all different locations? all at once??? How stunning now that Dr. James Hill, MD, unpacks it; why 33? a signal of bioweapon?

Sweden & Germany: We found No Deaths In Children Due to Covid, by Dr. Paul Alexander; we also found not one healthy child in America across 4 years got COVID infection, or severe illness or died, NONE

Bullshit con by Biden administration having legacy media LIE, saying hits IRAN targets, WRONG, Biden et al. with Obama, for Iran is Obama's BOY toy, will NEVER strike inside Iran Tehran where it

Excellent stack compilation of potent videos by SIMULATIONCOMMANDER; 'Crazy that Joe Biden used to be able to lie in complete sentences.' As Joe Biden wonders what to do about Iranian (maybe?) attacks

James Edward O'Keefe III, formerly of Project Veritas is now aligned with The Wellness Company (TWC) & part of TWC; caution to Malone and Bourla and Bancel and Weissman et al., beware of who you talk

Yes, what? What did you say Dr. Malone? You said what? You don't get it why people do not take you seriously? You don't understand why people think you are a fraud? What is that? You said what? Repeat

USA BOMBS IRAN TARGETS IN IRAQ, SYRIA 125 STRIKES, what a joke shown now by Biden INC., weaklings, this is a joke, why attack Iraq & Syria, why not Tehran the foci of terror? weakling, laughing stock

SASHA LATYPOVA, once again, excellent scholarship, support her work! "How to Fake Pandemics - Part 2. I Do Not Believe Science, and Neither Should You. Remember the good old 2011, when a "killer"

No lab leak, they fcuked us good, they bullshitted us royally, this was no global pandemic; yes, something showed up across the globe, yes, cooked up in labs in Ukraine, Canada, China etc.,

Steve Kirsch's interview with Dr. Denis Rancourt, Denis is being courted by Freedom Fighter media now for more donor money, so Steve, as we talk about mass homicide, bring on Malone? Couey?

Bobby Kennedy Jr. liking the backside of some TikTok poster; oh wow, you all getting the vapors, clutching your pearls & fish nets fainting, give me an EFF in break! My subscriber AwakeNotWoke is on

Karen Kingston is an angel in the mix, has been potent, attacked by Malone because she raised questions on his bullshit quackery! I say to her, you GO GIRL, keep educating us, hammeing Sepstool Malone

You basement dwelling arm chair keyboard warriors, insulting, smearing, slandering any & everyone re COVID Freedom Fighter yet you sat there, pulled flint from your toes yet think you have game? Come

Dr. Yeadon over the target GAIN! Comments on "Hypothetical “Disease X”: The WHO Pandemic Treaty Is a Fraud. Demands Compliance for “Next Pandemic” by Michel Chossudovsky "Pandemics are not a thing.

Of Dr. Henry Ealy, Carolina Galvan (Bonita), Dr. Peter McCullough & Dr. Robert Malone; STOP Citing The Themis Report! It’s Hot utter tripe Garbage! Dr. Ealy steps up to schlong Malone here deserving

News of Bobby Kennedy Jr. liking the backside of some exhibitionist female on view, who cares, he is a Kennedy, is there a woman a Kennedy does not lust over? More important, I know him, I

'Africa needs an inquiry into Covid-19 mistakes An accounting must be made of the mistakes, so that such an inept response driven by wealthy nations and foisted onto Africa never takes place again.'

Illegal feral fecal gang animals from Southern border attack New York City police officers & beat them down, Hochul says one good thing "send them back"; not good enough Hochul, we GITMO them

A '6' for a '9'? Is Alberta Premier Danielle Smith zooming us? Is this a slight of hand? We will take this recent ban on Medical Transition for Children under 16 years in Alberta, thank you Premier

5 TWC (The Wellness Company) products worth considering including i)FREE annual membership with any purchase of ii)Spike dissolution recovery, iii)Medical Emergency Prep Kit (this is NOT pandemic kit)

The Canadian Truckers (then US Truckers) were the ONLY people who sacrificed & I would say are/were the Freedom Fighters, they put down tools & lost, the Freedom Fighters (doctors & scientists & media

The curious case of Mark Cuban, billions, & DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion idiocy); why you give a man a billion$ and he can still be a moron of the highest order; this is not 'foot and mouth',

Excellent interview by Dr. Peter McCullough: "Millions Injured or Dead Including Public Figures, Dr. McCullough Searching for Answers on the American Moutsos Show "

LIES, LIES, LIES & LYING LIARS -- FOSTER COULSON speaks out, CEO of The Wellness Company ( interviews on SGT Report; important information & Foster's view on the issues

mRNA technology (Malone, Weissman, Bourla, Sahin et al.) do not work, will NEVER work & are deadly! You cannot revisit this catastrophic technology & make it work! It just simply must be stopped & it

Least we forget, I am with 45 aka Trump, we all have faults, and mistakes were made, but I do not believe 45 is a bad man, trusted & deceived, yes,unless I know otherwise, I am on Trump train, we will

JJ Couey's best interview thus far with Wolfgang Wodarg; Brilliant Dr. JJ Couey helps unpack stunning truths about the FRAUD fake COVID lie, the FRAUD of the NON-pandemic; INFECTIOUS clones

Dr. Naomi Wolf should be recognized for the work to laser focus us on the depopulation agenda, & has sensitized populations to the fertility issues due to the mRNA vaccine; is it DEPOPULATION?

Jeffrey Epstein, power-broker, how could this pedophile monster operate beneath level of awareness for so long? did he? Was he state sponsored? Are highest level government officials US, UK, Israel,

VINAY PRASAD: "Can you tweet my paper" vs. "Here are some edits, no need to add me"; this stack by Vinay is tremendous & while I did not agree with Vinay early on in his support of the vaccine, I saw

'Iran on high alert as Biden mulls response to killing of US servicemen'; this is so, & Iran will use the very DRONE technology & NAVAL gunboat technology to kill US soldiers that Biden & Obama gave

Important stack by SAGE H, I posted this as part of a substack I have in cue for this one is critical, it contains a video of Jay (for) & Mike (against) mRNA vaccine that really tells the story & the

Did Taylor's man Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) kneel during the national anthem? Is this the same moron, the same reckless punk to endorse Pfizer mRNA (Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman et al.) vaccine?

ETIENNE DE LA BOETIE2's recent stack showing FRENCH famers using tractors to tear up the raods leading to PARIS, digging them up! Oh I love this! This is throwing it down & this is what must be done

Major Australian legal win on mRNA vaccine, REBEKAH BARNETT's substack, 'Landmark Covid vaccine injury win Employers on notice as Tribunal decides employer is liable'

Malone, Bourla, Weissman, Sahin et al. (Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech) mRNA technology based mRNA COVID gene injections NEVER ever worked! provided NO protection, there is NO evidence they ever worked!

VIDEO: Migrants pummel NYPD cops outside Times Square shelter; this is what Biden INC., really run by OBAMA, has done, Biden INVADED America with these feral, animals, these medieval type beasts who

Bruttel et al.: 'report a high likelihood that SARS-CoV-2 may have originated as an infectious clone assembled in vitro.' (that is, in a dish); finds that SARS-CoV-2 is an anomaly, more likely product

REBEKAH BARNETT: West Australian government finally released 2021 vaccine safety data: vaccines have been pulled from the market for far less than this The 'hermit state' had almost no Covid in 2021

Pfizer & Moderna found 'slow kill' killshot 'sweet spot'? Did they devise their Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin et al. mRNA technology based gene mRNA vaccine to kill 'JUST ENOUGH'?

MURDER in the FIRST! A COVID pandemic never occured! A FAKE! COVID was a government MILITARY OPERATION, we were deceived by a 'false-positive' PCR-induced lie, greatest deception in history! & Malone

KATHERINE WATT drops another haymaker! Bailiwick News "Legal challenges that can terminate the ‘public health emergencies’ kill box programs and revoke the other ‘emergency’ powers wielded by the

SIMULATION COMMANDER substack printed this photo of Biden that is the most accurate we have to date! Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down So let's Scream instead!

JORDAN SCHACHTEL'S Dossier: "Yes, our troops should come home, and yes, they should be fiercely protected while serving overseas The Biden Admin is grossly negligent and derelict of their ultimate

mRNA technology, mRNA technology developed by Malone (if we believe him), Weissman, Kariko et al., is & was ALWAYS a bioweapon, devised to change our genetic makeup as humans forever

GRIFTER expert FRAUD Bob Malone, pipetting FAKE bench scientist, Robert Malone, again attacking Carolina Bonita, sexist mysoginist he is, envious, attacking Peter McCullough, lashing out at everyone

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY substack: David Dickson: 'Until Proven Otherwise, We Have Seen Nothing Less Than MASS MURDER on a Global Scale Since 2020 TIME IS UP. And for those who swore an oath to

VINAY PRASAD, excellent stack by you, hat tip! IMO, The HARVARD faculty should be fired who submitted this research, HARVARD must be razed to the ground & rebuilt, it is now inept & ACADEMIC rot!

Tucker Carlson asks, "who runs America"? Well, IMO, and some say it's Rice, it's Obama & I would tend to agree a lot but the Muslim Brotherhood runs America..Obama ensured it...they even run our

The longer the COVID story is around, the longer the mRNA technology will be around us, this was the reason for COVID, the fake pandemic, to bring Malone & Weissman & Bourla's mRNA vaccine

No coming fake pandemic like COVID, no disease 'X' bullcrap, but if anything the fraud of COVID showed us how ill prepared we were & that all Americans etc. should have access to key medications e.g.

William Hunter Duncan is 100% correct, a nation is defined by it's borders, it MUST have a border, SAVAGE, 'borders, language, culture'; Boundaries, born on the 4th of July; Unlimited migrants are

Legacy of Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Kariko, Weissman, Sahin et al. mRNA technology & vaccine; my friend's son, 26, 3 shots, massive myocarditis, destroyed heart near instant; got urgent transplant

WRONG! Media says two teen girls brutally attack a woman with Down Syndrome; wrong, this was racial hatred, the title should be: "2 feral fecal black girls tried to kill a defenseless white elderly

'2 masked islamic ISIS males kill a person in attack on Catholic church in Istanbul. Officials detain 2 ISIS members'; be warned, coming to America & infact IN America, Biden & Obama let Obama's

Grift, grift, & more grift, they can't seem to get enough, stoke fear, yet it's the same crap, change name from 'Global COVID summit' to 'Global crisis summit' but same crypto pedophiles funding it?

see below: How over-amplified PCR process was used with deceit of asymptomatic spread to drive creation of a fake fraud non-COVID pandemic; COVID was never a pandemic & we were always immune; they

see this list of the TEAM...ask a question, why is McCullough not here? I will tell you, there is no condition that McCullough will ever stand on the same stage with Malone or appear where he is; ask

IGOR CHUDOV excellent scholarship again, showing what we have known now for 3 years now, that Excess Mortality is Positively Associated With COVID Vaccination Rates; see 2023 data by Igor

COVID was a fake fraud pandemic, never was! 100% fraud, so whatever it was is DONE! Walk away, no mRNA vaccine, NONE! Why a Global COVID Summit? What a fraud bullshit! End this COVID talk! Why do you

You kill Americans or American forces, we must devastate you! By air, by land, by sea, we are coming, whatever it takes! Obama & Biden always sought to give Iran technology & capacity to attack US

SAGE: "The Roundtable Group CryptoGuys launched the Global Covid Summit Group of Malone, Kory, and Cole"; very true SAGE & another dimension, the crypto people are mainly pedophiles

Dr. Rose, McCullough, Steve Kirsch et al., I again implore you to rewrite the abstract of your paper in Cureus, as written it is wrong! Do not fall for the slight of hand by Malone et al. on 'modified

One more thing SAGE HANA, why do you attack McCullough? You may not like someone but do you know Peter McCullough? Do you know what he has done, the losses, the sacrifices? Why disparage him? WRONG!

SAGE, I am responding to your stack below for you came at me? Why? I have shown respect for your work, like it, share it when GOOD, I am no Op, you remain wrong on how you carte blanche people, you

'Journalist who tried to cancel Novak Djokovic over not taking COVID vaccine collapses and dies while covering Australian Open'; it is always sad when someone dies; yet did he die from the very same

'This deal will break everybody before it's over, I said almost two years ago. Hammers are breaking fast now'; another great post by SAGE...provacative, nuggets! Some nuggets from me: 1)OWS was run

Menachery & Baric et al.: This was the key study that we should have focused on, showed us what they were doing & did! I believe something came from this! Respiratory type (if this were the model)

POTUS Biden, close the fcuk*ng border now! Instant, stop every single illegal today & move to deport all near 10 million you let in across 3 years including the 300 jihadists inside America! If you do

So I put out this stack below and the key point was BibloBitch's antisemitism, for people write good content but there is so much hatred, I call on Biblo to stop, stop the hatred & malice, the anti-

Nikki no, never, NEOCON on roids, no to lockdown Ron, TRUMP with all his faults & QUESTIONS is the best shot we have, bring his retribution, vengeance, punishment to all who did wrong COVID, vaccine

No AMNESTY for any illegals crossing into the US, none! All must be deported who entered last 30 years, including children! Same, no AMNESTY for any medical doctor, anyone involved in COVID lockdowns

Yes, I may join you! ‘God’s Army’ protest convoy going to southern border for rallies'; this is critical, yes, we must hold firm & defend the borders if the government will not! BIDEN has INVADED USA

Drs. JJ Couey, Mike Yeadon, and Paul Alexander all three in an interview, interviewed by JJ Couey; magnificient scholarship by Couey here; Yeadon: 'there was no novel respiratory pathogen re COVID'

It is time, it is time that the United States military show Iran and Houthis the inside of the B1-B bomber with its payload, it is time yes that America send a potent devastating message to Iran for

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY, excellent sharing of Coleman's work: "Dr. Vernon Coleman: This is the End"; Dr.Vernon Coleman explains why 2024 is the most dangerous year yet

'"What do they know?" Defense Dept report warns future pandemics will target specific genomes, races'; The Ministry of State Security on a Chinese social media app warned, “If used by individuals or

Excellent paper in Cureus by McCullough & Seneff et al.; see below BUT I remind my colleagues that some language used in abstract is very troubling as it opens doors for EXCEPTIONS of mRNA vaccine use

Dr. Stephanie Seneff & M Nathaniel Mead's recent publication (likely will be pulled down when Pfizer & Moderna puts muscle on Cureus) remind us of the devastation of the Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin

Is SAGE HANA & those types correct? Is SAGE more correct than incorrect in their contention that we really have TIER 1 & TIER 2 & TIER 3s etc. 'freedom fighters' who really are one? That we are being

This is what must greet all, any illegal coming toward a Southern US or Northern Border with Canada, no one is to get through illegally, none & all Biden, Obama, Bush took in last 30 years, DEPORT all

Study by Jaswa et al. looked at in Utero Exposure to Maternal COVID-19 Vaccination and Offspring Neurodevelopment at 12 and 18 Months, excellently reported by Igor C: "Male Infants and Male Rat Pups

Six key messages: 1) BibloBitch on here, I can agree with some of what you write, quite smart, but too antisemetic, too raw, I want to share your work as brilliant but calm down 2)Malone is a fraud

Yes, intermittent fasting rests and rejuvenates the liver, reduces fatty liver etc., reduces weight etc. & drives autophagy etc. But key is slow weight loss, e.g. 1-2 pounds a week, this way prevents

Hunter Biden, Nathan Wolfe, and Jeffrey Epstein: which one of these 3 or are these the three who played a fundamental role in this fake COVID disaster, whatever they brought? Metabiota, USAID's

TRUMP on re-election must DEPORT every man, woman, child who came into America under Obama, Bush, Biden...all, every illegal, must be deported & if you were born in US, apply from outside! but you

Trump was flat wrong, 100% on the lockdowns & the fake deadly OWS mRNA technology (Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman et al.) COVID injections; he has to own it & tell the people he is sorry for this &

Good God, I can't take it, this Freedom Fighting movement (many I have come to know) is such a FRAUD, such a farce, these people can't wait daily, they take a pee, they come to you begging for money,

The FBI and Moderna were spying on you in COVID? Your views on the COVID vaccine? This is incredibly scary and disturbing & we need to punish these people! SAGE HANA excellent stack: "While you were

Malone, Bourla, Weissman, Kariko, Bancel, Sahin, Türeci, Cullis et al. all knew that mRNA technology packaged within lipid-nano particle (LNP) was devised to travel all over the body, not STAY at site

SASHA LATYPOVA, a very informative substack piece by Sasha: "Memo Re EUA Countermeasures to send to your doctor, pharmacist, employer, school, sheriff, county commissioner and state lawmakers"

McCullough et al.'s autopsy study findings show that in 28 included cases, all deaths were likely due to COVID mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis

This SAGE HANA stack early 2023 on Malhotra's reversal (near in line with the push for COVID amnesty which they will never get) showed that SAGE was a credible voice, asking right questions

Power of intermittent fasting rests in how long can you 'fast' beyond 10-12 hours, each minute is key, because it is only then the liver is depleted of stored glucose & then you tap fat stores for

Greg Abbott is the problem, has been part of the problem, to believe he is now fighting the FEDS, well for sure I will sell you land on idiots...go back and follow what Abbott has done

It is one thing to have a man's balls in your hands, to have his testicles cupped nicely so that he can't move, but it is a whole different thing to be able to squeeze it at will; that is SAGE with

'Greg Abbott and the Texas Guard defy the feds: live from the the Southern Border'; BOOM, the SCOTUS is 100% wrong here, but problem is Abbott too is part of the problem; let's see if he carries on...

Dr. Mike Yeadon: "Don’t let them get away with it, Don’t believe those telling you Covid tyranny is all bumbling and fumbling that deserve forgiveness and amnesty' NO amnesty, NONE! (Dr. James Hill)

Asymptomatic transmission lie of COVID, inferior innate & natural immunity, equal risk of severe outcome if expose regardless of age & baseline risk lie, overcycled PCR 'process', recurrent infection

Berenson (I liked this stack article): 'On the hard days ahead, and the trap we are (eagerly, so eagerly) setting for ourselves: Drugs and gambling eat people. And we keep making them more accessible

Texas, Abbott, and Biden, of bullshit & men! Abbott has given up and vacillated & folded like our lawn chairs repeatedly, lets see if he gots the balls this time! All he got to do is leave the WIRE up

There’s a Crown Lying in the Gutter; Will someone reach out with a sword, and pick it up? by JOHN CARTER

SAGE HANA, so fcuki*g right again, & we all know it, people like Campbell were so fcuki*g wrong & why can't we say it? I am saying it, SAGE is right, it's these people with the mRNA COVID shot who

There was no such vaccine data, never was, still isn't, Malone LIED, he knew he was lying & simply shilling, it is that simple and why? Because you were that gullible & wanted to trust him; he knew

Would we need a flu shot or any shot including COVID if you had 50 ng/mL (125 nmol/L) circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D daily (vitamin D)? No! Anderson et al. looked at flu vaccine on hospitlization and

Sasha Latypova's excellent interview on pandemics, 'Corona Investigative Committee Interview', Due Diligence and Art

Amazing Polly on fire! This Rumble is classic: "Phony Covid Dissidents - Beware the Dream Team Narrative Police", there is a possibility that they will pull another fraud pandemic stunt!

Did Alex Soros, George Soros's son really threaten POTUS Trump with death? assassination? hhhmmm, what say you? Is the far right a bit drunk, a bridge too far? What say you? It could be a veiled

Forensic analysis of 38 subject deaths shared by Corinne Michels Writer Science Rules by Corinne Michels, found evidence of an over 3.7-fold increase in number of deaths due to cardiovascular events

LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY substack reveals the bull we must contend with for Doshi, lead at BMJ, will write an article & you get warm & fuzzy & say 'well, at least BMJ on our side in the fight', but

The REAL Robert Malone; Hidden ideologies? Ayn Rand, depopulation. Hero or traitor? written by Scientific Progress

IgG4 antibody class switch; I include my prior substacks on this dangerous antibody transition due to repeated mRNA boosters that Malone, Weissman, Bourla et al. were also recklessly silent on! Igor

False-positive PCR process & the lie of asymptomatic transmission (& recurrent infection pre Omicron era) was used to create a fake fraud COVID pandemic; PCR used to detect something circulating years

Gen et al.: Is there risk of ANCA-Associated Vasculitis after Moderna COVID mRNA Vaccination? Yes, case in point, see this myeloperoxidase antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (MPO-ANCA)-associated

Bell‘s palsy? LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY asks a key question about Dr. Özlem Türeci, a Turkish-German physician, who co-created the first Pfizer COVID mRNA vaccine, who clearly has facial paralysis!

Austrian observational study (plagued with selection bias, healthy vaccinee effect, residual confounding, no proper controls for unknown confounders, no control for natural ummunity, comorbidity etc.)

2nd Smartest Guy in the World posted good work by Jordan Schachtel on Davos 2024 & how a global aristocracy intends on 'Rebuilding Trust' through censorship and surveillance; very troubling

A lie, a 100% complete lie, COVID (a PCR-created lie) was NEVER true, there was NO pandemic, not even emergency, NONE! We were ALWAYS immune; From origins, timeline, deadly lockdown lunacy to mRNA

Amy Harlib, one of my substack subscribers, hit it out of the park! Haymaker up in their deepstate government enslavers asses! Power to Amy! Read this remark, support this person, subscribe to her!

Bubbling background whispers, via prominent serious smart people (most medical doctors who treated COVID) that early treatment had its role MAINLY for high-risk persons; antibiotics (ABS) was KEY drug

Was Bob "oh come see my horses" &"oh let me be silent on mRNA reverse transcription & all I know on the deadliness of the mRNA TECHNOLOGY & mRNA vaccine (I took the shot & got injured NOT) lying here

Mass Murdering Of The Elderly; "Midazolam (paralytic) depresses respiration and it hastens death. It changes end-of-life care into euthanasia." - Professor Patrick Pullicino; so I have to ask, with

Novak Djokovic or Travis Kelce, who would you rather have with you in a battle, as a fellow soldier, determined, stand alone, powerful? Hands down Novak, a REAL man, not the weenie Kelce Pfizer man!

'American Domestic Bioterrorism Program; Building the case to prosecute members of Congress, presidents, HHS and DOD secretaries and federal judges for treason under 18 USC 2381' Excellent by

Dr. Byram Bridle puts his expertise on the line too, joining Igor, Erdogan, & I as to the link between childhood vaccines & autism, using the rat (rodent) model! Bridle suggests that the COVID shots

Covid Smoking Gun? The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter is tantalizing as it raises questions again & IMO seals the debate, there is no way this, whatever it was, emerged naturally! This was man-made via

Jim Torma shared something I loved to see , Dr. Drew putting his stones on the table & apolgizing basically to Dr. Naomi Wolf, that she was right! It takes stones of steel, I respect that of Drew here

'Why Did HHS "Partner" with DOD?' informative substack by SASHA LATYPOVA, originator Debbie Lerman, full disclosure, I know Deb. excellent person, dedicated soldier in this, wants answers about the

Breaking, Federal Judge in Canada (The Honourable Mr. Justice Mosley), stunningly, after so long, shows there is a God & there still is justice (that Madame Justice blindfolds do work) ruled that

James Hill, MD, provocative again worth the read (support James): "[Redacted] controls Covid injections and much of the opposition: researchers; Some in the Medical Freedom Movement are fronts for

Again, Infectious Diseases Journal shows Flu Vaccine Provided Little Protection Against Influenza: "Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Against Influenza A-Associated Emergency Department, Urgent Care and

Isotonitazene, a potentent DEADLY alternative to fentanyl, can be catastrophic, deadly for first-time users; Montreal father warns against counterfeit synthetic opioids after death of teen son

Metabolic syndrome plaguing America, UK, Canada, western as well as developing nations, is the looming disease 'X'; look no further...we must confront metabolic disorder, syndrome NOW! life and death!

I stand with MARCH TWISDALE & this powerful substack: "The Great Palestinian Hypocrisy", and the antisemite women groups who stood by as HAMAS dogs pounded nails into Israeli girl's vaginas, pulverize

More superb scholarship by Karen Kingston on deadly mRNA technology, under-estimated for her tenacity & brilliance, I know her, extensive depth! 'UNLOCKED: Spike Proteins and Lipid Nanoparticles are

Scarf lady Brix did everything wrong, flat wrong on all, & her COVID actions with Fauci killed people! She should be held to account given what she has stated which is that she undercut and deceived

Now SAGE and I can really wax, for this I like, this type of thinking for like COVID, nothing, zero about 9/11 was true; I think Bush Jr. did serious wrongs that fucked the world! middle east, fucked

General Kelly you are like rainbow Milley, liars, we don't believe anything you say! Benedict Arnolds you both! 'John Kelly goes on the record to confirm several disturbing stories about Trump'

Dr. Naomi Wolf joins the Pete Santilli Show to rebut her defamation by Josh Yoder. Featuring Brian O’Shea, intelligence analyst and husband of Dr. Wolf, this fiery back-and-forth will have you on the

The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter: "Did Inflation (or the lack of it) result in COVID? What was happening with Central Banks in 2019"; In 2019 central bankers were panicking. A downturn was imminent and

When it comes to a come to Jesus moment & evolving & changing your mind e.g. Drew, Malhotra & even Malone, sure people can change their minds & I accept that, its their right, we all have that, but

Naomi Wolf's excellent reading on the recent attacks on her and DailyClout by Dr Robert Malone and Dr Simon Goddek; worth the read. "But in this case, the attacks are materially damaging to me and my

JJ Couey: 'We are being led by individuals who have given up understanding of sacredness of where life starts'; BOOM! as an academic biologist, brilliant! discusses with Wolfgang Wodarg -(19 Jan 2024)

The now 43 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse that brought death, focus on these to start; drag Malone, Weissman, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, Kariko et al. into proper courts, juries, let them adjudicate

Word to Snoop, its the mRNA vaccine, stupid, it's the Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman vaccine stupid! it's the spike protein, you stupid, it's the spike protein; may your girl rest in peace, now use

Memo to the Malone ass-suckers, the ones that need to pat him & he pat them & they get donors & shout out & donors not cut etc., to those, memo went out, some told me **cough cough anonymously cough

'Should we be thankful to maximalist ideologues, demanding total obedience and refusing even an iota of questioning?' excellent scholarship by Igor Chudov "Freedom is a 'Threat to Our Democracy"

Has the Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman et al. mRNA technology killer mRNA vaccine shill, Siegal et al., have this media shill FOX cancelled Mike Lindell? My Pillow? After all he has done for them?

Pound23, a subscriber of my substack, shared this breaking story: "Michael Strahan reveals his daughter's cancer diagnosis"; sssshhh, should we tell Michael to consider the mRNA Malone, Bourla, Bancel

Did COVID-mRNA technology (Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman et al.) vaccine maker MODERNA (Bancel) monitor us? spy on critics of the COVID mRNA vaccine? Yes, it did! should they be shut down? Yes!

JJ Couey, I know him, great human being, wicked smart & yes, he did share with me that he worked for Bobby Kenedy Jr. directly, ssshhh, we were never to tell that he was on payroll helping Kennedy

Balenciaga? When also will NAMBLA be outlawed? serves as a conduit for underground network of pedophiles in United States; North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a pedophilia & pederasty

Hang them high! All of them, they left granny to lay there & die in her shit & piss, as they isolated her, sedated her (midazolam, morphine, propofol, lorazepam, fentanyl), denied antibiotics, DNR,

Spill over to humans? Scare porn or have these bitches failed to stop the deadly gain-of-function research? How do we get them to stop the madness? All infected mice died, Eight rodents infected with

What? The CDC knew early on that the vaccines were already killing young people and refused to notify the public of this reality? This is criminal shit, this is hanging shit for CDC officials! Bill

Ozempic, Wegovy, I warn you again about this so called 'weight loss' drug, it is NOT safe! not a weight loss drug! see my substacks, see this new report of the adverse effects! Woman will suffer

Fentanyl, Cafentanyl, these are serious problems, these deadly drugs coming out of Wuhan China are killing hundreds of thousands...time to bomb the labs in China; NARCAN in your bags

'WHO, UN, WEF and EU collaborate to impose censorship on the world. To protect us, of course. It's for our own good. To protect our human rights and freedoms. Because without censorship and its twin

Trudeau's Canada BC government to give 'safe supply' of Fentanyl to children & parents are 'locked out', no say! Earth paging Canada, there is NO FUCKING safe dose or supply of Fentanyl to anyone!

'Masking Children: Tragic, Unscientific, and Damaging'; I wrote this 3 years ago at the height of the COVID madness, infact before and vetted with AIER over time, longer! Still today, used by courts,

The immune system of a COVID 'UN-VACCINATED' child is the gold standard, the PRIZE, leave it untouched, bullet-proof, vaccinated adults anywhere WISHES to have this; you gave your child a GIFT forever

Should we tell the inept, academically sloppy, unscientific, moronic US, Canadian, UK etc. medical doctors, specialists, cancer specialists that it is the mRNA technology vaccine (Malone, Bourla,

Sahara Dula...send your ass to the Sahara...Charge this beast, this feral animal with attempted murder of the police officer and lose her in jail for 50 years, no parole! Time for officials to defend

There was NO pandemic, there was NO pandemic & no coming disease 'X', this is all a lie, fear-porn, when one is here I/we will tell you if it is ever true; did not happen! But The Wellness Company's

Pascal Najadi “Global US Military Operation #STORM reality in 2024”; The motive behind their actions becomes clear when we examine their unified support for the injection of a Bioweapon disguised as

NO mRNA technology underpinning, gene-based mRNA COVID vaccines, NONE! No mRNA vaccines, NONE, DO NOT take any, no adult, no child, no elderly; boys 16-24, massive myocarditis risk, 2nd dose massive,

Intermittent fasting, however you refer to it is important for 3 reasons: 1)it can help you manage, reduce body weight 2)can help you rest & rehabilitate your swollen fatty liver 3)drives autophagy

As Leonardo stated, 'Absolutely fucki*g not' as to any want of AMNESTY (Emily O) for the fake pandemic, COVID lockdown & mRNA vaccine lies and deaths, NONE, no amnesty! We want justice, fair justice!

EL GATO MALO, bad CAT shows us that this cat has churchbell testicles, taking on the RIGHT question: Does DEI/CRT actually CAUSE racism & discrimination, or help? Seems overwhelmingly, it is RACIST

James Hill, MD, Sasha Latypova, Eleftherios Gkioulekas; love these three; I love the words "we start the hunt" by Sasha, yes, we must hunt them & drag them to courts kicking & screaming, these beasts

TRANSHUMANISM (IMO a modern version of eugenics) is the science seeking to improve human populations via genetic engineering; is this recent DARPA funding of MIT's Broad entering this arena? Was

Come on Malone, show us the data or evidence you spoke of here, unambigious, ok, show it, put it on a stack, you love to write, show it, if you can, & it is/was so, I will stop writing & leave this!

LANCET again with bogus MODELLING 'junk' research, telling us the under-vaccinated (DARPA Malone, Weissman & Bourla mRNA vaccines) had severe outcomes from COVID! NAKEDEMPEROR tells us truth, that

SAGE HANA'S best, this is maybe the best substack thus far! 'Literal Nightmare Fuel Friday: Gene Editing Experiments and Kids on Islands and stop visiting me, Vision Fairy, it's too much'; look, I am

I told you COVID, or whatever this is or was (& I not convinced this was what we were dealing with), but something they created was lose years before 2020; now HASLAM "SARS2 was in a UNC freezer back

Bill Rice. Jr's response to my substack & shows why he's a formidable thinker & why I like his scholarship for he is really saying what we saw, this (or whatever they released) burns out at about 19%

URGENT: Dr. Drew Pinsky & Dr. Paul Alexander (January 18th, 2024) discuss TWC (, CEO Foster Coulson, Trump's suitability, COVID amnesty (forgiveness), vaccine for NO one, issue on elderly

Snoop Dogg's daughter Cori Broadus, 24, suffers severe stroke; Former NFL Saints LB Ronald Powell 32, dies suddenly; Olympic Pole Vaulter Shawn Barber Dead At 29 suddenly...but sshhhuussshhh, mRNA?

5 TWC (The Wellness Company) products worth considering including i)FREE annual membership with any purchase of ii)Spike dissolution recovery, iii)Medical Emergency Kit, iv)contagion kit, v)Healthy

Medical doctors across COVID, across nations showed us how technically stupid, academically sloppy, dolts, intellectually lazy, specious, moronic, non-sensical they are, pure idiots! SAGE's example

Dr. Peter Breggin, Ginger Breggin, these are 2 of the best people I know, brilliant, Dr. Breggin is a global leader in psychiatry; an initial COVID & tyranny Freedom Fighter, listen: KATHERINE WATT'S

I do agree with SAGE H that OWS was always designed to be a surveillance Op as well as a Murder the World Op; my argument is TRUMP could not have known, I think he was that misled, he is many things

'Dr. Lee explains to Jikky why Malone and Bhattacharya are DUMBFUCKs'; point is Lee's key argument was supported by Bhakdi & Yeadon; in my understanding systemic antibodies cannot get into the lung

mRNA reverse transcription by Acevedo-Whitehouse and Alden et al...these 2 publications raises serious questions for Robert MALONE, Weissman, Kariko, Bourla et al.; they knew; SAGE is correct!

Maria Van Kerkhove, what a mindless dolt, dimwit moron of a WHO psycopath advisor! Yes, I am insulting her for she deserves, she is telling you WHO's position AFTER WHO got it ALL wrong! Masks? Is she

Malone knew that mRNA is placed in lipid vehicle, for a reason, to transport it far & wide, the lipid nano-particle (exosome, lipid carriers, extra-cellular vehicles), he knew it COULD never stay at

Bob M sad, Bob sad; this is a good stack by SAGE for it underscores fraud & duplicity of Malone & SAGE HANA deserves credit for keeping Malone's nuts, with Weissman, Kariko & her nuts, Bourla, Sahin

SAGE HANA delves deeper with this provoking piece I think worth sharing: "Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication

I agree with Kirsch, Berenson should put up or shut up; he should show how Kirsch is talking bullocks or lying as he says on vaccine mortality; in his interview with Tucker, Berenson made no sense...

'Twenty Steps to End the COVID Madness'; I wrote this 2.5 years ago on how we could end COVID fraud emergency declarations and end the lockdowns and open society; of course my views are more now &

To really understand the madness, they brought for you, a mRNA vaccine that was non-sterilizing (failed, did not stop infection or transmission near out of the box) for a fraud fake non-pandemic! It

Dr. JJ Couey & Dr. Paul Alexander discusses OWS, 100% military led, OWS was a military operation; discuss a DIFFERENT way of thinking; we are not saying they were wrong but they were NOT right;

Naomi Wolf is being attacked by Malone and some moron idiot called Simon Goddek, what the hell is an aquaponics expert? This Simon is a piece of shit as is Malone for this frontal attack on Wolf; why?

Rand Paul calls for the imprisonment of Fauci! I say fcuk yeah! & do not stop there, consider Birx, Malone, Azar, Weissman, Sahin, Walensky, Jha, Hahn, big dog guitar man Francis Collins, Woodcock

Dr. Peter Breggin, Ginger Breggin, excellent as always! Brilliant!: DoD, US military running OWS; 100% correct, how do I know? I was there. I saw, 7th floor HHS, my office was on 6th, DoD in ALL meets

The spike protein (from virus/pathogen or mRNA technology vaccine itself is the toxic lethal aspect, free purified spike & sub-units are deadly as per research! WALTER M CHESNUT scholarship reminds us

SAGE HANA deserves praise here for keeping this key issue alive (LADAPO) & I include my several substacks warning too about this reverse transcription of mRNA, integration, & becoming part of

Dr. James Hill, MD points us to the prion (CJD) aspect of the biological weapon, the COVID virus but more so the mRNA vaccine; Since Covid shots launched in December 2020, reports indicate cases of

Calm down SAGE HANA; first this "I’m not sure if Paul is Big Mad with me or why he has been pushing my shit like a maniac, but this always happens. We love what you do, Sage. No. Not like that."; ok,

SAGE HANA etc. is/are partially correct & hat tip, maybe lots correct but I must school SAGE; there are some, maybe a lot of fraudsters, double agents in the Freedom Movement who work 'for/with' the

Amazing Polly: "Phony Covid Dissidents - Beware the Dream Team Narrative Police"; excellent video, she is right & let me say, any disease X is a fraud, a lie being concocted, being set up! Fcuk them!

I argue again, COVID, whatever the beasts, the malevolent feral banal deepstate 'unseen hand' beasts put out there to 'remake' the world, to burn it down, was CIRCULATING years before Dec 2019; Rice

If the morons, psycho fear mongerers, CDC, WHO, PHAC, NIH, the media inept crooked craps want to hype a hypothetical coming disease 'X', well, look no further, it's already here, it's MS (metabolic

DISEASE 'X' WARNING: Metabolic syndrome is disease X & is gravest health challenges facing Western nations e.g. US, Canada, UK as well as Caribbean nations; cluster of conditions that occur together

I am the only person WITHIN the Freedom Movement to stand against Malone's bullshit & even the Freedom Movement's fraud money-whore insiders, & the Freedom Movement moved to cancel me; ha ha ha!

Dear Pfizer: Leave the Children alone with your deadly mRNA COVID vaccines; I wrote this 2.5 years ago

COVID, the greatest lie & deception in history, on Americans, on the world! a 100% lie, NOTHING about COVID was ever true, nothing! A concocted false-positive 'PCR-manufactured' fake non-pandemic, it

The eugenics/population control story, SAGE HANA helped us with this superb substack, sensitizing us to the MADNESS of it all! ex-Planned Parenthood Medical Director Richard Day, depopulation agenda!

10-Questions for Dr. Pierre Kory, asked by SAGE HANA; SAGE: "Do you stand by the following statements, Dr. Kory?"

Bill Gates, is this the one? Is he the one? SAGE's new piece raises interesting questions on why Weinstein bailed, why they have not taken Bobby Jr. seriously: "If Bret Weinstein is concerned about

Remember her? Her son could only talk to her for 2 years via zoom, she could not work the screen, watch the fear in her eyes, the isolation, begging him bring the grand children...he could not...she

We had people go into rooms of our parents, grand-parents, who were isolated behind the glass, no doctor would touch them as they began to die in isolation; pull back cover saw feces, mound of feces

Another great substack by Karen Kingston (support Karen's work, exceptional) querying how mRNA Spike Proteins and Cationic Lipids Cause Blood Clotting; has to do with cationic lipids, zeta potential

AMAZING POLLY, support this lady, she is on side with me, absolutely fucking not! no AMNESTY! no chance in hell, see Polly's video below, see my recent substack, we HANG these people using courts

'The Catastrophic Impact of Covid Forced Societal Lockdowns'; pay attention to who is the main author, see it is 3 years ago & 4 months waiting to be published by AIER, 3.5 years ago! That is me! Jeff

The plot thickens on the link between vaccines (childhood) & autism with new evidence of a link between COVID vaccines & autism in the rodent (rat) model; Alper Erdogan et al. and Igor Chudov; should

Wei: Chinese mice gain-of-function study show how deadly SARS coronavirus is: 'SARS-CoV-2-related modified pangolin coronavirus GX_P2V(short_3UTR) can cause 100% death in human ACE2-transgenic mice',

'Cancer Is Striking More Young People, and Doctors Are Alarmed and Baffled Researchers are trying to figure out what is making more young adults sick, and how to identify those at high risk'

AGAIN, next plane crash in Japan in 2 weeks? Makis, Hodkinson, I, have warned you about the Malone, Kariko, Weissman, Bancel, Bourla, Sahin et al. mRNA tech/vaccine; planes will fall from sky, these

This is the bullshit cuck*ry we have been dealing with Malone for near 3 years now, double speak tripe where he thinks he is smarter than you/I, so here goes Malone: show us/me the data! what data?

JJ COUEY, SAGE HANA, TORMA, when these soldiers in the COVID Freedom Fight roast Bret Weinstein & call him out for flip flopping, they are right! Bret just pivoted, no one has his nuts on the coals

JORDAN SCHACHTEL is bang on, over the target! I told you prior I helped provide the questions for congressional oversight hearings on COVID & congressional folk (can't name names) told me, 'we do not

Jim Torma (follow him, follow his work) exposes the ROT during the Trudeau devastating attacks on the Freedom Trucker convoy in Canada! Torma is interviewed by Vandersteel (questions as to Zelenko's

"The True Covid Dissidents" from December, 2020. Promo code and boost to Amazing Polly; I agree with SAGE here & we should support Polly, go to please visit her website: https

'JJ Couey's Scathing Analysis of Bret Weinstein's Trade Show Pitch of mRNA "Beautiful Technology": This bullshit has got to stop. By any metric this is not how you frame mass murder.' SAGE HANA again!

Whether you like him or not, and with all the wrongs under him and there were 3 IMO, i)lockdowns ii)the Malone, Bourla, Weissman, Sahin mRNA technology based gene shots iii)not pardoning J6

Holm Hansen et al.: remember it was research such as this Danish study that showed how failed & ineffective the COVID mRNA technology gene vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) were e.g. 'NEGATIVE EFFECTIVENESS'

I have decided to respond to this substack by SAGE HANA to TWC (Coulson); why? I respect the work of HANA, earned a hat tip from me past & I know Foster Coulson & TWC & wish to address your questions

Excellent substack reporting by IGOR CHUDOV on continued obfuscation by respective governments, stonewalling any efforts at COVID lockdown lunacy & COVID vaccine development investigations! Why? Chick

HANGINGS! Let me be as clear as I can be, there must NEVER ever be amnesty! or forgiving the beasts, the animals, the feral dogs in CDC, NIH, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Health Canada, SAGE etc.

I thought SAGE HANA did good with this stack: "Many Didn't Take it For Irrational Reasons" "Credible Expert Hero" Aseem Malhotra keeps an iron grip on his credible expertness"; Thing is, we DID NOT

SAGE HANA & I, love their work, don't know them! Respect their work & contrarian views! SAGE asked a key question below & I agree, Dr. Drew has to clarify stance as we at TWC, I, 100% am AGAINST the

BREAKING: Now this is what a real CONVOY looks like, note to Canada, USA? In Berlin: Thousands and thousands of farmers, truckers and other hard working citizens took to the streets of Berlin today

Dr. Drew Pinsky, MD +my vaccine thoughts: first, see my recent interview with Drew; second, we are all allowed to adjust, refine, evolve our thinking in time with new data! I defend no one here or any

J’Accuse … ! The Line Is Clear, COVID-19 Was a Concerted Effort by the “Global Cabal” to Control the Population; by Dr. Emanuel Garcia; "there never was a genuine pandemic, there never was a need to

Refer to the prior substack I wrote on amnesty and forgiveness; Let me be clear: No amnesty ever for all 100% of the fraud non-pandemic we call COVID..a 100% lie, a PCR-manufactured, false-positive,

SAGE HANA is correct here with this question; TWC, I & Risch & McCullough & Makis & Ponesse & Hodkinson etc. give technical guidance to! TWC & Foster Coulson has been above board, good people

IMO, it could be, l don't know all YET, maybe they CHOSE Trump to win 2016 because they studied him, knew he would fall for vaccine trying to DO GOOD; it was ALL about bringing vaccine, binary weapon

SAGE HANA is over target again, striking deep into enemy territory, striking fear in their hearts again! I agree with all except Trump; I will accept he is/was inept, clueless, fooled, EGO-laden,

A crime, it was a crime, COVID was a crime, this was all set up, I think they chose Trump, studied him, knew he would fall for it, the vaccine was a crime, was baked in years before COVID Feb 2020;

Had we done NOTHING, no lockdowns, no school closure, no mask mandate, no business closure, no COVID mRNA vaccine, far fewer people would have died in the last 4 years; our policies KILLED people,

'Biomedical Security pretexts for FASCISM require a BELIEF in the "smart bomb" of LURKING Pandemic Spreading Dangerous Germs; And when you have Big Smart Fear Porn Purveyors like Bret Weinstein

Girls gone wild? No, it's AARP gone wild, stark raving lunatic wild and MAD! The AARP (good stack by Berenson) is telling its near 40 million members to get an 8th COVID mRNA booster, yes, 8th! AARP

We hang them HIGH, each and anyone who partook in COVID from gain-of-function to lockdowns, the mRNA technology, to mRNA vaccines, to deadly medical management with sedation, Remdesivir, ventilator

231 Current and Former U.S. Service Members Demand Military Leaders Be Court-Martialed Over Forced COVID Vaccines: “Service Members Were Significantly Harmed by These Actions” (Jim Hoft, Gateway P)

I am GOING to forgive the beasts, the money-hungry God-complex beasts who made us mRNA technology that underpinned COVID mRNA vaccine; why? it's not about malevolent beasts, it's forgiveness so that I

Dr. Naomi Wolf's clarion call for support, I second it, this is one COVID SOLDIER, who I know personally, has risked her income, life as she waged on the side of right...I ask you to consider support

If you read the white spaces of what Rice Jr. and people like Couey are saying is (and Hana etc. and of course, me and Atlas on lockdowns) is that they had NO, none, no reason to lock us down! BEASTS

KAREN KINGSTON's excellent summary of Official Press Statement Following Fauci’s Testimony to House Subcommittee; While leading the nation’s COVID-19 response and influencing public narratives, he

'Something' was always circulating IMO, B Rice Jr. is onto something BIG (JJ Couey, M Yeadon etc.), years prior IMO, benign, non-noxious, behaved like cold, flu, over-cycled false-positive PCR used

Yuri reminds us about the insanity we lived through Duke Lacrosse (and still living with MeToo madness yet aversion of their interest once the raped girls are Israeli); I recall, it NEVER took place

I ain't promoting SAGE H, I have my own stack, yet I can't but help share & showcase good work like this! You know my view of NO fucking AMNESTY, NONE! for any of them; Scott, Jay, Martin were WRONG!

“COVID Was a Government DEEPSTATE PCR-Manufactured Fraud” – Says Dr Paul Alexander. BY PATRICIA HARRITY; “I Agree with Yeadon, I agree With Rancourt,” says Dr Alexander, “There NEVER Was a Pandemic.

The deepstate & left wants Trump imprisoned or assassinated! All of COVID was a fraud, 100% lie, never was a pandemic & lockdowns killed people, but it was the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA tec

Did we need BMJ study to tell us that doctors who stuck their heads up their lazy corrupt inept money-grubbing asses & refused to take patients 'in person' caused deaths of people? No! Study confirms

These mRNA 'inventor' fucke*s! mRNA technology by Malone, Bourla, Weissman et al.: mRNAs, miRNAs, rRNAs, tmRNAs, both single and double RNAs, enhanced and code RNAs, and a few more, if I recall,

The Forgotten Side of Medicine (A MIDWESTERN DOCTOR), excellent stack on COVID mRNA vaccine shedding & important issues; one thing is for sure, 'Shedding is very real.' •Seen more than twenty patients

5 lies Drs. Offit, Fauci, Walensky, Jha, Hahn, CDC, NIH, FDA, Health Canada officials etc. told us and whereby Malone, Weissman, Karikó, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin etc. stayed silent, failed to warn public

Barak Obama runs the US military today January 2024; why? POTUS Biden is Non compos mentis, Sec of Defense 'Darth Vader' Austin was AWOL & he did not notify chain of command & when you listen to this

I seem to enjoyed this one by Conspiracy: "If Tucker is upset that "Reporters no longer reveal essential information to the public; they work to hide it", then maybe he should host people that reveal

'I’ll be brutally honest: I would welcome almost any course of events that culminated in the public humiliation & resignation of a pseudointellectual like Claudine Gay...spent years under the thumb of

Allen, substack subscriber SAGE H: "The Covid-19 Pandemic story makes little sense when viewed through the lens of health, safety & science. Viewed through the lens of money, power, control & wealth

Is he the only beast we need to jail re COVID mRNA vaccine? No, no, no, there are many...I think he is a baby, a pawn on the chess board, no great significance...could do damage and he did, but a

43 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse bringing death, suffering, pain, job loss, collaterol damage, destroyed lives & futures to societies, to America, Canada, UK etc.; these 43, up from 33, we start

Balmforth et al. studied a xylitol-based nasal (e.g. Xlear) spray & showed benefit as an anti-infective & inflammatory, protects the oropharynx (mouth, throat) that has thousands of bacteria & fungi;

It's about time Uncle Joe straightened his dentures, pulled up the depends & flexed some American muscle on the Iran Houthis...but not enough! More! Well done Uncle J, now some more! Eff the congress

United Airlines covering up catastrophic plane accident (near destruction with hard landing July 29th); airline insider anonymously tells Ashley St. Clair disturbing DEI 'hire' information: Who was

Copycat punks stealing business from folk like SAGE HANA etc.; please support SAGE's work by buying IF you can, direct from his/her website and Amazon and Printify; heard even pukes in the COVID move-

COVID was a ponzi scheme, a scheme to engage is unbridled money laundering, COVID was money laundering & transferring wealth from the poor, lower middle class to the upper class; when I say hang them

COVID-19: A Global Financial Operation by Michael Bryant; The lockdowns, mandatory muzzles, anti-social distancing and the plethora of additional measures did nothing to protect or improve public

The EXPOSE: 'Who is the Virus Hunter Dr. Nathan Wolfe?' BY RHODA WILSON; 'Dr. Nathan Wolfe was a founding citizen of Ghislaine Maxwell’s TerraMar Project; a member of the Edge Foundation; a self-

Rancourt is correct, SAGE HANA is 100% correct, & I have written same, COVID is/was a 100% lie, fraud, COVID was never ever a pandemic; we killed the vast majority by medical management, we killed via

WILLIAM HUNTER DUNCAN: "Do-Over Revolution #2"; that is American revolution that is almost BOOKED! I love Duncan's writing & share, lots to benefit here; "I’m inclined to still believe in the need for

'Spectacularly Shabby and Sordid Corruption "Atlanta Trump Prosecutor Accused Of Secret, Disqualifying Romance With DA Fani Willis"'; Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hired her secret lover

DR. COLLEEN HUBER reported (also Berenson) on how The New Zealand govt frauded the Data on How the Kidneys Fare After underpinning mRNA technology (by Malone, Weissman, Kariko) COVID Vaccines (Sahin,

Bill Rice Jr.'s piece is important for I myself am experiencing the move to demonitize us as substack authors; we can see it in our metrics, free & paid! Yet as they move subscribers I get hundreds

Is COVID sub-variant BA.2.86 & driven largely by natural selection pressure & due to a leaky 'imperfect' sub-optimal non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing mRNA vaccine more deadly than prior variants? Is

SAGE HANA has raised questions about Bret Weinstein's statements across time especially as to lockdowns et al. and how wrong they were; I have been sharing SAGE & some folk attacked me; I say fu*k you

You who partook in killing people with the fraud COVID pandemic, lockdowns, mRNA vaccine, all, if courts find you guilty of causing deaths: “sentence of this court is that you will be taken from here

A MIDWESTERN DOCTOR, writing writ-large of many of our personal COVID experiences; support: "How Do We Navigate Uncertainty In These Perilous Times? Investigating the Mysteries of the mRNA Vaccines"

Amnesty? What? Let me Dr. Paul Alexander be as clear as I can be Dr. Emily Oster & all you INSANE illogical Branch COVIDian MADMEN & WOMEN; there must be no fuck*ng forgiveness, EVER, for fake COVID!

SAGE HANA's excellent stack:"Bret Weinstein tells the whole truth about the world coup"; He certainly let you in one truth: mRNA "Technology" is here to stay and the Owners of the World would like

Japanese health ministry admits to second “undeniable” causal link between a COVID mRNA vaccine & death when healthy teen girl was found unresponsive after 3rd Pfizer injection; will Bourla, Bancel,

SAGE (Stella) reminded me/us of this pastidiocy, the stupidity, ineptness by Dr. Theresa Tam of Canada, how embarassing & how Canada has fallen with likes of this health care dolt! "Consider using a

James Hill MD: Joy Behar (The View) demands you take mRNA vaccines linked to excess deaths or face threats to your “freedom” to buy food or live 'FREE'; does Joy not know sex therapists use her, her

Harvard's President Claudine Gay says she did not plagiarize, & the joke is she duplicated...she is doing the dog and pony saying this is a racist attack on a black woman; WRONG,you are a plagiarist,

six-foot (6-foot) social distancing rule that destroyed businesses, lives; people hung themselves! all made up FAUCI said! I already told you this in 2 stacks below as I worked at HHS; you attacked me

I have a stack soon on 6-foot (six-foot) social distancing rule CDC etc. imposed on us and killed many with! the effect of it, collaterol damage to business etc. I told you Redfield told me 'MADE UP',

BOOM! “Bill Gates has done more damage to the world's health than probably any other individual." ~ Professor Angus Dalgleish (professor of oncology at St George's, University of London)

Metabiota (Hunter Biden & Nathan Wolfe), Ukraine, and the CIA; If you are not angry after reading this thread, then something is very wrong with you; something stinks; 2nd Smartest Guy in the world

'ESPN’s Dan Graziano unloads on ‘narcissistic con artist’ Aaron Rodgers'; Danny boy is suffering not penis envy, but superbowl ring envy; knows 6 shots he took out his eyeballs may kill him; envies

I wrote this review 3 years ago at height of the fraud 95% false-positive RT-PCR manufactured fake 'asymptomatic (NOT)' COVID pandemic; "Devastating School Closure: A Careful Review of the Evidence"

The Vigilant Fox, excellent piece on SSRI antidepressants & possible link with mass shootings! the evidence has accumulated to show a link; did the FDA cause many of the MASS shootings covering up?

'A summary of the evidence against the COVID vaccines; Here's a quick summary of the key pieces of evidence that taken together show that the COVID vaccines are unsafe and that the medical community

Conspiracy Sarah: Bret Weinstein: Concerned About "All Manner of Tyranny"(WHO). Also Bret Weinstein: Fails to Mention HHS or The PREP Act; Or the restrictions that already exist in the United States.

SAGE H: "The Not a Movement and Team Ball Hopium This Stack is simply not for everybody and is not part of a movement. It is more an independent mystery of the Giant Historic Psy Op site. I lament

What? 'RFK Jr. says don’t blame anyone for Covid injection harms; It’s time to get over it, says presidential candidate in unison with nearly all other leaders and celebrities'; I sense anger &

SAGE HANA again for the win! Excellent for it shows clearly Weinstein got it wrong, complete! lockdowns "they needed to be more intense than they were." WRONG! China's ZERO-COVID showed it never works

Ozempic will HARM you! Wegovy...DO NOT touch it! DO NOT! DO NOT use this as a weight loss drug, do not touch it! The pharmaceutical is being the typical murderers money-hungry beast it is, they WILL

Again I say, democrats, the leftist cabal, the DC deepstate cabal, Trump haters e.g. RINOs etc., they cannot beat him at the polls so they want him imprisoned or killed; the left is setting up Trump

Was the Wuhan lab-leak narrative a lie & we are being played by many around us, Freedom movement itself, a red herring so as to distract us from Russian knowledge & discoveries of US labs in Ukraine?

Epstein and the scholarship by '2nd Smartest Guy in the world'; if it were you or I, involved in this filth, this criminality, we would be gone, lost in jails, but the law, the legal system, the

12 LIES underpinning this 95% false-positive ‘PCR-manufactured’ fake, ‘asymptomatic transmission lie’ COVID pandemic; this was NEVER a pandemic!: 1)100% lie about asymptomatic spread 2) the lie about

100%, I think near 100%, there will be a major terrorist attack in America in 2024, due to what Biden & Obama have done, flooding America with rapists, murderers, islamic terrorists; 0 under Trump but

SASHA LATYPOVA'S clarion call, her cry out (with a French colleague Helene Banoun) to Protect Babies from the Injection of Beyfortus (RSV monoclonal) is word the read! injection of Beyfortus

If the dominant belief has been that COVID emerged in Wuhan, China (lab-leak), late, December 2019, early 2020, then how do we explain data showing it existed way before this globally e.g. Barcelona?

JJ Couey, Dr. JJ Couey, one of the smartest people out there! check out his work, his speeches, his interviews; you need not believe everything anyone tells you or shares, but have an open mind; I do

YURI BEZMENOV's substack, read this man's work, excellent, provocative, stirring, layman and intellectual all at once! 'How To Subvert Subversion with Yuri Bezmenov'

'Whitewash crew says sing Kumbaya, don’t blame anyone for Covid kill operation; Drs. Atlas, Bhattacharya, and Kulldorff sacrifice credibility in protecting bioattack perps' (by Dr. James Hill); IMO

The curious case of PEDOPHILIA, Epstein, Bill Clinton etc. now dealt properly by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, asking the real question: "real story that mainstream media refuses to investigate is

40 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse bringing death, suffering, pain, job loss, collaterol damage, destroyed lives & futures to societies, to America, Canada, UK etc.; these 40, up from 33, we start

Why has Malone not come up with an antidote, he & Weissman & Kariko et al. for their deadly mRNA technology (& LNP, exosome type platform) & the mRNA vaccine? Why did they not rush to the lab after he

It is not good enough to close the Southern Border (and Northern) to immigration for 10 years, NO, it must be closed immediately but every single illegal person last 30 years must be deported, if NO,

Trudeau, the menstruating tampon Prime Minister of Canada & his Canada now arresting reporters for asking questions that Trudeau's government don't wish to answer; Vigilant Fox on the case, big props

JAMES HILL, MD, superb substack piece I bring up: "Why do they (celebrities) say you should die if unvaccinated? Why did people e.g. Howard Stern, David Frum, Sean Penn etc. say my family should die

Our governments created COVID fraud 0.05% IFR non-pandemic; public health agencies & their inept corrupted, intellectually lazy, academically sloppy specious health officials, the media, all together

Did Lloyd 'Darth Vader' Austin (I wish well & speedy recovery & the Lord's blessings) fall victim to his own vaccine mandate, using ineffective deadly mRNA technology (by Malone, Weissman, Kariko)

Never forget why we are here & got started, it is because some bad sick dark, money & power-hungry malevolent people created something in a lab & brought a fraud deadly mRNA technology & vaccine

COVID, the response, the mRNA vaccines (inception to deployment) was a military operation, operation warp speed (OWS) was a military operation; I was at HHS

If Biden wins a 2nd Term (& someone like Trump does not get in there to save America, the best option we got, like him or not), then Obama will serve his 4th term as POTUS; Obama runs America today;

Bill Ackman has gone scorched earth on academia & is starting at MIT because some people at MIT questioned his wife's dissertation; I say to the academic world, it's getting hot in here for AI can now

John Carter's substack, I post what I like and find informing: "Outside the Walls of the Crumbling Tower (Harvard); The academy is unfit for purpose, and we have everything we need to replace it."

Did Epstein Create the C19 Pandemic? CLANDESTINE Newsletter & 2nd Smartest Guy in the World takes us into a different STUNNING shocking realm & presents a serious case for consideration; COVID needs

With these 8, POTUS Trump, 2nd term, one hour into his Presidency, must pardon all J6 prisoners who are innocent and did not break any laws, all! Instantly. And make them 'whole', give them back lost

IGOR CHUDOV's excellent stack highlighting the impact of mRNA Covid Vaccines in Worsening Diabetes (support Igor's work); study by Zhai et al. found disturbing effects of mRNA COVID vaccines on people

Nurse Sirotek: did she tell us that patients are dying in New York hospitals not from COVID but because of “medical mismanagement” and “gross negligence.” Did she say that minorities, blacks etc.

Archbishop Carlo Viganò on fraud COVID, mRNA vaccine! Excellent 16 minutes, invest the time in this video! We need the help of Vig! Archbishop Carlo Vigano New Year’s Statement on 3 January 2024

Was Jeffery Epstein involved in the COVID pandemic…??? How? What was role of Nathan Wolfe? Ukraine labs? Hunter Biden? METABIOTA? Was COVID always circulating, years before, just 'detected' with PCR?

Nathan Wolfe, founder of METABIOTA with Hunter Biden; Nathan, the proclaimed 'virus hunter'...hhhmmmmm, the plot thickens thanks to good work by Clandestine, 2nd Smartest, Rhoda etc.

Nathan Wolfe, I have a substack coming tomorrow on Nathan & his potential likely role in COVID, teed up by Clandestine & 2nd Smartest; who is Nathan, buddy of Hunter Biden? American virologist and

Did Uusküla et al.'s Estonia study AGAIN confirm the bullet-proof nature of NATURAL IMMUNITY (NI), supporting my seminal 2021 BROWNSTONE review (170 pieces of evidence) on potency of NI? YES! 100%

Conversation with US congressional aid to senior congressperson holding house hearings you see on television, in media around COVID & now Republicans run the dog-and-pony, the farce, I was asked to

Dr. Joseph Ladapo interviewed on Bannon's War Room: 'I Am Calling For A Halt To The Use Of mRNA (TECHNOLOGY) COVID-19 Vaccines'

Biden INC. (Obama) is INVADING America, daily! A sitting POTUS is invading own nation, imagine that & republicans pull navel & toe flint; 30K Migrants Apprehended in Arizona in 2 weeks? Biden INC. is

Race baiting hustler tax wanker AL 'BRAWLEY' SHARPTON, with likes of Jesse Jackson, were prepared to burn America down with the 'white men raped me & smeared feces over me' lie, like Jussie & Bubba

8 (eight) steps POTUS Trump must take & we will put him on Rushmore, give him a 3rd term! i)reverse the LIABILITY Protection (PREP Act Azar Feb/March 2020), retroactive it so we could sue them all ii)

If Jay and Martin as well as Bobby Jr. whom I admire for his vaccine advocacy, wants amnesty & a love fest forward, with no accountability from COVID wrongdoers, then I disagree fully! No, no amnesty,

CAN YOU GET worse than C Gates? Yes! 'Yuri Bezmenov: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. They should just rename Harvard the WEF Prep School. Gay Garber Gates will groom you'; SCHACHTEL is over

As I wrote, COVID, all of it, was a lie, 100% fraud, a PCR-manufactured fraud of a non-pandemic with a 0.05% IFR less than 70 years; SAGE is saying what is key for us, they can take a PCR 'process' &

Excellent stack by SAGE HANA; I decided to chime in cause I (& colleagues from Canada) did the research: i) no where, ever is there any study showing any COVID type surgical mask, cloth mask WORKED

'My Father Is an Imam in Gaza. Hamas islamists Kidnapped Him for Refusing to Be Their Puppet. Last weekend, twenty masked men dragged my father away. His crime? He refused to brainwash his people

Boeing 737 Max 9 GROUNDED by FAA! 'Boeing 737 Max 9 planes GROUNDED by FAA after window blown out in mid-air horror on Alaska Airlines flight'; US REGULATORS have announced they will order the

'Sialylated Glycan Bindings from SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein to Blood and Endothelial Cells Govern the Severe Morbidities of COVID-19' (Scheim et al.): ACE 2 receptors for spike binding NOT critical?

Black man punches white man onto subway track at a Pennsylvania public transit station, white man dies instantly! IMO, hang the black man who punched the white man & killed him, I don't give a phuck

You got to understand someone like me with this Epstein private island pedophile sh*t, where these high society elite, connected rich people sexually assaulted & raped under-aged girls! IMO, hang them

UK's Munroe Bergdorf FREAK SHOW man with a penis pretending to be a woman, what a sick twisted freak! EL GATO MALO covers this superbly "absurdity theater goes from tragedy to farce, life in the DEI"

SAGE: "Kory: Ivermectin. Kirsch: Fluvoxamine. Bob Malone and "old friend" Michael Callahan: Pepcid AC. DTRA DOMANE: Remdesivir. Covid sure has a lot of things that look promising to treat it with!

Biden INC. is invading America, and Americans will die due to attacks, terror attacks by islamists, jihadists, rapists, murderers coming in from Southern (and Northern) border; there are terror cells

PEDOPHILES, in US, Canadian, UK, etc. governments, senators, MPs, congresspersons, no matter who in high-society, CONNECTED! Whomever, we hunt them down, into courts, if shown GUILTY, jail for life,

KATHERINE WATT: "On the continuing effort to fit a square peg (legalized manufacturing and use of biological weapons) into a round hole (FDA drug, device and biological product regulation)."

Prince Andrew Accused of Participating in 'Underaged Orgy'...(DRUDGE) & DAILY MAIL: 'Calls on both sides of the Atlantic for the Duke of York to face prosecution after unsealed documents make more

Dr. Ladapo said that the simple test for the integration of mRNA into the human genome has not been performed & no indication! 'We call for a halt' of the COVID vaccines; there is a risk for

I agree with SASHA LATYPOVA, that Ladapo did something really GREAT calling for stopping the deadly Malone, Weissman, Bourla et al. mRNA technology gene-based vaccine BUT errored in calling for access

Bret Weinstein, June, 2020: "We screwed up the lockdown, badly, because we went halfway. That a very short, very intense lockdown could have ended it..."; Weinstein was very WRONG here, completely!

SARS-1 (2003) was a FRAUD fake pandemic as SARS-2 (COVID) that we are living through now! I believe, COVID was ALWAYS circulating, THEY 'knew' & used 95% false-positive PCR 'process' to 'detect' COVID

SHARYL ATTKISSON's exceptional interview with Dr. Zimmerman, with clear evidence that vaccines, childhood vaccines, in a subset of children & vaccine induced fever etc. can cause brain damage, autism

Dr. Robert Califf, FDA commissioner, are you that inept? Your entire FDA full of thousands of scientists could not tell you the study you cited was WRONG? Garbage science, graphs etc.? NATURE? Et tu?

Ka-BOOM! 2nd Smartest Guy in the World strong piece: MUSK, 'REPOST: Elon Musk Officially Takes Over Twitter in the Latest "Genius" Con'

What's wrong with Trudeau and tampons, with female menstrual napkins & devices to be given to men? What is his problem? Does he use tampons? To hell with your misgendering bullsh*t, its insane now

Do you think we would end up missing Harvard's antisemite plagiarizer in chief, ex-Presidnet Claudine Gay? I think we might! We may yearn for the Gay one given her replacement; a sewer of academic rot

BREAKING news! Claudine Gay of Harvard (ex-President of Harvard) now accepts leadership position in Hamas; exchange with a friend on Gay's HARVARD resignation that I wanted to share

Pimp for pimp! You coming for our King Donaldus Magnus Trumpos; well, I remind you, it will be King for King! My King for yours! Thus My King wins! Your king 'likes them young' Epstein says of Willie

LIARS! CDC, FDA, Bourla, Weissman etc., governments, Fauci, Walensky all liars! CRIMINALS! Knew spike protein (& mRNA technology) & fragments etc. stayed in blood LONG-TERM! Brogna proved 6 months

PEDOPHILE island? Epstein's lolita express & pedo island? Damn COVID Freedom Fighter arena has pedophila stench too! That DMED & Global COVID group funded by PEDO crypto bitcoin pedos, ask Malone

Ladapo, Florida's surgeon General (Dr. Joe Ladapo) calls for halt on mRNA covid vaccines in humans! Dr. Joseph Ladapo called for at least a temporary end to the use of the most common type of COVID-19

CHIEFNERD shared a stunning interview clip with Dr. Paul Offit calling for a rethinking of the COVID mRNA booster recommendations by CDC; excellent sharing by NERD & we have been calling out reckless

Dr. Charles Hoffe, a Canadian colleague, friend of mines, beautiful brilliant clinician, a REAL soldier day one! Listen here: 'only 25% of the mRNA vaccine stays in the arm, 40 trillion mRNA molecules

Barr IMO is a typical Washington insider blowhard, opportunist, a backstabber supreme & did you notice he did not mention the crooked election system; has NO game, irrelevant so uses word salads para

"The Strange Rise of Bret Weinstein to Anointed Pandemic Thought Leader: Picture Playroom Post", SAGE HANA delivers another haymaker! "One minute you are a nondescript biology prof getting pummeled

You go Vivek Ramaswamy! bust them in the nuts! Beautiful response telling the WAPO reporter to kiss-my-ass! You forget to tell her she is part of the banal, feral, low-life, filthy, unbathe, stink

WARNING AGAIN! Biden INC. with Obama, have and are INVADING America with rapists, murderers, islamic jihadists, there are 300 terrorists now WITHIN America as 'got-aways', near 2 million got-aways;

A midwestern doctor, once again an excellent piece! "The Deadly Rise of Scientism We All Suffer Once You Can No Longer Debate "The Science"'; long, exhaustive in scholarship, well worth the read!

I wrote before (see below) about the dangers of Ozempic used in Type 2 diabetes to control blood sugar (Wegovy, semaglutide) that is proving harmful as a weight-loss product! 'These Women Stopped

Academically sloppy, intellectually lazy, specious, inept, unqualified, did not read or understand data, thats Malone! & he misled many with his WRONG deceitful statements; I am calling him out to

Epstein's full pedophile list unsealed! Trump exonerated, NOT on the island, not part of the honey trap! Good news, if he was in any kind of pedo shit, I would have divorced him! Let us get definitive

This beast, this affirmative action type beast, pimping off tax payers all his life, 3 time felon, attacks judge in a court? I say hang him! Quickly! This puke Deobra Redden, time for law and order!

Yoder in this Twitter post is saying that the Freedom Movement is infiltrated by CIA type intelligence assets! Josh, do you think that any of these CIA you referred to are 'in' my 33 Horsemen of COVID

'Arise, Sir Lockdown'; imagine, this UK lockdown lunatic John Edmunds, this specious moron of a 'so called scientist', called for harder & longer lockdowns that were killing people in UK, now KNIGHTED

Et tu, Sally? Who the bell tolls! MIT president Sally Kornbluth, know that 2 down out of 3, you are next! You must resign for your anti-semitism & racism; your response to the Israel-Hamas war was

Study Calling For “Unvaccinated” People to Be Barred From Public Venues Was Authored by Pfizer Adviser (Ethan Huff); Researchers Joseph Hickey, Ph.D., and Denis Rancourt, Ph.D., published their own

The idiot and the tampon; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the idiot and the tampon with his menstruating men; SLOBODIAN

I agree with Yeadon, I agree with Rancourt, there NEVER was a pandemic, never, & not even an emergency! COVID was a government DEEPSTATE PCR-manufactured fraud of a 0.05% IFR rate event, from lockdown

Governments, the 'unseen hand', deepstate cabal & malfeasants with medical doctors & health officials committed murder with the fraud false-positive PCR-manufactured COVID 0.05% IFR (corrected 0.04%)

Angues et al. highlights links between COVID mRNA technology based Vaccines and Cancer, heightening risk of metastasis, failed remission etc., study worth reviewing! "SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination and the

'Informed consent' during COVID: Not one, not one person in this entire world, no adult & certainly no child, have ever gotten benefits versus harms information & thus NEVER gave INFORMED consent

The Wellness Company (TWC) (Foster Coulson CEO) offered FREE medical care, support to all Victims of East Palestine Ohio Train Derailment (Feb 2023) & as SAGE HANA reports, TWC mobilized MAUI Fire

'Paramedic Drops Alarming Revelations on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution';VNN excellent piece; “I’ve documented several cases, including an unprecedented number of miscarriages and aortic dissections";

Civil rights activist Rev. Al 'advisor to 4 white men raped me Ms. Tawana Brawley' Sharpton, says Harvard's President Gay's resignation an attack on all black women; Al, kiss my as*, you race hustler

JORDAN SCHACHTEL'S work at The Dossier played role in bringing down Gay from Harvard, well done! But do NOT be surprised if Biden gives her a VP nod for VP Madame Giggles is circling the drain; senile

No COVID vaccine, no mRNA technology based gene-based injection was EVER needed! None! Had we done NOTHING, less people would have died! No one would have noticed! Medical management KILLED people!

COVID face masks (surgical/cloth): there is NO research, NO evidence anywhere that ANY COVID mask worked! NONE! & Miller & Prasad's research proves what we always knew (good study) that POLITICS drive

BIDEN Inc. & Obama are waging war on America! POTUS Biden has invaded America with rapists, Middle Eastern, North African, Chinese islamist jihadi terrorists, murderers; ALL illegal man, woman, child

Again, SAGE HANA is giving the pandemicists, the COVID Taliban, the lockdown lunatics & malfeasants diarrhea with this one! "Hospitals Overwhelmed by Pandemic Patients Are Treating Them in Tents";

'A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence'; Menachery & Baric et al.; our chimera "replicate efficiently in primary human airway cells and achieve in

My News Year's wish for 2024: that the mRNA technology inventors Malone, Weissman, Karikó et al. & the vaccine maker CEOs Bourla, Bancel, Sahin et al. (Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech) be taken to courts

BOOM, 'Plagiarism accepting', sub-optimal 'woke' university HARVARD, now moves to force resignation of anti-semite, racist, plagiarist President Claudine Gay & she now resigns! Can I get an AMEN?

Musk told media to 'go fu*k yourself'! I join him, to all the sick twisted legacy media, you banal feral low-life bottom-dwelling filthy media in CNN, MSNBC, CBC etc. all of you,"go fu*k yourself"

'Robert Kennedy Jr. Unmasks the ‘Principal Villains’ Behind the COVID Cover-Up', VNN strong reporting! Bobby Jrs. list are top notch villians & they are in my 33 Horsemen list, but he needs to expand

SLOBODIAN: Investigation into Oct. 7 slaughter shows true depravity of Hamas; Western Standard; what was done to Israeli women, young girls defies human logic, it is banal, depraved, feral, 6th

AUTHORS ANNA KRYLOV AND JAY TANZMAN, excellent substack: 'Fighting the Good Fight in an Age of Unreason—A New Dissident Guide', Heterodox STEM; shared by brilliant math expert Eleftherios Gkioulekas

I appreciate & thank you for signing up as a subscriber & I made it for FREE; I also ask for a small annual donation of 29$ if you wish to pay an ANNUAL subscription fee; so FREE or upgrade to PAID

'The Globalists’ New World Order: Soft and Hard Kill Methods. An Unknown and Uncertain Future'; Relevant article selected from the GR archive, first published in May 2015. from ValkrieScotDottir’s Sub

Redfield told me directly that the 6 foot social distancing rule was NOT based on science and was made up para 'we just made it up'; many attacked me for saying but then Scott backed me up! "CDC’s Six

Dr. Mike Yeadon delivers a haymaker cluster bomb with this video, explaining how devastating the COVID mRNA technology vaccine has been & will be, how deadly it has been; how the immune system

eugyppius: "The Year the Pandemic Ended: A Retrospective; In 2023, Covid Circus finally packed up its tents in the Federal Republic of Germany. Nobody regrets their departure and all efforts to

What a dolt, a psycho this Dr. Leana Wen turned out to be in her statements & positions on COVID & unvaccinated! A dangerous so called 'doctor', calling for 'life to be hard' for unvaccinated, must

2 Important critical products from The Wellness Company (TWC): i)Spike protein 'recovery' with NATTOKINASE '(dissolves spike from virus or the mRNA vaccine) ii)Medical Emergency kit (8 key medications

Do not forget this study: 'Incorporation of pseudouridine into mRNA yields superior nonimmunogenic vector with increased translational capacity and biological stability'; question: where is Malone?

Happy New Year 2024 to all you patriots, Freedom loving critical thinking people; we held the malfeasants for 2023 & you must stand with us again in 2024 to hold them, 2024 promises to be very wild

Why do black American women die at nearly 3 times (3 x) the rate as white American women in childbirth? In 2021 69.9 deaths per 100,000 live births (black) versus 26.6 for whites; in 21st century USA?

JOHN CARTER again drops a MOAB! BOOM for this piece of scholarship! "Fake, Gay, and DIEing of AIDS; The year we realized the universities can’t be saved, & shouldn’t be." message is clear from Harvard

BOOM! SAGE HANA striking deep: "I believe that the Owners of the World plan to use Hospital Death Protocols and Manufactured Disease Threats again and again to continue the Bureaucratic Mass Murder."